pragomerthank you for the 19.04 release and the work you put in it07:33
pragomerone little issue I just found out: studio is the only flavor of 19.04 that has this issue: when trying it out the live iso under virtualbox no mouse or keyboard works07:34
pragomerah, nope, even installing fails under vbox. so there must be some kind of issue.07:50
vanderaallehi, I've posted this on askubuntu but I think here might be better12:36
vanderaalleLinux noob here, I have a fresh new Dell XPS 13 (originally it came with ubuntu 18.04 installed). I've installed ubuntustudio (bionic beaver) and everything audio-related looks fine. But:  I have no sound from headphone jack. I checked everything AFAIK on  askubuntu on related threads. Sound level for headphone shows up  correctly in pavucontrol and alsamixer says nothing is muted. I also  removed some config f12:36
vanderaalle another answer. I also  modified the BIOS and rebooted. This is my alsa diagnose file:  http://alsa-project.org/db/?f=493c1ce3f01136cd76d40456e5e66e183c127c9912:36
OvenWerksvanderaalle: Honestly I am not sure. The HDA audio pin switching is beyond me. So I don't know if changing something with hdajackretask would help or not. The levels (left and right) look to be all the way up. The only value I don't know about is the power state. (D0)14:18
OvenWerksI am assuming that the speakers do work?14:22
vanderaalleOvenWerks: thanks, yeah, all fine.14:22
vanderaalleand they switch on/off correctly when I plug in/out headphones14:23
OvenWerksvanderaalle: Yeah Thats what it looks like. I guess I am no help then.14:54
vanderaalleOvenWerks: thanks the same14:54
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Beetnixhello anyone in today?19:48
Beetnixsorry was looking for a help menu19:53
CroranIs there a good stable standalone jack-compatible EQ with 30 bands or 'movable' bands, ideally one that doesn't require a 'plugin host'?22:58
EickmeyerCroran: You can run Calf Studio Gear natively without a plugin host.23:09
EickmeyerThough, even in that confiuration it acts like a plugin host.23:09
Croraneickmeyer: i want to say i tried it and it was unstable23:41
EickmeyerCroran: 18.04, 18.10, or 19.04?23:43
Croraneickmeyer: I just recently upgraded to 18.04 from 16.0423:43
Croraneickmeyer: haven't tried calf since 16.04, if ever.23:43
EickmeyerCroran: Have you added the backports PPA?23:43
Croraneickmeyer: no23:43
EickmeyerCroran: Ubuntu Studio 18.04 is unsupported without the backports PPA. Go to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/BackportsPPA for instructions on that.23:44
EickmeyerIt includes the latest release of Calf.23:44
Croraneickmeyer: thanks. sorry i should have mentioned, i'm on stock Ubuntu23:44
EickmeyerCroran: We still don't support Jack audio work without that PPA on that version.23:45
Croraneickmeyer: cool. you use the calf plugins a lot?23:45
EickmeyerSometimes, but I usually use them through Carla, which is available in that backports PPA.23:46
Croraneickmeyer: so carla+calf is stable for you?23:46
EickmeyerCroran: Yes, but only with the versions available in that PPA.23:47
Croraneickmeyer: thanks23:47

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