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xubuntu22wparole media player crash08:00
diogenes_xubuntu22w, try to rename parole configuration folder.08:02
xubuntu92di have problem in my laptop. when i turn it on, after display the desktop layout give me a notification that: there is a problem but it doesnt show is which problem08:13
kadiroxubuntu22w, switch to tyy ctrl+alt+F1 and login and see the .xsession-errors10:03
kadiroit ill tell you ht is going on10:03
xubuntu97ihwy qwebirc96235, you need help?19:38
qwebirc96235How can i fix the bug on the resolution of my laptop by terminal?19:39
qwebirc96235Always when i install this problem apear.19:41
Spass_qwebirc96235, what problem exactly?19:45
xubuntu64wHello, need some help.21:04
xubuntu64wI've got a T530 and a hard drive caddy that's not being recognized.21:06
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chaslinuxI see I can modprobe firewire-core and when I lsmod it's there, is there a corresponding /dev device? It used to be /dev/raw1394 and /dev/fw0 but I don't see either (camera on)?23:57

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