FelixErnst-Mno problem. I'm happy that helped!00:24
chealerso does anyone have working KOrganizer reminders with Kubuntu 19.04?01:34
mtnCan someone help me out with something?02:52
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> maybe02:56
mtnRight, I'm having an issue whenever my xps 13 (running 19.04) wakes from a suspend. The screen brightness sets itself to 100%.02:58
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> In system settings under Power Management, do you have the Screen Brightness set for AC/Battery?03:05
mtnNo I have those unchecked03:06
mtnIf I check them and switch states like from battery to ac it'll apply a change.03:06
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Yes. GIve those a try.  They have not always worked on my laptop in older releases but its worth a shot....03:07
mtnI just set the flag "acpi_backlight=vendor" which seems to have fixed it?03:07
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> I have seen that a solution for such issues, but on the few Dell laptop I have did not require that setting.03:08
mtnI didn't need to do so in 18.04. odd03:08
mtnDo you know of any downsides from passing the flag?03:09
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> No, I know of no downsides, but google knows a lot more than I do. :)03:09
daxi think it's fine, the flag just changes in which order the kernel looks for a backlight driver03:10
mtnI tried doing a little research but it just lead me in circles. I'm sorry for wasting your time.03:10
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> No appologies needed!  That's the purpose of this forum.03:10
IrcsomeBot<DarinMiller> Glad you stopped by!03:11
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lordievaderGood morning06:11
IrcsomeBot<Anarchotaoist> @chealer, Reminders? The To-do-list works for me! ?07:34
user|53752hey guys - the 19.04 download link is not working08:11
acheronukuser|53752: looks like cdn is being a pain. I'll try to flag it to people in the know. I would leave it and try again in a few hrs08:17
acheronukyou can also try one of the mirrors listed on the alternate downloads link08:20
user|53752thanks - the alternative links working fine :-)08:33
IrcsomeBot<bauchhaus> i added the boot-info summary to the post: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1136515/ubuntu-installer-and-grub-dont-see-windows-installation08:45
lordievaderbaachhaus: You could use the Windows iso to fix the Windows boot: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/software-download/windows10ISO?irgwc=1&OCID=AID681541_aff_7593_159229&tduid=(ir__afccmy6rl0kfrgp30er6am96sn2xmpps62x1uzzx00)(7593)(159229)()(UUwpUdUnU50931)&irclickid=_afccmy6rl0kfrgp30er6am96sn2xmpps62x1uzzx0008:52
lordievaderEEElton: Like tomreyn says, 16 reallocated sectors is a bad sign. The seek error rate explains why the drive appears slow. If during a seek an error occured the seek needs to be performed again, which takes more time.08:55
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user|25969Hi! The download-link to 19.04 doesn't work. Please fix09:11
user|25969d16r8ew072anqo.cloudfront.net is not available09:11
IrcsomeBot<purpleavenger> <acheronuk> user|53752: looks like cdn is being a pain. I'll try to flag it to people in the know. I would leave it and try again in a few hrs09:44
IrcsomeBot<purpleavenger> <acheronuk> you can also try one of the mirrors listed on the alternate downloads link09:44
IrcsomeBot<purpleavenger> was from about 1.5 hours ago09:45
IrcsomeBot<purpleavenger> so most likely already escalated, and alt links should still work09:45
IrcsomeBot<acheronuk> @purpleavenger, Only just now had a chance to ping sysadmin. It wasn't escalated, but is now, and rapidly fixed I think10:08
IrcsomeBot<purpleavenger> nice, thanks for the update!10:15
BluesKajHowdy all11:08
anarchotaoisthi! Does anybody know when/if Falkon 3.1.0 is coming to the Kubuntu repo?13:04
acheronukanarchotaoist: which repo? PPA or archive?13:04
anarchotaoisteither! The flatpak does not work and the snap does not integrate to the DE well. A deb would be good!13:06
acheronukanarchotaoist: lubuntu are paying closest attention, as they were wanting to use it for their default at one point13:08
acheronukanarchotaoist: they have https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/+archive/ubuntu/falkon-daily/+packages13:08
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user|97998what is this??15:40
user|97998where am I15:40
BluesKajuser|97998, this is kubuntu support15:41
user|97998Is it like a forum?15:41
BluesKajsort of, but it's live15:41
user|97998Ohh okay...15:41
user|97998So you are just another user like me or you are a moderator/ senior member??15:42
user|97998I mean no offence15:42
user|97998just curious15:42
BluesKajI'm a kubuntu tester and a support volunteer15:42
user|97998actually Im new to kubuntu15:42
BluesKajkindsa figured that :-)15:42
user|97998I suppose you can help me then.15:42
BluesKajI'll trey15:43
user|97998Actually I was trying to install monodevelop on my machine15:43
user|97998and followed all the steps given on the monodevelop15:43
user|97998website but it gives me error15:43
user|97998Im getting the message that says that I have some broken dependencies15:44
user|97998what can i do??15:44
BluesKajwhere did you install mono from?15:45
user|97998the officiall website15:45
BluesKajand which kubuntu version are you running?15:46
user|97998i followed instructions given here.15:46
user|97998Im running 18.04 lts15:46
user|97998up to date15:46
BluesKajmono is available in the package manager15:46
user|97998in discover you mean??15:46
user|97998muon discover15:47
user|97998Yes I tried that also but it gives the same error message15:47
user|97998The error message states that it is not able to resolve dependencies15:47
BluesKajare you sure your packages are up to date?15:48
user|97998How can i show you the screenshot of the error message here?15:48
user|97998yes I did sudo apt update and then sudo apt upgrade15:48
BluesKaji understand dependencies , did you try running sudo dpkg --configure -a15:49
user|97998yes I did that15:49
user|97998I followed the instructions given here15:50
BluesKajsudo apt -f install ?15:50
user|97998i did sudo apt-get install -f15:50
user|97998is it different to sudo apt -f install15:50
BluesKajno, they're the same15:51
user|97998what can i do Sir??15:52
user|97998for the time being I'm using linqpad on a virtuall machine windows 7 that is running on my current Linux installation15:52
user|97998if this problem could be fixed then i would not need to run the virtual machine just to test my C# programs codes15:53
BluesKajuser|97998, suggest you join #ubuntu chat , there are more experts than here, they support all flavours of ubuntu15:53
user|97998actually Im a student and learning c# basics15:53
user|97998ok .. I will do that..15:54
user|97998Thanks for your help.. I really appreciate it...15:54
user|97998by the way how can I again come back here later if I want??15:54
BluesKajno problem, hope they can help15:54
user|97998I forgot what what options I pressed that joined me to you15:54
user|97998how can i again come back here later if i want??15:55
user|97998I think i clicked some link under the support option on the official kubuntu website.15:55
user|97998well anyways thanks for your help.. have a nice day... Bye :-)15:55
BluesKajuser|97998, just click on the underlines 3ubuntu above15:55
user|97998I think there is no underlying URL available with #ubuntu text you sent.. As when i click on it the text gets selected but Im not taken to any page15:57
user|97998anyways I think i can figure it out by my own.. bye :-)15:57
BluesKajit's not a url, merely a charoom in your irc client15:57
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Dweller82nd day on linux16:43
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Greenfroghi, my issue is i have an external drive, maxtor one touch plus 750 gb it has been formated ext4 by a friend and it's recognized but if i rebbot it is not i have to unplug/replug the usb then its ok recognized and accesable what is the problem with boot? reboot does fine just not boot22:01
bpromptGreenfrog:    weren't we at this junction already?   isn't that the HD that was collecting dust for about 7 years? and going south most likely now22:02
Greenfrogi'm pulling out the hair i have left trying to figure this out but unfortunatly i'm still a n00b where linux is concerned22:03
Greenfrogyes collecting dust, but it works find after boot then disconnecting and reconneciing the drive22:04
Greenfrogno issues with the reconnect22:04
Greenfrogso i dont think its going south22:04
bpromptGreenfrog:    yes, we went over that, and one  of these days, you'll reconnect it and it won't power up anymore, and Kaput22:04
Greenfrogmaybe so22:05
Greenfrogi just dont understand why it recognizes after reboot but not boot22:05
Greenfrogto me without being a linux major why?22:06
Greenfrogwhy would one recognize but not the other?22:07
bpromptGreenfrog:   you're being pollyannaish, you seem to be thinking it's just going to improve the more you power it up, is the other way around, it simply goes worse22:07
Greenfrogok thanks, sorry for the bother22:07
bpromptGreenfrog:    you're just wishful thinking, which is not too bad, but hardware wise, you would want to know right away when it starts to go bad, that way you can salvage data or work on a replacement22:08
bpromptGreenfrog:   and yes, it'll power up, several times, and sometimes it may not be recognized, replug and it'll show up struggling its way to be mounted, but that's just a sign of the HD not doing too well22:10
Greenfrogok its all i have for now, so if it does in deed go south i'll look for a replacement22:28
Greenfrogthanks sorry to bother again22:28

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