jcb2016wxl, didn't work on 19.0.4 but i can download 18.0.4 lubuntu https://lubuntu.net/lubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-released/ or can i?00:08
wxljcb2016: did you answer any of my questions?00:12
jcb2016nope what whwere the questions. i think i rebooted and tried the broadom-sta when you told me to try in 19.0.4 i didn't save the questions my bad00:13
jcb2016<wxl> hey jcb2016 have you already started that process? < -- last thing i saw00:14
wxl1. did you modprobe -r all the other drivers before modprobing the one you wanted?00:14
jcb2016no i didn't i was suppose to do sudo modprobe -r b43 ssb wl brcmfmac brcmsmac bcma00:15
jcb2016forgot that didn't have internet in lubuntu00:15
jcb2016i just wrote it down00:16
wxlit's rather important00:17
wxlgo do it over :)00:17
wxlbefore you go00:17
jcb2016ok brb00:17
wxlthe two other questions:00:17
wxl2. does anything get returned when you modprobe the driver you want?00:18
wxl3. if it fails, what's in /var/log/syslog00:18
jcb2016nothing happend it just loaded00:18
jcb2016ill copy it to a usb drive when i load it00:18
wxlgive me the output of `lsmod` too00:19
jcb2016wxl, i got wifi working00:47
jcb2016wxl, modprobping -r all the stuff worked im thinking. thanks00:48
jcb2016plus its broadcom-sta-dkms and i insrtalled broadcom-common00:52
jcb2016cacn't wait to install lubuntu00:52
jcb2016installing lubuntu as we speak :D02:14
jcb2016thanks wxl for the help from earlier02:14
wxl[m]jcb2016: did you permanently blacklist those modules?02:17
wxl[m]There are instructions in the documentation02:17
jcb2016wxl[m]: will it help after the install and reboot? will they stay blacklisted?02:18
someballHi, I'm doing some bash scripts for hotkeys and I need some help02:19
someballwhat commands should I look into for rearranging the open apps on the taskbar?02:20
someballI've done apropos taskbar but there were no results02:22
wxl[m]jcb2016: you need it for the changes to be permanent02:33
wxl[m]someball: good question. Not sure there are commands for that. LXDE or LXQt?02:34
wxland so what specifically do you want to do?02:42
someballimitate the winkey+number hotkeys of windows02:43
wxli don't do windows02:43
someballso in windows you can focus the window of an app by pressing the winkey+the number of position of said app in the taskbar02:45
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someballsay you have your terminal in the first position, an editor in the 2nd, browser in 3rd, if you press windows+3 you focus the browser02:46
wxlhm possible02:46
wxllet me dig02:46
someballit's very handy02:46
someballanyway that part I have it done02:46
wxlso you have it fixed? what do you want then? ;D02:46
someballbut in my old windows machine I had a few pinned apps to the taskbar, when you do the same hotkeys they launch if they werent launched02:47
someballand since they are pinned they are always in the same positions in the taskbar02:48
wxlso you want a particular hotkey to launch a particular program02:48
wxlthat can be done.. but if you want to use the number keys.. that's probably iffy02:48
someballin lubuntu if I use my shortcuts to launch those same apps if I dont launchthem in order they wont be in that order in the taskbar02:49
someballI already can launch them with super+number02:49
someballI just want them to be arranged correctly02:49
someballfor example I have the browser at super+2, editor super+3, terminal super+402:50
wxlyeah i don't think you're going to be able to get that02:51
someballbut if I do super +4 first then the terminal will be first in the taskbar02:51
someballI will keep looking into that tomorrow, its getting late here02:52
wxlyou could probably write code to do this, but it's not exposed02:52
someballby code you mean something else than a bash script?02:53
wxli'm talking c02:53
someballwell if it comes to that I guess I wont go further, but I'm hoping it doesnt02:53
jcb2016up and running wxl and i've blacklisted all the other models/drivers02:57
wxljcb2016: then you should be good to go :)02:58
jcb2016thanks for everything02:58
jcb2016now i just gotta figure this thing out02:58
wxlno problem02:59
wxlwhat do you need help figuring out?02:59
jcb2016adding icons to the left side where the desktop numbers are03:01
jcb2016has to be a panel setting03:01
jcb2016i want to add chrome03:01
jcb2016found it03:02
jcb2016 configure panel03:02
wxldrag and drop works, too XD03:03
jcb2016i had to make it complicated lol03:04
jcb2016wxl, why are you the only one that answers here?03:06
wxlsometimes no one answers at all03:06
wxljk XD03:06
jcb2016i can play my church videos in chrome and they play perfect.03:07
wxlnot in chromium?03:08
jcb2016nope regular chrome i donwloaded. is that not good?03:08
wxlit's not entirely open source03:09
wxland it's not as battle tested as chromium on ubuntu03:09
jcb2016ok ill download chromium03:09
wxl!info chromium-browser03:09
ubottuchromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium web browser, open-source version of Chrome. In component universe, is optional. Version 73.0.3683.86-0ubuntu0.18.04.1 (bionic), package size 59071 kB, installed size 203723 kB03:09
wxlthat package03:09
jcb2016so i found this laptop in the garage been sitting for like 2 years. its hp and my son has a hp. my son has the charger and it works on both laptops. he is charging his right now and this one needs to charge so i will be back later or tomorrow03:11
jcb2016thanks again03:11
wxlk be well03:12
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bouncy_patt7anyone good at linux commands?11:58
kc2bezI guess that depends on what you are looking for bouncy_patt712:02
bouncy_patt7cool beans dude,12:03
bouncy_patt7newbie here to linux, so far learning this shit is more fun than crack, but anyway, how could I create a shortcut that opens the command iostat in the terminal..12:05
bouncy_patt7so like a desktop shortcut i can put onto the taskbar.... ty12:05
kc2bezcareful with the !language12:07
kc2bezso what you want is known as a desktop file12:08
kc2bezno worries.12:08
kc2bezcheck out this link I think it will help you get started https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-create-custom-desktop-files-for-launchers-on-linux12:08
bouncy_patt7nice one bud,12:10
bouncy_patt7<3 ty12:10
JonopolyOoh a lubuntu server!14:18
JonopolyIs it possible to run lubuntu LTS with LxQT?14:33
Jonopolyrather than lxde ?14:33
lubot<HMollerCl> @Jonopoly [<Jonopoly> Is it possible to run lubuntu LTS with LxQT?], you can install lxqt as a DE in lubuntu 18.0414:34
lubot<HMollerCl> (as you can install any other Desktop Environment)14:35
Jonopolywhat's this lubot? is there another server (discord?)14:48
Jonopoly@HMollerC1 can install another DE ontop of Lubuntu but.. can i then cleanly remove Lxde ?14:49
lubot<HMollerCl> I'm not sure if it will be cleanly14:50
lubot<HMollerCl> but why do you want toi remove it? space issues?14:51
Jonopolyjust always thought it was bad-practice to have multiple DE14:51
lubot<HMollerCl> it would be cleaner to have only one, but remove the original might cause issues.14:53
lubot<HMollerCl> I've never done it, maybe someone did it and had no problems (or had them)14:54
lubot<HMollerCl> anyway, it would be normal lxqt, not lxqt "touched" by lubuntu.14:55
lubot<kc2bez> @Jonopoly [<Jonopoly> what's this lubot? is there another server (discord?)], Lubot is a bridge for telegram to IRC14:58
JonopolyAh im new to irc - will look into telegram15:01
JonopolyIm tempted to just get the later version of lubuntu with lxqt15:02
lubot<kc2bez> That would be my recommendation. I think it's a better experience.15:02
Jonopolyeven though it's unstable15:03
JonopolyMy usage is just browsing15:03
lubot<kc2bez> It is stable just the support cycle is shorter.15:04
Jonopolyoh is it?15:11
Jonopolywhat is the support cycle? yearly?15:11
Jonopolyand since it's short is it easy to upgrade to the next version?15:11
lubot<kc2bez> 9 months on the non-lts but upgrades are easy.15:12
Jonopolyi can see there is 18.10 Cosmic Cuttlefish15:13
Jonopolyand 19.04 Disco Dingo15:13
Jonopolyah it seems 19.04 has second longest support15:14
Jonopoly(that's exciting! will give it ago)15:14
lubot<kc2bez> Yes, 19.04 is the latest release.15:17
jimmyhi guys I installed lubuntu 18.1015:57
jimmyhow can I install voice commands?15:57
JonopolyHi Jimmy, I don't know15:58
apt-ghettoDo you know, which packages you need?15:58
apt-ghettoWell, that is the important question15:58
jimmyare there any global voice commands?15:59
jimmyfor linux pc?15:59
jimmyin english15:59
apt-ghettoI don't know, but I don't speak with my computers16:01
jimmywhy not?16:01
jimmysome people speak with alexa16:01
lubot<tsimonq2> @jimmy [<jimmy> are there any global voice commands?], There are not.16:01
apt-ghettoCortana, Siri, Alexa send the data to external servers and collect the data for "who knows what"16:02
jimmyoh I see16:02
jimmyok I will check my version and return back later16:02
JonopolyWell, now i'm gutted18:28
JonopolyLubuntu 19.04 is 64bit only :()18:28
JonopolyLubuntu 19.04 is 64bit only :(18:28
lubot<kc2bez> True. 18.10 is the last 32 bit release we had.18:30
lubot<HMollerCl> @kc2bez [True. 18.10 is the last 32 bit release we had.], but in that case, better to stay in 18.0418:30
lubot<HMollerCl> which is LTS18:30
Jonopolyaw :(18:31
lubot<HMollerCl> are you sure you can't install 64bit?18:31
lubot<kc2bez> What do you have for a CPU?18:31
JonopolyKeep getting this weird error every boot19:04
Jonopoly"system program problem detected"19:05
tewardHMollerCl: there's no 32bit installer ISO20:09
tewardyou can install older 32bit and then upgrade to it20:10
tewardupgrade to newer*20:10
jonopolylubuntu 19.04 is so nice20:25
wxlthanks jonopoly :)20:27
jonopolyOh you're a lubuntu developer?20:28
jonopolywxl: I like it because it light and seems very beginner friendly20:28
jonopolybasically lets me use a 7+ old laptop :P20:28
wxlyep but it's extremely functional, too. i think what we do is pretty fantastic :)20:29
tewardwxl is one of the primary driving forces behind Lubuntu20:29
tewardso is @tsimonq220:29
tewardand there's a number of other LUbuntu Devs involved20:29
tewardi don't count (I just keep their specialized infra running xD)20:29
jonopolywow, well i'm loving it so far20:29
jonopolysuprising how much nicer 19 is than 1820:30
wxlwell, and we have plenty of contributors, too, of which teward is one of20:30
wxlyou don't have to write code to help :)20:30
wxljonopoly: you mean 18.04, i presume?20:30
jonopolyyeah, sorry (lts)20:30
tewardwxl: so my being a constant thorn in you and SImon's sides then counts as helping?  xD20:30
tewardnah I kid but :P20:31
wxljonopoly: yeah well lxqt is much more modern and developed20:34
jonopolyyeah, feels very modern20:36
jonopolylxde reminded me of xfce (both felt quite old)20:36
wxljonopoly: i think xfce is probably more developed than lxde. it's REALLY BAD with lxde.20:38
wxljonopoly: to be fair, i'm concerned about the likes of raspbian (for the raspberry pi) where lxde is a default desktop environment.20:38
wxlre: XFCE, nevermind. last release was 2015 XD https://xfce.org/20:39
jonopolywxl: fingers-crossed for raspberry-pi 420:39
wxlit seems like xfce is capable of using gtk3 so that's a good sign for it20:42

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