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Bashing-omdax: 19.10 images are out: https://news.softpedia.com/news/ubuntu-19-10-daily-builds-are-now-available-to-download-525769.shtml >> http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/. Time to update the channel topic ?21:57
daxi think the last time i handled this we waited for them to pass QA testing and hit the /current/ directory22:00
dax2017-04-26 08:47:39     dax     current plan is to wait and see whether CI starts passing pending stuff into current reasonably soon. if so, we'll /topic current. if not, we'll /topic pending22:04
dax(heh, was in response to a softpedia article that time too.)22:05
Bashing-omdax: :) .. Soon as I can possibly arrage. I plan to make a fresh install of xubuntu 19.10. 22:09

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