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Wild_Manhello Bashing-om and guiverc23:05
Wild_Manguiverc, I received email that shows the fridge has 12 comments waiting to be approved, looks like mostly spam, should I spaminate them or just let them stay23:07
guiverckrytarik will appreciate them being removed; i removed tons last time I was on (the most i've ever removed in a login) .. spam has increased again I guess23:08
Wild_ManI get these from the M/L but after a certain amount of time they are removed by a script or spam assassin something like that23:08
Wild_ManWe are getting hit hard on the forum too23:08
guiverccomments need approval to be seen, so no visitor to fridge will see them, next login to fridge may be 14.04 EOL notice (or next uwn) so if it were me, I'd wait till then.. but you're most welcome to clean23:09
Bashing-omWild_Man: guiverc :: The Fridge is not on my horizon. as much as I may sympathize with yalls plight.23:10
Wild_ManBashing-om, I hear you23:11
Wild_Man14.04 reaches EOL the 30th I believe23:11
guiverc14.04 ESM starts life today (25-april-2019) according to insights blog, yeah 30-april was in now somewhat-redacted blog (date removed)  but I expect to see notice on 30th (small chance only late today)23:13
Bashing-omAll I have seen so far: https://kubuntu.org/news/trusty-14-04-lts-end-of-life-and-end-of-kubuntu-support-for-xenial-16-04-lts/ .23:13
guivercubuntu studio also included EOL reminder in a blog23:14
Wild_Manguiverc, do we do something like this http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2016/02/05/ubuntu-15-04-vivid-vervet-end-of-life-reached-on-february-4-2016/23:17
guivercWild_Man, what ML do/did you see fridge spam on, (I'm not on or it's going to mail I don't check anymore)23:17
Wild_Manthe fridge I just got an email about a comment since I published this newsletter, the M/L is the uwn team list and the news list23:19
guivercWild_Man, yep - krytarik has always wanted them (esp. for non-LTS) so i've not got my 2nd for some.. but note the [hidden] URL at bottom; we only do when we have the ML notice..23:19
guiverc:|   wonder where those go (for me... yeah I haven't seen either in ages)23:19
Wild_ManThe fridge M/L has not been used since 2008 from what I can tell23:21
guiverc(no need for it - it's a subset of news team..)23:21
Wild_Manguiverc, you never get an email saying comments are waiting for approval on the fridge?23:22
Wild_ManThat is what I thought23:22
guivercWild_Man, i never saw or noticed it no... i'm re-subscribing now to ubuntu-news23:22
Wild_ManI will forward what I received to you so you can see it23:23
Wild_Manpm me your email and I will send it to you23:23
Wild_ManI am going out of town Friday my wife's cousins funeral is Saturday23:25
guivercif i need to see it; sure (guiverc@ubuntu.com will do)23:25
Wild_ManI thought it might help to see where it came from23:26
Wild_ManThis one is spam, and there is 11 others23:27
Wild_ManI was very surprised to receive it23:27
guivercmy [passwd] exercise-book says it would have gone to gmail; maybe i just ignored it.. i just deleted 5 so I'm guessing someone (you were last to post) deleted some of the 12 already.. Sidney's is now gone anyway23:31
Wild_ManI removed one23:32

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