keithzg[m]sarnold: Hmm, not that I can see. To be more specific, I'm trying to figure out what shell the user for `transmission-daemon` (which is "debian-transmission") uses; a script I'm trying to invoke fails if the shebang line just says `/bin/sh`, in a way that sure does seem like it's not bash!00:02
sarnoldkeithzg[m]: hmm. if the shebang line is busted then glibc (GLIBC!!) will also call /bin/sh on the file directly. seriously. :/00:03
keithzg[m]sarnold: Ah sorry to be clear it's indeed `#!/bin/sh`, I just meant it only specified /bin/sh rather than /bin/bash or such00:04
sarnoldoh okay. so now the problem is, are they using dash or ask or bash or pdksh or ... you pretty much have to figure out which package owns /bin/sh, which varies from distro to distro00:05
keithzg[m]Well, the distro in question is one I think most of us here in this channel are quite familiar with ;)00:06
keithzg[m]Specifically, 18.0400:06
lordievaderGood morning06:11
* zeph1ro waves @rbasak & @cpaelzer11:18
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Odd_Blokekeithzg[m]: /bin/sh will be dash on Ubuntu.13:39
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set_How can I simplify my https://blah-blah.com domain to show when I type blah-blah.com or another form of that domain?15:41
set_For instance, it is like I have to type the https://blah-blah.com exactly or I receive errors (all sorts).15:41
Odd_Blokeset_: Can you give an example of something that works as you're expecting, and something that doesn't work as you're expecting?15:44
set_sure. I type blah-blah.com and nothing happens except for the browser stating no server found.15:45
set_I type https://www.blah-blah.com and it works fine.15:45
Odd_Blokeset_: I assume you aren't talking specifically about blah-blah.com?15:45
set_For lazy typists, the https://www. is an extra bunch of efforts that might not be in their ideas.15:45
set_I have a site.15:45
Odd_BlokeOK, so that's going to make it harder to help you, but it sounds like you have a DNS problem.15:46
tomreynwhat you want there is either a HSTS header or the webserver listeining on the HTTP (80) port, sending a redirection to connection browsers15:46
Odd_Bloketomreyn: That's a different issue, I think.  This is about www.example.com vs example.com15:46
tomreynyes, but "I have to type the https://blah-blah.com exactly or I receive errors" sounded like the www. is just a side issue.15:47
set_Okay. I have two files w/ an apache2 server in /etc/apache2/sites-available/.15:47
set_One is *:80 and another w/ *:443.15:47
set_I have my certs. w/ the 443 file in /sites-available.15:48
set_I am reviewing my files now to look things over.15:48
Odd_Blokeset_: What does `nslookup blah-blah.com` output?  (Is NXDOMAIN in the output?)15:49
set_Please hold. I will check.15:49
set_It shows a Server, Address, and states non-authoritative answer: *** Can't find blah-blah.com: No answer.15:51
tomreynso Odd_Bloke guessed right15:52
* tomreyn bows15:52
set_Ooh la la!15:53
tomreynset_: so who manages your domains' authoritative DNS?15:54
set_Oh. I used Linode for it but it is usually google.15:54
tomreynwell i don't need to know, but you'll need to have them add another record for just blah-blah.com pointing to your webserver's IP address15:54
set_Oh. That sounds easy enough.15:55
set_Off to test it.15:55
tomreynset_: and commonly you'll have the www record replaced by a cname pointing to blah-blah.com15:56
set_That is what I did.15:57
set_Let me check.15:57
tomreynsee the output of    nslookup www.megaglest.org    vs    nslookup megaglest.org15:57
tomreynand compare to your domain15:57
set_When you are right, you are right. That worked like a charm.15:57
tomreynwww.megaglest.org is a CNAME to megaglest.org, which has an A record pointing to an IPv4 server address.15:58
set_So, in my .conf files, I should not use an alias?15:58
tomreynyour conf file should have a serveralias with the www in it15:59
set_Aw! Okay.15:59
tomreynand an ssl certificate covering both the plain domain and the www subdomain, too15:59
set_Okay. That is what I have not tried yet.15:59
set_subdomain...This is what I did not want to call it b/c I was not sure.15:59
tomreynit's not the greatest term16:00
set_It is one of those things, I guess.16:00
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tomreynyou can say 2ns level domain name (blah-blah.com, one dot in there seperating two words) vs 3rd level domain name (www.blah-blah.com, two dots in there seperating three words)16:01
set_Oh. Okay.16:01
set_I got it.16:01
tomreynthe :80 virtualhost should only have a redirection to httpS in there16:03
set_I do not have that yet.16:03
set_I will have to figure that one out.16:03
tomreynand, actually before that, you should decide whether you want to have website visitors end up on the www or the non www url.16:04
set_Oh. I know nothing about that idea.16:04
set_I just know...I want to set up an okay site for maybe looking for work.16:04
tomreynyou don't want them to just reach one or the other and get your website there, one of those should redirect to the other, and the :80 virtualhost should redirecto to httpS on the domain you have chosen16:05
leftyfbCan /etc/hosts be populated with your FQDN from DHCP? I can't seem to get it to do so. I'm running isc-dhcp-server and have the option domain-name "my.domain"; set properly and it gets used when writing to /etc/resolv.conf for search, but not /etc/hosts16:05
tomreyni think /etc/hosts is specifically meant to be static16:06
leftyfbtomreyn: so then hostname -d will never work across multiple networks16:07
leftyfbsince the only way that works is to have /etc/hosts populated with your fqdn16:07
set_I just got what I did. I was backwards on my server name and alias. Oops!16:07
tomreynleftyfb: hmm i'm not actually sure, i guess you're right16:09
leftyfbtomreyn: I only ever ask the tough questions :)16:09
tomreynset_: well you can have blah-blah.com be a CNAME to www.blah-blah.com, but that's no longer common (thankfully) nowadays.16:11
set_As you can tell, I am new in this field of Ubuntu_servers.16:11
set_I just started from an nginx book i picked up. I am using apache2 instead. Yea boy!16:12
tomreynbeing new to things happens to the best of us at least once.16:12
set_Right-o. I guess I need a good site for redirection. I should start looking.16:12
set_I found some but not from ubuntu.com yet.16:12
tomreynpersonally i'd recommend startng with apache httpd then move to nginx16:13
tomreynnginx httpd that is16:13
set_That is what i am doing. My commands in nginx did not work. I had to erase the entire set up.16:13
set_Oh. httpd.16:13
set_got it.16:13
tomreynbecause nginx tried to be all-the-services-you-might-ever-need-in-one-piece-of-software16:14
tomreynbut most people really just want to use the webserver16:14
* teward saw nginx mentioned16:14
tomreynteward saw right16:15
tewardthough i'm half-distracted at the moment (Eoan dev stuff)16:15
tomreynget fully distracted again16:15
tomreynback to work ;-P16:16
tewardtomreyn: WORK:BLOCKED (waitingOn: vorlon)16:16
tomreynoh useful16:16
set_Thank you...16:16
tewardhence half-distracted :P16:16
tomreynset_: so if you have nginx questions, bring them up, since teward wants to be half entertained16:17
tewardor i'm just going to go yell at the Lubuntu folks again which is less than productive :P16:18
tewardi'm also the nginx package maintainer(ish) here in Ubuntu :P16:18
set_I will have to set things up again. I erased all my .conf files already.16:18
set_Oh. Okay.16:18
set_nice to meet you teward.16:19
set_I am actually receiving two, separate sites for blah-blah.com and https://www.blah-blah.com.16:20
set_Odd days.16:20
set_dang it. brb.16:20
set_I am looking on httpd.apache2.com and I found a redirect directive.16:35
set_I am getting close.16:35
set_.com = .org16:36
set_Would I use two files for :80 and :443 or would I just use one w/ multiple VirtualHost directives?16:44
tewardyou could do either, but if you're using Apache you may want to keep the http and https ones (80 and 443 respectively) as their own site directive files that you can activate/deactivate independently of each other16:46
set_Good idea.16:50
set_Well, the redirect works now. This is good news.16:52
set_Things seem much better when it works out.16:52
Nizumzensorry to ask an off-topic question but what is the best domain registrar these days? I've been using Namecheap for years but I'm wondering if there is a better one to transfer to?23:32
sarnoldI've been happy enough with gandi but namecheap comes up often in these discussions23:33
tumbleweedcloudflare registrar these days, too23:35
tewardnamecheap for SSL, Gandi for registration, but I"m biased because of the discounts I get on my costs thanks to Ubuntu Membership from a while ago xD23:35
tewardCloudflare Registrar is there too though as an option23:35
teward(but I haven't used them)23:35
teward(though I use Cloudflare for DNS xD)23:35
* tomreyn likes inwx.com, joker.com, njalla.org23:37
tomreynand freenom.com if it has to be free.23:38
Nizumzenthanks for the suggestions - I'll check them out23:40

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