maxzortomreyn, thank you for your hand!00:00
qwebirc44021Ok, I just got to the installation complete window00:00
qwebirc44021Should I click "restart now"?00:01
qwebirc44021I'm quite sure it will crash00:01
qwebirc44021Yup, the wheel spun, my cursor dissapeared, and the laptop is completely frozen00:04
qwebirc44021Anyone have any idea?00:05
bluezinc_qwebirc44021: reboot?00:05
qwebirc44021I just rebooted, I left the USB in00:06
qwebirc44021It asked for me to login, so I did00:06
qwebirc44021I'm now at a purple screen00:06
qwebirc44021I can move a cursor, that's it00:06
qwebirc44021Should I reboot again?00:07
qwebirc44021Still at a purple screen with a cursor00:07
tomreyn!nomodeset | qwebirc4402100:08
ubottuqwebirc44021: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter00:08
tomreynqwebirc44021: actually, just keep pressing escape while booting00:08
qwebirc44021I have a GTX 1050ti00:08
qwebirc44021Would that cause errors?00:08
tomreynqwebirc44021: you shoudl get to see the grub menu, which will have a failsafe graphics option, use this00:09
qwebirc44021I enabled the install 3rd party software option which I thought installed the Nvidia drivers00:09
tomreynah no it wont, not on 18.0400:09
qwebirc44021Ooh, ok. I'll try that00:09
qwebirc44021I'll reboot00:09
tomreynqwebirc44021: depending on which 18.04 subversion you installed, the nvidia drivers may not be the latest00:10
qwebirc44021Ok, should I remove the USB drive before rebooting?00:10
ga_sk8erqwerbic44021 https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-install-the-nvidia-drivers-on-ubuntu-18-04-bionic-beaver-linux00:10
qwebirc44021Does that guide detail the rest of what I need?00:11
ga_sk8erit tells ow to  get te driver from  nvidea00:12
qwebirc44021Ok, thank you!!00:13
tomreynqwebirc44021: yes you should remove the usb before you reboot00:14
tomreynqwebirc44021: note that only the first method discussed on the guide ga_sk8er posted is officially supported by Canonical (and supported here). The second is a !PPA, which is unsupported but can be used for testing, the third is unsupported here, but maybe supported by nvidia.00:18
linuxuserAnyone know why Ubuntu Budgie 19.04 graphics so bad compared to Ubuntu?00:20
Bashing-omlinuxser1: Have you checked that a graphic's driver is loaded ' sudo lshw -C display ' ?00:25
linuxser1Yea it says: -display00:25
linuxser1       description: VGA compatible controller00:25
linuxser1       product: HD Graphics 550000:25
linuxser1       vendor: Intel Corporation00:25
linuxser1       physical id: 200:25
linuxser1       bus info: pci@0000:00:02.000:25
Bashing-om!paste | linuxser1 - when you are UN-quieted.00:26
ubottulinuxser1 - when you are UN-quieted.: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.00:26
linuxser1Okay sorry00:27
linuxser1So the drivers are loaded Bashing-om00:27
Bashing-omlinuxser1: Once is OK .. we all have to learn :)00:27
linuxser1As in they were loaded already.00:28
Bashing-omlinuxser1: I do want to see that complete output .. be aware though that I have little experience with Intel graphics - as they "just work" .00:28
metbsdsomething really wrong with iso. the iso write to usb drive and the usb can never get installation going00:28
linuxusertuxDisplay looks crappy sometimes, like it's washed out , yet in PopOs and Ubuntu it's pretty. :(00:28
Bashing-omlinuxser1: Bad graphics on one release when good on others sure points a finger at graphics.00:29
Bashing-omlinuxser1: "bus info: pci@0000:00:02.0" makes me wonder if this is a loptop with hybrid graphics. also to the lshw output show in a pastebin ' lspci -vnn | grep VGA -A 12 ' .00:33
tomreynmetbsd: maybe it's not the iso that is wrong, but the storage it is written to?00:35
tomreynmetbsd: did you write it using etcher?00:35
metbsdtomreyn: that etcher is 100mb to write a usb drive. and it froze when it's writing00:37
metbsdim gonna try fedora to see if it's alright00:37
tomreynmetbsd: this sounds even more like there can be issue with your flash storage00:43
tomreynmetbsd: you might want to test it using http://oss.digirati.com.br/f3/ (also available in ubuntu, maybe also in (fedora)00:46
\dev\cachewhat do most people use for Voip Calls other than skype.. i.e sip client?01:04
jmichelYou need a SIP infrastructure like Asterisk and also a gateway to reach the rest of the world01:07
jmichelElse, your ISP may provide you that.01:07
OerHeksekiga and such01:07
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dont-panicanyone ever encountered the issue where wifi and having a bluetooth item connected results in failure to coexist?  My wifi doesn't work when my headphones or ps4 controller are connected to bluetooth01:33
tomreyndont-panic: wifi and bluetooth can use overlapping frequencies, so co-existence is a common issue.01:36
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dont-panictomreyn: is there anyway to work around it outside of only using one at a time?01:36
dont-panici'm trying to steam game with wireless01:36
tomreynuse 5GHz for wifi if both ends support it.01:37
dont-panicI don't have that option, it's my parents :(01:37
tomreynlook for co existence parameters on the wireless and bluetooth drivers you have running01:38
dont-panictomreyn: is that where I add the bt_coex_active=N stuff to iwlwifi.conf in the modprobe.d file?01:38
dont-panicsomething online said to put 'options iwlwifi bt_coex_active=N' into /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi-opt.conf, but that file wasn't there before and I have a iwlwifi.conf... not sure where that should go or if the current way should work after a reboot01:40
tomreynbased on what you said so far you want it to coexist, this option would disable that. it is enabled by default01:40
dont-panicoh... well that didn't do what I wanted then lol01:42
dont-panictomreyn: is there a way to reload this without rebooting?01:42
tomreyndont-panic: you'd need to stop networking, rmmod the module,   modprobe anyoptionsgohere=1    the module01:43
dont-panicbt_coex_active:enable wifi/bt co-exist (default: enable) (bool)  <-- that's in modinfo iwlwifi01:43
tomreyni'm not sure this would workd, though. the module may still be in use01:44
\dev\cacheso no one can recommend a clien aside save a few recommendations about sip infrastructure01:44
dont-panic\dev\cache: wat?01:45
tomreynekiga was suggested to \dev\cache earlier, must have missed it01:46
tomreynjitsi is another one01:46
\dev\cachedont-panic: I asked for a recommendation on sip clients, everyone decided to chime in recommending sip infrastructure et al01:49
dont-panichuh... I don't know what sip means outside of single inline pins01:50
dont-panicor package? idk01:50
pragmaticenigma\dev\cache: This channel is more focused on support type questions regarding Ubuntu and it's official flavors. If you're interested in getting recommendations and discussions on other's SIP client preferences, check out the #ubuntu-offtopic01:58
pragmaticenigmadont-panic: SIP is a protocol often used by Voice over IP telephony01:59
EickmeyerMost modern corporate switchboards use SIP.02:00
dont-panicahh... I'm still stuck in wifi/bluetooth hell lol02:04
dont-panicI wish there was a way to tell bluetooth to jump a few mhz up the chain on connect02:04
dont-paniclike a reverse priority for the channels02:05
dont-panicuse the ones further from 2.4ghz and work back towards it02:05
Eickmeyer!ot | don'dont-panic02:06
ubottudon'dont-panic: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!02:06
dont-panicEickmeyer: ?  I'm in ubuntu dude02:07
dont-panicI'm starting to see why it's slower in here than it was a few years back02:08
Eickmeyerdont-panic: Look at how many users are in this channel. If we didn't have such strict rules, it would be chaos in here. Please keep conversation to support only.02:09
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RobWilcohas anyone run into any issues with Cuckoo sandbox and Guacamole since upgrading to Ubuntu 19.04?02:31
cstk421I have ubuntu 18.04 installed from the windows store on 10.  I am able to ssh to the localhost or and i can ssh to the ip of the machine  However when my cisco anyconnect is connected I cannot ssh to the ubuntu session.  Its in the firewall and there is the sshd process in windows listening on 2222.  Any thoughts on getting this to work ?02:54
Eickmeyercstk421: Support for that in #ubuntu-on-windows03:01
cstk421ah thanks Eickmeyer03:02
cstk421not very many people there :(03:02
dax##windows supports it too, apparently03:02
Eickmeyercstk421: Yeah, so you might have to stick around longer. I'm in there, but alas, I don't have the answer to your question.03:02
cstk421copy that03:03
cstk421dax: thx03:03
Eickmeyercstk421: also, try ##windows03:03
dax(that's what their ops told me a year and a half ago, anyway)03:03
jcottonthey may kick them back here03:03
jcottonit's also a bit dead in there atm03:03
jcottonwindows channels seem to operate on US daylight hours03:04
jcottonmore or less03:04
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max3is there a way to auto maximize a window when you drag it to a workspace?03:34
max3in 18.10 gnome03:34
NitinSharmai am facing issue https://dpaste.de/aQpe03:35
NitinSharmain install Vue03:35
NitinSharmaany active here?03:35
max3NitinSharma, you need to install locally rather than globally03:36
NitinSharmamax3,  actually i installed npm by Snap03:37
NitinSharmacould be reason for this failure? or only -g03:38
max3NitinSharma, run npm init in a folder somewhere03:38
max3then do the npm install03:38
NitinSharmabut i installed npm successfully03:39
NitinSharmaby snap03:39
max3just do what i said03:39
max3you clearly don't know much. just do what i said and you'll see03:39
NitinSharmamax3,  run npm init03:41
NitinSharmaCommand 'run' not found, did you mean:03:41
fosslinuxmax3: what if he wants to install globally03:41
fosslinuxNitinSharma: you need to use sudo. run sudo npm install yourpackageshere03:42
fosslinuxthis will install them system-wide for all users03:42
max3don't do that03:42
SideLinesOfCodedoesn't npm have a user flag?03:42
max3there are very few npm packages that should be installed globally03:42
max3especially not vue03:42
max3does anyone know where the gnome workspace code is03:43
NitinSharmasudo run npm init03:43
NitinSharma[sudo] password for nitin:03:43
NitinSharmasudo: run: command not found03:43
blue1what is npm?03:43
MythUpon arriving home today, I find that I am unable to access System Settings via the GUI in Ubuntu 18 with Cinnamon. This system has been stable for some time now with no problems, and I haven't even been using it very often lately. What could be wrong? I've already rebooted the system, to no avail03:43
EickmeyerThis could be handled in #Node.js03:43
EickmeyerNitinSharma: remove "run" from your command line.03:45
max3where is the js interpreter that runs behind gnome-shell?03:48
max3how can i pull up the console03:48
Eickmeyermax3: I don't know, but the people in #gnome might know.03:49
max3Eickmeyer, that channel is dead03:49
max3right now03:49
EickmeyerNitinSharma: I am the furthest thing possible from a Node.js expert. Try asking in #Node.js.03:50
Eickmeyermax3: You might have to wait a while, just like with any support channel.03:51
NitinSharmaokay thanks03:51
MythI tried Jake's instructions here: https://askubuntu.com/questions/864723/system-settings-wont-start-ubuntu-16-0403:51
MythBut it didn't work03:51
EickmeyerMyth: You might have to remove some files from your ~/.config directory, and probably clear your ~/.cache directory as well.03:52
EickmeyerI'd suggest exploring ~/.config first and deleting anything related to Cinnamon.03:52
MythEickmeyer, Okay03:52
EickmeyerMyth: Even the .gtk* directories/files might be worth deleting.03:53
MythEickmeyer, I'm in root, but cannot see any "config" folder or "cache" folders03:54
EickmeyerMyth: You shouldn't be in root. You should be in your home folder (~/)03:54
MythEickmeyer, Oh okay. Cntrl + H, and there it is03:55
MythEickmeyer, I only see one thing with Cinnamon in the name, "Cinnamon Session"03:56
Myth"Cinnamon-session" specifically03:56
EickmeyerMyth: That might be it, but I'm not 100% sure on that.03:57
* Eickmeyer doesn't run Cinnamon often03:57
MythEickmeyer, Me either. The folder contains a subfolder titled "saved sessions", but it is empty03:57
Myth"saved-session" specifically03:58
gofio"If there is a 50-50 chance that something can go wrong, then 9 times out of ten it will."03:58
gofiooops sorry03:59
EickmeyerMyth: the askubuntu article you linked deals with gnome and Unity, not Cinnamon, so that wasn't going to work anyhow.03:59
MythEickmeyer, Ah, fair enough04:00
MythThanks for pointing that out04:00
EickmeyerMyth: Try launching "cinnamon-control-center" from your terminal and see what it says.04:00
MythOpened a simple System Settings windows with a few options: All Settings button, then the main windows has Color, Display, Graphics Tablet, and Network buttons, respectively, left to right04:02
MythEickmeyer, All Settings button is unresponsive04:02
EickmeyerMyth: Something went wrong at some point, either with the installation or during an upgrade.04:03
MythEickmeyer, Okay, my mistake. It isn't a proper hyperlink, but rather a directory button for folder navigations04:03
EickmeyerOh, okay.04:04
EickmeyerSo, it's working?04:04
EickmeyerMyth: ^04:04
MythEickmeyer, Installation has been fine for over a month. I never upgrade operating systems anymore, just a fresh install, but then again, I think the last update came down the pipeline with a kernel upgrade04:05
MythEickmeyer, Technically, it is working, but it is missing a lot of options, like power management, etc04:05
EickmeyerMyth: Try doing a "sudo apt install --reinstall " every package in this list: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+search?text=cinnamon04:06
EickmeyerAlso, did you say what release you were running, Myth?04:06
MythEickmeyer, Got it. Working on that. Oh, yes. Ubuntu 18.0404:07
EickmeyerOkay, just making sure.04:07
MythAlso, for reference, here is a screen shot: https://imgur.com/a/sQXfCyG04:07
MythOnly a few hardware listings04:08
EickmeyerMyth: Yeah, that's missing a ton of modules. Hopefully they'll be pulled-in by the install --reinstall command. Sadly, I can't guarantee it.04:09
MythEickmeyer, Indeed, I thank ye for the help. Tried sudo apt install --reinstall cinnamon, but it is hanging in the terminal04:10
MythDropped a line down, but it must be incomplete04:10
EickmeyerMyth: Sounds like something in the package manager got messed-up then, and probably propogated into this problem. I'd suggest a backup/reinstall of the OS.04:11
gofiowhere is it in ubuntu that i can go to install ubuntu into a pendrive, I mean, from ubuntu already installed into a hard disk, just like it is when from a live session?04:12
MythEickmeyer, Dang, really? That's terrible news for me. Synaptic seems to be working, as does the Software Manager04:12
EickmeyerMyth: Oh! Good!04:12
MythEickmeyer, Whew!04:12
laptophi what to do if linux 5 does not recognize video driver04:12
laptopI installed nvidia driver04:12
laptopand it is not recognized but k04:13
laptopkernel 4.19 recognizes it04:13
MythEickmeyer, Shall I try Synaptic to fix the Cinnamon bits? Or... what do you think?04:13
laptopnvidia geforce 7150/630n04:13
EickmeyerMyth: I'd definitely try Synaptic if it's working. It might even point-out if there's any broken packages.04:14
MythEickmeyer, Oh yeah! It DOES do that! I completely forgot04:14
Eickmeyergofio: etcher.io04:14
Eickmeyergofio: And I'm not going to hold your hand through this (I've seen you in here before).04:15
gofiobut is that for a live session or a full install Eickmeyer04:15
Eickmeyergofio: Live session.04:15
gofioI'm asking for the full install04:15
gofioyes we tried to do so from a live session to another pendrive a full install, but now I want to try from an already install in a hard disk into a full install in a pendrive04:17
gofioif that is possible04:17
Eickmeyergofio: I don't know of any way to do that unless the hard drive is smaller than the pendrive.04:17
gofioook, thanks Eickmeyer04:18
Eickmeyergofio: You're welcome. :)04:18
gofioI think this is also for a live session install but it's fun to watch a little kid explaining this stuff, just found it searching for it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YIhYitXwJfE04:19
Eickmeyergofio: That's great, but let's keep the chatter in here to support only. :04:19
gofiothing is I'm going now so I could leave the pendrive installing meanwhile but doesn't look like an easy thing to do for what I see04:20
Eickmeyergofio: Not exactly. You could try CloneZilla, but I don't know if you'll get it to boot properly considering how some boot methods work.04:21
gofioyeap that's the thing that it's been already three times and it did not boot any. About 10 hours total installing for nothing (thus far)04:22
MythEickmeyer, I'm going to check on the default desktop environment, then possibly remove the Cinnamon desktop from there to avoid issues, then reinstall it after. What do you think of this plan? I don't see any broken packages in Synaptic, but I'm not great at using it either04:22
EickmeyerMyth: That sounds solid. Use the "purge" or in Synaptic "completely remove" option, just to be sure.04:23
EickmeyerMyth: Also, once you've done that, go into a terminal and type "sudo apt autoremove --purge"04:24
EickmeyerThen do your reinstall.04:25
MythEickmeyer, Status>Not Installed (residual or obsolete) et cetera?04:25
EickmeyerMyth: If it's not installed, then it's not going to have that option, in which case the only way to "completely remove" it is from the command line using "purge".04:25
Eickmeyeras in "sudo apt remove --purge ".04:26
MythEickmeyer, I meant using Synaptic after uninstalled Cinnamon, would that be the route to complete removal via Synaptic?04:26
MythOr Terminal, right04:26
EickmeyerMyth: Yes.04:26
MythBut after basic removal, correct?04:26
EickmeyerMyth: Yes.04:26
EickmeyerIf you have the option for complete removal in this context, use it.04:27
EickmeyerOf course, we're gambling on the idea that nothing in the gnome session is borked.04:27
Eickmeyer(or Ubuntu session, as it were004:27
MythEickmeyer, Okay. Thanks for the feedback. I'm performing an Ubuntu system update now first. I'll reboot and see if there is any change after that, since it has some kernel stuffs, then I will move forward accordingly04:27
EickmeyerMyth: Sounds like a plan. I'm off to bed for the night.04:28
MythEickmeyer, Well, you are appeciated. Rest well04:28
EickmeyerGood luck! and thanks!04:28
blue1has anyone had issues where xsane doesn't recognize a scanner?04:29
ehiaxaI am using qbittorrent which is available from their own ppa and one which canonical maintains. qbittorrents repo does not have dingo packages and I was wondering if there was a way to switch from their own repo to canonicals04:50
ehiaxashould I uninstall, remove the qbittorrent's ppa from my sources ans then reintsall qbittorrent from the canonical repo?04:51
Bashing-om!info qbittorrent disco04:52
ubottuqbittorrent (source: qbittorrent): bittorrent client based on libtorrent-rasterbar with a Qt5 GUI. In component universe, is optional. Version 4.1.5-1 (disco), package size 5405 kB, installed size 8842 kB04:52
guivercehiaxa, i would suggest purge than load from Canonical.  A non-Canonical/Ubuntu source may have non-Ubuntu specific versioning of packages & create problems; why i'm suggesting purge (I don't know about specifics to qbittorrent though)04:53
ehiaxaguiverc: thanks. is it up to the maintainer to publish disco packages?05:01
ehiaxaBecause I'm seeing some software that I use that doesn't have any disco releases05:02
guivercehiaxa, where it comes from is your clue on who's responsible.  if from 'main' it's Canonical, if from 'universe' it's up to the community (thru motu..), if PPA it's up the 3rd party owner etc..05:13
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qwebirc50863hello everyone05:22
qwebirc50863I `m trying to find the best amd gpu driver to work with RX 580 and openCL05:26
qwebirc50863but in same time, I would like to know if someone have the new Radeon VII  and amdgpu pro05:28
qwebirc50863I `m thinking to buy the new Radeon and start mining Ethereum05:30
Kendos-KenlenI could read in OpenSSH changelog that SCP is a deprecated protocol that should be avoided. What other protocol do you recommend to send files on a distant machine?05:30
qwebirc50863good night everyone05:36
SOULgood night05:37
tatertotsKendos-Kenlen: you could send a hard drive or usb drive via UPS/FedEx/DHL to the distant location05:51
Kendos-Kenlentatertots mmh, i think i can bring it by myself, the computer is 3m away, UPS is a bit overkill05:58
snadgesince updating to 19.04 .. and choosing wayland session instead of xorg.. my pc has just hard locked or frozen twice.. not sure if hardware or not, obviously wayland is not default yet.. what could it be?06:15
snadgeit didn't do that in previous version of ubuntu, or in windows though.. i guess I could switch back to xorg just to rule that out06:16
snadgegoogle doesn't turn up much about random freezes .. but others have suspected wayland is the cause and it isn't default.. that makes me sad though.. wayland is shiny06:24
erle-Remmina from Ubuntu 18.10 does not connect to GNOME shared desktop in Ubuntu 19.0406:25
erle-error being "unknown TLS extension"06:25
snadgewayland -> bin06:34
Rockwoodi am facing error https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YKtWBXQFNv/06:52
Rockwoodat time of sudo apt-get update06:52
Rockwoodany active?06:53
erle-snadge, Wayland is great, there is just a lot of missing features that require work06:53
MythI'm having some trouble after researching online extensively; Does anyone here know how to 1) Increase GUI font scale/size? and 2) Make the Nautilus window background a less blinding, darker shade? I'm using Ubuntu 18.04 with Cinnamon desktop installed via the universal repo06:54
snadgei wanted to believe.. and I personally have no issues with it.. but random system freezes approx every 24 hours06:54
erle-also it is literally only one click in GDM to switch between Xorg and Wayland06:54
erle-so this "not default" is really misleading06:54
erle-implying you need to install stuff etc.06:54
MythI cannot seem to get any themes to make the windows background of Nautilus darker, and the Font setting with Scale factor isn't having an effect on text at all06:55
erle-Myth, Settings->Devices->Display gives you options 200%, 300% etc06:55
snadgedefault still has meaning though.. ie.. if you don't do anything then you are using Xorg06:56
erle-for just changing fonts, intall gnome-tweaks06:56
erle-snadge, I did not have freezes, but I had some apps that did not have window borders06:57
erle-also missing VNC server06:57
Mytherle-, Like this? I don't see that setting. I also tried gnome-tweaks but the font remained unchanged06:57
snadgeand my computer seems to have frozen again.. last time, i couldn't even ping it.. so if I could figure out a way to find out why that is happening, that would be nice06:57
erle-snadge, performance and stability was fine, and the per-monitor scaling was amazing because I have a movie projector06:57
erle-snadge, what video driver?06:57
snadgeits an rx580.. so radeon.. the open source default driver06:58
erle-Myth, it looks like this in current gnome06:58
MonsieurBonHi all06:58
asumoMonsieurBon: sup06:58
Mytherle-, Should I switch back to LightDM? I swapped display management to GD3 because the text wouldn't change06:59
dlamhmmm I didnt use my laptop for a long time and it lost all battery power:  now when i boot my laptop, its going to grub  instead of the ubuntu bootloader thing!   anyone know how to fix?06:59
MonsieurBonI'm trying to upgrade to 19.04. When I open software updater and click on upgrade, it closes and nothing happens. Can I start the software updater from command line so I would see an error message?06:59
dlam(at grub, i can type 'exit' and then it shows the ubuntu bootloader screen :0)06:59
erle-Myth, https://imgur.com/a/0fIf6rG07:00
MythOh, I see07:01
Mytherle-, I'll check that out07:01
erle-but the 200% is not always there07:01
erle-probably only when your resolution is high enough07:01
ducasseMonsieurBon: 'sudo do-release-upgrade'07:02
MythMonsieurBon, I'm no expert, but I'd be careful about upgrading. I've had wretched luck with it. Seems clean installs work better07:02
MonsieurBonMyth, I can still do a clean install if something doesn't work anymore :)07:04
erle-Myth, the 200% only makes sense if you have a HiDPI screen like Macbook Retina07:04
erle-otherwise better just make fonts a little larger07:04
MythMonsieurBon, That is true07:05
MonsieurBonducasse, it tells me to first install all updates. It seems that it doesn't like me pinning php to version 7.2.10!07:05
ducasseMonsieurBon: that might cause problems, yes. you might need to unpin and upgrade that.07:07
Mytherle-, I think my issue may be from latent configuration files from a previous install of Cinnamon, or the fact that my source is different than before. I used to use the embrosyn PPS for Cinnamon, but after a recent update, it broke so I removed it and reinstalled from the universal repo instead. But now the options I'm familiar with are either gone or not working (Nautilus was dark before, and the foint scale factor worked07:07
Myth*PPA not PPS07:08
MonsieurBonducasse, There's a PHP bug that got introduced with 7.2.11... I need to check if the new versions are working first. Thx for your help.07:09
MythI purged Cinnamon earlier in an attempt to fix it. My default DE was working fine. For no apparent reason other than an update "not agreeing" with my Cinnamon DE, I had to use the default DE to open System Settings. Cinnamon wouldn't work07:10
ducasseMonsieurBon: try 'apt changelog packagename'. if this bug is reported on launchpad you can track it there.07:11
MythI'm wondering if I should have followed up with Synaptic and removed any residual files07:11
MonsieurBonducasse, I'll check it out, thx07:11
MythOr tried the embrosyn PPA again or something... erle- Any ideas?07:12
asumoMyth: i prefer the lightdm login, much prettier than gtk greeter lol07:12
Mythasumo, Me too, but I was trying to fix another issue. Turned out it didn't matter one way or the other07:12
asumoMyth: can i ask what the issue was?07:13
asumonm just read it07:14
asumoqwebirc10999: hi07:14
qwebirc10999I have mouse issue using lubuntu on Pi307:14
qwebirc10999lsusb shows mouse has detected07:15
qwebirc10999but its not working07:15
qwebirc10999no move, no clicks07:15
qwebirc10999i checked syslog07:15
qwebirc10999there is a problem that i don't know07:16
Rockwoodfirefox is not opening https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/96vkr6QRrj/07:16
asumosadly I can't help, i used raspbian just for testing purposes but i've uninstalled it since i prefer only terminal on all my pies07:16
Mythasumo, Sure. When I arrived how earlier and interracted with my Ubuntu 18.04 with Cinnamon desktop environment, I could not get System Settings to open. I purged Cinnamon via Terminal after trying other things to no avail, then rebooted and reinstalled. I'd removed the PPA from embrosyn first too, and the reinstallation was from the universal repo. I switched to Cinnamon once again, only the options were more limited than I07:16
Mythrecall, such as in themes, I'm unable to get the background of Nautilus folder windows to darken, and the scaling factor setting for Font size isn't working either07:16
Rockwoodi just installed mozilla and i am facing this issue07:16
Mytharrived home* I meant to say07:16
asumoexcept for my pi3b+ with retropie/hyperpie07:17
qwebirc10999Here is the syslog for usb mouse: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/hdxrvZDyYH/  (line 11)!07:18
asumoMyth: sorry to hear that07:18
MythI think the most recent Ubuntu update from yesterday may have "disagreed" with my PPA install of Cinnamon, and now I'm having latent issues from my fix07:18
Mythasumo, PPA's can be fickle07:19
asumotell me about it07:19
asumoI cant when new ppa installs break the system07:19
asumo*i hate07:19
MythI'm going to purge Cinnamon again and this time, I will use Synaptic to remove residual config files. I'm not sure how I will reinstall it though. I'm going to have to research diufferent sources and see how I feel07:20
MythI have suspicions that my previous PPA (embrosyn) may have been the reason for the issue, but I'll need to research it07:21
TuorHi, is it possible to install ubuntu without amazon (or other things like it)? I use amazon personaly, but I just visit there webpage when I do.07:22
RockwoodError: Access was denied while trying to open files in your profile directory.  why i am facing this error07:26
Rockwoodand i am unable to open firefox mozila in ubuntu 18.0407:26
Ben64Rockwood: probably from improper use of sudo07:30
RockwoodBen64, i am trying to open firefox just07:31
Rockwoodnitin@cyberia:~$ firefox -P07:31
RockwoodError: Access was denied while trying to open files in your profile directory.07:31
Ben64try "find ~ \! -user $USER -print"07:31
Rockwoodtry "find ~ \! -user $USER -print"07:32
RockwoodCommand 'try' not found, did you mean:07:32
Ben64do the stuff in the quotes07:32
Rockwoodsudo firefox07:33
RockwoodRunning Firefox as root in a regular user's session is not supported.  ($HOME is /home/nitin which is owned by nitin.)07:33
Ben64thats not in the quotes07:33
Rockwoodwhich quotes?07:33
Rockwoodnitin@cyberia:~$ try "find ~ \! -user $USER -print" <-- where you want do quotes?07:34
Miklowhenever i click, my mouse cursor theme changes to another one, and then back when i release the click. always alternating between 2 themes. Has anybody ever had this? and it only changes when i click on the desktop area, if i click on an application or something i can move around, then it doesnt change07:35
qwebirc23638Hello! I use Ubunt 19.04. I can not install the printer Kyocera EKOSyS P2335d. In the automatic mode, the driver does not find. In the version of Ubuntu 18.04 this printer worked fine and the drivers were installed automatically. I downloaded from the official website of Kyocera .ppd file for linux. Installed, but the printer still does not print. Indicates that the printer is not responding. Tell me what to do?07:36
RockwoodBen64, ah okay sorry got it you meaning about quotes07:36
Rockwoodnitin@cyberia:~$ find ~ \! -user $USER -print but nothing in output yet07:37
asumoqwebirc23638: did u find a solution to your mouse problem?07:38
RockwoodBen64, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/MVKYKqfQY5/07:39
Rockwoodno response07:39
asumoqwebirc23638: your issue is systemd-udevd[1326]: Assertion 'buf->len >= count' failed at ../src/libsystemd/sd-hwdb/sd-hwdb.c:92, function linebuf_rem(). Aborting.07:40
asumoseems to be an issue with systemd on lubuntu on pi07:42
asumoqwebirc24486: welcome back07:43
asumocan you not use another distro other than lubuntu with systemd?07:43
PyxelHi everybody ! I need an advice from you. I'm actualy in class learning for ubuntu and i need te créate a problem and solve it by myself08:19
Pyxeldo somebody have an idea ? i'm on the 18.0408:19
zhaokunbasicly,you can learn basic command just like ls df pwd and so on,or you can edit a file by vi or vim.08:24
EriC^Pyxel: i have an idea, add a "." at the end of your ~/.profile it will wreck your login, then use the tty1 to login and edit it back fixed08:28
PyxelThanks a lot ! I gonna try it :)08:29
oulehi, I can't do my update when I run 'sudo apt update'08:32
EriC^oule: paste the error in paste.ubuntu.com08:32
=== phage- is now known as Phage
Xalysroboirc: /join php08:37
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
jansengbHi. After upgrading to 19.04, command-not-found is not working because /var/lib/command-not-found/commands.db is not readable by regular users. Fixed by `sudo chmod a+r ...`.09:30
ouleHi, I want to delete the repo09:33
oulebecause it is not reachable anymore but I can't do it with the command line 'ppa-purge'09:35
EriC^oule: why not? does it say it cant find the release file?09:41
akkonradsometimes my 18.04.2 freezes and I don't know why, system indicators are not showing anything unusual, is there a way to check/log what is going on? 32GB ram, cpu i8850, windows 10 preinstalled, ubuntu added as second OS09:43
akkonradusually it freezes and I can't do nothing09:44
akkonradvery rarely09:44
matteotancahi all09:44
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1825006 in gnome-software (Ubuntu) "snapp apps not showing in software center" [Low,Incomplete]09:44
matteotancaanyone having this problem?09:44
tuxisame here09:48
tuxii had no idea09:48
tuxiif i am searching for postman then it shows up09:49
Kendos-KenlenWhich algorithm is considered as safe today for SSH key? RSA is still widely used, but isn't there new algorithms out there?09:51
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=== nysan_ is now known as nysan
ouleEriC^: problem solved, it said the repo wasn't signed anymore and I could used 'ppa-purge' to delete it from my session09:57
EriC^oule: ok09:58
ouleI just remove /etc/apt/sources.list.d/djcj-ubuntu-vapoursynth-bionic.list09:58
oulenow i can run apt update09:59
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
DartI have managed to get the raspberry pi 3 to work with the new beta1 release. I had video issues with an AcerP191W. The video was split 3/4 to the right and rubbish on the left. I selected the full GL in raspi-config to get it to be better. I use this rasp pi 3 with an lcd screen and tha is not working too well. the top of the screen is absent and I cannot adjust it10:23
=== peter-bittner1 is now known as peter-bittner
ubuntu 10:31
=== ubuntu is now known as Guest81912
wildermindcan anyone recommend a good multi-messenger for ubuntu to support slack, google hangouts and irc ?10:53
pantsuweechat + bitlbee?10:54
pantsuor irslackd10:55
amr00ti have installed python3.71 from source and deleted the tar pls how do i remove it?10:55
pantsuamr00t: very carefully with rm10:55
amr00tand revert back to default python3.610:55
=== sorin-mihai_ is now known as sorin-mihai
pantsuamr00t: you could fire up a container and and install it again the exact same way in there and track the files it added10:56
pantsuand then remove those from the main system10:56
amr00tpantsu: how do you mean container? virtualbox?10:56
pantsupodman/similar, but a vm would also work10:58
pantsuthere is also make uninstall, but ymmv a lot with it10:59
BluesKajHowdy all11:08
thefatmaHey Guys, when connectiong to VNC on an ubuntu 18.04.2 machine whenever i try to open the terminator it get's stuck (xfce4 desktop) the regular terminal does work tho , any idea of how to overcome this?11:19
thefatmaTried reinstalling the terminator and also purging the config file, doesn't seem to help11:20
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lapidarybefore I get a login prompt on my computer, I need to ssh in, start x11-common, and run startx.  After that it works.  Do I need to reinstall x11?11:38
rrbrussell@lapidary what is the output of sudo systemctl status graphical.target11:42
lapidaryrrbrussell, I have it up and running now; so it's running.  I'll reboot and get back on chat on aonther computer.11:43
creammeI forgot who was helping me a second ago; graphical target is active11:47
rrbrussellOkay what does systemctl get-default show?11:48
rrbrussellit should be graphical.target @creamme.11:49
creammerrbrussell, graphical.target11:49
rrbrusselldid you recently update any apps or install anything new before it quit working?11:51
creammerrbrussell, I put the proper drivers for my nvidia card11:52
rrbrussellopen source ones or the proprietary ones?11:52
creammerrbrussell, there are open source ones?  I used the one from the repository11:53
BluesKajthe repos drivers are the open source11:54
creammeoh, open source then11:55
BluesKajoops, i might be wrong, I'm bit confused about the naming11:56
rrbrussellaccording to apt search -n xserver-xorg-video-nvidia the description is NVIDIA binary Xorg driver. The novuea driver, xserver-xorg-video-nouveau, is the open source one.11:57
BluesKajcreamme, as long asyouused the repos drivers you should be fine, the website drivers only work til a kernel upgrade11:57
rrbrussellThis sounds like an X11 config change, and I haven't used an nvidia device in over half a decade now.11:58
rrbrussellwhat happens when you run nvidia-settings in Xterm on the problematic computer.11:59
creammemk; one sec, I will need to go downstairs again.11:59
BluesKajrrbrussell, i hate the naming nomenclature for linux drivers, open source is default as you said (nouveau)12:02
BluesKajproprietary are the optional ubuntu drivers, correct ?12:03
rrbrussellI will agree with you there BluesKaj. Naming conventions in open source projects have never made a lot of sense to me.12:03
rrbrussellxserver-xorg-video-nvidia should pull in the latest nvidia driver if the restricted repo is enabled.12:04
BluesKajyeah, that's why I get confused sometimes, altho I should know better12:04
BluesKajhaven't used nvidia for a while either since my new machines are all intel12:05
rrbrussellExcluding my NUC I haven't been an Intel customer in more than five years.12:06
BluesKajwell, I'm a home user so intel fills the bill ...nvidia pcies worked well when I needed them back in the day12:08
=== saint__ is now known as saint_
rrbrussellThe only reason I bought the NUC was because I needed something silent to record audio on. Unfortunately there are very few ITX motherboards for AMD and even fewer than can fit a really quite cooler on them. So an Intel NUC it was. At this point it is almost my daily driver.12:10
rrbrussellI think my last Nvidia card was either AGP or PCI-E v1.12:10
BluesKajthat's a while ago alright12:11
rrbrussellI think was installed in an Core2Quad for a bit before I bought a RadeonHD card with more outputs or more vram.12:12
creammenvidia-settings is running downstairs, I'm going to login down there again.12:15
lapidarynvidia-settings compains becuse I don't have permission to ~/.nv/12:18
lapidaryrrbrussell, shall I change owner of that folder?12:19
pantsulapidary: who owns it currently?12:19
rrbrussellthanks pantsu12:19
lapidarypantsu, root12:20
pantsulapidary: ok: don't run random commands as root, and yes, do chown it12:21
pantsuI asume that ~ currently does not expand to /root12:21
lapidaryya got me.  I was having a hard time getting things going.  Thanks pantsu and rrbrussell I learned a lot12:21
rrbrussellyou should have run sudo nvidia-settings so it can write a correct X11 config file to /etc/12:22
rrbrussellIf you didn't run nvidia-settings under sudo then yes it will complain about not being able to read ~/.nv/12:22
rrbrussellsudo doesn't change the $HOME directory for commands you run under it.12:23
pantsunvidia-settings will break your xorg config more often than it fixes it in my exprience12:24
lapidaryis there an archive of this channel? I missed the conversation on noview, or whatever the default name is for the GUI is.12:25
rrbrussellThe noveau drivers are for ancient nvidia hardware or in my opinion, masochists.12:26
lapidaryLOL what does it mean?12:27
rrbrussellI have never seen them work as well as the vesa driver on any nvidia hardware new enough to be supported by the official nvidia driver.12:27
pantsunouveau does work better than vesa, but it is generally vastly inferiour to the blob12:28
rrbrussellMaybe in your experience. Not in mine. I ended up replacing a motherboard because the built in card wouldn't work with the nouveau driver and it got aged out of support form the official one.12:30
pantsunouveau atleast does kms12:30
pantsuand have some acceleration on most cards12:30
ioriaand, for the record, with kernel 5.0 it supports even Turing12:30
rrbrussellThat mobo had given my brother other issues for a few years that point, but that replacement was earlier than we wanted.12:31
rrbrussellThe last working X install on that motherboard was somewhere between 4.0 and 4.10 if my memory is working right.12:32
=== chb is now known as Guest84938
SlissOnly checkboxes and radiobutton's in firefox on gnome render invisible. I can never see if something was preselected of if I selected something. Is there a known visual malfunction?12:46
Sliss*or if12:46
ioriaSliss, what theme are you using ?12:49
manikantha_tadijoin /ansible13:05
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mate|2194its live13:24
lotuspsychjewelcome liu how can we help you?13:54
miaHello channel13:55
liuthanks,this is my first time use the soft.13:55
miaI'm getting aecces permission denied error when I'm trying to edit a file in an sd card13:55
miahow should I do this?13:55
EriC^^mia: use sudo13:55
ubottuAn explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions13:55
gofio_hey EriC^^ you're here, just to let you know I'm running the usb installed ;-)13:56
=== chalcedny is now known as chalcedony
EriC^^gofio_: great, how did it end up working?13:56
kadirocool gofio_13:57
gofio_it's a bit of a long story but I can copy pasted on pm from the linux channel. Did it for a fourth time, this time without the internet options, and have tried in another computer, the one had the uefi-legacy thing in the bios, that I remembered I had seen it. So now I'm in the configuration process, without wifi etc etc. But all good, so just wanted to thank you again :-)13:59
miathanks EriC^^ sudo nautilus solved my issue14:00
miaI'm new to all this so yeah14:00
gofio_hey kadiro thought u'd be in both channels!14:00
kadirogofio_, I'm happy for you14:00
gofio_did not know this xubuntu came by default with only cable internet options :-/14:00
pragmaticenigmagofio_: For discussion and chat, please join the #ubuntu-offtopic .. thank you14:01
gofio_thanks kadiro :-) grub showed in a milisecond and everythings seems to go just fine. Still not there but progess has been done, so that's a pro14:01
EriC^^gofio_: ah great, good to hear14:05
EriC^^mia: great, only 1 remark with graphical apps it's better to do "sudo -H nautilus" for instance, so that no files in your home dir get owned by root14:05
EriC^^if they do a quick "sudo chown -R $USER: ~" should fix stuff14:06
gofio_thanks EriC^^ :-)14:08
EriC^^gofio_: no problem14:08
gofio_what about u and you pragmaticenigma :? is that an issue here :? just wondering14:08
OerHeksinteresting, asking ubuntu support in 2 channels14:09
pragmaticenigmagofio_: That is offtopic for this channel, please visit #ubuntu-offtopic if you want to discuss14:09
gofio_thanks pragmaticenigma then it doesn't have to be an issue14:11
Mdlpehi, is it possible to install gimp 2.10 instead 2.8 on Ubuntu Bionic ?14:16
pragmaticenigma!latest | Mdlpe14:17
ubottuMdlpe: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.14:17
ioriaMdlpe, from snap14:17
lotuspsychjeMdlpe: snap find gimp14:17
Mdlpesnap ?14:17
ubottuSnaps are containerised software packages similar to flatpaks or appimage. For more info, see https://snapcraft.io14:18
rotomegais this working14:18
kadirointeresting app14:18
lotuspsychjerotomega: we see you, it works14:18
rotomegacan someone help me14:18
OerHekssnap install gimp --edge or snap install gimp14:19
=== JimBuntu is now known as gofio___
lotuspsychjeask a question first rotomega14:19
rotomegaso i made a network on hex chat14:19
rotomegabi i cant connect14:20
rotomegabut sorry14:20
rotomegait's called chat14:20
lotuspsychjerotomega: this channel is about ubuntu support14:20
pragmaticenigmarotomega: What do you mean you created a network? A network to where? How are you chatting here?14:20
=== gofio___ is now known as JimBuntu
OerHeksrotomega, are you using hexcchat now?14:20
ivaathi. having issue /run/dirForPid gets removed14:21
whislockrotomega: Please type full sentences. Using the enter key as punctuation makes it difficult to follow what you're saying.14:21
ivaatshould pid files be on /var/run ?14:21
rotomegasorry for my keyboard14:21
pragmaticenigmaivaat: what are you trying to do?14:21
Jonopolyis lubuntu more lightweight than xubuntu?14:21
ivaatpragmaticenigma: starting service. it's pid file is located on /var/piddir but that dir does not exist. when i created it manually then on next start it is gone14:22
OerHeksJonopoly, yes, according to !flavors it is14:22
ubottuRecognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours14:22
kadiroJonopoly, you can try many desktopq and choose what it is working for you14:22
ivaatsame was with php-fpm14:22
pragmaticenigmaJonopoly: This channel focuses on Ubuntu support and it's official flavors. For recommendations and polling, please visit the #ubuntu-offtopic channel14:22
JonopolyWow thanks everyone14:23
=== JimBuntu is now known as JimEther
leftyfbivaat: is something not working properly? php-fpm works fine on ubuntu 18.04 out of the box14:25
=== JimEther is now known as JimBuntu
sere_anyone know why my exfat external hd would locks up. can write or do anything at all after I try play a movie or go into a file14:33
sere_I use this to mount it UUID=4264-E77F /media/external exfatdefaults,uid=1000,gid=1000  0  014:33
=== gislaved77 is now known as gislaved
pragmaticenigmasere_: try changing the last value to a 214:34
kadiroit is in read only14:34
sere_gid=1000 0 2?14:35
pragmaticenigmasere_: Correct... though if it is an external drive, why are you listing it in /etc/fstab ?14:36
sere_pragmaticenigma: I have two external 5tb drives. One I use with plex media server the other a backup. I have always mounted my external this way. is it not the correct way?14:38
tomreynsere_: it's fine if you have them constantly connected14:39
tomreynif not, you could still use fstab with noauto and nofail14:40
sere_tomreyn: Yes I do.14:40
sere_tomreyn: ah oh ok I see14:40
tomreynby default anything in fstab gets mounted automatically, which could be an issue if you removed removable drives14:41
tomreynsere_: about the disk locking up, see dmesg / journalctl -b14:42
sere_tomreyn: oh ok. I have only removed it maybe once or twice, although last night a storm caused the power to go out and after that this started to happend now that I think about it14:43
tomreyn!smart | also this, sere_14:43
ubottualso this, sere_: smart is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a monitoring system for hard drives. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools14:43
sere_tomreyn: ok thanks alot14:44
tomreynthe power outage could very well explain it. you should do a file system check on windows asap14:44
sere_tomreyn: do you think using it in windows can cause something like this14:44
tomreynsere_: no more than using it on linux, no. it's just that exfat, being a primarily windows file system, can only be corrected on windows if things break.14:46
tomreynsuch as if the file system got corrupted, which will most likely happen due to a power outage / unclean shutdown.14:46
sere_tomreyn: oh ok. Last night i went to windows to trouble shoot. I know noticed that I couldnt delete anything but still could play a movie. also defraggler showed in my rightclick on a file menu14:48
sere_i never ran a system check though14:48
tomreynsere_: it's a "file system check". we don't support windows here, /join ##windows to get help with it.14:49
pragmaticenigmasere_: sorry for a delay in responding, tomreyn is right though. no harm if they're always attached and live. If a power outage occured I would run diagnostics on those drives. fsck is what is used in linux to check drives I believe14:50
tomreynthe exfat support there is on linux is the result of reverse engineering a proprietary file system. it is not a complete implementation.14:50
sere_tomreyn: oh ok14:51
pragmaticenigmaah, good to know... I've never personally tried14:51
sere_pragmaticenigma: no worries I appreciate your help14:51
sere_im looking at journalctl -b right now14:52
sjoshiHello, I have upgraded Ubuntu from 18.10 to 19.04 but my kernel version is still showing as 4.1914:52
grokeguys i don't know if this is a bug or intended: in gnome-terminal, if you open several tabs and click the tab-menu, if you click on one menu-item nothing happens. What I expected to happen was to switch to the tab one clicks on.14:52
qwebirc29313Hi, I want to make a script to help people with mounting samba shares. I want to do it the proper way, and I have found gio mount to mount a samba share as a user. Then the share is available in Nautilus, but I cannot find it in the filesystem. I would like to make a symlink to the mountpoint to make it easier to find/navigate to from the cli. Previously I seem to remember they showed up in ~/.gvfs but that dir does not exist.14:53
sjoshiI gotfew issues while upgrading and running --configure commands allowed me to complete the installation14:53
lotuspsychje!uptodate | sjoshi14:53
ubottusjoshi: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.14:53
sere_ill be right back going to reboot14:54
PitelWhy isn't OpenJDK part of disco repos?!14:54
Pitelopejdk 814:54
grokewhat's disco repos14:54
grokedisco dingo?14:54
sjoshilotuspsychje: I have done the update and upgrade part but still...14:55
Pitelgroke yes14:55
sjoshinow I am trying the apt full-upgrade part14:55
daxPitel: because disco uses OpenJDK 11 instead14:55
lotuspsychjesjoshi: could you pastebin us your sources.list please?14:55
leftyfbPitel: openjdk11-13 are available.14:55
JimBuntuqwebirc29313, lsblk or mount should show you the share path... might also be able to open the share in Nautilus and then use CTRL-L to view the path14:55
dax(or 12, or 13, but not 8)14:55
Pitelyeah, but lot of apps (eg. whole android toolchain) still relies on 8.14:55
OerHeksPitel, openjdk-8 is depreciated, it is all openjdk-11 now? https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=openjdk-8-jdk https://packages.ubuntu.com/disco-updates/openjdk-11-jdk14:56
Pitelon cosmis, there was 8 and 1114:56
cfhowlett>>> deprecated <<< as well as depreciated14:56
leftyfbPitel: disco != cosmic14:56
lotuspsychjePitel: and now your real question, what are you trying to install that requier 8?14:57
Pitelandroid sdk (gradle). I get build errors with jdk11.14:57
daxPitel: It's a universe package, so support for it was highly dependent on Debian's opinions on the matter. Debian removed it from their next release because it goes EOL before that release does, and thus Ubuntu removed it at the same time.14:58
sjoshilotuspsychje: there i go -> https://pastebin.com/RHZwVfb314:58
sjoshiuname and lsb_release output as well14:58
pragmaticenigmaPitel: Sounds like you should check out the forums for Android SDK development, to see how others are working with it. Though I do recall there being a specific version of Ubuntu recomended for Android SDK developement14:58
gdbThat's too badk about openjdk 8, openjdk 11 isn't suitable for some applications (Oracle moved some functions from Java SE to Java EE between 8 and 11, so some applications that run on 8 will not run on 11 now, without paying for EE).14:59
tomreynsjoshi: this doesn't seem to be an ubuntu kernel also. is this a VPS?14:59
Pitelyeah, i worked it around it with openjdk's ppa. but I was like WTF?! why isn't it there when it should still be supported.15:00
sjoshitomreyn: ubuntu is on my laptop, no VPS15:00
Pitelhttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Java_version_history see, still supported (although no updates from oracle)15:00
pragmaticenigmagdb: Please remember that this channel is for Ubuntu support. If you would like to discuss software development or other topics, come join us in #ubuntu-offtopic15:00
tomreynsjoshi: so how did you install this kernel?15:00
gofio_when using xubuntu but there is something to download, install, etc, it is the same as it was ubuntu, isn't it? that is, if there are only two options like ubuntu 18.04 and ubuntu 16.04, I would always take the ubuntu 18.04 (as it is ubuntu 18.04) and that is it, isn't it? thanks15:00
sjoshitomreyn: ok, so once bluetooth was not working and I have installed a UI utility to upgrade to a newkernel15:01
sjoshiI forgot the name of that tool15:01
pragmaticenigmagofio_: The only difference between xubuntu and ubuntu is the desktop interface. The internals of the OS are the same15:01
tomreynsjoshi: actually it can be an ubuntu kernel, but it seems to be an unsupported mainline kernel image which you didn't upgrade since installing.15:01
gofio_ok, great so basically they are the same, thanks pragmaticenigma15:01
sjoshitomreyn:I am ok to upgrade it now, can you help with commands?15:02
tomreynsjoshi: so if this utility supports undoing what it did, this is the time to do that.15:02
gofio_now, I am into a ubuntu 17.10 right now as I type and want to upgrade to ubuntu 18.04 (I would like it to be as similar as possible) can I save all the configuration and installs, etc, without any full new install?15:02
sjoshitomreyn:is it safe to upgrade to kernel 5.0 using ukuu15:03
pragmaticenigma!eolupgrade | gofio_15:03
ubottugofio_: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:03
tomreynsjoshi: not supported here. you can use the 5.0 kernel which comes with ubuntu 19.04.15:03
sjoshitomreyn:may i know the kernel version I will install that only15:04
sjoshior a command that can upgrade kernel that comes with Ubuntu 19.0415:04
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tomreynsjoshi: it should already be installed, unless you removed the linux-image package15:04
sjoshitomreyn:I did nothing...15:04
gofio_anybody here upgraded to 18.04 from 17.10 ?15:04
leftyfbgofio_: why are you running 17.10? In the last 3 days of you installing multiple things, who suggested you try 17.10?15:05
tomreynsjoshi: well you decided to install an unsupported utility to install an unsupported kernel image.15:05
sjoshitomreyn: thats correct, I want not knowing that I will not be upgraded with new version of Ubuntu as well15:06
tomreynsjoshi: run this:   cat  /etc/default/grub  | nc termbin.com 999915:06
gofio_nobody told me leftyfb. I chose it thinking most stable wasn't the last one, as they're use to being beta, but what do I know. Wasn't aware, that's the short of it15:06
tomreynsjoshi: and post the url here15:06
leftyfbgofio_: reinstall with 18.0415:06
tomreynsjoshi: also this:   dpkg -l linux\* | nc termbin.com 999915:07
gofio_I've been using it in the last 6 months leftyfb15:07
leftyfbgofio_: and it will be unsupported in 3.15:07
gofio_but then I have to go aaal the way again with everything leftyfb ?15:07
leftyfb!upgrade | gofio_15:07
ubottugofio_: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade15:07
gofio_well if everything works I'm upgrading/whatever today leftyfb15:08
gofio_yeap I'm on those sites, reading. That's why asking if anybody went already thru same process15:08
tomreynsjoshi: ok, what about the other link?15:08
leftyfbgofio_: that's not a support question.15:08
gofio_all about interpretation I guess15:09
leftyfbgofio_: no, asking for others experience is not a support question. Regardless of how you interpret it. Let us know if you have any issues upgrading.15:10
tomreynsjoshi: see, linux-image is no longer installed. it is installed by default, though. remove ukuu, or make sure it doesn't interfere with kernel upgrades anymore. then   sudo apt update && sudo apt install liunux-image15:10
tomreynsjoshi: typo fiex:   sudo apt update && sudo apt install linux-image15:10
tomreyn*typo fixed15:11
sjoshitomreyn: on it15:11
sjoshiremoved ukuu15:12
gofio_how do I get a sources.list?15:12
sjoshitomreyn: E: Package 'linux-image' has no installation candidate15:13
leftyfbgofio_: what do you mean by "get"?15:13
sjoshisudo apt install linux-image, is showing multiple options15:13
gofio_"To begin the upgrade, make sure you have a sources.list like the following" leftyfb15:13
pragmaticenigmagofio_: Where are you reading that?15:13
leftyfbgofio_: neither of the links you were sent says that15:14
gofio_how do I make sure I have a sources.list like that leftyfb that's what I meant15:14
gofio_from the very same links have been pasted here pragmaticenigma15:14
leftyfbgofio_: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade  follow that official link15:14
leftyfbgofio_: 17.10 is not EOL15:15
gofio_I have clicked from here, but whatever15:15
leftyfbgofio_: http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade  follow that official link15:15
sjoshitomreyn:I am confused .. :(15:15
gofio_leftyfb: it really gets confusing when half the people say one thing, 17.10 is eol, and the other half says that it is eol15:16
pragmaticenigmagofio_: And where in the "Specific Upgrades" did you find 17.10 to 18.04... when IT IS NOT LISTED THERE?15:16
gofio_that it is not15:16
gofio_I mean15:16
leftyfboh wait!15:16
leftyfbjeeze... yes, that is VERY EOL15:17
leftyfbI was reading 18.10, my badd15:17
gofio_but is not first time two people say opposite things, so no worries. It just gets more confusing for a while15:17
gofio_for whatever the reason, we all have glitches15:17
fryfrogIs there a better place to ask about Snap? I'm wondering if it is normal or good for a snap to run as `root` on the inside.15:18
OerHeksfryfrog, there is no reason to run snap as root15:18
tomreynsjoshi: install linux-image-amd64 instead15:18
tomreynsjoshi: actually linux-image-generic15:18
fryfrogOerHeks: What about *inside* the snap? https://github.com/albertodonato/sonarr-snap < for example15:19
sjoshitomreyn: triggered the command, I can see kernel 5.015:19
sjoshiwill keep u posted with further updates15:20
gofio_in this link https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-upgrading-ubuntu-desktop#1 it shows the unity/whatever the name "thing" that I don't have in ubuntu 17.10, guess that's not a problem15:20
blackflowfryfrog: where do you see this?15:20
OerHeksfryfrog, you would need sudo to install, and likely sudo to give access to <removable-media> , just once15:20
tomreynsjoshi: ok, and sorry, i was gone for a minute.15:20
OerHeksbut then just run the snap15:20
sjoshitomreyn: not a problem, thanks for the help15:20
pragmaticenigmagofio_: It's confusing because you jump topics, and do not provided detailed explanations of what you are trying to do. When someone asks you where or why you are doing something, you respond with I read it on a link posted here. This channel is visited by thousands of people, no one here keeps track of something that was said 5 minutes ago. It is up to you to make sure you are as specific and detailed as possible to avoid15:20
pragmaticenigmaconfusion from those that are trying to help you. It is all on you to be help us as much as you can so we can help you.15:20
fryfrogblackflow: https://snapcraft.io/sonarr / https://github.com/albertodonato/sonarr-snap15:21
fryfrogblackflow: https://github.com/albertodonato/sonarr-snap/issues/215:22
sjoshitomreyn: rebooting.. lets see what happens15:22
fryfrogblackflow: OerHeks: Or maybe it runs as `root` because their directions are saying to use `sudo` to install and run it?15:24
fryfrog(I'm a concerned support person, I don't use snap or ubuntu personally)15:24
blackflowfryfrog: no that has nothing to do with it. I don't know if the assertion in that issue is true or not, or whether that's user namespaced "root" (that in effect is not UID 0). It  wouldn't make sense if it did, due to capabilities15:26
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sjoshitomreyn: uname -a, shows thr right kernel15:26
fryfrogblackflow: https://github.com/albertodonato/sonarr-snap/blob/master/snap/snapcraft.yaml their yaml file doesn't mention root, I don't see anything else involved in snap15:27
fryfrogblackflow: I'm trying to understand why they're suggesting that `root` own the external files involved :/15:28
gofio_following all the process to upgrade from ubuntu 17.10 to 18.04 this is not happening: "Update Manager will open up and tell you that a new distribution is available" sorry but can't be more precise than that pragmaticenigma, there is no such a message when I open the "software updater" for the last time (and by the way I'm doing it in spanish)15:28
hggdhfryfrog: #snappy is where most of the snap devs congregate15:28
fryfroghggdh: thanks!15:28
tomreynsjoshi: good, and does the issue you tried to work around using the mainline kernel still prevail?15:28
sjoshitomreyn: I have to check that, ideally it shoule be fixed in the new kernel15:29
cfhowlettgofio_, are you trying to get disco?15:29
gofio_what u mean by disco cfhowlett ?15:29
cfhowlettdisco dingo 19.0415:29
gofio_not cfhowlett just ubuntu 18.0415:29
gofio_from ubuntu 17.1015:29
naccgofio_: 17.10 is eol, did you follow the eol upgrade?15:30
nacc!eolupgrade | gofio_15:30
gofio_what a 6 months of difference by the way15:30
ubottugofio_: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:30
cfhowlettthen you should be doing the EOL method15:30
sjoshitomreyn: yeah bluetooth also seems to be working :)15:30
pragmaticenigmagofio_: to put this simply, you are trying to upgrade a version of Ubuntu that lost support years ago. You spent 5 days trying to install an old version of Ubuntu when your first clue to stop was when it failed to install because it was trying to download the updates on install. I'm not interestd in holding your hand through the whole process for another 5 days.... Go download the 18.04 image from ubuntu.com... but it on your15:30
pragmaticenigmainstaller drive, and install it just like you did the last attempt. When you have 18.04 on there... we can help15:30
sjoshiHappy Ubuntu 19.0415:30
sjoshithank tomreyn !! Appreciate all the help!15:30
gofio_I'm doing it as we speak nacc15:30
gofio_that must be support then pragmaticenigma15:31
tomreynsjoshi: if it turns out to be fixed, you should remove all the old kernel images you still have. the ones with 'ii' are still installed. those with 'rc' still have files left.   run "sudo apt purge" on either.15:31
naccgofio_: sorry? there is no popup or anything for the eol method15:31
sjoshitomreyn:  can i have one command that does the magic? leaving the latest kernel15:31
gofio_so we are in april 2019 and from october 2017 have been years already pragmaticenigma, interesting15:32
sjoshitomreyn: I think I can do it, leave it me :)15:32
tomreynsjoshi: check the list of packages it will remove before you confirm the prompt:   sudo apt purge 'linux-.*-4.*'15:32
naccgofio_: i can't parse that last sentence?15:32
sjoshitomreyn: that was a quick one15:33
sjoshiI can remove all that starts with 415:33
sjoshiI am checking the current kernel should not be in the list :)15:34
nacctomreyn: don't have context, but does autoremove not work in this user's case?15:34
tomreynsjoshi: anything that pertains to a linux version of 4.x needs to go15:34
sjoshiHit "Y" Done15:34
sjoshi45 things to be removed15:34
tomreynnacc: no, the kernel images are set to manually installed, since there was no tracking package15:34
sjoshi1.5GB of old images15:35
gofio_I was reading the link u have provided nacc and pasted a line here but then that link is not ok, so, well, yeah, very supportive everything15:35
nacctomreyn: ah ok, sorry for the noise15:35
naccgofio_: what? what line did you paste?15:35
tomreynnacc: thanks for checking, i could easily have forgotten15:35
tomreynsjoshi: ok, sounds fine.15:35
gofio_"To begin the upgrade, make sure you have a sources.list like the following" that one nacc15:36
naccgofio_: ok, so yours does look like that?15:36
pragmaticenigmanacc: They don't know where to find it... documentation doesn't have the path15:37
naccgofio_: the path is /etc/apt/sources.list15:37
gofio_I was asking hot to get that sources.list, but if having to argue is the support concept, well, yeap, gonna have to agree on disagree15:37
gofio_thanks nacc, now that is what I undertand by support15:37
noregreti'm on 18.04, is it a bad idea to use the 18.10 repo just to install latest samba? i need a 4.8+ version, 18.04 only has 4.715:38
naccnoregret: yes, that's a bad idea.15:38
lotuspsychje!mix | noregret15:38
ubottunoregret: it is usually a very bad idea to mix packages from different releases (or Linux distributions), and it is completely unsupported15:38
cfhowlettnoregret, mixing repos leads to heart and system break15:38
naccnoregret: do you need a specific feature from 4.8?15:38
noregretnacc: any other recommendations?15:38
noregretnacc: yeah, there a new feature that works with macos time machine15:39
pragmaticenigma!latest | noregret15:39
ubottunoregret: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.15:39
naccnoregret: note that bugfixes, in particular, do get backported to older versions and the upstream versio does not change15:39
naccnoregret: can you upgrade? / do you want to?15:39
noregretnacc: understood, i'm more looking into new features15:39
noregretnacc: to 18.10 ?15:39
tomreynsjoshi: i suggest you read and run this when you're done there, to clean up more: https://github.com/tomreyn/scripts#foreign_packages15:39
naccnoregret: i'd suggest to 19.04, since 18.10 goes eol in a few months15:40
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noregretnacc: well, i'm running the server version, isn't LTS recommended for those?15:40
naccnoregret: (non-LTS are only supported for 9 months)15:40
naccnoregret: LTS is unrelated to server/desktop IMO.15:40
gofio_is it just /etc/apt/sources.list like that in the terminal? either with sudo or not it says it doesn't find it (I'm running in spanish, so don't know what the exact translation is, but if that makes sense to u "sudo: /etc/apt/sources.list: orden no encontrada"15:40
cfhowlettnoregret depends on your use case ...15:40
naccgofio_: it's a file.15:40
noregretnacc: oh cool, didn't know 19.04 was out. I set up this system a couple of months ago15:40
gofio_how do I find that file nacc ?15:41
noregretand grabbed the latest vrsion at the time15:41
naccgofio_: the file path was given to you just now. By me. Do you not know how to open files?15:41
cfhowlettgofio_, gedit /etc/apt/sources.list will get you to the editor so you can read.  sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list will allow you to make system changes.15:41
tomreynnoregret: it'd be a two step upgrade anyways, and 19.04 is not LTS.15:42
noregrettomreyn: yeah, just looked it up15:42
gofio_well I guess not nacc, pasted you the answer I got from the terminal but missed to tag u maybe u missed it, it's just few lines above, or I can paste it back15:42
gofio_great thanks cfhowlett!15:42
iorianoregret, you can have 4.9 from ppa or from git (if you really need it)15:42
kadirocfhowlett, sudo with gui app can change permission to the home directory, using sudo -H is the safest way15:42
naccgofio_: honestly, if you don't know how to open files on your system, I think doing an EOL upgrade is going to painful (IMO). I think you are better off reinstalling an LTS release.15:43
noregretis there a new 19.04 LTS coming soon?15:43
cfhowlett ... ah.  thank you for the reminder.15:43
kadirono problem15:43
naccnoregret: no, 19.04 is not an lts.15:43
noregretI always thought .04 were always LTS and .10 was not15:43
naccnoregret: 20.04 will be the next lts (every two years)15:43
gofio_that's how I learn I guess nacc :-) but thanks for ur concerns :-)15:43
cfhowlettnoregret, 18.04 is current LTS.  next one in 2 years i.e. 20.0415:43
noregretI see15:44
iorianoregret, nope, it just mean Aprile15:44
noregretoh got it15:44
noregretand when will packages get updated on LTS? updates as in new versions, not bug fixes, e.g. samba in this case15:44
naccnoregret: not necessarily ever.15:45
CookieMnoregret, documentation or Wikipedia articles are a good start to get some knowledge about a distro you’re planning to use15:45
naccnoregret: that's not what a distribution is for, particularly not a LTS which is focused on stability instead of new features.15:45
noregretnacc: hmm, what if someone is looking to use new features in some packages15:45
noregretI see15:45
cfhowlettnoregret, if someone truly needs bleeding edge features, they can compile from source.  not for the easily distracted or frightened.15:46
noregretnacc: I moved to ubuntu server after being on arch for a while, did not expect there will such difference in packages age. arch was up to date on almost everything15:46
naccnoregret: then they need to build it themselves, or use PPA, etc.15:46
naccnoregret: arch has a rolling model, ubuntu does not15:47
naccnoregret: also probably you were using AUR15:47
noregretyep, for some things15:47
pragmaticenigmanoregret: If you need the to keep up with some of the latest features of a package your options are to upgrade to the latest normal release, find a PPA that provides the updated packages you seek (not supported here and at your own risk), compile it from source (again not supported here and at your own risk)15:48
noregretin case I want to build the latest version, will removing the current packages using apt remove suffice? should I take care of each dependcy?15:48
noregretpragmaticenigma: where can I find PPAs? is there a known source?15:49
pragmaticenigmanoregret: use apt to uninstall, then use "apt autoremove" which will remove any packages not required15:49
noregretcool, got it15:49
cfhowlettnoregret, or see if there's a snap or flatpack for the app.15:49
pragmaticenigmacfhowlett: snaps for a system service like samba aren't going to achieve what they're after15:50
noregretI have no idea what those are15:50
pragmaticenigmanoregret: A topic for another time15:51
cfhowlettI seem to have missed that critical details, pragmaticenigma.15:51
* cfhowlett goes back to lurk mode15:51
pragmaticenigmanoregret: There is a ppa, but it appears to be bleeding edge nightly builds... so it's very much at your own risk.15:51
gofio_following the steps nacc now I'm stuck into this: "(software-properties-gtk:12262): Gtk-WARNING **: Allocating size to GtkWindow 0x215c540 without calling gtk_widget_get_preferred_width/height(). How does the code know the size to allocate?"15:51
naccgofio_: ? what step is that from? there is no GUI step on that wiki page.15:52
gofio_so how does the code know the size to allocate? or maybe it's better I just move to linux channel isn't nacc15:52
pragmaticenigmanacc: they're running gedit with sudo from the cli15:53
gofio_I'm following both links nacc on the upgrade the one u gave me, and somebody else earlier on, and the "official" one15:53
naccpragmaticenigma: that message is from software-properties-gtk15:53
naccgofio_: there is only one link.15:54
naccgofio_: that applies to your case, which is an EOL upgrade.15:54
naccgofio_: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:54
gofio_it seems not nacc, but again, not here to argue :-)15:54
naccgofio_: also, that is just a diagnostic message and has nothing to do with anything.15:54
naccgofio_: you didn't read the FAQ answer from the bot?15:54
noregretpragmaticenigma: thanks, but I see this hasn't been updated for around 7 years15:54
cfhowlettgofio_, I might have missed it, but is there a specific problem preventing you from directly installing 18.04 rather than doing the EOL upgrade?15:55
gofio_I've also been given this link nacc https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/tutorial-upgrading-ubuntu-desktop#2 which is not the same that u gave me. They both seem to be "the only one", how quantic uh15:55
gofio_I guess is the set up cfhowlett ? or whatever the name given15:56
naccgofio_: that link is for upgrading. Not EOL upgrading.15:56
naccgofio_: so please stop. and listen to the following (as in, read it):15:56
nacc!eolupgrade | gofio_15:56
ubottugofio_: End-Of-Life is when security updates and support for an Ubuntu release stop, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOL for more info. Looking to upgrade from an EOL release? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades15:56
naccgofio_: the last sentence thereof.15:57
cfhowlettgofio_, you also have the (easier?) option of clean installing.  download the ubuntu .iso, make a bootable USB, reboot to the USB and install.15:58
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gofio_thanks cfhowlett :-)16:02
cfhowlettbest of luck, gofio_!16:02
gofio_thanks cfhowlett16:03
iorianoregret, this : https://launchpad.net/~linux-schools/+archive/ubuntu/samba-latest16:06
iorianoregret, but personally i'd run cosmic or disco in a container (or kvm)16:08
noregretcosmic or disco? what?16:12
ioriasomething above 4.7 ; maybe better disco (more support)16:12
pragmaticenigmanoregret: ubuntu 18.10 and 19.04 respectively16:12
noregretohh yeah sorry, I don't remember codenames :)16:13
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donofrio_where is the little endin version of https://www.nvidia.com/download/driverResults.aspx/115753/en-us ?or is it the big endin that was dropped?16:28
leftyfbdonofrio_: That is a question for Nvidia. Not Ubuntu16:30
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sere_My two 5tb freeze up after a few minutes of watching a movie or download and this is my dmesg output.. any ideas?16:43
ioriasere_, that output is not very useful; try journalctl16:45
sere_i used journalctl -b | grep sdb command16:48
lordcirth_sere_, is it partitioned with GPT?16:49
sere_lordcirth_: im not sure16:49
ioriasere_,  maybe show the layout  (sudo parted -ls)16:50
tatertotssere_: and what do you do after it freezes?16:51
SimonNLturn heat up16:52
lordcirth_sere_, Oh, it's a WD My Book. That's probably the problem16:52
sere_tatertots: just wait. right now its actually working but if I try to do something in nautilus or transmission it will lock up16:53
lordcirth_sere_, parted doesn't show a filesystem, and the My Book is known to do non-standard things16:53
sere_lordcirth_: yea not to happy with them :(16:53
sere_lordcirth_: what does that mean?16:54
lordcirth_The My Book isn't an external drive; it's a mini computer that does unknown "helpful" things and pretends to be a normal hard drive.16:55
lordcirth_sere_, what filesystem is it partitioned with?16:56
lordcirth_Did you ever reformat it yourself?16:56
sere_lordcirth_: exfat, yes I reformat when I first got it. I use this in fstab to mount it. UUID=4264-E77F /media/external exfatdefaults,uid=1000,gid=1000  0  216:57
ioriawith windows stuff, i guess16:57
lordcirth_Why reformat it exfat? Did you need it to work with Windows?16:57
sere_lordcirth_: yes I dual boot for gaming16:58
ioriasere_, and there's a reason why you can't make some smaller partitions ?16:58
ioriaor use ntfs16:58
lordcirth_NTFS might have worked better for that16:58
sere_ioria: I might have used a windows program to partition it. I remember downloading one but not sure if i actaully use it.. it was along time ago16:58
ioriasere_,  i suggest Gparted with ntfs16:59
ioriasere_, and make smaller partitions (if you can)17:00
sere_I use exfat for the no max file size limit17:00
sere_It was NTFS initially when I got it17:00
lordcirth_sere_, exfat and NTFS both have limits, but they are so high you will not hit them.17:01
sere_lordcirth_: I thought exfat doesnt have one and NTFS has a 4gig. some movie files are mover than 4gig 2160 resolution etc.17:02
lordcirth_sere_, no, FAT32 is 4GiB. NTFS, while not a wonderful filesystem, is the default filesystem for Windows and isn't terrible.17:03
sere_lordcirth_: ahh so I formatted for no reasom :/17:03
cryptodanexfat can store greater then 4gig file size sere_ and lordcirth_17:05
lordcirth_cryptodan, yes, we know.17:06
sere_im wondering if I use extfat-fuse if it will be any different17:07
lordcirth_All filesystems have finite size limits, due to using a fixed number of bits to address data. But most modern ones are "sufficiently high"17:07
cryptodanexfat is particularly useful on external devices like drives and usb's17:07
sere_brb going restart17:10
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sere_I thought videos was freezing the drive but its just transmission when I start downloading it locks up and then freezes the video im watch.. it starts download then locks up at 0kb and wont go any higher17:22
lotuspsychjesere_: did you set download folder directly to your wd book?17:23
sere_lotuspsychje, to a folder in the drive17:23
lotuspsychjesere_: i would really not reccomend that17:24
lotuspsychjesere_: save your data on internal hd first, then drop to external17:24
sere_lotuspsychje, I have done it this way for years. is it bad for the drive or something17:24
lotuspsychjesere_: if you watch & download at same time thats asking for trouble17:24
sere_lotuspsychje, oh ok I see17:25
sere_lotuspsychje, download to the internal drive is working just fine right now17:27
ioriasere_, i don't  understand why/how  transmission  freezes your video17:28
OerHekswatching a video you are downloading with transmission?17:29
sere_ioria: my guess is transfer rate / download is to fast for the hd. there is a problem somewhere because It shouldnt be an issue17:30
sere_OerHeks: no however I did try that once.17:31
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sere_im downloading at 4-5 MB per second right now.17:33
lotuspsychjesere_: how many transfersat same time?17:33
sere_lotuspsychje, just one, with around 30 peers out of 5017:34
lordcirth_sere_, iostat -x 117:34
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Sven_vBon a xenial notebook, when I navigate the GRUB menu with cursor keys up/down, the visible part of highlight only updates on every 2nd key stroke. the internal selection works as expected though. however, it took me quite some time to figure out the 2nd part; until then, I was thinking I'd be unable to select odd-numbered menu items. even later I found out I can visually select them if I first press the up key while the topmost entry is17:38
Sven_vBselected; then the visial selection can target any odd-numbered entry. what's going on?17:38
lordcirth_Sven_vB, well that's odd. BIOS or EFI?17:39
sere_iostat : https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Z6s2cZCgQR/17:39
Sven_vBnot sure, will try to check as soon as keyboard is enabled again. (that's another issue, but hopefully a kernel update will fix the delay)17:39
lordcirth_sere_, was that while you were downloading?17:40
sere_lordcirth now17:40
sere_will try that now17:40
lordcirth_Well that's not very useful, then. Do it again once transmission is running17:40
lordcirth_copy a few outputs in a row17:41
max12345hey, my apt-get update gets stuck at connecting to security.ubuntu.com, any idea why?17:42
Sven_vBmax12345, probably network issues. try `host security.ubuntu.com` to check if DNS works, and if so `netcat -vvvvv security.ubuntu.com 80` to check TCP17:44
Meadcan you ping the url?17:44
max12345Mead: yes17:44
max12345Sven_vB: the host thing works, the netcat thing is stuck too17:44
sere_iostat: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Zc8fWhJJfK/17:45
max12345or at least not returning somehting instantaeneously.17:45
Sven_vBmax12345, try netcat with the IP from one of the A records instead of the hostname17:45
sere_lordcirth_: I can copy a 2gb file to the drive just fine17:45
max12345Sven_vB: that succeeded. now what?17:46
Sven_vBI once had a similar problem (slow DNS resolution) because some gnu abstraction thingy had waited for avahi17:46
lordcirth_sere_, /dev/sdb is running at 100% trying to keep up with the random writes from transmission.17:46
Sven_vBmax12345, you could try adding that IP to your /etc/hosts, maybe that will circumvent the slow lookup.17:47
Sven_vBmax12345, that would be just a stopgap though, to then debug the real problem17:49
noregretshould I be worried about a "[sdb] Very big device. Trying to use READ CAPACITY(16)" message? this is an ext4 10tb hdd. It mounts and works fine17:50
sere_lordcirth_: oh ok I see. its also at 100% while copying files from the local sdd to the external aswell17:51
lordcirth_sere_, yeah. So it's simply a matter of hardware speed.17:51
Sven_vBnoregret, probably depends on what the next messages say. the one above is just an announcement of what's gonna be tried next.17:51
nokiomanzHi all, Question about screen resolution. I have a mini desktop connected to my 4k TV. I set my xubuntu to 1080p. But when I close the television and open it for instance the next day or a few hours later. The desktop switch to 4k resolution. How to make it stick to 1080p?17:53
noregretSven_vB: https://bpaste.net/show/d8298c346d9917:53
sere_lordcirth_: its not an issue in windows and it was not always like this. Last night i downloaded a 20gb file will no issue.  Do you think something is causeing it to lock up.17:54
lordcirth_sere_, perhaps windows uses different priorities by default. You could set transmission's priority with 'ionice'.17:54
sere_lordcirth_: playing a video with vlc is only 4-8%  and a local to external copy shoots it back up to 100%17:55
lordcirth_sere_, well yes, vlc will only read as fast as you watch17:55
Sven_vBnoregret, indeed it seems a bit strange that the message repeats, but at least https://unix.stackexchange.com/a/150699 claims the message is not in itself any indication of failure.17:56
sere_lordcirth_: oh ok. Well I sure do appreciate your help. Im going to see what I can pull up and try to trouble shoot with the info I have now17:57
Sven_vBnoregret, the reply in http://lkml.iu.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/0707.3/index.html#0996 says the wording is meant to convey that fix or other action is required on the user's side.17:58
Sven_vBerr, _no_ fix is required17:58
bhnhey everyone! my 18.04 freezes without delay once it hits the login screen. from what i gather this is linked to nvidia graphics driver issues, and i did update those drivers before it malfunctioned. where would i look and what would i look for to verify that this is the cause of the freeze?17:59
noregretgot it, thanks18:00
lordcirth_bhn, what graphics card, nvidia driver version, and where / how did you install it from?18:00
Sven_vBlordcirth_, about BIOS/UEFI: did you mean which version of GRUB I use, or which mode my BIOS is set to prefer?18:02
lordcirth_Sven_vB, how your motherboard is booting.18:02
sere_lordcirth_: you know I have both drive hooked up to a 6in1card reader with 3 usb slots.. Im going to try local usb port18:02
lordcirth_Sven_vB, If you were using the wrong grub, it wouldn't boot at all18:02
Sven_vBlordcirth_, then I'll check the GRUB version18:03
bhnlordcirth_, Intel onboard, dedicated 840M, actual driver version i dont recall but some 418 variant. First I used ubuntu-drivers autoinstall from ppa:graphics-drivers/ppa to get the latest one, then during the CUDA installation via runfile it suggested i update again and the runfile downloaded another driver, but presumably just a newer variant of the 41818:04
lordcirth_bhn, nvidia's .run versions of drivers usually aren't a good idea18:04
OerHeks840m, just use the 34018:06
bhnOerHeks, i need a newer driver for working with recent CUDA versions though18:07
Sven_vBlordcirth_, grub-efi is not installed, grub-pc is installed.18:07
lordcirth_Sven_vB, and /sys/firmware/efi/ exists?18:08
lordcirth_It shouldn't.18:09
Sven_vBwill check when it's rebooted18:09
Sven_vBI disabled the background graphic but that didn't fix it.18:09
SwedeMike /win 39018:13
Sven_vBlordcirth_, no such directory18:13
bhnlordcirth_, so as long as i stick to driver versions from the graphic-drivers repository it should work in the future?18:15
lordcirth_bhn, it should, but no promises18:15
bhnlordcirth_, do you have advice to keep the system stable in this situation? CUDA will continue to be a requirement, so not installing the nvidia drivers is not possible. all workarounds require at least the driver be present18:20
lordcirth_bhn, can't you just tell the CUDA installer *not* to stomp your drivers?18:20
bhnlordcirth_, yes i will stick to the ubuntu-stable drivers in case CUDA brings that up again. I thought it would be an issue regardless of the driver though, or isnt it? I read multi-gpu systems with nvidia cards have recurring problems like these18:22
lordcirth_bhn, multi-gpu is problematic, yes, but as I don't own one, I can't really help with that.18:26
bhnlordcirth_, alright, thank you for your help!18:27
tomreyn.run files are usually just self-extracting archives. you can probably extract it and use LD_PRELOAD to make sure they are used where you extracted them to)18:29
Daemonickwhere to place a topic about pimp my ubuntu?18:30
tomreynactually there is a cuda apt repository, so no need to use the .run18:30
tomreynDaemonick: -offtopic18:30
Daemonickok tomreyn18:31
OerHeksubuntu-forums, i guess18:31
Daemonickc ya18:31
bhntomreyn, i tried installing cuda before and clogged up my apt with some broken package dependencies from CUDA 10.1. After resolving that I tried the .run file, but next time i will probably go with the the 10.0 repo18:31
tomreynbhn: good luck, i hve no first hand experience on either.18:32
bhntomreyn, thanks18:32
OerHeksmake sure you have GCC 7.3.0 and GLIBC 2.27 -- https://docs.nvidia.com/cuda/cuda-installation-guide-linux/index.html18:33
bhnOerHeks, those dependencies come with 18.04 i think, they were already met. the issue was with a broken cuda dependency that had a pipe error during installation18:34
OerHeksthis post confirms a working 4.10 https://askubuntu.com/questions/1129483/install-nvidia-drivers-with-cuda-10-0-ubuntu-18-04-and-tensorflow-gpu-1-1318:35
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bhnOerHeks, are you suggesting i stick with cuda 10.0 with 410 drivers?18:40
OerHeksbhn, yes, that 840 is not that new, so i guess it is the best driver18:41
bhnOerHeks, specifically installing 410 and putting it on hold is required then right?18:42
OerHeksnot sure about that, it is the 1sst time i encounter that, really18:42
bhnOerHeks, alright, i will figure it out. thanks!18:43
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Piratyis kubuntu 19.04 usable?19:15
Piratya machine i need to take care of in a few days runs on 18.10.19:15
leftyfbPiraty: 19.04 was released last week19:15
Piratyi know19:15
leftyfbPiraty: If you want opinions, go to #ubuntu-offtopic. This is a support channel19:16
Piratyapt dist-upgrade as used in debian is not what is suitable in ubuntu, right? or is the process the same19:16
dsynapseI updated to Kubuntu 19.04...it works...i haven't done an exhaustive test.  Issue I had was VMware workstation 15 isn't compatible w/kernel 5.0 so I'm booting 4.18 I think?19:16
Piratyoh they ship kernel 5.0 ? interesting19:16
leftyfb!upgrade | Piraty19:16
ubottuPiraty: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade19:16
Piratythanks leftyfb19:16
sere_is 50 .c temperature high for an external drive.19:21
leftyfbsere_: try #hardware19:22
OerHekssere_, no, but check the specs of the vendor19:22
mspeharhey all, i have an issue with 19.04 under wayland -> display resolution is not properly recognized19:36
mspehari have two hidpi monitors connected via displayport19:36
mspehargraphics card is rx58019:36
mspeharvanilla gnome installed19:36
mspeharany tips?19:36
mspeharnot vanilla gnome, but rather vanilla ubuntu.19:37
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Linkandzeldahello. ive got ubuntu 18.04 connected to my router and configured with a static ip and nameservers as router, however my dnsmasq hostnames are not resolving in ubuntu (they resolve fine in arch). how i can fix this?19:48
whislockDid you configure the search domain to match the domain that dnsmasq is serving results for?19:50
Linkandzeldawhislock: im not sure. in arch i just do "ping media-server" and it works. in ubuntu i get "ping: media-server: Temporary failure in name resolution"19:51
Linkandzeldaall other outside domains work fine, google etc19:51
nokiomanzHi, I have a desktop connected to my 4K TV via HDMI as my main monitor. I set the desktop to 1080p. But upon opening the Television it is as if the display is "redetected" and resolution is set to 4k. What can I do to make it stick to 1080p?19:59
GreyXorHello, ubuntu will upgrade zfs  zfs-0.7.13 soon ? i need this version20:04
OerHeksGreyXor, not sure what the .13 patch is, maybe already backported in disco https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/zfs-linux20:05
GreyXorOerHeks, i don't understand why disco don't have 0.7.13 because 0.7.13 is the only version compatible with Linux 5.0 and disco is Linux 5.020:06
OerHeks 0.7.12-1ubuntu5, not sure it has that update backported, hence the own numbering20:07
OerHeksand it works with kernel 5.0.x that disco uses..20:07
qwebirc67694is there a guide to uninstall amdgpu pro drivers? I have uninstalled it and my lightdm cannot load unity after that20:08
qwebirc67694I have spent 4 hours on this and still no solution20:08
acresearchpeople i am having this problem      error while loading shared libraries: libsqlite3.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory       i tried sudo apt-get install --reinstall libsqlite3-0   but it did not work   can someone help me?20:10
hggdhacresearch: libsqlite3.so is provided by the libsqlite3-dev package, *NOT* libsqlite3-020:14
acresearchhggdh: ahhh20:14
hggdh(it is actually a simlink)20:14
acresearchhggdh: its working now    thanks :-)20:15
hggdhacresearch: yw20:15
dave_uyOn 16.04 I'm getting a package issue with `apt upgrade` iw:i386 : Depends: libnl-3-200:i386 (>= 3.2.7) but it is not installed20:21
dave_uyIs anyone else seeing this?20:21
streulmahello, on Ubuntu on my Mac Pro 2006, everything with kernel 5.0 ie, Ubuntu 19.04 or 18.04 LTS with 5.0 kernel, is slow, even LXDE is slow performance and great lag on mouse and window drag.20:22
OerHeks!info  libnl-3-200 xenial20:24
ubottulibnl-3-200 (source: libnl3): library for dealing with netlink sockets. In component main, is optional. Version 3.2.27-1ubuntu0.16.04.1 (xenial), package size 53 kB, installed size 175 kB (Only available for linux-any)20:24
OerHeksdave_uy, apt install -f # perhaps?20:25
dave_uyOerHeks: Is that a good idea? Should I report an issue first?20:26
OerHeksif install -f fixes this, no need to file a bugreport20:26
lordcirth_streulma, what other kernels have you tried?20:35
streulmalordcirth_ Ubuntu 18.04.2 with 4.15 or 4.18 kernel is running fine, with 5.0 kernel is a mesh20:36
dave_uyI tried `-f` but got this message next. dpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/libnl-3-200_3.2.27-1ubuntu0.16.04.1_i386.deb (--unpack): trying to overwrite shared '/etc/libnl-3/pktloc', which is different from other instances of package libnl-3-200:i38620:37
OerHeks5.0 is not meant for 18.04, you used an unsupported kernel20:38
streulmaOerHeks and Ubuntu 19.04 with 5.0 kernel is also slow20:39
lordcirth_OerHeks, but 19.04 is supported with 5.020:39
lordcirth_streulma, any errors in dmesg?20:40
streulmalordcirth_ no, I checked20:40
streulmamaybe slow graphics, Nvidia GTX285 with 2GB ram20:41
dave_uyHow should I go about resolving the dkpg error on the 16.04 instance? Should I report an issue?20:42
streulmadave_uy sudo apt -y clean && sudo apt -y autoclean && sudo apt -y autoremove && sudo apt update && sudo apt -y full-upgrade20:43
OerHeksdave_uy, yes, i think you can, now. i hope you have no external repos/ppa's installed?20:43
lordcirth_streulma, "sudo cpupower frequency-info | nc termbin.com 9999" please20:43
lordcirth_While running 5.0, that is20:44
dave_uyOerHeks: I have no external repos or ppa installed.20:47
streulmadave_uy did you try my command ?20:48
dave_uystreulma: Yes, failed on `apt clean` with first error I encountered. iw:i386 : Depends: libnl-3-200:i386 (>= 3.2.7) but it is not installed20:49
OerHeksweird, is your system in read only mode? mount # would tell20:49
dave_uySorry, it failed on autoremove20:50
xerxeslinsHello! How can i enable dynamic transparent panel on Ubuntu 19.04?20:50
streulma!info iw:i38620:50
ubottuPackage iwi386 does not exist in bionic20:50
streulma!info iw20:50
ubottuiw (source: iw): tool for configuring Linux wireless devices. In component main, is optional. Version 4.14-0.1 (bionic), package size 79 kB, installed size 234 kB (Only available for linux-any)20:50
streulmadave_uy sudo apt -y remove iw:386 && sudo apt -y full-upgrade20:50
dave_uyI also get crda:i386 : Depends: libnl-3-200:i386 (>= 3.2.7) but it is not installed and libnl-genl-3-200:i386 : Depends: libnl-3-200:i386 (= 3.2.27-1ubuntu0.16.04.1) but it is not installed20:51
dave_uyNot sure if those packages are important. I am on a Vultr.com host too.20:51
streulmadave_uy I think iw:386 is the main package of all20:52
dave_uyI'll give it a try.20:52
dave_uyE: Unable to locate package iw:38620:53
OerHeksmissing i > :i38620:54
streulmayes dave_uy sudo apt -y remove iw:i386 && sudo apt -y full-upgrade20:54
dave_uycrda:i386 : Depends: libnl-3-200:i386 (>= 3.2.7) but it is not going to be installed Depends: iw:i386 (>= 3.2-1~)20:55
streulmadave_uy sudo apt -y remove crda:i386 && sudo apt -y full-upgrade20:56
dave_uylinux-modules-extra-4.4.0-146-generic : Depends: crda or wireless-crda but it is not going to be installed20:57
streulmaOerHeks at dave_uy what now? Can he remove linux kernel? Or just do uname -a and see whats the running one?20:59
dave_uyI don't know. I suspect a packaging issue somewhere.21:00
dave_uy4 or 5 other hosts I have on Vultr also have this issue.21:01
OerHeksdave_uy, what mirror are you using?21:07
OerHeksstreulma, this is my last resort, i have no clue.. changing mirror to main21:08
dave_uyHow do I check mirror?21:09
Sven_vBin another channel: "$PROGRAM runs installed things as nobody, so what's the real risk?" -> do we have an overview or sth.?21:09
tomreyndave_uy: post the http addresses returned by:21:10
Sven_vBwhere "installed things" means random untrusted software21:10
tomreyndave_uy: (1)  nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "$XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";)21:10
tomreyndave_uy: (2)  sudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -qqy update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog; rm /tmp/aptlog21:10
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tomreyndave_uy: (3)  ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported | nc termbin.com 999921:11
dave_uyI can tell you what is in my `sources.list`. I'm not sure if those are my mirrors.21:13
tomreynSven_vB: "nobody" doesn't have a shell, should not run anything in the first place.21:13
Sven_vBtomreyn, then I guess they mean it setuid()s or sth before execvp21:15
tomreyndave_uy: the apt mirrors you retrive software (via apt) from are confiigured in (recursively) /etc/apt/sources.list*21:15
dave_uyhttps://termbin.com/oifb, https://termbin.com/fdqf, https://termbin.com/c6wm21:15
tomreynSven_vB: maybe, could be, or not. or something. send them here if they'd like support with their ubuntu system21:16
Sven_vBtomreyn, nah, I think they believe in their claim21:17
Sven_vBthe question cited was most probably rhetorical21:17
tomreynah then it'd be OT here.21:18
dave_uyLet me know if you need anything else tomreyn. Maybe one of my unsupported packages is causing the issue.21:18
tomreyndave_uy:    sudo apt-get -f install 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999921:18
tomreyndave_uy: it doesn't seem so - at least on a quick glance21:19
tomreyndave_uy: ah sorry i forgot to have it answer yes21:24
tomreyndave_uy:  sudo apt-get -fy install 2>&1 | nc termbin.com 999921:25
streulmadave_uy sudo apt -y autoremove21:25
dave_uytomreyn: https://termbin.com/4eao21:25
streulmadave_uy https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/libnl3/+bug/1619481 See Varun Garg post21:27
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1619481 in libnl3 (Ubuntu) "package libnl-3-200 (not installed) failed to install/upgrade: pokus o prepísanie zdieľaného súboru „/etc/libnl-3/classid“, ktorý sa líši od iných inštancií balíka libnl-3-200:i386" [Undecided,Expired]21:27
tomreyndave_uy: sudo dpkg --purge libnl-3-200:i38621:27
dave_uystreulma: https://termbin.com/n4vmw21:27
dave_uyAh, I see. Let me read through that issue.21:28
dave_uyIs purging libnl-3 a good idea? Will I still have network access?21:29
tomreyndave_uy: your system is primarily an amd64 system. you should not depend on i386 packages for network access.21:30
tomreyndave_uy: unless you have some very hacky driver configuration there?21:30
dave_uyGood point. I don't know for sure though. I'm on a Vultr.com host.21:32
tomreyndave_uy: with a wireless connection?21:32
dave_uyNot that I'm aware of. :)21:32
tomreynthen you should not have those packages installed in the first place21:33
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tomreynnot the i386 ones at least21:33
tomreyndave_uy: what does this output?  dpkg --print-architecture21:34
dave_uytomreyn: dpkg: warning: ignoring request to remove libnl-3-200:i386 which isn't installed21:34
tomreynand this?  dpkg --print-foreign-architectures21:34
tomreyndave_uy: sudo apt purge crda:i386 iw:i38621:35
tomreyndave_uy: sudo apt purge crda:i386 iw:i386 libnl-genl-3-200:i38621:35
streulmadave_uy I should see whats in the bug report, he solved it21:36
tomreynthis rather, but you can still do this later21:36
dave_uyHe moved the files causing the issue21:36
dave_uyThen moved them back21:36
dave_uyIt is just one file for me. /etc/libnl-3/pktloc21:37
dave_uyBut I am still concerned that I am getting this issue at all 3 years after this issue.21:37
tomreyndave_uy: sudo dpkg --purge libnl-genl-3-200:i38621:40
bray90820_How would I disable the lock screen on ubuntu so I don't need to swipe up21:41
dave_uyHold on. I am trying the solution from the issue. I'll try to purge libnl-genl on another host that has this issue.21:42
tomreynbray90820_: you dont need to swipe it in the first place21:42
bray90820_tomreyn: Well with a mouse you do21:43
tomreynbray90820_: how do you enter your password using the mouse?21:43
tomreynjust hit escape or just enter your password21:44
dave_uytomreyn: I did exactly what was suggested in the issue by moving the two files and now `apt upgrade` works. The packages didn't install their own versions of those files so I'm not sure why they were concerned by them.21:44
bray90820_tomreyn: automatic login21:44
sere_whats the best way to format to NTFS on Western Digital external My Book 5TB drive21:45
tomreynbray90820_: why do you need a lockscreen then?21:45
sere_it comes with software that can do it but was wondering if doing it in linux would be better21:45
bray90820_I don't but the lock screen still shows after the screen turns off i need to swipe up with the mouse21:46
bray90820_And I do have it turned off in privacy settings21:46
tomreyndave_uy: me neither. it sounds like you must have installed foreign packages+21:46
tomreyndave_uy: you can run this to check https://github.com/tomreyn/scripts#foreign_packages21:47
OerHeksbray90820_, disable lockscreen, ( the extention to disable swipe does not work, currently)  org.gnome.desktop.lockdown.disable-lock-screen21:47
dave_uytomreyn: Not on purpose. :)  I provisioned the server with Ansible.21:47
bray90820_OerHeks: So there is no way to disable swipe?21:48
OerHeksnope, many ask for that feature, and not just ubuntu21:48
OerHeksi would like to see auto unlock when yubikey inserted, also a drag21:51
tomreynbray90820_you can turn off screen locking in privacy settings21:51
bray90820_tomreyn: I did that didn't work but it seems as if what i want can't currently be done21:52
OerHeksoh, for short, 'esc' might work for swipe with mouse21:52
tomreyni see, i never tried this really, so noit sure21:52
OerHeksc/might work *as*21:53
jcb2016hello. how does hardware effect streaming in a broswer? or does hardware have anything to do with streaming?21:53
tomreyndave_uy: it could also be that one of those packages is just broken, lacks a divert21:54
tomreyndave_uy: if you think it's fixed you should   sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade && sudo apt-get --purge autoremove21:55
OerHeksjcb2016, ancient hardware like videocard , lots of reasons21:56
tomreyn!ot | jcb201621:57
ubottujcb2016: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!21:57
OerHekstell us your hardware?21:57
jcotton*digs a GeForce 2 out*21:58
dave_uytomreyn: Thank you. Those commands worked fine. `--purge autoremove` only removed linux-headers-4.4.0-143 linux-image-unsigned-4.4.0-143-generic linux-image-unsigned-4.4.0-145-generic linux-modules-4.4.0-143-generic21:58
* OerHeks swaps with jcotton for ati 3xxx21:59
tomreyndave_uy: you'Re welcome. did you consider running foreign_packages ?21:59
jcb2016OerHeks, this laptop i have came from a homeschool dosen't have specs on the bottom or top. i installed linux on it. i know it has a bcm43142 wireless and Radeon r3 graphics probably 4 gigs ram22:00
dave_uytomreyn: I'll try it.22:00
OerHeksjcb2016, sounds capable of streaming.22:01
jcb2016OerHeks, the video in the browswer is choppy22:01
tomreyndave_uy: since you provision the OS configuiration via ansible, may i suggest you also automate OS installation yourself (if that's possible in your environment). only this way can you be sure to have a proper, unmodified ubuntu installation. unfortunately, there are way too many hosters who modify ubuntu installation images and do you explain what they modify.22:02
jcb2016OerHeks, whats the best way to get specs from linux /proc/cpuinfo?22:04
dave_uytomreyn: [ No available version in archive ] [ Newer than version in archive ]22:04
xamithancat /proc/cpuinfo ?22:05
dave_uytomreyn: I'll keep that in mind for future deployments. I just don't have the time to deploy my own Ubuntu ATM. Most of the time it works fine what they have on Vultr.com.22:05
tomreyndave_uy: okay, the output suggests there's no such issue.22:08
ga_sk8er_im having issues booting into linux. it was taking too  long to boot so i  thought it was hung. i  powered it off before it fully  loaded.  now i  get (initramfs) ....how do i  get back  where i can  boot into linux22:24
tomreynga_sk8er_: it would have been better to come here before you force powered off this system. does this return anything?    echo $REASON22:25
ga_sk8er_no it doesnt say  anything22:26
tomreyn!sysrq | if your system every seem to be frozen / stuck again, use this: ga_sk8er_22:26
ubottuif your system every seem to be frozen / stuck again, use this: ga_sk8er_: In an emergency, you may be able to shutdown cleanly and reboot by holding down Alt+PrintScreen and typing slowly, in succession, R, E, I, S, U and B. For an explanation, see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magic_SysRq_key22:26
tomreynga_sk8er_: which ubuntu release is this?22:26
tomreynalternatively press ctrl-alt-del to reboot and access the grub menu by  repeated hitting escape during early boot.22:27
tomreynga_sk8er_: there was most likely an error message printed before the system entered this shell - were you able to read it? can you try again (use ctrl-alt-del to reboot)?22:28
ga_sk8er_i tried the rebooting while pressing esc ....it still  showed the regular grub menu22:28
tomreynthe regular grub menu is what i meant22:29
tomreynescape makes sure it is shown if it is not shown by default22:29
tomreynwhich kernel versions are listed on the grub menu?22:30
Bashing-omga_sk8er_: tomreyn : See what the boot parameter 'fsck.mode=force' produces ?22:30
tomreynga_sk8er_: (you may need to enter "Advanced")22:30
tomreynthat's the grub version22:31
jcb2016OerHeks, i changed the resolution on the player im sreaming to 360p normal speed and its not choppy anymore22:31
bad63rhello guys, I just realized that i miss every single man page on ubuntu 18.0422:31
tomreynga_sk8er_: enter "Advanced", this should list available kernel versions22:31
bad63rhow is this posible?22:31
bad63ri didnt tinker any signle file in a while22:31
tomreynga_sk8er_: and once we have those, try what Bashing-om suggested22:32
tomreynga_sk8er_: i assume you mean 4.18.0-17 ?22:32
ga_sk8er_i installed linux a few days ago.  for some reason it made 2 .... 4.18.0-17 and also 4.18.0-1522:34
tomreynga_sk8er_: that's normal / expected22:35
tomreynga_sk8er_: the idea there is that you can try the older one in case the newer one doesn't work. you could do so now.22:35
tomreynga_sk8er_: here's how you can try booting with the 'fsck.mode=force' boot parameter:   https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/KernelBootParameters#Temporarily_Add_a_Kernel_Boot_Parameter_for_Testing22:37
tomreynga_sk8er_: i'll be gone for ~ 30 minutes. sum up the issue and ask for help again here if you can't make progress as discussed.22:39
ga_sk8er_to press the "end" button means to  press "enter" ...right?22:40
rebabHow can I use ALT characters for example 096 ( ` )?22:41
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Bashing-omga_sk8er_: Depends on the keyboard in use .. ascii us layout here and the 'end' key takes the prompt to the end of the current line.22:50
ga_sk8er_im  just gonna do  a clean install...i  didnt have much on there22:53
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Bashing-omga_sk8er_: Nuclear solution always works .. but we learn little in taking that approach :)22:53
ga_sk8er_this is my 1st time running linux from  external. ive had it installed on a desktop pc a few times in the past.  i  learned not to  unplug & just do  a shutdown22:55
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tomreynrebab: first calculate the hexadecimal number out of the decimal number (CHARCODE) you have there:   CHARCODE=096; echo 'obase=16; '"$CHARCODE" | bc22:58
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tomreynoh, gone22:59
ga_sk8er_this external  drive seems to  go  slower about everything. seems like it was faster in the past on other PCs to  install23:00
tomreyn!smart | ga_sk8er_: another thing i wanted to recommend you do is to review the drives's state23:00
ubottuga_sk8er_: another thing i wanted to recommend you do is to review the drives's state: smart is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a monitoring system for hard drives. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools23:00
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tomreynPlumette: could you leave this channel while you keep changing nicknames? thanks!23:02
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kadiroshe is hot or what23:05
pragmaticenigmakadiro: please make sure you check the room topic23:06
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pragmaticenigmaNoisette: Please stop23:06
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pragmaticenigma!ops | Plumette Noisette (~richard@ needs help to stop changing their nick every 30 seconds23:07
ubottuPlumette Noisette (~richard@ needs help to stop changing their nick every 30 seconds: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax23:07
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OerHeksa few times more and ubottu kicks in, just wait23:08
jeremy31ubottu or drone/sigyn?23:08
ubottujeremy31: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:08
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jcottonmaking ubottu disparage itself23:09
daxPlumette: once you fix your client so it isn't changing nick repeatedly, drop by #ubuntu-ops and let us know.23:10
jeremy31smells of somebody playing with scripts, or a bot23:11
pragmaticenigmajeremy31: Do you have a support question someone could help you with?23:12
jeremy31Ok, pragmaticenigma why do I have to use blueman to disconnect from my bluetooth headset, reconnect and then use sound settings to be able to use A2DP audio every time I turn the headset on?23:14
pragmaticenigmajeremy31: I have no idea, I haven't worked with bluetooth in linux other than what is available through android23:15
ga_sk8er_when re-installing,  i get a message that "partition starts at an offset of 3584 bytes from the minimum alignment of the disk, which may lead to very poor performance"23:20
ga_sk8er_now i  know why the hd was going slow compared to  other HDs ive loaded onto in the past23:20
tomreynhow did you install and partition last time?23:21
ga_sk8er_last time was 1st time ever on this new HD.  i  told to install  to  it but leave windows on internal23:21
tomreynbut you partitioned the external disk yourself then?23:22
ga_sk8er_when i go  to install,  it gives me the option now to erase ubunto & reinstall OR erase disk & install23:24
ga_sk8er_is there a difference in the 2 options? seems like both would fully format23:27
tomreynga_sk8er_: "erase disk" will delete all data on this target disk, including the partition table. that's probably what you want then.23:29
pragmaticenigmaga_sk8er_: one will erase the entire drive, the other will only erase the Ubuntu partition23:29
tomreynga_sk8er_: and consider having ubuntu do the partitioning for you, with LVM enabled.23:30
jcottonwhat does using LVM get you?23:30
tomreynga_sk8er_: also, if your computer supports uefi booting and you are not currently booting in uefi mode, i'd recommend switching this on.23:30
tomreynjcotton: flexibility.23:30
ubottuTips and tricks for RAID and LVM can be found on https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/SoftwareRAID and http://www.tldp.org/HOWTO/LVM-HOWTO - For software RAID, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FakeRaidHowto23:31
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tomreynlvm enables you to have something akin of 'virtual partitions'. you just create a single partition on your disk, and thanks to those virtual partitoons you may be able to resize those 'virtual partitions' (actually called "logical volumes") and the file systems they contain on the fly during runtime.23:32
tomreynno need to reboot to ensure the kernel is aware of partition table changes23:33
tomreynalso moving things around gets a bit easier IMO23:33
jcottoneh? I thought you didn't need that with normal paritions either23:33
jcottonrebooting that is23:34
tomreynsometimes yes, sometimes no23:34
tomreynif the OS was booted off this drive and you change the partition table you may need to reboot23:35
jeremy31pragmaticenigma: It is a weird issue as headphones with volume buttons and a microphone have the issue but a bluetooth speaker pod works, must be something with bluez/pulseaudio and HSP/HFP/A2DP23:37
ga_sk8er_copying files now :)23:40

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