OvenWerksEickmeyer: menu add...16:40
Eickmeyermenu add...?16:40
OvenWerksthe last hour or so in #ubuntustudio..16:40
EickmeyerYeah, I saw that. Exact use case.16:41
OvenWerksIt points out the use of a menu item adder16:41
OvenWerksI actually think this is the normal (most frequent) use for other menu editors.16:45
EickmeyerI agree.16:51
studiobot<Sakrecoer> @Eickmeyer [<Eickmeyer> sakrecoer: Thanks! Gave you some credit too, for your advice.], <3 i'm very grateful for that :)17:06
sakrecoeri should really take the habbit to use IRC when i can though17:07
Eickmeyersakrecoer: There's a reason I bridged Telegram. Makes it easier for everyone. Next up: matrix.17:08
sakrecoeri think it was good move :)17:08
EickmeyerThough, in that case, I need krytarik to agree, which is like pulling teeth. :P17:08
EickmeyerMyself and M_aD are already using Matrix.17:09
sakrecoerwell krytarik is right, but sometimes the popular choice isn't. And we defenetly needed the community to grow, what better metaphore than a bridge to achieve that.17:10
sakrecoermatrix bridge is a very cool next step! :)17:11
M_aDi'm using Matrix/Riot just because the quassel core server i was connected to went offline.17:11
M_aDi'm more of a irc guy as is without the matrix stuff :)17:11
EickmeyerThing is, other IRC ops are way more lenient than krytarik, especially the council.17:12
sakrecoerme too... originally... i just.. the older i get the less conservative i become. I suppose it is my taste for counter currrents lol17:12
sakrecoerthen again, not much conservative about IRC.... but somehow it scary to new, younger users at first. I can see why, even though i don't really see a reason for it being scarier17:13
sakrecoerit just looks and feels more matrix like than say: matrix chat :D17:14
sakrecoeranyways, sorry for OT jitter in the dev channel17:14
EickmeyerNo worries. :)17:15
* Eickmeyer has to go run errands17:19

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