xubuntu56wHi! MenuLibre in Xubuntu 19.04 doesn't work. See the bug here: https://bugs.launchpad.net/menulibre/+bug/1826069. Please fix the bug. Thanks.08:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1826069 in MenuLibre "menulibre does not start | pop!_os" [Undecided,New]08:05
knomei thought he said xubuntu, but the bug says pop!_os... hmm...08:31
Unit193Pop is system76's version of Ubuntu, I thought?08:32
Unit193So, if it is 19.04 it'd make sense for it to hit both.08:33
knomei didn't know we were supporting any kind of derivatives here, thoguh08:33
knomeor anywhere :P08:33
Unit193Menulibre is elsewhere, if the problem is first found elsewhere then reported, that's what may turn up in searches.  Said user could be using Xubuntu, found the bug, that's the one that they hit.  No?08:52
Unit193...This is all long moot though.08:56
knomeyep :P08:57
nokiomanzHi all, Question about screen resolution. I have a mini desktop connected to my 4k TV. I set my xubuntu to 1080p. But when I close the television and open it for instance the next day or a few hours later. The desktop switch to 4k resolution. How to make it stick to 1080p?14:01
pmjdebruijnnokiomanz: is "configure new displays when connected" unchecked?14:12
nokiomanzpmjdebruijn, I would say it is probably at default value. I am on my laptop right now which run the same xubuntu version(18.04) and it is unchecked. I am not at home to go check that particular desktop right now. But I would believe it is also uncheck.14:15
nokiomanzIt is as if when I open the television, the destop sees it as a new display and try to match default resolution. Would that make sense?14:20
pmjdebruijnyeah, that would be my guess too14:35
pmjdebruijnI don't have that much experience with TV screens connected to desktops14:36
pmjdebruijni vaguely recall that the HDMI modes are a tad different14:36
pmjdebruijnbut I might be mistaken14:36
pmjdebruijnthose pages might offers some help14:38
pmjdebruijnthough it seems a bit hacky to use xrandr directly14:38
pmjdebruijnbut it might turn out to at least provide a get-you-by solution14:38
pmjdebruijnand/or stick around for someone more knowledgable to help14:39
nokiomanzpmjdebruijn, Thanks for your time. I will try to see for a more "easy" solution. If it was just me it is one thing. The kids are using that setup too and they are too young ahah.15:00
friendlyGoatany of ya'll know about rsync cause im having a problem with it and im not sure if its cause im stupid or not15:01
friendlyGoatim trying to write out a path with spaces and an apostrophe but nothings working15:01
friendlyGoatits host@ip address:/home/pi/SERVER/Jonah's Stuff/Note Backups/ and im at a loss as to what to do since no matter what i do it just goes down to a > line or causes and error or puts it in a new folder i didnt want15:03
diogenes_friendlyGoat, rsync "/home/pi/SERVER/Jonah's Stuff/Note Backups/" should work.15:04
friendlyGoatfor some reason thats not working, its on my server so i've been doing15:07
friendlyGoatrsync -av --delete -e ssh /home/jonah/Notes/ pi@insert ip:/home/pi/SERVER/Jonah's Stuff/Note Backups/15:07
friendlyGoatthank god i fixed it, thanks for trying to help!15:17
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pmjdebruijnnokiomanz: have you checked your Xorg logs yet?16:40
nokiomanzpmjdebruijn, I must admit I have not. But I can do that over ssh. BRB I will go take a look!17:00
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nokiomanzI don't know what to look for exactly. I do see at some point this line : "...switch to mode 3840x2160@30.0 on HDMI1..."17:09
ChunkzZwhy can't I right click > open terminal and right click a file a delete without it going to the recycle bin? 19.04 does do this and 18.04 doesn't. I prefer 18.04...18:37
brainwashChunkzZ: 19.04 has Thunar 1.8, 18.04 has the older version 1.618:40
brainwashI'm pretty sure that "open terminal" should work18:41
ChunkzZyeah well it doesn't and I liked that.18:44
brainwashcheck your ~/.config/Thunar/uca.xml18:46
brainwashdeleting it will restore the default version the next time you relog18:47
ChunkzZbrainwash, I'm on 18.04 right now and it's fine, it's just 19.04 that's the issue.18:48
ChunkzZalso, pretty sure the minimal .iso is broken when you try and do a minimal install... it breaks when it's installed and doesn't let you open anything; something about missing a helper. idk, weird.18:49
brainwashin Thunar 1.8 the "Delete" entry is hidden by default. you can enable it via Preferences > Behavior18:50
ChunkzZahhh thanks, know for next time18:50
brainwashand "Open Terminal" should still work in 19.0418:50
brainwashI haven't seen any reports about it being broken18:50
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SpassI've noticed that fonts in Firefox behave funky when I'm moving a cursor over the tabs - https://streamable.com/zs0ap20:06
SpassFirefox is in "CSD mode", seems like the font on the tab and in the address bar looses and gains antialiasing (?)20:07
Spasscurrently I'm using 19.04, Materia GTK theme and Noto Sans font, but from what I remember it was also present in 18.10 on Adwaita Dark20:09
Spasschanging the font doesn't help (well, on some other fonts it's less visible, but it's still there)20:09
brainwashSpass: you will have to contact the mozilla devs20:17
Spassyeah, need to do that, but I'll try to do some more testing tomorrow on 18.04 and different themes20:19
xubuntu67whi just check in to see webchat works cool enjoying xubuntu 18.04.2  cheers for the good work20:19
izpeleHello, having trouble with monitor geometry at login. How can I configure correct monitor geometry when I log in to Xubuntu 19.04?22:40
xubuntu32wguys, I have a problem with a program (an IntelliJ IDE) switching workspaces when there are multiple instances of it on different workspaces. Tried tweaking 'Window Manager Tweaks' -> 'Focus' opts, nothing helps. Can the program itself be the problem, or is there some solution?23:12
xubuntu32wI mean like, I have one window open on workspace 1 and another open on workspace 2, and sometimes the first window jumps to workspace 2 or vice versa23:13
well_laid_lawnxubuntu32w:  I would think that would be the program itself gathering the windows together23:13
xubuntu32wit's really chaotic, I have up to 20 or so instances of it running over 8 workspaces, and it's always just two of them merging up23:14

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