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alkisgHi, does any of the *-dkms packages work with secure boot, so that I would copy its code for another *-dkms package?11:29
alkisgI.e. to create signing keys, to sign the compiled modules, to add them to MOK or whatever else is needed...11:29
apwalkisg, i thought that was delivered by the dkms and shim packages together somehow12:42
alkisgapw, oh, I have both installed yet it's not working... I'll have a look in case I missed something12:55
alkisgThank you12:55
sforsheealkisg: the first time you install a dkms module while booted under secure boot you should get prompted about creating a MOK and given further instructions12:57
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alkisgsforshee: thank you; I will try it13:16
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