JanCI use Gandi too00:07
tomreyni disagree with some of the things which are illegal in france nowadays (they introduced some rather strict laws latey, some of which could result in censorship), so a company operating under french law is maybe not ideal if it's anything that might be considered to violate those laws. but surely this could be said about many countries nowadays.00:15
tomreynand this is now really off-topic, sorry, i won't carry on here.00:15
masonI'm curious why https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/ReleaseNotes only shows 18.04 supported to 2023.00:38
MarkMaglana@mason that's a total of 5 years, right?00:40
masonMarkMaglana: Right. That's the issue.00:40
tomreynmason: ESM periods aren't listed there00:41
tomreynat least so far.00:41
masontomreyn: I didn't think the ten year announcement was only paid support - I could easily be confused.00:41
tomreynnot only, it was 5 years free, 5 years paid.00:42
masontomreyn: Ah, alright. Alright. That is reasonable. I was confused.00:42
masonThank you.00:42
tomreynyou're welcome, mason, i had to ask that same question a while ago.00:43
tomreyni mean i needed to, asking for clarification.00:43
masonYar, I parsed it that way.00:43
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lordievaderGood morning07:22
afancyhi, how to diagnosis why my server is very response. For example, it takes 7 second for "ls", e.g., root@sc15:~# time ls08:04
lordievaderafancy: Start with the load, how busy is the server?08:13
afancynot busy08:13
lordievaderDoes `vmstat 1` show high percentage of io-wait (the 'wa' column)?08:19
lordievaderOr a high number under  the 'b' column.08:19
ricks_Is it possible to use Ubuntu as a server to read/write raw XFS filesystems in a Windows host?09:11
ricks_To clarify, Ubuntu in a VM to access filesystems only available in Linux09:13
Oolwho have the xfs partition, ubuntu isn't it ?09:14
TJ-ricks_: if the XFS device can be presented to the VM guest by the hypervisor, Yes09:14
ricks_TJ-, thank you09:16
sdezielcpaelzer: hi13:12
sdezielcpaelzer: I'd like to give you (?) a hand with LP: #1826238 but would like a little refresher on the best path to resolution13:13
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1826238 in strongswan (Ubuntu) "apparmor doesn't allow to start with a non-root user" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/182623813:13
sdezielcpaelzer: should I propose the fix to Debian first or also work in parallel on a debdiff/merge proposal for  Ubuntu?13:14
cpaelzersdeziel: reading ...13:15
sdezielcpaelzer: the fix is trivial: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/DSmRQbxqB3/13:16
cpaelzertrivial but helpful13:17
sdezielyes, and setuid/setgid is a use case I depend on ;)13:18
cpaelzersdeziel: do you know if any of the other services are prone to need the same change?13:20
sdezielcpaelzer: do you mean the other AA profiles shipped by strongswan?13:21
cpaelzerlike charon-systemd maybe?13:22
sdezielcpaelzer: I've included it in my patch (see paste)13:22
sdezielcpaelzer: that's based on theory as I didn't test with charon-systemd though13:22
cpaelzerI was still at the content in the bug comment13:22
cpaelzeryes seeing it int he paste13:22
cpaelzersdeziel: for Ubuntu the content of the bug is enough, I'd pick it up on the next merge but that will take a while (as I want Debian to merge a few things from us first, and that needs buster to release)13:23
cpaelzersdeziel: best from here (since you asked), file a quick bug in Debian so that they are aware and we can drop the Delta down the road. Throw me a debdiff if you want it fixed rather soon or wait for the Eoan merge13:24
sdezielthe charon-systemd profile was copied wholesale from usr.lib.ipsec.charon and turned into complain mode while at it. So it seems legitimate to add the capability to both IMHO13:24
cpaelzersdeziel: is the statement above the guidance that you looked for?13:24
sdezielcpaelzer: yes so here's what I'll do: open a bug in Debian, propose a Merge Request on salsa and reference the Debian bug in the Ubuntu one. Then I'll wait for you to ingest it whenever you see fit as my only concern is to have 20.04 fixed :)13:26
cpaelzerworks for me, thanks as always sdeziel13:26
sdezielcpaelzer: awesome, thank you13:26
cpaelzerI'm subscribed to the bug now, so I should see when you add the references13:27
cpaelzerand if I find a few spare minutes that seems to be an easy upload ...13:27
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