filipehdbrI am on ubuntu 19.04 after an dist-upgrade from 16/18. I use an application called deepin-screenshot which stopped working since the upgrade. Stracing it seems it dies after openat(AT_FDCWD, "/usr/share/locale/en/LC_MESSAGES/libc.mo", O_RDONLY) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory). Is this file supposed to exist?00:13
tomreynfilipehdbr: not on ubuntu as far as i can tell. but are you sure you run ubuntu?00:17
tomreynif you do, using this software which is not supported here may be the issue.00:18
tomreynfilipehdbr: if you are, using this "deepin-screenshot" software, which is not supported here, may be the issue.    << correction00:19
filipehdbrI am. Understood I can't ask since it is not supported. Thank you for your attention!00:20
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tomreynfilipehdbr: and thanks for your understanding. there is also ##linux and #ubuntu-offtopic if you're looking for other places to get help with software not supported here.00:24
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filipehdbrcool, appreciate the additional info :)00:24
tomreynbut generally, i'd recommend using supported software00:24
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dax#ubuntu-offtopic isn't a support channel.00:30
tomreynfilipehdbr: so deepin-screenshot is actually in universe so we should support it here, i guess00:40
tomreynif you have more questions about it, please ask.00:40
filipehdbrQuestion remains the same.. I can't make it work on 19.04. Error when trying to run the app is https://pastebin.com/J4PYEE7G . Last "error" before this during a strace is it can't find any libc.mo file on all locales it tries to. So is this file supposed to exist on any locale language directory or is the application wrongly trying to access something that is not supposed to exist?00:42
tomreynfilipehdbr: hmm, could you just file a bug report? i don't think i can help diagnose this further.00:47
tomreyn!bug | filipehdbr00:47
ubottufilipehdbr: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.00:47
tomreynyou'll need an Ubuntu SSO account, the utility will guide you through the process of setting one up if needed.00:48
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filipehdbrOk ty!00:53
jpleauHi. I'm running 18.04 as my main desktop, but I have installed 19.04 on another LVM volume (/dev/linux_ssd1/disco). I didn't installed a bootloader on it, but running update-grub on my 18.04 desktop picks up the 19.04 install. However I can't boot it.. I get "Begin waiting for root file system [...] Missing modules [..] Alert: /dev/dm-3 does not exist. Is there something I have to do inside the 19.04 chroot00:55
jpleauto make it work?00:55
NotLimthat sounds like spanish to me00:57
tomreyn!disco > NotLim00:57
ubottuNotLim, please see my private message00:57
tomreynjpleau: this sounds like not all of the virtual file system mounts were in place when you chrooted into the 19.0400:59
jpleautomreyn: I haven't chrooted into anything yet. I just installed, and it does not boot00:59
jpleau19.04 doesn't seem to detect my LVM setup somehow00:59
tomreynoh i see, hmm, how did oyu install?00:59
jpleauthrough the live cd, I picked my free lvm volume to install on it01:00
tomreynso th einstaller detected the lvm and the LVs on it?01:00
tomreynhmm i guess it sounds like a bug then.01:01
tomreyn...if the 19.04 installer lets you choose to install to an existing LV but then fails to have graub find this LV during boot01:02
jpleauI don't use 19.04's grub, I let my 18.04 install manage that01:02
tomreyni would think this could work, but don't know for sure.01:03
tomreynis this bios or uefi booting?01:04
jpleauI boot freebsd, debian, arch, windows, 18.04 from this grub, it should boot anything. This is BIOS01:04
tomreynjpleau: you could file a bug report01:06
tomreyn!bug | jpleau01:06
ubottujpleau: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its official !flavors, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.01:06
tomreynyou'll need an Ubuntu SSO account, the utility will guide you through the process of setting one up if needed.01:06
jpleauI looked at my grub.cfg and it tried to boot with lvmid/xxxxxxxxxxxx. I changed it to lvm/my-lvm-volumehere and it worked. Hm. I'll investigate this01:14
tomreynthis actually reminds me of a bug report i spotted the other day, but can't seem to find it anymore now.01:17
CarlFKwhat will tell me if a nic is connected at 100 or gig?01:23
pragmaticenigmaCarlFK: You could try dmesg |grep eth001:26
pragmaticenigmaCarlFK: https://askubuntu.com/a/43191201:26
CarlFKpragmaticenigma: ethtool eth0 ... Speed: 1000Mb/s   yay.  thank you.01:29
fishcookerhow to know the ubu*box is from fresh install bionic rather than upgrade from xenial?01:32
filipehdbrwhat is the most popular(freenode biased) ubuntu irc client?01:36
Bashing-omfilipehdbr: inspect the logs in /var/log/installer/ directory.01:36
daxfilipehdbr: hexchat for graphical client, weechat or irssi for terminal client01:37
CarlFKfilipehdbr: if you are looking for that.. I recomend skipping IRC clients and go for matrix.  heres a link https://wiki.pumpingstationone.org/IRC#Matrix01:38
filipehdbrnice ty01:38
dax(i don't recommend matrix)01:38
gnubiejoin #ubuntu01:38
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max3where are the source files for gnome-shell in ubuntu?01:48
Bashing-ommax3: one downloads the source code from the repo .. try ' apt source gnome-shell ' .01:49
ga_sk8eri forget how to add the spotify app ion to desktop01:52
ga_sk8eri tried the usr/share/applications but it isnt listed in there01:53
fishcookerlast night the audio device played well, but today it don't work... i've got '  p, li { white-space: pre-wrap; }  Audio output failed: The audio device "default" could not be used: Connection refused.'01:54
filipehdbrIs libc.mo file supposed to exist anywhere in Ubuntu, specially on Ubuntu 19.04?01:54
Bashing-omfilipehdbr: Yup: see: https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?searchon=contents&keywords=libc.mo&mode=exactfilename&suite=disco&arch=any .01:57
filipehdbrthought you were a bot, @Bashing-om01:58
Bashing-omfilipehdbr: Sometime I to have that thought :P01:58
ga_sk8eri can  remember most of the installed apps are in usr/share/applications but there are a few im  not seeing like spotify & skype02:00
fishcookeri've got the audio problem this morning don't know why but my terminal show http://vpaste.net/oppM702:00
d0tsun7how can i locate where /dev/dm-4/ is symlinked to?02:01
d0tsun7i'm trying to locate which lvm partiton it is02:01
d0tsun7recieving a "Buffer I/O error on dev dm-4, logical block 235929584, async page read" in dmesg02:01
filipehdbrInteresting @Bashing-om. I thought "my" root cause was this missing file because of the strace output. I ignored the openat(AT_FDCWD, "/usr/share/qt5/qtlogging.ini", O_RDONLY|O_CLOEXEC) = -1 ENOENT (No such file or directory) which is now the last error after installing the language-pack-en-base02:04
explodesUmmm... Trying to "sudo apt upgrade' and the installation hangs on Processing triggers for linux-image-4.15.0-48-generic02:04
explodeskill -15 terminates, and suggests to use sudo dpkg --configure -a02:04
explodeswhich hangs at the same place02:05
d0tsun7found it using "dmsetup ls"02:05
d0tsun7it was a lvm snapshot i forgot about that got full02:05
explodesIs my installation fukt?02:05
explodes:/ Rerunning dpkg--configure-a a couple times worked... but i'm scared to reboot02:07
max3where is the source for gnome shell in ubuntu 1802:14
OerHeksmax3 see launchpad https://packages.ubuntu.com/source/bionic/gnome-shell or enable src in your updates. or read back the previous answer02:17
max3OerHeks, sorry i can't see the previous answer02:18
max3OerHeks, but i can't tell from the ppa where it distributes its source02:19
Bashing-omexplodes: Do - /usr/src/, /lib/modules/, and /boot/ all exactly agree ?02:20
OerHeks<Bashing-om> max3: one downloads the source code from the repo .. try ' apt source gnome-shell ' .02:20
max3sorry i guess packages.ubuntu.com isn't a ppa02:20
max3OerHeks, i'm asking where is it on my system02:20
max3since a lot of it is js02:20
max3it must be in plain text somewhere02:20
rrbrussellapt-file list $PACKAGENAME will list the contents of an installed package02:21
rrbrussellapt-file is not installed by default.02:21
OerHeksapt-get source pkg --print-uris # would show where stored02:22
max3interesting. i don't see any js files at all from apt-file list02:22
OerHeks"since a lot of it is js"  sourcecode?02:24
max3OerHeks, yes02:24
max3am i mistaken?02:25
OerHekserr .. no, maybe the build contains js, but not the code an sich02:25
max3um i think you're quite wrong02:25
rrbrussellnot all of the gnome components may have loose .js files hanging around on the filesystem.02:29
max3rrbrussell, i believe that but there should be some somewhere? unless there's something i don't know about js (can it be packaged?)02:29
rrbrussellMost language interpreters have the ability to provided input from a string provided by another program. So, that depends on how the java script interpreter that gnome uses is packaged.02:31
rrbrussellnpm can package js files into an archive.02:31
rrbrussellit looks likes most of the gnome-shell-extensions have raw js files in their packages.02:32
max3rrbrussell, yes but i'm particularly interested in gnome-shell itself02:32
max3meson apparently somehow packages js02:33
rrbrusselltake a look at the files in /usr/lib/gnome-shell/02:33
rrbrussellsome of those don't have extensions so they may be js code setup with a shebang like a shell script.02:34
max3sure but like i said i'm interested in modifying gnome-shell itself02:34
rrbrussellThe best way to do that is to install the source package for gnome-shell. Make your modifications, rebuild and reinstall the package.02:35
rrbrussellThat way your changes are reversible by installing the regular binary package. In case something breaks.02:36
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max3rrbrussell, i need libecal-1.2-dev to compile gnereome-shell but i can't find it anywh02:56
rrbrusselllibecal or libcal?02:57
max3Dependency libecal-1.2 found: NO (tried pkgconfig and cmake)02:57
max3i actually have libecal-1.2-1902:57
max3at /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libecal-1.2.so.1902:58
max3but despite passing a diff prefix02:58
max3meson doesn't recognize02:58
rrbrussellOkay, time to learn apt-cache search02:58
rrbrussellapt-cache search -n $PKG just looks for a package named $PKG02:59
rrbrussellapt-cache search $PKG searches both package names and package descriptions.03:00
max3yes. usually google search gives me the package name03:02
miaHey channel - how is it possible to ssh a local machine without specifying ip address?03:12
miaI have a raspberrypi, and I'm only able to ssh into it using the local ip address03:12
miaas the name isn't working03:12
max3mia, https://www.ssh.com/ssh/config/03:12
miathanks max303:13
miaany specific configuration setting for what I request?03:13
max3i'm not sure03:13
miaI can read through for sure but this is very long and detailed03:13
miaokay, thanks03:14
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rrbrussellmia, If you would prefer a short name instead of the IP address look at the HostName directive in the SSH config link max3 sent you or look into setting host names in the /etc/hosts file.03:25
miarrbrussell, the problem is that the devices on my local network frequently change ip adresses03:36
miathat's why I wanted to resolve a localmachine.local to its current ip address, for easier ssh'ing and such03:36
rrbrussellYou have a home office or small business office where you are also the network admin?03:37
miaI remember ubuntu was able to resolve localmachinename.local type of addresses to their local ip addresses03:37
miarrbrussell, well just home03:37
miabut I experiment with a lot of devices so dynamic ip's are my way to go03:38
miasaves a lot of time rather than setting everything experimental on a static ip on my router03:38
rrbrussellSame difference for this case. If your router is running dnsmasq which is probably is if it is Linux based then you should be able to set it up to resolve hostnames for the .local domain. There was an mdns tool that used to help in older ubuntu versions but I don't know what happened to it when systemd-resolvectl was promoted to the default dns resolver.03:40
explodesBashing-om: From 1:20 ago: What do you mean?03:40
snadgehas anyone here gotten a liveusb with persistence to work with 19.04?03:40
miarrbrussell, well I believe it should work03:40
miabecause I was using ubuntu before03:40
miaanmd it was working before03:41
miaafter a few years I'm on 18.04 and now it's not working.03:41
miaI know it's apples and oranges but .local works on windows as well03:41
snadgethere seems to be an issue with casper .. ie.. the image boots, you can write and install things .. but when you reboot its gone03:41
Mystifiedhey guys where do I go on ubuntu "gnome" to set a static adrees by the networkmanager03:41
miaMystified, if you're looking for the gui it's somewhere in the power button03:42
miayou can reach network settings gui from there03:42
TechnologicalMystified, try settings network03:42
mia^ or that03:42
rrbrussellOn my lan I run a full ubuntu server install as my router and use bind with static ips. but I also don't swap hardware out every few days either.03:42
miaI see03:42
Mystifiednot there03:42
rrbrussellI would do a google search for resolvctl and mdns mia.03:42
miathanks rrbrussell this is a good start03:43
miaI'll dig further03:43
Bashing-omexplodes: "linux-image-4.15.0-48-generic" and you wanted to know if it were safe to reboot, so - compare the contents of ^ those directories, and if all agree to all versions installed for the files - then should be good to go.03:43
Mystifiedonly thing listed there are vpn & network proxy03:43
explodesBashing-om: noice thx03:43
Mystifiedahh, found it03:44
rrbrussellit might be in the advanced or per link area Mystified03:44
explodesBashing-om: So the max versions should be identical for all files listed, right?03:44
TechnologicalThink it was on Wifi not on network lol03:45
explodesBashing-om: That is the case- I'd assume this is fine https://pastebin.com/raw/FYGy2b2603:45
Bashing-omexplodes: You want that each and every version is listed in each directory. No more and no less :)03:45
explodesthen we may have a problem03:46
rrbrussellwhat is the issue Bashing-om and explodes?03:46
explodesrrbrussell: sudo apt upgrade froze, had to abort it03:46
explodesit was updating linux-headers-4.15.0-4803:46
explodes/lib/modules has some extra versions03:47
rrbrussellsudo apt remove linux-headers-4.15.0-48 and then rerun sudo apt dist-upgrade03:47
rrbrussell /lib/modules isn't cleaned out when older kernels are removed03:47
explodesok then if this is all that is required to be in working order I should be good to go03:48
Bashing-omexplodes: Well, ya going to have to work on "/lib/modules/" . that is going to break the package manager and we will have to have the package manager then heal it's self.03:48
rrbrussellafter you have a good reboot explodes I would run 'sudo apt-get remove --purge linux-generic-4.4.*' to clear out the unused modules files.03:50
rrbrussellThose are probably old dkms modules hanging around so worst case you could just leave them unless you need the space.03:52
Bashing-omexplodes: working on the one liner to do ^ , hang on :)03:52
Bashing-omexplodes: Well, going to be a two liner . run ' sudo rm -rf /lib/modules/4.15.0-{24,29,30,32,33,34,36,38,39,42,43,44}* ' . Then we work the 4.4 modules.03:55
Technologicalmy god an rm in the modules dir03:55
Technologicalthis should be interesting03:55
rrbrussellIf those are modules installed by dkms bashing-om there should be an associated package with them.03:56
Bashing-omTechnological: Follow along -- jey I can make mistakes : https://pastebin.com/raw/FYGy2b26.03:57
TechnologicalI am hoping you don't make mistakes03:57
Bashing-omrrbrussell: Broke system .. once we have the files consistent we heal the package manager.03:57
rrbrussellIf the only hung package was a linux-headers package remove it and then finish the upgrade.03:58
snadgehas anyone used mkusb to create a persistent storage usb installer for 19.04?03:59
Technologicalcouldn't you just use autoremove? or force depends ?03:59
rrbrussellI have looked at that @snadge but I haven't gotten it work.03:59
rrbrussellI just ended up do a BIOS bootable install to a USB drive.04:00
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snadgethanks for confirming rrbrussell .. it boots, but it just doesn't isn't persistent.. looks like the overlay doesn't mount properly, the squashfs on the iso does mount though04:00
rrbrussellHow many packages does autoremove want to remove?04:01
Bashing-omrrbrussell: "linux-image-4.15.0-48-generic" is now consistent - Just cleaning up and insuring that a reboot will give no issues.04:01
rrbrussellalso some kernel packages go into a residual-config state after removal which leaves extras like the /lib/modules stuff around.04:02
rrbrussellI know how to get to the list of packages in a residual-config state in snaptic but not from the command line.04:02
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doraoI'm having aptitude hang with "trying to fix broken packages"  after upgrading from 18.04 to 19.04.04:32
doraodpkg -l doesn't show any broken packages, so I'm a bit confused.  is this a known issue?04:33
rrbrusselldpkg -l means list packages matching a specified pattern.04:35
rrbrusselldorao how did you do the upgrade?04:35
doraonone of the packages are labeled with ^iU, which I assumed is a broken package04:35
doraoupdates sources.list to point to disco, did a apt-get update/upgrade/dist-upgrade04:37
rrbrussellOkay for future reference sudo do-release-upgrade is the correct path and even it doesn't like skipping intermediate releases.04:38
dorao$ sudo do-release-upgrade04:38
doraoChecking for a new Ubuntu release04:38
doraoNo new release found.04:38
rrbrussellYeah, since you did the upgrade manually it will report that04:39
rrbrussellwhat does 'sudo apt-get autoremove -s' return?04:39
dorao0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 0 not upgraded.04:40
doraohmmm maybe I need to rm /var/lib/aptitude/pkgstate* ?04:42
rrbrussellI am not sure this has me stumped.04:42
doraocool.  I rebuilt the pkg state and it's happy now :)04:43
rrbrussellOkay well that is good.04:43
doraothanks anyways!04:44
Guest3378what's the fastest way to delete a folder and all of its contents04:47
doraorm -Rf04:47
Guest3378I've been trying to delete a project folder that has around 300k files in it04:47
Guest3378this says almost 2 hours remaining :(04:47
Guest3378rm -Rf is what I'm doing04:47
rrbrussellIs this on a USB stick?04:48
Guest3378not stick but well04:48
Guest3378usb hard drive04:48
rrbrussellif you did rm -fr from the terminal and not a gui file manager you are kinda stuck waiting.04:50
rrbrussellif you are using a gui file manager and everything is underneath one folder, I would rm -fr that folder from a terminal. Though it will still take time due to the number of file operations.04:51
MannyLNJI need some help with dnsmasq on Ubuntu 18.04 I followed some guides and I am having a problem. When I do sudo systemctl restart it fails. When I do <pre>systemctl status dnsmasq.service I see the issue appears to be 3093 /lib/systemd/systemd-networkd-wait-online -i enp4s =0 but my NIC is enp6s0: how do I fix this?04:52
rrbrussellYour system has 1 or 2 NICs?04:53
MannyLNJrrbrussell, two but I am only using one., The one I am not using is the wireless adapter04:53
rrbrussellIs this a standard Ubuntu install or an Ubuntu server install?04:54
MannyLNJrrbrussell, Standard Ubuntu because I need a GUI04:54
MannyLNJrrbrussell, although I am SSH'd into the laptop I am going to be running DNSMASQ on04:55
MannyLNJrrbrussell, I found the error. I didn't make the complete change in the /etc/systemd/system/dnsmasq.service file that I found at https://nucco.org/2018/05/ubuntu-18-04-chronicles-creating-a-dnsmasq-service.html04:57
rrbrussellThat would cause issues.04:57
MannyLNJrrbrussell, I may have spoken too soon. I re-issued sudo systemctl restart dnsmasq and it timed out04:58
MannyLNJrrbrussell, Would you be willing to help me fix my problem?04:59
rrbrusselldnsmasq should have a provided service file. you can specify the address to bind on using the listen-address or interface directive in the /etc/dnsmasq.conf.04:59
rrbrussellwhat does 'sudo systemctl is-enabled NetworkManager.service' return?05:02
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MannyLNJrrbrussell, it says emabled05:03
rrbrussellOkay, Now you need to make a choice. Network-Manager expects to be in complete control of all network devices on your computer. Excluding apache and a few other tools most network infrastructure like dnsmasq don't get along with it.05:05
rrbrussellHowever disabling Network-Manager means you can't just click on a system tray icon and configure your wireless networks.05:06
MannyLNJrrbrussell, I would prefer to not use Network-Manager because the laptop is going to be placed in a hard to get to area. Anything I do will be over SSH05:06
MannyLNJrrbrussell, and I won't be using the wireless on the laptop05:07
rrbrussell'sudo systemctl stop NetworkManager.service' and then 'sudo systemctl disable NetworkManager.service'05:07
MannyLNJrrbrussell,  done05:08
rrbrussellokay open one terminal to 'man netplan' and in the other open the .yaml file /etc/netplan/ with nano.05:09
rrbrussellThe default renderer is NetworkManager.05:10
MannyLNJIs ' /etc/netplan/01-network-manager-all.yaml ' the correct one to edit via nano?05:11
rrbrussellif it is the only one yes05:12
rrbrussellhttps://pastebin.com/rswvzLTU is an example of one modified to use networkd and a static ip.05:12
rrbrussellchange the eno1 to the name of your ethernet port.05:13
rrbrusselland change the dns and ip settings to match you network.05:13
rrbrussellafter that 'sudo netplan apply' will apply that network configuration.05:13
rrbrusselldisable dnsmasq.service for a bit and try rebooting the machine to see if it boots properly with the assigned static ip address.05:14
MannyLNJrrbrussell, thak you. Working on this now05:14
MannyLNJFor the address: line if I am using 192.168.1.x should it be  addresses: []  ?05:16
rrbrussellthe /24 is the correct netmask. The x can be whatever you want. If this device won't be the network router I would suggest .2 or .254 so your router can stay on .105:19
MannyLNJrrbrussell, Thank you. Double checking my file05:20
rrbrussellif this isn't your main router remember to disable the dhcp functionality on your main router. Two dhcp servers don't get along well together on the same network.05:21
MannyLNJrrbrussell, Yes I did disable DHCP on my router05:25
MannyLNJrrbrussell, It came up with the correct IP of but it still cannot resolve domain names05:26
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rrbrussellNo domain resolution at all?05:30
MannyLNJrrbrussell, yes but after doing dnsmasq --test it tells me dnsmasq: bad dhcp-range at line 157 of /etc/dnsmasq.conf so I have something to go on05:32
rrbrussellYeah, now you need to configure dnsmasq to fully. I suggest using opendns as the upstream servers for dnsmasq05:33
MannyLNJrrbrussell, that's what I want to do. Use for local resolutiom and opendns for anything outside my lan05:34
rrbrussellOkay, the upstream servers for dnsmasq are configure via the server directives.05:35
rrbrussell'dhcp-option=option:router,$YOUR_ROUTER' and 'dhcp-option=option:dns-server,' will set the router and dns options served by dnsmasq to clients.05:37
MannyLNJrrbrussell, I have dhcp-option=option:router, and then on the next line dhcp-option=option:dns-server,
rrbrussellthat should setup you network to use dnsmasq for dns and your existing router for outbound traffic.05:40
rrbrussellfor setting the laptop to use dnsmasq for resolving dns you have two options, make sure is set as the dns server in /etc/netplan/01-*.yaml05:42
rrbrussellif you do that systemd will forward all requests from the laptop's localhost address to dnsmasq.05:43
tatertotswhats the support life cycle of non LTS releases?...six months right?05:43
rrbrussellyes tatertots.05:43
MannyLNJrrbrussell, the laptop is the computer running dnsmasq and will be a file and print server as well05:43
tatertotsrrbrussell: k..cool..thanks05:43
rrbrussellBasically not-lts releases lose support when the next release comes out.05:44
MannyLNJrrbrussell, I think something is still misconfigured. When I ssh into which is the laptop running dnsmasq and do nslookup printserver.internal.drorhome.com it replies ** server can't find printserver.internal.drorhome.com: REFUSED05:46
rrbrussellDo you own the drorhorme.com domain?05:47
rrbrussellif not then you should use .localdomain as your private domain.05:48
MannyLNJrrbrussell,I do yes. But even doing nslookup www.google.com comes back ** server can't find www.google.com: REFUSED05:48
rrbrussellnslookup www.google.com also says refused?05:48
MannyLNJrrbrussell, Correct05:49
rrbrussellnslookup www.google.com works?05:49
tatertotsit ain't resolving05:50
rrbrussellthe second argument to nslookup is the dns server to use.05:50
MannyLNJrrbrussell, correct https://pastebin.com/sFXXbyxR05:50
rrbrussellOkay systemctl status dnsmasq?05:51
MannyLNJrrbrussell, it looks like there is an issue there!  https://pastebin.com/W53Cp9uM05:53
rrbrussellOkay, install apt-file for me and run apt-file update after it is installed. I will be right back.05:54
MannyLNJrrbrussell, Doing that.05:56
=== MarkShuttleworth is now known as Guest28537
MannyLNJrrbrussell, So I manually added name servers to /etc/resolv.conf and was able to get the apt-get to work. I than ran apt-file update and rebooted. The entries I added to /etc/resolv.conf are gone and I am back to not being able to resolve06:00
rrbrussellokay 'rm /etc/resolv.con'06:02
rrbrussellsorry 'rm /etc/resolv.conf'06:02
MannyLNJrrbrussell, file removed06:03
rrbrussellthen 'nano /etc/resolv.conf' and put in the nameservers you had prior to the reboot.06:03
rrbrussellresolvectl default /etc/resolv.conf as a symlink to a resolvectl managed file in /run/ or /var/run06:04
rrbrussellI can't remember which06:04
rrbrussellIf you remove the symlink it won't get in the way if you replace the file with something you specify06:05
MannyLNJok /etc/resolv.conf manually created06:06
rrbrussellTry a reboot and see if everything works.06:06
MannyLNJrrbrussell, rebooting it06:09
MannyLNJrrbrussell, I did something wrong. /etc/resolv.conf is empty except for a line that says # Generated by NetworkManager06:11
Bashing-omMannyLNJ: See if this helps: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/systemd/+bug/1624320 .06:11
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1624320 in systemd (Ubuntu) "systemd-resolved appends to resolv.conf alongside existing entries" [Low,Confirmed]06:11
rrbrussellsudo systemctl disable NetworkManager.service06:12
MannyLNJrrbrussell, done. Didn't we do that before?06:12
rrbrussellsudo systemctl mask NetworkManager.service06:13
MannyLNJrrbrussell,  reboot now?06:14
Kendos-KenlenI  am trying to make my own package but I always get an error saying "aborting due to unexpected upstream changes". Where is the reference folder? I am still working on the package and don't wish to version manage it yet.06:14
rrbrussellls -la /etc/resolv.conf doesn't show it a link correct?06:15
MannyLNJrrbrussell, correct -rw-r--r-- 1 root root 76 Apr 25 02:14 /etc/resolv.conf06:16
rrbrussellmake sure /etc/resolv.conf has the correct contents and then reboot06:16
MannyLNJrrbrussell, /etc/resolv.conf has reverted back to # Generated by NetworkManager as the only line06:18
rrbrussellOkay, I am stumped now.06:18
rrbrussellCan you give me a pastebin of the file /etc/netplan/ please MannyLNJ06:19
rrbrussellsorry the .yaml file in /etc/netplan/06:20
MannyLNJrrbrussell,  https://pastebin.com/YTRWaPNi06:20
rrbrussellOkay the next option is to remove NetworkManager which will likely cause a lot of fun.06:22
MannyLNJrrbrussell, by fun you mean anguish06:22
rrbrussellOr lookup how to set a static ip with NetworkManger.06:22
rrbrussellBy fun I mean may result in have of your desktop environment being uninstalled06:22
rrbrussellSome of them depend on NetworkManager a lot more than others.06:23
MannyLNJrrbrussell, I don't plan on using the laptop other than over SSH to setup Samba and CUPS as long as neither needs NetworkManager I'm good without it06:24
rrbrussellNeither of those need it.06:25
tatertotsMannyLNJ: just out of curiousity, you're doing all this dnsmsq stuff for what reason exactly?..what exactly were you hoping to accomplish?06:25
MannyLNJrrbrussell, what about using chattr to mark it immutable06:25
rrbrussellCustom DNS/DHCP/File Server, is what he told me earlier tatertots.06:26
MannyLNJtatertots, I want to take the role of DHCP and DNS away from my router and be able to use hostnames on my lan rather than IP addresses06:26
tatertotsrrbrussell: just wanted to hear it in his own terminology, sometimes that speaks volumes06:26
MannyLNJtatertots, I've had issue where the IP of a printer will chamge and the wife gets angry because she can't print06:27
Nizumzenhmm I imagine all of the ubuntu mirrors are getting hammered with everyone downloading 19.04? Just wondering if all the mirrors are slow or just this one?06:27
rrbrussellIs her box a windows box?06:27
tatertotsMannyLNJ: i understand, when IP's change yeah that can make wifes angry06:28
MannyLNJrrbrussell, Yes her box is a Windows system06:28
rrbrussellWindows 10? Do you have a networked printer?06:28
tatertotsits the "printers" ip that's changing...why are you about to suggest he tweek further with his wifes pc? lol06:28
rrbrusselllooking at alternative options.06:29
MannyLNJrrbrussell, Yes I have 3 networked printers in the house06:29
rrbrussellOkay, can your router management software allow you to set a specific MAC to always get a specified address?06:30
tatertotsMannyLNJ: get her a USB connected printer and not shave 10 years off your life,06:30
tatertotsMannyLNJ: USB would quiet that right up06:30
rrbrussellUntil she want to print from her iPhone accross the house.06:30
MannyLNJrrbrussell, It can but there is a glitch somewhere because it forgets the reseved network list06:31
tatertotsa cheap $40 HP multi function from walmart..comes with a USB wire....$40 and your wife never gripes at you about it again...or tinker for a few weeks and hope she doesn't kill you if she has something important to print06:31
MannyLNJtatertots, She sometimes prints from her PC and other times a chromebook so she needs wireless06:32
tatertotsdecisions..decisions lol06:32
winterfelldo you know channel java programming?06:32
rrbrussellIf the printer has google's version of AirPrint then that solves the Chromebook issue.06:32
winterfelloke thanks06:33
winterfelli can't join06:34
MannyLNJrrbrussell, It does until I want to print from the basement to the upstairs printer.06:34
tatertotslol..reminds me of a lot of old school HTPC guys, complaining about the WAF/wife acceptance factor of HTPC..lol..heh pay verizon/cox/comcast/at&t to rent/lease their dvr box..that'd fix a complaining non PC tech savvy wife trying to use a HTPC06:35
MannyLNJrrbrussell, and tatertots I've solved the issue of resolv.conf changing. I did the chattr +i on it. Oh don't get me started of the complaints hen the Roku kept falling off the network. Thankfully the Fire TV Stick I replaced it with is working great06:35
tatertotsthey'd rather keep tinkering for years and torture their wife with their nerd/geek overkill for everything06:36
tatertotsjust rent the DVR from the  cable CO..your wife will be glad you did lol06:36
MannyLNJI'm going to reboot this system now and see if it gets's an IP from the dnsmasq system.  BRB06:37
tatertotsthen the wife can call Cox/comcast/verizon and gripe....gets hubby off the hook and places the blame on a corporation...you're off scott free06:37
tatertotswork smart..not hard06:38
MannyLNJrrbrussell, tatertots Ok Good news is this system came up and is resolving names. I don't know what nameserver it is using though06:40
tatertotsguilt trips don't work on comcast/verizon so wifes are likely to tire out or give up and throw $ at a problem06:41
MannyLNJOh and we don't have live tv just internet06:41
tatertotslol..yeah now it's your hide when A/V "entertainment" is experiencing an "outage" instead of a cable or satellite company06:44
MannyLNJrrbrussell, ok so when I do ping printserver.internal.drorhome.com: I get Name or service not known has the hostname of printserver06:44
MannyLNJrrbrussell, but from printserver which is the DNSMSAQ system  if I do ping brain it does resolve it to
rrbrusselladd " printserver.internal.drorhome.com" to /etc/hosts and restart the dnsmasq service.06:45
MannyLNJrrbrussell, If you mean add to to /etc/hosts on it is already there06:46
rrbrussellokay then dnsmasq isn't looking for /etc/hosts for host names06:48
stevendaleHeard you boys needed some help06:48
rrbrussellHey stevendale06:48
stevendaleWe came as fast as we could06:48
stevendalerrbrussell:  What’s the issue?06:48
MannyLNJrrbrussell, /etc/hosts on the dnsmasq box https://pastebin.com/20qw1ah6  ping router fails ping printserver works ping brain works06:49
tatertotsremember that $40 HP printer that includes a USB cable @ walmart lol06:53
rrbrussellokay have you restart dnsmasq since modifying /etc/hosts?06:53
MannyLNJtatertots, Yes but that $40 printer doesn't do duplex scanning and printing. The Brother Laser we have does06:54
stevendale$40 printer? Sounds like something put together from trashed parts in a garbage heap06:54
MannyLNJrrbrussell, Yes by taking the system down and back up06:54
rrbrussellOkay and the latest ping test was after that. Sorry, I am dealing with more than one conversation at once.06:55
MannyLNJrrbrussell, no worries. And yes the latest ping was after that.06:56
rrbrussellYou may need add a line like local=/$YOURPRIVATEDOMAIN/ to the dnsmasq config file.06:59
MannyLNJrrbrussell, would you look at my dnsmasq.conf file http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/g2dkHxfbVd/07:01
rrbrussellon the machine that can't ping do an nslookup $PRINTER
=== ballot_ is now known as ballot
Mystifiedhey guys can you help out with ssh07:02
rrbrussellMystified, did you recently reinstall a server on
Mystifiedkind of07:04
Mystifiedboth are pc07:05
MannyLNJrrbrussell, I thank you for the help. I am going to have to go to bed soon. nslookup PrintServer fails07:05
Mystifiedthe server is able to access thic pc07:05
Mystifiedbut not the otrher way around07:05
Mystifiedthis pc is where the message is07:05
rrbrussellMannyLNJ, Sorry I wasn't able to get it completely resolved for you. At this point I am stumped.07:06
rrbrussellMystified, do you have physical access to the .115 machine?07:07
Mystifiedyes linux07:07
Mystifiedboth debian/ubuntu based07:07
Mystifiedhave access hands on07:08
Mystifiednot remotely07:08
Mystifiedon both of them07:08
Mystified1 is desktop07:08
Mystifiedthe other a laptop07:08
Mystifiedwith name mystified07:08
rrbrussellOkay on the .115 machine run 'sudo ssh-keygen -l /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ecdsa*.pub' and compare it to the fingerprint in the pastebin.07:09
MannyLNJrrbrussell, I'm glad that I am not the only one stumped. I will return tomorrow07:09
Mystified1234mystified1234 is the server07:09
Mystified1234can you paste that again07:10
Mystified1234dont worry07:10
Mystified1234got it07:10
rrbrussellsudo ssh-keygen -l -f /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ecdsa_key.pub07:11
Mystified1234sudo ssh-keygen -l /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ecdsa*.pub07:12
Mystified1234Too many arguments07:12
rrbrusselluse the other one I posted07:12
rrbrussellI messed up the syntax on the earlier one.07:12
rrbrusselldoes the fingerprint match the fingerprint in the pastebin?07:14
Mystified1234256 SHA256 root@Asp-Mx (ECDSA)07:14
rrbrussellNo fingerprint?07:14
Mystified1234matches to dpaste07:15
rrbrussellOkay then on the computer that is throwing the ssh error you need to remove the old key fingerprint from the known_hosts file07:16
rrbrussellIt gives you the command to do that in the dpast.07:16
Mystified1234ok.. now it just hangs07:19
rrbrussellFor how long?07:19
Mystified1234not sure07:20
Mystified1234I've stoped it after a few secs07:20
Mystified1234its been almost a minute now07:20
Mystified1234still hanging07:20
Mystified1234no change07:20
rrbrussellYou removed line 5 from /home/xyz/.ssh/known_hosts on the non .115 machine?07:20
Mystified1234I'm confused now07:21
Mystified1234I'm on the 115 now07:21
rrbrussellyes, which machine did you run the command listed in the dpaste on?07:22
rrbrussellThe .115 machine or the machine trying to ssh into .115?07:22
Mystified1234I'm in thanks07:24
rrbrussellNo problem Mystified123407:24
Mystified1234have access to both07:24
Mystified1234I'm starting to finally understand this07:25
Mystified1234mumbo jumbo07:25
Mystified1234now ill see if I can access samba07:25
Mystified1234thank you07:25
Mystified1234rrbrussell, now have access to samba07:29
Mystified1234thank you07:29
rrbrussellMystified1234, you are welcome.07:29
Mystified1234now i'll try 10407:31
rrbrussellMystified1234, If you get a similar error message you now know how to fix it.07:31
Mystified1234yes thanks07:32
afancyhi, how to diagnosis why my server is very response. For example, it takes 7 second for "ls", e.g., root@sc15:~# time ls08:02
afancyvery low response08:02
lotuspsychjeafancy: join to #ubuntu-server for likeminded volunteers08:03
Smedleshmmm interesting experiences with disco... tried upgrading from 18.10 and had hangs where mouse would work, but nothing could be clicked and no keyboard input ... fresh install was ok... until i connected samba shares - then I started seeing the same behaviour....08:07
Smedlessame with shares connected using autofs or via /etc/fstab08:07
achen_Hey Guys, when trying to delete a home dir using rm -rf , i get a mnowak/.gvfs is a dir cannot remove08:07
achen_How do i work around it ?08:07
ayekatachen_: why can't you remove it? what's the error message?08:16
lotuspsychjeSmedles: keep in mind 19.04 is non-lts if you need a stable experience try LTS08:17
=== hawk1 is now known as mi78108
Smedleslotuspsychje: understood. just did some more testing, after a few minutes the system came back08:44
lotuspsychjeSmedles: anything weird in your logs?08:45
Smedlesnot in dmesg08:45
lotuspsychjeSmedles: perhaps try a tail -f /var/log/syslog while you playing with samba?08:45
lotuspsychjeSmedles: maybe also launch nautilus from terminal08:45
Smedleslotuspsychje: will see what I can see08:46
SmedlesI'm guessing these aren't helpful:08:47
SmedlesApr 25 18:13:54 psmedley-ThinkPad-E470 gvfsd[1273]: Error calling org.gtk.vfs.MonitorClient.Changed(): Timeout was reached (g-io-error-quark, 24)08:47
SmedlesApr 25 18:13:56 psmedley-ThinkPad-E470 gvfsd[1273]: message repeated 52639 times: [ Error calling org.gtk.vfs.MonitorClient.Changed(): Timeout was reached (g-io-error-quark, 24)]08:47
Smedleslotuspsychje: seems ok from nautilus, just file saving from chrome08:48
lotuspsychjeSmedles: if mouse and keyboard freeze at one point, there must be something that we can catch08:50
Mr_Pan~aka all Doom308:50
lotuspsychjeMr_Pan: can we help you?08:50
Smedleslotuspsychje: let me reboot and try again08:50
Mr_Panlotuspsychje, my failure thanks08:50
Mr_Panfalse window :D08:51
=== coldsz is now known as stv_orven
winterfellcan you help me?09:08
Smedleslotuspsychje: no luck, it didn't un-hang this time. let me enable sshd and see if I cna get any insight from an ssh session09:08
ricks_Is it possible to use Ubuntu as a server to read/write XFS filesystems in a Windows host?09:11
lotuspsychjericks_: come join in #ubuntu-server please09:11
ricks_lotuspsychje, neat, thank you09:11
TJ-Is there a way to control apt/apt-get --install-suggests to limit package selection to just the packages named on the command-line, rather than the suggests of every package in the dependency graph?09:13
myst_anyone around to help a non techie with ssh I've dual booted my ssh works with the same ipaddress on the same pc but not on a different OS09:14
TJ-myst_: there are a lot of variables there - do both OS get the same IP address? Do both have a listening sshd service enabled? Are there any firewall rules affecting it?09:16
myst_exact same ip addresses09:17
Oolyour problem is the different finger print ?09:17
Oolwith a message like 'something nasty …' and you need to clean your known_hosts file ?09:18
myst_yes different finger print09:18
Smedleslotuspsychje: +ve is that a ssh session was still live -ve is that nothing showed in syslog09:18
myst_cant set it up09:18
TJ-myst_: does the ssh *client* report a reason for the failure? or just fail to connect at all? if it does connect then "ssh -v ..." - if fingerprint then you need to share the same keys on both OSes09:18
myst_ has changed and you have requested strict checking.09:20
myst_Host key verification failed09:20
myst_need to add 2nd fingerprint09:20
TJ-myst_: the $HOME/.ssh/id_rsa and id_rsa.pub would need to be the same on both OSes09:20
TJ-myst_: unless you connect by (different) hostnames for each OS, not the IP address, in which case the entry in the target's $HOME/.ssh/authorized_keys would be separate09:21
Oolfor me the problem is not the user key but the server ones09:22
TJ-myst_: e.g. you could name one myOS1 and the other myOS209:22
Oolsame IP/name , différent finger print09:22
myst_they both have different os names09:22
Oolyou do a ssh pc1 and ssh pc2 ?09:23
Oolor the same ssh pc ?09:23
myst_one is @Asp-RC the other Asp-Mx09:23
TJ-Ool: right, due to the existing entry in server's .ssh/authorized_keys for the IP address. So the clients both using the same key (id_rsa/id_rsa.pub), or using different hostnames, should work09:23
TJ-myst_: sounds like you don't have local LAN hostname resolution so it uses the IP address regardless, so sharing the keys would be the obvious solution09:24
OolTJ-: for me you can have the same problem without SSH key (just using password)09:24
myst_ok.. so i need to copy the key from the server that already setup & working09:25
myst_which folder is that I need to copy from09:26
snadgeive modified a source package.. and installed it manually, but when I do an apt upgrade, it overwrites the packages with the ones from the repo.. how do I make it only do that if its a newer version? ie.. not the same version09:26
TJ-myst_: are you trying to connect to these two OSes as servers from another PC as the client? in which case the local (client) .ssh/known_hosts would be the issue since the client is getting different fingerprints from each OS (server) on the same IP09:26
TJ-myst_: if you're connecting to me@OS1 then /home/me/.ssh/id_rsa and id_rsa.pub (from the PC that is connecting correctly)09:27
TJ-myst_: correction, from the *OS* that is connecting correctly09:28
pizzaburgerHello! I'm running a command in terminal, but it gives me an error and closes shortly afterwards before I'm able to read it. Is there a way to view the log/output?09:28
TJ-pizzaburger: you're launching the application from the GUI as a terminal application? in which case there should be an option in the launcher .desktop file you can add to keep terminal after exit - I cannot remember its exact name though09:29
myst_TJ-: os 1  isn working fine09:29
TJ-myst_: right, so copy the mentioned files from it to the user on OS2 (e.g. to /home/user/.ssh/ )09:29
lotuspsychjesnadge: we dont reccomend building own packages, apt always try to fix itself by nature09:30
pizzaburgerTJ-: No, I'm running Youtube-dl commands but there is an issue. I just can't read the output since it closes so fast.09:30
lotuspsychjesnadge: adding ppa's or building own packages will result in dependency nightmares09:30
snadgeyeah its only libdmraid and dmraid packages.. i need a patch to be able to use my raid basically09:31
snadgeand it worked in 18.10, it didn't need a pin or a hold .. but 19.04 just wants to replace them09:31
snadgei could increase the version number artificially i suppose.. like make it -209:32
rrbrussellsnadge, so the packages from 18.10 work but the versions in 19.04 don't work?09:32
TJ-snadge: if you've modified the debian package source you should increment the package version number in ./debian/changelog to *and* add a squiggle suffix (e.g. 1.0_1ubuntu1 becomes 1.0_1ubuntu2~myname)09:32
Mystifiedrrbrussell: when your free can you help out again09:32
TJ-snadge: in the debian source, from the base directory, you can do that using "dch -i" too09:32
snadgei'll try that09:32
rrbrussellAfter you get a working patch please submit a bug with the patch attached to it.09:33
TJ-snadge: rrbrussell is this a regression then?09:33
snadgeoh this dmraid bug has been there for an eternity.. i can link the bugreport and the patch09:34
lotuspsychjesnadge: yeah i agree with rrbrussell if you find a bug in ubuntu and fix patch, make sure its known in a bug09:34
ubottuLaunchpad bug 599255 in dmraid (Ubuntu) "dmraid fails to read promise RAID sector count larger than 32-bits" [Medium,Triaged]09:34
TJ-snadge: the reason I ask is many of the metadata formats supported by dmraid are now supported by mdraid so dmraid is not needed in many cases09:34
snadgeits a promise controller format.. (amd motherboard raid.. older fx chipset not the new ryzen stuff)09:34
TJ-snadge: Yes; I've used Promise/dmraid for about 15 years09:35
rrbrussellIf this isn't a mission critical system, I would suggest planning for a migration to mdraid/software raid in the future.09:35
snadgeim the second last comment .. i posted a patch based on the work danny wood did.. i think nobody wants to merge it because it might break someone elses setup09:36
snadgeim guessing mdraid wont support the promise metadata? ie.. wont be compatible with windows09:37
Smedleslotuspsychje: any other logs worth examing whilst system is in hung state?09:37
lotuspsychjeSmedles: other then a syslog/dmesg/journal logs it might also be a hardware issue perhaps?09:38
lotuspsychjeSmedles: could you share your whole dmesg pastebin plz?09:39
rrbrussellIf compatibility with windows is a requirement snadge I suggest finding an LSI hardware raid controller. They offload the raid calcuations which a lot of motherboard raids don't and they have well supported drivers for both Windows and Linux.09:40
katiaguten tag09:40
katiagood morning09:40
rrbrussellHello katia09:40
snadgethats not a bad idea.. another option is to just buy another two hard drives, and have one software raid for windows, and one linux09:41
snadgebut presumably then i wont be able to access the software windows raid from within linux09:41
rrbrussellLSI controllers are available on Amazon for around $100.09:42
katiahello graciela09:42
gracielahello katia09:42
rrbrussellI have no idea if Linux can read Windows software raid.09:42
katiahello micaela09:42
snadgefor now I will increment the version in the raid package as TJ suggests.. that solution is free ;)09:42
TJ-snadge: from what I can see from the md/mdadm man-pages, no, Promise is still not supported by mdadm - it's the ISW (Intel Soft Ware RAID) that is09:42
micaelaohhhh hello katia!!!09:42
gracielagood morning09:42
lotuspsychjesnadge: maybe also update your bug, this still happens on 19.04?09:43
snadgeyes.. and the same fix fixes it.. (for me)09:43
snadgeperhaps integrating that patch.. if it breaks other peoples setups.. will encourage them to move to a better supported solution ;)09:43
Smedleslotuspsychje: https://termbin.com/om5w09:43
=== popgreeny is now known as panorain
snadgethe bug just says it affects Ubuntu / dmraid .. how do I say specifically that it affects 19.04?09:48
lotuspsychjeSmedles: just going through a few things, is your bios updated to latest? graphics card driver installed?09:48
Smedleslotuspsychje: I can check bios, graphics card should be whatever isntalled by default in 19.0409:49
lotuspsychjesnadge: i would just update a new description at bottom09:49
lotuspsychjeSmedles: psmouse serio1: synaptics: Your touchpad (PNP: LEN2043 PNP0f13) says it can support a different bus. If i2c-hid and hid-rmi are not used, you might want to try setting psmouse.synaptics_intertouch to 1 and report this to linux-input@vger.kernel.org.09:49
rrbrussellmyst_, Hey09:49
Smedleslotuspsychje: looks like nvidia proprietary driver is in use09:50
lotuspsychjeSmedles: could you pastebin: sudo lshw -C video plz09:50
TJ-snadge: I just looked at the dmraid source (originates at RedHat) and it hasn't been updated since 2010, so looks like abandonware!09:52
lotuspsychjeSmedles: what does: ubuntu-drivers list suggest for your card please?09:52
snadgei can say it still works.. and I can also say, I wont be using it next time I buy a new computer :)09:52
myst_rrbrussell: back09:52
rrbrussellmyst_, What is the issue you need help with?09:53
snadgei think i would rather buy a nas than an LSI controller.. im done with the idea of having large amounts of storage in my main computer09:53
myst_rrbrussell: I have a dual boot  with the same ipo address of 11509:53
lotuspsychjesnadge: lets research first whats the issue09:53
myst_but i can seem to the same as we did before09:54
Smedleslotuspsychje: psmedley@psmedley-ThinkPad-E470:~$ ubuntu-drivers list09:54
lotuspsychjesnadge: you have an i7, its suppose to handle things nicely right09:54
Smedlesnvidia-driver-418 is what's installed09:54
TJ-snadge: Well, fakeRAID was originally the poor man's alternative when hardware RAID was expensive and had obvious benefits. These days OS-managed RAID is generally just as, if not more, performant but for cross-OS access fakeRAID is sometimes still the most convenient alternative09:54
lotuspsychjesnadge: sorry not for you, typo09:54
lotuspsychjeSmedles: wich version is installed now?09:55
Smedleslotuspsychje: 41809:55
lotuspsychjeSmedles: just as a test, wanna try the 390, see if your system freezes there?09:55
Smedleslotuspsychje: happy to09:56
rrbrussellTJ-, I would agree if you aren't making a raid5 out of a bunch of SSDs for a DB server or heavily cross-OS.09:56
Smedleslotuspsychje: there's a bios updte available too, flashing the iso to usb now09:56
lotuspsychjeSmedles: great!09:57
Smedleslotuspsychje: i can also try nouveau09:57
snadgethe new ryzen also has fakeraid.. but i don't think its in tree?09:57
lotuspsychjeSmedles: some lenovo's might have firmware update from software center09:57
TJ-rrbrussell: I can't imagine using RAID-5 these days!09:57
myst_Smedles: what gpu is it09:57
snadgeintel is obviously the way to go.. because mdraid supports it out of the box09:57
Smedleslotuspsychje: not this one :)09:57
bobomahello. using ubuntu 19.04 with gnome 3.32.2 it seems I do not have any notification dots anymore. For example thunderbird is in the background, minimized. I get a new mail but there is no notification dot anymore in the top dock, next to the clock. What happened to that function?09:58
lotuspsychjeSmedles: no, your card is an optimus, so reccomended an nvidia version09:58
rrbrussellmyst_, Is the second operating system also a linux based system?09:58
lotuspsychjeSmedles: this way you can change between performance mode & energy saving mode09:58
Smedlesmyst_: product: GM108M [GeForce 940MX]09:58
TJ-snadge: for home/small office use and flexibility just configure as JBOD and use Linux dm RAID (mdadm) :)09:58
lotuspsychjeboboma: do you have gnome-tweak-tool ?09:59
rrbrussellmyst_, Okay then you need to copy the /etc/ssh/ssh_host*key* files from one install to another so that both installs are using the same ssh server keys.09:59
myst_i'm on the server via konsole with ubuntu, thats the one that we got working10:00
bobomalotuspsychje, yes10:00
lotuspsychjeboboma: maybe look into extensions there, if appindicators is enabled10:01
lotuspsychjeboboma: or maybe find your tweak with dconf-editor10:01
bobomayes, appindicators was disabled. So appindicators is the thing that provides the dot. Will check that out10:02
rrbrussellmyst_, if you can mount the root partition of the other linux install you can just use 'cp /etc/ssh/ssh_host* $OTHER_LINUX_ROOT/etc/ssh'10:02
rrbrussellmyst_, backup the /etc/ssh/ssh_host* files on the other linux root before you overwrite them.10:03
myst_i have it mounted the root folder  there are only 3 files only 1. ld_rsa 2. ld_rsa 3.known_host on both servers10:11
myst_they are identically named10:12
myst_no ssh_host10:12
rrbrussellmyst_, in the /etc/ssh of the other Linux install?10:12
rrbrussellmyst_, Not your home folder.10:12
rrbrussellmyst_, Let me repeat what I understand the problem to be so I can doublecheck my understanding of the issue.10:14
myst_ok.. in the root folder of the first server10:15
rrbrussellmyst_, Right now you are on .115 booted into OS1. You want other computers to be able to ssh into .115 whether it is booted into OS1 or OS2 without getting that error message you were getting earlier? correct?10:15
rrbrussellmyst_, Okay, then mount the root folder of OS2 into a folder, I suggest /mnt/os2.10:17
rrbrussellmyst_, then cd /mnt/os2/etc/ssh10:17
rrbrussellmyst_, sudo mkdir ssh_backups10:17
rrbrussellmyst_, sudo mv ssh_host* ./ssh_backups10:18
rrbrussellmyst_, that makes the backup of the original ssh_host keys for os210:18
rrbrussellmyst_, then cp /etc/ssh/ssh_host* /mnt/os2/etc/ssh10:19
myst_the entire root folder or just ssh ?10:19
rrbrussellmyst_, cd $HOME10:19
rrbrussellmyst_, the / folder of the second linux os should be mounted on /mnt/os2.10:20
myst_i can do all of this with a Desktop enviroment10:21
myst_can i not jst drag & drop10:22
myst_file manager10:22
rrbrussellmyst_, Which desktop environment are you using?10:22
myst_xfce with os110:23
myst_thunar file manager10:23
myst_mc installed10:23
rrbrussellmyst_, Let's just use the command line since I know my way around it a lot better than XFCE.10:25
rrbrussellmyst_, especially XFCE's mounting tool. Do you remember which drive you installed os2 onto?10:26
myst_i have /etc/ssh/ssh_host_ecdsa*10:27
rrbrussellmyst_, those two files, need to be copied to the /etc/ssh/ directory in the root of os2.10:29
rrbrussellmyst_, the easiest way if you can't remember how to find the / directory of os2 is to copy those two files onto a USB stick, reboot into os2 and then copy them to /etc/ssh/ from inside os2.10:31
myst_done  as root10:31
myst_replaced existing 2 files10:32
myst_Ill reboot into the 2nd os10:32
rrbrussellmyst_, okay reboot into os2 and try to ssh into .115 from another system.10:32
rrbrussellmyst_, you shouldn't see any ssh errors.10:33
myst_ur fantastic10:33
rrbrussellmyst_, no just been dealing with Linux system for what seems like forever.10:33
myst_rrbrussell: Bloody hell that worked.... ur super human !!!!!!!!!10:36
myst_now can get back into the laptop10:37
myst_now can't get back into the laptop10:37
myst_no route to host10:38
rrbrussellmyst_, You're still on os2?10:40
rrbrussellmyst_, Okay, can the laptop talk to the os2 install?10:41
myst_i have open filemanager10:41
myst_on the laptop with os 210:42
rrbrussellmyst_, okay what does ip route show look like on .115 and the laptop?10:42
myst_no. its 11310:43
rrbrussellmyst_, the .115 server has an ip ending in .113 when booted under os2 or is .113 a physically different machine?10:44
myst_3rd one different machine laptop with ubuntu10:46
Smedleslotuspsychje: still hangs with latest bios and older nvidia drivers. I could get the system back by running 'killall -3 gnome-shell' from an ssh session10:47
rrbrussellmyst_, okay so .113 aka Lappy is can't connect to .115 aka Server?10:48
rrbrussellmyst_, and the error message in question is no route to host? Okay i need the 'ip route show' output for both Lappy and Server.10:49
lotuspsychjeSmedles: allright, out of ideas then, try to re-ask your issue to the channel other volunteers might have other ideas10:49
lotuspsychjeSmedles: also mention details, steps tryed etc10:50
Smedleslotuspsychje: will do10:50
myst_from server 2 no route to the laptop10:50
rrbrussellmyst_, Okay, what is the results of the 'ip route show' command on both Server 2 and Lappy?10:53
rrbrussellmyst_, That command shows how each computer thinks it should talk to other computers.10:53
myst_server 2 en0 at 15/2410:54
phobosophthe new ubuntu installer is awesome10:54
phobosophit runs in background while asking questions10:55
phobosophI am sure the non-interactive part is faster, too10:55
myst_ahh its changed on the laptop10:55
lotuspsychjephobosoph: please only ubuntu questions here10:55
myst_I thought i made it static10:55
myst_it's now 10810:56
lotuspsychjephobosoph: if you like to discuss ubuntu come join in #ubuntu-discuss please10:56
phobosophah ,  Isee10:56
rrbrussellmyst_, Yeah, changing ip addresses would cause issues.10:56
myst_i can enter with the correct link of 10810:57
rrbrussellmyst_, Alright then.10:57
Smedleslotuspsychje: it might be https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1325211:04
ubottuError: Could not parse XML returned by bugzilla.samba.org: mismatched tag: line 100, column 4 (https://bugzilla.samba.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13252&ctype=xml)11:04
Smedleswill play more tomorrow11:05
Mystifieda general quest, I've installed thunar but neither the default FM or thunar allow for oot privelages11:29
Mystifieddoes anyone know how to do this with a file manager11:29
WAXDIXIEWhere is sysconfig folder in ubuntu11:30
rrbrussellWAXDIXIE, most system wide configuration files are under /etc/11:31
TJ-WAXDIXIE: as said in ##networking, Debian/Ubuntu doesn't use sysconfig. Depending on desktop or server, and Ubuntu release, it can be one of 4 possibilities!11:34
TJ-WAXDIXIE: for recent releases, /etc/netplan/ (using netplan YAML files) is used to configure either systemd-networkd (ubuntu-server) or network-manager (desktops)11:35
TJ-WAXDIXIE: for older systems ifupdown is used (/etc/network/interfaces)11:35
rrbrussellWAXDIXIE, I recommend neptlan and systemd-networkd unless you really need a GUI to enter wifi passwords into.11:37
TJ-or neeed to be able to control network connections dynamically without restarting the entire network manager!11:37
TJ-Then systemd-networkd is not helpful... network-manager to the rescue11:38
rrbrusselledit configs under /etc/netplan the 'sudo netplan apply'11:38
rrbrussellnm-cli is still a valid option.11:39
rrbrussellWe don't have a lack of those.11:39
rrbrussellEveryone have a good night.11:43
BluesKajHowdy folks11:44
amcsihelp, I don't see any custom icons in my Ubuntu 19.04 tray, only the built-in ones.12:22
amcsiAlso, I can't see any files on the desktop, but that's the smaller issue12:22
pragmaticenigmaamcsi: Gnome no longer supports icons on the desktop, there is an extension that re-enables that feature. As for the custom icons, can you provide more detail what is a custom icon to you and what you did to customize them?12:23
amcsi:o are you serious?12:24
BluesKajcan't seem to change the repos server in muon, it just refreshes the package list, the configure software sources gui option doesn't launch. Is there cli command to do this?12:24
amcsipragmaticenigma, by try icons, I mean things like the Wifi indicator and sound indicators that you can click on that bring up a context menu. I have some applications that have their own icons that should be showing up when they're launched, but they're not showing up.12:25
pragmaticenigmaamcsi: When you say not showing up, do you mean not appearing at all, or just not displaying the icon you are expecting?12:25
amcsipragmaticenigma, not appearing at all12:26
pragmaticenigmaamcsi: Regarding desktop icons: https://www.omgubuntu.co.uk/2018/01/gnome-desktop-icons-removed-3-2812:26
Slissjust to hook into this discussion, after the upgrade to 19.04 I have the same, if I click on the extention spots it does work, only no icon is shown12:27
TJ-Sliss: that *could* be a local icon-cache needs rebuilding12:28
Slisswhy isnt an upgrade taking care of that? Seams normal to do right?12:29
Sliss...anyway, how to rebuild the icon-cache?12:29
TJ-Sliss: see both "man gtk-update-icon-cache" and "man update-icon-caches" (I think $HOME/.cache/ or $HOME/.local/ may have a per-user cache, or did12:30
pragmaticenigmaamcsi: You should try what TJ-  is suggesting as well ^ ^ ^12:31
YounderI just installed a NVIDIA 4.10 driver as part of a CUDA install. Now the system boots, I can't log in. The screen just goes black and freezes. No virtual terminals work. On boot and in the boot menu editing amd removing the keywords quiet and splach get the system up again. Anyone know what is going on here?12:31
94KAAAGONhello. I've installed ubuntu on a separate phys disk. The other disk that was attached had windows. So ubuntu installer being smart enough created grub boot loader for both systems. Now I've replaced windows disk with another windows disk. Now boot option that is to load windows (10) results into an `error: no such device 44C4BCFFC448CF372   setting partition type to 0x7    press any key to continue...` and then it boots windows 7 juuust12:33
94KAAAGON fine. What do I need to do to fix that error and grub menuitem's label?12:33
SlissYounder: can you get to your OS disk? If so check xorg.conf to see what driver is used, or check the xorg logs12:34
amcsipragmaticenigma, TJ- thanks, but I feel like it won't work, because like I said, there's no icon at all. Not even an invisible one.12:34
pragmaticenigmaamcsi: It won't hurt to try12:35
amcsipragmaticenigma, I did try gtk-update-icon-cache $HOME/.cache/12:35
amcsiand with that local folder too. and both folders with that other update-icon-caches command too.12:36
amcsiI think it's as if there was no space allocated at all for custom tray icons12:36
nokiomanzHi, I have a desktop connected to a 4k tv via hdmi for my display. I set the resolution to 1080p. When I close the television and come back the next day. The screen is at 4k resolution. How can I make it stick to 1080p?12:36
pragmaticenigma94KAAAGON: try running "sudo update-grub" I think that will trigger a rebuild of the grub setup to find the drive correctly12:37
pragmaticenigmaamcsi: What application are you expecting to display an icon there?12:37
amcsipragmaticenigma, you probably haven't heard of it, but it's this one: https://www.toptal.com/tracker12:38
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pragmaticenigmaamcsi: You may need to reach out to them and ask. It's possible they haven't updated their application yet.12:39
pragmaticenigmaamcsi: Those types of applications are often developed to work against the LTS releases, as it gives them enough time to build and prepare a stable application12:40
Younderwoulkd this be a good time to mention xkill? xkill kills a window by pointing to it. Save you trying to guess which name and id it has.12:40
amcsipragmaticenigma, the application works by the way, it's just that its tray icon is not showing. Any other application you know of that I should try to prove that the issue is with Ubuntu?12:41
pragmaticenigmaYounder: This channel focuses mostly on support topics. If you'd like to talk about a cool application you found, please join us in #ubuntu-offtopic12:41
amcsipragmaticenigma, the application worked fine for Ubuntu 18.1012:41
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pragmaticenigmaamcsi: 19.04 was just released a week ago, it is very possible they haven't updated it to work with the changes that occured between 18.10 and 19.04. You will have to contact them for further support.12:42
TJ-amcsi: check for clues in $HOME/.xsession_errors (if using Xorg session)12:42
TJ-amcsi: typo, $HOME/.xsession-errors12:43
amcsipragmaticenigma, I upgraded from 18.10, and there were a lot of wonky things I somehow had to fix by hand, so I think that chances are there's something misconfigured that I could fix so that I could see the custom try icon.12:43
Younderpragmaticenigma, xkill is a system tool and has been around as long as X windows.12:44
pragmaticenigmaamcsi: In the kindest of terms, I'm trying to say. This channel only supports applications provided through Canonical's and Ubuntu's official software channels. All other software requires you to contact the developer directly for support. The software provided in Ubuntu's software repositories is tested and verified to work with the current implementation of Ubuntu. If an application is installed from outside of those software12:45
pragmaticenigmachannels, you will have to reach out to the developer for support.12:45
pragmaticenigmaYounder: That's fine, but that's not a topic for this channel12:46
94KAAAGONpragmaticenigma: awesome. I just realized I forgot user's password and afaik I haven't even set root's pass12:46
pragmaticenigma94KAAAGON: There is no reason to be using root with Ubuntu. To do anything as root, it is recommended that you use "sudo" the password you enter will be the same password you enter to log into the computer.12:47
whislockUbuntu really has become the most corporate and least helpful and welcoming community in all of the Linux world. Anything to avoid helping. Disgusting.12:47
pragmaticenigma!ot | Whiskey12:47
ubottuWhiskey: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!12:47
94KAAAGONpragmaticenigma: sudo asks for password. I forgot the password.12:47
pragmaticenigmaSorry Whiskey ... that wasn't meant for you12:47
94KAAAGONpragmaticenigma: I've setup it to autologin12:48
94KAAAGONcan I boot into single mode as root and do passwd onto the user?12:48
pragmaticenigma94KAAAGON: https://askubuntu.com/questions/24006/how-do-i-reset-a-lost-administrative-password12:48
TJ-94KAAAGON: yes, in the GRUB menu there's an Advanced sub-menu, containing "Recovery" boot options12:49
amcsipragmaticenigma, there, I installed Skype, and I can't see Skype's tray icon either. This is clearly an Ubuntu issue.12:49
pragmaticenigmaamcsi: Please consider changing your tone, you're becoming very hostile12:51
amcsipragmaticenigma, I'm just trying to stating facts and proving points.12:52
TJ-amcsi: you may not be alone, but there isn't a suggested solution: https://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/bgya8x/missing_icons_and_customization_ubuntu_1904/12:53
pragmaticenigmaTJ-: That's not the issue that amcsi is having. Notification icons for their applications are not appearing in the notification panel area12:55
TJ-amcsi: this has a command that may help, related to a similar issue for 18.04 https://askubuntu.com/questions/1080632/missing-system-tray-icons-ubuntu-gnome-18-0412:55
amcsiTJ-, that's about the desktop icons, right? Yeah at the moment with that unfortunately I'm stuck with the Firefox GNOME extension plugin (that I reinstalled 10 minutes ago) says "We cannot detect a running copy of GNOME on this system,"; I think GNOME 3.32 might be too new for the extension?12:55
Chakravantiwow do I turn my sceensaver off?  it keeps shutting down everything i have running and I want it to be manually only and have turned it off in settings>power>dim screen when inactive>off and it still goes to screen saver ONLY if I DON'T close the screen (laptop btw)12:57
Chakravantihow rather lol12:57
amcsithanks, trying out the help on that link atm12:57
pragmaticenigmaChakravanti: screensaver has nothing to do with power settings. look at the power management options for lid behavior and power saving settings12:58
TJ-amcsi: from what I can see the issue is caused by language bindings for libappindicator being removed in Ubuntu releases, that various non-archive applications expect to find, so they cannot show notification icon. A solution there is to manually install the missing language-binding package12:58
Chakravantiah i see it now in automatic suspend in power but not lid behavior.  am i missing something? thank you pragmaticenigma13:01
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amcsiTJ-, thanks! I got it fixed by doing `gnome-shell-extension-appindicator`, then (Alt+F2) `gnome-shell --replace`13:03
amcsiall the tray icons are now there :)13:04
amcsiI mean I did `sudo apt install gnome-shell-extension-appindicator`13:04
pragmaticenigmaChakravanti: I'm not sure where lid behavior might fall if it isn't in the power settings13:06
egrainandroid-tools no longer available? I'm trying apt-get install android-tools and it tells me can't find the package.13:08
94KAAAGONpragmaticenigma: TJ-: thanks, that worked juuuust fine13:08
TJ-Chakravanti: systemd may also be involved, it has an action for suspend on lid13:08
lotuspsychjeegrain: to search packages on your release: apt-cache search 'keyword'13:09
ChakravantiTJ - how do I alter systemd?13:09
egrainlotuspsychje, thanks. now i don't know which one to pick though. i wnat to do the reverse tethering thingy where the phone uses the internets of the laptop.13:10
miaHow should I do disk defrag for an ntfs drive in ubuntu13:10
lotuspsychjeegrain: is it adb you need?13:10
TJ-Chakravanti: do "grep -rn Lid /etc/systemd" and you'13:11
TJ-Chakravanti: ... you'll see where it is defined. Lines beginning # are comments so won't be acted on13:11
TJ-!info android-tools13:12
ubottuPackage android-tools does not exist in bionic13:12
BluesKaj!defrag | mia13:12
ubottumia: The default Ubuntu filesystem (ext4) is engineered to avoid fragmentation issues in most cases. However, there is an online defragmentation tool available if needed. For more information, see `man e4defrag`13:12
aquanautHi,everyone.I can't mount a iso file in ubuntu 18.10 that mount:/home/ufo/matlab/:cab't find in /etc/fstab.How can get it.13:13
ChakravantiTJ- It's properly set thank you very much.13:13
pragmaticenigmamia: You cannot perform disk operations like that in Linux. NTFS file system requires Windows to perform proper and safe disk operations on the drive.13:15
aquanaut/home/ufo/matlab is where I want to mount the iso file.13:15
simonppI installed linux-image-4.15.0-48-generic, but this kernel will not boot. Kubuntu 18.04, 32-bit. parameters systemd.debug-shell and systemd.unit=emergency.target did not make a change13:15
TJ-Chakravanti: what is the issue you're having? applications being force-closed when the system goes into suspend?13:15
pragmaticenigmaaquanaut: does the directory already exist?13:15
simonppIs this a known problem?13:15
TJ-simonpp: how does the kernel fail to boot?13:16
egrainlotuspsychje, yeah. i chose the first one and adb was in it. all good so far. thanks as usual.13:16
pragmaticenigmaaquanaut: are you defining this in fstab?13:16
TJ-aquanaut: you need to specify the mountpoint and device; if you only specify the mountpoint mount will search /etc/fstab for a match - and when not found report that error13:16
aquanautno,how to define it?13:17
simonppTJ- system hangs very quickly, 2 garbled lines on the console, no keyboard or mouse action possible13:17
TJ-simonpp: are you able to capture a photo to help us?13:18
TJ-aquanaut: usually you'd manually do "sudo mount -o loop /path/to/file.iso /home/ufi/matlab "13:18
pragmaticenigmaaquanaut: how are you trying to mount the ISO... can you paste the command you're entering?13:18
simonppTJ-: Only when I reboot in that kernel, and it will not be very informative. If I make one, how do I post?13:19
aquanautsudo mount -0 loop -t /home/ufo/kun/R2018b/R2018b_glnxa64_dvd1.iso /home/ufo/matlab13:20
TJ-!paste | simonpp13:21
ubottusimonpp: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.13:21
TJ-simonpp: ah, that says uses imgur.com13:21
TJ-aquanaut: O not zero13:21
aquanautsorry,it is o13:23
TJ-aquanaut: as in "-o" it is short for "--options"13:23
TJ-simonpp: I'd also recommend you edit the kernel command-line in GRUB. delete "quiet splash" and add "debug early_printk"13:24
aquanautpoping up a window let me to restore disk image when I right clike the iso file.The destination have two options:128G Disk...(/dev/sda) and 500G Hard Disk...(/dev/sdb)13:25
TJ-aquanaut: sounds dangerous ... is the PC running a Live installer session, rather than being an already-installed Ubuntu on one of those devices?13:27
aquanautare you sure you want to write the disk image to the device? all existing data will be lost when I start restoring...13:27
pragmaticenigmaaquanaut: remove the "-t" or use "-t auto"13:28
aquanautIt's double system win10 and ubuntu 18.1013:28
aquanautmount:/home/ufo/matlab/: failed to setup loop device for  /home/kun/R2018b/R2018b_glnxa64_dvd1.iso13:30
aquanautwhen add "-t auto"13:30
pragmaticenigmaaquanaut: Try this: sudo mount -o loop -t iso9660 /home/ufo/kun/R2018b/R2018b_glnxa64_dvd1.iso /home/ufo/matlab13:32
pragmaticenigmaaquanaut: Make sure the iso file is available to your use and the folder path it is stored in as available to your user13:33
aquanautOK,thank you.13:37
simonppTJ-: I edited the command line in grub, deleting "quiet splash" and adding "systemd.debug-shell systemd.unit=emergency.target" to no avail. the boot process does not write anything to any log, since it does not even reach mounting the root disk.13:38
TJ-simonpp: if the kernel is crashing then systemd will never be reached13:38
TJ-simonpp: the options I gave you will ensure more info is written by the kernel to the console, which hopefully when it crashes is on-screen long enough to capture a photo of13:39
simonppTJ-: OK13:39
TJ-simonpp: in these cases I usually aim a video camera at the screen and record it, then grab a single frame (or frames) that have the most informative messages13:39
lordcirth_vincent, hi13:40
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unix_linuxWhat linux distro does anyone use? and why?13:54
unix_linuxbesides ubuntu.13:54
lotuspsychjeunix_linux: we dont take polls here13:55
lotuspsychjeunix_linux: only ubuntu support questions please13:55
zipolaAfter updating from 18.10 to 19.04, Gnome's Nautilus thumbnail generation is really slow (like 10s of minutes per one file). Where does Nautilus log its errors? What could cause this kind of behavior?13:56
marcoagpintoguys?! I have filed a bug report regarding the input method: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+bug/182640913:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1826409 in Ubuntu "[19.04] Input method (keyboard) not respected" [Undecided,New]13:57
marcoagpintoI have been talking about here since Monday13:57
marcoagpintoI have been talking about IT here since Monday*13:57
unix_linuxNot really an IT, just a problem solver. If that's what your asking of me out of everyone here.13:58
marcoagpintoan "IT" is an "it"13:58
marcoagpintoI forgot that word as I am brain stressed13:59
zetherootwo 18.04 PC's with ssh keys deposited in .ssh/authrorized_keys but cannot ssh from one to the other. After about a minute the output is 'Connection timed out'. Both systems updated.13:59
zetherooBoth systems have identical /etc/ssh/sshd_config13:59
TJ-zetheroo: "connection timed out" means the network is blocked in some way14:00
JimBuntuzetheroo, can they ping each other? are they on the same network? is ssh server actually up and running?14:00
leftyfbzetheroo: please pastebin the command and output of the ssh commands you are using14:00
shanhi how do i configure keyboard shortcuts in 18.04?14:00
zetherooI can ping the other PC, yes14:01
zetheroosame network14:01
zetheroossh server on both system is up14:01
TJ-zetheroo: is the sshd service running on the target? Is there a firewall blocking the ssh port (usually 22) ?14:01
TJ-zetheroo: are you using an IP address, or a hostname, in the ssh client command?14:02
leftyfbzetheroo: are these physical machines or VM's or containers? Are they on the same subnet? Do you have any sort of firewall/ufw/iptables rules on either of them? On your network?14:02
leftyfbzetheroo: there's a TON of information you're not providing us14:02
zetheroophysical PCs14:02
leftyfbzetheroo: ping think33-ux and compare the ip you get from the ip you get from running "ip addrr" on think33-ux14:03
zetherooESET Endpoint is running - but it's running with the same settings (centrally managed) on all Ubuntu PC's and this is the only PC with this issue.14:03
leftyfbzetheroo: disable it and test14:04
zetherooip addrr = Object "addrr" is unknown, try "ip help".14:04
leftyfbip addr14:05
ice9how to know what packages have been installed on a system recently?14:09
lordcirth_ice9, logs in /var/log/apt14:09
zetheroohow do I kill all the Eset processes https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/szmJNrYCVm/14:15
zetherooor do I have to do it one at a time?14:15
simonppThe recent kernel  linux-image-4.15.0-48-generic, Kubuntu 18.04, 32-bit, hangs. https://imgur.com/KqfD6t8 shows a snapshot of the kernel messages with 'debug early_printk'.14:16
simonppTJ-: see https://imgur.com/KqfD6t814:16
pragmaticenigmazetheroo: take a look at "pkill" ... it allows you to kill by name14:17
TJ-simonpp: very garbled due to the slow refresh rate of the screen compared to the camera, but it helps a bit :)14:18
simonppTJ-: sure. I deciphered by comparing with a successful boot of kernel 4.15.0-47.14:19
TJ-simonpp: I see systemd-udevd messages, which tells us the kernel started fine and processing is in the initramfs14:21
ice9how to place swap on ramdisk?14:21
tomreynice9: that makes no sense, or does it?14:23
TJ-simonpp: when it fails does the screen 'freeze' with messages on, or does it blank -and-freeze, or instantly reset/reboot ?14:23
zetherooSo Eset not running on both PCs and still cannot SSH14:23
leftyfbzetheroo: I'm not sure killing Eset with kill was the right way.14:24
TJ-ice9: sounds like you want "zram"14:24
leftyfbzetheroo: just to be sure, run: sudo iptables -F on both machines, then try ssh14:24
TJ-zetheroo: the program not running doesn't mean netfilter/iptables rules weren't left intact14:24
zetherooleftyfb: did it with 'sudo service esets stop'14:24
leftyfbzetheroo: also on your ssh server, run: sudo lsof -i :22   # and from your client, run: sudo nmap -p22 <server host>14:24
relipseDoes anyone know how NDG gets an ubuntu terminal in the browser?14:25
leftyfbrelipse: you'll have to contact NDG for support14:25
TJ-zetheroo: are you using hostnames? Possibly could be a DHCP IP-address change that hasn't been updated in D-DNS14:26
zetheroo TJ-: my system pings the hostname with the correct IP14:26
TJ-zetheroo: in which case it must be either policy-routing or more likely, netfilters14:27
TJ-zetheroo: are they on the same Ethernet segment, no router/firewall between them?14:28
simonppTJ-: With the options "debug early_printk systemd.unit=emergeny.target systemd.debug-shell it rebooted after showing a blank screen; earlier it hanged.14:31
simonppTJ-: the systemd-udevd messages would be very early in the boot process; in earlier kernels systemd-udevd does not appear in the log14:32
TJ-simonpp: I'd suggest booting it to various points in the start-up process. Begin with seeing if you can get to a busybox shell in initramfs, using "break=top" ... if that works try again with "break=init" - those ('top' and 'init' are the start, and end, of the initramfs shell script that gets the root file-system prepared14:32
TJ-simonpp: if both of those work, then try "init=/bin/bash" which starts on the root file-system but doesn't use the systemd init. If that works then we know the issue is in some action, or rule, that systemd-init is trying to act on14:33
TJ-simonpp: these are all options for the kernel command-line, added via GRUB14:34
simonppTJ-: OK14:34
TJ-simonpp: in initramfs you have a basic shell provided by the busybox tool14:35
qwebirc46021i am trying to install a software which requires libwebkitgtk-3.0-0 but it's not available on 19.0414:37
qwebirc46021what should i do?14:37
pragmaticenigmaqwebirc46021: what software are you trying to install, and is it available in the "Software Center" ?14:38
fizzizistqwebirc46021: You could try finding the deb package and manually installing it with dpkg or software installer14:39
qwebirc46021no, it's distributed on website14:39
pragmaticenigmaqwebirc46021: What is the application?14:39
qwebirc46021it's some sort of viewer14:39
qwebirc46021document viewer14:40
pragmaticenigmaqwebirc46021: What is the link to the site you are downloading from?14:40
qwebirc46021it's in korean14:40
fizzizisthas anyone successfully installed amdgpu drivers on ubuntu 19.04? I tried installing these the other day:https://www.amd.com/en/support/graphics/amd-radeon-hd/amd-radeon-hd-7000-series/amd-radeon-hd-7870-ghz-edition using the 18.04 drivers, but i ran into a bunch of problems and i couldn't get it to work14:40
qwebirc46021should i download all the packages manually and install them?14:41
qwebirc46021i'm concerned about the compatibility14:41
pragmaticenigmaqwebirc46021: This channel only supports software as distributed through official Ubuntu software channels. For any software that you download directly from the developer, you have to contact that developer or project group for support.14:41
tomreynhi ngomba14:42
pragmaticenigmaqwebirc46021: Are you absolutely certain that the application is not available in some form in the software center. It might not be the exact same, but it could be a program that reads the file type for the documents that you are trying to view14:42
qwebirc46021then do you recommend downloading dependencies manually and installing them>14:42
tomreynfizzizist: why don't you just use the amdgpu driver which comes with ubuntu?14:42
ngombahappy to join the channel14:42
qwebirc46021oh about that file... its proprietary14:43
pragmaticenigmaqwebirc46021: No, it is not recommended as that will break other applications already installed on your computer14:43
qwebirc46021since the program only requres libwebkitgtk-3.0-0, what sould i do?14:43
TJ-qwebirc46021: best solution is install an older, compatible Ubuntu version in a Virtual Machine, or a container, and install/run the application there14:44
pragmaticenigmaqwebirc46021: Contact the developer for support, it is likely they only support LTS releases of Ubuntu which means you may only be able to run the application in Ubuntu 18.0414:44
TJ-qwebirc46021: you'll not be able to just install the older libwebkitgtk because it has many many complex dependencies of its own see https://packages.ubuntu.com/bionic/libwebkitgtk-3.0-014:45
fizzizisttimreyn: I thought i might get better video performance for games if I download drivers from the site14:45
fizzizisttomreyn ^14:46
tomreynfizzizist: you won't. amd produces an fully open source driver. there is a proprietary 'overlay' (think of an add-on) to it, but you don't need it for gaming.14:47
qwebirc46021btw, what is the container?14:47
qwebirc46021i'm new to linux14:47
qwebirc46021is it something like a docker?14:47
TJ-qwebirc46021: yes, on Ubuntu we mainly have LXD containers but docker and others are also used by some14:48
leftyfbqwebirc46021: https://linuxcontainers.org/lxd/introduction/  and #lxcontainers14:48
qwebirc46021thanks a lot14:48
fizzizisttomreyn: Cool, thanks for the info. I used to run debian, and the performance of the debian drivers was garbage, so I thought that the default ubuntu drivers would be just as bad14:48
tomreynfizzizist: indeed i'd expect those drivers to be the same. if you get bad results, come back here with details including your graphics card ( lspci -knn | grep -A3 VGA | nc termbin.com 9999 ), your Ubuntu version ( nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "$XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";) ) and your FPS on glxgears14:51
tomreynwhat may differ between debian and ubunu are driver + mesa + X versions, and firmware.14:52
fizzizisttomreyn: yeah something is certainly different because I ended up just installing 18.04 yesterday and installing the website drivers and i get really good performance even on games like the new DOOM. There must be something about the debian install that makes it lack video performance14:54
tomreynwell, we only support ubuntu here, so i couldn't tell.14:55
fizzizistfair enough14:55
cappicardgood morning. i just upgraded to 19.04, but i have no sound on my dell inspiron 15 5559. it has an alc3234 codec. i've tried to reinstall alsa-base and pulseaudio to no avail.14:59
TJ-cappicard: does speaker-test work?14:59
TJ-cappicard: does "alsamixer" show all levels are set correctly and nothing muted?15:00
cappicardspeaker-test just freezes trying to play the left channell15:00
cappicardcannot open mixer: No such file or directory15:01
TJ-cappicard: what 'device' (-D) are you aiming it at?15:01
TJ-cappicard: it might help to create a pastebin with the output of both "aplay -l" and "aplay -L"15:02
cappicard https://pastebin.com/02WsGirJ15:03
=== chb is now known as Guest64977
cappicardi'm on 5.0.0-13 kernel15:04
cappicard18.10 has been doing the same thing15:04
Oolcappicard: do you have sound with a liveCD/USB ?15:05
cappicardlet me create one and try15:06
cappicardi had sound working  until a few weeks ago.15:08
cappicardi was on 18.04.215:08
cappicardlspci is showing no audio controller15:09
cappicardoddly windows 10 is playing sound fine and so is macos15:10
cappicardoddly lspci is showing a xeon es-1200 host bridge, but this is a skylake-based notebook15:12
jcottondoes dmesg give anything?15:12
cappicarddmesg|grep audio returns nothing15:13
cappicardoh dmesg | grep -i audio mentions : [    0.128482] ACPI: Added _OSI(Linux-Lenovo-NV-HDMI-Audio)15:13
TJ-cappicard: can you pastebin the dmesg ?15:15
cappicardlet me try the usb stick. brb15:17
TJ-cappicard: I'm wondering if this is simply you've not installed the -extra modules package containing the snd-hda* codec15:20
rapidwaveHow can I modify grub menu settings so there is no default boot? As in, I want it to wait for me to choose.15:24
jcottoncould probably just boost the timeout15:24
jcottonor maybe set it to 0?15:24
jcottonman grub.cfg might tell you15:24
jcotton(I think that's the manapge name)15:25
TJ-rapidwave: "timeout=-1"15:26
rapidwaveOkay, well the file says not to edit directly, so how should I do it?15:27
TJ-rapidwave: in /etc/default/grub that is GRUB_TIMEOUT="-1"15:27
TJ-rapidwave: then do "sudo update-grub"15:27
TJ-rapidwave: for more options see https://www.gnu.org/software/grub/manual/grub/html_node/Simple-configuration.html#Simple-configuration15:28
`ajvenHello, Im trying to make GPU passthrue to VM with Win10. I see my GPU 1080Ti have PCI ID 41:00.0 and 41:00.1  but when I list full iommu group this group with number 41:00.0 not exist. https://pastebin.com/Na0DfpcUany idea how I can fix that?15:29
tomreyn`ajven: please don't cross post15:33
`ajvensorry what is cross post?15:33
tomreyn`ajven: posting to multiple channels at the same time, as you did in #debian and here15:34
`ajvenWhat is wrong in looking for help?15:35
lordcirth_`ajven, asking for help in multiple places without mentioning it means that volunteers will duplicate effort helping you.15:35
tomreyn`ajven: also in #linux.15:36
lordcirth_`ajven, also, either you are running ubuntu or debian, so one of those posts is off-topic.15:36
cappicardi do have sound from the usb stick15:38
Oolcappicard: so I don't know what did you do to your system, but ubuntu can play sound with your hardware15:39
`ajventhis kind of issue have nothing specyfic to do with distro, same is with debian/mint/ubuntu and rest of family. Im looking for some help from two days, nobody can help, so Im sorry but I dont see nothing wrong in asking for help wherever I can15:39
Oolcappicard: but, exept reinstalling it, I have no clue …15:40
cappicardi copied  /etc/pulse and /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf  to my notebook.15:40
cappicardlspci shows the audio device now15:40
cappicardso does aplay -l15:40
leftyfb`ajven: please paste the link this is here: nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};)15:40
`ajvenleftyfb, https://termbin.com/ol0315:41
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
leftyfb`ajven: what VM software are you using?15:42
`ajvenkvm + qemu15:42
leftyfb`ajven: might I suggest asking for help in #kvm15:43
`ajvenleftyfb, thank you will go there15:43
JediMasterhi all, got a bit of an emergency, I've added a second IP address to the primary eth0 interface, on the same subnet in /etc/netplan/...yaml. run netplan-apply and both IPs are not showing and cannot be reached for anywhere16:04
JediMasterNo errors from netplan apply, and the syslog shows: eth0: Link is not managed by us16:04
JediMasterhowever the local IP on eth1 works: systemd-networkd[3377]: eth1: Configured16:05
JediMasterThe strange thing is, even changing the netplan config back and rebooting it, it still won't come back with the old IP16:05
JediMasterThe single ip on the eth0 interface16:05
donofrio_JediMaster, first off.....this is no race, people will help as they can16:06
JediMasterI'm aware, and I'll keep digging, but people yelling so it's a race here =)16:06
tomreyni suggest asking on #ubuntu-server16:06
SawI just installed ubuntu 19 server, and I'm trying to install android sdk. I seem to need 8 but can't get it anywhere. Any ideas?16:08
tomreyn!yy.mm | Saw16:09
ubottuSaw: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle16:09
ChakravantiI have new External HDD and I want it encrypted.  So I'm good with LUKS>ext4 unless someone has a better suggestion.  I now cannot unlock it: "error to unlock /dev/sdc1: Failed to activate device: Operation not permitted" but password is correct (and it would be nice if someone could help me with a keepass access vs. copy/paste but that work so whatever)16:09
JediMasterGot it, it was a VMWare problem, it had disconnected the interface from the network but left the hardware16:10
ChakravantiI'm donw with a better way to format it because it currently has nothing on it16:11
tomreynSaw: also you need 8 of what? android-skd on ubuntu 19.04 is version 25.0.0+1016:11
rypervencheChakravanti: LUKS + ext4 is a sound way to do encryption. Can you explain more about where you're seeing that error message? Are you manually trying to unlock it? Has it ever worked before?16:12
Sawtomreyn - oops sorry, I meant jdk 8. I downloaded android-sdk from the android website, didn't install it through apt-get.16:13
ChakravantiI plug it in, right click>mount and it asks for the password, i enter it and it returns that error16:13
Sawor rather, the android tools. I then tried to use sdkmanager, and got an error. Googling the error, it seems the java version is too new.16:13
Chakravantiit worked before i formated it, it's brand new and I just opened it.  it still works but this is clearly  a"permission" error not an broken error.  for some reason I'm not *allowed* to unlock it16:14
tomreynSaw: openjdk-jre / -jdk 8 is not in disco (19.04). -11 is.16:14
bratchleywhat can I check if my boots seem to take forever but systemd-blame doesn't show any culprits or seem to account for the amount of time it actually takes to boot up? It's showing the grub menu but then just hanging at a black screen for a long time then just suddenly I have a gdm dialog.16:14
tomreynthe same goes for 18.10 (and now 18.04, too)16:15
bratchleyit takes like 15 minutes to boot to gdm16:15
rypervencheChakravanti: I see this error online as being the response to an incorrect password. Are you positive that you are using the correct password?16:15
Sawtomreyn - yeah I saw that. But the android sdk doesn't work with anything newer than 8; at least that's what "the internet says". It definitely doesn't work with 11 though.16:15
SawHow can I get jdk 8 anyway?16:15
ChakravantiI am certain the password is correct. copy/paste right out of keepass16:16
Chakravantiboth in creation and unlock16:16
rypervencheChakravanti: Can you try typing it out manually from keepass?16:16
tomreynbratchley: can you post    systemd-analyze blame    and    systemd-analyze critical-chain    to paste.ubuntu.com ?16:16
ChakravantiI did that too16:16
lotuspsychjebratchley: mechanical hd?16:16
bratchleytomreyn: sure give me a bit, just waiting on the black screen part to end16:16
rypervencheChakravanti: Then to verify that it isn't the password, can you try unlocking it manually from the command line?16:16
samsepi0lhey guys16:16
samsepi0lare you ignoring me?16:17
lotuspsychjebratchley: while you wait, could you also tell us your computer specs?16:17
lotuspsychje!ask | samsepi0l16:17
tomreynSaw: so you're saying the android-sdk package in ubuntu 19.04 is broken? i guess not, since you haven't tried it, or have you?16:17
ubottusamsepi0l: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience16:17
leftyfbsamsepi0l: This is a support channel. Do you have a support question?16:17
samsepi0lwell im new to irc16:18
Chakravantirypervenche, how do I do that?16:18
bratchleylotuspsychje: Inspiron 24 300016:18
tomreynSaw: if you prefer to use the android sdk you downloaded from google, you should seek supprot with them. openjre / -jdk 8 may be available from a !PPA16:18
rypervencheChakravanti: Try opening a terminal and then running: sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdc116:19
lotuspsychjebratchley: i3, 500gb spinner, 8g ram? something like this?16:20
tomreynrypervenche: you may need to provide another parameter to this command, the device mapper label16:20
rypervenchetomreyn: Oops! Thanks16:20
rypervencheChakravanti: Sorry, run this: sudo cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/sdc1 luks16:21
Chakravantirypervenche, sudo: 3 incorrect password attempts tried it twice16:21
Sawtomreyn - I did try it actually, I don't remember what was the issue though. I'll try it again, one minute.16:21
bratchleylotuspsychje: yeah16:22
tomreynChakravanti: the first password you need to enter there is your ubuntu user password, the one you login with, this is always what sudo asks for to run commands as a different user (usually root)16:22
lotuspsychjebratchley: what about your ubuntu version?16:22
bratchleyit's som18.1016:22
Sawtomreyn - ha yeah I remember now. There is no sdkmanager with the android-sdk package. Or am I missing something?16:23
tomreynChakravanti: so the disk encryption passphrase would only be required on the next prompt then (which should also look differently)16:23
Saw(Remember and just installed and tried, that is :P)16:23
lotuspsychjebratchley: 18.04 and 18.10 gnome version might be a slower experience then 16.04 with unity, but 15min till gdm boot, id suspect the HD to start failing?16:23
bratchleyWould that show up in journald ?16:24
bratchleyor do I need to use smartctl ?16:24
tomreynSaw: i don't know what that is. but there are "google-android*" packages in addition to the "android*" packages, maybe they provide what you're looking for16:25
lotuspsychjebratchley: a smart test would be nice and the command tomreyn suggested too16:25
Chakravantithat worked!!!!! now how do I administer permit to unlock without sudo terminal or am I stuck with this method (which would be fine enough just a pain in the ...)16:25
bratchleylotuspsychje: ok still waiting, I may have underestimated the lag16:25
bratchleyit's still at the black screen16:25
lotuspsychjebratchley: press F1 to switch to text mode boot, perhaps youl see where it hangs?16:26
Sawtomreyn - it's the tool that can download other packages/version, part of the android-sdk. It's suppose to be in tools/bin (which exist), but the file specifically doesn't. I tried other packages, if there is one I don't know what it's called / if it's even there16:26
bratchleylotuspsychje: it's basically unresponsive to keyboard input until it comes up16:29
lotuspsychjebratchley: that doesnt sound too good heh16:29
bratchleyyeah it does this every time though, I hate rebooting this thing16:30
lotuspsychjebratchley: how about you try a !nomodeset as a test?16:30
Chakravantitomreyn rypervenche that worked!!!!! now how do I administer permit to unlock without sudo terminal or am I stuck with this method (which would be fine enough just a pain in the ...)16:31
hexhashingmy computer wont boot from cdrom why16:34
bratchleylotuspsychje: ok I rebooted giving that parameter and it appears to be just giving me a blinking cursor16:36
bratchleythis is probably what it was doing before and I just couldn't see it though16:36
BluesKajhexhashing, is there disc in it?16:36
lotuspsychjebratchley: cursor in left upper corner?16:36
bratchleyI haven't gotten the kernel messages yet16:37
lotuspsychjebratchley: sounds more like uefi trouble that, do you singleboot or dualboot?16:37
goddardi transfered some files from an NTFS drive to my ext4 drive and all the permissions are retarded... any way to automatically fix this?16:37
lotuspsychjebratchley: fastboot & secureboot on or off?16:38
nucc1hi, should I be worried if 'apt-get autoremove —purge' has removed a package called 'grub-pc-bin*' ?16:38
bratchleylet me check16:38
bratchleysecure boot off16:38
nucc1goddard:  can't you chmod them to what you desire?16:39
rypervencheChakravanti: I'm not sure. I don't use a desktop environment or Ubuntu any longer, so someone else will help to help with that.16:39
bratchleylotuspsychje: not seeing anything for "fast boot"16:39
nucc1goddard: i don't think ntfs does file permissions the way linux does them.16:39
lotuspsychjebratchley: what about legacy vs uefi?16:39
goddardnucc1: sure but i transfered A LOT of files and they are mixed around16:39
bratchleyit's booting from UEFI16:39
nucc1goddard:  chmod takes a -r flag for recursion.16:40
Chakravantirypervenche, that's okay, thanks a lot for what you've done16:40
lotuspsychjebratchley: and you installed ubuntu already right?16:40
bratchleyyeah a while back16:40
bratchleyI think it was 18.04 originally16:40
bratchleydid the same thing which is why I updated16:40
lotuspsychjebratchley: did your setup go fast?16:40
goddardnucc1: alright thanks16:40
nucc1goddard:  be careful to only apply the chmod on the folder containing the files.16:41
goddardnucc1: right16:41
bratchleylotuspsychje: same boot speed16:41
bratchleyonce it boots it's fine16:42
bratchleyso I don't _think_ it's HDD16:42
lotuspsychjebratchley: 18.04 worked fine?16:42
bratchleyno it did the same thing16:42
bratchleylotuspsychje: https://i.imgur.com/8rQitbO.jpg16:42
bratchleythat's the UEFI settings16:42
lotuspsychjebratchley: try some lighter ubuntu flavor as a test perhaps16:43
Exterminadorquick question: what's the best GUI to create bootable USB sticks?16:44
lotuspsychje!usb | Exterminador 'best' is relative16:47
ubottuExterminador 'best' is relative: For information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent16:47
Exterminadorgotcha. also, I have a 2009 laptop that "needs" a second life, probably as a home server. while I'd like to still have a GUI, what's the distro you guys advise to use? or should I take this to something more general as ##linux ?16:49
Exterminadorbasically I need something really lightweight16:50
lotuspsychjeExterminador: as you joined #ubuntu, we reccomend ubuntu16:51
Exterminadorlotuspsychje: does Ubuntu itself has some "Lite" version?16:51
lotuspsychjeExterminador: you say you need a server, what kind of services are you planning to run?16:52
rypervencheExterminador: You're going to get recommendations of all sorts from different channels. I recommend that you do some searching online for distros that have exactly what you are looking for.16:52
Exterminadorlotuspsychje: Apache, Quassel and some other stuff for personal use. the problem relies on the CPU (AMD E-300). RAM is 6Gb and is enough for things that I plan to use16:53
lotuspsychjeExterminador: ubuntu server has light usage, you could install something gui on it if you like, perhaps ask more details in #ubuntu-server?16:55
rypervencheExterminador: You don't need a lightweight distro for that. Linux distros of all sorts can run on that hardware.16:55
bratchleylotuspsychje: OK if I boot to multi-user it seems to come up almost immediately16:56
bratchleyso it's GNOME/gdm related whatever it is16:56
lotuspsychjebratchley: do you mean you only boot slow, when autologin to 1 user?16:57
shibbolethso, 4.18.0-1816:58
shibbolethanyone run into some audio issues on bionic?16:58
bratchleylotuspsychje: no just coming to the user selection screen16:58
bratchleyI don't do autologin16:59
lotuspsychjebratchley: what do you mean by booting multiuser then?16:59
bratchleylotuspsychje: multi-user.target the systemd target for going GUI-less17:03
bratchleywhere it's just the text prompt17:03
bratchleyoddly, it still hangs going from multi-user to graphical manually but altogether it takes a lot less time to boot to graphical going that way17:04
bratchleyvery strange17:04
bratchleylike if I boot to multi-user and manually type "systemctl isolate graphical" it's way faster than trying to go directly to graphical for some reason17:04
lotuspsychjebratchley: does 18.04 clean install, also take 15min to boot to gdm?17:06
bratchleyyeah it did the same thing on 18.0417:06
bratchleyI updated to 18.10 thinking it would fix something17:06
lotuspsychjebratchley: did any ubuntu version go fast on this same system?17:06
bratchleyI haven't tried 19.04 yet mainly because of what a pain rebooting is17:07
bratchley18.04 was the first17:07
bratchleythe first I tried on this system I mean17:07
lotuspsychjebratchley: try a flavour of ubuntu, thats lighter as a test17:07
lotuspsychje!flavours | bratchley17:07
ubottubratchley: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours17:07
bratchleyI have work stuff already configured so I don't really want to do a clean install17:08
=== jottr_ is now known as jottr
bratchleyI might try changing the login manager17:08
bratchleyto something other than gdm, if that's supported17:08
lotuspsychjebratchley: 15 min to boot isnt normal17:08
bratchleyyeah but if I boot to multi-user.target and manually type "systemctl isolate graphical" it takes like 2-3 minutes to get to the text and about 6 minutes to get to the graphical17:09
lotuspsychjebratchley: thats also not normal17:09
lotuspsychjebratchley: try lubuntu 18.04 as a test and see if you can speed up things17:10
bratchleyyeah but I think the issue is with gdm, switching to a flavor would probably fix it insofar as it changes the desktop but I'm going to try to be as minimal as possible to save my vpn config, ssh config, etc17:10
bratchleyif I get rid of gdm I might be able to just boot straight to graphical17:11
lotuspsychjebratchley: if you say you boot in 15 'till' gdm, then gdm isnt the isue right17:11
bratchleygdm has to be the issue if I get to a text login almost immediately17:13
bratchleybut then it still sort of hangs when I switch to graphical17:14
bratchleyI'm going to try lightdm17:14
phobosophSo I just installed Ubuntu Server 18.04 LTS on Hyper-V17:15
black_13what is the "best" remote desktop where you connect from osx to ubuntu17:15
phobosophI noticed that despite the virtual disk having 127 GB, the partitions got only few GBs17:15
phobosophcould it be that Ubuntu/LVM somehow got the dynamic size instead the max size of that virtual disk?17:15
phobosophhow can I find out what physical size the virtual disk has for the Ubuntu system?17:16
bratchleyphobosoph: check the volume group with: vgs17:16
phobosophubuntu-vg 125.50GB17:17
phobosophlooks good17:17
phobosophbut why does df -h report me only few GBs?17:17
phobosoph /dev/mapper/ubuntu-.vg-ubuntu--lv 3.9GB17:18
phobosophI want all the GBs for it (except a bit that is used for boot and that)17:18
bratchleyis it showing the extra space unallocated in the volume group?17:18
phobosophwhy hadn't the ubuntu setup allocated it  for me?17:18
phobosophcan I do this in installer?17:18
bratchleythey may just expect you to expand out the filesystems you care about17:18
phobosophah I see17:18
bratchleylotuspsychje: OK lightdm boots almost immediately but it won't let me login17:19
bratchleylotuspsychje: ok it boots into Xorg so I think I can just do that17:20
bratchleythe Wayland vs Xorg thing is probably a secondary issue I can worry about later17:20
bratchleybut I'm good now, thanks for helping me work it17:20
bratchleyI can finally reboot without fear again17:22
goddardnucc1: so i came up with a command i think will fix all my files17:25
goddardwhat do you think17:25
goddardfind ./ -type f -perm -u=rwx -and -perm -g=rwx -and -perm -o=rwx -exec chmod u=rwx, g=rx, o=r {} \;17:25
goddardi left out execute for others will this mess with directories?17:25
phobosophalright ,I extended the disk, it was very easy, just two command basically17:26
bratchleythey just can't anticipate which disks are going to be important to you so they left it unallocated17:27
bratchleywhich filesystems*17:28
ubottuFor information about installing Ubuntu from USB flash drives, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick - For a persistent live USB install, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LiveUsbPendrivePersistent17:32
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g0thsince my update to disco I can't zoom anymore using ctrl + wheel, any ideas?18:17
g0thin e.g. firefox/chromium18:18
g0thctrl + +/- works18:19
g0thit just ignores ctrl18:22
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Technologicaldisco? is the version 19?18:31
lordcirthTechnological, disco dingo = 19.0418:32
Technologicalah, How is that version btw? I never tried it out18:32
leftyfbTechnological: try it. This is a support channel.18:33
TechnologicalJust googled that seems pretty neat18:35
pragmaticenigmaTechnological: If you have no further support questions, please join us in #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks18:36
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bobomahello. with ubuntu 19.04 i dont have the notification dots anymore on the top dock. is there something that has to be actived manually?18:47
ioriaboboma, you mean the 9 points grid in the Launcher/Dock ?18:59
bobomano, i mean the notifiation dot next to the clock.18:59
bobomasorry for being not precise18:59
ioriaboboma, probably i don't get you, but afaik that dot is present only 'if' you got a new notification19:01
bobomaYes. I get notifications but the dot does not show up19:01
bobomait used to work in older versions of gnome but now with 3.32.2 the dot is missing19:02
ioriaboboma, ah, ok open SystemSetings -> Notifications19:02
bobomaWhat then?19:02
ioriaboboma, are they active ?19:03
bobomaI get notification popups but no dot19:03
ioriai see19:03
bobomaWhat could be the reason?19:04
bobomaAh. Found out that you have to decide to have popups or the dot19:07
bobomathat doesnt make a lot of sense to me19:07
sazawalHello all. Why does the dpkg-reconfigure command not working in Ubuntu 19.04? My default display manager is gdm3, but I think it is only active when the user logs in, and the Yaru takes over it when the user unlocks the system. What is the deal with the new display managers?19:07
ioriaboboma,  you can try some extensions , like this https://extensions.gnome.org/extension/258/notifications-alert-on-user-menu/19:12
bobomaioria, will look into that. Thanks!19:13
sorokinvicHi! In cosmic, why does Software Updater not show Dingo release when in Settings 'notify about any new Ubuntu version' is set? 'do-release-upgrade -c' shows 19.04 is available.19:19
leftyfbsorokinvic: Dingo = 19.0419:20
pragmaticenigmasorokinvic: Is there anything preventing you from doing the upgrade via the command line?19:21
[itchyjunk]Hi, I am trying to use dd to burn a usb. But I am unsure about how to find the path to my usb. the example says of=/dev/sdx but i am under where it would be for me. (ubuntu 18.04)19:22
pragmaticenigma[itchyjunk]: It's recommended that you use a tool like etcher.io to image USB drives. It uses the same process but has protections to help prevent accidentally selecting the wrong device19:23
[itchyjunk]pragmaticenigma, ah okay. i'll try that. thanks19:23
pragmaticenigma[itchyjunk]: Otherwise I will "tail -f /var/log/syslog" and plug in the drive. You will see the path come up in the log when the system recognizses it19:24
sazawal[itchyjunk], If the usb is plugged in. You can find it when you run sudo fdisk -l. And I agree with pragmaticenigma .19:24
[itchyjunk]Hm, is "AppImage" the best way to install `etcher`. I am unable to find it through apt-get19:28
pragmaticenigma[itchyjunk]: it's not an installable program19:28
pragmaticenigma[itchyjunk]: https://www.balena.io/etcher/19:29
[itchyjunk]ah..i see now19:29
pragmaticenigma[itchyjunk]: So yes, AppImage is the way to go. It's a self contained application that doesn't require installation. When you're done with it, you can easily remove it :-)19:30
[itchyjunk]Odd little thing. self contained doesn't mean it's in a container thingy does it?19:32
JimBuntu[itchyjunk], not the kind of 'container' that is commonly referred to as such, any more19:35
JimBuntu[itchyjunk], Think of it as being similar to a 'portable' application ( single EXE ) for Windows, if that helps19:36
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mra90I have two pc connected with etehernt cable but only one of them has internet connection over WiFi. How to share that internet access to the second one? **19:48
JimBuntumra90, depends on which version of Ubuntu - but here is an oldish tutorial - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing19:50
mra90JimBuntu: 18.04 - this is my current version19:51
mra90also one PC has ubuntu but the second is on Windows 719:51
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JimBuntusorry mra90 , I am not on 18.04 yet... I don't think the other machine being Windows will really make any different... IF the one with WiFi is the Ubuntu one.19:52
JimBuntumra90, found this though - https://www.crookm.com/journal/2018/sharing-wifi-connection-over-ethernet/19:52
mra90JimBuntu: ok, thanks for resources I will try it out19:53
mra90I have one more problem, its about external network card which is connected to one of USB ports and before and it takes it like 10-15 minutes befoe it is visible in OS o.019:54
mra90why is that?19:54
mra90how to obtain module name in order to do rmmod mod_name?20:08
mra90I want to remove usb conroler for a while20:08
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mra90JimBuntu: but lsmod | grep usb returns me couple of straneg looking usb records like btusb or usb hid20:10
mra90lspci gives nice output though "Usb conroller: Intel corpo..."20:11
mra90but lacks mod name ;p20:11
JimBuntuLet's think about something for a moment... are you using a USB keyboard or mouse?20:12
mra90JimBuntu: mouse yes20:12
mra90I want for a while disable usb controller20:13
tomreynmra90: you have two computers, both have a ethernet interface. so connect them both to your router, and for (almost) ever live happily in peace.20:16
mra90tomreyn: no, this is not an option20:17
mra90I want to share internet to the second one via ethernt cable20:17
tomreyndo you have two NICs in one of them?20:18
mra90tomreyn: no I don;t think so20:19
mra90both have their owns20:19
mra90but right now I have different problem20:20
mra90I am  struggling with strange external network card which doesn't want to initlize itself in OS20:20
mra90sometimes does it sometimes doesn't20:20
mra90and I dunno why20:20
mra90if I plug/unplug it from usb port dmesg shows nothing!20:21
platzwhen I 'sudo apt-get updte' i'm getting "Release file for http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/disco-updates/InRelease is not valid yet" am i doing something wrong here?20:21
tomreynplatz: are you the same person who brought this up yesterday or two days ago here by chance?20:22
platzin fact, no20:22
tomreynplatz: hmm, i'm puzzled as to why it would say so.20:23
mra90is it possible to put USB controller into slow mode?20:23
tomreynplatz: what does "date -u" return on your computer?20:24
platzah, you know what, that must be it, because i dual booted from windows20:24
platzThu 25 Apr 2019 03:25:03 PM UTC20:25
tomreyndoh yes thats off20:25
platzwindows sets the system clock differently20:25
tomreyndon't have it do that20:26
platzi think it's because linux sets it to UTC and windows uses local time.. i'm not sure if theres a way to change it on windows to use UTC at the hardware level.. but will look - thanks20:27
tomreynplatz: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/4QnKrRwm5G/20:28
tomreynbut then that's all you get from me here, we're ubuntu support ;)20:29
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tomreynthat is, unless you have ubuntu questions20:29
platzhehe, thanks :020:29
lordcirthphobosoph, hi20:30
SagelessFoxquestion: one day after an update20:30
tomreynhi SagelessFox20:31
goddardsomething is wrong with Sound on 19.0420:31
SagelessFoxthe detachable keyboard of my miix520 stopped work20:31
goddardit is constantly changing the default sound device20:31
SagelessFoxand dmesg says acpi INT3400:00: Unsupported event [0x87] keyboard20:31
SagelessFoxeverytime I attach the keyboard20:31
SagelessFoxtomreyn do you have any idea whats going on..?20:32
SagelessFoxI am using kernel
tomreynSagelessFox: not really, no. maybe you logs can provide more context, or a web search could offer a workaround or solution?20:33
SagelessFoxand the ubuntu version is 18.04.220:34
SagelessFoxI dont see much on the internet regarding this behavior... I am still not sure if this is a hardware or software issue because this started to happen one day after the update (which looks like a software falt) but at the same time I couldnt use the keyboard even under bios anymore20:35
tomreynwhat kind of update are you referring to there?20:35
tomreynwhat does this return?   lsusb | nc termbin.com 999920:36
tewardSagelessFox: if the keyboard stopped working under BIOS as well then it's likely *hardware* related20:36
tewardnot related to Ubuntu.20:36
mra90is averything what happens to OS will be logged in dmesg?20:37
SagelessFoxthis is my logs... http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SfFxm9tbhF/20:38
SagelessFox[16:35] <tomreyn> what kind of update are you referring to there?   kernel update20:40
tomreynmra90: not everything, just what is considered to be relevant by default.    journalctl -b  would include non-kernel messages, too.20:40
SagelessFox[16:36] <teward> SagelessFox: if the keyboard stopped working under BIOS as well then it's likely *hardware* related [16:36] <teward> not related to Ubuntu.       but then there are weird logs happening in dmesg everytime I attach the keyboard?20:41
tomreynSagelessFox: does your keyboard work on the mainboard firmmware configuration configuration frontend (BIOS / UEFI)?20:41
mra90tomreyn: thanks for journalctrl20:42
SagelessFoxbut Ive ordered a newone and the new replacement keyboard doesnt work neither20:42
tomreynSagelessFox: so, yes, it's a hardware issue then, the "unsupported event" message can be benign.20:42
tomreynor a side effect. or both20:43
SagelessFoxso whats likely to be wrong? because I dont think its caused by a faulty keyboard20:43
tomreynSagelessFox: is it some kind of wireless keyboard? i know nothing at al about this hardware.20:44
SagelessFoxit's a detachable keyboard..the interface looks like this https://www.windowscentral.com/sites/wpcentral.com/files/styles/xlarge_wm_brw/public/field/image/2017/12/lenovo-miix-520-review-magnets-01.jpg?itok=rzSprk5a  metal contacts at the hinge. tomreyn20:46
tomreynSagelessFox: this suggests the keyboard should work fine (on an older kernel version, and i don't knwo whether you have this exact model) https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Other-Linux-Discussions/Miix-510-Linux-support/m-p/3516340#M884120:47
SagelessFoxmine is miix52020:47
tomreynoh right, different model20:48
SagelessFox^yes, it worked20:48
SagelessFoxbut some months into the semester one day after the update it stopped20:48
tomreynSagelessFox: if it also doesn't work on the firmware that suggests it has nothing to do with a kernel version upgrade.20:50
SagelessFoxyeah I think it's a rational assumption20:51
SagelessFoxbut then it indicates something insider the computer went wrong20:51
SagelessFoxanyway ty for the help tomreyn20:53
tomreynSagelessFox: you're welcome. if you aren't convinced, you can always try with an older version ubuntu installer / live usb.21:00
nullbyte_freebsd and uefi under gpt with grub from linux, how? what to add in /etc/grub.d/40_custom21:01
leftyfbnullbyte_: it's pretty rude to crosspost21:03
tomreynSagelessFox: see this "critical" uefi upgrade, too https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/de/en/products/TABLETS/MIIX-SERIES/MIIX-520-12IKB/downloads/DS500907  - you currently have 6NCN28WW 05/14/201821:04
SagelessFox[17:04] <tomreyn> SagelessFox: see this "critical" uefi upgrade, too https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/de/en/products/TABLETS/MIIX-SERIES/MIIX-520-12IKB/downloads/DS500907  - you currently have 6NCN28WW 05/14/2018   thanks!21:13
tomreynyou're welcome21:13
goddardhow can you prevent your sound device from automatically changing?21:20
Noor_egyhello i'm trying to install android sdk on ubuntu and i got error Error: Could not find or load main class java.se.ee21:32
argentumanyone noticing weird ping spikes over WiFi with 19.04? I have several machines on the same wireless LAN and my 19.04 box is seeing pings go up and down between 20ms and 300ms, whereas the others are steady at around 20ms21:33
argentumNoor_egy: if you install Android Studio it handles that for you21:34
argentum(the installation of the Android SDK, that is)21:34
Noor_egyargentum:  i installed it21:35
argentumah, you're installing the SDK through Android Studio then?21:35
Noor_egyno ididnt21:36
argentumif you install Android Studio, you don't need to install the SDK21:37
argentumnot seperately, anyway21:37
Noor_egywell it didnt install it so i needed to download sdk21:37
Noor_egyand make studio use it21:37
argentumyeah, that's right21:38
Noor_egyok argentum:  thank you i try to use android studio to install it21:39
Noor_egywish it will run21:39
Noor_egymany thanks21:39
argentumgood luck21:39
donofrio_what file do I update to ensure 'nvidiafb' is modprobed on each reboot/startup?22:19
jeremy31donofrio_: If that is an actual module that is part of an nvidia package, it should modprobe on its own22:22
donofrio_jeremy31, ok well I don't get any video till I ssh into my notebook and "sudo modprobe nvidiafb" then I can logon though text22:31
donofrio_I'm stuck right now running xfce4 as root ;( wouldn't startx when I tried as my own account ;(22:32
jeremy31donofrio_: you could try in terminal> sudo depmod -a22:32
* donofrio_ darning flac jacket22:32
jeremy31donofrio_: or do> echo nvidiafb | sudo tee -a /etc/modules22:33
Sven_vBmy privoxy is in a strange failure state, it has one process remaining defunct, it's parent is pid 1 i.e. /sbin/init, shouldn't that reap defunct processes?22:33
donofrio_jeremy31, I did the depmod as root from the root terminal22:34
donofrio_depmod -a (the hard drive made bunches of clicks and a min or two went by) and then it returned to the root prompt22:35
jeremy31donofrio_: I don't like hearing clicks from a HDD22:35
donofrio_no its ok22:35
donofrio_normal read activites22:35
donofrio_its quite now22:36
jeremy31donofrio_: the echo command should make the module load at boot if depmod doesn't22:36
donofrio_trying reboot now22:36
donofrio_nope that didn't work22:46
donofrio_jeremy31, so is it "do > echo nvidiafb | sudo tee -a /etc/modules" (or should I just edit the /etc/modules and add mine as needed? also sound is not working yet)22:47
jeremy31donofrio_: use the command or edit /etc/modules and add module name22:47
donofrio_I got nano ;)  added 1700 packages from server media install (it's a notebook)22:53
donofrio_weird, it didn't work even though it is indeed listed - cat /etc/modules | pastebinit  - http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/v366P769HN/23:02
jeremy31donofrio_: check files in /etc/modprobe.d/  it might be blacklisted23:05
DeleriumSince upgrading to bionic beaver i find that on boot i cannot access the box externally (Mysql, teamviewer anything) until i do sudo iptables -F. I've tried installing iptables-persistent netfilter-persistent but they have had no effect. Any ideas?23:32
DeleriumI begrudge putting in a boot script to flush the tables on boot as it seems like a bandaid to the issue23:33
shibbolethyeah, who needs rc.local when there is a fancy new installers that totally does not  make you wanna hurt yourself23:42
shibbolethand netplan?23:43
shibbolethworld hunger solved23:43
loyalismanyone know where to select the fastest apt mirror, ubuntu gnome23:49
lotuspsychjeloyalism: well reccomended is to use the repos local to your country23:50
lotuspsychjeloyalism: do you have speed problems on your current repos?23:51
loyalismlotuspsychje: yes, was wondering where to change it because i havent had problems in the past23:51
lotuspsychjeloyalism: if you have not had problems, why change?23:52
gofiois it configuring livepatch in ubuntu 18.04 like a first priority?23:53
lotuspsychjegofio: do you even use ubuntu?23:53
ryuoDelerium: check ufw?23:53
jcottonsome universities run mirrors23:54
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jcottonthe one I'm attending does23:54
lotuspsychje!sources | loyalism23:54
ubottuloyalism: The packages in Ubuntu are divided into several sections. More information at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories - See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RecommendedSources for the recommended way to set up your repositories.23:54
Bashing-omloyalism: try opening the Ubuntu software center, click the Edit menu > "Software Sources" and click the "Software" tab - try selecting a different mirror from the dropdown list ("Download from") .23:55
gofiowhat do you mean lotuspsychje just upgraded from ubuntu 17.10 and is asking me if I want to configure livepatch now, or I leave it for later thus why asking23:55
lotuspsychjegofio: pastebin: uname -a && lsb_release -a please?23:56
loyalismBashing-om: thanks, all i was looking for23:56
pragmaticenigmagofio: No, you do not need to install livepatch or configure it23:56
Bashing-omloyalism: Best I recall there is "choose fastest mirror" and the system will seek to find it.23:57
gofiothanks pragmaticenigma lotuspsychje23:58
lotuspsychjegofio: pastebin please?23:58
gofioit's restarting now lotuspsychje23:59

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