silkairwaysHello friends anyone in?02:10
Eickmeyersilkairways: I'm here. What's up?02:12
silkairwaysSo i wanted to leave my computer for a while and come back to the same session so i chose suspend and clicked save for future sessions02:16
silkairwaysBut when i came back i couldn't get it to resume and then it just kinda started fresh02:17
EickmeyerWhat kind of GPU do you have?02:18
silkairwaysHmm I'm not really 100%sure02:18
silkairwaysThis is a install of 19.04 on a usb stick tho not a hdd02:19
silkairwaysShould i check my gpu info somehow?02:20
Eickmeyersilkairways: That explains it. It's very likely that when your computer went to sleep, it also put the USB ports to sleep, so when it resumed, it couldn't wake the USB ports in time to call the USB drive.02:21
EickmeyerI used to have a computer that did the same thing. Unfortunately, that's hard-coded, and not something easily fixed.02:21
silkairwaysOkay that does seem to be exactly it02:21
silkairwaysBecause it w turning on and not doing anything at all02:22
silkairwaysSo i wont bother trying to do that anymore02:22
EickmeyerWell, you could do that, but if you simply didn't allow the computer to suspend you'd probably be fine.02:25
silkairwaysSo save the session but shut down instead of suspend?02:26
silkairwaysOkay great02:28
silkairwaysThat is the plan then02:28
silkairwaysIt starts up amazingly fast anyway02:29
silkairwaysHow does it start so fast now? I think it's much faster than 18.04 which i have installed to the hdd02:40
Eickmeyersilkairways: I wouldn't be able to tell you. Perhaps kernel and/or systemd optimization.02:41
silkairwaysWould a usb boot faster than a hdd or no out should be slower right?02:42
EickmeyerThat depends on a large number of factors from CPU speed to bus speed to hard drive RPM.02:44
silkairwaysHmm okay i see.  Thanks for the insight02:46
EickmeyerYou're welcome.02:47
silkairwaysDo you ever install os to usb?02:49
EickmeyerYes, plenty of times. Works best with USB 3.0 or better.02:50
OvenWerksUSB or USB or USB? And I guess the answer is yes yes and yes02:50
silkairwaysI can't get usb 3.0 to boot02:51
silkairwaysNo matter what os on all my computers usb 3.0 does not work for me im not smart enough lol02:51
OvenWerksI have used usb sticks (Slower than usb ISO) usb rotating drives.02:51
OvenWerksI have not tried a usb3 stick yet.02:52
silkairwaysI use a san disk 128gb 3.002:54
silkairwaysWhat's a usb iso?02:54
silkairwaysI'm talking usb flash drives02:55
OvenWerksbooting an iso image from a usb stick02:55
OvenWerksThey tend to be faster (with usb2) than a normal fs on a usb2 stick because the fs on the iso is compressed02:56
silkairwaysOh yes but would the iso have persistent memory?02:57
silkairwaysWhat's the fs?02:57
OvenWerksfile system02:57
OvenWerksit is possible to put the iso and a second fs for persitant storage02:58
silkairwaysYea like tails?02:58
silkairwaysBut you couldn't really install new programs to that easily right03:00
silkairwaysI saw a solid state usb stick it looks cool03:11
silkairwaysBut the reviews were not so good03:16
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cfhowlettEickmeyer, ping?10:15
cfhowlettOvenWerks, ping?10:16
qwebirc25995Umm, I was wondering if I could maybe get some help here? I mean I was directed here by an ubuntu website13:23
Eickmeyercfhowlett: pong!14:30
cfhowlettI wrote a tearful letter to the FCM team.  He responded.14:50
cfhowlettThey haven't added the US icon because they have had no articles written about US14:51
cfhowlettso no interest or so he says14:51
cfhowlettAt any rate, I submitted my personal journey to Ubuntu Studio article years ago.  Perhaps an official member of the team should submit one???14:51
EickmeyerI could go ahead and submit an entire blog post I did on my personal blog (https://ericheickmeyer.com) about how I came along to the team.14:53
cfhowlettthat would probably do.  do include the official logo as well with a gentle reminder.14:53
Eickmeyercfhowlett: Will do. :)14:53
cfhowlettI notice that Ubuntu Mate is also not represented graphically14:53
EickmeyerYeah, that's strange, and I have seen articles about Ubuntu MATE, so I think they just gave you a "snow job".14:54
cfhowlettoh I know he did!14:54
cfhowlettMy previous article ran a full page so ...14:55
Eickmeyercfhowlett: Let's talk further in #ubuntustudio-offtopic. We're definitely in gray area here for support and creativity. :)14:56
studiobot<Chris> Hi. I would be grateful for any helpful clues about this problem in 18.04.2  that seems to be caused by the Jack Sink (pulse audio) bridge failing when Jack randomly stops. The static noise ends when Jack is restarted. Thanks.  … https://askubuntu.com/questions/1136533/high-pitched-continuous-static-noise-at-boot-up-stops-after-login15:04
studiobot<Eickmeyer> @Chris [Hi. I would be grateful for any helpful clues about this problem in 18.04.2  tha …], I'm going to go ahead and agree with the answer on there that it sounds like a hardware issue all-around. As for Jack crashing, that definitely seems like a separate issue. Perhaps OvenWerks might have some insight?15:08
studiobot<Chris> Thanks Erich.15:14
Eickmeyer@Chris OvenWerks is on the IRC end, so watch for his responses.15:16
studiobot<Chris> OK.15:17
studiobot<Chris> Will Ovenwerks' responses show up here?16:38
studiobot<Eickmeyer> @Chris [Will Ovenwerks' responses show up here?], Yes, from the "Ubuntu Studio Bridge Bot" with <OvenWerks> as the beginning of the line.16:53
studiobot<Eickmeyer> Of course, don't expect an immediate response. We're all volunteers here, and we just discovered a bug in Ubuntu Studio Controls regarding settings persistence.16:54
studiobot<Chris> OK. Thanks again.16:57
Xaviezhello there17:09
Xaviezwould it be a lot of work getting a regular Ubuntu installation working more or less like Ubuntu Studio does?17:09
studiobot<Chris> Hi Xavier. Welcome.   … The latest version of Ubuntu Studio, 19 04 just released, is designed to do exactly that. So, you would still have the vanilla Ubuntu desktop environment but would have all the software, low latency kernel and other optimisations of Ubuntu Studio.  … I recall transitioning from regular Ubuntu to US some years ago17:37
studiobot myself and I don't recall it being excessively time consuming. In those days it meant losing the look and feel of Gnome for the XFCE desktop of US but that is now no longer the case.17:37
studiobot<Chris> Sorry, Xaviez nit Xavier.17:38
studiobot<Chris> See  … https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/UbuntuStudioInstaller17:47
Stormcatcherhello i have a question18:10
Stormcatcherhow can i display a wine window across multiple monitors maximized18:11
Stormcatcheri use Ubuntu Studio 18.0418:12
Stormcatcheri wanna run fl studio on 2 monitors18:14
OvenWerksSo far as I know a wine window is still wrapped in axwindow18:14
OvenWerksa x window18:15
OvenWerksso wgatever yoiu can do with any other window you should be able to do with a wine window18:15
Stormcatcherbut i have problems when i minimizing the window18:16
Stormcatcherthe resoltion changes18:16
Stormcatcherfrom fl studio18:17
Stormcatcherwhen i disable the windowmanager under wine its don t look confortable18:17
OvenWerksHmm, so you have more experience with wine than I do.18:18
OvenWerksIn any case, using a standard graphics driver, (intel in my case) the two screens are one logical screen. Vanilla ubuntu with gnome will be different. and possibly nvidia drivers may do thing different too.18:20
OvenWerksgnome treats the two screen as two displays.18:21
OvenWerksI do not know how plasma does things.18:22
OvenWerksAll of the systems on site (except one) are xfce so that is what I know. The one plasma de system has one screen and I don't really have much access to it.18:24
stormcatchermaybe it found a solution19:02
studio-user820rocky start, ubuntu studio 19.4 just never finishes applying changes when i try to activate the driver for my wifi19:18
studio-user820seems i have the same issue when applying the latest nvidia driver too19:20

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