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friendlyGoathello, im here to ask about rsync. i have it on Debian and Xubuntu and thought it was all set up and perfect. exactly what i needed really but now theres a problem. for some reason with every sync, i lose a little more space. on my PC the drive thats synced to my debian server has gone all the way down to 12gb from 15 and my server itself somehow fell to 6 free gigabytes. whats going on?04:01
friendlyGoatat its worst i got to 2 free gigabytes.04:01
well_laid_lawncheck the rsync command you are using04:03
well_laid_lawnit doesn't normally do that without being told to04:04
friendlyGoatcan you elaborate please?04:11
well_laid_lawnI use rsync and it doesn't use more space than exxpected so it must be something to do with the options you give04:12
friendlyGoatahh, lemme find my command for you04:16
friendlyGoat*/6 * * * * rsync -av -delete -e ssh /media/usb0/ pi@insert.ip.here:/home/pi/SERVER04:17
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well_laid_lawnthe command for -e should be in quotes and what you have there doesn't seem right04:23
well_laid_lawnman rsync has an exxample for using ssh04:23
friendlyGoatgonna check the man and add quotes to the -e04:24
well_laid_lawnthe vverbose option is probably unnecessary in a cron job04:26
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Brothernobody here??05:24
krytarikCounter assumption based on nothing, awesome! >_<05:27
bodiccea_Client: HexChat 2.14.1 • OS: Ubuntu "bionic" 18.04 • CPU: AMD FX(tm)-6300 Six-Core Processor (1.40GHz) • Memory: Physical: 7.5 GiB Total (1.6 GiB Free) Swap: 7.8 GiB Total (7.7 GiB Free) • Storage: 231.0 GB / 489.2 GB (258.1 GB Free) • VGA: NVIDIA Corporation GK208B [GeForce GT 710] @ Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD] Family 15h Processor Function 3 • Uptime: 1w 3d 21h 22m 13s07:22
bodiccea_sorry, pushed wrong button.07:23
bodiccea_well_laid_lawn, no need quoting ssh, if it is alone (anyway, rsync will not receive these quotes).07:32
bodiccea_friendlyGoat, "-delete" should be "--delete". So in fact your command is (in this order): ssh -a -v -d -e -l -e -t -e -e ssh SRC DEST.07:37
bodiccea_I have no idea what it does :-)07:38
bodiccea_As it works, I think last "-e" takes precedence over the previous ones. The command would become "ssh -a -v -d -e ssh SRC DEST". "-d" means there is no recursion within source directories.07:44
bodiccea_ friendlyGoat, it is not related to space being freed on your source machine. What makes you think there is a link between the two events (rsync and disk space on *source* machine)?07:45
furycd001HI Guys. Just done a fresh minimal xubuntu 16.04.6 install using the mini iso & I have 2 questions....08:57
furycd0011.. Power manager shows a notification whenever my battery is low. How can I get it to show a notification whenever my batter reaches 100% charge ??08:57
furycd0012.. Thunar will not display thumbnails. How do I fix this & make it display thumbnails ??08:57
knomefurycd001, 16.04 is EOL for xubuntu, try 18.0408:57
furycd001I will upgrade eventually....08:57
furycd001I'm happy for the mean time....08:58
furycd001Apart from these two problems my system just works so I see no need to upgrade at the moment. I only done a fresh install because I wanted to un-bloat my system....08:59
pmjdebruijnI guess the was a bit, why you went to 16.04 for a desktop at all, since 18.04 has already been out for a while09:00
pmjdebruijnalso xubuntu doesn't have a mini iso? presumably you mean the ubuntu mini iso, and then apt-get install xubuntu-desktop?09:00
pmjdebruijnor do we misunderstand09:00
knomei understand. 16.04 became EOL just barely though, so the xfce components you mention you have problems with are going to be affected the most, so 18.04 should already give you improvements over them09:00
furycd001Yea I mean I used the ubuntu mni.iso & selected whatever the minimal xubuntu option was. I went with 16.04 because that is what I was using and wasn't quite ready to upgrade yet.09:03
pmjdebruijn"ready to upgrade"?09:03
pmjdebruijnyou were reinstalling anyhow :)09:03
pmjdebruijnanyhow, sorry for the pedantism :)09:03
pmjdebruijnI get that 16.04 was a known quantity09:03
furycd001No problem :)09:04
pmjdebruijnthough usually once a .1 for an LTS has been published, it's usually fairly safe to upgrade :)09:04
pmjdebruijnit's a bit of an arbitrary point, but as a rule of thumb it works fairly well09:05
furycd001Yea I used to always upgrade like that but since 16.04 I've been kind of wanting to put if off as long as possible....09:06
pmjdebruijnand if you're settings up system new again, it probably makes more sense to now reinstall using the official xubuntu 18.04.2 iso, as opposed to now getting everything setup usin 16.04 and them upgrading in a few month09:06
furycd001I don't have any plans to reinstall any time soon so I'll most likely just upgrade and hope for the best.09:07
pmjdebruijnfurycd001: aren't you putting yourself in cyclic reasoning, as not doing a clean 18.04 reinstall, but upgrading is the riskier approach, leading to the fear of moving to newer distros09:09
furycd001Hmmmm I guess I am.09:10
pmjdebruijnagain, i'm aware it's easy for me to make assumptions on the other end of the line here :)09:10
pmjdebruijnso take everything with a grain of salt :)09:10
Unit193Whereas for me it's the other way around, if I had to re-install every time I wouldn't bother, but the ability to upgrade means I tend to stick with the latest.09:11
pmjdebruijnto each his own09:11
furycd001Everyone likes their own thing :)09:11
pmjdebruijni'm merely pushing to ge-examine your choices :)09:12
pmjdebruijnand see if it still makes sense09:12
furycd001I get you ;) :)09:13
pmjdebruijnfurycd001: https://superuser.com/questions/258633/why-is-thunar-not-creating-and-showing-thumbnails-of-images09:14
pmjdebruijndo you have tumbler09:14
furycd001Have it installed.09:14
furycd001I also have ffmpegthumbnailer installed.09:15
pmjdebruijnare you missing thumbnails on everything? or just certain types of files09:15
furycd001Appears to be everything....09:15
pmjdebruijnsimple image files like jpgs too?09:16
pmjdebruijndo you have gvfs?09:16
furycd001Yep gvfs is installed.09:17
furycd001This is how one of my picture folders looks >> http://i.imgur.com/MEsuycc.png09:19
pmjdebruijnsorry I've never had any issues with Thunar myself09:20
pmjdebruijnthough I've always installed using the official ISOs09:20
furycd001I've never had a problem myself until now....09:23
IoloDo you see tumblerd going crazy in htop after opening an image folder?09:27
furycd001I can't seem to see it in htop.09:29
furycd001Yea I'm looking at htop and can't see it being listed.09:31
IoloThen I have no clue, sorry.09:32
pmjdebruijnhwo should tumblerd be started? in the desktop session?09:32
furycd001Thank you anyway :)09:32
pmjdebruijnfurycd001: did you logout/login after installing tumblerd?09:33
furycd001Yes I did. My laptop has actually been turned off since installing.09:33
pmjdebruijnif you start tumblerd on a console, does it say anything?09:33
furycd001when run I get >> tumblerd: command not found09:35
pmjdebruijnyou need to specific full path09:38
pmjdebruijnas I pasted09:38
pmjdebruijnalthough I wonder if it's usually launched via dbus09:38
furycd001Oppps sorry. Here you go....09:38
furycd001(tumblerd:26406): tumblerd-WARNING **: Failed to start the thumbnail cache service: Another thumbnail cache service is already running09:38
pmjdebruijndid you install any other desktops before xfce?09:40
furycd001Nope just xfce09:40
pmjdebruijncan you post your ps axuf on pastebin09:40
pmjdebruijnor just check it yourself09:41
pmjdebruijnif tumblerd is already active09:41
pmjdebruijnhtop only shows it, if it's really really active09:41
pmjdebruijnbut it might not show if it's idle09:41
furycd001Here you go >> https://termbin.com/jvrv09:42
pmjdebruijnnothing too strange there09:46
furycd001It's just star10:00
furycd001It's just strange because when I last re-installed my I didn't come across these two problems....10:00
furycd001I just managed to get thumbnails working with thunar again :) For some super strange reason /home/furycd001/.cache/thumbnails/ was owned by root. I changed the permission to my user & thumbnails now work :)10:38
furycd001I just need to get my battery notification to show 100% charged now....10:39
Spass_laptopfurycd001: do you have "Show notifications" option enabled in the Power Manager settings?10:42
furycd001Yep I do. I get a notification when my batter is low (I've it set at 15%), just not when it is fully charged 100%10:43
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_thelion_Hi there, i can't change the theme of the notifications (I'm running Xubuntu 18.04). I discovered that xfce4-notifyd isn't running.14:28
_thelion_And I can't start / enable it with "systemctl start / enable xfce4-notifyd.service"14:30
pmjdebruijn_thelion_: I don't think notifications are a system service14:32
pmjdebruijnsince it's a user login specific thing14:32
pmjdebruijn(although that line is beginning to blur)14:32
pmjdebruijnit's launched by systemd --user apparently14:34
fietCorrect, it's a XFCE service14:34
pmjdebruijn_thelion_: did you ever "play" with the notification before?14:34
fietIsn't that supposed to start from .xsession?14:35
pmjdebruijnas I said, lines are blurring :)14:35
* pmjdebruijn is always in doubt these days14:35
_thelion_No, I just want to change the theme of it.14:35
_thelion_There is a section in the settings.14:36
pmjdebruijndo you have any other notification system installed, that might be conflicting?14:36
_thelion_But if I chnage something there is no effect14:36
pmjdebruijn'notify-send w00t'14:36
pmjdebruijndoes that do anything14:36
fiet_thelion_: Is this what you're looking for? -> https://docs.xfce.org/apps/notifyd/theming14:37
_thelion_Yeah notify-send is working14:37
_thelion_fiet: there are themes installed; but if I chosse one --> no changes in the pop-up notification.14:39
_thelion_I think there is another notification system that's creating conflicts14:40
xubuntu60wHi all, I just did a fresh install of Xubuntu 18.04 from a USB stick and am unable to log in using the username and password I set during install. The only potential strange thing I did is that the username and password are very short (only 2 characters). Is there a known issue about this?14:43
pmjdebruijn_thelion_: do you have any other desktops installed?14:45
_thelion_I have xfce and i3wm14:45
pmjdebruijnxubuntu60w: I'm surprised the installed allowed a 2 char password :)14:45
xubuntu60wpmjdebruijn: My best guess is that it shouldn't have and I'm hitting some security block14:46
xubuntu60wpmjdebruijn: I'll try with a longer password.14:46
pmjdebruijnxubuntu60w: you'd have to check the pam log from a live cd or something along those lines14:46
pmjdebruijnxubuntu60w: technically it's a bug in the installer then, probably true for regular ubuntu too14:47
xubuntu60wpmjdebruijn: what's the place to file bugs against xubuntu14:47
pmjdebruijnlaunchpad AFAIK14:52
pmjdebruijnjust like regular ubuntu14:52
pmjdebruijnagain, this is a ubiquity bug, and it's a shared component as far as I know14:52
xubuntu60wOk, thanks for the quick response. I'll file a bug after I've confirmed that was the issue14:54
pmjdebruijnagain you'd have to check syslog of the problem system to be sure14:54
pmjdebruijnrelevant syslog entries would be very helpful in the bug report14:55
pmjdebruijnbut you'd have to mount the partition with the logs from the live cd to get at them of course14:55
xubuntu60wIs there a bug reporting GUI tool included in the live CD that automatically gathers logs and helps you file the bug with launchpad?14:59
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Spasshello jejijojujitzu, we can see you17:12
jejijojujitzuit looks like in Xubuntu 18.04.2 LTS if I lock the screen it puts the monitor to sleep. any similar experience? my search for a solution has not been successful17:16
brainwashjejijojujitzu: replace light-locker with another screen locker17:34
jejijojujitzuyes, i wasnt' sure about that though: has it anything to do with the greeter screen?17:37
brainwashthe greeter/unlock screen runs in a different VT, and some hardware/drivers seem to have problems with VT switching17:39
jejijojujitzui mean, will I loose lightDM?17:39
brainwashdo you experience an issue with the monitor going to sleep?17:40
brainwashlike, it does not wake up again17:40
jejijojujitzuno, no17:40
brainwashactually, it could be the intended behavior17:41
brainwashputting the monitor to sleep17:41
jejijojujitzuwell, in other OS it is not17:41
jejijojujitzuand it was not like that in old Xubuntu versions IIRC17:41
brainwashinstead of just blacking the screen, and after some minutes turning off the monitor17:42
jejijojujitzuno, the screen shouldn't even be "blacked": you should just go back to the login page imho17:42
jejijojujitzuat least this is how it worked on Windows and on old Xubuntu17:43
jejijojujitzu*login screen17:43
brainwash"Make the greeter behave a bit more like a screensaver if used as un/lock-screen by blanking the screen"17:45
brainwashthat is what the source code says17:45
brainwashXubuntu 19.04 has the new xfce4-screensaver (optional)17:46
jejijojujitzuhrm... I lost you there17:46
jejijojujitzuwell i'm on 18.04 for now17:47
jejijojujitzunice to know though17:47
pmjdebruijnjejijojujitzu: Ctrl+Alt+F1 -> Ctrl+Alt+F8 and it wakes up again17:47
pmjdebruijnannoying I know :)17:47
brainwashnot the problem17:48
pmjdebruijnbrainwash: it only occurs with kernel 4.18 not 4.1517:48
pmjdebruijnso presumably it's DRM related17:48
brainwashbut jejijojujitzu does not have this problem17:48
brainwashit's about light-locker putting the monitor to sleep, and not showing the unlock screen immediately17:50
brainwashso, best solution would be to use a different screen locker17:50
brainwashxscreensaver is the classic pick17:51
jejijojujitzuI'll try then. thanks very much for the help17:51
jejijojujitzuwell, it "replaced" lightDM, but I guess it's just a matter of settings18:05
Spassjejijojujitzu, gnome-screensaver is also a possibility, if you really don't like how xscreensaver looks, I'm testing it currently and it works fine on my machine18:22
Spassbut not sure if it will solve your issue, worth testing tho18:23
jejijojujitzuyes, it does work, but I wanted lightDM as a greeter, as it is by default. if I don't manage to do that I'll try gnome-screensaver18:31
jejijojujitzulol it looks like I've found a perfect and simpler solution by chance18:43
Spasspls share18:44
jejijojujitzuon whisker menu options just replace lock screen command with "dm-tool switch-to-greeter"18:44
jejijojujitzuI can't say how elegant it is, but I think it is. you do the same with the shortcut and that's it18:44
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jejijojujitzuthere's no need to install anything18:44
jejijojujitzuI don't know if there could be any security issue with this18:45
Spassyeah, that's what I'm wondering too18:47
sorokinvicHi! In cosmic, why does Software Updater not show Dingo release when in Settings 'notify about any new Ubuntu version' is set? 'do-release-upgrade -c' shows 19.04 is available.18:50
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brainwashjejijojujitzu: this does not lock the user session18:52
brainwashjejijojujitzu: it simply just forwards you to the greeter screen18:53
jejijojujitzuand what's the difference18:54
brainwashjejijojujitzu: you can switch back to the VT which runs your user session, and it will be unlocked19:10
brainwashvia Ctrl+Alt+F[number]19:11
brainwashit does say "switch-to-greeter"19:12
jejijojujitzuyeah I suspected something like that19:12
brainwashnot "lock"19:12
brainwashactually, you could give another greeter a try19:13
brainwashlightdm-gtk-greeter is not the only one19:13
jejijojujitzuI actually am ok with it, it's just that I was not able to use it together with xscreensaver19:14
jejijojujitzuoh unless my problem comes from ligthDM itself...19:14
brainwashdoubt it19:14
brainwashthe greeter is the visual frontend for lightdm19:15
brainwashxscreensaver is a single app solution19:15
brainwashcompared to light-locker + lightdm + lightdm-gtk-greeter19:16
brainwashsorokinvic: maybe it's a staged rollout19:17
brainwashsorokinvic: you could ask in #ubuntu19:17
sorokinvicbrainwash thx, will try that19:20
jujijoujoutsouwell, gnome-screensaver works fine19:33
jujijoujoutsouand looks certainly better. still I have two different greeters now, but oh well19:33
jujijoujoutsouI guess for consistency I should set the gnome-greeter to load after boot19:38
brainwashjujijoujoutsou: you cannot do that19:41
jujijoujoutsouoh ok19:42
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brainwashfor consistency you would want xfce4-screensaver19:43
brainwashavailable via https://launchpad.net/~unit193/+archive/ubuntu/xfce19:43
fizzizistis it still possible to set up electric sheep as a screensaver or are those packages too old and deprecated?19:45
jujijoujoutsoubrainwash: I'll keep that option in mind. thank you again for the support ^ ^19:48
phillippehery guys22:05
phillippeim having a problem with xubuntu latest version with nvidia drivers latest version (for my 1060) and screen tearing22:06
phillippefor example, when i move konversation window, the screen flashes like it's not fast enough22:06
phillippeit happens with videos online too22:06
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xubuntu64wAnyone know how to boot in safe mode for 19.04? ndiswrapper module is crashing and preventing me from running any sudo commands so I need to start without loading that module22:41

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