jcb2016wxl: you around?02:11
wxljcb2016: yep. what's up?02:11
jcb2016You work for Ubuntu?02:12
wxli already answered this one :)02:13
jcb2016What you say I go from02:13
jcb2016Mobile to desktop a lot02:13
jcb2016I ask cause I tried to join the mailing list and it said that it was maintained by wok02:14
wxlmost of what's done in ubuntu, i would say, is not done by canonical employees02:15
rowanI'm surprised that anyone is on this.02:22
rowanThis looks like a very basic Discord.02:23
wxlit's irc.02:23
rowanWell yeah!02:24
wxlit's more appropriate to say discord is a fancy irc02:24
rowanWhat does IRC stand for?02:24
wxlin much the same way that you can say a motorcycle is a fancy bicycle, but you can't say (at least not justfiably so) that a bicycle is a basic motorcycle02:24
wxlinternet relay chat02:25
rowanWell I learned something today.02:25
wxlme, too. see the cpuid command.02:25
rowanI'm going to have to install it first.02:26
rowanI'm running Lubuntu on this old Acer Aspire One netbook.02:27
rowanThis is going to take a while.02:27
wxlthere's almost no one on irc. for example, on this server alone there's only an average of 82977 users http://irc.netsplit.de/networks/statistics.php?net=freenode02:27
wxlcpuid is pretty small02:27
rowanWell, this netbook is awful.02:28
wxlsounds like fine to work with :/02:28
rowanTakes a whole minute to load the desktop when you sign in...02:28
wxlthe nice thing is that it actually explains in human terms what all the flags mean02:29
rowanThat is nice.02:29
wxlso which version of lubuntu you running?02:30
rowanLet me see...02:30
wxl`lsb_release -a`02:30
rowanWell it's running "Ubuntu 18.10"02:31
rowanLater than my main machine!02:31
wxlahh good you're running lxqt02:32
wxlthe new version, 19.04, just came out02:32
rowanWell I did choose the latest.02:32
wxllet me guess. you downloaded from lubuntu.net :/02:32
rowanIt was a pain to get this laptop running again.02:32
rowanIt would hang on installation02:33
rowanSo after trying some modes, it worked.02:33
wxlyeah ok, so just so you know: lubuntu.net is not the lubuntu website02:34
rowanI don't remember02:34
wxllubuntu.me, as you can see in the channel topic, is the official website02:34
rowanI was like .net???02:34
wxlfor us the latest would certainly be 19.0402:34
rowanI don't remember .net02:34
wxli just looked and they're linking to 18.1002:35
rowanIt was a while ago02:35
wxlwell in case it's not obvious the version comes in the form of YY.MM where YY is the two digit year and MM is the two digit month of release, both zero padded02:36
rowanLike 3 months02:36
wxlthat said, if "a while ago" was before april, you would have seen 18.1002:36
rowanSo the .net one is fake?02:37
rowanOr is it just a download page?02:37
rowanFor the .me02:37
wxlfake isn't the appropriate word. it just has no relationship to the actual developers of lubuntu02:37
rowanSo just a redisribution.02:38
wxlnot even that really XD02:38
rowanJust some mirror?02:38
wxlit's the site of one of the original co-founders of lubuntu, who hasn't been involved in aeons02:39
rowanSo it's the old site.02:39
wxlbasically, but he keeps "updating" it02:39
wxlquotes because he's slow to do it02:39
wxljust know that lubuntu.me IS the official site02:41
rowanWell thanks!02:41
rowanSo all of the search engines made the .net version top and the .me version 2nd.02:41
wxlnope, not all of them02:41
wxltry duckduckgo02:41
rowanGoogle, Duckduckgo, Bing, Yahoo is what I have tested.02:42
rowanWell they should sort out this mess.02:42
wxl.me is the featured listing on ddg02:42
wxli know -_-02:43
wxlwe've been working on it02:43
rowanI guess .net is much more likely to be on the top than .me02:43
wxli'm not sure that the popularity of the ccTLD has anything to do with SEO02:43
rowanJust thinking stuff up.02:44
rowanAlso how private is Quassel IRC?02:44
wxlhere's one thing i can show you, knowing that canonical is the company behind ubuntu: if you `host lubuntu.me` or `whois -H lubuntu.me` you'll see that not only does canonical own lubuntu.me, but they serve it, too02:44
rowanOk, took notes.02:45
wxldo the same with .net and you'll see some very different results02:45
wxlanyways so irc is a protocol02:46
wxlfreenode is an irc network02:46
wxlthey use a patched charybdis ircd server02:46
wxlquassel is a client02:47
wxlirc client that is02:47
rowanWell it's just so many *free* chat programs collect information on you and sell it for a profit.02:47
wxljust to get all of our terms right :)02:47
wxland they are almost all for profit companies02:47
wxlnone of the above are02:48
rowanMakes sense02:48
rowanAnyway I'm going to sleep!02:48
wxlnighty night02:48
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player1_readyhi I use lightdm in lubuntu boot. Can I change defauld background in lightdm ?10:37
player1_readywhat is lubuntu-desktop? should I install it manually? or is installed already?10:45
AurostHi guys11:01
AurostI have a problem with Lubuntu, i'm trying to install it on an old eee pc netbook11:01
kc2bezplayer1_ready: you can change your background in lightdm, check out this article on stack exchange https://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/86690/change-lightdm-background11:02
kc2bezplayer1_ready: lubuntu desktop should already be installed if your desktop is working for you. There should be no reason to install manually.11:03
AurostI run it from usb but i can't reach the desktop... i have a black screen with the following error: [98.901954] snd_hda_intel 0000:00:0f.0: CORB reset timeout #1, CORBRP = 011:03
kc2bezAurost: where did you download the iso from and have you checked the hashes?11:04
player1_readythanks guys11:05
kc2bezyw player1_ready11:06
kc2bezAurost: this chapter in our manual discusses downloading and installing Lubuntu https://manual.lubuntu.me/1/Installing_lubuntu.html11:08
AurostI downloaded it from the official website11:08
kc2bezok have you checked the hashes?11:08
Aurosti already read it, i followed that instructions11:08
kc2bezCorruption can occur and if even 1 bit of information is off then it may not work right. Checking the hash verifies that the image is intact.11:09
AurostOk i will do. Thnks11:10
player1_readyhi I use tp-link stick to connect to wifi and always says disconnected, when I remove tp-link stick and plug it again it says connected, how to fix this13:44
player1_readyis there a line in NetworkManager.conf to fix this?13:45
lubot<HMollerCl> player1_ready: try this: sudo rfkill unblock all13:50
player1_readySo what do I type next?13:51
lubot<HMollerCl> only that13:52
lubot<HMollerCl> that should unblock it if it's blocked, worked for some broadcom issues I have had.13:52
player1_readyok thanks13:53
lubot<HMollerCl> did it worked?13:55
gofiois it too complicated to go from ubuntu 18.04 into lubuntu? already upgraded from eol ubuntu 17.10 into ubuntu 18.0415:57
player1_readyshould upgrade from Lubuntu 18.10 to 19.04 in an old laptop, CPU pentium4 3.2 GHz, 2Gb ram?16:43
gofiohow many ram cards does it have player1_ready ?16:45
player1_ready2 cards16:45
gofio1g ram each?16:45
gofioI had one like that and upgraded to 2g ram each card if I remember correctly havin 4g total at the end16:46
player1_readyyes but pentium 4 supports 2G16:46
player1_readynot more16:46
gofiowasn't too costly, but not always one can do it16:46
gofiowow missed the pentium 4 part16:47
gofiowhat year is it?16:47
player1_readyI think 200416:47
player1_readynot sure16:47
gofiogee, thanks. Mine is 2008 and already old...16:47
gofiohow has been going lubuntu 18.04 so far for you player1_ready in that configuration?16:48
gofioor 18.10 I mean16:48
player1_readyit is ok 18.04 and 18.1016:48
player1_readynot many problems16:48
gofioI'm looking to change from ubuntu 18.04 to lubuntu 18.04 player1_ready16:49
gofiowhat web browser you're using?16:49
gofiohow many windows can you open?16:49
player1_readyI didnt try to open many I opened 1 or 216:49
gofioI'm kinda impressed with that configuration you can use firefox16:50
player1_readyI tried to open falkon16:50
gofiook, 1 or 2, thanks16:50
player1_readymaybe it opens more16:50
player1_readyI dont kno16:50
gofioright now I have 1116:50
player1_readyfalkon was stuck in black screen16:50
gofiothanks player1_ready16:51
gofiohope your upgrade goes well16:51
player1_readybut I think that pentium 4 3.2 GHz is powerful enough, and the only thing that slows it down is the missing of good software16:52
gofiohow much ram does it take the system alone? from rebbot16:54
VarunishHi Does Lubuntu support all the packages supported in Ubuntu Versions16:59
heysoundudeis it possible for me to set my desktop to follow the ntp server on my router?17:28
kc2bezIt is but they didn't wait around for the answer.17:32
kc2bezheysoundude: which version of lubuntu?17:34
kc2bezI think it is the same in later versions so let's start with this. In the terminal type timedatectl status17:35
heysoundudewhat am I looking for in the results17:36
kc2bezDoes it spit anything out? It will let us know what is installed. I don't have an 18.04 install in front of me.17:38
heysoundudelocal time, universal time, rtc time, time zone, system clock synchronized (yes), systemd-timesyncd.service active (yes), RTC in local TZ (no)17:40
kc2bezok good17:40
kc2bezYou will need to edit  the /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf file17:41
heysoundudeok...nano here I come17:41
kc2bezyup that will work. just `sudo nano /etc/systemd/timesyncd.conf`17:42
heysoundudenano tells me its unwritable17:42
kc2bezsudo in front of that17:43
heysoundudeah...done  forgot that part17:43
kc2bezno worries.17:44
kc2bezYou should see a line that is #NTP17:44
heysoundudeyes i do17:44
kc2bezchange that line to the following17:44
kc2bezNTP=xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx  where xxx Replaces the IP address of your router17:46
heysoundudedo I need to make the # go away?17:46
heysoundudethank you17:46
kc2bezWe aren't quite done.17:47
kc2bezSave and close that after you edit it.17:47
heysoundudelol I knew that part17:47
kc2bezthen back at the terminal issue a `sudo systemctl restart systemd-timesyncd`17:48
kc2bezAfter that we can check the status with ` sudo systemctl status systemd-timesyncd`17:49
heysoundudeand now it will sync with my router at every boot?17:49
kc2bezIt will sync on boot yes.17:50
heysoundudetimed out waiting for reply from...I may have mistyped something in nano17:51
kc2bezMaybe. Or does your router actually provide NTP?17:51
heysoundudecould it be looking for a port on the router?  xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:xxx17:52
heysoundudeyes, wirelessly it does...i assume that comes out over ethernet as well17:53
kc2bezyou shouldn't need to specify the port. NTP should be on port 12317:53
heysoundudehmmm...let me check that something hasn't been changed on my roter.  we did have a brief power outage last night17:54
kc2bezIt might not be a bad idea to remove the # infront of the FallbackNTP=ntp.ubuntu.com line17:55
kc2bezThat way if your router fails to respond you can still sync time.17:55
heysoundudeI'll do that...not only was there a power outage, it updated itself.  this will be fun...17:57
kc2bezAh gotcha.17:58
heysoundudethanks for your help.  I'm going to dig into the router and then come back to this...17:59
heysoundudeI wish my chat client let me print convos...18:00
kc2bezyw good luck with the router.18:00
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lubot<teward001> in case any of the usual support people for LUbuntu want to take a stab at helping this person: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1138375/lubuntu-crashes-after-connected-to-the-wifi19:37
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Jimmy7Is Lubuntu good ?21:59
Jimmy7I am going to install it21:59
Jimmy7LxQt is good they say21:59
Jimmy7But I don't know21:59
lubot<HMollerCl> @Jimmy7 [<Jimmy7> Is Lubuntu good ?], In a lubuntu group probably everybody will say yes22:22

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