lotuspsychjetnx for topic dax01:22
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lotuspsychjeLowl3v3l: welcome11:28
lotuspsychjeLowl3v3l: we dont really reccomend upgrading to a daily11:28
Lowl3v3lI know.11:28
lotuspsychjeLowl3v3l: the reason is, if some bug occur, the devs will have hard work to seperate where it comes from11:28
lotuspsychjeLowl3v3l: if you want to help testing 19.10, we advice a clean daily11:29
Lowl3v3lOkay. But this still does not answer my question why do-release-upgrade is blocking11:29
Lowl3v3lbecause either I fundamentally do not understand something about my system or it has a bug11:30
lotuspsychjenot sure, maybe they block upgrade -d in early stage?11:30
lotuspsychjeLowl3v3l: is your system up to date?11:31
Lowl3v3laccording to apt dist-upgrade it is11:31
ubottuTo ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.11:31
lotuspsychjeLowl3v3l: also, in this early stage, 19.10 doesnt differ much from 19.04 yet, maybe that could also be a reason, why you cant upgrade yet11:32
Lowl3v3lubottu: already did so.11:32
ubottuLowl3v3l: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:32
lotuspsychjeits like you would upgrade to the same version11:33
lotuspsychjesame kernel too probably atm11:34
lotuspsychjewe have some bug testers running 19.10 already11:35
lotuspsychjei know one of the crew changed his sources to the 19.10 ones11:35
lotuspsychjejust keep in mind, clean daily is the normal way to go11:36
Lowl3v3lI know. I am doing this more for shits and giggles. But even if all packages were the same, do-release-upgrade should be able to set the sources.list accordingly et cetera11:47
Lowl3v3lBut thanks for your help anyway11:49
lotuspsychjenp Lowl3v3l 11:50
lotuspsychjethe member changed sources just joined11:50
lotuspsychjewanna talk to him Lowl3v3l ?11:50
Lowl3v3lif he has time, sure :)11:51
lotuspsychjeLowl3v3l: talk to BluesKaj :p11:52
BluesKajLowl3v3l, I edited my /etc/apt/sources.list  with sed command like so: sudo sed -i 's/disco/eoan/' /etc/apt/sources.list , then update and upgrade. Make sure your 19.04 packages are updated and upgraded first tho11:55
Lowl3v3lHey BluesKaj, I was told you might have some insight on a little problem of mine. I just tried upgrading my 19.04(which has no third party repos or ppas and is fully updated itself) to development using do-release-upgrade -d. I am aware that a clean install is the better way, but do-release-upgrade -d tells me to upgrade my packages even though apt dist-upgrade is unable to find any outdated ones. Any idea on why it is behaving that wa11:56
Lowl3v3ly? I am aware of the manual way to update, but my problem really centers around this behaviour that i just dont understand11:56
BluesKajLowl3v3l, I don't understand your concern about  "unable to find any outdated packages", that shouldn't be included in any upgrade11:59
BluesKajif you have ppas, remove them just for safety's sake12:00
Lowl3v3lBluesKaj: my concern is that do-release-upgrade does not work because it tells me to update my packages even though according to apt all my packages are on the latest version12:00
lotuspsychjeLowl3v3l: can you pastebin the output please12:01
BluesKajdo-release-upgrade -d probly isn't working because the archive isn't ready yet12:02
Lowl3v3lBluesKaj: okay so lotuspsychje was right after all and I am not stupid :) thank you12:02
lotuspsychjeyeah told Lowl3v3l its still in early stage atm12:03
albert23sudo DEBUG_UPDATE_MANAGER=yes  do-release-upgrade -d shows it reads https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-development which doesn't list 19.10 yet12:03
lotuspsychjetnx albert23 12:04
BluesKajLowl3v3l, i ran it as well and there was nothing availabe12:04
BluesKajthe dailies are out for clean installers, but it's still early days for the archives12:05
lotuspsychjeBluesKaj: that was on kubuntu right?12:05
lotuspsychjemaybe they are faster?12:05
BluesKajnot sure12:06
lotuspsychjeor would it be the same as albert23 says12:06
lotuspsychjenot added yet12:06
BluesKajyeah, too early12:06
lotuspsychjelooks like you will have to marry a daily Lowl3v3l :p12:07
BluesKajit usually takes a couple of weeks for the repos/archives iiirc12:07
lotuspsychjeyeah but this time dailys showed up real quick12:08
BluesKajfor clean installers 12:08
BluesKajone can edit the sources.list tho and that will work, as i mentioned above12:10
BluesKajLowl3v3l,, you may have to switch your server in muon to the "main server" which is in the UK12:11
BluesKajor synaptic, which ever package manager you use12:12
Lowl3v3lthe german server seems to have the packages already.12:13
BluesKajok good12:13
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