willcookemorning all01:59
sarnoldhey willcooke :)01:59
willcookehi sarnold, going well?01:59
sarnoldwillcooke: yeah :) great weather today .. somehow it just helped lift everyone's mood all around town02:00
sarnoldwillcooke: and you've chosen a great moment to arrive, and remind me to do my hobbies, it's still light enough outside for a pleasant evening walk :)02:00
willcookesarnold, excellent!  Enjoy the outside :)02:01
sarnoldwillcooke: thanks!02:01
sarnoldwillcooke: how's it going in taipei?02:01
willcookesarnold, it's been a nice week, not too stressful, lots of good ideas to make the desktop experience better for folks who buy a certified laptop but with Windows and then install Ubuntu later, so that they get the same goodness that they would get with the factory Ubuntu image02:02
willcookeand I'm starting to head home in a couple of hours :)02:02
sarnoldwillcooke: oh very nice. it's pretty annoying to have to pick a machine with windows pre-installed, even from our hardware partners :(02:03
willcookeyeah totally02:03
sarnoldwillcooke: cool cool :) I hope the travel home isn't too bad :)02:03
jibelHi all02:06
dufluOh. Morning willcooke, jibel and sarnold03:00
willcookehi duflu03:10
dufluI hope it has been a pleasant week03:13
duflumodulo jet lag03:13
jibelMorning duflu03:23
dufluwillcooke, jibel, which way did you go? Via Hong Kong, Singapore, other?03:30
dufluOr over the arctic03:30
willcookeduflu, came here via HK, going home via KL03:30
willcookewhich adds another 5 hours03:30
willcookebut means I can leave in ~ 1 hr03:30
dufluWell then /enjoy/03:31
dufluas much as possible03:31
willcookeNever been to Malaysia before.  Not sure if this really counts03:31
willcookeNo stamp = didn't happen I guess03:31
dufluI've never been there either03:32
dufluWas just thinking if you are going via Singapore then there's something new worth seeing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYc9jDuRN4w03:33
dufluBut you're not :)03:33
willcookeduflu, just watched that video - wow03:50
dufluwillcooke, yeah. I remember a few years ago I saw it under construction and just assumed it was another terminal03:50
willcookeduflu, would you be able to visit if you went through?  Would you go through immigration?03:50
willcookeah yes you would, so I expect not03:51
dufluwillcooke, since I've been to Singapore now and want to go again, I would make it a proper visit03:51
dufluProbably Hong King too. My only visit to Hong Kong was spent mostly in bed with the flu03:52
duflu* Hong Kong03:52
dufluTo be fair, there was also a typhoon which limited mobility04:02
willcookeright, heading to the taxi, then to the airport.  See you all next week04:05
didrocksgood morning06:12
dufluMorning didrocks06:52
oSoMoNgood morning desktoppers06:52
oSoMoNhey duflu, salut didrocks06:52
oSoMoNhappy Friday!06:52
dufluHi oSoMoN06:52
didrockshey duflu, morning oSoMoN06:53
didrockshappy Friday to you too!06:53
cpaelzerhi, was there any change to the default keybindings recently (bionic)06:57
cpaelzerI used to move the window tiling left half / right half / full screen with Meta + left/right/up06:58
cpaelzerthis still works, but in "addition" meta + left and right now also move me from the graphical session to the console06:58
cpaelzerlike ctrl+alt+F# would do06:58
* cpaelzer looks for keybinding config ...06:58
didrocksprobably a console-setup bug, was it in your list of updates and you didn't restart since?06:59
jameshcpaelzer: does it still happen if you reboot?06:59
cpaelzerI reboot maybe once a month (=when I travel)06:59
didrockscpaelzer: bug #520546 (owned by foundations)06:59
ubot5`bug 520546 in kbd (Ubuntu Eoan) "Alt+KEY incorrectly behaves like Ctrl+Alt+KEY, and/or unwanted VT switch from Alt+Left/Right" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52054606:59
didrocksso everytime you update console-setup, this would happen06:59
didrocks(as you can see an old bug)06:59
jameshI know at one point snapd was doing something that re-enabled the kernel keybindings on some package upgrades06:59
cpaelzerI can try at EOD later today (I'm not good at reatining my work through a reboot)07:00
didrocksyeah, no other workaround for now than rebooting, unfortunately :/07:00
cpaelzer2019-04-24 01:00:50 configure console-setup:all 1.178ubuntu2.8 <none>07:00
jameshbe careful about copying text to the clipboard07:00
didrockscpaelzer: good candidate :p07:00
cpaelzerthat would match07:00
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jameshhaving ctrl+C kill the gui session is a pain07:01
didrocksyeah, everytime, I have to reboot quickly, can't survive this for long :)07:01
cpaelzerThanks - this really seems to be my issues07:02
cpaelzera reboto will fix it then07:02
cpaelzerand there is a package in -proposed with a fix07:02
didrockscpaelzer: if it is, please comment, if it's not, just keep us posted :)07:02
didrocksyep, I have hopes as well in the -proposed version07:03
cpaelzerI will after reboot check that is gone, reinstall what I have to check if I'm affected again and then reboot again to do a proposed update07:04
cpaelzerthat should help verifying this07:04
* cpaelzer writes a note ...07:05
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marcustomlinsonmorning all!07:56
didrocksmorning marcustomlinson!07:57
oSoMoNgood morning marcustomlinson07:59
dufluMorning marcustomlinson08:01
LaneyOOPS been babysitting autopkgtest stuff08:24
Laneyhi there08:24
dufluHi Laney08:24
didrockshey Laney :)08:43
oSoMoNhi Laney08:44
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cpaelzerjamesh: didrocks: indeed a reboot did help to fix the odd meta key behavior10:17
cpaelzerjamesh: didrocks: but I wanted to verify bug 520546 in that regard10:18
ubot5`bug 520546 in kbd (Ubuntu Eoan) "Alt+KEY incorrectly behaves like Ctrl+Alt+KEY, and/or unwanted VT switch from Alt+Left/Right" [Undecided,In progress] https://launchpad.net/bugs/52054610:18
cpaelzerjamesh: didrocks: yet re-installing console-setup and/or keyboard-configuration no more triggers the issue for me10:18
cpaelzerwith that I'm lacking any proof that I could use to then call the version in proposed good10:18
cpaelzerfor now I'm happy things work again ...10:18

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