ginggsvorlon: thanks, hope you feel better soon07:11
rbasakgit-ubuntu is working again and is about halfway through the backlog of ~4000 imports \o/09:12
rbasak(since last night)09:12
=== cpaelzer__ is now known as cpaelzer
rbasakroaksoax: I don't understand this MAAS SRU. Why is a beta being pushed into a stable release?14:23
rbasakIs there some context I'm missing here?14:24
goddardwhy isn't Qt/Qt Create in ubuntu-make(umake) ?16:08
tewardis it possible to dput via SFTP to uploads.ubuntu.com, out of curiosity?20:06
Unit193tsimonq2: Though I doubt if you care, ssh-import-id has the same 'dist' issue pastebinit did. :>23:13
sarnoldhah, I bet he will care, iirc his boss uses it :)23:14
sarnoldhey tsimonq2 :D23:14
Unit193People actually use it? :3  I just use it as a place to find out where GitHub's API is. :P23:14
tsimonq2Hey sarnold :D23:14
tsimonq2Unit193: Yesss23:14
tsimonq2We use it in prod.23:15
Unit193(Also for some reason I added 'Salsa' support.)23:15
tsimonq2Unit193: Is there a bug report for this?23:15
Unit193Not a clue.23:15
* tsimonq2 is sitting next to valorie in a hotel room lobby :)23:15
sarnoldhey valorie :)23:15
Unit193I find it easier to hide from people if you don't sit next to them.23:15
Unit193http://paste.openstack.org/show/6x4yaKxdWwmB6DfV35SU proof of concept.23:18

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