gofioas soon as I have it running again I can give you the link if you want lotuspsychje00:00
pragmaticenigmagofio: We would like to ask that you stay in one channel for your help. Since you have been getting help in ##linux, it is better to stay with that group. They were able to take you this far, they are the most aware of your situation and what it took to get you up and running.00:00
gofiojust wanted to know if could keep going in the process or had to do the livepatch better first00:00
gofiowell they were into some other conversation and this was 110% ubuntu question pragmaticenigma00:01
gofioand as matter of fact pragmaticenigma your answer was right on point00:01
opilabim having some issues launching minecraft, i know this is ubuntu chat but as the issue is with ld.so im wondering if theres any packages i can install/reinstall to rememedy this issue. the error looks like so:00:06
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opilab Inconsistency detected by ld.so: dl-lookup.c: 111: check_match: Assertion.....00:06
pragmaticenigmaopilab: It is not something that we can support. Minecraft is supplied by Microsoft and they have setup forums and services for customer support. It's best that you seek help there as there is a better chance of someone having encountered the bug and what they did to fix it00:07
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georgeisbustingwindow show 301:07
nshirelaptopwhy does gedit freeze so hard when opening files? I tried to open up a 1mb binary dump and it completely freezes the UI to where I have to sigterm it01:10
pragmaticenigmanshirelaptop: because gedit isn't designed to open binary files. It is scanning the entire file to try and determine the character set of the characters. Since there are no markers, it tries all of them01:12
nshirelaptopany way to get it to just open it as plaintext without trying different charsets?01:14
nshirelaptopmaybe better to just use a hex editor I guess01:14
nshirelaptopI was just a little surprised considering notepad in windows will throw pretty much anything you throw at it01:15
nshirelaptop*handle anything you throw at it01:15
pragmaticenigmanshirelaptop: it's better to use a hex editor... gedit is meant for plain text... for a 1 MB file, it has to scan all 1,048,576 character blocks individually. Windows notepad doesn't do character interpretation, it always assumes it's a 128bit ASCII file01:16
donofrio_jeremy31, that was it, now I have video and can sudo startxfce4 but still seems wrong lol01:16
Bashing-omdonofrio_: "sudo startxfce4" leads to root owning your desktop and "you" are no longer authorized to access :(01:19
tacomasterSome one told me yesterday that intel had a propitiatory driver for the integrated graphics. I am just seeing if that is true because I am not seeing any in ubuntu's 3rd party driver app.01:25
pragmaticenigmatacomaster: there is a driver produced by Intel, it is not for general usage however. It is distributed to OS makers to include with thier OSes, there is on advantage to installing it yourself.01:26
pragmaticenigma*this is no advantage01:26
pragmaticenigma* there is no advantage (my apologies I cannot seem to type tonight)01:26
pragmaticenigmaKrennic: Is there an Ubuntu support issue that the volunteers here can assist you with?01:27
tacomasterOk because the main thing that I am seeing is really bad performance in the low end games that I used to be able to run in windows with 60+ fps. We are talking mostly logic games that don't have demanding graphics. In ubuntu I am getting barely movable graphics.01:28
tacomasterI would say I am getting around 5-10 fps01:28
tacomasterI understand that it may just be poorly written for linux but I am just covering my bases01:29
pragmaticenigmatacomaster: there are a lot of factors. If the game is running through any sort of emulator, you're going to experience performance issues (many windows games run via wine)01:30
tacomasterlinux native01:30
tacomasterThe game is crusader kings 201:30
tacomasterIt can be pretty cpu intensive but very light on the gpu01:31
pragmaticenigmatacomaster: Crusader Kings 2 distributed by Steam?01:31
pragmaticenigmatacomaster: Did you enable steam play?01:32
tacomasterI did but that was just mostly for other games. If I enable it on a global level will it try to run all games in the windows versions?01:33
pragmaticenigmatacomaster: yes (I'm not aware of enabling it on a per game level) ... steam play is an emulation layer however. And the game you mentioned is only available for windows and mac, meaning that on linux it's using some sort of middle ware to run the game01:34
tacomasterI mean in a few weeks it will be a non issues because I am getting a gtx 1070 but I just didn't have the money up front01:35
tacomasterIt is a native linux game I can show you01:35
pragmaticenigmatacomaster: If you are going to upgrade the graphics capabilities, then I highly recommend that you wait for your new graphics card. Doing a bunch of tweaks now will mean you will have to remember what they were in case they interfere with the new graphics setup01:35
pragmaticenigmatacomaster: I'm looking at the game right now, while it doesn't specifically say it, it is running via steam play. It was verified to work, which means the you don't have to enable it yourself01:36
GalzuFromQHow the F do I disable the passwd prompt in LXDE?01:37
GalzuFromQIt's driving me bananas, I'm about to just start using it as root.01:37
tacomasterpragmaticenigma: I was playing this game on linux before steam play was a thing01:37
pragmaticenigma!ohmy | GalzuFromQ01:37
ubottuGalzuFromQ: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList01:37
tacomasterI have a system requirements for linux in the steam client as well with the steam os logo01:38
GalzuFromQIs F a bad word?01:38
GalzuFromQI'm ex Army Infantry, I try and tone it down but it slips when I'm agitated.01:38
tacomasterpragmaticenigma: I just turned off steam play completely and I was able to get back into the game01:39
pragmaticenigmaGalzuFromQ: Consider this area a public park with small children and I think it'll help. As for the password prompt, are you asking to be able to automatically login?01:40
GalzuFromQGotcha pragmaticenigma01:41
GalzuFromQpragmaticenigma, I would like to disable gksudo or what ever it is.01:41
GalzuFromQI can't even keep up anymore.01:41
GalzuFromQWhen I started using *NIX there wasn't sudo, or gksudo.01:41
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pragmaticenigmaGalzuFromQ: the reason for the move to sudo and gksudo (gksudo is being slowly discontinued in favor of other methods) is to make it harder for someone malicious to gain access to your computer. Admittally, I get annoyed to, but once my machine is up and running I rarely have to use it01:43
pragmaticenigmaGalzuFromQ: May I ask what you are doing that requires being run as gksudo or with sudo?01:43
GalzuFromQI know the reason for it, I was just stating it wasn't around when I began.01:43
GalzuFromQYou could make a group and user named TIMMAY and it'd do the same thing as sudo.01:44
sysadminor you could install Kali and run it all as root01:44
sysadmineverything except chrome01:45
GalzuFromQKali, lol.01:45
GalzuFromQOR, I could log into this Peppermint distro I'm using as root.01:45
GalzuFromQBUT, I KNOW there's a way to disable it.01:45
pragmaticenigmatacomaster: looking at the system specifications for the game, it appears that they have tested and recommend AMD or nVidia graphics cards for that game for best performance. I believe that once you receive your new card, everything will be much better for you01:45
pragmaticenigmaGalzuFromQ: The short answer is, it isn't easy to disable. The usage of sudo and gksudo is now deeply rooted in Ubuntu and not made easy to circumvent01:46
pragmaticenigmaGalzuFromQ: You can edit the sudo users file, to enable sudo to work without a password, but I don't think it applies to gksudo01:46
GalzuFromQBecause adding the program to visudo isn't doing it.01:46
GalzuFromQThis is what I've done https://pastebin.com/raw/dFMDksfu01:47
GalzuFromQMaybe I need to go to the #debian room.01:49
pragmaticenigmaGalzuFromQ: Did you uncomment the line in /etc/sudoers for looking in the other folder?01:49
pragmaticenigmaGalzuFromQ: #debian will send you right back here if you are running Ubuntu01:49
GalzuFromQpragmaticenigma, I did and it kicked back an error saying there was an error in the file.01:50
pragmaticenigmaGalzuFromQ: can you paste the error message for me please?01:50
GalzuFromQpragmaticenigma, https://pastebin.com/raw/Vk8nnvbR01:51
GalzuFromQCrap, I should have logged in as root at term F1...01:52
GalzuFromQYay, I was still logged in.01:53
pragmaticenigmaGalzuFromQ: In the past I've just done this in my sudo file: {user_to_nopass} ALL=(ALL) NOPASSWD: ALL01:56
pragmaticenigmaGalzuFromQ: it's lazy, but it allows me to sudo anything when I need to01:57
pragmaticenigmaI haven't worked much with command alias or the other alias stuff before. That should get you further along. I'll have to readup on the alias parts01:58
GalzuFromQOk pragmaticenigma02:02
donofrio_Bashing-om, I was unable to start it as my own user but as root xfce4 starts, how do I recover or 'off to the #xfce group' cause I've been lurking there for a few years now ;)02:03
Bashing-omdonofrio_: Who owns the desktop, from the F2 console what shows ' ls -al .ICEauthority .Xauthority ' ?02:11
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texlaBashing-om, Ubuntu 18.04 fresh install on desktop..Error waiting for unattended uprg to exit..found /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50 unattended-upgrade..says to comment unattended-upgraded:: mail "root";..the comment are // rather than # how do i uncomment IT02:25
Bashing-omtexla: just remove the '//' . and save the file ( you did make a back up, right ?) .02:28
tomreynhi Boyette02:28
Boyettei have a strange problem with filezilla application02:29
Boyetteif i type something in there i cant use backspace anymore to correct something.. also after a while the keyboard wont work at all anymore02:29
tomreynthe keyboard wont work anymore on filezilla or in general?02:29
texlaBashing-om, I have not done anything yet waitingg for advise never had to deal with // before02:29
Boyetteonly in filezilla02:29
tomreynBoyette: what's your ubuntu verion?   nc termbin.com 9999 < <(lsb_release -ds;cat /proc/{version,cmdline};echo "$XDG_CURRENT_DESKTOP ($XDG_SESSION_TYPE)";)02:30
tomreynand filezilla version?   apt list --installed filezilla02:31
Boyettefilezilla/bionic,now 3.28.0-1 amd64 [installed]02:31
Boyettebut when i start the filezilla application its 3.41.202:32
tomreynso maybe you installed it as a snap?02:32
Bashing-omtexla: Ar you sure you need to do anything . how nuch time have you given "unattended-upgrade" to complete it's thing ?02:32
Boyettei dont know how to update it it doesnt update automatically02:32
Boyetteso i always download the newest version from their website02:32
Ben_XI'm thinking about switching from Ubuntu to Arch Linux02:33
tomreyn!latest | Boyette02:33
ubottuBoyette: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.02:33
tomreyni.e. most of the time you don't need / want to have the latest version02:33
Boyettebut i was trying to fix this by updating to the latest version02:33
Boyettebut that also doesnt work02:33
purplepodfilezilla/disco 3.39.0-2 amd6402:33
tomreynBoyette: so you're saying the same thing happens on filezilla 3.28.0-1 ?02:34
purplepodyou're on02:34
purplepodoh nvm you're on Bionic02:34
purplepodignore me :P02:34
Ben_XBionic Beaver02:34
texlaBashing-om, I waited approximately 30 minutes then went to synaptic and downloaded and back to software and it then downloaded 16002:34
tacomasterSorry been a long time since I have been using linux. I do remember that net-stat could be used to check open ports but it seems that ubuntu has decided to no longer use this. What is the command to replace it?02:34
tacomasterwait it was netstat02:35
tomreynBoyette: let's try this:   LANG=C ubuntu-support-status --show-unsupported | nc termbin.com 999902:35
purplepodBoyette, you could try Filezilla from snap, it's on 3.39.0-2, see if it happens on that too02:35
Boyette@ purplepod im already on 3.41.2 with snap02:36
Bashing-omtexla: From terminal what results ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt full-upgrade ' ?02:36
texlaBashing-om, On my laptop now will have to try tomorrow sorry02:37
tomreynBoyette: hmm, this doesn't look too bad. can you run filezilla (the 3.28.0-1 one) from a temrinal and post and output it prints there from the start till it breaks?02:37
Boyetteif i start it from terminal it starts 3.41.202:38
Bashing-omtexla: K -02:38
Boyettedont know why it still list the old version in apps02:38
tomreynBoyette: /usr/bin/filezilla02:38
tomreynBoyette: /usr/bin/filezilla --version     shoul dreport  FileZilla 3.28.0, compiled on 2017-10-2902:39
Boyetteit reports:02:39
BoyetteFileZilla 3.41.2 official build, compiled on 2019-03-1802:39
tomreynhmm and you ran it with the full path?02:40
tomreynlike this /usr/bin/filezilla ?02:40
Boyettej@HQ:~$ /usr/bin/filezilla --version02:40
BoyetteFileZilla 3.41.2 official build, compiled on 2019-03-1802:40
tomreynhmm maybe remove the snap temporarily02:40
tomreynBoyette: also, since you seem to have some 3rd party repositories, can you also post this:    sudo /bin/true && cat &>/tmp/aptlog < <(sudo apt-get -qqy update 2>&1; apt-cache policy 2>&1; sudo apt-get -syV full-upgrade 2>&1;); nc termbin.com 9999 </tmp/aptlog; rm /tmp/aptlog02:42
tomreyni'd just like to see which they are02:42
tomreynand whether they might have smuggled some problematic libs onto your system02:42
sazawalHi. I have made a few changes in the file /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gdm3.css. which I want to restore. I tried finding which package contains this file to reinstall it. But the dpkg -S command says "dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gdm3.css02:46
tomreynBoyette: plenty of 3rd party repos. hopefully none of them installed some library which doesn't match with your system.02:47
Boyettewhat should we do now02:47
tomreynBoyette: this is just a theory so far, there coul dbe other reasons. i suggested you temporarily remove the snap to be able to show the terminal output of filezilla02:48
tomreynbut you didn't respond to this, so i assume you prefer not to?02:48
Boyettei can do it if you can explain to me how :)02:49
tomreynsudo snap remove filezilla02:49
Boyettesnap "filezilla" is not installed02:49
tomreynBoyette: <Boyette> @ purplepod im already on 3.41.2 with snap02:51
Boyettei thought it was snap02:51
tomreynso one of you isnt telling the truth, either the Boyette now, or the Boyette from 15 minutes ago02:51
Boyettebut apparently its not02:51
Boyettei was checking how i did that then02:51
Boyettei used ubuntu-toolchain02:52
tomreynBoyette: snap list      shows installed snaps.02:52
tomreynwhat do you mean by "i used ubuntu-toolchain"?02:52
Boyettethis is what i used to update filezilla02:53
Boyetteand i downloaded the latest version here02:53
tomreynso you installed it from a ppa apparently. but you also say you downloaded it from the projects' website02:54
tomreyni don't think i can follow02:54
tomreynapt list --installed filezilla   prints which version? did we have this before?02:55
Boyettethe ppa was just to install the correct version of libstdc++02:55
jcottonthat sounds like it would break lots of things02:56
Boyettej@HQ:~$ apt list --installed filezilla02:56
BoyetteListing... Done02:56
Boyettefilezilla/bionic,now 3.28.0-1 amd64 [installed]02:56
tomreynBoyette: you really need to be careful with PPAs, there's a reason they're unsupported here02:56
Boyetteyes it is getting clear to me now02:56
tomreynBoyette: 'upgrading' libstdc++ is a way to reliably break your system, possibly beyond repair02:57
tomreyni notice this how-to you linkes even recommends installing "the right version of libstdc++.so.6". that's a bad recommendation, i'm afraid.02:58
Boyettewhat to do now?02:58
tomreynalso this how.to is for ubuntu 16.04, you have 18.0402:59
tomreynBoyette:  dpkg -l libstd* | nc termbin.com 999903:00
tomreynhmm those seem to be fine.03:01
Boyettemy issue is something similar like this:03:02
Boyettebut this is a topic from 2015.. you would not expect this in 201903:02
tomreynBoyette: oh this sudo cp ... command is also pretty disastrous03:02
tomreynyour issue is that you followed a bad how-to which was also for a different ubuntu version, which had you replace important files on your computer03:03
sazawalHow do I find which package contains a particular system file? dpkg -S is not working for this file.03:04
tomreyni'm trying to understand what was replaced, give me a minute03:04
tomreynBoyette: ^03:04
tomreynBoyette: do you still have the filezilla copy you downloaded as per this how-to?03:08
tomreynBoyette: if you open it in an archive manager, you can look into directory FileZilla303:08
tomreynin there are some subdirectories03:09
tomreynyes, open it in an archive viewer03:09
Boyettebin / lib / share03:09
tomreynright, you copied these directories and their contents to /usr/03:10
tomreynwhich is where some critical parts of ubuntu are installed, some of which were probably replaced.03:10
tomreynyou can now either go over these files in those subdirectories one by one, determine whether they were previously installed, and if so, reinstall their proper version from ubuntu, and if not, remove it.03:11
tomreynor you can reinstall03:11
Boyettesudo cp -ravx * /usr/03:12
Boyettethis is what i did03:12
Boyettebut actually03:13
Boyettei found out something now03:13
tomreyni can tell you how to "determine whether they were previously installed, and if so, reinstall their proper version from ubuntu", but just for one of those files, as an example, you'd need to do it for the others.03:13
Boyettewhen i do this:03:13
Boyettesudo ibus exit03:13
Boyettethe keyboard problem is fixed in filezilla03:13
Boyettefor the actual session03:13
tomreynso you found a workaround for the immediate issue. but this doesn't fix the problem you created by this sudo command.03:14
Boyetteif its created by that03:14
Boyetteor is it related to something else what exitting ibus is doing03:14
tomreynit is not easy to tell whether the symptoms you're seeing are those of this problem or a different one.03:15
tomreynbut i'd recommend to focus on the root cause, not the symptoms03:15
Boyetteso how to determine the proper versions03:15
tomreynso the first direcoty you copied files from is "bin"03:16
tomreynin there is a files "filezilla"03:16
tomreynBoyette: so you copied bin/filezilla to /usr/bin/filezilla, replacing a possibly previously existing "filezilla" file there03:17
Boyetteyes there is a file called filezilla in /usr/bin which was recently modified03:18
tomreynBoyette: using the command "dpkg -S /usr/bin/filezilla" you can tell whether there is an ubuntu package installed which used to have a file at this location.03:18
Boyettefilezilla: /usr/bin/filezilla03:18
tomreynBoyette: this comand will either output nothing at all, or the name of the package which originally placed a file at this location, and then the location again.03:19
tomreynin the latter case, as it is here, the "filezilla" package placed the /usr/bin/filezilla file there before you overwrote it03:19
sazawaltomreyn, tomreyn Hey can you tell me why dpkg -S /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gdm3.css is not giving me any package results?03:19
tomreynBoyette: you should thus have this entire ubuntu package reinstalled.03:20
Boyetteok how to do that?03:20
tomreynBoyette: sudo apt install --reinstall filezilla03:20
tomreynBoyette: this should replace the /usr/bin/filezilla file, so it'll get a different timestamp03:21
tomreynsazawal: it's just a symlink on my system03:21
tomreynsazawal: readlink -f /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gdm3.css03:22
sazawaltomreyn, Thanks03:22
Boyetteyes now it has date of october 201703:22
tomreynBoyette: yes that's the original timestamp03:23
tomreynBoyette: in the other situation, so if the dpkg -S ... command had not returned anything, the right thing to do now would have been to remove this file you were examining03:23
tomreynso (don't run this now): sudo rm /usr/bin/filezilla03:23
Boyettewhen i start filezilla now03:24
Boyettei get an error03:24
tomreynBoyette: yeah don't , you have more files to clean up now03:24
Boyetteah ok03:24
Boyettewhats next03:24
tomreynwell all the other files you see in the file archive viewer03:25
tomreynanything inside and below of /FileZilla3/03:25
ellyachtI am currently in a live session of Ubuntu and I am trying to get a tool to create a multiboot USB of linux distros.03:25
Boyette3 directories03:25
Boyettein bin there is03:25
tomreynBoyette: yes, still the same03:25
tomreynBoyette: you just got muted for sending too many new lines in a short time.03:26
tomreynit'll be undone shortly.03:26
tomreynBoyette: there's no need to describe the contents of these subdirectories, i have a copy on my screen.03:27
tomreynask your questions about the proicess if you have any03:27
Boyetteok so in bin directory there is filezilla/fzputtygen/fzsftp/fzstorj03:27
Boyetteah ok03:27
Boyettewhats next03:27
tomreynyou iterate over these files, doing what we did for the "filezilla" file03:28
tomreyneither reinstall the apt package, if any, or delete the file you copied to /usr/...03:28
tomreyni just explained this part ;)03:28
tomreynyour other option is still to reinstall03:29
tomreyneither way, keep in mind not to do this agai03:29
tomreynif you download some software from some website as an archive file or executable, you're most likely doing something wrong03:30
Boyettethe other packages are not installed03:31
Boyettejust only filezilla03:31
tomreynthat is, until you have more experience, later it can make sense in some situations. but for now, you really should avoid this.03:31
tomreynso fzsftp was not installed?03:32
tomreynyes, it was03:32
Boyetteall the others were not installed03:32
Boyettei checked all others in the bin03:32
Boyettesame result03:32
Boyettegives unable to load package03:32
tomreynyou have two more subdirectories to go03:33
tomreynand i'll be gone now, good luck.03:34
Boyetteall unable to locate03:34
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gofiois it usual that gparted data and df -h command doesn't match up?04:25
lotuspsychjegofio: pastebin: uname -a && lsb_release -a && df -h04:59
ashley_Hey. just a quick question. Sometimes on boot if I am not connected to my home network the nfs shares in fstab causes my computer to take ages to start. Is there a way to put a time limit on the entry in fstab? So that if nothing happens it just times out?05:03
mousesashley_: use 'nobootwait' as a option in those drives via fstab05:05
ashley_mouses, Thanks. I will give it a go.05:05
mousesashley_: can confirm it works in ubuntu, but some distros do it different05:05
mousesdepending what you are running, it may be 'nofail'05:05
ashley_mouses, That has worked thanks :)05:19
mousesashley_: always glad to help when I can :305:19
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Kendos-KenlenHi :)05:51
Kendos-KenlenIs there a way to force ubuntu not to use pinentry-gtk ? I am trying to build a package from ssh, but get an error saying gpg-agent is unable to receive key.05:52
Kendos-KenlenHowever, it works well when running from a terminal. So I figured out that it's because pinentry-gtk is called (and as it cannot be run from CLI, it fails). Is there a way to disable this behaviour?05:53
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ClutzJust install (reinstalled) a new Ubuntu 18.04 OS on sdb (2nd SSD), along side Windows 10 (sda; 1st SSD), but it is no longer booting into grub2. I've tried messing with the boot order to no avail. I can boot either OS, but would like Grub2. Anyone know how to fix this? I can see the EFI partition in GPARTED. I'm currently using a LIVE USB of Ubuntu 18.0406:26
student#ubuntu anyone06:27
mousesstudent: if you need help with something, just ask and be patient06:27
ClutzI have an EFI Partition in fat32 on sdb with Ubuntu, flags: boot, esp06:27
mousesClutz: easy fix - got a Ubuntu boot USB handy?06:27
ClutzOn it now :D06:27
ClutzLooking at GPARTED06:27
mousesClutz: make it easier06:27
mousesClutz: Boot from live, and do option 2 here - https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Boot-Repair06:28
studentam out06:28
mousesClutz: that'll fix your grub2 issues and if not, will provide a nice log for us to look over and hopefully help more06:29
studentfuck this06:29
Clutzmouses, Awesome! That is exactly where I am. I have this message: https://paste.opensuse.org/view//1987784106:29
mousesClutz: never fixed that manually, but boot-repair should do it for you - others here might be more helpful if you want to do it manually06:30
Clutzmouses, Okay. I appreciate it06:30
mousesClutz: windows loves to overwrite boot things and destroy grub from time to time to keep you on your toes :)06:30
ncwz_hluhi *verse06:31
Rembohello, i want to use 2 ip at the same time, one public 85.x and one private 192.168.x, can someone help?06:31
Clutzmouses, That is what is odd. I installed Ubuntu AFTER Windows 10. Already had Windows 10 on here, decided to reinstall Ubuntu to fix an issue from a stupid PPA06:31
Clutzmouses, Even stranger, GPARTED shows the partition right next to Ubuntu where it belongs06:32
mousesClutz: yeah, your EFI is hosed and I can't even pretend to understand EFI lol06:32
mousesRembo: On the same interface?06:32
Clutzmouses, https://imgur.com/a/EDrGWOZ06:32
Rembomouses, yes06:33
mousesRembo: looks like https://askubuntu.com/questions/547289/how-can-i-from-cli-assign-multiple-ip-addresses-to-one-interface will steer you to where you want to be06:33
Clutzsdb1 has Grub on it, but won't isn't booting Grub06:35
ChakravantiSo I was able to encrypt the USB HDD with LUKS and ext4 but opening the drive requires sudo.  How do I stop that requirement?  Anyone with the password should be able to unlock the device, right?  How do I make that happen?06:41
NobodywuvsMeI have had my grub messed w by a winblows update06:52
NobodywuvsMeone time, a truecrypt volume was corrupted after a win update. win* is very invasive, destructive06:53
Chakravantithat's why I don't run the two on the same device06:54
NobodywuvsMeyep. as far as you not wanting to require sudo for your *crypted usb...tough one06:54
ChakravantiThere's one them I don't even use so that makes it easier to me.  I don't play games, why would I even use windoze?06:55
NobodywuvsMeive been wanting to know same06:55
Chakravantihave a different drive run GRUB and choose your boot in BIOS on which device to boot06:55
NobodywuvsMethats my setup06:56
NobodywuvsMeso about sudo...it took me some reading to learn the syntax for editing sudoers file06:57
Chakravantigood thought, thanks07:01
NobodywuvsMebut its powerful...one can give a group a lmtd set of cmds and members of thzt group can do *SOME* priviledged things..07:01
NobodywuvsMemy issue is "sudo su"07:01
NobodywuvsMethat cant be...or sudo is shit,pointless07:02
ncwz_hluparallel universe ;-)07:10
=== mia_ is now known as Guest6692
catbeardsudo -s07:12
NobodywuvsMeso if one invokes 'sudo -s' ...the s switch spawns a shell as root?07:21
BergcubeI want to install 19.04 on an old HP Pavilion laptop. After boot from the USB the desktop is upside down. The "lock rotation" icon in the upper right pulldown isn't there. Is there any hotkey or other magic that vill turn the screen the correct way?07:27
ducasseNobodywuvsMe: try 'sudo -i' to invike a root shell07:33
andre144khi all. is there existing a mount timeout option for nfs/cifs? boot-prozess willbe hang when destination nfs/cifs server issnt available correct...07:34
ducasseandre144k: add 'nofail' to the mount options07:35
andre144kducasse, merci !! ill have a look :)07:36
ducasseandre144k: it will prevent the boot from hanging if the filesystem cannot be mounted07:40
=== mike__ is now known as isr60
andre144kducasse, hmm nofail seems to be only disable message on disply08:06
Abdinaasirfix terminal]08:13
Abdinaasirsudo update08:13
martind_Hello Guys, I have a problem with my Ubuntu 18.04. I have a nightly build of node (v13.0.0-nightly2019042580c0b89bbb).08:33
martind_How can I get it to the normal channel as NPM cannot run properly with this nightly build and wants me to "upgrade"08:33
martind_The latest stable evrsion is 12.008:33
martind_Anyone can help me with that?08:36
mra90how can I find the module/driver behind a device?09:17
=== chb is now known as Guest22528
mra90For example when I do "lsusb" I see a record for one of my USB device, now I would like to find a module which serves that device, how to find it?09:17
=== Ahnberg_ is now known as Ahnberg
jeremy31mra90: lsusb -t  will show modules09:36
mra90jeremy31: in "Driver" column?09:37
mra90and what is a difference between driver/module then?09:37
qwebirc30280Hi people of the internet! I've got a (hopefully) short question. How can I make notepad++ running with wine the default text editor?09:37
jeremy31mra90: a kernel module is a driver09:37
pertlhow can I figure out the ipv6 address that is globally unique within my local network?09:40
mra90jeremy31: thanks09:42
mra90jeremy31: but what is a difference bwteeen "lsusb -t" and "lsmod | grep usb"?09:44
mra90both commands return different usb modules09:44
jeremy31mra90: lsmod | grep usb will just show loaded modules that have usb in the module name, not all modules for usb have usb in the name09:46
mra90jeremy31: yes but what is a difference between these loaded modules and kernel drivers for usb then?09:47
jeremy31mra90: I am not sure what you are asking, are you having issues with a USB device?09:51
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dillonwho know how to use irc robot?10:14
mra90jeremy31: I am having issue with usb device yes10:15
mra90but as for now I try to understand some things10:15
mra90and one of them is the difference between lsmod | grep usb and kernel usb driver10:15
mra90how do they differ?10:15
mra90although I now see they are having the names so they are presuably the same drivers10:17
jeremy31mra90: I think the actual USB drivers are built into the kernel itself, lsusb only shows external modules10:20
qwebirc29790windows.es 710:25
qwebirc29790windows 1010:28
lotuspsychjeqwebirc29790: this is the ubuntu support channel10:31
mra90jeremy31: ok going to the actual problem do you see these 3 external network card adapters https://ibb.co/PFPqyqj?10:32
mra90can you imagine they are the same, same model, same producer, but on of them is unrecogniable by ubuntu after a plug10:32
mra90dmesg is empty10:33
mra90nathing as if it wn't plugged into the port10:33
mra90why is that? The other two work ok10:33
jeremy31mra90: Does the one work in other computers?10:33
SimonNLmaybe not being as much the same as you think10:33
mra90jeremy31: good question, yes! It works properly on windows for example10:34
SimonNLor broke10:34
mra90SimonNL: no, its not broken10:34
SimonNLI see10:34
jeremy31I would open terminal> tail -f /var/log/syslog    and see what happens when you plug the one in10:35
mra90jeremy31: ok, isn;t that the same as dmesg?10:35
jeremy31mra90: sometimes10:36
mra90jeremy31: so dmesg is silent when I plug/plug this usb device10:37
mra90the same happens with tail -f /var/log/syslog10:37
jeremy31mra90: I have to go to work now, later10:38
mra90jeremy31: ok see you o/10:38
mra90thansk for advices10:38
lotuspsychjeqwebirc29790: only ubuntu questions here please10:54
qwebirc29790tl- win722n tp- link web siiii10:56
lotuspsychje!ops | qwebirc29790 random nonsense10:57
ubottuqwebirc29790 random nonsense: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax10:57
kadiromra90, try to plug it in a different port11:12
artyxAnybody here use virt-manager?11:13
kadiroartyx, just ask your question, somebody will help/answer it11:13
artyxI have blacklisted my radeon video card and bound to vfio ... now i dont see it in virt-manager, but i can initialize it manually through qemu11:14
artyxBoth device in that iommu are nowhere to be seen... its like that pci device dropped off the face of the earth. it has every device except tha tone listed11:21
Lowl3v3lI am in the process of upgrading my 19.04 to the new development branch(and yes I know of all dangers this entails). do-release-upgrade -d tells me to update all packages beforehand even though according to apt dist-upgrade all my packages are on the latest version. Third party repos or ppas are not present. Anyone got an idea why do-release-upgrade -d does behave this way?11:25
lotuspsychjeLowl3v3l: 19.04 is already final release11:26
Lowl3v3llotuspsychje: which is why I am not upgrading to 19.04 but to the development release(aka the future 19.10)11:27
lotuspsychjeLowl3v3l: join #ubuntu+1 for 19.10 please11:27
Lowl3v3loh okay, didn't know that one. Thanks11:27
mra90kadiro: do you think I haven't tried this already?11:29
mousesmra90: trouble shooting 101 is eliminating the obvious and narrowing down the issue via elimination of possible causes, don't be offended when people offering you help suggest very obvious solutions first.11:31
mousesmra90: for example; have you plugged said USB device into another system and confirmed it's not a dead USB device?11:32
mra90mouses: sure I did11:32
mra90it works perfectly well on windows for example11:32
mousesmra90: what OS, what version, and what USB device/model?11:32
mra90Ubuntu 18.04, device is ASIX AX88179 gigabit Ethernet11:33
mra90mouses: I have three of them ale two work fine with ubuntu one doesn't11:34
kadiroartyx, just ask your question, somebody will help/answer it again, and that fix the problem11:34
kadiromra90, It happened to me with a keyboard and yes i tried and got a same problem as you ( no detection ) but after that i figured that I have to wait and plug it  port11:34
mousesmra90: results from 'lsmod | grep ax88179*' please?11:34
aidenhello, I have problems related to the touchpad or I do not detect it. how can i solve?11:35
kadiromy english is not good, sorry if my sentence look weird11:35
mra90mouses: ax88179_178a     24576 011:36
mra90usbnet 45056 1 ax88179_178a11:36
aidenmra what it is11:37
mra90mii   16382 2 subnet, ax88179 178a11:37
mousesmra90: okay, that's a good sign11:37
mra90aiden: results from 'lsmod | grep ax88179*'11:37
mousesmra90: confirm this is already installed11:37
mousessudo apt-get install linux-modules-extra-$(uname -r)11:37
mra90mouses: because as I said11:38
mra90I have 3 of them11:38
mra90an I think these two which works ok installed it11:38
aidenguys i'm sorry but i don't understand english very well ...11:38
BluesKajhowdy all11:39
aidenif there are qulache command to insert in the terminal to make the tuochpad back to work you can write it down here. thanks11:39
mousesmra90: everything looks fine, you have the right kernel module installed, everything needed is there - really not sure, sorry :(11:40
mra90mouses: I know ;(11:40
mouseswish I could be of more help on that one.  Perhaps the USB bus on the system is unable to provide enough power?11:40
mouseshave you tried a powered hub?11:40
mra90how about putting that port in slow mode?11:40
mra90mouses: no, what about ^11:41
mousesmra90: that's an idea, but doubt that will reduce voltage needs11:41
mousesare the devices plugged into a hub or direct into system USB ports?11:41
mra90mouses: directly to the port11:41
mousesmra90: laptop/desktop?11:41
mousesgot a powered hub handy for testing?11:42
mra90but it doesn;t matter I think11:42
mra90mouses: do you know how to dongrade teh speed of this port?11:42
mouseslooks like those things draw a pretty good amount of voltage, you might be overdoing what the USB bus can handle11:42
mra90mouses: and what this hub will tell me? Asssuming it will start working on it11:43
mousesmra90: not off the top of my head, sorry - but that's not going to change voltage needs, so I'd not worry about that11:43
mousesmra90: if it works on a powered hub, that will confirm that the laptop is not supplying enough juice to the USB ports to handle 3 high power devices like that at once11:43
mra90mouses: oh noo11:43
mra90I don;t have them connected at one!11:44
mra90only one at a time11:44
mousessorry, but you said 2 of the 3 work fine?11:44
mra90and as I said two are working the third one is not repsonding11:44
aidenguys, so you can't tell me how can I go back to using the touchpad?11:44
mousesmra90: likely something physically wrong with that third one11:45
mra90mouses: the way I test it is I plug one its OK so I unplug it and go with the next one11:45
mousesmra90: that's my best guess11:45
mra90mouses: yes however it work perfectly on other oS!11:45
mousesmra90: no matter what order you do it in, it's the same 'third one' that does not work?11:45
mra90how would you explain this?11:45
mousesmra90: no idea, I'd just return it and swap it out to be sure11:46
mousesconsidering 2/3 of them work fine and it's all identical hardware, that kinda means (probably!) that something is wrong with it11:46
mra90but still it works on windows just fine11:47
mra90so it is ubuntu who fails to work with this device11:47
Slisshmmm somehow in 19.04 gnome alt-tab isn't working as a lot of extentions icons are not showing11:49
mousesmra90: I'm out of ideas - my bet is damaged hardware on that third one, or some kind of defect11:49
JimBuntumra90, Well... it's probably the kernel, but sure.11:49
mousesmra90: Sorry, wish I could help you more.11:49
mousesJimBuntu: he's got 3 of the same identical device and 2/3 of them work fine11:49
mousesthat does kinda narrow it down :)11:49
lotuspsychjeSliss: check extensions from gnome-tweak-tool perhaps11:50
JimBuntumouses, sounds like it's not just the hardware, but that unplugging and re-plugging is eventually creating an issue, right mra90  ?11:50
mousesJimBuntu: quite possible11:50
kadiroMy guess is the device when unpluged suddently cause that problem11:50
mra90mouses thanks for you support however one more time HW is OK11:50
mra90JimBuntu: hardware is fine, tested on windows11:51
mra90the problem is when I plug/uplog into ubuntu its not recognized11:51
mra90dmesg doesn't show anything11:51
mra90no action, just silence11:51
JimBuntuAlso to note: Because the hardware works in Windows, does not mean it's OK... that only means that the Windows based drivers might be more resilient to failures. It could be the root hub drivers or the device specific drivers.11:51
mousesmra90: so, if you shut down the system and boot fresh, and then plug in the first known good device, it works?11:51
JimBuntumra90, if dmesg isn't showing anything, it's a root hub related issue.11:51
kadiromra90, but why you want to plug unplug many times if one or more work for the first times11:52
mousesand then if you shut down, reboot, plug in the second device - it works?11:52
mousesand then if you shut down, reboot, plug in the third device - it works?11:52
mousesmra90: I'm betting you hotswapping ETH adapters might be causing an issue - try them one at a time, fresh boot for each11:52
mra90mouses: no with that one it is never recognized, no matter after reboot or not11:52
aidenI'm on ubuntu 19.04 can you tell me why the touchpad doesn't work for me?11:53
mousesmra90: what JimBuntu said - just because it works in windows does not tell us very much11:53
mra90JimBuntu: thats maybe but the question is how to fix/debug that?11:53
mousesmra90: is the one that is not working 100% identical?  Perhaps it has a different firmware revision / local software difference?11:53
mousesbut my cash is still on faulty hardware11:53
aidencan you help me please11:54
mra90mouses: sure I can not guarantee the firmware is the same11:54
JimBuntumra90, I would personally start by using hardware that can tell me the voltage/current draw of the device. Try it in Ubuntu and in Windows, look for differences... but only if I really had little choice other than replacing the USB/ETH interface. If you make more than $5 USD per hour, it's probably not financially responsible to invest the time in it compared to replacing it.11:54
mousesmra90: check that11:54
mousesaiden: Not much to go on, but first up perhaps fire off a 'xinput list' and confirm the touchpad is recognized and available as a device?11:55
mra90JimBuntu: I am just curious why it fails on Ubuntu, its not about spent money ;D11:55
mousesmra90: another idea - happen to have a boot disc/USB for ubuntu handy and able to boot a live session?11:56
mousesmra90: if so, test said failing device in a live session - that would eliminate 'something you did/changed from defaults in the installed OS' from the possible issues11:56
JimBuntumra90, In that case <rubs hands together> there are many troubleshooting steps that be taken. You may even want to try older kernels, maybe newer ones too. Check if that model of hardware was listed as not working via search engines. Check that the same issue exists using every different USB port on the machine/etc11:56
mousesmra90: as JimBuntu said, it's likely so not worth your time to go down this rabbit hole though, just replace the device.11:57
mra90Ok guys, thanks for all the suggestion I wil go back to this issue if I find any spare time for it11:58
mra90thanks again :)11:58
JimBuntumra90, my last input probably on this... I have a machine that doesn't like Android devices... but only when they are plugged into a specific root hub, the other 3 root hubs work fine... that one though, has an issue and basically the device shows up as being removed then plugged back in repeatedly.11:58
mousesmra90: glad to help, sorry we could not figure it out!  best of luck.11:58
aidenmouses:how can I see if the touchpad recognizes me?11:59
mra90JimBuntu: I see but this isse is common no matter what port the HW is plugged into11:59
mousesaiden: perhaps take a look at xinput -list and confirm the touchpad is even recgonized - post results of said command in a pastebin for us11:59
mra90JimBuntu: what about mofyfing this module/driver for this HW?12:00
mousesaiden: from a terminal, that would be xinput -list | pastebinit12:00
JimBuntumra90, It's a possibility... need to determine what the issue is 1st, then if the module has any impact on said issue.12:00
aidenmouses:I try and tell you12:01
mra90and what suprised me the most is the fact that right after it has been plugged OS doesn't even trigger module init function right? because if that happend I should have seen it in dmesg right JimBuntu ?12:01
JimBuntumra90, yes, you should be seeing it in dmesg unless it has maybe caused the hub to stop responding to anything for x seconds or the device itself has been forced into some mode where it's not speaking to the root hub12:02
aidenmouses:does not tell me12:02
termii'm searching for a .... easy to use virtual host management for a multipc gaming dev and other testing distro , with android ubuntu macos and other ... who have a some ideas, tools, or link ?12:02
mousesaiden: please post the results12:02
mousesaiden: hard to help you without a proper input device list12:03
mra90JimBuntu: where I can get the infoo read about the whole process of module/driver assignments and basically what happend when you plug sth into?12:03
mra90So I plugged sth into usb and what happens next?12:03
JimBuntumra90, that's going to be a very fun climb. Start with reading about how USB initialization works as a whole. Then I suppose diving into how the kernel interacts with USB.12:04
aidenmouses: I like it but I can't use ubuntu very well, thanks to the same help12:04
mousesaiden: again, once more - from a terminal, 'xinput list | pastebinit'12:04
mousesthat will return a URL, post it here12:05
mra90JimBuntu: ok, any book recommendation?12:05
mousesJimBuntu: that's more of a learning cliff vs. curve you're going down xD /s :)12:05
JimBuntumra90, I can't suggest anything specific outside of the USB RFQs and whatever searches may turn up.12:06
mra90JimBuntu: okay thanks12:06
ioriamra90,   usually you unplug, plug again and check   ' dmesg | tail -30   '12:07
mousesaiden: not 100% sure 'pastebinit' is installed by default in your version, so you may need to do a 'sudo apt install pastebinit'12:07
mra90ioria: I do it even better I think12:08
mra90I mean right before plug/uplug I isse sudo dmesg -c12:08
mra90in order to clean buffer12:08
mra90and then simply dmesg12:08
ioriamra90,   and what's the output ?12:08
mra90ioria: no output12:08
mra90dmesg shows nothing after plug/unlpug12:09
mousesioria: may want to scroll up, we've done all of this over the last hour12:09
termimra90 what your problem ?12:10
ioriamra90,   in any case, if you can paste the all 'dmesg' output , we can have a look12:10
mousestermi: please scroll up, we've discussed the problem/issue at length over the last hour12:10
mra90termi: I have a working usb device which is not recognized by ubuntu only12:11
termii'm here since 10 mins12:11
ioriame 3012:11
mra90termi: as mouses said we have disccussed the problem very vell in recet chat history, please just scroll up12:12
termior less , i'm using ubuntu since is beginning12:12
ioriamight be a module issue - not native - or a autosuspend problem12:12
mousesioria: user has 3 of the same devices, 2/3 of them work, confirmed module is loaded, all needed $things are there12:13
mousesioria: one of said 3 devices does not work, no output to dmesg12:13
mousesbut user is unable to confirm all 3 devices are running the same firmware revision12:14
ioriamouses, thanx for the infos12:14
mousesor that all 3 devices are in factory default settings12:14
JimBuntu3rd device does work if used with Windows.12:14
termiwhat device is ?12:16
termican't help with zero data12:18
IndustrialCan I get `dpkg -l` in a tree format?12:19
termiIndustrial , for dependancy ?12:19
IndustrialOr a ways to list all packages that were not installed as a dependency12:20
sazawalHello. I have made some changes in theme files, and I want to restore /usr/share/gnome-shell/theme/gdm3.css. Please tell me this file is a symlink to /etc/alternatives/gdm3.css.12:20
termiIndustrial , for scripting purpose ?12:21
termiIndustrial  ,  aptitude is  gret for console gui managing package12:21
Industrialtermi: No, just myself. I want to see what is installed on my system. I do a `dpkg -l` and I get a huge fricken list and 99% isn't interesting for my use case.12:22
IndustrialAptitude lists only "apps". death to apps.12:22
Industrialand stores12:22
IndustrialOH WAIT we got snap stores now. Marvelous!12:22
IndustrialI want `dpkg -l` minus anything that is a dependency :D12:23
mra90termi ts external network card12:23
Industrialwhich packages did I specifically install after installing ubuntu.12:23
IndustrialMaybe i'll write it some day.12:24
mra90termi: its Asix AX88179 Gigabit Ethernet12:24
termi--get-selections, will help ?12:24
mra90termi: whas it work me?12:25
mra90sorry I ment was it for me? The --get-selections?12:25
termimra90, no it for  Industrial12:25
termiit gone12:26
mra90termi: so have you had a chance to look into my problem?12:26
mra90Have you read previous conversation?12:26
termiok , mra90 donc have previeus conversation12:27
termineed more info12:27
mra90termi: as guys said, I have 3 exactly the same external network cards12:28
mra90all OK, working properly on windows12:28
mra90on ubuntu however only 2/3 work12:28
termiok , 2/3 working , but working fine in solo !12:29
mra90I test one at a time12:29
termiand dmes don't help !12:29
termilsusb -t12:29
mra90the third on is not even recognized12:29
mra90no info in dmesg12:29
termimra90 , please paste bin lsusb -t ,  lsusb -n12:30
mra90no matter if I plug or uplug that third one there is no dmesg info12:30
mra90lsubs -n?12:30
mra90there is no such thing12:30
termilsusb -n12:31
mra90lsusb -n12:31
mra90yes, invalid option -n12:31
black_13what port does vnc use12:31
black_135900 or 590112:31
termimra90 lsusb12:32
mra90lsubs -t just doesn;t list this usb device12:32
mra90what do you expect if dmesg doesn;t recognize it12:32
auser0can someone tell me what is wrong with this command find . -type f -exec sudo rm -rf *.jpg {} \;12:32
mra90I already told you, no recoord for it anywhere12:32
auser0i wanted to delete only files with .jpg but it deleted everything...12:33
termimra90 testing usb port ?12:33
termiall port work fine with one ?12:33
termimra90 please pastebin full dmesg12:34
JimBuntuauser0, because you left the {} in12:35
auser0what did that do JimBuntu ?12:35
JimBuntufind -type f -iname *.jpg -exec rm {} \;              is what I think you wanted to do12:35
auser0i don't know what that was for tbh, i thought i used it before12:36
auser0oh thanks12:36
auser0-iname or -name ?12:36
JimBuntuauser0, iname... so it finds .JPG too12:36
JimBuntuI presume auser0 that you want to get rid of *.jpg without regard to case12:37
auser0oh thanks12:37
termimra90 or pastebin usb-devices output12:37
auser0ya jpg or JPG12:37
auser0JimBuntu, what did {} exactly did or meant ?12:38
mra90temrmi before I do plug/unplug I do dmesg -c to clear it12:38
mra90so there is nothing to paste as it is empty12:38
termimra90 please pastebin usb-devices output12:39
JimBuntuauser0, {} is a substitution for the discovered filenames that matched the 'find'12:39
mra90ok, just a second12:39
mra90termi: https://pastebin.com/sHFArsUN12:41
auser0ah ty mate12:41
mra90termi: does it say anything to you?12:42
termimra90 , no....12:43
vltHello. Can anyone recommend a minimal video player (like mplayer or mpv) that can play an h264 video file from console on an X server?12:44
mousesvlt: vlc12:45
mousesvlt: https://wiki.videolan.org/VLC_command-line_help12:46
=== str is now known as softwarelibregt
vltmouses: "After unpacking 131 MB will be used."  I'm looking for something much, much smaller.12:48
mousesvlt: 131 MB is pretty light for a media player with full codec support12:49
vltNo UI, no pausing or seeking. Just fullscreen playback.12:49
mousesvlt: sorry, not sure - mplayer and mpv also have CLI interfaces, perhaps that's a good solution?12:50
=== nat_ is now known as Natkeeran
vltI was just curious and thought there might exist something smaller. Without *full* codec support. Something that plays just a specific video file format would do.12:51
mousesvlt: you can build VLC from source and only install the support you need12:52
mousesvlt: but in this case, you're probably going to have to build something from source tailored around your specific needs12:52
vltOk, thank you :)12:53
mousesvlt: for sure, wish I could have been of more help with a easy solution :(12:53
loyalismOn a similar note, is there any MPC-HC alternatives than can play x265 HEVC for linux?12:54
loyalismalready tried vlc12:54
vltomxplayer on the Raspberry Pi seems extremely tiny but that just shoves the video file data to the hardware decoder :D12:55
termiloyalism Use the ini to store the settings (see Options > Player), this way you will be able to use different settings for MPC-HC x86 and x64.12:56
mousesloyalism: VLC handles x265 HEVC just fine12:56
mousesloyalism: literally watching video in it right now as I type12:57
loyalismmouses: are you on a nightly build?12:57
loyalismtermi: thanks, will try that12:57
mousesloyalism: nay, you just need - https://www.videolan.org/developers/x265.html12:57
loyalismmouses: thank you!12:58
mousesloyalism: check Plugins and extensions -> Modules -> Search for HEVC to confirm you have it, what version are you rocking?12:58
mousesit's been default there for a while12:59
mousesloyalism: another ezpz soultion is to install libde265 on the system13:00
loyalismmouses: yeah, was running a considerably outdated version, makes sense - seems to be working now, thanks13:01
mousesloyalism: woot!13:01
mousesloyalism: I've had epic battles with VLC and getting proper chromecast support, really should write a guide about that someday - it was a rabbit hole of nightmarish joy13:02
loyalismmouses: yeah, i understand the pain and suffering involved, sometimes i feel like its only me that has issues with VLC but you look online and you arent alone haha13:03
mousesloyalism: HEVC is such a pain in general, I still avoid it like the plague - hopefully in a few years it'll see more mainstream support13:07
BluesKajmouses, any reason why libde265 isn't default, it's in the repos tho.13:07
mousesBluesKaj: no idea, probably just not a default thing most people need - it works well though13:08
BluesKajok thanks mouses13:08
mousesBluesKaj: newish video decoding $things are usually pretty slow to see mainstream adoption13:09
loyalismmouses: I used to have a massive x264 movie collection, but its so hard to beat the quality/file size ratio that HEVC offers, it really is great for saving space13:09
mousesloyalism: it really is - I just gave up and invested in a bunch of spinning rust :P13:10
mousesloyalism: and dealing with the 'it usually works so well it's amazing but when it does not it's a nightmare' reality of PLEX media server13:11
loyalismmouses: haha yeah its definitely a love/hate relationship, tried plex in the past but was having issues transcoding to my old firestick from what i remember13:12
BluesKajnot impressed with plex, think direct use of VLC or any other player is probly less clunky than one of those media suites that takes over your computer13:15
=== lolmac_ is now known as lolmac
BluesKajthat's an opinon of course based on trying plex and others like it13:16
cappicardgood morning. i have sound back on 19.04, but only if i uninstall pulseaudio...13:20
BluesKajcappicard, did you check your pavucontrol settings for volume and output devices13:23
cappicardgives me no devices13:23
BluesKajwhich audio chip and driver?13:24
pax_rhosHad a soft RAID with 1 dead disk. Replaced the disk, now doing `gdisk /dev/sda` and getting caution: `after loading partitions, the CRC doesn't check out!` + warning: `Main partition table CRC mismatch! Loaded backup partition table instead of main partition table! One or more CRCs don't match. You should repair the disk!` + `Partition table scan: MBR: protective, GPT: damaged`  + Caution `Found protective or hybrid MBR and corrupt GPT.13:24
pax_rhosUsing GPT, but disk verification and recovery are STRONGLY recommended.` how to do the said recovery?13:24
cappicardintel hda alc3234 code13:24
BluesKajcappicard, so your using the alsamixer settings and they work, correct ?13:26
cappicardyes they do13:26
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BluesKajwhat about audio on the web?13:26
cappicardonly if i uninstall pulseaudio13:27
BluesKajfirefox requires pulseaudio afaik13:27
cappicardi use chrome.13:28
BluesKajand chrome audio works?13:28
cappicardonly if i dont have pulseaudio installed13:28
BluesKajthat's strange,13:28
BluesKajdid you purge pulse or just remove it?13:29
cappicardi purged it13:30
ducasseBluesKaj: this sounds really odd to me13:30
BluesKajnothing wrong with not using pulseaudio if alsa works on everything, no point having an extra layer of processing if you don't need it13:30
cappicardi even tried copying the pulse config files from the usb stick13:30
BluesKajducasse, yeah, nowadays most syatems require pulse for web audio. alsa will work fine on bare metal, but not in most browsers13:32
ducasseBluesKaj: that's my impression as well, didn't know any of the major browsers would do audio without pulse13:34
cappicardchrome works without pulseaudio. even the terminal bell still works13:35
BluesKajI didn't ude pulse for along time up until a couple of yrs ago when most browsers began to depend on it, worked well on intel audio chips on my pcs for a while13:36
LordDoskiashello i need assistance with VGA passthrough on ubuntu 18.04. I managed to start a win7 vm with the nvidia card in passthrough mode - can start gpu-z and have installed the nvidia drivers, yet i'm not able to start my game. It says 3d can'tbe initialised13:37
LordDoskiasthe default display in windows properties is the generic display that qemu adds, what do i do13:37
Oderushi all. is there a command I could use to purge all residual config files with apt or something?13:38
BluesKajOderus, autoremve and autoclean should do it13:38
ducasseOderus: 'dpkg -l | awk '$1 ~ /rc/ {print $2}' | xargs sudo dpkg -P'13:39
OderusBluesKaj:  ducasse: thank you13:40
BluesKajnice one ducasse ..13:40
grepwoodthere's a script in Fedora called `texconfig` that comes from texlive-scheme-full` package or one of its deps. Why is this script NOWHERE to be found in Ubuntu?13:43
grepwoodthere's a manpage and it says that texlive-base provides it but that's a lie13:44
grepwoodit's not in that package13:44
grepwoodit was in trusty but I need it in bionic13:44
Oderusducasse: do you happen to know where i would place an executable shell script containing that command, in order to execute it from any directly with a simple comman (cleanresidual is the file name)13:47
rdzhey all. how can i ssh into my kvm guest by hostname instead of ip address?13:49
grepwoodk nvm I got the source code from fedora and I can reuse another command13:50
ducasseOderus: ~/bin is where i would put it, i think that is in your PATH by default13:53
ducasseOderus: you could also use /usr/local/bin13:53
krionanybody got a situation with evolution and ews and outdated exchange complaining about failed tls negotiation ?13:58
Oderusducasse: thank you14:13
BABA911hi everyone14:14
sazawalHello all. My nautilus is crashing on Ubuntu 19.04 at start up since a few days. How do I troubleshoot the problem? Well, right now it is still not launching.14:14
lotuspsychjesazawal: can you try launching it from terminal please14:15
sazawallotuspsychje, I tried but it is not giving any output, and yes it doesnt launch.14:16
lotuspsychjesazawal: what about a tail -f /var/log/syslog14:16
sazawallotuspsychje, "gnome-shell[1592]: error: Failed to launch “Downloads”: Timeout was reached"14:18
yeppeti need help14:21
lordcirthyeppet, hi14:21
lotuspsychjesazawal: try purge nautilus, then reinstall and/or test nautilus from another user14:22
yeppetlordcirth can we private massage14:22
lordcirth!pm | yeppet14:23
ubottuyeppet: Please ask your questions in the channel so that other people can help you, benefit from your questions and answers, and ensure that you're not getting bad advice.14:23
sazawallotuspsychje, Only have one user, so I try purging and reinstalling14:23
yeppetcan we hack the facebook account14:24
yeppetwith termux14:24
lotuspsychjeyeppet: not welcome on freenode with hacking topics14:24
lotuspsychje!alis > yeppet14:25
ubottuyeppet, please see my private message14:25
sazawallotuspsychje, Well, I just tried to launch the nautilus and it worked. I guess I cannot check if it worked after the reinstallation. Anyway, I will find out in the future if it worked or not.14:25
lotuspsychjesazawal: a glitch somewhere perhaps14:25
sazawallotuspsychje, I meant I still have to do the reinstallation.14:25
yeppetubottu how to see private message i'm new14:26
ubottuyeppet: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)14:26
lotuspsychjeyeppet: take your mouse cursor to the private message tab and click it14:27
yeppeti'm use termux14:27
lotuspsychjeyeppet: ask in the #termux channel14:28
loyalismhas anyone ever had an issue with full screen steam games appearing on the wrong monitor? Bit of a strange one, but every full screen game seems to appear on the wrong monitor (monitor 2) - even though my main monitor is set as default.14:31
loyalismnormally super key allows me to manually drag the window over to the other screen but sometimes that doesnt even seem to work14:32
lordcirthloyalism, yes. Generally I switch it to windowed, drag it over, then fullscreen again. Most games remember after that.14:35
st127Is that OK?14:36
st127Oh,I see14:36
st127Where are you from?14:36
lotuspsychjest127: only ubuntu questions here please14:37
lordcirth!chat | st12714:37
ubottust127: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!14:37
goddardwhy is bind installed on my system?14:43
goddardisn't that for servers?14:43
lotuspsychjegoddard: are you talking about bind9-host in your updates today?14:45
goddardlotuspsychje: yes exactly14:45
lotuspsychje!info bind9-host | goddard14:46
compdocgoddard, its not for servers, but it doesnt get installed by itself.14:46
ubottugoddard: bind9-host (source: bind9): DNS lookup utility (deprecated). In component main, is standard. Version 1:9.11.3+dfsg-1ubuntu1.7 (bionic), package size 56 kB, installed size 185 kB14:46
goddardcompdoc: ok thanks14:46
goddardis there a way to figure out what piece of software was installed that requires it?14:46
goddardim just curious14:46
ioriagoddard, it's installed by default14:47
goddardoh ok14:47
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zwikHi all, i've a problem with grub. During the upgrade to 19.04 the installation tries to remove linux-image-4.18.0-16-generic but I'm getting an error from grub saying "/etc/grub.d/bin/grubcfg_proxy: error while loading shared libraries: libcrypto.so.1.0.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory". What should I do?14:59
zwikI tried find out of libssl install, and it is15:02
zwikI tried finding out if libssl is installed, and it is installed*15:02
zwikreinstalling grub-pc also doesn't seem to resolve the issue15:03
willksmzwik, maybe try and install libssl-dev?15:04
zwikwillksm: just tried, doesn't seem to work unfortunately ;(15:05
willksmzwik, apt-get install libssl1.0.0 ?15:05
pragmaticenigmaWhy the focus on libssl, when libcrypto is the problem?15:06
zwiklibssl provides libcrypto afaik?15:06
zwikwillksm: that says this: Package libssl1.0.0 is not available, but is referred to by another package. This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or is only available from another source  E: Package 'libssl1.0.0' has no installation candidate"15:07
pragmaticenigmahttps://wiki.openssl.org/index.php/Libcrypto_API - The libcrypto library provides the fundamental cryptographic routines used by libssl.15:07
willksmThat was my understanding too zwik ^. I presume that your libcrypto.so.1.0.0 file exists, just isn't in the expected location. Maybe try and locate where and sym link it to /usr/lib/* maybe?15:08
pragmaticenigmazwik: libssl depends on libcrypto ... so I'd focus effort on figuring out libcrypto15:08
zwikis libcrypto++6 the libcrypto package?15:09
ioriazwik, libssl1.0.0 it's not available on disco15:10
neilduganhi .. because of limitiations of my internet modem ... can I setup a VM so that when a connection is made to a port, it forwards the connection to a different  VMs dependant on the port that was connected to?15:10
zwikI can link libcrypto1.0.0 from some snap, but that feels wrong?15:10
zwikI'm wondering where the file comes from, which package15:11
ioriazwik, i told you15:11
hggdhpragmaticenigma, zwik: libssl1.0.0 is not provided by Disco. It has been superceeded by libssl1.1.115:11
gofiois it usual in ubuntu 18.04 to find such discrepancies in free disk space between df -h command, gparted, and disk capacity tool? ("analizador de uso de disco" I'm using a system in spanish) in /dev/sda5 it says with df -h command there is 1,7G free, while in gparted it says 3.69G for same device, and at the disk utility it says 4G free. Just want to know if that is usual. Thanks15:11
ioria!info libssl1.0.0  disco15:11
ubottuPackage libssl1.0.0 does not exist in disco15:12
lordcirthneildugan, using Virtualbox? Yes, you can set up port forwarding.15:12
donofrio_Bashing-om, it looks like this "ls -al .ICEauthority .Xauthority | pastebinit = http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/98bFfGHy86/"15:12
lordcirthgofio, yes, that is normal.15:13
gofiok, thanks lordcirth15:13
gofiowhich one you thing lordcirth it uses to be the closest to reality?15:13
zwiklibssl1.1.0 is install but doesn't seem to provide a libcrypto1.1.015:14
lordcirthgofio, probably df15:14
zwikI'm a bit lost what the actual solution is15:14
gofioso the lowest lordcirth, cool, thanks15:14
gofiobetter to think is the lowest than the highest to be real indeed15:14
neilduganlordcirth, ok15:15
zwikI can't install libssl actually because apt blocks things because it tries to remove the thing which doesn't work because i miss libcrypto15:17
ioriazwik, it's   libssl1.1 not  libssl1.1.0   and lybcrypto is hthere https://packages.ubuntu.com/disco/amd64/libssl1.1/filelist15:18
zwikYes, but how can i install it without trying to remove other pacakges?15:18
ioriazwik, with a differenet version ofc15:18
zwikapt tries to remove linux somehwat when in try to install libssl1.1.015:19
zwikthat doesn't work for me15:19
ioriazwik,  paste the output of   apt -s install libssl1.1   (but i think it's an old bug)15:19
zwik$ apt -s install libssl1.1 NOTE: This is only a simulation!       apt needs root privileges for real execution.       Keep also in mind that locking is deactivated,       so don't depend on the relevance to the real current situation! Reading package lists... Done Building dependency tree        Reading state information... Done libssl1.1 is already the newest version (1.1.1b-1ubuntu2). The following packages will be REMOVED:   linux-i15:20
ioriazwik, use pastebinit ot whatever please15:20
ioriazwik, don't paste here15:20
ioriazwik, if you are on disco you have .5 kernel... what's the issue removing an old one ?15:22
ioriazwik,  and you probably have a broken pkg15:22
zwikWell, if try to do updates I get the following: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/fvDN8n2z8t/15:23
hggdhzwik: or a broken upgrade to 19.04. Your grub seems to have NOT been upgraded to the 19.04 one15:24
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ioriazwik, if you are on disco you have .5 kernel... what's the issue removing an old one ?that is the broken pkg15:24
zwikI'm on the 5 kernel, if i reinstall grub-pc it doesn't seem to resolve the issue either.15:25
hggdhzwik: ah, the error is on tryingto remove the 4.8 kernel15:25
ioriazwik,  dpkg -l  linux-image-4.18.0-16-generic15:25
ioriazwik,  and i don't think this file is stock : /etc/grub.d/bin/grubcfg_proxy15:26
zwikthat gives me this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/fR2cTwVmjM/15:27
ioriazwik,  uname -r15:27
ioriazwik,  do you have at least another kernel (a part linux-image-4.18.0-16-generic) ?15:27
zwik-17 is there, no other15:28
zwikand 515:28
zwikcan re reconfigure the grub package to go back to defaults?15:29
ioriazwik,  try first with   sudo apt purge linux-image-4.18.0-16-generic      ( but it wiil fail)15:29
zwikthat fails indeed15:29
ioriazwik,  sudo dpkg -P  linux-image-4.18.0-16-generic15:29
zwikthat also fails15:29
ioriazwik,  paste the errors15:30
zwikhere you go: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/sKfzP8bCZy/15:30
zwikyou say grubcfg_proxy doesn't seem standard, can i reconfigure the package to standard?15:31
ioriazwik,  before that, i'd like to know what /etc/grub.d/bin/grubcfg_proxy  is15:32
zwikit's elf binary15:32
gofiois there a way to find ubuntu language libraries online? not to download but just to check which word is used for the same task in the different language. Say I want to check if "backup" corresponds to "restaurar" in spanish, for example. Made a little search in google and didn't find much that matches what I'm looking for. Anybody? If not no need to answer thanks15:32
zwikI once had grub-customizer installed, maybe that introduced it15:33
ioriazwik,  probably , paste    ls /var/lib/dpkg/info/ | grep 4.18.0-1615:34
zwikhere you go: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YWfgwPMRwy/15:34
ioriazwik,  sudo mv  /var/lib/dpkg/info/linux-image-4.18.0-16*  /tmp15:35
ioriazwik,  sudo apt purge linux-image-4.18.0-16-generic15:36
zwikThat seems to resolve the issue15:36
zwikbut the purge doesn't seemt to work15:37
ioriazwik,  paste it15:38
pragmaticenigmagofio: You could explorer here: https://translations.launchpad.net/ubuntu/bionic/+language-packs15:38
ioriazwik,  dpkg -l  linux-image-4.18.0-16-generic15:38
zwikalso not15:39
ioriazwik, sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade15:39
zwikThat gives me this: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/BMw3HSKStk/15:40
ioriazwik, looks ok15:40
zwikI'm good again I guess :)15:40
zwikThanks so much for your help ioria !15:40
ioriazwik, no problem, but (my pers opin) don't use that grub-cust15:41
zwikIt's been long gone already, but gives me problems now15:41
zwikThanks again!15:41
Jimmy7I have a big issue with apt-get, can someone help me please ?15:42
pragmaticenigmaJimmy7: You're welcome to ask your questions without asking to ask. Please state the issue with as much detail as you can. If you need to post terminal output, please paste a link to a pastebin posting here.15:45
basalthi, after upgrade to 19.04 i cannot see any desktop icons, do you have a hint15:46
tomreynbasalt: sudo apt update && sudo apt install ubuntu-desktop15:47
Jimmy7@pragmaticenigma, ok thank you15:48
gofioand try to open it as text pragmaticenigma isn't it and see if it is set as correlation or something like that? I'm looking here in this freenode server for an ubuntu channel in spanish but haven't seen it yet. Thanks pragmaticenigma! I need to know which word in each language corresponds to each other cuz I'm gonna be using both systems in spanish and english and is a pain to try to translate correctly when that has already been done a long time ago15:49
basalt@tomreyn: restart afterwards?15:49
pragmaticenigma!es | gofio15:49
ubottugofio: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.15:49
Jimmy7So, my issue is, apt-get install has a problem. It always shows an error with dependencies. Something like "X depends of Y but it will not be installed.......You may have held broken packages"15:49
pragmaticenigmagofio: For a spanish Ubuntu channel see #ubuntu-es15:50
Jimmy7sudo apt-get -f install / -f install package_name / update / upgrade does not change anything15:50
gofiogreat pragmaticenigma already in the -es channel, I remembered I saw one even though not many people and like nobody like in 24 hours, but did not find it this time. again, thanks!15:50
gofio18 nicks not bad pragmaticenigma, let see if there any vida in there;-p thanks!15:51
gofiogee 344mb of a download that language package pragmaticenigma #ouch15:53
pragmaticenigmagofio: Please remember, this channel is for support only. For other topics and commentary, please use the #ubuntu-offtopic channel. Thanks15:54
basalttomreyn: icons are now here, but all the .desktop shortcuts are not working15:55
tomreynbasalt: if i recall correctly, that's a bug really.15:56
tomreynbasalt: are there spaces in their names?15:57
tomreynthose are the existing bug reports about gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons, the packaged gnome extension which provides the functionality of having  / showing / interacting with desktop icons / folders on 19.04 and later: https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons/+bugs15:59
tomreynbasalt: ^ this functionality was removed from gnome core, so it was readded as an extension.15:59
basalttomreyn: no, if i klick it, it will be opened with text editor, also libreoffice xlsx will not be opened16:00
basalttomreyn: so i need a extension? do you have a url for me16:01
ioriabasalt, ^16:03
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: share a pastebin with your error output as adviced above to get better help16:04
Jimmy7I use a french version of Xubuntu so I do not think you will understand. It something like: "X depends of Y but it will not be installed [...]  You may have held broken packages"16:04
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: use a pastebin please16:05
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, you understand french ?16:05
tomreynioria: this extension should already have been installed by the apt package gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons, which ubuntu-desktop on 19.04 depends on (i think, maybe indirectly)16:06
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/SXy9v4FZXk/16:06
ioriatomreyn, ho, yes it should16:06
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: your ubuntu version please?16:07
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, Xubuntu 18.0416:08
lotuspsychje!info vlc-plugin-video-output bionic16:08
ubottuvlc-plugin-video-output (source: vlc): multimedia player and streamer (video output plugins). In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0.4-1ubuntu0.2 (bionic), package size 155 kB, installed size 854 kB16:08
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: did you add external ppa's to your system please?16:08
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, No but like a moron I added kali linux repositories in the /etc/apt/sources.list. I deleted them but the issue is still here16:09
basalthi, looks like its working now with the desktop icons, the right click "allow launch" was missing, not all works, but not the libre office  xlsx16:10
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: best to use !ppapurge to cleanout external ppa's and its packages16:10
tomreynbasalt: what doesn't work now?16:10
basalttomreyn: a xlsx file located on the desktop directly, no link16:11
tomreynbasalt: what does not work about it?16:11
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: can you pastebin the whole output of: sudo apt update && sudo apt full-upgrade ?16:13
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ftr9kgqh4H/16:16
basalttomreyn: if i double click, nothing happens, right click + open -> nothing happened, right click open with other application -> select libreoffice -> working16:16
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: that looks good, what command did you enter for previous pastebin?16:17
tomreynbasalt: is there a blank space in its name?16:18
neilduganlordcirth, hi again... I got the port forwarding to work :)16:18
lotuspsychjetnx for feedback neildugan16:18
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, sudo apt-get install vlc16:19
neilduganlotuspsychje, I am using lxc VMs16:19
basalttomreyn: no but a "ö"16:20
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: did you try sudo apt autoremove yet?16:20
basalttomreyn: and if i remove the "ö" i got a "command not found"16:20
tomreynbasalt: please report a bug using: ubuntu-bug gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons16:21
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, No I was afraid because sudo apt-get update/upgrade/autoremove sometimes try to remove important packages16:21
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, I tried, it prints the same thing that sudo apt-get upgrade16:22
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: how about sudo apt purge vlc-plugin-video-output16:23
basalttomreyn: thx i will try, no account so far16:25
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/d6FrB2s76M/16:26
tomreynbasalt: if there are problems with getting the account created, ask in #ubuntu-sso (about the authentication part) and #launchpad (about launchpad specific issues)16:26
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: ok, thats somethign weird indeed16:26
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: how does your sources.list look like?16:26
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, I tried right now to install htop and neofetch and it worked well16:27
Jimmy7I ask myself if it is not vlc which has a problem, lotuspsychje16:27
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: its just complains on vlc?16:27
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, it did it with cups and hplip too, but aptitude fixed it16:28
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: did you perhaps install another version of vlc on your system, or installed manually?16:29
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: think you still need to clean your sources.list with !ppapurge16:30
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, no but vlc seems to need an old version of libva216:30
lotuspsychjecan you pastebin your sources.list please?16:31
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/XjFGwGFQF9/16:32
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: also looks good16:33
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, I think it's vlc which has a problem16:34
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: purge vlc?16:34
Jimmy7Tell me the name of some random packets so I try to install them16:35
Jimmy7To see if the issue appears again16:35
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: check if vlc is installed already first16:35
Jimmy7No it is not16:35
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: can you recall how you installed vlc exactly before?16:36
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, I never installed it16:37
Jimmy7It is the first time16:37
bqyh_hello world16:37
AedenI have a problem with my bluethoot headphone16:38
`whoami`hello, what's the default DE in ubuntu 18.04 ? i can't manage to find that info16:38
`whoami`is it "unity" ?16:38
AedenLubuntu correctly detect it, but I don't see it with pulseaudio16:39
Eickmeyer`whoami`: The default DE in Ubuntu 18.04 is GNOME Shell.16:39
Tin_manwhoami, Gnome16:39
`whoami`ok tyvm16:39
Jimmy7`whoami`, gnome16:40
jpsearaIs somebody here experience IRCcloud connectivity issues, namely to the Canonical IRC network and Quakenet?16:40
Jimmy7Aeden, Can you use it ?16:40
AedenJimmy7, I don't see it in pulseaudio16:41
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: maybe you got vlc leftovers in your system16:41
gofioso far it seems there is no solution to what I'm looking for pragmaticenigma and should end up doing myself some kind of two column excel sheet or something like that. That would def solve the issue16:42
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: dpkg -l | grep vlc16:42
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, I think so, I am trying to install some video/image readers and it works perfectly16:42
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, nothing16:45
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: ok lets try bleachbit and cleanout your whole system16:46
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, a lot of programs install perfectly16:47
Jimmy7It's vlc which has a problem16:47
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: i know, apt complains about vlc-plugin-video-output, probably conflict with an external ppa you had before16:48
Jimmy7I think too16:48
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: did you try a reboot yet after you cleaned out the ppa's?16:48
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, Yes16:48
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: ok if bleachbit cant help, im out of ideas16:49
Jimmy7How to use it properly ?16:49
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: just run bleachbit as root icon, enable all and scan16:49
AedenSo I can't use my bluetooth headphone Lubuntu16:50
lotuspsychjeAeden: did you install blueman?16:50
AedenIt is already install16:51
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, Ok thank you very much man, you helped me a lot16:51
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: lets hope it works16:52
AedenThe device is in the list, but it's impossible to see find/see it in pulseaudio16:52
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, it deleted 63 files in apt16:52
lotuspsychjeAeden: you could try pavucontrol perhaps16:52
AedenIt's the same thing16:53
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: try a sudo apt update again after, and try again vlc16:53
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, still not working16:55
AedenSo, sadlyj, I will have to re-install windows to make my bluetooth heaphone work16:55
lotuspsychjeJimmy7: wich graphics driver do you have installed?16:56
AedenI thought that ubuntu will have improved with the time, but device connection are still a problem16:56
Jimmy7@lotuspsychje, I come back tonight16:56
Jimmy7I have to go16:57
Jimmy7Thank you very much for everything16:57
gebbioneanytime i go to network and try to open a share i get a password prompt. It does not matter that i asked the user and password to be saved for it, it still prompts for a user and password :/16:59
gofio1.9G the "rosseta-bionic" file from the link you gave me pragmaticenigma but don't have the space to extract that right now so will leave it for later. Thanks! good name for that kind of file btw, will try to find those "ubuntu translators"17:01
tomreyngebbione: what's your ubuntu version?17:01
Sven_vBso I learned that a defunct process with parent pid 1 means it's stuck in a syscall. sudo lsof -p $zombie_pid can't find anything. what other kind of syscall could block it, and how to tell?17:01
lotuspsychjegofio: dont discuss here please, only ubuntu support questions17:02
tomreynSven_vB: use strace17:02
Sven_vBlooks like root is not enough. sudo strace -fyxp $zpid¶ strace: attach: ptrace(PTRACE_ATTACH, ...): Operation not permitted¶ Could not attach to process.  […] or try again as the root user. […]"17:05
* Sven_vB investigates /proc/$zpid… at least …/fdinfo is empty17:07
Sven_vBthe cwd, exe and root symlink are unreadable for ls17:08
Sven_vBthere's a file syscat, it says "252 0xf 0x0 0x0 0xf 0xb771a258 0xb771a258 0xbf93196c 0xb77bbcb0". I'll try to find what 252 is17:09
Sven_vBseems to be exit_group(2) so I should probably search for left-over threads17:10
Sven_vBoh dear, lots of defunct avahis also. I'll see if restarting network might help, brb.17:12
tomreynSven_vB: i think there's no need to report your findings here. feel free to ask when you have a support question.17:12
gebbionetomreyn, 16.0417:12
tomreyngebbione: and this is real ubuntu, not some fork or derivative?17:14
interrobangdHello,.. anyone use fsarchiver?17:17
lotuspsychjeask your ubuntu question interrobangd17:18
interrobangdhow to convert from ext4 to btrfs?17:19
interrobangdid did a backup but cant restore17:20
interrobangdfsarchiver restfs /mnt/paul/ubuntu.fsa id=0,dest=/dev/sda2,mkfs=btrfs17:20
interrobangdfs_btrfs.c#106,btrfs_mkfs(): command [mkfs.btrfs -f /dev/sda2    -U 'ac4c432c-ad75-4d3c-bfa6-e67850e8efb9' ] failed oper_restore.c#1295,extractar_filesystem_extract(): cannot make filesystem btrfs on partition /dev/sda217:20
interrobangdshould be possible.... "For instance, it allows to restore a filesystem which was ext2 when it was saved as reiserfs on the new partition."17:22
tomreyninterrobangd: run the command provided in the error message manually and see what's the error that is returned.17:25
tomreyninterrobangd: fsarchiver only reports that a subprocess failed and returned with a non zero exit code17:26
lordcirthneildugan, good. But I thought you said you were using Virtualbox?17:46
cekhow do i make readline work under user in bash in ubuntu docker image18:09
cek`$ ^[[A^[[1;5A^[[1;5D ` isn't an option18:09
analogicalhow do I type if I want to perform more than one apt command at the same time?18:10
cekalright, `chsh -s /bin/bash user` problem solved18:11
lotuspsychjeanalogical: use && in between18:11
cekwhat a blunder18:11
goddardi think something to do with my sound is crashing18:15
goddardor being reset18:16
goddardbecause it will randomly cut out while listening to videos in chromium and I will open my settings/sound panel and it wont display anything in the "output" section and then eventually if I wait like 10 seconds things will appear in this drop down section again, but it will be other things I didn't set and I will have to change the device again18:17
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Drajwerhi! I've installed 2ndry gpu to drive 3 displays and I'm using nvidia drivers. Unfortunately the monitor on 2nd gpu is not visible on ubuntu settings app, and also nvidia config tool doesn't properly initialize it - I can only see black screen and the mouse cursor is "X". What should I do?18:26
pinnerupI have a dual-boot setup with Windows on /dev/sda4 and Ubuntu on /dev/sda5 (GUID partition table), and I'm in need of extra space on the Windows partition. Is it possible to shrink Ubuntu a tad, move it to the right and grow the Windows partition? Will GRUB be able to boot Ubuntu afterwards?18:34
lordcirthpinnerup, grub refers to the Ubuntu partition by the filesystem's UUID, so that should work.18:37
lordcirthBut always have backups before moving partitions18:37
jcottonGParted can do the shrink and move in one go18:37
pinnerupSo ideally I can just boot a Ubuntu live USB, used gparted to shrink-move /dev/sda5 and then it'll boot fine afterwards, even if the partition now starts in another place?18:39
jcottonbut, again, backups18:39
jcottonof Windows and Ubuntu18:39
pinnerupI know, I know. This is a very recent install (done a couple of days ago), so everything is already backed up.18:40
pinnerupWhere's grub located at?18:40
jcottonon the efi system partition18:40
jcottonassuming you're uefi18:40
pinnerupOh, great.18:40
pinnerupI'm not really down with this EFI thing. It seems new and strange to me, but that sounds like an advantage :)18:41
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI18:41
jcottonhardly new18:41
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub218:41
pinnerupjcotton: I know, I'm a slow adapter :)18:42
pinnerupThanks for the advice :)18:42
Exterminadorinstalling Ubuntu 19.04. is support preferred here or somewhere else?18:46
hggdhzwik: Exterminador here, as long as it deals with Ubuntu. For Eoan (future 19.10 release), go to #ubuntu+118:47
hggdhzwik: sorry for tagging you18:47
Exterminadorhggdh: ok. I was thinking about that the +1 but that's just for beta/unstable releases right?18:48
Exterminadorfor all the things people been saying in the net, Disco Dingo seems to be a big enhancement related to previous versions18:49
hggdhExterminador: it is only for the next Ubuntu release (this is why the channel is named #ubuntu+1 -- next from current release)18:49
emsjessecdo linux boot cds work on HP UEFI computers?18:52
lordcirthemsjessec, what is special about HP's UEFI?18:53
emsjesseci tried booting a Knoppix disc to use Runtime DriveImageXML18:53
emsjessecall I got was a non-blicking cursor in the upper left corner18:53
jcottonis Knoppix Secure Boot signed?18:54
OerHeksUbuntu + UEFI should work fine, see the uefi manual18:54
ubudogguys how can I talk in thinkpad group?18:55
OerHeksubudog, explain, thinkpad group?18:56
lordcirth!alis | ubudog18:56
ubottuubudog: Alis is an IRC service to help you find channels. For help on using it, see "/msg Alis help list" or ask in #freenode. Example usage: "/msg Alis list http"18:56
ubudogI join a group but gettin error18:57
OerHeksif it is a channel here on #freenode, you might need to register18:57
ubottuFor information on registering your IRC nick, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InternetRelayChat/Registration - For any further help, ask in #freenode.18:57
leftyfb!knoppix | jcotton18:57
ubudogubottu  ##ibmthinkpad :Cannot send to nick/channel18:57
ubottuubudog: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)18:57
ubudogreally? llol shoot18:58
herrcraziHi !18:58
OerHeksanswered, see ubottu18:58
leftyfbubudog: /join #freenode for help with IRC. This is an Ubuntu support channel.18:59
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Exterminadorso, for now seems that my old old laptop with a AMD E-300 is supported by latest Ubuntu (at least it's installing)19:13
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esrSince I upgraded ro 19.04 a few days a go my speakers have been emitting loud popping sounds at unpredictable intervals.  Is this a problem anyone else is seeing?19:35
ioriaesr, nope, to be honest19:36
esrioria: It is a mystery.  Annoying nbecause it breaks my concentration on things.19:51
ioriaesr, i suggest to boot a livecd and test19:52
esrI think it's correlated with something my browser is doing, but haven't pimnned it down yet.19:52
esrioria: Good idea.  Guess I'll also try a different browser.19:53
basalt_is it possible to hide the left top menu on selected application? i do not see any benefit for this20:00
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gebbionetomreyn, 16.04 lts yes20:01
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lordcirth__jannek, hello20:19
holoircHey, does anyone know how to get gParted to boot up after disabling secure boot? My disc like quits spinning, using gParted live.20:26
leftyfbholoirc: we only support ubuntu here20:28
holoircI'm just asking cause I am trying to extend the space of Ubuntu.20:29
lordcirth__holoirc, you could boot an Ubuntu live usb instead?20:29
holoircWould that help in extending my space?20:30
goddardcan you import .ovpn file ?20:31
goddardfor the vpn settings20:31
goddardbecause it isn't working for me20:31
lordcirth__holoirc, yes, all you need is a working Linux system that doesn't mount the partition you want to move.20:32
holoircOkay, I'll see if this works, I stuck an USB with an Ubuntu installation in.20:33
leftyfbholoirc: boot an ubuntu live cd/usb. It's got gparted built in to do exactly what you need to do20:33
holoircAlright, I see it.20:34
holoircIt doesn't have my ext4 locked down.20:36
holoircThat helps.20:36
arti_zyje ktos tu?20:45
tomreyn!pl | arti_20:46
ubottuarti_: Na tym kanale używamy tylko języka angielskiego. Możesz uzyskać pomoc w języku polskim na #ubuntu-pl.20:46
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Exterminadorhow do we actually create a launcher in Ubuntu 19.04? I'm used to Xubuntu tho21:08
lordcirth__Exterminador, what do you mean by a launcher?21:09
Exterminadora desktop shortcut to launch an app21:09
lordcirth__Exterminador, oh. Well, you need to write a .desktop file, in any DE21:09
A_Don 18.04 I seem to have a memory leak in X11, its now sitting on 1.7G and nearly 50% of one of my CPU cores21:11
Exterminadorhum.. xfce makes it easier. just right click in the mouse and chose create launcher21:11
Exterminadortime to RTFM about .desktop files21:11
OerHeksA_D, probably your browser21:11
A_DOrphis: any fix other than restarting the session?21:11
OerHeksrestart your browser, perhaps?21:12
A_Ddoes not fix X11 memory issues21:12
OerHeksand top, or htop can show what processes are responsible21:12
woenxHi. I have a program that, during startup, has a bit of network usage for a few minutes. The thing is, during that time, it is not responsive and often throws "Force close" messages every few seconds. It is accessing a network share mounted via sshfs. The thing is, I don't know if it's the program's fault or ubuntu's. Other software is using the sshfs share at the same time and wworks just fine (rhythmbox, for isntance).21:15
A_DOerHeks: thanks for the help, it was steam21:17
OerHeksA_D, still a game running?21:17
pinneruplordcirth__ & jcotton: It worked. Thank you :)21:18
A_DOerHeks: just had finished playing a game with Proton about an hour before, but I noticed the increased memory usage yesterday21:18
A_DOerHeks: appears to be a known issue https://github.com/ValveSoftware/steam-for-linux/issues/527921:24
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Jimmy7Does anyone use Lubuntu with Lxqt ?21:58
Jimmy7The lastest versions21:58
Jimmy7Is it good ?21:58
pragmaticenigmaJimmy7: This channel focuses its attention on Ubuntu support questions. For recommendations, polls, and general chat, please use the #ubuntu-offtopic room. You can join by using /join #ubuntu-offtopic21:59
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David77Sorry for my pour english. Good evening everyone! Do I need a minimum of free GiBs to switch from 14.04 to 16.04? thank you22:02
mamonettiwhich is the preferred way to autostart respawnable services nowadays? according to what i've read, it looks like systemd is the preferred option22:02
pragmaticenigmamamonetti: Ubuntu currently provides systemd as a services management platform.22:04
tomreynDavid77: i don't actually know, and it depends on your installation, but the upgrader should warn you if indufficient space is available.22:04
mamonettipragmaticenigma: ok, i'll take a look to the documentation, thx22:05
tomreynDavid77: personally, i would try to ensure that ~3 GB are available (but this may nor actually be necessary).22:05
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pragmaticenigmaDavid77: I would personally shoot for 10 GBs of free space minimally. I would also highly recommend you back up your system before upgrading.22:07
testuser_____Hi, I'm new to ubuntu but have been with linux for more than a decade: I upgraded ubuntu and it hosed my system - I think it is confused that my hard drive was encrypted. Does anyone know how to mount an encrypted drive from the liveCD? (the instructions here don't work: https://askubuntu.com/questions/653408/mounting-encrypted-luks-partition-from-live-cd)22:09
David77tomreyn: thanks. I have 3.7G free from df -h, all update done: it's ok?22:10
David77pragmaticenigma: yes i want to backup my home before, thanks22:11
pragmaticenigmaDavid77: The more space free you have, the less likely you will encounter an issue. There is no documentation for minimum drive space needed for an upgrade. A standard installation of Ubuntu requires a minimum of 25 GB.22:13
pragmaticenigmaDavid77: apt, which is used for downloading an installing the updated packages, downloads the software packages first, before it installs them. The more applications you have on your system, the more space that will be needed to perform the update.22:14
pragmaticenigmaDavid77: The installer "should" warn you if there isn't enough space on the drive before it performs any upgrade action.22:14
dtxI'm running discord from the snap store but it filling up my systemd log with some permission "apparmor=denied" lines22:19
dtxit uses like 100MB+ per day22:19
dtxdo i uninstall discord?22:19
dtxubuntu 180422:19
tomreyntestuser_____: please discuss and show logs, output, screen shots: what tells you that your upgrade failed, and that [ubuntu] is confused that my hard drive was encrypted"? the link you posted suggests you may have dmcrypt-luks encrypted block device layers, is this correct? what about the askubuntu.com instructions you tried did not work as expected, how do you know?22:19
tomreyntestuser_____: also discuss which version you upgraded from and to.22:20
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testuser_____tomreyn, thanks, sorry I'm on another machine right now as the one running the liveCD isn't working too great network-wise (drivers not yet installed?)22:21
pragmaticenigmadtx: "snap remove {snap_application_name}"22:21
testuser_____tomreyn, when I try to run "cryptsetup" the expected device does not show in /dev/mapper22:22
tomreyntestuser_____: that's fine, just come back with those details when you feel like you're ready. i may not be around but likely soneone else will be22:22
testuser_____tomreyn, what more details do you need?22:24
testuser_____tomreyn, I upgraded from 18 to 1922:25
tomreyn!yy.mm | testuser_____:22:26
ubottutestuser_____:: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle22:26
tomreyntestuser_____: i listed above which details are needed.22:26
tomreyni not yet seen any output, error messages or the like.22:27
testuser_____sorry, more specifically 18.04.2 to 19.0422:27
David77pragmaticenigma: from file manager all 36,4GB (4GB free no home separed) du -hs ~ -> 17G22:27
tomreyntestuser_____: how did you upgrade?22:28
* testuser_____ does not know what logs you would want and can't paste from the other machine22:28
testuser_____sudo apt update; sudo apt full-upgrade; do-release-upgrade22:29
tomreyntestuser_____: so you did two upgrades then?22:29
testuser_____I suppose so22:30
tomreyntestuser_____: i suppose that's worth mentioning22:30
testuser_____sorry :/22:30
tomreyntestuser_____: no problem, i'm just trying to understand whether we can work together on this.22:31
tomreyntestuser_____: so what seems not to work about networking on the system in question, from the live cd?22:31
testuser_____tomreyn, any recommendations appreciated22:31
pragmaticenigmaDavid77: Again, the upgrade tool *should* warn you if there isn't enough room on the drive. If there is any software packages you are not currently using, it would be advisable to remove those now, so you don't have to wait for them to download during the upgrade.22:32
testuser_____tomreyn, the dns resolution seems to be flaky, thus very slow in responding to requests; I edited /etc/resolve.conf to use but appearantly I'm doing something wrong22:32
tomreyntestuser_____: have you tried setting your preferred resolvers via the network manager GUI?22:34
testuser_____tomreyn, let me try, didn't think of gui, hehe22:34
testuser_____tomreyn, still slow, connected to wired network even though there is technically wireless available (not tried it as I don't know if the wireless driver works)22:37
David77pragmaticenigma: ok thanks :) bye22:37
OerHekswithout dns, termbin works on IP too::  ls | nc 999922:37
tomreyntestuser_____: see what OerHeks said. this can be used to share output with us.22:38
tomreyntestuser_____: so what happens when you boot the system normally?22:38
testuser_____tomreyn, funny enough the wireless works better than wired22:38
testuser_____tomreyn, trying to get hexchat installed on the computer in question so we can talk22:40
tomreyntestuser_____: can you answer my questions, too?22:40
testuser_____tomreyn, sorry, which questions specifically?22:41
tomreyn<tomreyn> testuser_____: so what happens when you boot the system normally?22:41
tomreyn"please discuss and show logs, output, screen shots: what tells you that your upgrade failed, and that [ubuntu] is confused that my hard drive was encrypted"? the link you posted suggests you may have dmcrypt-luks encrypted block device layers, is this correct? what about the askubuntu.com instructions you tried did not work as expected, how do you know?"22:42
OerHeksthis part should work, no?22:43
tomreynRead error: Connection reset by peer22:44
testuser1_____tomreyn, this is me on the machine in question. The computer is just blank on reboot. I assume it is grub that is the bootloader. Then it complains that it cannot find the appropriate filesystem - I assume because it doesn't know how to read the encrypted drive22:46
testuser1_____tomreyn, yes, I'm almost certain that dmcrypt-luks was what was used to encrypt the drive - it was already pre-installed on my system76 laptop22:48
tomreyntestuser1_____: what exactly does it say as the first error message? maybe take a screen shot with a smartphone or digital camera if you have such available, and post it22:50
testuser1_____tomreyn, the setupcrypt command did not successfully show the expected device in /dev/mapper22:50
testuser1_____tomreyn, unfortunately the executable completes silently without error22:50
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tomreyntestuser1_____: i'm not familiar with the "setupcrypt" command22:52
testuser1_____tomreyn, shall I paste the output of `sudo fdisj -l` somewhere?22:52
tomreynright now i'm primarily interested to understand what exactly happened when you booted.22:52
nycI'm having ibus issues on 18.04.22:53
tomreyntestuser1_____: you say the screen is just blank when you reboot. maybe a recovery shell would work?22:53
testuser1_____tomreyn, just blank for a few momements until grub times out - then I get a grub prompt22:53
tomreynah, actual information there, good.22:54
tomreynso you get a grub prompt, and no erro message, if i got you right?22:54
testuser1_____sorry I would have to reboot to see the error message22:55
* testuser1_____ thinks encrypted drives are too much a headache22:55
tomreyntestuser1_____: do you have this system configured with full disk encryption but without a separate /boot file system?22:55
analogicalhow do I determin if Ubuntu is using a full or a half duplex network connection?22:56
testuser1_____shall I run fdisk to see?22:56
tomreyntestuser1_____: okay, post it to termbin22:56
tomreynlsblk, too22:56
xamithananalogical: ethtool interfacename22:57
analogicalxamithan, huh?22:57
testuser1_____tomreyn, https://paste.ubuntu.com?22:57
tomreyntestuser1_____: works, too22:58
xamithanThat's one way to find out,  you could just grep the dmesg for duplex too22:58
testuser1_____sorry where is termbin?22:58
tomreyntermbin.com , also <OerHeks> without dns, termbin works on IP too::  ls | nc 999923:00
tomreyn!pastebinit | also this, testuser1_____23:00
ubottualso this, testuser1_____: pastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit23:00
testuser1_____tomreyn, piping to termbin is cool23:01
pragmaticenigmaanalogical: "ethtool" is an application for seeing network device settings and parameters. "ethtool {interfacename}" replacing "{interfacename}" with the name of the network device i.e. eth023:01
tomreyntestuser1_____: okay, can you add lsblk then23:02
testuser1_____tomreyn, sorry what is lsblk?23:02
* testuser1_____ tries piping to termbin23:02
tomreyntestuser1_____: run this:  sudo lsblk | nc termbin.com 999923:03
testuser1_____tomreyn, the nc commands seem to hang23:04
testuser1_____ok wait it completed23:04
tomreyntestuser1_____: and the output is?23:05
testuser1_____(my first pipe command anyway)23:05
testuser1_____termbin does not work for me right now; here is pastebin: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ZrKqm4jwJC/23:06
tomreyntestuser1_____: so you have those 4 storages. it looks like what is currently sdc  is the live cd, dvd or usb you're currently booted from, does this seem correct?23:07
analogicalxamithan, to use ethtool I need were to find the interfacename how do I do that?23:08
testuser1_____tomreyn, nvm is the boot, the others are connected by usb23:08
xamithan analogical "ip a" will give all your interface names23:09
testuser1_____tomreyn, I would be happy to just mount the encypted disk, save abd backup "/home" onto TMP SSD, reinstall everything and call it a day23:10
tomreyntestuser1_____: so you're saying Disk /dev/nvme0n1 is what the system should normally be booting from, and what we need to fix?23:10
tomreyntestuser1_____: so how about this, does this work to get you access to the storage? https://askubuntu.com/a/65346023:11
testuser1_____thanks, let me see23:11
tomreyntestuser1_____: here'sa more complex and more complete variant which also takes UEFI into account: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/T2kxPdWfMk/23:13
testuser1_____oh, it is the same article23:13
testuser1_____crap, the internet is flaky again23:14
tomreyn| nc 999923:14
* testuser1_____ killed the wired network and it is better now23:14
holoircUbuntu 19.04 isn't showing my network connections however it shows my wifi is on, how to fix?23:15
testuser1_____tomreyn, did you create custom instructions for me in your last pastebin?23:16
tomreyntestuser1_____: i'm old and slow, so no.23:16
testuser1_____tomreyn, let me try the first set of instructions first with nvme0n123:17
testuser1_____ok, that didn't work; trying reading your pastebin23:18
holoircNever mind, shutting it down and then booting it back up helped.23:19
testuser1_____tomreyn, the command to make the resolver work in chroot did not seem to work; I put it in termbin23:21
testuser1_____should I ignore the error?23:22
tomreyntestuser1_____: yes, you can just rm the symlink inside the chroot late and create a file there instead.23:22
DOSfanquestion : I just installed Ubuntu 16.X (i386) on a nice terca laptop ... on boot I some times get the second monitor .. it keep switching between resolutios and then finally does nothing ... any ideas?23:25
DOSfanI was going to try installing video drivers BUT it already was proviinbg the resulution I wanted .. I can't get it again in the screen res. options (was going at 1600x1200)23:26
testuser1_____tomreyn, I'm stuck on the `vgchange -ay /dev/` command23:27
tomreyntestuser1_____: this is only needed if you have lvm2 devices. lvmdiskscan should tell23:29
tomreyndid you run this? what was th eoutput?23:30
testuser1_____root@ubuntu:~# lvmdiskscan | nc 999923:30
tomreynthat's a "no"23:31
tomreyntestuser1_____: how was this ubuntu system installed, since this is not a common partitioning scheme?23:31
testuser1_____I don't know if I have lvm2 devices23:31
testuser1_____tomreyn, pre-installed when I got my system76 laptop23:32
tomreyntestuser1_____: with disk encryption? weird.23:32
tomreynand the cryptsetup command in line 16 worked?23:32
testuser1_____apparently - no errors reported23:33
tomreyntestuser1_____: so you now have what in /dev/mapper/ ?23:34
DOSfanhehehe back .. it's ALL ok .. video working just fine :)))23:35
testuser1_____tomreyn, I have only one file: "control"23:35
DOSfanI just had to make sure the laptop lid was closed so it REALLY forced it to use the second monitor. all good.23:35
tomreyntestuser1_____: post the output of: sudo dmsetup ls23:36
Bashing-omDOSfan: :)23:36
tomreyntestuser1_____: your cryptsetup comand did not succeed.23:37
testuser1_____tomreyn, any recommendations?23:37
tomreyntestuser1_____: are you sure that system76 installed ubuntu on this system , not some other OS, such as pop OS?23:38
testuser1_____tomreyn, I don't remember23:38
tomreyntestuser1_____: what is the cryptsetup command you ran?23:40
testuser1_____cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/nvme0n1 nvme0n1_crypt23:41
tomreyntestuser1_____: and this returned no output?23:41
testuser1_____but just now I ran `cryptsetup luksOpen /dev/nvme0 nvme0_crypt`23:41
testuser1_____no output for either23:41
tomreyndid you run it with "sudo"?23:42
testuser1_____I'm already root23:42
tomreyndid it prompt you for a passphrase?23:42
testuser1_____tried it with sudo as well :(23:43
tomreynthen how would it have decrypted your decrypted storage23:43
tomreynas you can se eon lines 50 to 61 of https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/t9Fbg2QHkq/ /dev/nvme0n1 is the raw nvme storage device. and it is partitioned23:43
tomreynbased on what you stated so far, /dev/nvme0n1p3 may contain your crypto layer23:44
testuser1_____whoa! I got prompted for passphrase!23:45
testuser1_____should the device be in /dev/mapper now?23:46
tomreyni don't know which command you ran, but probably, yes23:46
testuser1_____the device does show in /dev/mapper but how do I mount it?23:48
tomreyntestuser1_____: continue from line 19 of http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/T2kxPdWfMk/23:49
tomreyncarry on23:51
testuser1_____mount: /target: unknown filesystem type 'LVM2_member'.23:53
testuser1_____tomreyn, seems so close but no cigar (yet?!)23:54
tomreyntestuser1_____: run "lvs" to see which logical volumes there are23:54
tomreynyou don't seem to have used the right path. but since i don't know which command you ran, i can only guess23:55
tomreynso /dev/data/root is what you want to mount23:56
testuser1_____what would be the command? mount /dev/data/root /target?23:56
tomreyntestuser1_____: yes, probably23:57
testuser1_____tomreyn, you are AWESOME! I mounted the disk but I can't seem to copy it anywhere yet!23:59

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