* M_aD wonders why the volume buttons don't work on the lenovo thinkpad T410 with Studio. Tested a Xubuntu 19.04 live session and there was no problem with them.14:25
M_aDdoh... was meant for the support channel... sorry14:26
EickmeyerM_aD: There's a weird, known bug with xfce4-volumed. If you type "killall -9 xfce4-volumed && xfce4-volumed" it should fix that.14:38
M_aDEickmeyer: thanks, that did it14:40
EickmeyerI have a script that does that on login.14:40
Eickmeyersakrecoer: Is there any chance we'll be able to have you help with testing your firewire devices so that OvenWerks can get the firewire settings right in Controls? Right now, you're the only person we have that can help with that. Neither OvenWerks nor I have Firewire.14:58
EickmeyerThat might be why it got neglected in Controls.14:58
sakrecoersure! i suppose we would have to set a date :)15:01
EickmeyerI'll leave that up to you two. 15:01
OvenWerks"might be" he says...15:04
EickmeyerOvenWerks: would "is" be a better term?15:05
OvenWerksIt is also why when there is only USB devices things don't work quite right15:06
OvenWerksthere are a coulple of things like that. Another is that pulse output device default to  hw:0 rather than jack master15:07
OvenWerks(which is not even right for my system)15:08
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Are you seeing what sakrecoer is talking about in #ubuntustudio?15:08
EickmeyerYou might want to read some backlogs.15:09
* Eickmeyer has to get his son ready for school, and then he has Linux Fest Northwest prep15:11
OvenWerksI just started... it looks about like I would expect so far.15:11
sakrecoerlet me know whenever it works for you OvenWerks i'lldo my best to be available.15:48
sakrecoerFridays and sundays are the best15:48
* OvenWerks is off to breakfast with wife... back later17:08
OvenWerksEickmeyer: the crash bug is what I will look for next17:09
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Ok17:09
OvenWerksIt may be enough to send dev as dev=",0,0"17:10
EickmeyerWe might need to make some sort of defaults file to keep qjackctl from autostopping Jack at close.17:22
Eickmeyer(probably a separate bug)17:22
OvenWerksEickmeyer: I don't know how we would do that. It may be better to have autojack check if jack is running... nope, it generally kills jack before it starts it. The bigger problem is qjackctl killing jackdbus on close.20:10
OvenWerksRosco2: can you check if changing line 367 from start_slave(dev) to start_slave(dev+",0,0")20:12
OvenWerkswill fix your crash problem?20:12
OvenWerksRosco2: sorry, that file is /usr/bin/autojack (you will need sudo)20:13
OvenWerksThat is not a real fix BTW, just a hack for testing :)20:19
OvenWerksIt may cause trouble somewhere else20:19
EickmeyerOvenWerks: I'll look into whatever config files can be made. Something in ~/.config should be telling. Sadly, I can't do that at present as I'm packing for Linux Fest Northwest.20:27
Rosco2Sorry OvenWerks, I stopped for a gin an tonic - and it was a bit strong!20:32
EickmeyerWhoops! Rosco2 is getting tipsy!20:33
Rosco2I just tried reproducing the crash before making the suggested changes and I couldn't.20:33
Rosco2I might try again tomorrow when I am less tipsy :-)20:34
EickmeyerGood to see you in the chats, Rosco2. :)20:34
EickmeyerWow, we've had Rosco2 and sakrecoer in IRC within 24 hours of each other!20:35
* Eickmeyer is putting the band back together. On a mission from God. *wears shades and a suit*20:35
Rosco2You think it is staring jack with controls, opening Qjaclkctl, then quitting Qjackctl which stops Jack?20:35
EickmeyerRosco2: It might be, and then autojack is getting confused as it's looking at the configuration last left by Controls.20:36
EickmeyerThat's just speculation, though.20:36
Rosco2EIther I am dislexic - or drunk!20:36
EickmeyerOr both? XD20:37
Rosco2One more try to crash it20:37
Rosco2Baah. Why is it you only crash when you don't want to crash?20:51
Rosco2I will sty the code tomorrow and try and work out how to crash it properly.20:51
Rosco2Nighty night!20:52
EickmeyerGood night! o/20:52
* Eickmeyer is out for the weekend, available sporadically20:59
EickmeyerOvenWerks: If you need me, just ping me with a @ in front of my name and it'll ping me on Telegram.20:59

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