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silkairwaysHello friends i have been referred here from #ubuntustudio i have shut down with the session save box checked and when restarted only the web browsers opened back up. The apps that were open did not restart automatically02:23
silkairwaysIs this normal?02:23
krytarikIf those are GUI apps too, then I'd expect them to come up again as well, no.02:37
silkairwaysThat's what i thought02:43
silkairwaysYes get are gui02:43
silkairwaysEMail boxes02:43
silkairwaysThey were02:49
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Jimmy7I have a big issue with apt-get, can someone help me please ?15:44
Spasshello Jimmy7, we really need more details16:00
Jimmy7When I use sudo apt-get install, it sometimes prints a dependency error16:01
Jimmy7For example when I install vlc16:01
Spassyou can use this website to paste your terminal output there, and then paste the link here - https://paste.ubuntu.com16:03
Jimmy7I use a french version of Xubuntu so I do not think you will understand16:03
Jimmy7It something like:16:03
Jimmy7"X depends of Y but it will not be installed [...]  You may have held broken packages"16:04
Spassdoes this command show which packages are held? "apt-mark showhold"?16:05
Spassdid you try "sudo apt-get -f install"?16:06
Jimmy7Yes I tried all of these :16:07
Jimmy7sudo apt-get -f install16:07
Jimmy7sudo apt-get update16:07
Jimmy7sudo apt-get upgrade16:07
Jimmy7sudo apt-get -f install vlc16:07
Jimmy7sudo aptitude install vlc16:07
Jimmy7apt-mark showhold does not show anything16:08
Spasshmm, maybe you could see broken packages in Synaptic? look here - https://askubuntu.com/a/1081938/82786616:10
Spassanother command that should show held packages "dpkg --get-selections | grep hold"16:11
diogenes_maybe he's added 3rd party PPAs or messed up sources.list16:12
Jimmy7@Spass, I checked the webpage16:13
Jimmy7And I tried16:13
Jimmy7Synaptic does not find any broken package16:13
Jimmy7@diogenes_, yes I recently added kali linux repositories and deleted them16:13
Jimmy7But the issue is still here16:13
diogenes_Jimmy7, that might be the issue, some leftovers might still be present.16:14
SpassJimmy7, can you show us the output of the "sudo apt-get update"? (use paste.ubuntu.com)16:15
Jimmy7@Spass, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ftr9kgqh4H/16:16
Jimmy7@diogenes_, I think too16:17
Spassok, so you have only basic repos currently, but maybe those Kali repos did some damage already, by installing some newer package versions that collide with bionic16:18
diogenes_almost sure that's exactly what happened16:20
diogenes_welcome to dependecy hell.16:20
Jimmy7Yes I think too, but is there a way to fix that ? I really do not have time to reinstall the system again16:21
diogenes_Jimmy7, this problem occurs when you try to install any packa?16:22
diogenes_try sudo apt install neofetch16:23
Jimmy7@diogenes_, Yes but not with every package16:23
Jimmy7Just sometimes16:23
Jimmy7@diogenes_, neofetch is just installing perfectly16:23
Jimmy7May be it is vlc which has an issue16:24
Jimmy7I tried right now with htop and it also worked well16:25
diogenes_then you might want to downgrade the library that vlc is complaining about.16:25
Jimmy7@diogenes_, I m trying16:30
Jimmy7I tell you when it's done16:30
lisbethshow can I find the email of the developer for the command expect on xubuntu18:27
lisbethsI found it kind of18:30
brainwashlisbeths: kind of? what did you find?18:50
lisbethsI found that their email was just a general mailing list in the debian packages and not a specific person18:51
lisbethsI should be ok though I will come back if I need more help18:51

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