zygadegville: https://docs.snapcraft.io/snapcraft-parts-metadata/8336 <- look for "Advanced grammar", the URL is deae19:07
zyga*dead even :)19:07
zygasergiusens: snapcraft question: I'd like to use snapcraft's source thing to download a file that is not a tarball19:12
zygasergiusens: and use a custom plugin (or make or something simple) to process it further19:13
zygasergiusens: any advice?19:13
degvillezyga: thanks for the heads-up. I've just been through the doc and can't find the missing link though (5 references to advanced grammar). I also did an invalid link scan. Could have been a temporary blip (sometimes this happens when the docs are updated). Could you check again and let me know?19:16
zygadegville: it's not a href link19:16
zygaif you check the source it's just an anchor19:16
zygawithout the href attribute19:16
degvillezyga: ah, ok. got it - thanks! I'll fix it.19:16
zyganot sure how that gets created19:17
zygathanks :)19:17
zygadegville: using license: proprietary (straight from the docs) results in validation error19:20
zygaerror: cannot validate snap "xxx": cannot validate license "proprietary": unknown license: proprietary19:20
zygasergiusens: ^19:20
degvillezyga: good find, thanks. I'll look into it.19:23
zygadegville: I think it's a cross-team issue19:23
zygathe docs are correct but something along the way in the stack says "no"19:23
degvillezyga: I must admit, I've not tried putting proprietary in there, but yeah, I can add a caveat until it works.19:24
zygaheh, it's probably the 1st thing non-foss people will try :D19:24
zygabut yeah, I can understand why nobody tried it from the team19:24
degvilleahaha! true!19:24

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