pragmaticenigmaHello ops, would someone please help me with helping bluezinc understand that #ubuntu is for support only, not discussions?00:33
Unit193It'd appear he just left.00:34
pragmaticenigmaUnit193: yes... though it's not my first encounter with their trolling attempts. Thanks for keeping an eye out00:34
sonicwindgetting spam PM's immediately on logon from <GirLLiz> .... lotuspsyche asked me to report it here14:10
ubottuIn #ubuntu, stevendale said: !ops GirLLiz is spamming everyone who joins this channel with a private message14:20
DJonesI've confirmed the onjoin spam, banned relevant user girlLiz14:29
DJonesNot been around much lately due to health issues, but hopefully getting back to normal over the next few months14:32
sonicwindthanks DJones ... and hope you get well14:35
ubottuIn ubottu, tomreyn said: !tty is <reply> To get to the TTY terminals 3-6, use the keystroke Ctrl + Alt + F3-F6 respectively. Ctrl-Alt-F2 or Ctrl-Alt-F1 will get you back to your graphical login (Ctrl-Alt-F7 on 16.04). To change TTY resolution, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ChangeTTYResolution15:32
HFSPLUSwhat people how you chillen17:20
HFSPLUSwhats up people how u chillen17:20
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TomFarrэу! забанили мою сетку на ubuntu-ru20:11
eltomfarr_: you need to talk to the ops of #ubuntu-ru then21:28

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