A_Dsarnold: sorry disappeared, I used netplan apply to apply it01:04
A_Dit correctly sets the IP01:04
A_Dand no errors I believe, but let me double check01:04
A_Dnope, is clear01:06
sarnoldA_D: what does ip route get report for various ipv6 addresses?01:07
A_Done sec let me remove the route I added manually for it01:07
A_DRTNETLINK answers: Network is unreachable01:10
A_Dfor ip route get on  2c0f:fb50:4002:803::200e and 2604:a880:2:d0::1290:a00101:10
A_Dfor reference `ip -6 route list` returns 2001:41d0:801:2000::17d3 dev ens3 proto kernel metric 256 pref medium and fe80::/64 dev ens3 proto kernel metric 256 pref medium, where my `gateway6` directive in the netplan config file is gateway6: "2001:41d0:0801:2000:0000:0000:0000:0001"01:11
A_DI would expect there to be a default route to that gateway if my understanding is correct, and adding such a route manually allows v6 traffic to run normally01:12
sarnoldA_D: hrm. can you pastebin your netplan config? I'm seeing a handful of ways that it could be configured on https://netplan.io/examples and i'm curious which approach you've taken01:17
A_Dsarnold: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Zxb55NKYV6/ I've heard rumours that this is a netplan bug, but I'm not sure01:18
sarnoldA_D: 801 vs 0801 .. I'd cry if that's related, but I have to ask .. is that related? :)01:19
A_DI hope it isnt, one sec01:20
A_Dadded the 0 to the gateway addr01:21
sarnoldwell, okay. I'm glad that wasn't it, but that was my only remaining idea. heh.01:21
A_Dsorry, removed*01:21
A_Dand yeah01:21
A_DI'm pretty lost on this one as well01:21
sarnoldA_D: please file a bug. this feels like it ought to work.01:22
A_Doh well, Ill add an init script or similar to add the routes01:22
A_Dsarnold: report filed01:32
sarnoldA_D: thanks01:32
hydrianGot an odd issue with 16.04.6. I've been using kvm for months with no problem after the initial setup. Not after a reboot, none of my guests can get link-layer connection to the local network. (DHCP isn't working)05:28
hydrianI check to see if my kbeth bridge is up and it says it is active.05:28
hydrianIt is effecting all my VMs. (3 ubuntu servers 16.04 and 18.04 guest VMs)05:29
hydrianKVM host is 16.04.605:30
hydrianlong time no see lotuspsychje05:31
lotuspsychje_hydrian: yeah got dc :p05:31
=== lotuspsychje_ is now known as lotuspsychje
lotuspsychjehydrian: you might wanna idle a bit until USA wakes up, more volunteers will become active05:35
hydrianCould not generate persistent MAC address for virbr0: No such file or directory05:36
hydrianMaybe a culprit05:36
hydrianno luck still...05:46
hydrianYea.. I'm not going to have that luxuary. I have 5 kids to take care in the morning (I'm USA too)05:49
GerowenJust wanted to let you guys know, if any of you are devs, that when I recently migrated my home server to Ubuntu Server 18.04, I had an issue with the smaller, "live" installer image for Server 18.04.  It installed, but then said "no bootable media found".  Using the larger, regular install image resulted in success, so there's something different about the live ISO that makes the bootloader not install properly on certain systems.  The motherboard06:28
Gerowenis an older board that used to be in an HP tower I bought years ago and have just frankesteined into being a server.  Using an AMD Phenom II X6 processor with a SATA SSD for the system drive.  Motherboard specs are here: https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c0256008406:28
testpil0tHello. Is there any way to inject received v6 routes (via ra) into a specific routing table using netplan?07:14
testpil0tI have a vlan device that receives routes via RA. But those should only be used for sourced based policy routing07:15
testpil0tHence I'd like to use a specific table for this purpose07:15
lotuspsychjetestpil0t: this channel is bit more active on US wakeup, so re-ask if you see movement :p07:21
testpil0tHehe, okies. I will :]07:21
lotuspsychjetestpil0t: im not really familliar with netplan myself, but ive seen guides on the yaml file to add routes07:22
cim209so livepatch is setup on snap, do i need to configure it or is it set it and forget it07:23
ubottuCanonical Livepatch is a service offered by Canonical for 64 bit 14.04 and higher installs that modifies the currently running kernel for updates without the need to restart. More information can be found at https://ubottu.com/y/livepatch and https://www.ubuntu.com/server/livepatch07:23
testpil0tya, specific routes work without problems. But i have problems adding the link-local routes that come via router advertisements. As (at least) I cannot predict them07:23
testpil0tso i cannot add them to the routing policy07:23
cim209lotuspsychje: so...no?07:26
lotuspsychjecim209: livepatch needs an account setting up07:30
cim209lotuspsychje: i already have it set up07:30
cim209on 3 servers07:30
cim209i was asking if there's any further intervention07:30
lotuspsychjecim209: not sure if a reboot is needed after first setup on server07:31
lotuspsychjecim209: but normally, if setup right, you should be able to check kernels right?07:31
cim209i've kinda just let it do its thing since last year after installing07:31
cim209i've been checking on it07:32
cim209it's normally saying     patchState: nothing-to-apply07:32
cim209idk if it's working properly07:32
lotuspsychjecim209: wich server version are you on?07:32
lotuspsychjecim209: and your kernel version?07:32
lotuspsychjecim209: -48 is out, so that doesnt seem right07:33
cim209oh i haven't updated yet07:33
cim20918 pending updates07:33
cim209*** System restart required ***07:33
cim209could be that too07:33
lotuspsychjecim209: you could try right now, isnt livepatch suppose to apply new kernel without a reboot07:39
cim209lotuspsychje: i think it's only for "critical" patches07:40
cim209"critical" security patches07:40
lotuspsychjewell new kernel is kinda critical no?07:40
cim209"addressing the highest and most critical security vulnerabilities, without requiring a reboot in order to take effect"07:40
cim209a general kernel release could just be enhancements/performance updates07:41
cim209yeah it just hot patches security kernel updates07:42
cim209which i'm fine with07:42
cim209it's been 18 days since last reboot, why do i need to reboot in such a short time?07:43
andolcim209: Whatever you need to a reboot or not based on a particular new kernel version is a decision only you can make. Yet, ideally you will want to have a setup where a server reboot isn't that big of a deal, and something you can do just to be on the safe side.07:53
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