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studiobot<Sakrecoer> What is the URL of this channel10:33
studiobot<Sakrecoer> Somehow I can't find it..10:33
studiobot<Sakrecoer> The telegram url that is10:33
studiobot<Chris> I have had to temporarily stop Jack from running in US Cobtrols because it appears to crash regularly in my system, resulting in loud static noise when the 'dummy output' appears. That may or may not be related to the fact that my audio interface Focusrite Scarlett 6i6 isn't fully working properly in 18.04.2.  … My question is: how can10:40
studiobotI create keyboard shortcuts to control volume when Jack is not running? None of the methods described online seem to work. … I have tried adding amixer shortcuts using Settings  > keyboard but it doesn't take effect.10:40
m_ad[m]<studiobot "<Sakrecoer> The telegram url tha"> did you check on the ubuntu studio website?11:53
m_ad[m]@Sakrecoer there should be a link to Telegram join group chat if that's what you mean11:55
studiobot<Sakrecoer> Thanks! I found it there in the end11:56
studiobot<Sakrecoer> Would have expected it to be available in the telegram app, but couldn't figure it out lol m_ad[m]11:56
m_ad[m]i wonder what the codename for 19.10 will be12:11
studio-user225Hi there!  How do I get my US 18.10 to see android phone and the files on it?  It can sometimes see the phone, but there are no files in the 'folder'.  Thanks12:17
studio-user225This is when the phone is plugged in usb.12:19
m_ad[m]is you phone unlocked when connected to usb?12:28
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studio-user225Yes, unlocked12:37
studiobot<Chris> @studio-user225 [<studio-user225> Hi there!  How do I get my US 18.10 to see android phone and th …], I haven't used USB to connect my android phone to 18.04.2. Just tried it now and the phone appears on the screen but it is forever appearing and disappearing (flashing) so I can't access the files.  … Bluetooth works fine.  … Galaxy S7.13:34
studiobot Android 8.0. Samsung Experience ver. 9.0.13:34
studio-user225Bluetooth can't see the phone...:-(14:51
m_ad[m]<studio-user225 "Bluetooth can't see the phone..."> what phone do you have? On 19.04 i have my LG K4 working without any issues via USB and Bluetooth16:00
m_ad[m]i don't have a 18.04 or 18.10 to test it on though16:02
studio-user225Galaxy J4, Android 8.1.016:05
m_ad[m]usb settings on the phone are set to mass storage or mass storage device?16:08
studiobot<Chris> I use a Bluetooth USB dongle in the PC.16:08
m_ad[m]<studiobot "<Chris> I use a Bluetooth USB do"> i don't understand he has issues with his phone when using usb or even bluetooth in the first place. Android phone generally work ootb on linux.16:12
m_ad[m]studio-user225: not sure if this might help, it's on 18.04 though but you could try it on 18.10 https://askubuntu.com/questions/1031007/samsung-usb-not-showing-in-ubuntu-18-0416:16
studiobot<Sakrecoer> I love youuuuuuu!!!16:43
studiobot<Sakrecoer> (Document) http://studiobot.ericheickmeyer.com:9090/MiX3Ubav/file_44.mp416:43
cfhowlettbut but but where' s the sound??16:44
cfhowlettIt doe look cool though16:44
studiobot<Sakrecoer> Hahaha! In the next episode! Stay tuned16:44
studiobot<Sakrecoer> <316:44
studiobot<Sakrecoer> soooo good to read you cfhowlett!!!!16:45
studiobot<Sakrecoer> Still rocking in the far East?16:45
cfhowlettRockin Yokohama at the moment16:46
studiobot<Sakrecoer> Cool!!16:46
studiobot<Sakrecoer> I'm hoping to get there in 202016:46
studiobot<Sakrecoer> It's the ultimate cyberpunk year, so I have to be there16:46
cfhowlettnext year?  yeah?  for work or play?16:47
studiobot<Sakrecoer> Both work and play hopefully https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cyberpunk_202016:47
studiobot<Sakrecoer> Worst case scenario is looking good though, as it would be only for play16:48
studiobot<Sakrecoer> I will try to reach out. :)16:49
cfhowlettdo that!16:49
studiobot<Sakrecoer> Just so you know, in case you'd rather hide :D16:49
cfhowlettbut I'm awaiting cyberpunk 2077 game16:49
studiobot<Sakrecoer> <316:49
studiobot<Sakrecoer> Oooof16:49
studiobot<Sakrecoer> 2077 is looking AMAZING16:50
studiobot<Sakrecoer> Alright, have to go work on that "next episode" lol! Take good care of ya self cfhowlett!! And everybody else! Happy weekend!16:51
cfhowlettlater days, amigo16:52
studio-user225Tried the android-file-transfer option and it tells me that it can't find any mtp devices.  Phone is mounted and access allowed, shows in lsusb...17:23
m_ad[m]is your phone set to MTP?17:45
m_ad[m]maybe that's the cause of everything17:46
studio-user225Where do I find that info?  On the phone or the pc?  And where on the phone or pc?  Thank you for your help.17:48
m_ad[m]your phone should show options on it's screen once you connect it to your pc via usb.17:51
m_ad[m]otherwise i would suggest to search a bit on the web, there must be a solution somewhere since more people asked for help with their android phone through the years on the forums and askubuntu17:53
m_ad[m]i'm not sure what's happening, maybe it's a samsung specific issue17:54
OvenWerksstudio-user225: I have found (I have an azus) is that I need to make sure my phone screen is on when I plug in my phone to thge usb. as there is a dialog that comes up and asks if I want to allow file transfer which I have to acknolage. Other wise it doesn't work.17:56
studio-user225Options are 1) charge phone, 2) transfer files, 3) transfer images, 4) connect a MIDI device.  Choosing (3) and the phone can't be mounted or opened.  Choosing (2) and the phone can be mounted but not opened, and A-F-T tells me there's no mtp device.  OvenWerks, I have Asus also, but having the phone screen on before plugging in makes no difference.18:00
studio-user225By that I mean that I get the option to allow transfer screen, but this also makes no difference...18:02
studiobot<Sakrecoer> (Audio, 234s)http://studiobot.ericheickmeyer.com:9090/70FHgxaL/file_45.mp318:16
sakrecoersweeeet! i'm releasing straight to the Eickmeyer server!18:16
sakrecoeri need something like this too! :D18:17
sakrecoerbut the text didn't get through to telegram! :'(18:17
sakrecoerit said: Previously on whatevernever: The music was on, the signal was in, the record was up!18:18
sakrecoerIn this episode:18:18
sakrecoerLet's see how the telegram sharing audio thingy plays with IRC18:18
sakrecoerwell, while it's in early beta stage, this one is dedicated to all of you! :D18:19
studiobot<Sakrecoer> @sakrecoer [<sakrecoer> but the text didn't get through to telegram! :'(], the caption added to audio didn't get through *from telegram *to IRC18:23
sakrecoerbut hey!!! producing minute made musik is absolutely possible! <318:24
sakrecoerwho cares about captions in such freedom circumstances?18:25
sakrecoerwhere is freesoftware J when one needs a rapper anyways?18:26
sakrecoerfor the record that beat is public domain. feel free to feel free, and also cut it up mix it up, forget my name and get famous. It's possible if you can do it!18:28
sakrecoernot that i can. But if you can then you should!18:29
sakrecoerinteresting how carla works with calf stuff while ardour doesn't18:34
sakrecoerit makes my habitual "mastering prcoess" a bit tedious. But it's ok18:35
sakrecoeri just routed stuff into an ardour track that doesn't no playback into the monitoring part of my setup18:36
sakrecoerand then recorded. which i like. I was never too fund of "rendering without hearing" anyways.18:36
sakrecoerIt's the best recepy to wait in silence for computation to be over, just to realize stuff isn't tidy enough :D18:37
sakrecoerthis way i can actaully render to another output, and listen to it while it happens :D18:37
sakrecoerput a midi controler in the equation and now i'm feeling like Lee Scratch Perry dubbing it out to the max!18:38
sakrecoerthis was possible already with qtjackctl, but i wouldn't use it because "export to audio file" felt like the modern way to do it.18:40
sakrecoerand also what kept me falling back to using hardware recorcder :D18:42
OvenWerksstudio-user225: Have you tried this on a xubuntu iso? (running live rather than install)19:08
OvenWerksif this doesn't work on xubuntu then it will not work on Studio for sure. If it does work on xubuntu then it is either our kernel or some setting difference which we should know about.19:10
studio-user225OvenWerks: I have not tried xubuntu.  Will give it a bash tomorrow.19:53
sakrecoeri see you removed kid3, which ID3 tagger is recomended?20:00
studiobot<Sakrecoer> (Audio, 380s)http://studiobot.ericheickmeyer.com:9090/5HX6o7AL/file_46.mp320:05
studiobot<Sakrecoer> luckyliy, thunar has got some basic ID3 tagger :)20:06
studiobot<Sakrecoer> that one is CC-BY-SA-NC however 🥳20:08
studiobot<Sakrecoer> Typos.... story of my life...20:10
studiobot<Sakrecoer> Bwoy, do i wish i wast'n dislesckxik20:10
m_ad[m]<studiobot "<Sakrecoer> (Audio, 380s)http://"> it's better to post such messages in the #ubuntustudio-offtopic channel since it has nothing to do with support 😉20:16
sakrecoer"support and creativity chat" ;) but okay20:17
sakrecoeri suppose music is offtopic :D20:17
m_ad[m]oops, my bad20:17
sakrecoerjust teasing you m_ad[m] still, the topic is right there20:17
sakrecoernothing wrong with being causcious20:18
m_ad[m]yeah, sorry about that20:18
sakrecoergood to know someone looks after the channel!20:20
sakrecoereitherway it's 100% made in ubuntu studio. but remember kids: the wekaest link in my produciton pipeline isn't my system: it is yours truley, little me20:25
OvenWerkssakrecoer: kid3-qt should still be there20:49
OvenWerkswhere are you looking for it?20:49
sakrecoerin the... menu? whisker menu?20:49
OvenWerksaudio productio->audio utilities?20:50
sakrecoeronly qjackctkl in there20:51
OvenWerkswhat happens if you put kid3-qt on the command line?20:52
OvenWerksthe disco seeds do show kid3-qt as being there20:53
OvenWerksalso try ls /usr/share/applications/*kid3*20:56
sakrecoeri tired that. i get the delicious option to install it using apt20:57
sakrecoerls /usr/share/applications/*kid3*20:57
sakrecoerls: cannot access '/usr/share/applications/*kid3*': No such file or directory20:57
OvenWerksnot installed for some reason.20:58
sakrecoermight be because i upgraded?20:58
OvenWerksShouldn't be, but who knows20:58
sakrecoeri was warned some stuff would get smoked off20:58
sakrecoerlike, the system itself warned me :)20:58
sakrecoernot about kid3 in particular.20:59
sakrecoerbut it did warn me and here i am20:59
OvenWerksYa, that happens, how was the original installed? was it a US iso? or something else with Studio on top?20:59
sakrecoeriso original21:00
sakrecoerno wait... 18.10 actually21:00
* OvenWerks does not have much of a clue what and upgrade does.21:00
OvenWerksSo 18.10 to 19.04 weird.21:01
sakrecoeri had to do a fresh install because at some point my SSD failed21:01
OvenWerkscan't be SSDs last forever...21:01
sakrecoeri recently learned that the random delay at start up is actually just the weekly SSD cleanup21:01
sakrecoeryou can't be serious saying that :D21:01
sakrecoerSSDs seem to me like super fragile21:02
sakrecoersure they don't mind bumps on the ride, because no spinning disk, but darn are they problematics...21:02
sakrecoeri'm sure i could read the bites for ever with the proper forensic tools. But, i don't seem to get those tools uppon buying one21:03
OvenWerksI have had the best luck with laptop 5000rpm drives so far.21:03
OvenWerks(even in desktops)21:04
sakrecoerMaybe that i swhy mac are putting 5Krpm in their latest boxes lol :D21:04
OvenWerksI tried a server 24/7 supper duty garantee for 3 year drive in my wife's computer and it was good for less than 6 mo.21:05
OvenWerks5k is best.21:05
sakrecoeri'm not sure what is best, but i have to admit my SSD did work again once i just did those typical SSD rituals of flipping bites or whatever it's called.21:06
sakrecoerNow i wait when the startup delays, and things end up starting as they should. once a week, i have to wait 5 minutes where normaly i wait 10 seconds21:06
OvenWerkshuh, I thought they were supposed to do that internally on their own21:07
sakrecoermaybe they do, and i'm just spekaing computer voodoo.... i don't know, but it works again after i did that erase everything SSD ritual21:07
sakrecoereitherway, there are more than computer things that diserve their share of patience: what is 5 minutes of waiting at start up when i can have 55 minutes of creative juice21:08
sakrecoeri have an asnwer for that question: transition :) It's a good thing to transition from work juice to play juice21:10
m_ad[m]trim the SSD manually once a day, maybe that helps21:22
sakrecoergood idea, m_ad[m] what's the command again?21:36
m_ad[m]sudo fstrim -v /21:39
sakrecoeri call it voodo because everytime i think of it, i need to go through the pain of choosing a stackoverlfow answer that suits my particulat case21:39
m_ad[m]sakrecoer: https://easylinuxtipsproject.blogspot.com/p/ssd.html21:41
sakrecoerbut then the question is: should i add that at shutdown, startup, middle session? middle session is a nono, because i might be recording. Shut down is delicate, because i might be in a hurry, startup is tough becuase, what if my client is sitting next to me...21:41
sakrecoeri'm pretty confident ubuntu is doing that for me, and so i let it to the cybergods to decide for me :)21:42
m_ad[m]i just do it in a terminal with no apps running just to make sure21:43
sakrecoerby that i mean, i'm no longer pressing reset when startup is being a bit slow, regardless if customer is stting there. I can divert with coffee anyways21:43
sakrecoeri could somewhat wish the system was telling me: "fixing your super fast HD, so it can remain superfast and not be borked, give me a minute"21:47
sakrecoeri figured it out becuase alt+tab will show me lots of useable info when starting up. instead of a pretty dot dot dot thingy21:48
sakrecoerso, when i black list all the alsa FW and use the `Firewire` driver in qjackctl, everything is like it used to be for me as a FW user22:32
sakrecoeri even get that button in PA volume control where i can chose where firefox should go22:33
sakrecoeri haven't figured out how to route the sound from my soundcard to the headphone plug of my copmuter yet, but it's ok22:34
sakrecoerfortuneatly i have a mixer so i could sort that step out (my sound card doesn't have headphone plug)22:34
sakrecoeri honestly think my case is an edge case (wouldn't know how to find data on how many FW users out there, even less Teratec Phase88 Rack users)22:35
sakrecoerBut now it's here in the IRC log: Firewire users should probably still sonsider black listing alsa FW stuff as writeen in the Arch-linux wiki22:37
sakrecoerlike... that works on on ubuntu too...22:37
sakrecoerhttps://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/JACK_Audio_Connection_Kit#Firewire putting it here for the record. This works like a charm. I was the way to go since 16.04 for me. But i have to say things are more stable and tighter then back then22:41
sakrecoerIt* was the way to go22:41
sakrecoerI* am just meat bag. Not a place to go. Probably made other typos22:42

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