-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUALc083b7c8a00b: Add scale checkbox] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUALc083b7c8a00b00:44
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL930ad742d8a8: Add position drop down menu to bitmap] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL930ad742d8a800:58
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL7d08aa5a3e74: Split wall of text] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL7d08aa5a3e7401:31
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL2432abd28cc9: Start pattern tab] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL2432abd28cc901:46
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rNEWREL3cf55ad1e457: clarify sources to collect bugs, add previous known issues] wxl (Walter Lapchynski) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rNEWREL3cf55ad1e45706:05
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> Is there any way to get universal menu in lubuntu as it was in unity?11:06
kc2bezNo @The_LoudSpeaker see https://phab.lubuntu.me/T1917:26
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [Medium, Open] Task Manager Global Menu Plugin: https://phab.lubuntu.me/T1917:26
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @kc2bez [<kc2bez> No @The_LoudSpeaker see https://phab.lubuntu.me/T19], Just saw. Thanks!18:00
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- Error: T19], is an invalid task reference.18:00
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> If you need any help in the task do let me know. I would really like to have this feature in lubuntu. This feature is the reason why unity is still my favourite DE of all times.  … P.S : I will be able to work on it only after completing currently assigned tasks.18:03
wxlyou should probably work with upstream18:15
lubot<aptghetto> Unity 7 is still alive and maintained by a little group.18:24
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @wxl [<wxl> you should probably work with upstream], Well I started here so.. don't wanna leave.18:38
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @aptghetto [Unity 7 is still alive and maintained by a little group.], Any conntacts? like IRC or telegram channels?18:39
wxlwhat i mean is *WE* likely won't be the ones implementing it18:39
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @wxl [<wxl> what i mean is *WE* likely won't be the ones implementing it], @tsimonq2 has planned for it to be in 19.04 i guess, atleast his comment on the upstram issue in T19 says that.18:42
wxli don't think that will be the case, personally18:43
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> Why so pessimist, wxl?18:43
wxlif he's going to do anything with it, HE'S likely to work with upstream18:43
tsimonq2wxl: Yeah.18:44
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @wxl [<wxl> if he's going to do anything with it, HE'S likely to work with upstream], ohh! 👍🏻18:44
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUALa210ebf51e8a: Add changing pattern color] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUALa210ebf51e8a19:45
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL92df377fa693: Add Pattern Editor] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL92df377fa69319:50
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL9c2197569e67: start hatch button and spacing] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL9c2197569e6720:02
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL46102ef7bfb7: Add Angle and Preview] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL46102ef7bfb720:10
lubot<aptghetto> @The_LoudSpeaker [Any conntacts? like IRC or telegram channels?], Have a look at https://community.ubuntu.com/c/desktop/ubuntu-unity-dev20:12
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL208f9c549e31: Add Line type drop down] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL208f9c549e3120:14
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUALf3b6653f0e57: Add Line color drop down] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUALf3b6653f0e5720:19
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUALdf099a795d39: Add background color checkbox and drop down menu] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUALdf099a795d3920:22
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUALcfc67279624c: Style New Slide] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUALcfc67279624c23:33
-lugito:#lubuntu-devel- [rMANUAL893543b4e6f2: Other ways to duplicate slide and improve style] lynorian (Lyn Perrine) committed: https://phab.lubuntu.me/rMANUAL893543b4e6f223:37

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