symbiois anybody here?10:24
lubot<aptghetto> Depends on your problem10:24
symbiohow to connect to wifi on braqnd new Lubuntu 18 installation. I have installed it by wired connection and I want connect wifi insted, but on my Connection shortcut right down my screen Wi-Fi connection is gray. Wi-Fi Connection is enabbled thr...10:32
lubot<aptghetto> Which Lubuntu? 18.04? 18.10? … What wifi hardware do you use? … I am, by the way, the wrong for wifi problems10:35
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sappheirosHow can I help lubuntu?15:37
sappheirosi guess i can browse the website to search for the answer to that.15:38
sappheiroshttps://lubuntu.me/ can't connect to server error15:43
apt-ghettoThe homepage should be working and reachable15:44
sappheirosloaded now15:45
sappheirosmaybe the free wifi i'm using is poor ...15:45
tomreyni added a monitor for lubuntu.me (5 min interval, 5 locations world-wide) https://statuspage.freshping.io/7937-Ubuntu15:56
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Jonopolyso frustrating cant get roblox on linux20:41
Jonopolydont use windows anymore but cant play roblox on here for son :x20:41
wxlJonopoly: how powerful is your machine?20:51
wxlJonopoly: and what version of Lubuntu?20:51
wxlJonopoly: and can your CPU handle virtualization?20:52
JonopolyUH my machine is bad, if it was a horse..21:01
Jonopolyyou'd have to shoot it21:01
JonopolyLubuntu 19.0421:01
JonopolyI was going to use Wine for roblox, but don't think it can support it21:01
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