tomreynhi, could one of you remove "14.04" off the topic on #ubuntu ?03:52
daxbleh, they stopped sending out -announce emails with "End of Life" in the subject03:55
* dax takes a look03:55
tomreynthanks dax03:57
dax!trusty =~ s/Support ends/!End-of-life was/03:57
ubottuI'll remember that dax03:57
dax!search 14.0403:57
ubottuFound: trim, kickstart, trusty, lts2lts*, schedule*, livepatch, 14.04, meltdown, xchat03:57
TomFarrwhy I banned on #ubuntu-ru?13:23
Unit193tomfarr_: Hello, you'd have to speak to the Russian operators about that, we don't handle that channel.15:10
tomfarr_my name is not in banlist! I dont understand why i can't write to channel15:11
Unit193I don't see any reason you can't /j #ubuntu-ru15:18
hggdhhe is quieted as $a:TomFarr15:41
hggdh[#ubuntu-ru] $a:TomFarr quieted by ChanServ (ChanServ@services.) on Wed, 24 Apr 2019 09:26:4415:42
hggdhtomfarr_: you have to speak with the Russian moderators15:42

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