tomreynroute309: you could try asking this in ##hardware and maybe in ##linux if they're ok with polls. here we only do ubuntu support.00:00
route309oohh sorry about that @tomreyn.. new to IRC :)00:00
donofrio_tomreyn, lightdm is already the newest version00:01
tomreynroute309: no worries then. be sure to always read the channel /topic 's00:01
donofrio_OerHeks, I get rooms confused too often....I do not know if snaps were out for anything under 18.04.....let alone ppc ;)00:01
tomreynentrepreneur_: if you'Re saying you installed, system-wide, a pythin version which differs from the one your ubuntu release came with, then i think you won a free re-install training.00:02
donofrio_I'm only useing 'ports' version because the 46mb mini.iso wouldn't start networking or whatever was missing after 3 hours of installing where after three hours installing from this 76mb mini ports iso allows me to at least be this far....00:16
donofrio_I have no tty7 or tty8 so how to get gui going.....just wanting help I'll go back to lurk if needed....would like to not run gui as root00:17
donofrio_lightdm has been installed since I installed00:18
donofrio_I added gdm3 but kept lightdm as the preferred thought that was fav for xfce400:18
MythQuestions: When installing Ubuntu 18.04 on its own, clean, blankc SSD alongside another SSD with Windows 10, is the automatic configuration going to install Grub? If so, where? Also, will it install Swap? Is this needed? Should I do a custom install (i.e. select "Something Else" when prompted)?00:20
MythNote, I have everything set up for UEFI, Secure Boot and Fast Boot off00:20
Svetahi all! i'm looking for a talking face application (with moving lips and face expression). something like lucia or botlibre that is more linux friendly and can be self hosted. any suggestions? :)00:22
MythTo rephrase: Will the Ubuntu installation process automatically set up swap space and Grub? Or must I choose "Something Else" and do it manually?00:25
SvetaMyth, i don't think you should do it manually, mine offered it automatically00:26
MythSveta, Oh, good. I was hoping. Did it set swap up too?00:26
MythThanks! I'll give it a go00:27
Svetasure, make sure you have a backup of your everything before you begin. handy, even though it is not common for things to break00:28
MythSveta, Aye. Trying to decide on LVM now00:29
MythNever used it00:30
entrepreneur_Thanks for your answrer tomreyn, I was trying reinstalling python3-apt but didn't work too00:31
SvetaMyth: lvm is ok00:33
MythI'm just always nervous because sometimes I think something is going to be simple... and then it is not00:34
tomreynentrepreneur_: use virtualenv's and not sudo, i guess this would work, but am not that much into python.00:34
MythAnd then I have to reinstall Ubuntu for the 673rd time00:34
MythI've probably spent a cumulative 19 1/2 months installing and troubleshooting00:35
SvetaMyth: why did your last install stop working?00:36
MythSveta, Well, the last install was a reinstall in itself. It was working great, but the Grub loader wasn't working. Figured out it may have been due to my Windows 10 install (separate drive) being legacy instead of UEFI. I've since converted it00:38
MythNow everything except my cd drive will be UEFI00:38
MythStill learning about UEFI00:39
MythThe last install was due to the previous one having an issue running Cinnamon via the embrosyn PPA after kernel software update. Unable to fix it even after removing and reinstalling from other sources, I axed it00:40
Bashing-om!uefi | Myth Seen this ? -00:40
ubottuMyth Seen this ? -: UEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI00:40
SvetaMyth, is everything working except the cd drive?00:42
MythBashing-om, Thanks! Haven't seen that one00:42
FreeBDSMis there a way to reload nvidia driver without a reboot?00:43
MythSveta, It all works. I have BIOS set to run UEFI & Legacy00:43
FreeBDSMsometimes, quite rarely I get a weird bug when chromium and firefox stop playing videos at all00:43
MythNo clue how to have the cd drive in UEFI00:43
FreeBDSMfor no good reason00:43
MythMaybe too old even00:43
FreeBDSMI suspect that it's nvidia driver that is at fault00:43
MythI harvested the cd drive from my old computer, so... yeah00:43
SvetaMyth, I am confused. is the cd drive working or not?00:46
MythSveta, So far as I can tell, it works00:49
MythFor a piece of crap, it works00:49
hyperknothi, I'm trying to diagnose why I cannot reach a dedicated server running Ubuntu 18.04. I've finally been able to KVM in, but I'm kind of lost. What should I check to diagnose network access?01:23
tomreynhyperknot: how are you normally connecting to it?01:24
hyperknotnormally via ssh01:24
hyperknotnow it's down, so is ping01:24
tomreynsudo    lsof -i :2201:24
hyperknotall I have is a super bad quality KVM01:24
hyperknottomreyn: I cannot even do ping
hyperknotnetwork is unreachable01:25
hyperknotvia KMV01:25
tomreyni assume it uses systemd-networkd for networking?01:25
hyperknotstandard 18.04 I guess01:25
tomreynshould list the state of network interfaces01:26
hyperknotit says routable configuring01:27
tomreyni'll need to bring up a VM to compare it quickly01:27
hyperknotconfiguring is in yellow, probably it means bad01:28
hyperknothow can I check the latest installed packages?01:28
tomreynit means it did not finish configuration, yet01:28
tomreynless /var/log/apt/term.log or history.log01:29
tomreynthe former shows what actually happened, the latter shows the actions which were requested01:29
tomreynso the latter is a bit higher level.01:29
tomreyn"systemctl status network.target" and the same for "network-online.target" may help understand the state of things01:32
hyperknotit's online01:33
hyperknotboth of these are good01:33
tomreyndoes   networkctl status   report "routable" yet?01:35
tomreynyour system log since the latest reboot can be viewed using    journalctl -b01:36
tomreynthis may tell what happened to the network link01:36
tomreynthere'S probably a better / more specific way to find out, but i'm pretty new to systemd-networkd myself, still01:37
hyperknotnetworkct status is routable01:38
tomreynso the status reported by just "networkctl" should have changed, too01:38
tomreynthe network interface status, that is.01:38
tomreynhyperknot: how are you coming?01:43
hyperknottomreyn: now I'm fighint with the KVM, it's unresponsive for some reason01:43
tomreynhmm annoying, which hardware is it?01:44
hyperknotno idea, some kind of external system with analogue video input01:44
hyperknothetzner server itself is quite nice, but this KVM is crazy01:44
tomreynoh hetzner, so it's a spider01:45
tomreynthose aren't great, but cheap. there are different generations. have them give you a current one, those are not as bad.01:45
hyperknothow do I know which generation is it?01:46
tomreynnot sure, i think it says somewhere in the help / about area01:47
tomreynbottom right should tell https://wiki.hetzner.de/images/8/8b/LARA_Welcome.png01:50
AmorphousLooking for some help with x11vnc.  Under Ubuntu 18.04 if I run it manually I'm able to connect from a remote machine, but if I try to start it as a service I get an xauth error, unable to generate an authority file name01:52
hyperknottomreyn: same version01:52
tomreynwell thsose are old but they have even older ones, so it may not get better than this,01:53
tomreynanyways, this would be more a topic for #hetzner01:53
hyperknottomreyn: thanks I'm trying that for the KVM01:55
tomreynAmorphous: i haven't really set it up, yet, but assume that you'll need to run it under your systemd user session since everything X runs in the users context (and thus the xauthority file is owned by the user) with systemd01:57
Krennici have a problem i install xfce4 desktop enviromewnt and when i click on the icon of the terminal emulator i get and error as there is not a terminal install01:58
Krennicoooops wrong channel i should've asked thin on xfce channel01:59
Amorphoustomreyn: Is that something I would set in the .service file?01:59
AmorphousI'm not too familiar with systemd yet.  My last install was Ubuntu 12.04.02:00
tomreynAmorphous: i have yet to learn about it as well. https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Systemd/User seems to provide a good overview02:02
AmorphousI'll give it a look, thanks02:02
tomreynAmorphous: i assume this (non user session / service) guide may work with 18.04: https://c-nergy.be/blog/?p=1222002:05
tomreyni thinkt he service file should actually go to /etc/systemd/system/ for user installed services, though02:09
BenderRodriguezSo ubuntu02:11
BenderRodriguezI've come across something concerning02:11
BenderRodriguezI've blacklisted motd.ubuntu.com on my DNS server. Testing this on other hosts in my network confirms that I'm unable to resolve that address as intended02:11
BenderRodriguezbut testing this with systemd-resolve on Ubuntu 18.04 shows that it's still able to resolve the address02:12
BenderRodriguezI double checked the systemd-resolve settings and it's set to point to my DNS server02:12
BenderRodriguezand clearing the cache has not alleviated the issue.02:12
BenderRodriguezSo, the only conclusion is that Ubuntu server is somehow ignoring my DNS configuration02:12
tomreynBenderRodriguez: i'm not sure about this, but there may be better ways to disable this functionality than just to have it fail DNS lookups. see /etc/default/motd-news02:15
BenderRodrigueztomreyn: I'm sure there's a way but I'm more concerned with the fact that Ubuntu seems to be able to resolve it on its own02:20
BenderRodrigueztomreyn: take a look https://i.imgur.com/CKuisOS.png02:20
tomreynBenderRodriguez: i understand this, but there's nothing i could tell about it, i doubt this is hardcoded, but have not reviewed the code.02:21
hyperknottomreyn: I got a new KVM02:22
hyperknotjust so that I can continue02:22
BenderRodriguezalright, I'll see what linux has to say02:22
hyperknotnetworkctl shows configuring02:22
tomreynhyperknot: see what i suggested above02:23
hyperknottomreyn: i'm reading back but it's not obvious02:24
tomreyn<tomreyn> your system log since the latest reboot can be viewed using    journalctl -b02:24
tomreyn<tomreyn> "systemctl status network.target" and the same for "network-online.target" may help understand the state of things02:25
hyperknotboth of those are goot02:28
hyperknotit's something with ip address. I've disabled IPv6 for this server, maybe it made some kind of conflict after reboot02:29
xrandrdoes 18 or 19 still use Compiz?02:33
hyperknottomreyn: it was the ipv6 disable!02:33
tomreynhyperknot: id so, the journal would probably tell, no?02:33
xrandralso, i upgraded from 16.04 (i think?). It still had the unity desktop. Is it safe to remove the Unity desktop as I am now using the Default 18.04 desktop02:33
hyperknotyes, I got it from there02:33
tomreynhyperknot: oh nice, you found it.02:33
hyperknotsomehow the new systemd version has a bug with grub's ipv6 disabling02:34
tomreynmaybe you disabled ipv6 in the wrong way.02:34
hyperknotI added ipv6.disable=1 to /etc/default/grub and it's been working well for many months02:34
rodrigot44can anybody help me whenever i download video or pdf documents on a folder by firefox i dont get a clip of the document but document or video icons?02:36
cfhowlettrodrigot44, you sure you actually downloaded?  try youtube-dl to download a video and see that it actually works.02:36
rodrigot44cfhowlett: no not yutube file shring sites02:37
tomreynhyperknot: hmm yes i think ipv6.disable=1 would work02:38
hyperknottomreyn: it worked perfectly, until it made this with the latest update02:38
hyperknothow can I view previous logs so that I can make a bug report about it?02:39
tomreynhyperknot: omit -b or step through boots with    -b -1    -b -2    etc.02:39
rodrigot44Bashing-om: do you have any file manager skills?02:40
Bashing-omrodrigot44: Depends on which file manager - what is the issue ?02:41
rodrigot44Bashing-om: its firefox i meant sorry!02:41
Bashing-omrodrigot44: Have not used FF in yers :(02:42
hyperknottomreyn: and where should I open a bug report about it?02:42
rodrigot44Bashing-om:  crud figures02:44
tomreynhyperknot: if you think it's a bug, and you checked this hasn't already been reported, run, on your server,     ubuntu-bug PACKAGENAME02:44
rodrigot44Bashing-om: do you know any other browser similar to firefox but lightweigh?02:44
tomreynhyperknot: this will gather information from your system needed to examine the issue further and post it to the bug trakcer (publicly).02:46
tomreynrodrigot44: those two don't go together well, "like firefox" "but light-weight"02:47
rodrigot44tomreyn: hey i tried chrome and chromium but they dont have the top ment i dont like looking across the screen for functionality!02:49
tomreynrodrigot44: maybe - not supported here - have a look at https://www.brow.sh/02:49
Bashing-omrodrigot44: light-weight is something like elinks :)02:49
rodrigot44Bashing-om: nevermind not lightweight but a resiliant browser with the top menu02:51
rodrigot44file view bookmarks about etc02:52
Bashing-omrodrigot44: My GUI browser of choice is chromium.02:53
rodrigot44Bashing-om: so you never got pissed with the placement of the meny accros the screen!02:54
OerHeksall browsers have such 'file view bookmaks etc' menu02:54
rodrigot44OerHeks: nop not chrome or chromium02:54
rodrigot44you have to look across the screen to access the menu02:55
OerHekswell, you said top penel, and that is where they are, in gnome02:55
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rodrigot44im not on gnome02:56
OerHeksbit i do not understand your actual question, about downloaded movies and pdf02:56
Apachezanyone else noticed that cpu is running about +10C hotter with ubuntu 19.04 than with 18.10?02:56
cfhowlettrodrigot44, again: an incomplete or damaged download can appear as a .pdf.  try to download a video then run command                file filename                to see the properties.02:58
rodrigot44cfhowlett: no its not damaged02:58
rodrigot44cfhowlett: in chrome i get the clips of the pdf or video files02:59
rodrigot44chrome or chromium is good03:00
rodrigot44but it doesnt have the top menu03:00
rodrigot44thumbnail clips03:00
rodrigot44sorry if i caused confusion03:00
rodrigot44ill repraise my question03:01
rodrigot44its gonna be show03:01
tomreyn!enter | rodrigot4403:01
ubotturodrigot44: Please try and keep as much of your info as possible on ONE line - easier to follow for everyone.03:01
rodrigot44oh sorry03:02
rodrigot44im having problems with firefox when i download a pdf or document it successfully downloads but firefox has a mind of its own and doesnt generate a thumbnail of the pdf or video file i download!03:04
rodrigot44any good?03:04
tomreyni think it is now understandable03:06
rodrigot44 tomreyn thank god03:07
tomreynyou may want to add your uubntu version, graphical desktop03:07
rodrigot44no nautilus doesnt have those problems03:08
sazawalHello all. I have recently installed Ubuntu 19.04. From some days, I cannot launch nautilus after about 10-20 minutes of start up. It says "Failed to launch 'Downloads'. Timeout was reached". Someone here suggested me to purge and reinstall nautilus but that didn't help.03:13
LJSeinfeld--Having a rough time sorting out a permissions issue in a ubuntu VM that I'm running inside of Unraid.   I have an unraid share mounted by fstab, which seems to work, but files I create there are owned by root... with the group as my username03:14
LJSeinfeldtrying to figure out if this is an ubunu issue or an unraid issue.. without too much luck03:15
ClevernessLJSeinfeld what does your fstab mount line for that share look like03:16
tomreynsazawal: do a file system check on the file system containing your Downloads directory - while it is not mounted.03:17
tomreyn!smart | also check your disks' health, sazawal03:17
ubottualso check your disks' health, sazawal: smart is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a monitoring system for hard drives. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools03:17
LJSeinfeldCleverness https://pastebin.com/7dxd4YMU03:19
sazawaltomreyn, I will do.03:19
ClevernessLJSeinfeld So I dont confused, is your goal to have this share mounted in the VM as a network drive that devices outside the network can access like a normal share?03:22
LJSeinfeldno -- the goal is to let the ubuntu VM read write files on that share (which is part of my unraid server)03:23
LJSeinfelderr read and write03:23
Clevernessdo you have NFS permissions setup on that share in unraid? You could mount is via NFS instead03:24
ClevernessI did it earlier today on a recent install03:24
LJSeinfeldI'm not totally sure03:24
LJSeinfeldI can access the share via SMB or AFP03:24
ClevernessGo to the share settings in unraid and scroll down to NFS security settings, export yes, security private.  Under rule add,rw) replacing the IP with whatever IP the VM has assigned to it03:25
Clevernessif you want to add more IPs just add a space after and repeat03:25
LJSeinfeldlet me look ...brb03:26
LJSeinfeldI don't even see NFS as an option in thre..03:27
Clevernessit should be between AFP and SMB security settings03:27
Clevernessgo to settings and see under network services of NFS is enabled03:27
LJSeinfeldnothing... do I need to stop the array to enable NFS03:27
LJSeinfeldjust enabled03:28
LJSeinfeldOK I see the options now03:28
Clevernessjust set the settings for it like I posted above03:29
nshireis it possible to put the ubuntu installer on a drive without wiping the entire thing? I want to keep the data on this and see if I can have the liveusb just use another partition03:29
LJSeinfeldok got that done03:31
Clevernessyea, without the quotes though03:32
LJSeinfeldcorrect -- no quotes03:32
ClevernessLJSeinfeld https://pastebin.com/dptbvsmY03:32
Clevernesslooking at your previous pastefin the /home path looked like is where you wanted the share mounted, just add your IP before the colon and the full share path after the colon03:33
tomreynnshire: theoretically yes, but i'm not aware of a utility which does it. maybe mkusb could. you'd still need to make sure the boot loader there is aware of it.03:33
nshirewhich bootloader? the installer bootloader?03:34
tomreynnshire: the boot loader on the drive you want to create the ubuntu installer on03:35
tomreyneither way, you'll want a backup of that data beforehand.03:35
nshirethis is just a general purpose usb ssd btw. formatted exfat atm03:35
LJSeinfeldCleverness -- comment out my previous fstab entry, correct?03:35
nshireso no current bootlaoder03:35
ClevernessYou might also need to run sudo apt install nfs-kernel-server if you are missing it03:36
Clevernessscratch that, nfs-common not kernel server03:37
Clevernessbut just mount it first03:37
tomreynnshire: it'll be a lot easier to just create the installer out of it, then shring the partition, if needed, create another and create an exfat file system there.03:38
nshireI had a feeling that would be the case03:38
tomreyn*shrinK - wow, i must be getting tired03:38
LJSeinfeldnothing shows up in ~/unraidmedia now...03:38
nshireI was hoping I could put several installers on one drive since its a 500gb ssd with 500MBps R/W03:39
LJSeinfeldinstalling nfs common now03:39
Clevernessdid you run mount in the command line after changing fstab?03:39
LJSeinfeldjust rebooted the vm03:39
LJSeinfeldrequested NFS version or transport protocol is not supported03:40
Clevernesswhat VM is it03:40
LJSeinfeldunbuntu server ... 18.04.2 LTS03:40
tomreynnshire: there are some applications which try to cover this scenario, with more and less success.03:41
nshireany suggestions?03:41
ClevernessLJSeinfeld: sudo apt install nfs-common should work, im running that version as well03:41
LJSeinfeldI think I messed up the ip... should be the ip of the unraid server...03:42
LJSeinfeldand I copied the IP of the VM...03:42
nshiremy only idea would be to create another installer on one drive and DD it over after the end of the previous installer... but I don't know if that would work03:42
Clevernessyea just change it and run sudo mount -a03:43
LJSeinfelddo hostnames work in there?03:43
tomreynnshire: i don't really want to recommend them. also they're not in ubuntu.03:43
ClevernessI havent tried, I just used the server IP since mine is static03:43
tomreynnshire: if you have hybrid isos you could use this approach, i think it's actually the best: https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/Multiboot_USB_drive#Using_GRUB_and_loopback_devices03:43
LJSeinfeldgetting closer... access denied by server while mounting
Clevernessit needs to be the full path in unraid, not just Media.03:44
Clevernessso if you go to shares and click the folder icon, top should say Index of /mnt/user/Media or something similar03:44
LJSeinfeldlike /mnt/user/Media03:44
Clevernessso that whole thing goes after the colon03:45
LJSeinfeldfiles appear... :)03:46
LJSeinfeldlet me restart everything and see what errors fly03:46
Clevernesssee if it lets you create a folder to check that write permissions work03:46
LJSeinfeldowner and group looks good...03:47
Clevernessalright good, just restart the VM to make sure it automounts correctly03:47
Clevernessif it does you should be set03:48
LJSeinfeldtrying now...03:48
LJSeinfeldsab and transmission are having issues writing there... (or were).. gonna test out03:48
LJSeinfeldappears to be working -- Thanks :)03:52
LJSeinfeldwonder why the other way was so problematic03:52
LJSeinfeldsab would create files that were root:dave03:53
Randunehi all..has anyone tried to load a proprietary driver, but when presented with the Mok manager on next boot, the video is not displayed so you can't see what you're doing?03:53
ClevernessLJSeinfeld: yea idk, switched from Windows few days ago and from what I learned googling that method is the simplest one I found, while staying secure.03:55
ClevernessI havent setup deluge on my server yet so I needed write access03:56
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LJSeinfeldunraid is really cool, but there's a lot to learn there.. and I'm only about good enough to be dangerous with linux..03:56
LJSeinfelddeluge was a pain for me... figured Id give transmission-daemon a try03:56
Clevernessjust backup your unraid settings.  I broke networkconfig once when adding a 10g network card03:57
LJSeinfeldalthough you can apparently bind deluge to an interface which would be nice03:57
Clevernessyea I havent done all that on my server.  For me its just for storage/plex/airsonic03:59
AWAYwagwan boys03:59
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Guest8894failed to verify04:00
Guest8894big yikes04:00
LJSeinfeldCleverness my (many years ago) solution to how to make sure certain things use a VPN was to put those things in a VM.  There's a lot of cool docker containers out there--which would be 1 click installs... but I can't figure out if anyone has come up with an easy way to make sure the external traffic is handled properly04:02
LJSeinfeldgotta bail -- thanks :)04:34
flyHello.Is there04:53
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Guest10954Is there?04:53
Guest10954I cannot use the Thunderbird04:54
qwebirc12473hello, I'm having trouble with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS on a new server.  after the installation succeeds, when GNOME starts (as noted in the console) that tty freezes and no desktop comes up.  in another console, I logged in and installed all updates.  no improvement.  installing the nvidia drivers (for the RTX 2060 card) via aptitude results in an avalanche of PKCS#7 warnings, and now the machine is thoroughly unusable --- the ttys fla04:57
qwebirc12473what could I be doing wrong here?  I find it hard to believe I'm the first person that runs into this (although google found several reports of similar problems with the drivers).04:58
lotuspsychjeqwebirc12473: for server issues, come join to #ubuntu-server please05:01
redwheelbarrowoh, I see a fellow disco dingo user05:02
redwheelbarrowwhat do you think of the new distro?05:02
qwebirc12473lotuspsychje: do you mean "ubuntu server"?  by "server" I meant "workstation".  what I described is for Ubuntu desktop05:03
lotuspsychjeredwheelbarrow: ubuntu discussions goto #ubuntu-discuss please05:03
lotuspsychjeqwebirc12473: well dont say server if you mean workstation next time ok05:04
lotuspsychjeqwebirc12473: wich nvidia driver are you using?05:05
qwebirc12473the driver that aptitude suggested.  it was 400+ something.  I had trouble logging into the machine after installing it, between the PKCS#7 warnings and the unresponsive keyboard05:07
lotuspsychjeqwebirc12473: for GTX cards and higher, we reccomend using the ubuntu graphics ppa05:07
lotuspsychje!nvidia | qwebirc1247305:07
ubottuqwebirc12473: For nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For AMD/ATI graphics cards, see « /msg ubottu ati » and « /msg ubottu fglrxmissing » For the latest Nvidia drivers see https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa05:07
lotuspsychjeqwebirc12473: a latest driver might be a good idea for you05:08
qwebirc12473... reading through the material... what does 'ppa' mean?05:09
lotuspsychjeqwebirc12473: ppa means an external repo with packages on that are not on the official ubuntu repos, normally we dont reccomend05:10
lotuspsychjeqwebirc12473: but the graphics ppa is pretty safe to use as its maintained by trustable members05:10
qwebirc12473as I read through, I do remember from aptitude that I installed drivers by nvidia that were under a category of "binary only"... is this kind of trouble with nvidia common?05:12
lotuspsychjeqwebirc12473: you can check the nvidia drivers available for your system with: ubuntu-drivers list05:14
qwebirc12473one way or the other it looks like I have to reinstall ubuntu because this one is hosed somehow... I'll get that going and use these new infos as I go... I should be back in a bit after I get it installed again05:14
lotuspsychjeqwebirc12473: you dont have to reinstall ubuntu to install drivers05:19
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | qwebirc12473 try this05:19
ubottuqwebirc12473 try this: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter05:19
qwebirc12473interesting: the first time I missed the prompt to install, it went the route of trying ubuntu without installing.  after a while, the system started misbehaving just like after installation: sluggish keyboard, cursor blinking irregularly, etc...05:20
qwebirc12473I do not know how I would make any changes to the system in its current state, keyboard unworkable, essentially unable to login, flashing ttys... awful.05:21
qwebirc12473let me get it to a workable state, then I suspect it will be easier to figure out what I did wrong.05:21
qwebirc12473off it goes, minimal install, no 3rd party drivers, download updates during installation.  should be done in a few minutes.05:23
Bashing-omqwebirc12473: verified the ISO integrity ,, and the copy to the install medium ?05:24
qwebirc12473no I did not, sec.05:24
Bashing-om!md5sum ! qwebirc1247305:24
ubottuBashing-om: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:24
qwebirc12473md5 hash of the downloaded iso is good.  I do not know about the thumb drive, it's in the machine right now.  but I put the iso on it using dd, and it didn't complain.  I'd imagine it's ok.05:27
Bashing-omqwebirc12473: in the boot menu is "check disk for defects" , As a matter of course I always check the copy.05:28
qwebirc12473ok, it's rebooting now.05:33
Bashing-omqwebirc12473: :) waiting.05:35
qwebirc12473purple screen, then black screen, then a few console entries: that /dev/sda4 is clean, two about starting the Snappy daemon, and finally that GNOME Display Manager started.  then, a non-blinking cursor.05:35
qwebirc12473switching to tty2... oh, ouch, this is also flashing now.  and the keyboard is unworkable.05:36
qwebirc12473I suspect that connecting things to the monitor (and thus to the video card) is a bad idea.  let's check...05:37
qwebirc12473took off wireless mouse receiver: no change, flashing ttys05:37
Bashing-omqwebirc12473: Try this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1102256/stuck-at-started-gnome-display-manager-18-10 .05:37
qwebirc12473interesting, now the flashing stopped.05:38
qwebirc12473and the keyboard is workable again05:38
qwebirc12473this is so odd, this did not happen during installation05:38
Bashing-omqwebirc12473: well, we wait and see what happens.05:38
qwebirc12473well ok at least now I should be able to login05:39
qwebirc12473ok, I copied custom.conf (cp -a to another file with the date tacked onto the filename), and disabled wayland.  rebooting...05:40
qwebirc12473by the way, it looks like there is truth to that forum post I ran into that claimed that USB devices connected via the video card can cause trouble... although I sure wish I knew what was the problem exactly05:42
qwebirc12473anyway, here we go.  purple screen, black screen, more console entries this time, but soon after GNOME display manager started the console freezes and the cursor does not blink anymore05:42
qwebirc12473tty2 is flashing with the contents of tty1...05:43
qwebirc12473ok, so I'm also disconnecting the keyboard from the monitor and into the machine05:43
qwebirc12473tty2 still flashing05:44
qwebirc12473still unusable, keyboard mostly unresponsive.  so I also unplugged the entire monitor's USB connection05:47
qwebirc12473flashing stopped05:47
qwebirc12473ok now I can log in05:47
qwebirc12473it looks like the user gdm is logging in and out several times per second, as per auth.log...05:52
qwebirc12473I did not find a whole lot of interesting bits in gpu-manager.log, though I noted it found two cards on the system (the RTX 2060 and the discrete one)05:52
qwebirc12473how can I tell if gdm decided to output video on the onboard device rather than the nvidia card?  there are no files in /var/log/gdm305:53
Bashing-omqwebirc12473: nvidia as the rtx 2060 ?05:53
qwebirc12473I can't quite tell from looking at gpu-manager.log05:54
qwebirc12473lspci | grep -i vga found an NVIDIA and an ASPEED05:55
Bashing-omqwebirc12473: look in /var/log/Xorg.0.log for what X is up to.05:55
qwebirc12473no such file05:56
Bashing-omqwebirc12473: .local/share/xorg/Xorg.0.log ?05:57
qwebirc12473there is only one relevant error message in kern.log: that nouveau probed the NVIDIA card and failed with error -1205:57
Bashing-om!nomodeset | qwebirc1247305:58
ubottuqwebirc12473: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter05:58
qwebirc12473I will track that log file, then I'm looking at the kernel boot parameter05:59
qwebirc12473found the log file at /var/lib/gdm3/.local/share/xorg06:00
qwebirc12473the Xorg log tries to load the "ast" module for the ASPEED video card several times, always fails06:03
qwebirc12473eventually it also tries to look at the NVIDIA card, and it reports it fails to open the DRM device because of error -1906:03
qwebirc12473in the end, it can't open the framebuffer, and the Xorg server terminates and closes the log file06:04
qwebirc12473it seems to me this suggests missing drivers06:05
Bashing-omqwebirc12473: Never encountered the ASPEED video card ; what shows ' sudo lshw -C dispaly '. Is a driver even seen ?06:05
qwebirc43335The "erase disk and install Ubuntu" option only wipes one disk right?06:07
qwebirc43335Whatever disk is selected06:07
qwebirc12473finds the ASPEED Technology, Inc. card, and the NVIDIA card (the RTX 2060, I presume)06:08
Bashing-omqwebirc12473: yes . only the target.06:08
qwebirc12473the other qwebirc, Bashing-on.  maybe I should change my nick.06:08
qwebirc43335Had to make sure, I've got 5 drives installed rn. Thanks.06:08
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blogtenso that ASPEED is whatever came on the Supermicro motherboard06:09
black_13after installing vnc i just get a black screen when i connect06:10
[rg]anyone using youtube-dl? has not been working for me for a while now06:13
blogtenheld down shift to get to the grub menu, didn't happen, machine booted, and now it's stuck again after GNOME started.  even though nothing is connected to the video card's USB, the ttys still flash and the keyboard is unresponsive06:14
blogteninteresting, the flashing seems to stop after I press a few keys, I will have to check on this the next reboot (maybe it just takes time and it resolves itself)06:18
Bashing-omblogten: EFI system it is the escape key the grub looks for.06:22
blogtenindeed, I pressed ESC and it threw me into the grub shell (pressed one too many)06:23
blogtenok, the machine is booting again06:23
blogtenmuch nicer, now the ubuntu logo showed up (first time I ever see it)06:24
blogtenok, so apparently now I can log in to the desktop06:24
blogtentime to connect the mouse06:24
blogtenneat, got to a desktop06:25
blogtenok, so nomodeset is improvement.  now I'd really like to get some proper drivers...06:26
Bashing-omblogten: Proprietary drivers: ' sudo apt update ; sidp apt upgrade ; sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall ' .06:28
blogtenyep, and first I'm checking whether disabling wayland is still needed06:28
blogtenone less variable06:28
Bashing-omblogten: nvidia and wayland is still a work in progress.06:29
blogtenthe machine booted, and the result is same as the last good result06:30
blogtengot to the desktop.  so, for now, I'll leave the wayland modification undone06:30
blogten(it does not appear to be necessary)06:30
blogtenbefore continuing, I will update the 220 upgradeable packages...06:32
black_13where would i ask about vnc06:36
blogten220 updates done, rebooting (I didn't catch if there was a new kernel)06:37
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blogtengnome started again, this is getting nicer06:38
blogtenUbuntu has the 390 drivers supported.  I tried installing these before, but I had the nomodeset problem... hmm.  well, if these don't work, then it's the ppa ones.  let's see.06:40
Bashing-omblogten: with the 390 driver installed, make sure that nomodeset is no longet set.06:41
blogtenok, will do06:41
blogtenactually what I should do is to add a grub entry to add nomodeset as needed, and have the default without nomodeset06:42
blogtenok, took out nomodeset, now with the 390 drivers, rebooting...06:46
blogtenubuntu logo, that's nice...06:47
blogtenbooted up to the desktop again06:47
blogtenok, next issue... I can't seem to get a resolution better than 1024x76806:49
blogtenso, the nvidia 390.116 drivers do not support the RTX 2060, so those are the wrong drivers anyway07:47
lotuspsychje!nvidia | blogten07:49
ubottublogten: For nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For AMD/ATI graphics cards, see « /msg ubottu ati » and « /msg ubottu fglrxmissing » For the latest Nvidia drivers see https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa07:49
lotuspsychjeblogten: for high end cards we reccomend the ubuntu graphics ppa07:49
blogtenyes, that's the other thread I still have to follow07:49
blogtenI went the 390 driver route thinking it had not worked because of nomodeset, but that's not the cause of the problem and now I know why.07:50
blogtenif I did the native driver, it would have to be the 418.56 driver from nvidia07:51
blogtenbut, @lotuspsychje, why do you recommend the ppa driver over the native one?07:51
lotuspsychjeblogten: the 390 from stock ubuntu wont perform well on high end cards07:51
lotuspsychjeblogten: newer card, try later drivers07:52
blogtenand in the case of the 390 driver, nvidia does not even claim it supports the RTX 206007:53
lotuspsychjeblogten: what does: ubuntu-drivers list show you?07:54
blogtenthe kernel log has periodic complaints along the lines that the 390 driver does not know what nvidia card is installed07:54
blogteni.e., empty07:54
ducasseblogten: we always recommend properly packaged drivers over the nvidia download, yes07:54
lotuspsychjeblogten: where do you see the 390 driver then?07:54
lotuspsychjeblogten: so you say ubuntu-drivers list is empty?07:55
blogtenubuntu-drivers list produces no output07:56
lotuspsychjeblogten: can you pastebin this please: sudo lshw -C video && uname -a && lsb_release -a07:56
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blogtengo to https://pastebin.com/FEFhJhyN08:00
blogtenI think I'm also done uninstalling the 390 driver...08:00
blogtenthis is such a throwaway linux install, once I get all these kinks sorted out I will do a clean install with zero mistakes / double takes08:00
lotuspsychjeblogten: your card needs special treatment08:01
lotuspsychjethere's no magic red button to fix things here08:01
lotuspsychjeblogten: do you have time to make a new bug before you install drivers from the ppa?08:01
blogtensure, what do you need?08:01
blogtenand, how did you tell this card needs special treatment?08:02
lotuspsychjeblogten: again, for high end cards we need other drivers then the stock ones08:02
unimatrix9does anyone have a good tip for Oss membership software ?08:03
blogtenthat's ok, but what do you mean by "special" treatment?  what would be "normal" treatment?08:03
lotuspsychjeblogten: the normal treatment is that ubuntu recognize your card and just installs the reccomended nvidia driver automatic08:03
blogtenand it looks like there are two paths... the ppa driver (and I hear it's preferable because it's been packaged properly), and if not the native driver08:04
blogtenhey, neat, it looks like the ppa guys have already packaged the 418.56 nvidia driver!08:06
lotuspsychjeblogten: do you have a launchpad account?08:06
blogtenI do not know what is launchpad08:06
lotuspsychjeblogten: you need it to create a bug08:07
lotuspsychjeblogten: https://launchpad.net/08:07
blogtenok, and what is the bug you would like me to report?08:08
lotuspsychjeblogten: ill guide you through it when you made an account08:08
lotuspsychjeblogten: its about ubuntu not proposing a driver for your card08:09
blogtenok... hang on until I do the administrivia...08:09
lotuspsychjeok tnx08:09
blogtenrats, it might take a while because of email server graylisting08:10
blogtenmeanwhile, I'll start on the ppa thing08:10
lotuspsychjeblogten: well it would be better to bug without the ppa08:11
blogtencan I at least get going with the install of the package repository?08:11
lotuspsychjeblogten: its your choice to bug or not mate08:12
lotuspsychjeblogten: if you rather add the ppa and install right now, no problem08:12
blogtenI just meant to get the repository information added, but hold off the driver installation08:12
blogtenI meant to ask if that alone would disturb the bug report08:13
lotuspsychjeblogten: i would advice if you go tru with the bug, dont add ppa yet08:13
blogtenI'd rather file the bug report if this helps others08:13
blogtenok, I'll wait08:13
lotuspsychjeblogten: yeah you would help the whole community and yourself with this08:13
blogtenyeah, like how about I was the last one spending hours on this? :)08:14
blogtenwhich is fine, but once is enough08:14
blogtenok, I'm logged in08:15
lotuspsychjeblogten: ok from a terminal type: ubuntu-bug nvidia-drivers-ubuntu08:16
blogtendoes it need root?08:16
lotuspsychjeblogten: no08:16
lotuspsychjeblogten: if good, it will open a browser to launchpad08:17
blogtenit says "the problem cannot be reported: this report is about a package that is not installed"08:17
lotuspsychjeblogten: ok ubuntu-bug linux then08:17
blogtenasks whether to send or not08:18
lotuspsychjeblogten: yes send08:19
blogten... logging in...08:19
lotuspsychjeblogten: after that it will ask you a title and description08:20
blogtenok wants a summary.  how about "NVIDIA RTX 2060 --- no drivers suggested"?08:20
lotuspsychjeblogten: for title you can write something like: ubuntu-drivers does not propose a driver for RTX 20608:20
lotuspsychjeblogten: in the description of the bug, you can tell your story what happened08:21
lotuspsychjeblogten: feel free to share the bug # number here so we can take a look08:22
baakohi guys i have ubuntu desktop. The issue I have with it, is if i mute my laptop and shut it down or restart it, no sounds works after I have turn the sound back on. I have to restart it again to get sound back. How can I permanently fix this issue?08:22
blogtenok, I think I complied with the guidelines08:31
lotuspsychjeblogten: can you share the bug url plz?08:31
blogtenbug number 182671108:31
blogtensorry, that firefox is on the linux machine, I'm writing on my laptop (so I can reboot the machine as needed without breaking contact)08:32
lotuspsychjeblogten: thank you for taking time to create the bug, looks good!08:32
lastebill1I have trouble using hibernate on two my laptops.  When I get out of hibernate, my wifi is no longer working and when I attempt to reboot it typically fails to do so08:32
blogtenno problem :)08:33
lotuspsychjeblogten: now you can add the ppa and install a later driver08:33
blogtenok now on to that bit :)08:33
o-bitHow to add hibernate on ubuntu 18.04?08:34
lastebill1I've got the same problem on 18.04 and now 19.04.  Hibernate is not working properly08:36
o-bitlastebill1: How did you manage to get it to appear, I see no such button on my Ubuntu 18.04 for hibernating.08:38
blogtenby the way, by "properly packaged drivers" did you guys mean "without all the mess of kernel tainting, key management, etc"?  something else?  or in addition to that?08:41
lotuspsychjeblogten: i never said properly..where did you read that?08:42
duncan_bayneHi - quick question, what's causing my laptop to suspend when I close the lid?  I'm running StumpWM and would like to disable this behaviour so I can control screen locking and/or suspend behaviour using xscreensaver.  I'm newly back to Ubuntu after a few years on FreeBSD.08:43
blogtenI don't think it was you08:43
duncan_bayneI'm suspecting some sort of power management event causing systemd to do it, but have no real idea.08:43
blogtenit was this: "<ducasse> blogten: we always recommend properly packaged drivers over the nvidia download, yes"08:43
lotuspsychjeblogten: ah yeah, that means the nvidia ones arent very reccomended for ubuntu use08:44
ducasseblogten: like in a repo with .deb packages, so you get updates etc and it's rebuilt on kernel updates08:44
lastebill1o-bit oddly my computer with 18.04 has hibernate08:44
lastebill1o-bit I haven't installed it as extras08:44
blogtenoh I see, as opposed to me doing random custom compiles whenever nvidia decides I have to go through their lovely manual document that takes 5 hours to read...08:45
lastebill1o-bit it's not working properly though08:45
lastebill1o-bit I just checked it out right now08:45
lotuspsychjeblogten: just try one from the ppa :p08:46
o-bitlastebill1: Atleast you got a button to click, mine doesn't even recognize it as a possibility, mind posting screen shot of where the hibernate button is?08:46
blogtenI'm verifying the install, I think I got all of it08:46
blogtenok, it's installed now08:47
blogtentime for a reboot I think08:47
lotuspsychjeblogten: wich version did you choose?08:47
duncan_bayneAh!  Here it is: https://askubuntu.com/questions/15520/how-can-i-tell-ubuntu-to-do-nothing-when-i-close-my-laptop-lid08:47
blogtenbecause at the NVIDIA site, 430.x is listed as "BETA"08:47
lastebill1o-bit ok, sorry for my noobishness but how do I post a screen shot here?08:47
duncan_baynetl;dr: it is systemd, but you can set it to the lid switch08:47
lotuspsychjeblogten: allrighty, good luck08:48
blogtenit's rebooting08:48
o-bitUpload it to some image hosting site, then post link :D08:48
blogtenneat, got the ubuntu logo...08:48
o-bitblogten: LOL08:48
lastebill1o-bit ok08:49
blogtennow the mouse cursor is a itsy littel tiny itty bitty thing on the monitor!08:49
blogtenway, way, way nicer08:49
lotuspsychjeblogten: please add the new experience to your bug now, your current driver version from the ubuntu ppa08:50
blogtenhey, awesome, now I can even do this in the firefox machine08:50
blogteneh, the linux machine08:51
blogtendone, how's that?08:52
lotuspsychjegreat work blogten08:53
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lotuspsychjeblogten: tnx again to make the report08:53
blogtennp, happy to help08:54
blogtenI might come back for more questions, so perhaps we'll get to do this again08:54
blogtenhopefully no bugs this time :)08:54
lotuspsychjeblogten: its also possible devs will ask you to do things in the bug08:54
blogtenthat's ok08:55
lotuspsychjeblogten: when having trouble come back here ; )08:55
lastebill1o-bit https://photos.app.goo.gl/HHmmUhAs8j1JgFA6808:55
lastebill1o-bit it's called hvile in my language08:56
blogtena bit ago I worked with the wget maintainer to track down a problem, it took about a month but in the end we could explain all that was wrong and we also found a vulnerability, now fixed in wget 1.20.208:56
lotuspsychjenice blogten08:56
blogtenmost of it was a mixture of user error and the side effect of me using an older version of wget that induced problems later.  but still, one less vuln.08:56
lotuspsychjeblogten: if you want to discuss & help around in the future, join us at #ubuntu-discuss08:57
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blogtenI might do that, thanks!  hopefully I will have something to contribute08:58
blogtenalso, since things got cleaned up, I might not need to do another fresh install just to make sure.  this looks clean enough now08:59
o-bitlastebill1: Wow, thaught you used Ubuntu stock, So derivatives have hibernate buttons but main OS doesn't LOL!!!!09:00
lastebill1o-bit I use lubuntu and kubuntu mostly09:09
lastebill1o-bit well, sort of explains my problem then, if it's not in the main os.  Means there's probably a good reason for it.09:10
lastebill1o-bit means it's not working properly probably09:10
lotuspsychjelastebill1: wich lubuntu version is this?09:10
o-bitlastebill1: Have you tried using pm-hibernate from pm-utils?09:11
lastebill1l0rdkermit says lubuntu 18.0409:13
lastebill1lotuspsychje says lubuntu 18.0409:13
lastebill1o-bit I haven't tried pm-hibernate and pm-utils.  I might give them a try09:14
lotuspsychjelastebill1: what laptop brand is that09:14
lastebill1lotuspsychje it's a 2007 macbook I think09:20
lastebill1lotuspsychje I have a 2 year old computer with kubuntu 19.04 with hibernate (and the same problems) to09:20
lotuspsychjelastebill1: ive had good experiences with ubuntu-desktop 18.04 on macs lately09:20
lotuspsychjelastebill1: hibernate problems are mostly related to acpi issues of the computer brand09:21
lastebill1lotuspsychje yeah, except for the hibernate not working, the mac been working just fine.09:22
blogtenlotuspsychje: would that also include macpro1,1?...09:22
lotuspsychjeblogten: wich year is that model from?09:22
blogtenor something of that vintage09:22
lotuspsychjeblogten: i bet that will work nicely too on 18.0409:22
lotuspsychjeblogten: try out a liveusb for a test09:23
lastebill1lotuspsychje the main reason I'09:23
lotuspsychje!mac | lastebill109:23
ubottulastebill1: For help on installing and using Ubuntu on a Mac, see: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MactelSupportTeam/CommunityHelpPages09:23
lotuspsychjelastebill1: there are some issues on mac that not easy fixable09:23
blogtenat one point I read something along the lines of needing to blank out the EFI partition on the ISO for the thing to install, since the machine apparently does not have 64 bit EFI... and google has it someone had been making the isos for that up to ubuntu 14...09:23
blogtenafter I'm done with setting up this box, I could continue to that box09:24
lastebill1lotuspsychje the main reason I'm not using the old mac is that it's fan just starts and stops instead of running on a steady level all the time.  It was like this when it was new to.  Some retards at apple decided that was a good idea somehow09:24
lotuspsychjeblogten: it should be real easy, control+f to boot usb on the mac, then install ubuntu09:24
lotuspsychjeif you like we can discuss in #ubuntu-discuss09:25
lotuspsychjelets keep this channel for issues09:25
blogtenFYI lastebill1, in my old mac pro that happened until I figured out it was the GPU heat sink getting clogged with dust... since then, once every 6 months to a year I open the box and clean the heat sink09:25
dreamcat4safe to upgrade to 19.04 yet?09:26
lotuspsychjedreamcat4: 19.04 is final yes09:26
lastebill1blogten oh, I'll check that out then09:29
lotuspsychjeblogten: join in -discuss too09:30
yatski0hello, I have question.09:37
_KaszpiR_then just ask09:38
yatski0how do I view hidden folders in ubuntu?09:39
yatski0I have Bionic Beaver09:39
mousesyatski0: in CLI, pass -a to ls - in the GUI file explorer, control+H09:39
yatski0ok, thank you so much.09:40
_KaszpiR_ls -la09:41
_KaszpiR_or use something like doublecmd ;D09:41
BluesKaj'Morning folks09:43
grokemorning blueskaj09:56
BluesKajhi groke09:56
xrandrHi, is there a way to make the dock transparent the way you could in 18.04 and 18.10?10:17
ryuoxrandr: it would help if you told us which context you are asking about.10:18
xrandrThe dock on the left side. I want to make it transparent. I am not sure what other info I can provide10:19
ryuoxrandr: i meant flavor.10:19
ryuoxrandr: i guess you mean regular Ubuntu.10:20
xrandrDefault ubuntu :)10:21
xrandrand I am using 19.0410:21
lotuspsychjexrandr: search in dconf-editor10:22
sveinseI wonder, how common is it that 'systemctl' shows a 'running' state? Of all my machines and servers, I'm observing that most (like 4 out of 5) of them are in either 'degraded' state (of various reason) or even 'starting'. All Ubuntu systems. This is not a systemd rant, but is it supposed to be like this? Do I need to put into our checklists that we need to ensure systemd is in 'running' state?10:26
_KaszpiR_94% [5 jenkins 50.4 MB/76.7 MB 66%]     148 kB/s 2min 58s10:28
xrandrhmm... didn't work10:29
xrandreven tried logging out and in again10:29
xrandrI'll tackle this in the AM. I need to sleep10:30
amosbirdcan I combine the ubuntu-mono font with wqy-microhei so that ascii and latin use ubuntu-mono and cjk chars using microhei?10:58
ryuoamosbird: possibly with fontconfig. it's probably the only way to configure more advanced things.11:10
ryuoamosbird: http://eosrei.net/articles/2016/02/changing-default-fallback-subsitution-fonts-linux11:11
yov00Hello, how can I fix the following error:11:22
yov00Gtk-Message: 14:13:58.162: GtkDialog mapped without a transient parent. This is discouraged.11:22
yov00I am trying to install core fonts for my FL Studio to work11:22
blackflowyov00: why do you think that's an error, or even related to your problem? Also:11:24
ubottuThe XY problem is when you need to do X, and you think you can use Y to do X, so you ask about how to do Y, when what you really should do is state what your X problem is. There may be a Z solution that is even better than Y, but nobody can suggest it if X is never mentioned.11:24
ikanobori'If you ask me how to hammer a nail into the wall using a teapot Id prefer to tell you to use a hammer'.11:28
yov00Well, it happens while installing the corefonts from "winetricks" and it gives me error popup box11:29
yov00and it doesent work at the end11:29
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blackflowyov00: do you need corefonts as a winetricks package? do you have them installed from apt? You need:11:30
blackflow!info ttf-mscorefonts-installer11:30
ubottuttf-mscorefonts-installer (source: msttcorefonts): Installer for Microsoft TrueType core fonts. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 3.6ubuntu2 (bionic), package size 26 kB, installed size 92 kB11:30
blackflowyov00: incidentally, quick googling of "FL studio corefonts" yields this, did you see it?  https://askubuntu.com/questions/1051687/cant-install-corefonts-from-winetricks11:32
yov00Thanks blackflow11:32
yov00I'll give it a try. I am watching tutorials on how to install the simplest stuff pretty new to linux11:33
uzeehi, anyone here who could help regarding dhcpv6 for ubuntu 16 or 18. For static assignments, I understand I need a DUID, but cannot find any info on where to get the DUID from? Windows apparently provides it in the ipconfig command11:49
BluesKajuzee, ifconfig or ip ad11:57
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dffgreeetings! i installed ubuntu 18.04 with full lvm encryption, is there a way for me to back up the whole volume and later use snapshots for back up purposes?12:38
bbannerhi guys how are you12:44
bbannercan I ask a question, please?12:44
SwedeMike!ask | bbanner12:44
ubottubbanner: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience12:44
bbannerI use virtualbox, I updated it and I cannot downlod Oracle virtualbox extension pack from virtualbox original web site an oracle web site12:46
bbannerand you?12:46
bbannersorry but my emglish isn't perfect12:47
BluesKajbbanner, install virtualbox-ext pack12:48
BluesKajfrom the repos12:48
guiverc2bbanner, you didn't tell us your release of Ubuntu, but https://askubuntu.com/questions/661414/how-to-install-extension-pack-for-virtual-box may be helpful (it contains a answer for repo install as BluesKaj's was, plus downloaded from oracle)12:49
bbannerI use ubuntu 19.0412:51
stevendaleIs it true H2o is poisonous (water in its raw form)13:00
stevendaleWait wrong channel again13:01
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vltpiece_of_junk: Depends as always with poison on the dose.13:04
=== piece_of_junk is now known as stevendale
BluesKajstevendale, only if you breathe just the hydrogen13:06
jeremy31breathing water is a bad idea13:07
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MarkB2During a window resize operation, a program shifted itself so that it's top bar is under the bottom gnome favorites bar.  I can't mouse-grab the program's top bar.  Is there a keyboard sequence that allows moving it up into the display area proper?13:24
OerHeksMarkB2, simply hold windows key, and the l-mouse can drag13:26
MarkB2Oerheks: Will try.. one moment13:26
uzeeBluesKaj: thanks but ifconfig or ip add doesn't show me the duid, it shows me the ipv6 address though'13:26
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MarkB2OerHeks: I can alt-tab to select the program but holding down the Windows key and lclick-and-hold does not move the program's top bar.13:28
BobertI have a question that might be somewhat easy. I installed 19.04 (clean) but used a backup of my config file. I had gnome extensions and now they are bugging out because they aren't installed (but are being utilized). If I install them and disable/uninstall, they are stiill being utilized. What can I do?13:28
OerHeksMarkB2, oh, here i can, 18.04/gnome313:29
MarkB2This is 18.04/gnome .. grr..13:29
MarkB2Just found the light gray mostly transparent arrow at the bottom bar... and that let me drag it back up.13:31
MarkB2but it's crashed.13:31
MarkB2Now I have an unresponsive pane on the display.  Trying to kill it now.13:32
Apachezoh great the lockscreen in 19.04 seems broken - anyone else who noticed that there is no way to put in your password once the lockscreen is activated in 19.04? any known solution to this other than disable lockscreen all together?13:33
Apachezseems to be as described in https://www.reddit.com/r/gnome/comments/b81g78/cant_login_from_lock_screen_gnome_3320_ubuntu_1904/13:33
MarkB2Had to kill -9 the process.  Huh.  Okay, back to our viewing pleasure...13:34
caldarella89hello guys, I would like to know why if I start xubuntu 18.10 in the following ways: {laptop off [wifi hardware switch enabled] -> boot phase -> [wifi hardware switch disabled] -> Internet does not connect :-( ??} {laptop off [wifi hardware switch disabled] -> boot phase -> Internet connects :-)}13:45
BluesKajcaldarella89, it's obviously enabling at startup13:49
caldarella89BluesKaj but is it a kernel or iwlwifi module problem?13:51
BluesKajcaldarella89, probly a config in network-manager showing wifi switch=false rather than true, or vice-versa13:53
jeremy31caldarella89: does the switch work after Ubuntu is loaded?13:55
caldarella89jeremy31 yes the switch works as an ON / OFF mechanism, in fact in the network-manager I can connect to the wifi network, but the internet connection does not exchange data.13:58
jeremy31caldarella89: does iwconfig show power management being on?13:58
caldarella89@jeremy31 IEEE 802.11  ESSID:off/any Mode:Managed  Access Point: Not-Associated   Tx-Power=off   Retry short limit:7   RTS thr:off   Fragment thr:off Power Management:onw I have hardware switch enabled and iwconfig show me:14:02
caldarella89@jeremy I have hardware switch enabled and iwconfig show me:14:02
caldarella89IEEE 802.11  ESSID:off/any Mode:Managed  Access Point: Not-Associated   Tx-Power=off   Retry short limit:7   RTS thr:off   Fragment thr:off Power Management:on14:02
jytehi, my BTRFS volume just mounted read only today, is anyone able to help ? :s14:02
jeremy31caldarella89: try> sudo sed -i 's/wifi.powersave = 3/wifi.powersave = 2/' /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf14:04
jeremy31systemctl restart network-manager.service14:04
yatski0How do I disable in-buildt NAT in Bionic Beaver? I have no su permission at moment.14:08
Apachezsolved it!14:09
caldarella89jeremy31 I set "wifi.powersave = 2" reboot and let you know ...14:10
Apachezsolved the lockscreen who cannot be unlocked issue with ubuntu 19.04: https://old.reddit.com/r/gnome/comments/b81g78/cant_login_from_lock_screen_gnome_3320_ubuntu_1904/elzdjg7/14:15
caldarella89@ jeremy31 seems to work, although I waited a bit to switch to the ethernet connection14:21
caldarella89jeremy31 if I turn off wifi power management, what do I give up? is it possible to fix the problem with wifi.powersave = 3?14:23
jeremy31caldarella89: you don't give up much with wifi.powersave=2, you can still turn on power management manually14:25
tomreynApachez: so it's a bad user installed gnome extension getting in the way apparently.14:27
tomreynApachez: i trested it on a default 19.04 installation and can't reproduce.14:28
tomreynApachez: please consider filing a bug report against the gnome extension you're using.14:28
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caldarella89jeremy31 but in detail what does wifi power management do?14:30
caldarella89jeremy31 this? https://docs.ubuntu.com/core/en/stacks/network/network-manager/docs/reference/snap-configuration/wifi-powersave14:32
CyberDildosomebody that has a good tweak tutorial for Ubuntu 18.10 ?14:33
Apacheztomreyn: its bad gnome who have its keymapping confused ending up with a lockscreen you cannot unlock...14:33
ApachezI have zero hope to get bugs fixed with ubuntu since I sent in a report 3 years ago regarding casper and its still not fixed14:33
Apachezso meh, I know how I would workaround this issue next time it surfaces14:34
Apachezif anyone else want to file a bugreport then go ahead14:34
lotuspsychjeApachez: bug reports are reccomended to create from the computer thats affected14:34
jeremy31caldarella89: It might help some with battery life on a laptop, but it can cause connection issues14:36
tomreynApachez: i can't reproduce, can't file it.14:36
Apacheztomreyn: it should be sufficent to install "arc menu" as gnome extension and in its settings set "Set menu hotkey" into "Left Super Key"14:39
Apachezif you use "Undefined" or "Right Super Key" this bug wont show up14:40
tomreynApachez: so it is a bad gnome extension then, i guess14:44
Apachezthe thing its the lockscreen who borks14:45
Apacheznot the extension14:45
Apachezthe extension works perfectly fine14:45
Apachezso the bug is in gnome who are letting a collision for keymaps exist or for the lockscreen app in gnome who relies on a keymap for no obvious reason14:46
Apachezwhy would what I map <super> to have an output on the lockscreen not able to provide me with a password prompt for unlocking?14:46
lotuspsychjeApachez: did you try this in a 19.04 live?14:50
tomreynso the issue in gnome would be that extensions can introduce keymap collisions. i agree this would be a gnome bug.14:50
mra90what may be the reason of "unable to locate a package" when I isse "sudo apt instal some-package"?15:08
xamithanRepos not enabled ?  wrong package name ?15:08
Paavi2_0missing l in "install"15:08
mra90package name is ok15:11
mra90Paavi2_0: what do you mean by missing l?15:11
lotuspsychjemra90: instal ==> install15:11
xamithanOk so you don't have the repository enabled probably15:11
xamithango to software and sources and check it out15:12
mra90heh no, I missed the 'l' only here15:12
mra90oterwise I would get unknow command15:12
mra90xamithan: where I can find it?15:13
mra90repositoy & resources15:13
xamithanWell if you give us the package name we can probably tell you which one.  But it's likely it's in universe or multiverse and isn't enabled15:14
mra90package name is upboard-extras15:15
xamithanWell that one isn't in a ubuntu repository15:17
xamithanThere is an unsupported ppa here though: https://launchpad.net/~ubilinux/+archive/ubuntu/up15:17
mra90xamithan: thanks15:24
mra90xamithan: btw, when I gave you the name of that package did you just google it or there is come command to check where is it?15:25
xamithanI went to ubuntu-packages website first and checked.  Then searched for it on launchpad15:26
Apachezlotuspsychje: will try some time later15:27
mra90also the command "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubilinux/up" seems to be adding this repository15:27
mra90btw what 'ppa:' stands for?15:27
xamithanpersonal package archives15:28
mra90ahh right thanks15:28
StupidBoyHello world15:30
tomreyn!ppa | mra9015:33
ubottumra90: A Personal Package Archive (PPA) can provide alternate software not normally available in the offical Ubuntu repositories - Looking for a PPA? See https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+ppas - WARNING: PPAs are unsupported third-party packages, and you use them at your own risk. See also !addppa and !ppa-purge15:33
tomreynmra90: see the search there.15:34
mra90tomreyn: thanks15:34
tomreynbefore you decide to use a PPA, make sure it actually provides packages for your ubuntu release (codename)15:35
tomreynand try to guess whether or not those packages seems to be safe to use, and in a good enough condition (tough, i know).15:36
mra90tomreyn: I would like to install second kernel but in the same time keep the old one and be able to switch between these two?15:37
tomreynmra90: that's possible, if this was your question.15:38
mra90tomreyn: heh it does any guide for this? :)15:39
tomreynmra90: on LTS releases, you have up to three different kernel versions to choose from: the general availability kernel version (the one this release came with originally), a HWE and a HWE-edge kernel, although those can be the same.15:39
tomreyn!hwe | mra9015:39
ubottumra90: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack15:39
mra90thanks I go away reading15:40
tomreynthere is also !kernel-ppa for a way to test drive the latest kernel versions, but this is unsupported.15:40
ChakravantiHow can i create an encrypted USB drive that doesn't require admin to unlock?16:13
OerHeksChakravanti, easy, https://www.howtoforge.com/tutorial/encrypt-usb-drive-on-ubuntu/16:15
ChakravantiDerRaiden, it's not easy.  If I don't have admin the system won't give access to the drive16:18
CybergradI have an application, the desktop Wordpress client (version 4.00), and it is missing an icon in the sidebar. Can I fix that?16:23
CybergradAnother application, Spotify version, does not have an icon in the 'Volume Levels' section of the Sound settings.16:25
CybergradI'm running Ubuntu 19.04.16:25
CybergradHow does Ubuntu call/grab icons from these applications? Can I easily point it in the correct direction?16:25
OerHeksChakravanti, wrong you only need sudo for the toold, the rest is all under your user credentials16:26
OerHeksCybergrad, maybe that icon appears after logout/login? AFAIK the icon should work right away, unless you have a fancy theme/iconpack16:28
CybergradI haven't installed any icon packs or themes. I can re-logon to test the updated Wordpress version, but Spotify has had this issue across several sessions.16:29
OerHekscontact the maintainer from that snap16:30
OerHeksand/or https://snapcraft.io/wordpress-desktop16:31
mikeylist of programs included in live version?16:35
rdhanyone familiar with virt-manager?16:37
rdhI cannot create a bridged network as user on virt-manager (i should have all the permissions correct), and when I try to create it running as root creating the network complains that there is no ip4tables backend... which there is.16:38
lnostdalcheck this out:    # snap install --beta ubuntu-core-vm --devmode      # ubuntu-core-vm init      ==>    Segmentation fault   ...ok x)      (  https://tutorials.ubuntu.com/tutorial/secure-ubuntu-kiosk )16:38
mikeydoes ubuntu live have ffmpeg?16:53
OerHeksmikey, no, restricted-extras gives multimediatools, but do you want to install such in a live session?16:54
OerHeks!info ubuntu-restricted-extras16:54
ubottuubuntu-restricted-extras (source: ubuntu-restricted-extras): Commonly used media codecs and fonts for Ubuntu. In component multiverse, is optional. Version 66 (bionic), package size 3 kB, installed size 14 kB16:54
moveslowHello everyone :)17:00
ioriaApachez,  maybe found a fix (?) for the Super_L Arc menu issue  :   https://termbin.com/w9jc17:00
thefatmaHey guys, is there a 100% way to check if im runnin ubuntu desktop or server version ?17:00
xamithanIt should tell you on boot up thefatma17:01
OerHeksthefatma, if you see a gui now, it could be server with a desktop17:02
thefatmaOerHeks : that's why im asking :317:02
thefatmaxamithan : so your'e saying to try and read the boot lines ? isn't it 2 fast to read lol17:03
xamithanIf I remember correctly server will give you the load, memory etc.  and desktop won't17:03
xamithanUnless they changed that at some point17:03
ducassethefatma: check if the ubuntu-server package is installed17:03
thefatmaducasse : dpgk -l ubuntu-server?17:04
ducassethefatma: for example17:04
thefatmaducasse : and what would that mean tho ?17:04
ducassethefatma: if that lists the package as installed, then you have the server tools.17:05
thefatmaducasse : i want to check beacuse we have 30 servers installed , and they might actually have ubuntu desktop instead of server O-o17:06
thefatmaducasse: so package installation aren't good of a verification yet17:06
ducassethefatma: there is no real other difference between server and desktop17:06
thefatmaisn't there actually a simple way to find out lol? thats kind of wierd17:07
thefatmaso it's just a thing of what come within the installation?17:07
thefatmabottom line everything can be installed / uninstalled on each ?17:07
thefatmai see..17:07
Cybergrad@OerHeks Thanks. I submitted support requests.17:13
transhumanisthi! this is a weird question, hoping just by chance to catch someone who might know. is there any software solution in Ubuntu for passing video cards to virtual machines based on virtualbox, without using pci pass through (for unsupported systems)?17:19
supayoshiGuys I need hel.17:21
supayoshiI have a lvm ubuntu based server installation, running for 4+ years now, updated to the LTS release. and its a LVM install17:21
supayoshiBut the boot partition is 200 mb, ext2, infront of the LVM.17:21
supayoshiBeen trying to move the lvm further along the disk, failed twice, tried to shrink the lvm, that worked... But cannot move it further along the disk.17:22
supayoshiSo... itś either, back-up and reinstall on ext4 (hate LVM now) and have a 2gb or so /boot17:22
supayoshior find a way to do this?17:22
xamithanNothing wrong with a 200mb boot17:25
supayoshiwell, my kernels fill it up, and I want to clean it up  and it fills itself everytime with garbage from old kernels.17:28
supayoshiand itś full once again, and Iḿ fed up having to clean it again and again and not being able to install packages.17:28
xamithanAny reason you just don't use apt autoremove before you do updates ?17:28
xamithanI think you can move partitions from the other side using livecd and gparted but it would take hours and have lots of chances to go wrong17:29
ryuosupayoshi: did it ever occur to you to make the autoremoval of kernels into a cron job?17:29
MrPocketsKernel Who?!'17:33
plongshotIs there a way to locate a post of mine in ubuntu forums from back in 2012 / 2013? I don't know that I have the same ubuntu forums account that I had when I furst joined and that would have been back when I very first started with ubuntu.  There is a post with a word in it (termiology for software development) that I can't recall and thought maybe there was a way to track down the post it was mentioned in.17:48
ducasseplongshot: that's not really something we deal with, we don't support the forums17:49
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
plongshotducasse: who does?18:01
plongshotI'm sure someone in the ubuntu organization cares about it18:01
plongshotcares that it's addressed that is18:01
OerHekssure you can look up all your posts on ubuntuforums, if you happen to know your username18:02
ducassei would think somebody connected to the forums are the right people to ask, look at the website18:02
plongshotducasse: Thinking about it maybe it's smart to head over there to find out. Appreciate you guys. thx18:13
ducassethefatma: also, /var/log/installer/media-info should indicate whether or not the server image was used for installation18:15
thefatmaducasse : thanks alot friend18:15
chalcedonymy husband uses ubuntu 18.04. Where would he look to see why it's freezing up?18:17
ryuochalcedony: there's many things that can cause those symptoms. it can range from a hardware issue to kernel or firmware bugs.18:22
ducassechalcedony: when it freezes, reboot and check 'journalctl -b -1'. it might not show anything, though.18:23
Apachezioria: and where would that go?18:24
chalcedonyducasse, thank you that is what i was looking for18:24
ioriaApachez, well, installed the extension, set the Super_L as hotkey, locked the screen with Super_R and it works ...18:25
Apachezbut not when you lock with superl18:25
ioriaApachez, but if you lock with Super_L it does not18:25
Apachezgreat thing for crypto malwares18:26
Apachezexploit ubuntu to lockscreen and the user cannot gain control back to the desktop without reboot :P18:26
ioriaApachez, so i did i script that change the Super_key before locking and disable (to have again the hotkey) when it unloks ...18:26
Apachezamd pushed that to the lockscreen app of gnome?18:26
ioriaApachez, but, honestly, it does not works always18:27
Apachezbut I dont get why the lcokscreen needs superl in order for the mouse to drag away the lockscreen so you get to the password prompt?18:30
Apachezor betteryet why cant the lockscreen always display the password prompt?18:30
ApachezI really hate that one must drag some screen away before you can type the password18:30
OerHeksesc works as the mouse drag, iirc18:32
pragmaticenigmaApachez: Those are design decision that you would have to direct the developers of gdm, sddm, lightdm18:32
pragmaticenigmaHello Michel_18:35
Michel_has anyone tried ubuntu studio?18:36
pragmaticenigmaMichel_: This channel focuses on supporting Ubuntu and its official flavors. Once you have installed it, you're welcome to ask questions regarding issues that you encounter while running Ubuntu studio. To ask general questions and ask for recommendations, please join our #ubuntu-offtopic channel18:37
transhumanisthi! hi! so every once in a while I hit a key and chrome maximizes the current tab but no menu or icons appear at the top for rewindowing chrome. What's the shortcut to turn it back into a window, all I can do is maximize and minimize and close it down and restart when this happens. Very annoying indeed!18:40
transhumanistno one is around in the chrome channel....ever to ask18:40
OerHekstranshumanist, oh, you found F1118:40
transhumanistah  thanks!18:41
transhumanistmuch appreciated!18:41
OerHekshave fun!18:41
vimarthere was some time ago in repo a fps game like UT, can't see it now anybody remembers i?18:41
pragmaticenigmatranshumanist: to escape the full screen mode, press F11 again. There should hvae been a notification near the top of the screen to tell you that you entered full screen and how to exit the full screen mode18:42
transhumanistnot in my case but thanks for the follow-up pragmaticenigma18:42
pragmaticenigmavimar: That's a better question to ask in the #ubuntu-offtopic channel18:42
transhumanistI'd be really impressing my friends if I remembered all the damn shortcut keys :-)18:43
OerHeksthere is no UT in apt, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Games/Native/UnrealTournament18:44
vimarperhaps so pragmaticenigma18:44
OerHeksthere is a linux port something, https://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Unreal-Tournament-June-Linux18:44
boisverdanyone using 19.04?18:49
tomreynboisverd: surely someone does, what's your real question?18:50
boisverdquestion is: On HYPER-V, my VM keeps freezing during bootup18:51
boisverdanyone else experiencing same issue with 19.04 on hyper-v18:51
tomreynwe don't do hyper-v support here.18:52
boisverdok, thanks18:52
boisverdDisco Rules!18:52
boisverdNever thought i would say that18:52
ryuoDancing Dogs. Heh.18:52
mra90I have added a repository sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ubilinux/up18:58
mra90now I should install it but where is kernel located?18:58
mra90when I try to install with sudo apt install kernel_name I get error message "E: couldn't find any package glob/regex 'kernel_nae"18:59
=== ryuo is now known as pacman
xamithanGo to the ppa website and read what packages are there,  install what you want.  PPAs are not supported here19:00
=== pacman is now known as ryuo
mra90xamithan: I follow this article https://wiki.up-community.org/Ubuntu#Install_Ubuntu_kernel_4.15.0_for_UP_from_PPA_on_Ubuntu_18.0419:01
mra90I have added the repository by ppa19:01
mra90as we discussed already19:01
mra90but I can install kernel they named there19:01
mra90can't *19:01
xamithanIt's not in the package list for that ppa,  go read the package list and pick the right name or ask whoever made the wiki to update it19:02
pragmaticenigmamra90: Also, support for kernels not provided in Ubuntu's main repositories is not available here. You have to contact the maintainers of those repositories for support.19:02
mra90xamithan: mhm where I can read the package19:02
xamithanThe same link you were at earlier on launchpad.net19:03
OerHeksbad ppa, kernel is @ 4.18.x19:04
OerHeksand just run full-upgrade to get a newer kernel, if available19:04
OerHeks(* which is not)19:04
mra90ok I used tab to tell me this version exist for 18.04 not 16.0419:05
CybergradDoes anyone have experience with the alien package/command for converting linux packages from RPM to Deb? I'm not sure the procedure I followed worked, as the installer for Maya 2019 is throwing errors about not being able to execute RPM packages.19:23
anonymousost esde de onde19:27
chalcedonyis there a recommended antivirus for ubuntu 18.04? i think my husband is asking me about an Antivirus.19:31
xamithanNot really,  there is clamd19:32
CybergradClam/Klam, F-Prot, and Avast19:33
OerHeksCybergrad, alien and repackaging/using other code is not supported, good luck!19:34
chalcedonyCybergrad, does one actually need antivirus on Ubuntu?19:34
Cybergrad@Oer, thanks for the reply. I'll try my luck with contacting the author of the installation procedure.19:36
Cybergradchalcedony: Yes, actually. If you are running a production system you should be concerned with the software your users are running on the workstations.19:37
chalcedonyit always seemed that debian and other linuxes aren't really built to be infected in the ways that Windows is19:37
OerHeksantivirus is so 1999, heuristic scanners and network/file monitoring is of more use19:39
Cybergradchalcedony: All computer systems are subject to malware. Linux does have certain design elements which render it less prone to infection, but malware does exist and vulnerabilities are surfaced just as for other kernels and userland softwares. Another consideration is interoperability. Networked computers, and indeed, anyone sharing files over the Internet should have concern for their neighbours and scan incoming and outgoing files19:39
CybergradOerHeks: Indeed. Antivirus is the colloquial term for any and all antimalware software, however. Most users aren't technical.19:40
OerHeksthere is a nice !antivirus factoid19:41
ubottuAn "antivirus" is primarily a concept from the Windows ecosystem and usually a program like that is not needed on Linux because the threat model is different. Malware on Linux does exist, however. Google up "rkhunter" and "linux intrusion detection systems". Also look up !clamav19:41
ryuochalcedony: i never use antivirus. clamav is designed for other purposes, notably email scanning.19:41
KimosabiWhat up19:47
OerHeksgreat, no more need of wine for dos games https://snapcraft.io/dosbox-x19:48
Jonopolywe need roblox on linux :(19:49
Jonopolyson keeps wanting to play on my laptop but cant'# since i've made switch19:49
Jonopoly(from win to lin)19:50
Cybergradjonopoly: does winehq offer any useful guides? You could also try looking into Valve's proton additions to the wine project. They might be useful.19:51
Kimosabiyou can do it with wine I believe19:51
Kimosabican I post a link?19:51
analogicalIs there a guide somewhere about how to make Ubuntu work with UEFI secure boot cuz I can't get it to work :/19:51
xamithanNo,  go to ##winehq19:51
OerHeksrun roblox-android in android studio19:51
xamithanor ##linux19:51
JonopolyI dont think you can with wine, you probably could a while ago19:52
OerHeksor join #winehq for application help19:52
Jonopolyoh ok thnaks will join them both19:52
bbannerhi guys how are you?20:10
de-factohow can i delete this annoying gnome behaviour of notifying me every few seconds that my mouse battery is almost empty?20:11
de-factoits extremely disrupting my workflow20:12
CookieMstrange, it doesn’t report on weak battery in my mouse20:13
de-factoi have a logitec mouse20:14
de-factocan i somehow completely uninstall all gnome notifications?20:14
OerHeksdisable them in systemsettings?20:15
CybergradSo, lately I've been grabbing commercial software and it "just works."20:17
de-factoI already disabled them in systemsettings20:17
de-factocan i uninstall all gnome notifications stuff?20:17
CybergradDaVinci Resolve 16 comes packaged in a .run file which executes and installs like an .exe in Windows. Why don't more software vendors package like this and why is there all the fuss with Flatpack and Snap and Appimage?20:17
de-factoCybergrad, because it probably just writes with root permissions somewhere in your system and you would have to rely on it to remove itself cleanly20:18
OerHeksall the fuss with Flatpack and Snap and Appimage? .. we don't do gossip20:20
OerHeksjust technical support20:20
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CaCO3Client: HexChat 2.14.1 • OS: Ubuntu "bionic" 18.04 • CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i3-6006U CPU @ 2.00GHz (500MHz) • Memory: Physical: 3.6 GiB Total (3.1 GiB Free) Swap: 2.0 GiB Total (2.0 GiB Free) • Storage: 55.3 GB / 967.0 GB (911.7 GB Free) • VGA: Intel Corporation Skylake GT2 [HD Graphics 520] @ Intel Corporation Xeon E3-1200 v5/E3-1500 v5/6th Gen Core Processor Host Bridge/DRAM Regi20:24
CaCO3sters • Uptime: 6h 42m 55s20:24
CybergradOerHeks: I'm trying to get DaVinci Resolve to boot up; it installed cleanly from the .run, but it says it can't locate any OpenCL capable GPUs. My HD 5870 has OpenCL 1.2 support. Software & Updates says no proprietary drivers are available for Ubuntu 19.04, and I cannot install the .deb I downloaded from AMDs website for my GPU.20:39
CybergradOh, I see the driver is for Ubuntu 14.04. Silly me.20:40
OerHekslooks like prop software, no interest supporting it, while they get the money20:44
ahi2Cybergrad: you might need opencl runtime20:47
CybergradI set some aliases for some scientific software I installed in /opt/ the other day. Apparently my aliases got cleared because I just had to reset them.20:49
CybergradHow can I make sure they don't get cleared?20:49
OerHeksdon't "reset" them, perhaps?20:50
OerHeksi have no clue what you talk about ; reset, got cleared ...20:50
CybergradI used alias the other day to 'set' them. Today the 'command was not found.'20:50
OerHeksCycheck your  .bashrc20:53
OerHeksCybergrad, ^20:53
CybergradI ran the following:20:57
Cybergradcat ./.bashrc | grep alias and I don't see anything about the aliases I set.20:57
CybergradWhat should I be checking for? I'm new to this aspect of system configuration.20:57
OerHeksi think ubuntu did not clear your .bashrc, so figure out what you did?20:57
CybergradShould my .bashrc list the aliases that I set during this session?21:00
OerHeksif you put them there, yes21:00
OerHeksjust setting an alias on commandline does not survive reboot21:01
CybergradOkay, I had not set them in .bashrc; I'm guessing I can drop the command there and it will be set for every terminal session.21:01
CybergradYes, I just discovered that as I opened a new terminal emulator and saw 'command not found' again. Thanks.21:01
OerHeksyes, that is the idea21:01
OerHeksoke, have fun!21:01
CybergradAlright, ./bash_aliases set. Thanks!21:04
mra90how can I see changes in kernel which made particlular HW work?21:12
OerHeksany kernel update gives a changelog, else learn C++ to read the code21:13
mra90OerHeks: rather C, which I know very vell21:13
mra90but this kernel I installed from .deb files21:14
mra90so how can I read the source code OerHeks ?21:14
OerHekshttps://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=linux-image-generic choose your version, then changelog, or 'download the source'21:16
OerHeksany IDE/ hex editor can show it21:16
OerHeksor the wiki: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/SourceCode21:17
mra90OerHeks: ok fine I will read that, however i installed this version https://wiki.up-community.org/Ubuntu#Install_Ubuntu_kernel_4.15.0_for_UP_from_PPA_on_Ubuntu_18.0421:18
OerHeksoh, then get the code from that ppa?21:18
mra90OerHeks: how to fetch it then?21:19
OerHeksif theat wiki is right, and points to https://launchpad.net/~ubilinux/+archive/ubuntu/up/+packages .. there is no source?21:20
mra90OerHeks: this file looks promising linux-hwe_4.15.0-37.40~upboard03.tar.gz (166.4 MiB)21:22
mra90however the question is if it has all the modules21:23
mra90because under the link you pasted there are modules also listed separately21:23
OerHeksmra90, maybe the wiki / git is a better idea, for regular kerenls, i have no idea where they put the code21:27
OerHeksthat is why we do not support PPA stuff, enless loop finding things21:27
mra90OerHeks: so what do you spport if not PPA?21:28
OerHeksi would get the source of launchpad, or git21:28
mra90OerHeks: I will do the same and try this "liinux-hwe_4.15.0-37.40~upboard03.tar.gz (166.4 MiB)"21:32
OerHeksFor questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact ubilinux. ubilinux@emutex.com21:33
mra90OerHeks: yeah, btw do you think all kernel moduels should be in that .tar.gz package?21:33
mra90I expect it to be complete in this regards21:34
mra90after all you should be able to build kernel out of this21:34
OerHeksyes, if you open that url on the ppa page, it shows them all21:34
mra90OerHeks: where did you find the refenece to PPa page?21:36
OerHeksfrom that wiki you posted?21:37
OerHekssad to see 19 weeks no builds..21:37
OerHeks"lets make IoT safer.."21:38
mra90OerHeks: haha ;p21:39
mra90btwm, that wiki page only gives this link https://launchpad.net/~ubilinux/+archive/ubuntu/up/+packages21:39
mra90how did you be able o open that source package?21:39
OerHeksjups, that is what i found too21:39
OerHeksclick on  linux-meta-hwe-upboard - and the list will open21:40
OerHeksor the other one..21:40
mra90OerHeks: I installed the .deb files from linux-hwe - 4.15.0-37.40~upboard0321:41
mra90now from this dir I downloaded the tar file21:41
mra90however I don;t see any option to look up its sources21:41
OerHeksdeb files are compiled code, the tar.gz contains the code you are looking for21:42
OerHeksbut that ppa does not supply the source, as i found out earlier.21:43
OerHeksjust the list with build modules and stuff21:43
mra90OerHeks: ok never mind I have downloaded and will check it myself21:43
mra90however before that I need to spot the driver which at the momemnt enables this HW21:44
mra90I mean particular GPIO port21:44
mra90I use it by echo some values on particular driver files like "direction", "value" how to, figure out what driver uses it?21:45
guivercamcclure, conversation isn't encouraged in this room, it's a Ubuntu Support room; so if you have a Ubuntu Support question, please just ask it (try & keep to a single line & be patient waiting for replies)22:23
amcclureguiverc: ?22:26
amcclureI was going to ask if I would be able to create .deb packages on a non-debian based os...22:27
pragmaticenigmaamcclure: You can, however that isn't a topic that is supported here. For that you will want to check out #ubuntu-app-devel22:28
amcclurety pragmaticenigma22:28
mra90OerHeks: I found the driver, thanks for help22:37
Elec_AHi, when my ubuntu boots up, I get the error "System program problem detected, do you want to report the problem now?". How can I see what is the error? the system works just fine but I get this error when the system boots up.22:38
Elec_AI'm using Ubuntu 18.04 with Gnome.22:39
woenxHey, how can I edit (blur) a few frames of a gif from Ubuntu?22:39
OerHeksElec_A, the /var/log/apport.log contains crash log messages22:39
OerHekswoenx, tons of options, ImageMagick should be able to edit gif files22:41
OerHeks!info ImageMagick22:41
ubottuimagemagick (source: imagemagick): image manipulation programs -- binaries. In component main, is optional. Version 8: (bionic), package size 13 kB, installed size 115 kB22:41
Elec_AOerHeks: That file is empty so looking into the same folder, I found the file apport.log.1 in which the error messages are for Friday, not today .22:41
OerHekssure you used sudo?22:42
Elec_AOerHeks: yes, with and withour sudo. sudo cat /var/log/apport.log22:42
OerHeksoh, wait, see with: ls /var/crash22:44
Elec_AOerHeks: yeah , There are two files in that folder. I'm removing them to see if the crashes are old. Not sure what is causing the issue.22:46
Elec_AFiles are "_usr_lib_x86_64-linux-gnu_xfce4_panel_wrapper-2.0.1000.crash  _usr_sbin_lightdm.0.crash"22:46
Elec_AThere is absolutely no useful information in those files.22:46
OerHekssearching for "ubuntu xfce4 panel wrapper-2.0" gives a lot of buggies22:48
OerHeksbut i think it respawns again, properly.. but inconveniant22:48
Elec_AOerHeks: True, but I need to find a way to get a clue where the problem is coming from. I'll dig into the crash files more carefully soon. Maybe next weekend after my classes.22:49
woenxOerHeks: I found out Gimp can do it out of the box :)22:49
Elec_Awoenx: ofcourse it can. :)22:50
OerHekssure, tons of options, have fun!22:51
puhdabearHello World!22:59
hggdhElec_A: *.crash files are "raw" bug reports. They still have to be processed, or split into individual files23:00
Elec_Ahggdh: I see. I'll google it. If you know how can I do that, I would totally appreciate if you could share it.23:01
Elec_A"apport-retrace" ?23:01
hggdhElec_A: although one could look at them, the best option is to open a bug with it23:02
hggdhElec_A: or, depending, apport-retrace, yes23:02
Elec_AI see! Thanks.23:02
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Guest68504Hello guys23:39
Guest68504So lonely here23:40
Crash1hdHey everyone so I moved my ubuntu installation into an esxi server I then mounted all the extra data drives yet when I mount them and go to view them in the nautilus it says This location could not be displayed.  Yet when I go into terminal as toot and ls -al the folder it is set to the same user as the logged in user and the files are set to 777 so I cant figure out why I am not able to access them now???23:41
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Guest68504Try to ask to google, I have many problem, I always search in google23:42
Crash1hdI have... google suggested to chown and chmod (but as I was saying its set to the user and its already 777 so I am at a loss)23:44
Crash1hdRoot can see everything just fine so I know its mounted correctly23:44
tomreynpermissions / ownership of the containing directoy also matter. mount options do, too.23:47
Crash1hdOh haha thanks tomreyn yeah the parent folder is not accessable23:48
Crash1hdYet I am unsure as to why the user should be the same?23:49
Guest68504Haha nice23:49
Crash1hdOh haha never mind lol yeah the folder is owned by root23:49
tomreynCrash1hd: it doesn't have to be the same user, as longas it has permission to access.23:49
Guest68504I wanna off, bye guys ::)23:52
baakohi guys wft is DUmmy output?23:58
baakodont have any sound and all am getting is dummy output on 18.04 desktop23:58

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