sakrecoerkrytarik \o/01:22
sakrecoermeanwhile in a different dimension, way back in time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1yF1gn-gKFY01:23
studiobot<Chris> I have Asus motherboard too. Prime A320M-K.07:07
studiobot<Chris> @Chris [I have had to temporarily stop Jack from running in US Cobtrols because it appea …], I think I have sorted this now. That Ubuntu Studio Audio book is excellent for troubleshooting.13:32
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karoo2OvenWerks: further to our convo of yesterday about the Galaxay & UStudio not talking to each other: Not sure exactly where the problem was, but there were several issues.  It seems the Bluetooth connection needs cell signal, which we have not had for the last 36 hours.  Anyway, managed to connect thro Btooth from the phone, but not the other way around.  Still can't connect thro USB, but at least I have file transfer - yay!16:44
OvenWerksThat (in my opinion) is a bug in the galaxy.16:59
karoo2Could well be.  I had errors from Blueman-applet about it crashing.  Hey ho and onwards :-)17:08
karoo2I mean the applet crashed, not the phone...17:09
karoo2Or maybe it was the phone, but Blueman reported the error?  Who knows.  I am not off to do something that doesn't involve technology and regain the even tenor of my ways17:11
karoo2Now (not 'not')17:11
* M_aD had a blueman crash a while ago when connecting his Sennheiser bluetooth headphone on 19.0418:25
M_aDbut i never encountered any issues when connecting my LG android phone through usb or bluetooth as stated yesterday18:26

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