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BluesKajHowdy folks12:08
viewer|12hello, i have installed kubuntu 19.04 using lvm for partitioning; the question is why the system shows the boot loader menu although kubunti is the only OS installed13:59
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R13oseHow do I create a second desktop?14:59
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IrcsomeBot<purpleavenger> System Settings->Workspace->Virtual Desktops21:35
IrcsomeBot<purpleavenger> the rows setting determines the configuration in your desktop Pager (default on Task Bar)21:38
keithzgWell shucks; I finally got around to rebooting since similarly finally enabling and installing from the backports PPA on my 18.04 LTS install here at work, and everything's borked now21:48
keithzgNo system tray, no search results in the launcher or KRunner, right-clicking on the desktop does nothing----and probablyk other things I haven't noticed yet.21:49
keithzg(Among the things I hadn't noticed *until* now, apparently Freenode kicked my Matrix user out of this channel, and damned if I can convince it to let me back in, hah)21:50
IrcsomeBot<purpleavenger> FYI - after I removed the /etc/polkit-1/localauthority.conf.d/02-allow-colord.conf file, not only does Discover work fine, but gparted does as well (issue posted a couple of days ago here)21:52
IrcsomeBot<purpleavenger> profile issue?21:53
IrcsomeBot<purpleavenger> never run into that before...21:53
IrcsomeBot<purpleavenger> work machine may have sso or other auth, so maybe not possible, but would be my first check21:53
* keithzg is honestly just going to try purging the backports PPA first :P21:54
keithzgEverything worked fine until installing the backports PPA, so. Not like I desperately need the latest KDE packages on this machine, really.21:56
keithzgDoes plasma still log to a file somewhere? I can't seem to find one.21:59
* keithzg is just gonna go with Plan A, ppa-purge22:01
keithzgYep, that solved everything.22:07
valoriekeithzg: ppa-purge is the reason I feel that using backports is safe -- you have an out if it doesn't work22:25
keithzgvalorie: Yeah, quite fair, it's a nice get-out-of-jail-free card :)23:04
valorieI've tried a few PPAs where it saved my install, yeah23:12
Katnipsnap and flatpak has helped too23:21

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