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zygagood morning05:20
zygamborzecki: what a weird day, it's cold but forecast shows it will be 20+ in a few hours :)05:20
zygamborzecki: how was your weekend?05:21
mborzeckizyga: hey, tiring05:21
zygaI was sleeping through most of Saturday and about a third of Sunday05:22
mborzeckizyga: allergy?05:22
zygajust not enough sleep :D05:22
zygamborzecki: wanna read the next chunk: https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6788/files ?05:35
mborzeckizyga: will do next, looking at 6782 now05:36
mborzeckiheh, 6782 unit tests fail, i'm guessing it's because we're using 1.9 in travis, while go buildid is from 1.10+05:37
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zygamborzecki: hmmm05:48
zygaextra status 2?05:48
zygano idea05:48
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mborzeckimvo: morning06:28
mborzeckimvo: got a little for for 678206:29
mvomborzecki: hey, good morning06:31
mvomborzecki: aha, yes, I figured that "file" is too old, a bit of a PITA, I need to figure out how to meaningful test this on older distros06:33
mborzeckimvo: i'll push a fix in a minute06:33
mvomborzecki: oh? what will you do?06:33
mborzeckimvo: fwiw, i'm just forcing a specific build ID06:33
mvomborzecki: neat! curious how you manage that given thats a composition of all inputs06:34
mvomborzecki: will you push also update the comment? or should I do that?06:37
mborzeckimvo: i'll push it too06:37
zygaHey mvo, good morning06:38
mvomborzecki: \o/06:39
zygaOne of the surprising things about learning Japanese is that it is completely natural to just read this now06:39
mvozyga: hey, good morning06:39
mvozyga: amazing!06:39
mborzeckimvo: pushed, waiting for travis unit test job to explode now :)06:42
mborzeckimvo: hah, so go build ID test worked now, but --build-id=0x<hexstring> did not :P06:53
mvohey pstolowski - good morning07:05
mborzeckipstolowski: hey07:09
mborzeckiopensuse failing again?07:39
Chipacahttps://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6743 could use a second review08:41
mborzeckipackages.ubuntu.com is quite confusing09:03
mborzeckihttps://packages.ubuntu.com/source/disco/desktop-file-utils leads to debian salsa as package source, but apparently that's not what is built09:03
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zygaback from calls09:21
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mvowe have a bunch of stuff targeted for 2.39 for review, would be great if we can focus on this to land this by tonight if possible10:07
pstolowskiChipaca: #4673 has 2 +1s10:39
Chipacapstolowski: yes, thank you!10:39
zygabrb, coffee10:50
Chipacamvo: what should we do with https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6404 ?10:57
mvoChipaca: we need to ignore it for now, I will un-milestone it10:57
pstolowskimborzecki: gadget layouts +110:57
Chipacamvo: ok10:57
Chipacamvo: there's two other blocked10:58
mvoChipaca: at least the commandfromcore fix needs to land first10:58
mvoChipaca: yeah, same for these, let me fix things10:58
Chipacamvo: and user removal probably also needs demilestoning10:58
mvoChipaca: 6404 has a (tiny) chance10:58
mvoChipaca: but not until all the other bits are in10:58
mvoChipaca: yeah, same for user removal10:58
Chipacamvo: i think auto-install has two +1's now10:59
mvoChipaca: I had hoped samuele could have a look tomorrow10:59
Chipacahe's back tomorrow? nice10:59
mvoChipaca: its one of the features that are slightly in the danger-zone10:59
mvoChipaca: yeah, unles I misremember we should have him back soon :)11:00
mvoChipaca: please reload, list should be more sane now11:00
mborzeckipstolowski: wow, really feel sorry for you with all error peeling cruft you had to go through11:03
* zyga found a small bug in snapcraft11:04
* zyga sighs 11:22
Chipacamvo: in reviewing #6741 I had to make a change to get snapcraft to work (but it's still failing even after that011:26
Chipacamvo: not sure if there's a trick to it i'm missing :-/11:26
mvoChipaca: what kind of error do you get?11:28
Chipacamvo: maybe i should cleanbuild it? the unit tests are failing because it's getting a context somehow?11:29
Chipacait's weird11:29
mvoChipaca: this sounds like cleanbuild may help here, yes11:29
zygamvo: is samuele back?11:30
zygaI wanted to discuss this11:31
mvozyga: he is back tomorrow11:31
zygaI s ee11:31
mvozyga: so we should discuss this tomrrow early (ish) to ensure it does not block things11:31
cmatsuoka /query cjwatson11:32
cmatsuoka oops11:32
Chipacamvo: even when I apply http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/g7NYVXdB7y/ I still see a -Zxz during the snapcraft, but not sure what's causing it. If you care to look, it's https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/bhq2vWtWVW/12:00
mvoChipaca: hm, that is strange12:01
Chipacamvo: anyway +1 to the fromCore pr12:03
mvoChipaca: thank you, I like your suggestion to be more selective about picking the right binaries12:03
mvoChipaca: I play with this now, its a bit of a PITA (as its slow to test). thank you!12:04
Chipacamvo: all it takes is a stage section in the same part12:04
Chipacamaybe cmatsuoka knows how to remove all the snap/**.go files with a scriptlet or sth12:05
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mvoChipaca: yeah, I'm playing with it right now, I think I know what to do, the testing is a slightly annoying (cleanbuild etc)12:07
* mvo lunches first though12:07
Chipacamvo: buen provecho12:07
dot-tobiaskyrofa: Read your article about stage-snaps (https://kyrofa.com/posts/speed-up-your-ros-snap-builds), thanks! I'm wondering if one could use the official ruby snap like this to speed up Ruby-based parts, or does its classic confinement prevent this?12:20
cmatsuokaChipaca: I'll have a look12:23
mborzeckianyone up for a simple PR? https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/6792 just renames and reshuffling some code12:55
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jdstrandmvo: hi! do we have an eoan image in travis yet? libseccomp finally migrated13:24
zygajdstrand: eoan?13:24
zygais that the new name?13:24
jdstrandzyga: ubuntu 19.1013:24
zygaoh, nice13:24
cmatsuokaChipaca: how was the snap dir problem handled until now?13:25
jdstrandmvo: also, I *think* I'm through the obstacles so will be focusing on adding tests and testing libseccomp 2.4.1 in all ubuntu releases. we should have a chat this week on what to do about 2.4.1 with core/core18/snapd snaps. maybe wednesday-ish?13:26
mvojdstrand: we don't have this is travis yet, we tend to add it late, we should add it to spread.yaml in qemu though, should be a trviaial PR13:29
mvojdstrand: wednesday is a public holiday here, but thu, fri sounds fine13:30
jdstrandmvo: it is already there for qemu (I'm using it)13:40
jdstrandmvo: ack on thursday13:40
mvojdstrand: thanks!13:41
* zyga lunch break13:48
kyrofadot-tobias, great question! I believe you can use classic snaps as stage-snaps (sergiusens will know for sure), but if your snap isn't classic there's the possibility of issues. I haven't tried that particular case, but you should!13:55
Chipacacmatsuoka: it's not handled; the snapd snap has .go files in snap/14:05
cmatsuokaoh I see14:05
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zygaback from lunch14:22
cachiomvo, 2.38.1 in stable now14:35
cachiomvo, now promoting snpad14:35
mvocachio: thank you!14:39
cachiosnpad snap 2.38.1 already in stable14:42
cachioI'll monitor the snaps now14:42
zygaI have a simple CUDA app running, now let's see if I can snap it14:46
zygamborzecki: let me add another GPU to see if that works too14:46
zygamborzecki: I have an ancient quatro GPU as well14:48
zygaI got it for free once14:48
zygaheh, no X now :)14:49
zygarestarting gdm (it helped last time)14:49
zygayes it helped14:50
zygalet's install the 340 driver version14:51
pstolowskiuh, one more timings PR coming from me, i was sure it landed already until i tried passing --ensure to snapd debug timings.. oh well :(14:51
Pharaoh_Atemzyga, mvo, mborzecki, kyrofa, sergiusens: so... how far are we from me being able to propose a talk at Flock this year about "creating your first Fedora-based snap"?14:59
Pharaoh_Atemthe Flock 2019 CfP hasn't opened yet, but I want to think about this now, so that maybe we can figure out what we need to do to make that a thing15:00
zygaPharaoh_Atem: hmm, no idea, I'm deep in CUDA, let me think and get back to you tomorrow15:00
zygamborzecki: ^15:02
* Chipaca goes to the gym before he starts breaking things15:39
mvoenjoy Chipaca15:41
mvohrm, lots of red tests, does anyone looked what is breaking?15:41
kyrofaChipaca, decided to start before going to the gym?15:44
* cachio lunch15:45
Chipacakyrofa: nope!15:45
kyrofaStupid tab-complete adding that comma...15:45
Chipacaalthough i've seen the test-snapd-appstreamid test fail a lot15:45
Chipacadunno why15:45
Chipacanow yes i go15:45
* zyga EODs to stay sane and healthy :)16:04
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jdstrandroadmr: hey, can you pull r1225? it isn't urgent16:32
mvopstolowski|afk: for tomorrow - one idea that came up was to measure how long state loading (the json stuff) takes, i.e. adding this to the measurements taken16:36
mvocachio: hey, I see some failures related to "google:ubuntu-16.04-32:tests/main/appstream-id" in recent PRs, would be great if you could check if its just a fluke or something with the store or snapd (but not rush, I get dinner now and mostly EOD)16:44
cachiomvo, hey, I saw the mame16:45
cachiothe error is because the store is taking more than 1 second to answer16:46
cachiothere is a PR fixing it16:46
cachiolet me check i16:46
cachiomvo, I retriggered travis for #678916:47
cachioIt failed last time trying to download a golang dependecy16:47
roadmrcachio, mvo : fwiw it's probably taking a bit longer than expected due to the extra load from the recent core release :) should subside in a few hours16:52
roadmrjdstrand: just saw this! sure, r1225 pull coming up16:53
cachioroadmr, it is ok, I already fix that in a test, I added a longer timeout to support this kind of situations16:53
roadmrcrap, I seem to have deleted my "bump-crt" script inadvertently :( jdstrand hehe no worries I'll figure it out16:54
jdstrandroadmr: thanks and whoops!17:27
jdstrandsergiusens[m], kyrofa: hey, if one of you are around, I'm curious about how to handle multiarch. I've read some of the docs but still not sure. I'd like on amd64 to build with gcc-multilib both amd64 and i386 (eg, -m32), but on i386 to only build its native arch. then I'd like to apply that process to arm64/armhf and I guess ppc64el/powerpc17:30
jdstrandsergiusens[m], kyrofa: is this possible with a single snapcraft.yaml such that I can have LP builds and end up with result I just described?17:31
kyrofajdstrand, so you want the snap for amd64 to be built for both amd64 and i386, but also want one built for i386? I'm confused why you care about the amd64 one being compatible with i386 then18:00
kyrofai.e. it will never be installed on i386. Wouldn't you want the same snap released to both architectures in that case?18:00
jdstrandkyrofa: let me rephrase. the end result should be a snap that contains its native architecture and any supported secondary architectures18:02
jdstrandkyrofa: so, on amd64, that is a snap that has both amd64 and i386 binaries (think wine), but on i386, just i386 binaries18:03
kyrofaAh, the wine example makes this more clear18:04
jdstrandkyrofa: eg r1 is amd64 and has amd64 and i386 code. r2 is i386 so only has i386 code18:04
jdstrandr3 is amr64 with arm64 and armhf, r4 is armhf with only armhf18:04
kyrofajdstrand, in that case, it's all about the build system, and the `architectures` field doesn't matter (since the default uses the build arch). Correct?18:05
jdstrandI know how to generate an individulat snapcraft.yaml for each individual situation, but not one that works for all where the same snapcraft.yaml is used by LP to build all the archs with the secondary arch support as described18:05
kyrofajdstrand, can you show me the difference between your amd64 and i386 yamls?18:06
jdstrandkyrofa: I figured I could adjust the Makefile to look at some things to decide when to build with -m32, but I need the gcc-multilib only sometimes, etc18:06
kyrofaThat's doable18:07
kyrofabuild-package, right?18:07
jdstrandkyrofa: between amd64 and i386, it's just about build-packages18:07
kyrofaTry this:18:07
jdstrandkyrofa: I guess I might conceivably need different stage-packages. I'm going to need the :i386 and the :amd64 packages in the amd64 build18:10
kyrofajdstrand, https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3z4VgPpcxg/18:10
kyrofastage-packages should work the same way18:10
jdstrandok, then I can use the equivalent gcc-... for arm64, etc18:11
jdstrandok, that makes sense18:11
kyrofaYeah you get the idea18:11
jdstrandkyrofa: thanks! I may have another question, but this is helpful :)18:11
kyrofajdstrand, it's been a while since I did any of that, so let me know if you run into issues18:12
kyrofaOf course!18:12
jdstrandwell, the paste helps me know what to focus on a lot18:12
mvocachio: aha, thanks! I remember the PR now18:32
cachiomvo, I'll try to merge it today18:33
mvocachio: yeah, once its green, go for it :)18:33
cachiomvo, sure, thanks18:34
mvothank *you*18:35
mvocachio: one more question - I see some failures in     - google:ubuntu-core-18-64:tests/core18/ and     - google:ubuntu-core-18-64:tests/main/ and its "rsync: write failed on "/mnt/user-data/gopath/src/github.com/snapcore/snapd/tests/main/interfaces-broadcom-asic-control/snapd-unpack/usr/lib/snapd/snap-repair": No space left on device (28)" - did anything change here recently (with the image or something else that you can think of?)18:37
cachiomvo, no, do you have a link?18:37
mvocachio: this was in this pr https://github.com/snapcore/snapd/pull/674118:38
cachiomvo, checkign18:39
cachiomvo, this is something new18:41
mvocachio: maybe its a one-off, did not happen in the previous run (3h ago)18:42
kyrofamvo, is `base: core` still not a thing? I'm getting "- Mount snap "foo" (unset) (cannot find required base "core")"18:42
cachiomvo, I am reviewing other logs to see if it is related to that PR or it is happening in others as well18:42
kyrofasergiusens, I get that ^ when trying to install a snap I build using `base: core`18:42
ijohnsonkyrofa: I thought that `base: core` only worked inside snapcraft.yaml and that when that's there snapcraft just generates a snap.yaml without a `base` spec18:43
ijohnsonkyrofa: and AFAIK, the core16 snap isn't ready yet (it's not in stable at least)18:44
* kyrofa sanity checks18:46
sergiusenskyrofa: are you using the snapcraft snap? It is valid in snapcraft.yaml but not snap.yaml18:48
kyrofa*sigh* please give me ten minutes while I try to figure out why multipass decided to stop working18:49
kyrofa"shutdown called while starting"...18:51
ijohnsonkyrofa: `snap remove multipass && snap install multipass --beta --classic` always does the trick for me :-)18:52
ijohnsonI do that probably at least 2-3 times a week18:52
* kyrofa does just that18:52
kyrofaMan... that's saving some sort of snapshot now that's taking forever. It snapd seriously backing up all the multipass VMs?18:54
kyrofaI just want to get back up and running!18:54
ijohnson:-( I don't see the snapshot behavior on stable snapd18:54
kyrofaOh no18:54
kyrofaCrap, how did I end up on edge18:55
kyrofaThis might explain a few things18:55
ijohnsongood luck!18:57
kyrofasergiusens, ah, it's the snapcraft .deb (issues from a customer)19:03
kyrofasergiusens, that puts the base into the final YAML19:04
kyrofaYou're right, the snap does the right thing19:04
kyrofasergiusens, have you considered updating the deb to suggest the snap?19:04
bdxhello everyone19:19
bdxhitting a strange issue when building my snap https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/YV2vz6RMJF/19:20
bdxthe plugin I'm using: https://gist.github.com/jamesbeedy/1f592f9beddf8f2973452d0dc742c09f19:21
bdxnothing has changed in my plugin/source since the last time I built the snap that uses ^ plugin19:22
bdxall of the sudden its barfing with ^^19:23
bdxI'm wondering if there is something that may have changed about how plugins are used to override steps?19:24
cmatsuokabdx: did you install snapcraft using snap?19:24
bdxI get that error both when using `snapcraft cleanbuild` and `snapcraft`, so both in the lxd build environment and on my local (both of which are 18.04)19:25
cmatsuokabdx: could you paste your snapcraft.yaml file somewhere? (you may also want to join #snapcraft)19:28
bdxcmatsuoka: want me to bring this over to #snapcraft ?19:30
cmatsuokabdx: just a sec, I'm building it locally to see what happens19:34
cmatsuokabdx: sent you some suggestions in #snapcraft19:42
mvocachio: re 6741> I think I found the issue, sorry, the out-of-space thing was an error in this PR20:13
om26erHi! It seems Ubuntu Core does not have the avahi-control interface, how do I make it available to my snap ?21:08
om26erogra ^^21:08
om26eralso, when did you lose that underscore in your nick ;-)21:08
om26erwho takes care of those "human review required" failures while publishing snaps ?21:39
om26erI created a plug and it apparently needs an approval of some sort https://forum.snapcraft.io/t/human-review-required/1115821:40
jdstrandroadmr (cc msalvatore): hey, can you make that r1226 instead? this adds a 'system-users' check to support upcoming yaml)21:45

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