LocutusOfBorgmwhudson, you mean the sphinx theme failure?07:11
LocutusOfBorg"sudo apt-get install python-sphinx-rtd-theme"07:12
LocutusOfBorgmwhudson, interestingly, the bionic package builds docs with "sphinx-build" while the eoan package does: python3 -m sphinx07:19
LocutusOfBorgso, the python3-sphinx-rtd-theme is probably useless, and python-sphinx-rtd-theme is instead07:19
mitya57LocutusOfBorg: sphinx-build is managed by alternatives, so both python3-sphinx and python-sphinx provide it.09:21
mitya57And upstream sphinx dropped Python 2 support so I highly recommend using only the python3 versions, especially for the new code.09:22
LocutusOfBorgmitya57, we are talking about bionic, cosmic09:34
LocutusOfBorgcosmic and later are already using the python3 version09:34
LocutusOfBorgbut probably mwhudson is not referring to that issue...09:35
xnoxrbasak, for the server team review ;-) https://code.launchpad.net/~xnox/ubuntu-seeds/+git/ubuntu-seeds/+merge/36663909:45
rbasakThanks :)09:47
juliankhmm, did we drop support for apt-btrfs-snapshot in grub recently? IIRC, I got boot entries for snapshots previously, but don't seem to get any anymore in disco/eoan09:50
juliankBut I might misremember, I don't know09:51
mitya57LocutusOfBorg: ok. I had a general comment :)10:08
LocutusOfBorgmwhudson, the problem is this SRU from xnox https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/openssl/+bug/179738610:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1797386 in ruby2.5 (Ubuntu Bionic) "[SRU] OpenSSL 1.1.1 to 18.04 LTS" [Undecided,Confirmed]10:41
LocutusOfBorglooks like the new openssl makes some test fail on it10:41
LocutusOfBorgdo you want me to subscribe you to the bug report?10:42
xnoxLocutusOfBorg, problem for what?10:57
LocutusOfBorgyes, python-tornado builds with -release pocket and doesn't build with -proposed, and the diffs are ssl-related...10:58
LocutusOfBorgI added something on the bug report10:58
xnoxi'll look into that, thanks.11:00
LocutusOfBorgI added also some upstream commits that might be fixing the issue, I don't think the python-tornado in bionic/cosmic fails in testsuite11:00
LocutusOfBorgwe might have consider to sru the latest version to bionic, not sure, I don't want to enable proposed pocket on my laptop right now, so I can't really test it more11:01
LocutusOfBorgalso updated https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-tornado/+bug/180118411:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1801184 in python-tornado (Ubuntu Cosmic) "tests time out on arm64 and armhf" [Undecided,Incomplete]11:05
LocutusOfBorgmwhudson, I wasn't aware of the bug report before11:05
LocutusOfBorgI'm also committing your change in debian11:06
juliankHmm, I just had an idea: We currently ship the mirror lists in python-apt-common, how about we let launchpad generate those lists and ship them as part of the archive, referenced from the release file? Then we don't have to update them, just ship an apt.conf snippet to download them? (should be easy right, cjwatson wgrant)?12:03
juliankThough I guess we need to ship a seed on the image12:04
cjwatsonImpractical for stable series where we don't regenerate the release pocket's InRelease routinely12:04
juliankthat's true12:04
cjwatsonSo I'm not particularly keen12:05
juliankMaybe a link to a mirror list12:05
juliank(which must be https)12:05
juliankAh but then we need more than a snippet12:06
juliankI guess just movign the list to distro-ifno-data is probably the best idea12:07
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xnoxrbasak, doko - ported etckeeper to python3 and forwarded all patches to debian, and uploading to ubuntu.13:21
sahidxnox: hi, it looks like we have a timeout issue here: http://autopkgtest.ubuntu.com/packages/h/heat-dashboard/cosmic/armhf13:56
sahidanychance you have a look?13:56
sahidcoreycb: ^13:56
coreycbxnox: sahid: test test is timing out. is there any way we can increase the timeout?13:57
xnoxsahid, i have no idea.... why ping me? =)13:57
coreycbxnox: that was my suggestion13:57
xnoxcoreycb, you can make a merge proposal to add to the big_packages... but if it didn't timeout before as a small one, it's really a bandaid now.13:58
coreycbxnox: it has a history of it13:58
xnoxcoreycb, we had io problems, and did scale workers down, and retry things..... but i was not involved in that. it was more of a vorlon / Laney thing13:58
coreycbxnox: sahid: ok maybe big_packages is the way forward for us13:59
xnoxcoreycb, make a merge proposal similar to this -> https://git.launchpad.net/autopkgtest-cloud/commit/?id=0e3fbc0cb6844e2ce20b129d6262aaacf4c2206513:59
xnoxagainst lp:autopkgtest-cloud13:59
xnoxbut probably like for all arches / all configs.13:59
coreycbxnox: great thanks, will do14:00
Laneyio problems were on the controller, nothing to do with the compute hosts[4~14:03
juliankxnox: that etckeeper ftbfs14:03
juliankxnox: rm: cannot remove 'debian/etckeeper/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/bzrlib/plugins/etckeeper/__init__.pyc': No such file or directory14:04
juliankgotta remove the rm I guess14:04
juliankBut I'm not sure how you can make sure upgrades work correctly14:04
xnoxjuliank, nah, add back bzr build-dep14:05
juliankYOu need the transitional bzr -> breezy first, and then Breaks for the old bzr?14:05
xnoxcause it means that bzr plugin was not built.14:05
xnoxwant to support both at the moment14:05
juliankah you got both?14:05
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xnoxjuliank, all built now. And also, since the default is git now, python deps are not strictly required and are optional. And would be there, if bzr/brz are installed, so dropped those too.14:42
xnoxnow i need to quickly port heartbeat, wait for desktop team to upgrade dejadup/duplicity, and bash swift upstream.14:42
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juliankxnox: nice14:54
ddstreetis there any tooling to more easily run autopkgtest.u.c tests from ppas?  or is the only way to hand-edit urls to submit/check tests?15:01
xnoxddstreet, not really. but i do create ppa's on bileto.ubuntu.com and upload into those15:46
xnoxddstreet, as those have automatic autopkgtests runners setup against them.15:46
Wafficushi there qhestion regarding Ubuntu ISO tester. How do i modify it to instead test Lubuntu's iso?16:28
vorloncoreycb: why is the heat-dashboard autopkgtest so much slower in cosmic than in disco?  should we not instead sru the fixes for that?16:58
vorloncoreycb: i.e. 1.4.0-0ubuntu3 became a lot faster than 1.4.0-0ubuntu116:58
vorlon(did it only get faster because of dropping python2 support? :P)16:59
vorlonjbicha: hi, what's the point of carrying the gparted delta for LP: #1737248 to disable xhost root, while we're also still linking against gtk2?  "discouraging other upstreams from following this pattern" doesn't sound like a very strong argument17:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1737248 in gparted (Debian) "Do not use --enable-xhost-root" [Unknown,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/173724817:02
coreycbvorlon: all true statements, i think we can attribute at least half of the performance increase to dropping py2.17:12
ddstreetxnox ah ok, guess all the cool kids have bileto access, not me though :(17:39
sarnolda user in #debian found something funny with our locales and it looks like a bug to me. I'm not sure where to file a bug report: ubuntu http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/bC22mnH8c2/ vs a fedora 29 lxd guest http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/P2Y88sfTW8/17:49
infinitysarnold: Which release?  No can reproduce.17:59
sarnoldinfinity: my ubuntu paste is from bionic18:00
ginggsvorlon: i responded in LP: #1713615 - from here, it seems like switching to github is the right thing to do18:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1713615 in msttcorefonts (Ubuntu) "ttf-mscorefonts-installer fails because Redirection from https to http is forbidden" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/171361518:00
vorlonginggs: yeah, +1. do you want to upload that change?18:00
infinitysarnold: Mmkay.  Well, it's fine on disco/eoan at least.18:00
ginggsvorlon: thanks, i'll upload and look at SRUs, and try to convince Debian to switch too18:01
infinitysarnold: Ahh, I knew it seemed familiar.  This is https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/glibc/+bug/177485718:03
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1774857 in glibc (Ubuntu) "sort doesn't sort and uniq loses data for many non-Latin scripts on UTF-8 locales" [Undecided,New]18:03
infinitysarnold: If you have an overwhelming urge to bisect, pointers welcome. :P18:04
infinity(Though, I fear it'll end up fixed in a 2MB commit labelled "update from Unicode 9 to Unicode 10" or similar)18:04
sarnoldinfinity: yiiikes. :/ thanks18:06
infinitysarnold: And sure enough, there's such a commit (though I was off by one version)18:10
infinity    Bug 23308: Update to Unicode 11.0.018:10
ubottubug 23308 in xorg (Ubuntu) "xserver dies when switching vts on login" [Medium,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/2330818:10
infinity10040 lines.18:10
infinityHopefully that's not the "fix". :P18:10
infinityBut it probably is.18:10
infinitySince it comes with new translit tables, which are likely at fault here.18:11
juliankginggs, vorlon Can't we just distribute the .exe in the installer .deb?18:44
juliankah no, may not be included in your own product18:45
juliankbut the github mirror distributing it is fine18:45
ginggsjuliank: do you think it's still worth filing a bug in apt?18:46
juliankginggs: there is no bug in apt18:46
juliankginggs: it does not allow https->http redir on purpose18:46
juliankThe problem here is the sourceforge mirror doing the redirect18:47
ginggsjuliank: right, but redirecting to http for the failedmirror page happens after something has already gone wrong18:48
infinityIt's irksome that there isn't a Canonical microsoft.com URL to get this stuff from.  It feels so sketchy downloading it from random people who downloaded it in the past.18:48
infinityStupid fingers can't type that without the upper case C.18:49
juliankginggs: yeah, well, their mirror system probably does garbage collection on mirrors or something?18:49
juliankso it redirects to mirrorfailure which then should trigger a resync of the file from master or something18:49
infinityOn the other hand, a larger issue here seems to be people complaining that the package failing to download is breaking upgrades?  Is that actually true?18:50
ginggsjuliank: i'm pretty sure the file is there, i can download it successfully and then immediately after i can get a failure18:50
ginggsinfinity: yes18:50
infinityCause the whole point of Steve moving all this to update-manager downloader jobs was to prevent broken downloads from breaking upgrades.18:50
infinitySo, what's gone wrong there?18:50
juliankginggs: it is there on _some_ mirrors18:50
infinityIt's meant to just silently skip over the breakage and try again later, and pop up update-manager nag windows telling you that it failed.18:50
infinityvorlon: Any thoughts on that part of the bug?18:51
juliankah so18:51
juliankI guess it fails on partial requests18:51
ginggsjuliank: i'm pretty sure i'm getting intermittent failures from the same mirror18:51
infinityLike, the entire delta seems pointless if it's not doing its job.18:51
juliankso I'm downloading https://newcontinuum.dl.sourceforge.net/project/corefonts/cabextract/0.6/cabextract-0.6-1.src.rpm18:52
julianklook here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/CM2dCdRsSJ/18:53
ginggsinfinity: it's a bit silly that it downloads the fonts again during an upgrade, but I don't know if that's avoidable18:53
juliankIf we send the host a Range and a If-Range it fails18:54
juliankThe mirror should respond with a 206 Partial Content or a 200 OK18:55
juliankThis only happens if we already have the full file downloaded18:55
juliankfor a partial file, it's fine18:55
julianke.g. that file is 94927 bytes large18:56
infinityginggs, vorlon: Also note (maybe not a big deal, I might be rare?) that changing the download host from dl.sourceforge.net to something else will break people who had to whitelist sf.net in their proxies. :/18:56
juliankRange: bytes=94927- fails18:56
juliankSourceforge should fix their servers really18:57
juliankbut as a workaround we could always delete the last byte if we have a partial file18:57
juliankFWIW, the correct server response would be18:59
juliankHTTP/1.1 416 Requested Range Not Satisfiable18:59
juliankContent-Range: bytes */9492718:59
infinityjuliank: Huh, yep.  Chopping off the last byte on the existing file lets it be happy.  So, is your hypothesis that all the failed downloads are people who already have the files locally?19:03
juliankI'd think so19:03
infinityOr have we just found one of the many ways sf mirrors suck? :P19:03
juliankas a bonus point, we could shave of like 4 bytes and then check on resumption that they match what we expect19:04
infinityWe store the md5sums locally that we expect for all the .exe files.  Why would we be downloading at all if we already have them?19:05
infinitysha256, rather.19:05
infinityBut sums.19:05
juliankWell, I don't know19:06
juliankI'll just email sf ops19:07
infinitydef download_file(uri, sha256_hashsum):19:10
infinity    """Download a URI and checks the given hashsum using apt-helper19:10
infinity    Returns: path to the downloaded file or None19:10
infinity    """19:10
infinity    download_dir = os.path.join(STAMPDIR, "partial")19:10
infinity    dest_file = os.path.join(download_dir, os.path.basename(uri))19:10
infinity    ret = subprocess.call(19:10
infinity        ["/usr/lib/apt/apt-helper",19:10
infinity         "download-file", uri, dest_file, "SHA256:" + sha256_hashsum])19:10
infinity    if ret != 0:19:10
infinity        if os.path.exists(dest_file):19:10
infinity            os.remove(dest_file)19:10
infinity        return None19:10
infinity    return dest_file19:10
infinityYeah, so.  That's silly.19:10
infinityWe have a path, we have a sha256, and we don't check the state of the path before we start.19:10
infinityThat could check the sum, skip if it's what's expected, unlink if not.19:10
sarnoldunlink would prevent resume19:10
sarnoldthough if we're having this discussion because resume doesn't work, then maybe we should unlink :)19:11
infinitySo does data corruption.  http isn't rsync.19:11
infinityhttp range requests against broken serves (or with locally broken data) won't produce a magically fixed file.19:11
infinityEither way, the part where we don't check the local file *at all* before redownloading seems silly.19:12
infinityMaybe someone assumed apt-helper does such a thing, which it very much doesn't appear to.19:13
sarnoldheh, I would indeed have made that assumption :)19:14
infinityjuliank: sf.net server suckage aside, I'm somewhat inclined to blame the update-notifier implementation here for being silly.19:16
juliankinfinity: will check19:17
infinityjuliank: If nothing else, we're pointlessly downloading files we already have.19:17
juliankinfinity: Yeah, well, it should pass the file size to apt-helper19:17
infinityWe don't appear to know the sizes, just the sums.19:18
infinityWhich is silly too, cause if we had the file to make the sums, we could have obtained the sizes. :P19:18
infinityBut the implementation didn't call for that.19:18
infinityThankfully, I think the consumers of this API can be counted on two fingers, so changing it to be more robust is doable.19:18
infinity(msttcorefonts, adobe-flash-plugin, not sure if anything else uses it)19:18
juliankhmm it does not seem to help19:19
juliankwe still perform a 302 even if we have the size19:19
juliank* a GET19:19
juliankAnyhow, I pinged sourceforge19:19
infinityjuliank: I'm a bit surprised too, mind you, that passing the sha256 to apt-helper doesn't mean "hash the local file first and don't download if it matches".19:19
juliankodd, yes19:20
juliankthere is code for that, but probably only for .deb19:21
infinityBut yeah, as for the update-notifier implementation, while I can see angry people on 28.8k modems (all 2 of them) complaining if we break resume, I'd suggest http resume is more likely to be harmful than helpful in this sort of situation, and it'd be easier to just "check local, if sum match, no download, else unlink and download".19:23
juliankinfinity: Oh, partial is fine, as long as it does not match the full file size19:23
infinityGiven that the sort of connections where resume really matters are also the sort of connections where half a file is likely to have a few bad bytes...19:23
juliankinfinity: Just truncate the file to st.st_size -119:23
infinityjuliank: Sure, partial is fine, if it's fine.  But if it's not? :)19:24
juliankBut yeah, I guess re-download is fine too19:24
infinityOh, I guess if we do an actual partial resume, then it hits full size, then we sum, we'll unlink and try again later.19:24
julianklet's do that I guess19:24
* juliank grabs code19:24
infinitySo maybe that's okay.19:24
infinityI dunno.  I can count on one hand the number of times I've bothered to http resume anything smaller than an ISO in the last few years.19:25
infinityI realise that my connection is MUCH better than the world average, but I also don't think things are as dire for our users as we might think.19:26
juliankinfinity: Just resuming also does not handle the case were the hash is wrong19:27
julianklike I don't think it falls back to downloading the entire file if it turns out the resumed one is wrong19:28
infinityjuliank: You have to remember that the whole process tries later if it fails.  In theory.19:28
infinityIn practice, I'm suspicious, given people claiming this is breaking upgrades. :P19:29
juliankinfinity: ah, right it deletes19:29
infinityBut in theory, if you resume, finish download, hash fails, it'll unlink and return EPISSOFF, and then try the download again later.19:29
infinityBut... If that was working right, people wouldn't be complaining about broken upgrades, so there's some digging to be done there too.19:29
juliankinfinity: If it failed for more than 3 times, than it becomes an error19:29
juliankum * 3 days19:30
infinityI know that USED to work right.19:30
infinityjuliank: But not an error at dpkg time!19:30
juliankinfinity: Now people install the ttf installer from Debian which works fine19:30
infinityThat's my confusion about the bug complaints.19:30
juliankbut then people never get the stamp removed19:30
juliankso next time the installer is updated in Ubuntu, it will be a year old or so19:30
juliankit being the stamp19:30
infinityI had msttcorefonts broken for ages because I didn't have dl.df.net whitelisted in squid-deb-proxy.  That never broke dpkg/apt upgrades, just caused annoying popups.19:30
infinitydl.sf.net even.19:31
juliankinfinity: I don't think they say install fails19:31
infinitySome of the comments claimed that.19:31
infinitySomething about it breaking "in the middle of a 1000 package upgrade", etc.19:31
juliankhmm, odd19:31
infinityWhich is the only reason it's anymore more than a minor bug, really.19:32
infinityI mean, it's more than minor at the package scope, obviously. :P19:32
infinityBut not the distro scope.19:32
infinityUnless it interrupts upgrades.19:32
infinity"Not easy to do if an upgrade fails with 1341 packages left to update!", comment 18.19:34
infinityBut maybe that dude was misdiagnosing a different upgrade failure and just blamed the first "error" in the log.19:34
infinityCause I don't see anyone else mentioning it interrupting and upgrade.19:34
infinityjuliank: Yeah, I guess ignore that.  I see no other indication that the package fails to configure for anyone else, and that guy provided no evidence.19:36
juliankinfinity: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/dMFw6QRr3D/19:37
juliankoops, should have added -f diff19:37
juliankthat's better (with syntax highlighting): https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/BYwqFkc5sF/19:37
juliankinfinity: I can change that to truncate if we want to, but I'm not sure19:38
juliankthis one is definitely safer19:38
infinityI think this is safer, TBH.19:38
infinityWhat does apt itself do for partials?19:39
infinitycheck || resume && check || unlink && retry?19:40
infinityWould be my guess.19:40
infinityWhich would also be fine here, but it feels heavy.19:40
juliankinfinity: I think it hashes the partial file19:40
juliankinfinity: Then it does the GET rather than calculating the digest and checking if it matches19:40
infinityjuliank: Right, s/check/hash/ above, and maybe we mean the same thing?19:41
juliankwell, it does not check the hash19:41
juliankit just calculates it, and then does the GET19:41
juliankThis should be fixable in apt19:42
juliankinfinity:  see https://salsa.debian.org/apt-team/apt/blob/master/methods/http.cc#L101219:42
infinityI guess I'm curious if apt stumbles this hard in similar situations and we just don't notice because most apt mirrors are not braindead.19:42
juliankinfinity: Before the Req.StartPos > 0, we should check if the hashes we have so far match what we expect and then report that we are done19:43
infinityOr if it's a more robust fail&&remove&&retry19:43
juliankI'm not sure if it can retry19:43
infinityWell, retry is the natural sane option for a failed resume.19:43
infinityOr maybe unlink-and-let-the-user-retry, I suppose.19:44
infinityjuliank: Anyhow, given that the data-downloader API doesn't include filesize, I think your pastebin is sane.19:47
juliankinfinity: I think that too, and I already uploaded it to eoan19:47
juliankI think fixing apt to not issue GET requests for files it already has downloaded fully is sensible too19:47
infinityjuliank: If we extended it to require size, then you could add an "if len != expected: resume" in there.19:48
juliankbut it's a lot more work19:48
juliankbecause um, once you call Result() on your hashes object in apt, it freezes them19:49
infinityjuliank: But without size, I think all we can assume about a file on disk is it's either correct (matching sum) or completely useless.  Not much in between.19:49
juliankyou don't know if it's incomplete, sure, but the server _should_ tell you that19:51
infinityjuliank: Oh, from an http client, yes.  I'm talking update-notifier, not apt.19:51
infinityjuliank: From apt, you can absolutely ask the server what it thinks the length is.19:51
infinityupdate-notifier, not so much, cause the http bit is opaque to us.19:52
infinityjuliank: If apt-helper were robustified so that update-notifier could just call it blind and get "sane" (for some definition thereof) results, that'd be spiffy, but that's a much deeper rabbit hole.19:53
juliankinfinity: it might be eventually19:55
juliankI should not have done this now I'm too awake19:56
infinityStory of my life.19:57
infinityjuliank: OOI, should we revert ginggs' upload now that you've done the update-notifier one?19:57
infinityI'm probably in a tiny minority, but I know his upload will actually fail to upgrade on my system. :P19:58
juliankinfinity: don't really care19:58
juliankinfinity: would be useful for testing I guess19:58
juliankAlso seems like mz TV remote batteries are empty ugh19:59
ginggsinfinity, juliank: ttf-mscorefonts-installer seems to be working with update-notifier 3.192.20, three successes in a row20:47
juliankI think there might be one more-flaky mirror20:48
juliankbecause remove && install should fix it and some reported it did not20:49
juliankbut maybe that was only changed in recent versions20:49
ginggsjuliank: purge and install did not work for me20:50
ginggsyesterday and today20:50
ginggsi have in /var/lib/update-notifier/package-data-downloads/partial/20:50
ginggs-rw-r--r-- 1 _apt root 55047 Apr 28 13:22 andale32.exe.FAILED20:50
juliankginggs: heh, nevermind, it does not delete the file in there20:51
ginggsso does that mean at least yesterday i had a partial download from a mirror?20:51
juliankso um, that's suboptimal because if you remove the pacakge, the .exe don't get removed20:51
juliankyou must ahve had some complete download20:51
ginggsok, but the weird thing was it would fail on different files20:52
ahasenackwhat does this deb10u1 suffix usually mean in a package's version? 200+deb10u120:56
ahasenackthis is a native package, from debian (postgresql-common)20:57
ahasenackthey had version 200, and now 200+deb10u120:57
juliankahasenack: 1st stable release update for debian 1020:59
juliankahasenack: I know, debian 10 is not out yet, but it's ok to use the versioning now I guess :)20:59
ahasenackjuliank: thanks21:01
mwhudsonLocutusOfBorg: oh huh i didn't suspect openssl21:15
infinitymwhudson: Even as a completely context-free statement, that makes total sense.22:04
mwhudsoninfinity: heh22:04
vorloninfinity: hmmm in fact I don't see anything showing that dpkg or apt fails, I only see people quoting the error messages22:43

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