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fleabeardhello friends, is there a way to tell if a cronjob is scheduled in the terminal, and if so, how could I disable it temporarily?00:57
tomreynfleabeard: a (restricted) users' cron job, or a system cron job?00:58
fleabeardmy situation is I have a cronjob scheduled to shutdown my pc every night @ midnight, but I need to temporarily disable that since I'm converting some video files and it's gonna take a good 2 days of processing to do that :/00:58
Kon-I used PPA-Purge to downgrade my Mesa drivers and it mostly worked except for the mesa-common-dev package. How can I best manually downgrade this?00:59
fleabeardhi tomreyn I believe it to be a system cronjob, though I'm not 100% sure.01:00
tomreynfleabeard: find out how you configured your cronjob, what you say sounds like a users' crontab which can be viewed using   crontab -l   and edited using    crontab -e01:00
tomreynfleabeard: adding a # in front will disable it01:00
fleabeardthanks tomreyn, I just commented it out. Do I have to do anything else to like,refresh it or something so it picks up the changes?01:01
tomreynKon-: sudo apt install mesa-common-dev=TARGETVERSION01:01
tomreynfleabeard: no, the crontab command takes care of this.01:02
fleabeardtomreyn, great, thanks for your help!01:02
tomreynyou're welcome01:02
Kon-thanks tomreyn01:04
jayjowhen I connect via 'sudo openvpn config.ovpn' the corrects routes are pushed to my vpn, but when I use the network manager and import the file it routes all traffic through the vpn when I only want internal routes. Is there a way to get the ntwork manager to just use openvpn ?01:31
Randunehi all..I'm having an issue with the mok manager, (mmx64.efi), the screen doesn't draw completely, it says "Press any key to perform MOK management" but the rest of the screen isn't drawn (except for the countdown timer).  When I press enter to continue, the countdown timer stops but the screen isn't re-drawn, can I pass a video mode option to mmx64.efi on boot or something like that?01:37
Randunefrom what I understand, the program is actually running but the screen isn't being redrawn01:38
guzzlefryAny reason why I'd be seeing root processes running Firefox in nethogs?02:09
mousesguzzlefry: access to hardware like GPU02:09
guzzlefryphew okay02:10
guzzlefryThat's been making me paranoid for months. :P02:10
crusaderadHello everyone, I have a networking question for anyone listening...02:17
crusaderadI have a wifi router (A) and a firewall (B). A distributes all my wireless devices DHCP IPs on 192.168.0.XXX. B Distributes all my wired devices DHCP IPs on 192.168.1.XXX. A ubuntu wifi device cannot ping a wired device.02:22
Meadfirewalls tend to block ping traffic these says, either physical or the software firewalls on the hosts themselves02:25
mousesbeyond that, lots of default hardware firewalls will also block ping traffic02:26
crusaderadSorry, I disconnected and didn't see your first message, mouses02:26
mouses21:25 <Mead> firewalls tend to block ping traffic these says, either physical or the software firewalls on the hosts themselves02:27
Meadfirewalls tend to block ping traffic these says, either physical or the software firewalls on the hosts themselves02:27
crusaderadI should also say that I didn't have this issue on Fedora 29 for some reason.02:27
MannyLNJ1Assstance needed please. I am trying to do apt-get update and it throws an error. W: Conflicting distribution: http://debian.opennms.org stable Release (expected stable but got opennms-24) How do I fix this?02:27
mousescrusaderad: In my case, on my digital ocean droplet - I had to open a port and do some minor config changes to allow pings02:28
mousesMannyLNJ1: according to a fast google search, perhaps - https://stackoverflow.com/questions/53064889/opennms-installation-fails-with-error-expected-stable-but-got-opennms-23-is-it - may put you on the right track to solving this?02:29
crusaderadIn nautilus, when I open "Other Locations", nothing shows up either... no other machines, shares etc02:30
crusaderadMaybe I'm missing some odd dependency?02:30
MannyLNJ1mouses, thank you02:31
MeadNot ubuntu, but after windows 7 rolled out in the CCNA lab the firewalls blocked all ping request, I had to tell students to just disable the firewalls everytime they booted since they used deep freeze or some kind of imaging system so that the computers would be prestine everytime they booted.02:31
mousesMannyLNJ1: No problem, let us know if it worked and if not we can look at it more for you02:32
crusaderadWell, it's also not so much pings I'm concerned about, it's more so browsing file shares and / or connecting via ssh or sftp.02:32
crusaderadI can't hit anything, it's like this fresh install is off the grid.02:33
Meadsoo, no traffic is passing between them? Are they on different subnets?02:33
crusaderadNo, nothing, can't make a connection at all. Same subnet.02:38
crusaderadWorked fine on Fedora 29.02:38
mousescrusaderad: check local firewall settings02:39
mousesmake sure the services you want are enabled and running02:40
MannyLNJ1mouses, I am now getting  The repository 'http://debian.opennms.org openms-24 Release' does not have a Release file. after changing deb http://debian.opennms.org/ opennms-23 main in the answer you gave me to deb http://debian.opennms.org/ opennms-24 main02:42
crusaderadmouses: outbound requests might be blocked?02:43
mousesMannyLNJ1: ditch the space between '.org/ open'02:43
mouseswait, I think?  Hang on, let me poke at that02:44
mousesmy apt-fu is a bit weak02:44
mousesnah, you had it right02:44
mousesMannyLNJ1: sorry, not sure - hopefully others here can help you sort it :(02:45
MannyLNJ1ty mouses02:46
mousesMannyLNJ1: welcome - wish I could have helped more than just searching google02:46
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crusaderadmouses: I figured it out... Ubuntu doesn't resolve hostnames... hitting the IP for any service works... do you know why Ubuntu can find things by hostname?02:58
mousescrusaderad: that's weird - have you made any local dns changes or perhaps running some kind of service that is causing issues?02:58
crusaderadmouses: nope... just did a fresh install from fedora to ubuntu and now it doesn't work on the Ubuntu machine.02:59
mousescrusaderad: can you ping a domain via CLI?03:00
mousesas in, $ ping google.com03:00
crusaderadmouses: yep, I can ping google np03:02
mousescrusaderad: weird - totally not sure on this :(03:03
mousescrusaderad: it's possible whatever repo is having issues might be having problems with their DNS or something03:03
* mouses shrugs03:03
crusaderadok, np, IPs work for now, thanks anyway!03:05
digitalw00tHeya.. I'm trying to partition a usb stick with sgdisk, but I keep getting a permission denied on the device.03:12
digitalw00tIt's not mounted, and I am root.  Not sure why it says that.03:12
Bashing-omdigisho: Confirm that the GUI did not mount the USB stick - ' mount ' shows what ?03:18
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Bashing-ompeter_: Hello - Your support question ?03:24
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Bashing-om1flavors | heelrayner03:39
Bashing-om!flavors | heelrayner03:40
ubottuheelrayner: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours03:40
heelraynerI tried to install deepin DE using a guide found here: https://www.addictivetips.com/ubuntu-linux-tips/install-deepin-desktop-on-linux/ the results are here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/m9yr2Tvx6r/ how do i fix this issue?03:42
Clevernessheelrayner: you're trying this on Ubuntu 18.04 right?03:48
heelrayner@Cleverness, fresh install03:51
Clevernessdid you sudo -i at line 4?03:53
Cleverness@heelrayner give me a few min, gonna spin up a VM and see if I get the same error with those instructions03:57
heelraynerCleverness, thank you@04:01
Cleverness@heelrayner its finishing the install in 1 minute on this VM so ill see if its spitting out the same error.  My log will be bigger than yours since it includes all the initial updates from fresh OS04:16
Svetahi, hyem and heelrayner04:16
hyemhow to make irc channel?04:16
hyemcan you help me?04:17
hyemim from indonesia.04:17
Bashing-omhyem: irc operations are conducted in the #freenode channel :)04:19
heelraynerwhats up Sveta04:21
heelraynerCleverness, okies :-04:21
Cleverness@heelrayner did a fresh install and its gone through fine installing deepin on 18.0404:21
heelrayneri wonder what caused my issue then...04:22
heelrayneris there a prefered way to burn the iso to the usb? i used etcher04:23
Cleverness@hellrayner https://imgur.com/6hLUKTh it shouldnt, I used rufus from a windows machine for my 18.04.2 image thats on this desktop now04:24
Clevernessprobably best to do a fresh install if you can, you have some broken package or something thats interfereing with that install04:25
heelrayneris there a way to repair all files like sfc in windows?04:25
Clevernessnot the same way.  you can attempt to install deborphan and see if it picks up any unusued packages04:26
Clevernesssince that was the error you were getting https://www.ostechnix.com/how-to-find-and-remove-unused-packages-in-linux/04:27
heelraynerwith a fresh install04:27
heelrayner i should firefox kept crashing04:27
Clevernessfresh install you wouldnt need to use that link, but yea you might have a corrupt installation if firefox is crashing04:27
Clevernessif you have a windows machine try using rufus to make the image instead04:28
heelrayneri don't.04:28
Clevernessjust create one on that current install and when you reinstall ubuntu, erase everything04:29
heelraynerive already done that in prep04:29
Clevernessbut those instructions you have do work at least, so its not a problem with the DE.  just something with your current installation04:30
mr_louI'm having a problem with our new server, executing my bash backup script. Worked fine on our old server, but the new one complains that filenames are too long, and then shortens them. The problem is that it determines the "filename" as the full path, instead of each folder being a filename in its own. The old server didn't do this. Any advice?04:31
angelcomhello, how can i install ssh?04:59
angelcomon ubuntu?04:59
lotuspsychjeangelcom: server or vlient05:00
lotuspsychjeangelcom: sudo apt install openssh-server05:00
lotuspsychje!ssh | angelcom05:00
ubottuangelcom: SSH is the Secure SHell protocol, see: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH for client usage. PuTTY is an SSH client for Windows; see: http://www.chiark.greenend.org.uk/~sgtatham/putty/ for its homepage. See also !scp (Secure CoPy) and !sshd (Secure SHell Daemon)05:00
lotuspsychjeangelcom: also dont forget to secure your ssh, or you will get hammered bruteforced05:01
lotuspsychje!info fail2ban | angelcom05:01
ubottuangelcom: fail2ban (source: fail2ban): ban hosts that cause multiple authentication errors. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.10.2-2 (bionic), package size 321 kB, installed size 1698 kB05:01
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Kendos-KenlenHello :)05:38
Kendos-KenlenAfter adding a custom repo (Nvidia CUDA repository), what could cause apt to not find dependencies of a package ? The repo is in sources, the update has been done, but apt cannot find the dependency.05:39
Kendos-KenlenI am trying to make a custom build of Ubuntu (thanks to Cubic) but got stuck on this.05:40
Kendos-Kenlen(apt search correct lists the package and its dependencies)05:41
lotuspsychjeKendos-Kenlen: we dont really reccomend external ppa's, those mostly result in conflicting dependencys05:52
lotuspsychjeKendos-Kenlen: maybe you want to take a look into the ubuntu graphics ppa05:53
lotuspsychje!nvidia | Kendos-Kenlen05:53
ubottuKendos-Kenlen: For nvidia and matrox graphics cards, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/VideoDriverHowto . For AMD/ATI graphics cards, see « /msg ubottu ati » and « /msg ubottu fglrxmissing » For the latest Nvidia drivers see https://launchpad.net/~graphics-drivers/+archive/ubuntu/ppa05:53
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Kendos-Kenlenlotuspsychje actually I already isntall the graphic drivers from this PPA. However, CUDA + cuDNN libraries (used for machine learning) are only available on nvidia' own repositories.06:01
Kendos-KenlenOn the machine itself there are no issue to install them. However, in the chroot offered by cubic, I am unable to install them, and I can't find any way to get the exact reason of the dependency issue.06:02
ducasseKendos-Kenlen: unfortunately we don't support external repos, you should seek help from the maintainers of the repo06:11
Kendos-KenlenThe thing is, i don't think the repo is the real issue (as it work smoothly on an installed ubuntu) but rather something missconfigured. Is there anyway to know more than just "unmet dependency" ?06:12
Kendos-Kenleni suspect that one of the dependencies miss something06:12
lotuspsychjeKendos-Kenlen: how about you pastebin us whats happening?06:12
Kendos-KenlenI am trying a re-install and it takes quite a big amount of time. I'll post the pastebin once it's done06:24
Kendos-Kenlenlotuspsychje here it is http://www.dpaste.com/2X5P9E206:43
Kendos-Kenlenas I said, the dependency "cuda-10.1" can be found with apt search06:43
lotuspsychjeKendos-Kenlen: empty06:47
Kendos-KenlenOh, sorry. Let's try this https://dpaste.de/nG6S06:51
lotuspsychjeKendos-Kenlen: yeah seems like thats related to the cuda package, contact the maintainer as ducasse suggested06:54
Kendos-KenlenOkay, I found it following some recommendations on stackoverflow about this kind of issue. One of the n-dependency is missing (and apt get is too stupid to say which one of course, so I lost many time...).06:55
Kendos-KenlenThank you for your help anyway :)06:56
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bbannerhy guys how are you07:56
DrajwerI have dual nvidia gpus without SLI - one gpu has 2x monitors connected, 2nd gpu has 1 monitor connected. and I'm trying to get gnome to display on three of them unfortunately it doesn't work. On 2nd gpu monitor I've got just mouse cursor "X" and nothing shows. is it even possible with nvidia drivers?08:08
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zhaokun list *docbook*08:14
tatertotsDrajwer: you just need to make adjustments to your configuration AFTER reading and referencing the documentation08:14
rorydoes apt-add-repository no longer come by default on 18.04? I've got a build script which uses it, which works on 16.04 base image, but not 18.04. It fails with: sudo: apt-add-repository: command not found08:25
rorywhat package provides that command?08:25
cim209rory: add-apt-repository08:28
ducasserory: it's in software-properties-common08:29
roryit's definitely apt-add-repository in the script that is working on 160408:29
roryok i'll make sure that is installed08:29
cim209rory: my install script uses add-apt-repository and it works on both ubuntu 16.04/18.04 and debian 9.708:30
roryinteresting, both are binaries on my laptop too08:34
ducasseone is a symlink08:37
Slartibart_tmpHi guys. After updating to 19.04 I get error messages when starting f.ex gedit, about symbols missing in libhogweed.4.so. So I set out to try and update libhogweed. Problem for me now is that libhogweed.4.so seems to exist in multiple places, and link to files of differing sizes. Should I replace all the targets of those libhogweed.4.so with the one from the ubuntu package for 19.04?08:43
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deancDoes everything in an nfs share need to be 777? It makes browsing even on the command line ugly with directories in a weird green background color with a blue font on top09:04
guivercdeanc, my own NFS shares are not all 777; in fact the one share I looked at only has a single 777 directory (out of a couple of screens of entries)09:09
Ooldeanc: of course not, you don't need to 777 everything09:09
Oolfor NFS you need to have the same UID on each computer09:10
deancWhat does that mean?09:10
deancI connect to the nfs share on ubuntu from my mac, using the same account as on ubuntu09:10
deancactually it doesnt ask for auth, it's ip restricted09:11
guivercdeanc, `echo $UID` to see your UID for your user (unix/bsd/linux/osx uses UID generally on file-systems, not the username users see)09:11
Oolid work to09:12
Oolwhen you ls -l you can see UID:GROUP too09:12
deancah ok09:13
deancI probably need to look into this then, im using curl to download a file and i notice it has 777 by default09:13
Drajwernah I gave up after few hours of trying to do exactly that09:23
Drajwermy conclusion is that nvidia sucks09:23
Drajwertatertots ^09:23
DrajwerI was hoping I can play with cuda, but oh well, nouvau sucks but at least all three monitors are showing *something*09:23
conjohi all just logged into my machine fresh install 3rd time ive used it literally just downloaded hexchat and look what popped up....-click bait? virus? links? what you thinks ppl?09:24
conjohave any of you had randoms open a chat window on your client posting links cuz ive never had it on irc before09:26
roryyeah it's just spam, ignore it and don't click links you weren't expecting09:26
cim209just ignore it09:27
conjocheers bud didnt think id find it here09:27
guivercconjo, yeah, if you're registered you seem to get less of it  (but very subjective)09:27
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blackflowconjo: a bit offtopic here, but set the +R flag on your username to prevent unreg'd users from messging you09:28
blackflowjustAddCoffee: ^^^09:28
justAddCoffeeperhaps thats why i wasnt all settup to autologin and identify etc09:29
justAddCoffeeblackflow your gonna laugh but how? how do i set the flag what does the command look like please09:30
rory/mode justAddCoffee +R09:30
justAddCoffeethank you09:30
blackflowand then look up your chat client documentation on how to make that persistent.09:31
justAddCoffeeblackflow, rofl you just blew my mind (usermodes and channelmodes) awesome =)09:38
Slartibart_tmpIf I get "/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libgnutls.so.30: symbol nettle_rsa_sec_decrypt version HOGWEED_4 not defined in libhogweed.so.4 with link time reference. Failed to load module: /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/gio/modules/libgiognutls.so" then which file/package should I try to update? libhogweed?09:38
anibicwhenever I connect to #ubuntu i different channel #girlliz is opening...09:42
anibicI never called to open that channel.09:43
Slartibart_tmpanibic: It's a private spam message09:44
anibichow to disable it ???09:45
roryyou can set mode +R on yourself to prvent unregistered users from messaging you. /mode anibic +R will set it temporarily09:46
rory/join #freenode though, this is the Ubuntu support channel09:46
anibicI need a permanent solution09:48
ducasseanibic: ask in #freenode or the support channel for your irc client09:48
roryyou probably wont find a permanent solution, any more than you will find a permanent solution to spam emails09:49
Slartibart_tmpI have libhogweed.so.4 in /usr/lib64, /usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu and /usr/local/lib. First two link to libhogweed.so.4.5 files in their folders, last one to libhogweed.so.4.4. Could that cause version trouble like my message above? How to solve it?09:54
mr_louI'm having a problem with our new server, executing my bash backup script. Worked fine on our old server, but the new one complains that filenames are too long, and then shortens them. The problem is that it determines the "filename" as the full path, instead of each folder being a filename in its own. The old server didn't do this. Any advice?10:11
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guivercmr_lou, encryption can vary filename length on some fs i've read (are you using encryption now, but weren't?), utf-8 compared wit ascii comes to mind, or you've changed file-system thus have different limit (pathname limits vary fs to fs)10:17
ducassemr_lou: also, what release are these servers?10:18
mr_louThanks for replying guiverc and ducasse10:23
mr_louWell, the old server was running Ubuntu JEOS, latest upgraded to 16.04. The new one is running Ubuntu Server 18.04. Good question about encryption. I'm pretty sure I said no during install though....10:23
frostschutzmr_lou, do you have an example filename? for example, ntfs can store longer filenames if the filename is in chinese (ntfs counts characters, most linux filesystems count bytes). also which software/filesystems involved?10:23
mr_louHere is a snippet from the backup log:10:24
mr_louThe name is too long, 259 chars total.10:24
mr_louTrying to shorten...10:24
mr_louNew name is!piktogrammer/piktogrammer villumsign gamle og web/slettes piktogrammer/transport og farligt gods piktogrammer/transport og farligt gods tidligere rentegnet u stregkode/jb dobbelt noedudgang/noedudgang-dobbeltsid.10:24
mr_louThe backup is done using curlftpfs10:25
mr_loufrostschutz, I think both harddisks are running NTFS.10:29
mr_louNo, backup is done with wget.10:39
mr_louHm... something tells me it may be a harddisk error. Using a different one today gives no problems.10:47
smev81Hi! I installed ubuntu 19.04 to an usb-stick. But grub is now installed to my harddrive. 1. Why? 2. (more important) How do I remove grub?11:00
kadiroHello, I have a kernel panic11:01
smev81I already tried "syslinux dd if mbr of sda"11:01
kadiroubuntu kernel panic not syncing attempted to kill init11:04
kadirohell ^11:04
wyreIs this packaged in the repos? https://getcomposer.org/download/11:05
EriC^^smev81: which os is on the hdd?11:05
kadirowyre, apt-cache search <package_name>11:05
wyrekadiro: I've found several php-composer*11:06
wyremaybe this one? pkg-php-tools/bionic,bionic 1.35ubuntu1 all11:06
wyre  various packaging tools and scripts for PHP packages11:06
smev81on sda there is windows11:06
kadirowyre, dunno, i gave you the key, the php thing is up to you :)11:07
wyrekadiro: cannot I see detailed info about that package?11:07
smev81Does that help with your composer question, kadiro?11:08
wyreoh, it is the first one ...11:09
kadirosmev81, that was not me who asked that :) thanks11:09
wyresmev81: it was my question11:09
smev81oj sorry ..11:10
wyreand yes, I've just found it with `apt search`11:10
smev81I have a bad font config with my irc.. can barely see :-/11:11
smev81So ubuntu installer installs grub on a standard windows 10 installation. That means grub will be installed somewhere after mbr until 1-2 mb on the harddisk?11:12
jeremy31smev81: it is only installed to MBR on legacy installs, if you are booted using EFI, grub installs to EFI System Partition11:14
smev81to the windows efi partition then?11:14
thefatmaGuys how do i install **java8** on ubuntu 18.04 LTS ? the guides in the net seems not updated as the commmand return no package found or whatever11:15
jeremy31smev81: there can only be one efi partition per disk11:15
smev81so probably either Partition 2 "System" or Partition 3 "Reserved"11:16
jeremy31smev81: The EFI Sytem Partition will have esp and boot flag11:17
jeremy31smev81: the Gparted program or sudo parted -l  will show the flags11:18
smev81probably. I used diskpart to have a quick look. I will have to reboot to linux to access the esp and see if i can remove grub by hand11:19
smev81Anyone knows if that bug has been reported?11:20
smev81Nevermind, I will reboot, try to fix and see if there is a bug report.. Thanks for your support!11:21
meuuksneed help with stuff11:23
meuuksi have this problem on my home pc that i dont have on my work pc both are ipretty much dentical systems running ubuntu 19.041 on my home pc if im playing a song via spotify or rhythmbox and open up discord on my  browser, the sound becomes gargled and distorted this doesnt happen on work pc11:23
kadiroany guide on how to (at least) see what kernel panic message is?11:25
mouseskadiro: kernel panic information = check 'dmesg'11:27
kadiromouses, i can't access to share that info11:28
kadiromouses, i'm from debian for the momment11:29
mouseskadiro: in your boot menu select safe mode - or boot from a live USB stick and mount the filesystem and check11:29
kadiromouses, safe mode gives me the same kernel panic, i have no usb right now11:29
mousesyou'll need to find some sort of boot stick/disc11:30
dreamcat4so how is the 19.04 these days? working well?11:32
dreamcat4any issues?11:32
kadiromouses, i followed a guide yesterday and buid something to fix the kernel problem, i get a little progress gives me: squashthing or something like that but when i do exit it bring the kernel panic again, i chrooted from debian and i seen something about libudev.so.1 invalid elf header or something like that and i replaced that libudev with the one with debian ( it is old but just to fix it temporarely )11:33
ztychrdreamcat4: Not very impressed so far. Still performance heavy and limited use of gnome 3.32 features e.g. fractional scaling.11:34
acerimmerwhat just happened.  Had xubuntu 16.04.  installed ubuntu 18.4 MANUALLY being quite careful to set a /home partition which I did NOT format.  Why?  To preserve the existing files.  Booted ubuntu and ... empty /home.11:35
acerimmerOk, many as xubuntu uses gnome/nautilus and xubuntu uses xfce/thunar, the files are there but invisible.  nope.  no hidden files.  OK, reinstall xubuntu and ... empty home.11:36
dreamcat4because you didn't format your new home partition, ubuntu could not mount it = fial11:36
dreamcat4fail, even11:36
acerimmerand yet df -H reports there is 11.6M of files in /home?11:36
acerimmerthis is a FRESH install, so what files are these?11:37
l7lhi everyone, i got a strange problem with lightdm and i just can't figure out the reason. maybe someone could give me a hint11:37
acerimmernote, I retained the old account names and passwords11:37
dreamcat4did you check the uuid is the same?11:38
dreamcat4and gid11:38
acerimmerdreamcat, nope.  a little command hint, please?11:38
dreamcat4man id11:39
acerimmerthank you11:39
l7lI am using Ubuntu 18.04 that is setup for remote logins via XDMCP/LightDM. Authentication is done via LDAP/SSSD. Everything works fine and users can login into KDE Plasma, except that for some users the session is immediately ended. I checked the permissions on .Xauthority files - which are empty by the way, just like .xsession-errors. The users that can not login via LightDM - can log in via terminal just11:39
l7lfine. None of /var/log/syslog, /var/log/lightdm or /var/log/auth.log gives me any hints11:39
dreamcat4or grep ^<your user name>: /etc/passwd11:40
acerimmerdreamcat4, yep, the numbers are correct.  the data seems to be there, but darned if I can find it11:41
acerimmernothing strange under mount11:41
kadiromouses, can I mount the system from debian and do that?11:41
dreamcat4acerimmer and there is nothing mounted over the top of the old location? you cannot access /home on root if there is another filesystem mounted over the top of that folder11:42
dreamcat4mount | grep '/home'11:42
acerimmerseems legit http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/Vy4njxkG9z/11:43
vinodhi, I tried to manually update  (ubuntu 18.04)11:45
smev81Hi, just wanted to say, that I was able to remove the ubuntu folder from the esp on sda and that helped. (Ubuntu bug, installer installed grub to first harddisk, when installing to usb). I will search for a bug report..11:45
vinodbut it is saying no pub key11:46
vinodtried to install it from keyserver.ubuntu.com11:46
vinodbut still it is saying "packet too large"11:47
vinodinvalid packet11:47
vinodno valid pgp data found11:47
vinod~$ sudo apt-get update11:49
vinod[sudo] password for vinod:11:49
vinodIgn:1 http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb stable InRelease11:49
vinodHit:2 http://dl.google.com/linux/chrome/deb stable Release11:49
vinodGet:3 http://security.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic-security InRelease [88.7 kB]11:49
vinodHit:5 http://in.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu bionic InRelease11:49
smev81The bug I mentioned earlier is from 2007!11:57
ubottuLaunchpad bug 153615 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "Bootloader options aren't clear" [Wishlist,Confirmed]11:57
smev81Well, kinda.11:57
BluesKajHowdy folks12:08
kadiroanyone here have a clue about resolving kernel-panic hell12:10
smev81Kadiro, do you have error logs?12:11
kadirosmev81, i digged a little bit in the logs, have nothing yet, only journal logs but they are in bin format or encrypted12:12
smev81kernel normally puts out dmesg. In the case of a kernel panic you might have to find a way to redirect logging.12:13
smev81And the binary logs are from systemd, i suppose. did you try to use journalctl? But, am not sure if your boot process does even get to init, so it might not even help to look at systemd logs..12:14
kadirosmev81, yeah thats the problem, i can't access anything, but i'm on debian right now for the moment12:16
smev81In these cases some people use methods to redirect logging. I do not know how, though12:17
jeremy31kadiro, look at /var/log on the Ubuntu partition12:18
kadirojeremy31, i did but no errors, somes are empty12:19
smev81Your options are a serial console with a nullmodem or a kdump, if the kernel panic is to early in boot process12:20
kadirojeremy31, last line from syslog gives me this: snapd[630]: autorefresh.go:372: Cannot prepare auto-refresh change: cannot refresh snap-declaration for "core18": Get https://api.snapcraft.io/api/v1/snaps/assertions/snap-declaration/16/CSO04Jhav2yK0uz97cr0ipQRyqg0qQL6?max-format=3: dial tcp: lookup api.snapcraft.io: Temporary failure in name resolution12:20
smev81When do kernel panics come, early boot or later while using the system?12:21
smev81hi tarena12:22
kadirosmev81, I was in xubuntu when i rebooted it hanged on some kind of serching .. i let it and come back in about 30 mn and i see it hanging, i force the reboot and the kernel panic come12:23
ansyebhello. fail2ban on ubuntu 18 issue. could someone check this, please: https://pastebin.com/Hj6ppqdm12:24
kadirothe var/log/faillog is empty, is not that strange?12:25
smev81My gut feeling says, that something is not ok with the filesystem or even hardware. To get logs, you can only do kernel dumps or use serial logging if you have another computer. Maybe there are newer methods12:25
smev81i think the kernel panic is too early to log to var/log12:25
neilduganjust created a lxc virtual machine but there is not /etc/netplan directory, how do I configure the ip addresses?12:26
kadirosmev81, thanks12:27
jeremy31kadiro: maybe check /var/log/kern.log12:27
dtxI'm getting spam messages from GirLLiz and /ignore doesnt work12:29
dtxwhat do12:29
kadirojeremy31, http://sprunge.us/L2R6Ut12:29
Kon-!ops GirLLiz is spamming all users in PM on their joining this channel12:30
OerHeksdtx, join #ubuntu-ops please12:30
smev81In that logs there are a lot of errors that are related to writing and reading to the harddisk12:31
smev81print_req_error: I/O error, dev sda, sector 11256426212:32
kadirodtx, me too, i just ignored him/her12:32
smev81like this one. It might help to use fsck on the partition12:33
dtxyeah but /ignore GirLLz doesnt work for me. says unknown command12:33
jeremy31dtx /mode dtx +R12:34
kadirosmev81, good remarq, yes i was trying one of my old hdd to see if i can recover but it have many problem, i removed it and power on the machine and i booted to my xubuntu normaly two or 3 times until as i said the searching things comming and hang so i was forced to force reboot it12:35
kadirosmev81, the fsck said everythings is good, i even forced the check/repair12:36
ioriakadiro, can you boot another kernel from grub ?12:36
kadiroonly the odd thing is the label was changing12:36
kadiroioria, I tryed that on the 4 other kernel but always the kernel panic come12:37
ioriakadiro, can you boot in Recovery mode ?12:37
kadiroioria, no i can't12:37
smev81and what is your grub.cfg?12:37
ioriakadiro, then you need a livecd to access the system12:38
=== sins-_i is now known as sins-
kadirosmev81, it changed when chrooted now it have only xubuntu, grub probe didn't find the other os12:38
kadirosmev81, so i used debian grub12:38
kadiroioria, i will try if i have the iso, not sure if it still their12:39
smev81I still would like to see the latest grub.cfg from ubuntu to compare it to the grub.cfg from deiban12:40
kadirosmev81, http://sprunge.us/k8SR3k12:40
smev81It is not likely, but maybe there are some kernel parameters..12:40
kadirodamn i think i lost the iso12:43
smev81this was the grub.cfg from ubuntus /boot? Is the uuid 4a47062a-4aef-4429-a9c3-f9d37b0d2e81 still fitting? Is the grub.cfg from debian also using the same parameters "root=UUID=4a47062a-4aef-4429-a9c3-f9d37b0d2e81 ro"12:45
kadirosmev81, yes, from debian grub.cfg: linux /boot/vmlinuz-4.18.0-18-generic root=UUID=4a47062a-4aef-4429-a9c3-f9d37b0d2e81 ro12:46
neilduganjust created a lxc virtual machine but there is not /etc/netplan directory, and netplan is not installed, how do I configure the ip addresses?12:46
smev81grub.cfg seems ok, then. Does lsblk show that uuid from debian?12:47
smev81not lsblk, but blkid i think12:47
kadirosmev81, this is blkid ( the lsblk didnt show uuid ) http://sprunge.us/YNIUFJ12:49
smev81LABEL="DEBIAN" UUID="4a47062a-4aef-4429-a9c3-f9d37b0d2e81" TYPE="ext4" PARTUUID="4c24c74f-06" This is your ubuntu installation?12:51
kadirosmev81, yes, it was without the debian label, it look like the label jumped from debian to my xubuntu partition12:52
smev81ok. I am not sure I do understand that? What about fstab?12:54
kadirosmev81, http://sprunge.us/jCaURc12:55
smev81ok so swap uses the same uuid, not labels or /dev/sdXn12:56
kadirosmev81, yeah i always use the same swap if i had two os in the same disk12:57
smev81Same swap? Hibernate and Suspend sometimes use swap to recover from there.. But I do not know how that could be a problem..12:58
kadirosmev81, yep i know that but this is a desktop pc, i don't use the hibernate12:59
smev81If fsck thinks your partition is ok, then the kernel should be a part of the problem. But you said you tried several kernels, so that irritates me. If I had to guess I would think it might be either RAM or a missing file. Then again, your kernel logs clearly finds hardware related io errors.13:01
smev81Also if it was RAM, other systems should have similar problems..13:02
kadirosmev81, but debian boot without problem if it was the hardware failure i think that will affect debian and windows too?13:03
smev81can you chroot into ubuntu from debian?13:03
kadirosmev81, yes13:03
smev81What I would do is reinstall. But if you want to keep your installation, i would try to reinstall packages that are relevant for the boot process or reconfigure them at least13:05
kadirosmev81, i chrooted13:05
smev81Also, your problem is quite generic. You might want to ask in #linux #kernel or something similar13:05
smev81to reconfigure you use dpkg reconfigure. But you have to look that up, I do nut use debian/ubuntu often..13:06
anibicCan anyone suggest a website to learn basic linux commands ?13:06
kadirojournalctl: error while loading shared libraries: /lib/systemd/libsystemd-shared-237.so: invalid ELF header13:06
kadirosmev81, ok thank you very much13:07
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smev81I am mostly guessing here with dangerous half-knowledge..13:08
kadirosmev81, no worry, that was nice from you13:10
smev81you're welcome.13:10
kadiroi'm trying to apt update when chrooting but it fail13:15
kadiroping to google give me this: Temporary failure in name resolution13:15
kadiroI think my xubuntu is gone O.o13:15
kadirocool i found the iso13:16
lotuspsychje!manual | anibic13:19
ubottuanibic: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/13:19
moss /iset13:20
smev81if you chroot you have to copy the /etc/resolve something information to the chrooted environment.13:31
smev81Gentoo has good documentation13:31
smev81(Gentoo handbook)13:31
pragmaticenigmasmev81: If you find the documentation for Ubuntu missing elements, please consider contributing enhancements to the documentation. It would help everyone and help us direct questions to ubuntu specific resouces.13:34
smev81I did not know there is a document where that information is missing.13:34
smev81And it seems it is already there : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BasicChroot13:35
pragmaticenigmasmev81: Then please do not recommend documentation for other distributions here. Ubuntu and Gentoo have different approaches and some of the recommendations are not cross distribution compatible.13:36
smev81Yeah, you are right. I just knew that if dns fails, resolv.conf is very probably missing in the chroot13:40
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raubWhy you need the restricted openjdk ppa to get versions 8 and above?13:42
Guest79403hi, i'm connecting with orangepi3 using armbian (bionic)13:43
Guest79403it'a mazinig this little board13:43
Guest79403amazing :D13:43
grokehow much does that cost13:44
lotuspsychje!discuss | groke Guest7940313:45
ubottugroke Guest79403: Want to talk about Ubuntu, but don't have a support question? /join #ubuntu-discuss for non-support Ubuntu discussion, or try #ubuntu-offtopic for general chat. Thanks!13:45
Guest79403around 40€13:48
Guest79403orange pi3 - 2gb ram ddr3, usb3 mini-pcie... 36€ .... around 40$ usd13:50
Guest79403I thing that i will  use an old monitor an make my own iMac with ubuntu obviously :)13:53
[itchyjunk]Hi, someone said `ifconfig` is not longer the recommended default tool. What would be the default tool to use now?13:53
lotuspsychjeGuest79403: this is the ubuntu support channel, please only ubuntu questions here13:54
Guest79403no idea... i'm still using ifconfig, but "mc", "dselect", and so on...13:55
Guest79403perhaps network manager?13:55
[itchyjunk]Is there any that comes pre-installed with the 18.04?13:55
OerHeksitch no, get used to netplan or networkmanager13:56
Guest79403network managet and ifconfig como as default13:56
kadiroI'm in live xubuntu13:56
[itchyjunk]okay, it has netplan but "networks" seems to need installing as well.13:57
Guest79403ifcondif and nm come as default in in the system base (ubuntu server). The interfaces, like xfm4, or gnome or kde are secondary13:58
Guest79403try "ifconfig eth0"13:59
kadiroI chrooted into my xubuntu, what the next step to fix the kernel panic14:04
mouseskadiro: use journlctl to view system logs and look for clues14:05
kadiromouses, journalctl: error while loading shared libraries: /lib/systemd/libsystemd-shared-237.so: invalid ELF header14:06
mouseskadiro: no idea there, hopefully someone else can help ya14:06
phobosophI got a Ubuntu 16 system and full SSH access14:06
kadiromouses, this is the dmesg: http://sprunge.us/5iXWKl14:06
phobosophhow can I create a mirror image of the whole system so I can try an upgrade on a VM14:06
kadirook thanks mouses14:07
phobosophI don't want to do this on a live system14:07
smev81I suppose that the error occurs, when the kernel hands control over to systemd. And I even suspect that systemd should be reinstalled14:07
kadirook i will reinstall it14:08
kadirosmev81, cool that fixed it14:10
smev81But only the error on journalctl not your whole kernel panic problem, kadiro?14:10
kadirosmev81, yes in journalctl14:11
kadiroI'm waiting the link from sprunge14:12
kadiroThis is the journalctl from last 2 days http://sprunge.us/9QlsY714:16
leftyfbkadiro: pastebinit is a great tool that's build into later versions of ubuntu14:17
smev81These logs are before the error came up?14:17
kadiroleftyfb, ah yes i forget about it, thank you14:17
kadirosmev81, yes that was the last use of xubuntu before the kernel panic14:18
smev81Apr 28 17:42:37 kadiro-MS-7529 unknown[1258]: xfce4-notifyd: Fatal IO error 11 (Ressource temporairement non disponible) on X  <-- a bit suspicious, but not sure14:18
FilipI'm using GNONE desktop environment, and despite me checking the option "Allow executing file as program" on a shell script, double clicking it will not execute it14:19
Filipinvoking with ./ works14:19
smev81did you reboot after reinstalling systemd?14:20
kadirosmev81, not yet, i'm reinstalling libudev because i replaced it with debian when i chrooted yesterday14:21
smev81Wait, what?14:21
smev81I really would like to know what you mean with that, kadiro.14:23
kadirosmev81, i replaced libudev.so with the one from debian when i was chrooting yesterday because all command didn't work and point to it14:23
kadiroas example, apt and grub ..etc14:23
smev81And after that the kernel panic?14:24
kadironow i still have udevadm errors when i'm trying update-grub14:24
thefatmaHey Guys, im just installed ubuntudesktop 18.04 LTS and played a little bit with the DNS or whatever and now when i reboot i get an error (Failed to connect to https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts. Check your Internet connection or proxy settings14:25
kadirosmev81, no that was when the panic come14:25
thefatmaAnyone knows whats going on?14:25
smev81after the panic?14:25
kadiroyes smev8114:25
smev81did you try to reinstall udev before replacing int with debian .so14:26
tomreynthefatma: this sounds like you should undo "played a little bit with the DNS or whatever"14:26
kadirosmev81, i can't find it, only libdev was their14:26
kadiroi can't find this udevadm14:28
smev81but udev is a base package that is preinstalled14:28
tomreynkadiro: don't make smev81 spend more time on this dead fish, just reinstall.14:29
kadirosmev81, ah found it thank you14:29
kadirotomreyn, show me how without loosing my configs14:29
smev81I received a lot of help from linux/ubuntu community. I am fine with spending some time14:30
tomreynkadiro: easy, you install, restore your backups, done.14:30
kadirosmev81, thanks14:30
smev81Also I am very curious, to find out how to debug kernel panics14:30
kadirotomreyn, how to save all the configs, and some i don't know where or remember14:30
tomreynwell good luck you two!14:31
kadirotomreyn, thanks14:32
smev81But you are quite right. At some point it is easier to reinstall. I have not given up hope, yet14:32
kadirocool seems reinstalling libudev/udev/systemd/libsystemd make the update-grub working fine14:33
kadirocan i rebbot now to test?14:33
smev81I do not think it can get worse, so, yeah why not reboot to try14:34
kadirook brb14:35
smev81good luck14:35
thefatmatomreyn : hey, but theres connection to the internet and everthing so i don't see why it's unable to connect to the changelogs on ubuntu site O-o?14:38
kadiroyahooooh the kernel panic is gone14:38
kadirosmev81, thank you very much14:39
smev81you're very welcome. I learned a lot as well.14:39
kadirosmev81, i have know abug about light-locker but may be it is not a thing as i'm login just fine14:40
tomreynthefatma: what did you change?14:40
thefatmaI think i undid the netplan and configured etc/network/interfaces instead .  tomreyn :14:41
smev81this time, the journalctl should give good informations14:41
tomreynthefatma: https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts is a location update-manager (or do-release-upgrade if run manually) would access.14:41
thefatmaapt-get dist-upgrade -y would access 2?14:42
tomreynthefatma: netplan is not active on desktops by default. you said you installed ubuntu desktop?14:42
thefatmamy bad * it's ubuntu server14:42
tomreynthefatma: i don't think apt-get dist-upgrade would access https://changelogs.ubuntu.com/meta-release-lts (I can be wrong)14:43
tomreynthefatma: configurations in /etc/network/interfaces are now legacy (but still work if you manually installed ifupdown14:46
thefatmayes i installed ifupdown14:46
thefatmaI'm having such a hard time installing java8 O_O!! can someone please help me throught teamviewer or whatever..15:01
thefatmaInstalling throught apt-get or repositories doesn't seem to work, i want to try JDK but not succeding much..15:02
thefatmaIf i wanted to completly copy my java8 from another machine which files would i need to copy/ which commands is needed in order to config it ?15:03
lordcirth__thefatma, why do you need an outdated java?15:05
thefatmacuz my company needs15:06
thefatmai think in order to install gerrit15:06
lordcirth__thefatma, ok. What Ubuntu version>?15:06
thefatma18.04 server LTS15:06
lordcirth__18.04 has openjdk-8-jdk15:07
lordcirth__Does that not work for you?15:07
kadirofrom snap search java i found this: java-jre-ondra  8.0.X   ondra  - java 8 runtime snap  .. if that help15:09
thefatmawhats the syntax?15:09
thefatmalordcirth_ i think they removed it few days ag15:09
kadiroah yes there is that package: apt-cache search ^openjdk15:10
thefatmakadiro : https://www.screencast.com/t/wHgPttdJkM15:12
ioriathefatma, enable 'universe' repo15:13
kadirothefatma, thats odd15:13
thefatmaioria : thanks alot guys!15:15
thefatmakadiro : i think they removed they're official support for java 815:15
ioriathefatma, and probably you need -jre before -jdk15:15
ioriathefatma, officially supported unil december 202015:16
seanrdevMy TTY in ubuntu server will not scroll down. The only way I can see new text is to switch to a new TTY and then back to the old. Any advice??15:19
ioriaseanrdev, shift + pg up/down  works ?15:24
seanrdevioria: No not at all15:26
lordcirth__seanrdev, press Scroll Lock?15:27
thefatmaHey guys i created a VM with 500GB on it and chose LVM options when installing, how come when i df -h i can't see it all :# , asking cuz when i try to install thing it says im out of space but i barley started doing anything on the machine15:28
tomreynthefatma: the server-live-installer keeps most disk space within lvm, unallocated to file systems by default.15:31
seanrdevlordcirth__: Tried without any success.15:32
tomreynthe idea is that you can add new file systems or grow existing ones this way. use the pvs, vgs, lvs, lsblk commands to get an idea of the situation.15:32
tomreynmaybe fdisk -l too15:32
nixfreakHello, does any of the distros for 16.4 include multilib or lib32 bit libraries ?15:34
thefatmatomreyn - in simple words it's just saving memory and if you want to use it you have to "register" it manually , it wont appear if you won't config it to be be "useable" right ?15:35
dnscathello. I'm trying to wrap my head around HWE. What exactly is it?15:35
lordcirth__dnscat, HWE is newer kernels backported to LTS releases, so you can run it on newer hardware.15:37
tomreynthefatma: right15:37
tomreyn!hwe | dnscat15:37
ubottudnscat: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack15:37
dnscattomreyn: is that any different than before HWE was enabled?15:38
dnscatI guess I just want to know if it'll make any difference to a casual ubuntu user15:39
tomreynthefatma: pvs (which i assume stands for something like "physical volume show/status") shows how one of your HDD's partitions are dedicated to LVM. vgs shows volume groups, rather irrelevant for you since you will only have one, and lvs shows the logical volumes you have, those work similar to partitions. and on top of those you have your file systems.15:40
pragmaticenigmadnscat: HWE is helpful in specific situations. HWE is usually recommended to those that are having system stability issues (i.e. frequent crashing from hardware faults). There is no performance gain from running with HWE15:42
lordcirth__In my case I also run HWE to get some bugfixes for the Ceph kernel drivers15:42
tomreyndnscat: enabling HWE means you install additional packages: a newer kernel image and (optionally) a newer X server (for a desktop) - which would also pull in newer graphics drivers.15:42
tomreyndnscat: ubuntu 18.04.*2* LTS (and later point releases than '.2') will come with HWE installed by default on desktops, on servers you choose the kernel to install.15:44
thefatmatomreyn : ok i see have free 500gb on both pvs and vgs how do i dedicate some of the memory, to whatever space ( probabyl need to dedicate it to where the installations and packages install themselves if that makes sence)15:44
=== bob1 is now known as groke
tomreyndnscat: you can always chose to uninstall all the *-hwe-18.04 packages later, and install just the GA (general availability, the default / original 18.04.0 release) kernel (and X, drivers) series.15:46
uzeeasking again, in case someone here today can help...15:48
uzeehi, anyone here who could help regarding dhcpv6 for ubuntu 16 or 18. For static assignments, I understand I need a DUID, but cannot find any info on where to get the DUID from? Windows apparently provides it in the ipconfig command15:48
tomreyndnscat: on a desktop, if you run LTS (and only there HWE is available) you probably want HWE. On a server, you may prefer GA, unless the hardware won't work (or not satisfactory) with this older kernel version. Both series are fully supported and get timely security and bug fixes.15:48
tomreynthefatma: are you using this server installation as a server or desktop? which services are you running there?15:49
dnscattomreyn: so if i was trying to make a gaming rig, i'd probably prefer HWE (it sounds like)15:50
tomreynthefatma: a common mistake newer admins / users make is to dedicate all of their available storage to / when it would be better to have separate file systems, such as for databases, and mount them in the 'right spot' (e.g. /var/lib/{mysql,postgresql})15:51
tomreyndnscat: yes, most likely, maybe even hwe-18.04-edge then15:52
tomreyndnscat: the '*-hwe-*-edge' packages are meant to get you the latest available ubuntu releases' kernels' (and potentially X, drivers) on an LTS release. currently, on 18.04.2, they point to the same packages as the their non 'edge' variant, but this will likely change soon, making them point to 5.0.x15:56
nixfreakHello, does any of the distros for 16.4 include multilib or lib32 bit libraries ?15:56
ubottuIf an APT front-end crashed and your database is locked, try this in a !terminal: « sudo fuser -vki /var/lib/dpkg/lock;sudo dpkg --configure -a »15:57
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience15:57
lotuspsychjenixfreak: share your full story please, so volunteers can think along with you15:57
lordcirth__nixfreak, dpkg --add-architecture i38615:57
lordcirth__nixfreak, though, are you sure you need multilib?15:58
nixfreakI need lib32 because the elf file is compiled with lib3215:58
nixfreakplus version glibc 2.16/21.715:58
dnscattomreyn: thank you for spending the time to explain this, i appreciate it15:59
nixfreakso in theory I should be able to run a 32bit elf compiled with glibc 2.17 or higher15:59
lordcirth__nixfreak, what ELF file are you running?15:59
tomreyndnscat: you're welcome. had you read the page ubottu pointed you to, too? it *should* have provided the same information, but it'd be good to know if it doesn't.16:00
nixfreakits a tool (custom)16:00
tomreyndnscat: i.e. https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack16:00
nixfreakwhen you do a readelf -l you can see lib32 and glibc 2.1616:00
nixfreakI'm just wondering if i spin up a 16.4 x86_64 instance if I need to install lib32 ?16:01
lordcirth__nixfreak, can you not recompile it for 64?16:02
nixfreakor is there is a difference between server and desktop regarding 32bit libs16:02
nixfreakno I don't have the build16:02
nixfreakits just a single binary16:02
tomreynthere is no difference between server and desktop regarding 32bit libs16:02
nixfreakok do you need to install 32bit libs or does the distro have them already ?16:03
Exterminadorso, I'm struggling a bit to make systemd work on a per user basis via the "systemctl --user service".. whenever I try to do, i.e, "systemctl --user status" I get a "Failed to connect to bus: Permission denied".. any idea? worth to say that I've done "loginctl enable-linger $USER" to the user where I'm trying the commands16:04
tomreynboth amd64 and i386 support 32-bit libs out of the box. on amd64, you will need to install the i386 library packages you need manually16:04
tomreynnixfreak: ^16:04
nixfreakok great thanks for the info16:05
tomreynnixfreak: dpkg --print-architecture && dpkg --print-foreign-architectures16:06
tomreynnixfreak: should show amd64 on the first, i386 on the second command by default (if on amd64)16:07
Exterminadorthis is on Ubuntu server 18.04.2 LTS.. also, said user doesn't have a .config folder nor a .local/share/systemd/ one16:07
tomreynnixfreak: you then install a given 32-bit library using            sudo apt install packagename:i38616:07
tomreynnixfreak: for this to work, "apt policy" should return several "i386 Packages" lines already. if not, you'll need to configure / enable those apt sources.16:08
tomreynExterminador: i have no first hand experience with this, but the bus it fails to connect to will be dbus (not sure why, missing (auth) socket?). under systemd, those files are usually located in /run/user/UID/16:12
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AnthaasIf I create a user with disabled password, is it possible at all to become that user with su?16:19
pragmaticenigmaAnthaas: best way to find out is try it16:20
MythHow do I open lightdm greeter GUI in terminal? What is the command? Ubuntu 1816:20
MythI opened it before, but forgot the command16:21
AnthaasWell, I'm trying it, and not succeeding, so my question really relates more to is it possible? i.e. am I doing something wrong, or trying to do something that isn't possible.16:21
tomreyn!yy.mm | Myth16:22
ubottuMyth: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle16:22
pragmaticenigmaAnthaas: What command did you use to setup the user?16:22
MythI figured it out just now. Thanks16:23
pragmaticenigmaAnthaas: I see the issue... Use sudo ... not su...16:23
Anthaaspragmaticenigma: `sudo adduser --disabled-password --system --home /var/lib/myapp --gecos "MyApp" --ingroup myapp myapp`16:24
maxzorHello, I recently did an apt release upgrade (ubu 18.04->19.04). Now more often than not, when my laptop goes into sleep mode and I turn it on, the screen is freezed before login, and I have to REISUB. Any clue where I can look for troubleshooting?16:32
naccmaxzor: do you mean you did a do-release-upgrade ?16:32
maxzornacc yes, twice to skip 18.1016:33
tomreynmaxzor: so manually editing sources.list and running "apt dist-upgrade" is NOT what you did, right?16:34
maxzortomreyn, yes I did not do that, and apt was out of question actually. I edited a conf file, don't remember which, to "normal" from "LTS"16:35
tomreynmaxzor: sounds fine16:35
tomreynmaxzor: which graphics hardware?16:35
tomreynwhich drivers?16:35
tomreynare there error messages in your systemd journal around the time you return from sleep?16:37
tomreynbtw. S-U-B is sufficient, R-E-I are disabled on ubuntu for security reasons16:37
naccmaxzor: understood, you just said apt release upgrade initially :)16:38
maxzortomreyn, I have a core i7 8550U, driver i91516:38
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cognition /msg NickServ identify shankar108##16:39
maxzortomreyn, Ill look systemd journal. My problem is I cannot check the journal when the error occurs, I have to reboot first :)16:39
shadoxxcognition: oof16:39
maxzornacc, y mb16:39
shadoxxdouble oof16:40
Exterminadorso, which file should I look under /run/user to see why that user fails to auth with dbus?16:40
lotuspsychjecognition: change your password16:40
lordcirth__cognition, and in future, only auth on the server tab to prevent this16:41
maxzorI suspect this, keeps popping in the log "acpi INT3400:00: Unsupported event [0x86]"16:41
Exterminadorunder the /run/user/ directory, I have 2 folders: 0 (root?) and 1015 (matches with UID of user bridge)16:42
tomreynmaxzor: so it's acpi issues, probably buggy firmware. try a mainboard firmware upgrade?16:45
tomreynmaxzor: journalctl -b | grep 'DMI:'     will tell which one you have now16:45
maxzortomreyn, DMI: Dell Inc. Inspiron 5379/09NT72, BIOS 1.9.0 06/12/201816:46
maxzorbut had no issue prior release upgrade16:46
Exterminadorso, I have something now: after using "export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/`id -u`" I can now execute commands like "systemctl --user status".. any hints how to solve this globally?16:47
tomreynmaxzor: no *noticable* issues beforehand. you probably have acpi exceptions now and also had them before, just graphics initialization works differently with 19.04 than 18.04, so this may be why.16:49
maxzortomreyn, anyway, the full log for today, had the problem at least twice16:49
maxzoralso i dual boot with grub on win1016:49
maxzorright ok16:50
tomreynmaxzor: dell supports LVFS https://fwupd.org/lvfs/ for some, but not all, devices.16:50
lotuspsychje!who | Exterminador16:50
ubottuExterminador: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)16:50
lotuspsychjewelcome to ubuntu support jack-16:51
jack-adept+kynaptic are past...which apt-gui does ubuntu use nowadays?16:51
tomreynmaxzor: this should be the latest: https://www.dell.com/support/home/us/en/04/drivers/driversdetails?driverid=dwkr1&oscode=ub16g&productcode=inspiron-13-5379-2-in-1-laptop&lwp=rt16:52
Anthaaspragmaticenigma: `sudo -u myapp -s /bin/bash` - the login shell is set to /usr/sbin/nologin when --disabled-password is used.16:52
maxzortomreyn, nice thanks, how likely is it to break grub?16:52
tomreynmaxzor: unlikely. i don't actually see any acpi exceptions on your logs, but the errir you quoted would be a good enough reason for me to do the firmware upgrade, as well as "importance: urgent" and the long list of CVEs16:56
Exterminadortomreyn: after using "export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/`id -u`" I can now execute commands like "systemctl --user status", "systemctl --user show-environment", etc.. any hints how to solve this globally?16:58
ExterminadorI don't want to add that line to all .bashrc of each user, so when I enable lingering for a user they're ready to go16:59
tomreynExterminador: i have this variable set correctly for my primary (and sudo) restricted user (UID 1000)17:00
tomreynExterminador: i am not sure what sets it, but i'd recommend you look into this, if that's not working fior the user you're trying to make it work for.17:01
Exterminadortomreyn: the problem is that after enable lingering for a user they get that bus error message.17:01
tomreynExterminador: so you're saying that enabling lingering deletes this environment variable?17:02
kadiroI think XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is set by pam systemd17:02
tomreynwell possible17:02
Exterminadorwhere's that pam file that I should look at?17:03
jack-rephrase: what app does ubuntu currently use as apt-frontend?17:04
Exterminadorbasically what happens to me is: lingering enabled = bus error message. lingering disabled = bus error message17:04
lordcirth__jack-, there are multiple. 'apt' is the newest on the command line.17:05
jack-i see17:05
jack-i mean, as a gui17:05
lordcirth__apt-get and aptitude are still around, and Ubuntu Software and Synaptic for GUI17:05
jack-like "adept" some years ago17:05
jack-i bet there is something cooler now17:06
lordcirth__jack-, oh, adept was a KDE thing. I think the new KDE one is Muon?17:06
jack-oh, yeah17:06
tomreynExterminador: read pam_systemd(8)17:06
jack-and for gnome etc?17:07
lordcirth__jack-, that would be Ubuntu Software (installed by default) and Synaptic(installable) as I mentioned17:08
maxzortomreyn, flashed and slept-woke up twice on ubu : seems good. Big thank you!17:08
jack-ok, thx17:08
lordcirth__jack-, that being said, I never use the GUI pkg tools17:08
tomreynmaxzor: very well, let's hope it lasts. :)17:08
jack-lordcirth__: i see17:09
jack-i tend to like them17:09
Exterminadorokay. so I was just being stupid.. seems that "systemctl --user SOMETHING" doesn't work if I use "su $USER".. :/17:11
acebrianjuanHi all17:11
acebrianjuanI would like to do a telnet connection between two terminal windows in my computer17:11
Exterminadortomreyn: user systemd units should be put inside .config/systemd/user/, right?17:11
acebrianjuanjust for testing17:11
acebrianjuanI know how to send connection requests on the client side17:12
tomreynExterminador: that's what i seem to remember form reading the manual, yes17:12
acebrianjuanbut I don't know how to start a telnet server17:12
ryuoacebrianjuan: telnet isn't recommended anymore. ssh is the replacement.17:13
tomreynacebrianjuan: telnet is from the 70ies, dont use it unless you strictly have to. what's the purpose of this?17:14
acebrianjuanryuo: ok I know, but I need to use telnet17:14
acebrianjuantomreyn: purpose is work17:14
icaro /j #laravel17:15
Exterminadortomreyn: seems to be so.. I just found about the thing of using "su $USER" (I was SSH'ing as root and using "su $USER" afterwards) after reading the manual, as it states: $XDG_RUNTIME_DIR is not set if the current user is not the original user of the session.17:15
ioriaacebrianjuan, client is usually already installed, but the server side needs  to be installed (telnetd or something)17:15
tomreynacebrianjuan: you can use netcat (nc), -l to listen, -p to specify the listening or (on the client) target port.17:16
acebrianjuanioria: ok, so the regular telnet command won't be enough to start a server then?17:16
acebrianjuantomreyn: ok, I'll try that17:16
tomreynacebrianjuan: use ssh instead if you can.17:17
acebrianjuantomreyn: ok, netcat did the job, thank you17:18
acebrianjuantomreyn: we are not using telnet to send any sort of sensitive data, so I think that's why we are using telnet in the first place17:19
acebrianjuanthe purpose you were asking is that we have a primitive communication mechanism for sending text-based commands to a program17:20
acebrianjuanand we are using telnet for this17:20
Exterminadortomreyn: thanks for the help (and sorry for not reading manpages 1st)!17:20
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cognitionOn our 14.04 systems we are getting 404's on "deb http://packages.vmware.com/packages/ubuntu trusty main"17:23
=== ramon is now known as Guest69184
nacccognition: sounds like a question for vmware17:25
nacccognition: that is, nothing to do with ubuntu official support17:26
jeremy31cognition I think support for 14.04 ended yesterday17:28
tomreynacebrianjuan: if the data you transfer is not relevant, then you don't need to transfer it. if it's relevant enough to be transferred, then it's probably also relevant whether or not it can be manipulated, intercepted.17:29
acebrianjuantomreyn: yes, that's true17:30
tomreynExterminador: you're welcome. i'm still learning much of this myself, kadiro's hint on pam_systemd was very helpful.17:30
tomreyncognition: i think support for 14.04 ended 4 days ago.17:31
kadirotomreyn, I'm glade to share my little knowledge even if i'm just a noob :)17:31
cognitiontomreyn: TY17:31
snake-venomhello, is there any way to record skype call in ubuntu 18?17:33
tomreyn!yy.mm | snake-venom17:34
ubottusnake-venom: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle17:34
jack-impossible to install muon here...sick dependencies17:35
jack-software-properties-kde : Hängt ab von: python3-software-properties (= aber 1.8.4 soll installiert werden17:35
naccjack-: `apt-cache policy python3-software-properties` ?17:35
jack- Installiert:           1.8.417:36
jack-  Installationskandidat: 1.8.417:36
naccjack-: the whole thing.17:36
naccjack-: in a pastebin, please17:36
snake-venomtomreyn, its Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS17:36
snake-venom :)17:36
jack-no other version available :/17:36
analogicalwhen I try to start a program I get "/usr/bin/env python no such file or directory" how do I install the missing software?17:36
jack-ok, one sec17:36
naccanalogical: what version of ubuntu?17:37
lordcirth__jack-, prepend "LANG=C" to get English, please17:37
analogicalnacc, 19.0417:38
ioriajack-, mint ?17:38
snake-venomis there any way to record skype call in Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS?17:38
skuutercall the nsa and ask to get a copy17:38
nokiomanzHi, I have my desktop connected to a 4K TV via HDMI as my main monitor. I set the desktop to 1080p. But upon Closing/opening the television  on the next day or a few hours later it is as if the display is "redetected" and resolution is set to 4k. What can I do to make it stick to 1080p? If I close the television and open it a few minutes later it is still at 1080p.17:38
jack-lordcirth__: https://pastebin.com/w9Md7fzE17:39
lordcirth__snake-venom, you could record the screen or window with recordmydesktop or OBS17:39
jack-ioria: yep, tessa17:39
lordcirth__snake-venom, that being said, consider *not* using Skype17:39
ioriai see17:39
naccjack-: mint is not ubuntu, and not supported here17:39
jack-i know...but still :)17:40
jeremy31jack-: use the mint welcome screen/support and click the chat link17:40
lordcirth__!mint | jack-17:40
ubottujack-: The Ubuntu channels can only provide support for Ubuntu and its official flavors, since other distributions and derivatives have repository and software changes. So please use their dedicated support venues, for example: Linux Mint (#linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org), Kali Linux (#kali-linux), and LXLE (#lxle)17:40
jack-ubuntu apps are usable, and i want muon17:40
naccjack-: thats nice, still offtopic and not supported here.17:41
tomreynanalogical: so /usr/bin/env does not exist?17:45
analogicaltomreyn, right17:47
tomreynanalogical: how did you install?17:47
analogicalI'm using a fresh install of Ubuntu 19.0417:47
lordcirth__analogical, did you actually check with 'ls /usr/bin/env'?17:47
tomreynanalogical: a fresh install of Ubuntu 19.04 would provide it. it belongs to a required package.17:48
analogicalthat folder doesn't exist17:48
analogicalI only have /usr/bin/17:48
lordcirth__analogical, it's not a directory, it's an executable17:49
tomreyna file17:49
lordcirth__analogical, please run 'stat /usr/bin/env | nc termbin.com 9999'17:49
lordcirth__and paste the link17:49
analogicaloh it's a file17:49
analogicalin that case it's there17:49
lordcirth__right. So more likely, env is saying that 'python' doesn't exist.17:50
lordcirth__If you run 'python' does it work?17:50
analogicalit says "command python not found17:51
tomreynanalogical: sudo apt install python-minimal17:53
naccwas python3 perhaps there?17:53
tomreynthose are available by default in $PATH on 19.04:  python3     python3.7   python3.7m  python3m17:55
tomreynand python.minimal depends on python2{,.7}-minimal17:58
naccright, that's been the case for a bit17:58
naccthere's presumably a python3-minimal17:58
tomreynyes, Priority: important and installed by default.17:59
tomreynanalogical: are you actually looking for help with this, or just making nacc and me have a conversation? ;-)18:00
plongshotThis output from $glxinfo | grep "OpenGL" | pastebinit  http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/jxwhNC7Gqp/  <--  seems to show I have OpenGL version 3.0 ?  Is that correct?18:07
plongshotI need OpenGL version 3.2 or later (a dependency). What options are avialable for me and how do I do that?18:07
tomreynplongshot: acquire, install and configure (if needed) a dedicated graphics card.18:09
ryuoplongshot: you need a hardware upgrade, assuming your at the maximum supported by what you currently have.18:10
ryuoplongshot: sometimes the driver isn't making full use of the available hardware.18:11
plongshotI see there is this: https://askubuntu.com/questions/1119222/how-to-install-opengl-3-2-on-ubuntu-18-10-specs-arepentium-4-proccessor?r=SearchResults&s=1|104.5220  article but the link is broken or incorrect. It takes you to a different post that has nothing to do with it18:14
tomreynplongshot: which ubuntu version do you run there?18:15
plongshotThere's this:  https://askubuntu.com/questions/1077930/opengl-3-2-on-18-04-virtualbox-guest-is-it-possible  which might have helped but no one gave a complete answer (no one is telling how to).18:18
kadiroaplay say there is no soundcard, trying to reinstaling pulseaudio didnt fix the no sound , some errors appeared but google doesn't show something like my situation case18:21
analogicalthis is insane but it actually worked https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VvmROT8LEsM18:22
analogicalAcer hates linux that's for sure18:22
thefatmaWhat would a good distribution be of 500GB when installing ubuntu server ( so that when installing packages it won't tell me im out of disk space like what caused me to reinstall lol)18:33
thefatmalets say, 200GB for / and 200GB /var/lib ?18:34
naccthefatma: is this a VM host?18:35
thefatmanacc : yes it's a VM that will have gerrit (code review thing) on. and maybe git and some DB like mysqld18:35
Ben64thefatma: 500GB for /, and manage your usage18:37
thefatmaBen64: Can you please explain manage your usage?18:38
Ben64be aware of how much space is being used, and don't let it fill completely18:38
leftyfbthefatma: 1 partition. Don't run out of space. No amount of partitioning is going to be a good substitute to properly watching the space you are filling up18:38
kadirohmm interesting, aplay with sudo can play sound just fine but still no sound18:40
thefatmaBen64 leftyfb : roger that , much of a help thanks!18:40
naccthefatma: a VM is not a VM host18:43
naccthefatma: sorry, by VM host I meant a machine that will host VMs18:43
naccthefatma: not sure why you'd have such a large /var/lib otherwise18:43
thefatmaleftyfb : Ben64 : it's suppose to look like this ? https://www.screencast.com/t/IHyZmIzJt2Am   ,   or this ? https://www.screencast.com/t/vziuiVEIGs18:44
thefatmanacc : ohh my mistakei should have got what you meant, actually you probably right i just dont understand so well what is a "standard settings" for these kind of things yet18:44
thefatmanacc : it's going to be under an ESXI with alot of vm's in it with different services/uses/programs on them and also private employees VM's , which all of that in the end points on the datastores18:45
thefatmaon to the datastores*18:45
thefatmanacc : when i first created i tried to install the packages required for the company and i ran into not enough disk space But nothing was barely installed i just started, and when i did df -h i saw only 4GB or something like that was available , i assumed if i chose LVM thing when installing it will distribute everything correcly ?18:47
vlad__hi all18:48
vlad__today is 2019 year18:48
vlad__how to get ip address of interface without hard sex with sed, grep, awk, etc?18:49
lordcirth__vlad__, hostname -I might be useful18:50
lordcirth__Or do you need it from a specific interface?18:51
thefatmaip a ?18:51
lordcirth__thefatma, he wants to return only the address for piping, I think, not a human-readable text18:52
kadiroI need help, i have no sound19:00
naccthefatma: if it's really a server, you probably don't want to use the default LVM setup, as it will make a home partition, iirc19:02
thefatmanacc : should i just put all the 500 on root and start dividing it from within the terminal incase of need?19:06
tomreynlordcirth__ / vlad__: there is   ip -o a   (but yes, YMMV)19:06
Ben64thefatma: dividing the space doesn't give you more space19:07
naccthefatma: what do you mean by dividing it anyways?19:07
thefatmaBen64: its not about more space, its just that i couldnt before that, i set up LVM and when just starting and installing packages 2-3 and it told me i have not enough disk space, and i didn't evne use it at all19:07
thefatmanacc : because before i reinstalled (now) i used the LVM option thing and when i df -h i saw only 4GB and couldnt install packages while the VM in reality had 500gb on it19:08
naccthefatma: we don't know what you actually did before, and what the LVM partitioning ended up looking like.19:08
naccthefatma: if you don't need LVM, don't use LVM?19:08
thefatmaso im telling you it had like 0 GB on root lol and like 4GB on dev/something19:09
naccthefatma: that does not sound right. But if you've already reinstalled, let's move on.19:09
lordcirth__thefatma, you could have just expanded the / LV. But yes, all on / is simpler.19:09
thefatmalordcirth_ : yea just for the sake of less headaches...19:10
thefatmanacc : i didn't install yet i can do it like i did before for test sake to show you what it did19:10
naccthefatma: wholly up to you19:10
Ben64just put everything on / and be done19:11
pronetjoin ###SCMR19:12
thefatmanacc : Ben64 : im intrested in why that happend im doing with the LVM to picture df -h to you guys and afterwards ill reinstall and do on everthing on /, or you guys will teach me away without reinstalling19:13
thefatmathat's not gonna fuck up the filesystems and links betwen files or whatnot19:13
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thefatmanacc : Ben64 :   df -h results with LVM   :    https://www.screencast.com/t/aQOzdaR3WVGY19:15
lordcirth__thefatma, ok, so it's giving a 4GB LV for /, which is pretty small, but you could just expand it19:17
tomreynthefatma: this LVM allocation is a default with the server-live-installer. other installers set things up differently.19:17
thefatmatomreyn : just for my clarification server-live-installer is basiclly ubuntu server ? or theres server-live-installer which is different distrib?19:18
thefatmalordcirth_ : expanding / will solve the not enough disk space when installing packages that i encounted before?19:19
thefatmaalso how can we do it ?19:19
tomreynthefatma: server-live-installer (subiquity) is the default ubuntu 18.04 LTS (and later) installer.19:20
tomreynthefatma: server-live-installer (subiquity) is the default ubuntu 18.04 LTS (and later) *server* installer.19:20
tomreyn^ fixed19:20
thefatmatomreyn : understood got you19:20
lordcirth__thefatma, you expand the LV with lvresize, then the filesystem with resize2fs19:24
tomreynor just lvresize --resizefs19:27
lordcirth__oh yeah, that's a thing too. forgot.19:30
vyzencan someone explain what "grep sshd passwd" does19:37
grokevyzen sounds like its meant to extract your ssh password19:38
naccvyzen: looks for a string 'sshd' in a file called 'passwd'19:38
weedmicit would be encrypted - i dont 'think it would work19:38
weedmicyou can just open /etc/passwd and look - but you won't be able to tell the actual passwords for sshd or any other user19:39
lordcirth__vyzen, /etc/passwd, contrary to it's name (legacy reasons) holds account info, but *not* passwords19:39
naccpasswd != /etc/passwd fwiw.19:39
naccit's best to just answer questions as written in the channel :)19:39
weedmicyes, better worded ty lordcirth__19:40
vyzennacc explained it perfectly19:40
thefatmatomreyn : https://www.screencast.com/t/JAKogaU5xTrU19:40
tioxDumb question, but here goes; how do I regain control of shell for instances wwhere I forgot to append an ampersand at the end of my command?19:40
lordcirth__vyzen, since it uses a relative path, what it would do depends on where you are and what files are there.19:40
naccvyzen: technically it's looking for a regular expression 'sshd' , but that's equivalent to a fixed string19:40
nacctiox: ctrl + z will bacgkround the task19:40
nacctiox: you can then `disown` it if you want it to run detached19:41
nacctiox: note that it won't necessarily have detached stdout/stderr19:41
ioriatiox, or just ctrl+c19:41
Bored_Techiehello im having some issues installing ubuntu, keep coming up with " end kernel panic - not syncing: VFS: Unable to mount  root fs on unknown-block(1,0) "19:41
Ben64this kills the process19:41
nacctiox: right, it depends on what you meant by 'regain control'19:41
lordcirth__Bored_Techie, does the installer finish without errors? What Ubuntu version? BIOS or UEFI bot?19:42
Bored_Techiei cant even get into the live cd or the installer, i just get this message when i load the disc19:42
Bored_TechieLubuntu 16.04 and its a ppc mac19:43
lordcirth__Bored_Techie, oh, I see. Did you checksum the ISO after downloading it?19:43
Bored_Techieno i didnt19:43
Bored_Techiei tried it on a usb stick first then a dvd19:43
Bored_Techiebut didnt work19:44
Bored_Techieil try the checksum now19:44
Bored_Techiehow do i do the checksum?19:45
wonderworldBored_Techie: do you have the correct checksum for the iso?19:47
Bored_Techiehow would i know that i do? is there a way to check19:47
TJ-With 18.04, LibreOffice Impress > Export as PDF > Digital Signature > Select fails to populate the selected GNUpg key (from the default NSS Thunderbird key-store)  into the Dialog. Signing the Impress document itself works. Anyone else experienced this, or know of a solution?19:49
wonderworldboredguy: whats the exact filename of your iso file?19:49
tomreynthefatma: this is not to insult you: do you know what man pages are? lvresize(8) would have told you about -L19:49
thefatmatomreyn : Yup, got it thanks :)19:51
tomreynthefatma: --help (as mentioned in the error message), too, though19:51
david89Hello. Is it possible to create a dir and set some attribute on it so that only directories can be created inside of it?19:52
kreyrenIs elogind provided by systemd?19:54
weedmicdavid89: you can create a tree, and assign rights by owner, group, other - but if someone has rights outside of that tree, they can create things there19:55
lordcirth__david89, only subdirectories, no files? I don't think so. What do you want to accomplish?19:55
weedmiccheck man:chmod chown chgrp19:55
daxkreyren: it's a third-party program whose authors took the systemd-logind source code and got it to run without systemd as init19:56
weedmicif you add the sticky bit, you can see who put a file in there - that is the 2 (or 1 or nothing) at the end like chmod 777219:56
daxkreyren: for Ubuntu, systemd-logind should be used instead, since Ubuntu only supports systemd as init19:56
kreyrendax, ty19:56
anon_what happens if i run chmod 777 /19:57
TJ-david89: You may be able to use "RichACLs" on ext4 FS (as extended attributes) to do that, but not with POSIx ACLs or standard FS mode bits19:58
naccanon_: as a regular user? you'll get permission denied19:58
N3X15OK, is there any way to "pin" linux raid /dev mountpoints?  My RAID1 array keeps changing names.  Last reboot, it was named /dev/md127, now it's /dev/md/0, and I have it configured in /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf as /dev/md0.20:02
wonderworldanon_: it would give write permissions for group and others to your / directory.20:03
TJ-N3X15: what meta-data version is it using?20:04
N3X15TJ-, 1.220:04
wonderworldN3X15: how did you configure your mapping in mdadm.conf?20:05
TJ-N3X15: generally for 1.0+ the metadata should set it, if the MetaData 'homehost' matches system localhost20:05
TJ-N3X15: did you check if /dev/md/0 is a link to /dev/md0? It can depend on udev rules as to what symlinks or device nodes are preferred, too20:06
N3X15wonderworld, I can't connect to it to copypaste, but: ARRAY /dev/md0 level=raid1 num-devices=2 metadata=1.2 name=ws-tux-001:0 UUID=[UUID here] devices=/dev/sda1,/dev/sdb120:07
N3X15dev-md0 task times out during boot, which means I don't get SSH for reasons.20:07
TJ-N3X15: consider that sda and sdb may not be constant across reboots - UUIDs would be preferable20:08
N3X15k. What's the syntax for that?20:08
TJ-N3X15: E.g. I have systems with 10+ drives and the logical SCSI name can change due to discovery timing. /dev/disk/by-uuid/ or some other unique /dev/disk/by-*/??? is better20:09
tomreynyou should also be able to just specify UUID= instead of /dev/...20:10
TJ-N3X15: Generally though, if the metadata on-disk is correct, a specific entry in mdadm.conf ought not to be necessary (assuming there are no filters to exclude the underlying devices)20:10
wonderworldN3X15: get the UUID for your array with: mdadm --detail /dev/md0. after that use UUID=theuuid in mdadm.conf instead of devices20:11
tomreynthose differ from partition / file system UUIDs as reported by e.g. blid20:13
tomreyn* blkid20:13
N3X15I understand, will take some time since it's a headless system with no copy-paste functionality available.20:14
N3X15Thanks for your help20:14
TJ-!info pastebinit | N3X1520:14
ubottuN3X15: pastebinit (source: pastebinit): command-line pastebin client. In component main, is optional. Version 1.5-2 (bionic), package size 14 kB, installed size 156 kB20:14
wonderworldN3X15: be careful. have backups when working with raid arrays20:14
plongshotIn older releases of ubuntu desktop there was a rectangle shaped magnifying glass that could be enabled throught compiz-config.  Is there a magnifying glass like this available in ubuntu 18.04?  I have looked in accessibility tools but the magnifyer there is not the same.  The one we used to get  with compiz had shortcut keys to show / hide it as well as a number of other features.20:15
N3X15TJ-, No network.20:15
TJ-N3X15: ahhh, sneaker-net :)20:15
N3X15Yup.  At least there's a KVM switch.20:15
N3X15Which desperately needs replacement.20:16
tomreynN3X15: sounds like you need a serial console switch.20:16
N3X15And money :P20:16
TJ-N3X15: Unless there are array problems MD arrays should be assembled/activated by udev rules. The only time I've seen what you describe is when there's another device in the system with metadata for the same array UUID, so if you've swapped underlying devices/partitions at some point it's worth doing a scan to ensure old metadata was removed20:19
TJ-N3X15: or, you've got more than 1 array with metadata set to use '0'20:19
N3X15TJ-, brand new 4TB platters, only one array.20:20
N3X15So /shrug20:20
wonderworldN3X15: you don't need copy/paste. mdadm --detail /dev/md0 | grep UUID >> /etc/mdadm/mdadm.conf would add the UUID to the bottom of your mdadm.conf, ready for you to be edited.20:20
TJ-N3X15: Seeing md127 usually indicates a dynamically allocated number when the assigned number is unavailable for some reason20:20
TJ-N3X15: there might be some clue in the udevd journal log20:21
N3X15wonderworld, that's the UUID for the array, though20:22
wonderworldN3X15: yes. that is the expected value for the UUID paramter in mdadm.conf20:23
N3X15wonderworld, I omitted the UUID, it was present.20:24
N3X15I just didn't feel like mnaually typing it out20:24
wonderworldunderstandable :)20:25
TJ-N3X15: with the existing mdadm.conf entry, is there a DEVICE line that excludes /dev/sd?1 - the default without a DEVICE is "partitions containers"20:27
jayjowhere can I check my cron logs in ubuntu 1804 lts? I added a crontab programmitcally via (crontab -l 2>/dev/null; echo "*/5 * * * * /path/to/job -with args") | crontab -20:28
jayjoI'm trying to verify it's working20:28
N3X15TJ-, no DEVICE line, I just piped output of mdadm to the file.20:28
analogicalis there built in support for disk cloning in Ubuntu?20:29
TJ-N3X15: OK - just trying to think of reasons it might fail at boot-time. If it assembles manually that does point to udev-triggered actions20:29
guardianhello, I'm running 18.04 LTS, can someone please remind me where I have to go to configure drive icons on desktop?20:29
wonderworldN3X15: easier: mdadm --detail --scan will create the correct config line for you20:30
N3X15wonderworld, yeah, I tried that, but it still changes name on bootup to something unexpected and fouls up disk mounting20:30
TJ-analogical: 'dd' is the usual too, but there are other options20:31
TJ-N3X15: definitely look at the udevd journal log for clues, possibly increase verbosity20:31
lordcirth__analogical, there are many, what exactly do you want to do? Backup? Copy system config?20:31
OerHeksguardian, install gnome-tweak-tool, there you can set/unset icons20:32
guardianthen maybe I didn't ask the right question20:33
analogicallordcirth__, clone the disk Ubuntu is installed on20:33
guardianI installed Ubuntu like 6 months ago, and I forgot where I clicked to configure mount points etc, which ultimately added icons to my desktop20:33
lordcirth__analogical, yes, but for what purpose?20:33
analogicallordcirth__, backup20:33
guardianand I didn't install anything special20:34
lordcirth__analogical, ok. So probably the best way is to boot a livecd, run zerofree, then dd | gzip > file.img20:34
OerHeksnormally one uses grub to add partitions on (manual) mountpoints20:34
jayjohmmm... don't have a /var/log/syslog on 18.04.2 LTS (GNU/Linux 4.15.0-1035-aws x86_64)20:34
lordcirth__analogical, however, I would normally recommend backing up /etc and /home and leaving the binaries; they can just be reinstalled.20:36
lordcirth__For example using borgbackup20:36
lordcirth__In fact, why not both?20:36
N3X15TJ-, update: I commented out the array in mdadm.conf and it works...?!20:37
guardianalso, I'm used to using etckeeper. And I realize Ubuntu modifies lots of things in there on a regular basis. Is there a way to cool it down?20:37
guardianlike I rebooted and now /etc/console-setup/cached_setup_keyboard.sh script is modified20:37
guardianbut I didn't do anything intentionally that would cause this change20:38
lordcirth__guardian, you could change the default apt settings to 'confold'? Though I don't recommend it20:38
lordcirth__If something gets modified, there's probably a good reason.20:39
=== Evie is now known as Eeviee
guardianlordcirth__: or probably lack of care? :)20:40
guardianlordcirth__: or I'm not used to /etc not being totally mine20:40
guardianlordcirth__: it feels like lots of things should be stored elswhere <- they represent state but are not configuration files per se20:41
=== Eeviee is now known as Evie
lordcirth__guardian, that's possible. Normally one would keep such things in /var; however, some people mount /var, so prior to that mount or if it breaks, you'd rather like to have a working keyboard.20:41
OerHeks<guardian> and I didn't install anything special .. so that is not true, i guess20:41
guardianOerHeks: I certainly didn't do anything conciously (not even accepting a package upgrade) tht would end up with /etc/console-setup/cached_setup_keyboard.sh to be modified20:42
nixfreakThats really interesting I the cpu is a xeon but i still needed to install the amd64 32bit libs package libc6-i38620:42
nixfreakI thought 32bit libs was standard if you were using an Intel CPU ?20:43
nixfreakThats what I was told at least20:43
lordcirth__nixfreak, amd64 is the same as x86_64. AMD invented the spec, both companies implement it20:44
nixfreakyes I know intel uses the amd64 instructions20:45
nixfreaksorry extensions20:45
nixfreakso I was told wrong , no big deal go with my gut next time20:45
guardianwhy are there docker and docker.io packages? is this for upgrade paths?20:54
TJ-guardian: fomr console-setup, it looks like its /lib/systemd/system/console-setup.service -> /lib/console-setup/console-setup.sh -> setupcon --save that writes there. Also looks like you could control it via some judicious editing - looks like it's there to cope with systems with a separate /usr/ FS20:57
guardianTJ-: thanks for the info20:58
=== murthy is now known as murthy_
TJ-guardian: kind-of strange if it writes to /etc/ seeing as it is already writing to /run/20:58
TJ-guardian: On my system I see 6 files written to /etc/console-setup/ on last boot21:01
TJ-guardian: seems like something the Debian maintainers introduced judging by discussions of various console-setup issues in the Debian bug-tracker21:07
ScottbertWhy are graphics drivers such a pain21:14
ScottbertSo. I was having that issue where the boot screen doesn't show and I have no console. We fixed it by installing the latest nvidia drivers -- 430 instead of the 390 ubuntu shipped with. OR SO I THOUGHT. Actually, ubuntu ignored what I clicked in drivers, and set it to noveau21:15
ScottbertNow I've installed the nvidia-430-drivers metapackage... and the boot screen and terminal are gone again21:15
OerHeksScottbert, what videocard exactly, what ubuntu version and how did you install that 430?21:16
Scottbert(Also I'm not sure how to check that it is, indeed, 430 that's running -- lshw -c video | grep driver just tells me nvidia21:16
ScottbertGeForce 750 Ti, Kubuntu 18.10, originally installed through system settings which apparently does nothing, this time installed through muon.21:16
hans_when running `strace nslookup atvforumet.no` , why the frick is nslookup trying to access "/etc/ld.so.nohwcap" (a file that does not exist btw) 29 times?21:17
ScottbertOerHeks all I want is to have the latest nvidia driver and also my console, how do I get Kubunbtu 18.10 to such a state?21:22
OerHeksScottbert, that 750 Ti would work with 340 and up, what does kubuntu give as recommended?21:26
OerHekssudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall # would be my choice21:27
OerHeksoh, disable that driver ppa ofcourse, 430 comes not from standard sources21:28
Scottbert390 is Ubuntu's out-of-date reccomended one -- this channel reccomended I install an nvidia PPA which got me 43021:28
OerHeksno, they are not out-of-date.21:29
=== murthy_ is now known as murthy
ScottbertHmm. Well it seems that the driver IS installed now, so I should be able to get 390 or 430 or whatever by going through muon instead of system settings21:30
ScottbertBut that brings me back to the old problem that I THOUGHT I fixed last time but actually wasn't:21:30
Scottbertwith nvidia drivers installed, I have no console. At boot, the last thing I see is GRUB's 'booting in blind mode' message, and then wait for awhile, then then the login screen comes up21:31
OerHeksuse ppa-purge to reverse that ppa and packages21:31
ScottbertIf I ctrl+alt+F2 I'm left looking at the blind mode message as well, no console21:31
ScottbertThis happened with nvidia-390 too21:31
ScottbertAs far as I can tell it happens with any nvidia driver on ubuntu21:31
ScottbertErr, to clarify: Even with the noveau drivers GRUB still gives the 'blind mode' message, but then the normal boot screen comes up, and I have a ctrl+alt+F# console21:33
ScottbertSo, I can roll back to 390, or not, but the problem persists, and I'm not happy with the noveau drivers because they don't support minecraft and who knows what else21:34
Scottbertbut obviously it is critical that I have a console to try and recover my system from if anything ever goes really wrongt21:34
ScottbertOerHeks: So, forget 'how do I make sure I have nvidia drivers installed', I fixed that. But I need to fix the console issue which also happens on nvidia-39021:35
ScottbertChanged /etc/default/grub to specify graphics mode and ran update-grub, rebooting to see if problem is fixed.21:41
chakravantiIn the Files my left space of navigation has disappeared how do i make it reappear?21:45
ScottbertNo dice -- the graphics mode line in /etc/default/grub doesn't appear to do anything, and yes I uncommented it/21:46
RodageMRQHi.  Playing with patitions again and again, with average success, i fear i did overload the GRUB limit of 64K as far i believe i got a clue about all that.  Following different guides and forums, i got no way to get it as clean i would wish, and need.  I think i shall totaly erase grub then make a new one installing a dummy ubuntu.  Any clue please?21:47
RodageMRQShortly : i found no way to totaly get rid of grub.21:48
chakravantinvm found it21:48
TJ-RodageMRQ: what part of GRUB are you trying to remove?21:48
RodageMRQTJ-: What do you mean?   All.  Forget all then rebuild from a fresh install, since my partitions supposed to be bootable.  I have no windows or something like that21:50
RodageMRQI mean everything i tried seems to keep an history.  For nothing i believe.21:51
TJ-RodageMRQ: Do you mean remove the GRUB programs and configuration, or MBR code, or core image in slack sectors or EFI-SP  ?21:51
ScottbertRecommented gfxmode line, uncommented console mode line, running update-grub and rebooting21:52
RodageMRQTJ-: Core.  update-grub etc. just add new lines to that, since i need to get rid.  I think.21:52
RodageMRQScottbert: Update grub keep all the history of my partitions playing with.21:53
TJ-RodageMRQ: Sorry but I'm not clear on what you're actually trying to achieve. Removing the GRUB packages is "apt remove grub*" - removing the configuration files too is "apt purge grub*", removing the EFI loader is "rm -r /boot/efi/EFI/ubuntu/grub*.efi /boot/grub"21:54
ScottbertNo dice, neither of these lines does anything.21:55
JonelethIrenicusi noticed an issue with openvpn21:55
RodageMRQTJ-: Scottbert: I tried purge.  It do not purge grub2...21:55
RodageMRQlemme read you better.21:55
TJ-RodageMRQ: Why are you wanting to remove the boot-loader? without it, the system will not boot21:56
plongshotI was asking about a magnifying glass for ubuntu 18.04 before and got disconnected. If anyone responded and I didn't see it - sorry. I have tried the default magnifyer found in accessibility settings but it will not suffice. I have seen this: http://magnifier.sourceforge.net/#introduction ( Virtual Magnifying Glass ) - but I can't find instructions to insall on my system and that raises a flag about the quality of the application for21:56
plongshotme. Is there anything ( prefferably official / supported ) other than the default magnifyer that give me the features of a couple keybindings?  One for showing / hiding the magnifyer would be sufficient. If there were additional keybindings it would just be icing on top. Thanks21:56
RodageMRQTJ-:  Because too many entries.  My grub points on bad partitions.21:56
TJ-RodageMRQ: That sounds like you've left 'bad' partitions in place, so every time update-grub is run it (re)discovers and adds them to /boot/grub/grub.cfg21:57
RodageMRQWhat i want to clear is the EFI?  Right?  Not familiar with terms...21:57
ScottbertRodageMRQ: I'm having a seperate, grub-related issue, I have no idea how to fix your problem.21:58
Bashing-omScottbert: A conflict of installed drivers ? what shows ' dpkg -l | grep -i nvidia ' ?21:58
RodageMRQTJ-: No.  Earlier, yes.  But now, every grub line need 10000 sublines.21:59
TJ-RodageMRQ: If update-grub/os-prober is discovering other (broken) installs then the problem is not GRUB, it is that you've left those traces of old/broken installs behind21:59
TJ-RodageMRQ: can you pastebin the /boot/grub/grub.cfg file so we can understand what you mean?21:59
ScottbertAll the 430 drivers, common-390, and dkms-390. But this problem occured with just 390 installed as well.22:00
TJ-Scottbert: I've not been following along, what is the symptom you're trying to cure?22:01
RodageMRQTJ-: Sure i did!  Try to see.  sdaX moved manytimes.  I kept traces.  Now my partitions are clean, it cannot address new partitions since the history too big to hold all my past mistakes.22:02
RodageMRQTJ-: Pastebin - ok.  On it.22:02
ScottbertOn a fresh kubuntu install (or when noveau drivers are selected), when booting you get some grub errors about 'hwmatch' and booting in blind mode. However, the kubuntu name comes up (is this 'plymouth'? Not sure) and if you press a key you'll see the console boot sequence. However...22:02
TJ-RodageMRQ: "pastebinit /boot/grub/grub.cfg"22:03
=== enko-h_ is now known as enko
TJ-Scottbert: is this UEFI or Legacy/BIOS boot?22:03
ScottbertWhen nvidia drivers (any version) are installed, the kubuntu logo never appears, and you have no console, although eventually the graphical login screen will appear. However, you'll have no console -- ctrl+alt+f2 and such just display the grub errors -- so if something big goes wrong you have no way to fix it22:03
ScottbertIt's a UEFI bios but it's booting in legacy mode I think?22:04
RodageMRQTJ-: AH!   You got something i think.  How to know about UEFI or Legacy?22:04
TJ-Scottbert: check: does /sys/firmware/efi/efivars exist?22:04
RodageMRQI thought UEFI for usb keys22:04
ScottbertErr, wait. My boot HDD is 4TB at the moment, does that mean it can't be booting legacy?22:04
TJ-Scottbert: no22:05
ScottbertIt does exist22:05
Scottbert(No it can't be booting legacy, or no it doesn't mean that?)22:05
RodageMRQNo EFI in firmware22:06
ScottbertClarification: The grub errors still appear with nvidia drivers, the change is that on nvidia drivers the boot screen and terminal never load22:06
RodageMRQi get acpi dmi memmap22:07
TJ-Scottbert: right, so this is UEFI boot mode. Here's some background. The EFI is supposed to provide a block of data and a driver called the EFI-GOP which is the interface between boot-loader, OS, and GPU. In some systems this is missing or broken, meaning the boot-loader and OS graphic modes fail and only when the OS driver loads do things appear22:07
TJ-Scottbert: this can depend on whether the GPU is integrated on the Mobo (in which case system firmware should have a GOP) or for discrete GPUs they should include a GOP in their firmware22:08
RodageMRQI do have Nvdia graphic card.  And also got proprietary drivers...22:08
TJ-Scottbert: here's a good overview of GOP: https://uefi.org/sites/default/files/resources/UPFS11_P4_UEFI_GOP_AMD.pdf22:08
ScottbertSo, I don't have the data. How do I get it to show me a console anyway? I mean... it can clearly do text, or it couldn't show me the error message...22:09
RodageMRQTJ-: What is a GOP?22:09
TJ-RodageMRQ: read the link :)22:09
RodageMRQTJ-: looks clear.  On it.22:10
TJ-Scottbert: text modes generally will work - its GFX modes that have problems because the UEFI GOP doens't put the GPU into the correct mode22:10
RodageMRQBtw im a program analyst.  Not a tech...  Making my best.  Thanks.  Im reading...22:10
ScottbertYes, but how do I tell linux to boot in text mode?22:11
Scottbertthere's that GRUB_CONSOLE line in /etc/default/grub but it doesn't do anything22:11
TJ-Scottbert: sometimes it can be worked around with some ACPI kernel config options. If you can "pastebinit <( dmesg )" I can check if there are GOP/ACPI issues22:12
TJ-Scottbert: right, because it doesn't control anything, it just tells GRUB to use the GOP but if that is broken on the system there's nothing GRUB (or the OS before it loads its own drivers) can do22:12
RodageMRQVGA is grabbing a part of the grub memory?  Still reading.  Seems clear.  Not to me.22:13
ScottbertSo why is it that with noveau the boot screen appears but with nvidia drivers it doesn't? Clearly the nvidia drivers WORK or it could never display the login screen, or plasma...22:14
TJ-RodageMRQ: GOP is how UEFI enables painting the display before the OS drivers load22:15
RodageMRQScottbert: is the solution in CMOS?22:15
TJ-Scottbert: usually the issue is with mode-setting22:15
ScottbertI mean it seems kind of unaccpetable that ubuntu can't fall back to text mode, but... how do I fix it?22:16
ScottbertIf something else ever breaks and I lose the GUI I'll be hosed!22:16
ScottbertI won't have a console to work with!22:16
TJ-Scottbert: first thing I notice is that system is apparently very old. firmware has a published date of 2012 so 1st thing I'd check is if there is updated firmware for it22:16
ScottbertNeed windows to install22:16
ScottbertCould not install windows on this computer22:16
TJ-Scottbert: DMI:  /DZ77BH-55K, BIOS BHZ7710H.86A.0097.2012.1228.1346 12/28/201222:17
ScottbertIntel doesn't provide firmware updaters for linux it seems :(22:17
TJ-Scottbert: but is there updated firmware available? If there is, there is usually a Release Notes or ChangeLog that may give clues if GOP has had fixes22:18
RodageMRQProblem is BEFORE i start OS, right?  What dows winchose had to do in that?22:18
ScottbertHmm... maybe there is something for linux, rereading https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/22814/BIOS-Update-BHZ7710H-86A-?product=6324522:19
OerHekshttps://downloadcenter.intel.com/product/63245/Intel-Desktop-Board-DZ77BH-55K latest from 201322:19
RodageMRQI mean i can get rid of nvdia driver.  Default BBeaver works well.  I fear im lost again.22:19
ScottbertThe string GOP is not in the release notes in any case.22:20
ScottbertSo, grub will never work right. Fine. How do I tell Linux to display text early like it does with the noveau driver?22:20
RodageMRQOoooh!  BIOS update!  that works only in windows.  Looks like taht?22:21
OerHeksit might work from a fat32 usb stick, via the bios itself22:21
jeremy31Scottbert: edit /etc/default/grub remove quiet splash and then do sudo update-grub22:21
ScottbertWill do22:22
RodageMRQlooking at  /etc/default/grub22:23
Scottbertuse nano to edit it22:23
Scottbertdon't use kate or abiword or things will be bad22:23
TJ-Scottbert: No I don't see it but that would be rare; I do see several indications that the latest 2013 version may have significant improvements. I also note that if you download the .BIO file it can be put on a USB key (presumably with a FAT32 file-system on) and installed from firmware setup using the "F7 BIOS Flash Update" method22:23
OerHekskate will do fine.22:23
ScottbertUnfortunately I'm short on USB keys at the moment -- the only good one I have has the kubuntu install in case I need to reinstall again22:24
RodageMRQhave only grub.old in that folder22:25
RodageMRQI do have a free USBkey.  Bios flash update isnt risky?22:25
ScottbertUhh, the link I posted was for MY bios, do you have the exact same one?22:26
ScottbertAnyway brb here goes22:26
TJ-RodageMRQ: did you pastebin the grub.cfg file?22:26
RodageMRQAlso.  I got the same problem with external usb hard disks...  Still on the good way?22:26
RodageMRQTJ-: didnt on it22:27
RodageMRQpastebininit need to get installed.  Ok for that?22:28
ScottbertNope, didn't work22:28
ScottbertSo let me get this straight... this problem means that the noveau drivers are loaded /earlier/ in the boot sequence than the nvidia drivers?22:29
RodageMRQScottbert: is all that in CMOS?22:30
RodageMRQI never got an idea where all that goes but it seems disk dependant.  Im lost.22:31
ScottbertNo I'm talking about linux's video drivers22:32
RodageMRQTj: pastebinit /boot/grub/grub.cfg -> impossible to read the file.22:33
ScottbertAnyway I've found someone else with the problem I describe linking https://www.onetransistor.eu/2016/03/plymouth-fix-nvidia.html22:33
RodageMRQScottbert: but OS drivers loaded AFTER the grub choice....  right?22:33
RodageMRQI can easily get rid of that driver in Ubuntu.22:34
ScottbertHmm, I don't have a /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/splash file, though...22:34
RodageMRQPlease figure my BIOS allows to disable the nvdia problem i have.  How shall does it called?  I seek what?22:36
TJ-Scottbert: no to nouveau being loaded earlier. The dmesg from your system shows a couple of things. First is that there is EFI FrameBuffer (efi-fb) available for the console (due to no GOP I think) so if booting in GFX modes that would explain the symptom until nvidia driver loads.22:36
ScottbertSo I need to make it use this efi-fb mode?22:37
TJ-Scottbert: Actually, Nouveau might be loaded earlier (from initramfs). You'd have to check that.22:38
ScottbertRodageMRQ: Wait, do you have the same problem I do? I thought you had a different issue with grub adding a bunch of partitions you didn't want it to look in22:38
TJ-Scottbert: efi-fb driver will load *if* the UEFI GOP is detected. But it isn't, so no efi-fb, and therefore no early console output22:38
AngelKdeScottbert,  try this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFIBooting22:38
RodageMRQScottbert: seems22:38
TJ-Scottbert: is the nivida GPU integrated onto the motherboard, or plugged into a PCIe slot?22:39
ScottbertPlugged into PCIe22:39
RodageMRQTJ-: Onboard22:39
ScottbertWait a minute, it cannot POSSIBLY need a driver to display boot stuff, I mean... I wouldn't be able to SEE the grub error messages if it needed a driver to display them!22:40
RodageMRQMake sense if i look at bios tring to ignore nvdia?22:40
RodageMRQScottbert: right22:40
TJ-Scottbert: right, so the Mobo's own firmware cannot provide a GOP for it. The GOP needs to be provided by the GPU firmware. How old is the Nvidia card? do "lspci -nn -d ::0300" to get its info22:40
Scottbert01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: NVIDIA Corporation GM107 [GeForce GTX 750 Ti] [10de:1380] (rev a2)22:41
ScottbertHow do I tell it to not worry about GOP and just use text mode22:41
RodageMRQVGA compatible22:41
TJ-Scottbert: it all needs a driver. Luckily for text modes they're well-known and well-supported, but GFX modes aren't in some circumstances.22:41
AedenDo you have any idea how to define a few inputs with the key altgr to type accentuated letters?22:42
ScottbertWell, there's no GOP evidently, so what do I do?22:42
AedenFor example, I would like to type special charaters from the Esperanto language22:42
TJ-Scottbert: OK, a search quickly indicates that device doesn't have a GOP, e.g. https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?56406-UEFI-GOP-for-GTX-750-ti22:42
RodageMRQTJ-: any way to tell bios to do not consider nvdia until OS started?22:43
RodageMRQ..... im breaking a fuse.  Not a tech i must repeat.22:44
ScottbertRodage: Are you playing games and stuff on this computer or do you just need the boot screen back at any cost?22:44
TJ-Scottbert: from further reading it seems some manufacturers may have added a GOP to that card, but from what I read so far EVGA and MSI didn't22:45
ScottbertTJ-: Right. I have no GOP. How do I tell it to load framebuffer mode anyway?22:45
TJ-RodageMRQ: you've totally confused me as to what issue you're trying to solve.22:45
TJ-Scottbert: you cannot, that's my point, there is no code in UEFI mode (no GOP) to write to screen in most (all?) graphics modes, so only text-mode consoles will work22:46
RodageMRQRécapitulons:  BIOS did see nvdia card.  Then installed a pre-driver at the start of my disks.  Thats why GRUB lack of space?22:46
ScottbertOkay, so, how do I tell it to use a text mode console? Or is it impossible to have text-mode console and a GUI on the same system?22:46
TJ-Scottbert: usually "GRUB_TERMINAL=console" in /etc/default/grub will force text-mode and consoles will be visible22:47
RodageMRQCauz driver cannot start before os...22:47
ScottbertIt does not though22:47
RandolfHow can I set up a USB memory stick to boot to multiple ISOs?  I tried following various instructions for this, but they all fail with the EFI stuff.  Here's one such page:  https://linuxconfig.org/how-to-create-multiboot-usb-with-linux22:47
RodageMRQi dont have an etc/default/grub   (.old only)22:47
TJ-Scottbert: does GRUB appear in text mode (80x25) ?22:47
TJ-RodageMRQ: please stick you your own issue; you're confusing the situation otherwise22:48
ScottbertI don't get a menu, just the error about hwmode not set or something22:48
RodageMRQNO.  Not for me.  Grub looks video card formatted22:48
ScottbertThe error looks to be in 80x25 though22:48
TJ-Scottbert: are you tapping Esc key to get to the GRUB menu, or just waiting for the system to boot?22:49
RodageMRQFor me: just waiting22:49
ScottbertBeen just waiting. ESC worked before I reinstalled kubuntu, though... And then it looked graphical.22:49
boris_Hi, is it possible to encrypt a root drive afterinstallation?22:49
TJ-Scottbert: OK, so it is likely the setting is working (its a GRUB setting) so prove that by tapping Esc and check you get a text-mode 80x25 displayed menu... if the console 'disappears' when the OS loads then that's a different issue, and may be solved with an option that 'keeps' the current GPU mode22:50
ScottbertI see22:51
RodageMRQScottbert: TJ-:  On it22:51
ScottbertI shall try to apply this: https://www.onetransistor.eu/2016/03/plymouth-fix-nvidia.html22:51
ScottbertExcept I don't have a /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/splash so I can't do that part22:52
Scottbertbut one thing at a time22:52
RodageMRQIf it doesnt work.  Will reinstall all with a dummy graphic card.  Im exhausted to do not understand anyting<22:52
RodageMRQbrb (and thnks alot)22:53
ScottbertRondage: If you're tyring to solve the same problem I am and don't need minecraft to run you can just install the noveau drivers22:54
ScottbertDunno what you mean by 'grub out of room' though22:54
ryuoboris_: no. not without a lot of work anyway. not something for your casual user.22:57
ryuoboris_: only home directory encryption can be easily enabled after install.22:57
RandolfScottbert:  Your FAT32 partition is probably too small.  It may need to be larger than 500 MBs.22:57
JonelethIrenicusopenvpn doesn't work22:57
RandolfJonelethIrenicus: What problem are you encountering with OpenVPN?22:58
RandolfJonelethIrenicus: I use it a lot.22:58
RandolfScottbert:  Your FAT32 partition is probably too small.  It may need to be larger than 500 MBs.22:58
JonelethIrenicusRandolf: currently just testing if i am connected and I am, but it works and then stops and works and stops22:58
Scottbertinsmod video and then videoinfo just says no information available for cirrus and bochs (???)22:58
RandolfJonelethIrenicus: Are you using it in UDP mode or TCP mode?22:58
ScottbertWhat the flying intercourse? What's this about a FAT32 partition?22:59
JonelethIrenicusRandolf: default, I just installed it from the repos and connected it to my vpn22:59
RandolfScottbert: I ran into this problem recently, and then I read somewhere that booting GRUB from USB with EFI requires a FAT32 partition for booting it, and that partition needs to be a minimum of 500 MBs.22:59
AedenI'm very suprized that it's so complicated to type Esperanto letters on Ubuntu23:00
RandolfJonelethIrenicus: It should be UDP by default then.  You really should read through the configuration files and make sure you understand how things are set up.23:00
AedenOn Windows, I have "Tajpi" which allows me typing Esperanto letters, but there is nothing on Ubuntu23:01
jeremy31Randolf: Win 10 makes a EFI partition at about 200 MB and you can install Ubuntu alongside23:01
ScottbertI'm not booting it from a USB...23:01
RandolfJonelethIrenicus: In your .ovpn client on the client-side, are you setting your "remote" directive to an IP address?23:01
AedenThe only thing we have, is a Qwerty Esperanto layout, that I won't use because I'm french23:01
ScottbertAnyway, what does that have to do with my graphics card not providing a GOP?23:01
Randolfjeremy31: That's awesome.  I must be using outdated documents then.  I'm not able to get GRUB2 installed -- the "grub2-install" script/program can't be found (and it doesn23:02
AedenI'm so disapointed but the lack of options that we can find on Windows, very suprizing23:02
Randolfjeremy31: That's awesome.  I must be using outdated documents then.  I'm not able to get GRUB2 installed -- the "grub2-install" script/program can't be found (and it doesn't seem to come with any of the GRUB2 packages via apt).23:02
jeremy31Randolf: If you install Ubuntu by itself using EFI the EFI system partition is normally about 500MB23:03
ScottbertTJ-: I confirmed that I can get a 80x25 grub menu if I press esc during the timeout23:03
Randolfjeremy31: Okay.  I'd really like to set up my USB memory stick to have two (or more) ISOs for installing Linux from (one server, one desktop).  So far I cannot get this to work.23:04
AedenYou really don't care about others23:04
AedenSo fuck you guys23:04
RandolfAeden: I'm sorry that you're frustrated.23:04
AedenI'm pretty sure that you will read this last one23:04
RandolfAeden: This is an open source project where people are volunteering their time for free.23:04
AedenYou only react when we insult you23:05
RandolfAeden: People have the best intentions to help others.23:05
RandolfAeden: Insults are usually not the best way to get attention.  This is IRC, where responses can sometimes take a long time.23:05
jeremy31Aeden: The only reason you get no response, is that nobody currently watching this channel understands how to fix the issue23:06
AedenIt's the only way to get attention23:06
jeremy31Aeden: it doesn't help fix the issue23:06
RandolfAeden: No, it isn't.  I didn't use insults, and jeremy31 responded to me.23:06
RandolfAeden: I also just tried to help someone who had questions about OpenVPN.23:07
RandolfAeden: They didn't insult anyone either.23:07
AedenBecause he is treating an usual, well known problem.23:07
OerHeksAeden, nobody will help, unless you repeat your question + please23:07
RandolfAeden: Now you're changing the criteria -- that's a "moving the goalposts" fallacy.23:07
AedenI wrote many lines, but in fact no one have an idea of what I spoke about23:08
ryuoWhy feed the troll? It's a waste of time.23:08
AedenOutside a certain field of knowledge, you are not capable anymore to help people23:08
jeremy31Aeden: All I can think of is keyboard layout settings23:08
RandolfAeden: My suggestion to you is to skip the insults, and try asking your question again.  There's also a mailing list, but I'm not sure how to access it -- someone else here may be able to point you in the right direction.  You could also try Usenet (newsgroups).23:08
OerHeksstop this please, lets go back to support, thanks23:09
ScottbertApplying nomodeset, rebooting23:09
AedenI don't have time to waste anymore, I wanted to complain, because I'm very bored of so inefficient Linux community23:09
AedenI was thinking about installing Ubuntu on my next Laptop, but I won't to it23:10
OerHeks /ignore23:10
AedenYes ignore what you are unable to treat23:10
AedenBye useless people23:10
RandolfAeden:  That's your choice.23:10
RandolfWell, I sure hope he gets better support from Microsoft.  ;)23:11
ryuoWow. What an entitled piece of work...23:11
Scottbertnomodeset does not work as advertised :(23:11
RandolfMy experience here has been that this is a friendly, helpful, and generally quite responsive community.23:11
JonelethIrenicusRandolf: my what?23:12
JonelethIrenicusRandolf: I am not experienced with openvpn23:13
ScottbertGonna go fiddle with grub some more23:17
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boris_ryuo, thank you. Is there an ubuntu Link for encrypting home only?23:18
=== murthy_ is now known as murthy
ryuoboris_: remember it was an option during user creation?23:19
ryuoboris_: https://www.howtogeek.com/116032/how-to-encrypt-your-home-folder-after-installing-ubuntu/ <-- seems to say how.23:19
ryuoboris_: keep in mind this isn't the most efficient method available, but it'll get the job done.23:20
ScottbertNo good. I notice that grub says 'booting a command list' when I press e to edit in the menu23:22
ScottbertAnd said command list, notably, completely ignores whatever parameters I told /etc/default/grub to pass to linux23:23
ScottbertHowever, adding nomodeset or nvidia.modeset=0 does nothing23:23
ScottbertWhat the flying fsk?! What I saw when I pressed e on the grub menu was NOT the same as when I look at /boot/grub/grub.cfg!23:26
ScottbertWhat the hell?!23:26
ScottbertAnd any attempt to access /boot/efi is permission denied... even with sudo23:28
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ScottbertWoah, what the shit? /boot/efi/EFI/ has references to uninstalled linux distros on it23:30
chullI'm trying to help my husband set up his new Canon PIXMA TS9100 printer on Ubuntu 1804. I'm not sure why it can't see the printer. we are at Select Device and we tried putting in the printer's IP but it needs something else?23:34
boris_ryuo, forgot about user creation, thank you. I23:34
ryuochull: so it's a network printer?23:35
chullryuo yes23:35
ryuocanon printers usually have bad cups support, if they even work at all. hm.23:35
chullhe had one of these before that worked, but it broke23:36
ryuowith Ubuntu?23:36
chullryuo, yes same computer etc.23:36
chullit didn't work with the old drivers, so he downloaded new.23:37
ScottbertLooks like vt.handoff may have been the culprit all along, going to go fiddle some more23:37
chullhe's downloaded something called cnijfilter2 but apparently ubuntu doesn't think that's the driver23:41
ryuois this really new? ubuntu bionic doesn't ship with that driver.23:42
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chullI noticed that, ryuo. It is new, yes. I think what we did before was get a driver from Canon maybe23:43
chullryuo, Canon won't sell the old printer that has drivers.23:43
ryuochull: one option you can try is a newer Ubuntu release... i'll see if a 19.04 container has drivers.23:43
chullryuo, can that work with his 18.04 then?23:44
ryuochull: not likely... this is a newer interim release of ubuntu.23:45
ryuothat's one option.23:45
ryuoonly supported for 9 months23:46
chullthat's why he gets lts23:46
ryuobut it's something i use when i need newer support.23:46
ryuowell, one option might be to check backports...23:46
ryuohm. nothing.23:47
tomreynwhat makes you thinnk the driver canon provides doesn't work?23:47
chulltomreyn, hi! How are you?23:47
tomreyndoing fine, thanks chull23:47
chulltomreyn, i just think we are doing something not quite right. it should work.23:48
tomreynhope the same goes for you two23:48
soulissonCan APT::Update::Pre-Invoke can be specified as an env variable?23:48
ryuochull: ok.. forget the disco suggestion. it doesn't have a TS9100 driver.23:49
chullryuo, ok. There are canon drivers for Linux.23:49
tomreynchull: so i don't have this printer here, obviously, so can't test it. but here's what i'd do: access https://www.usa.canon.com/internet/portal/us/home/support/details/printers/inkjet-multifunction/ts-series-inkjet/pixma-ts9120-gray-wireless-all-in-one-inkjet-printer?tab=drivers_downloads23:49
chulli just don't know where hubby is at in the installation, and he can't talk to tell me.23:49
ryuoyes, well, Canon isn't like HP printers. their support is less than ideal.23:49
tomreyndownload two files: cnijfilter2-5.50-1-deb.tar.gz and scangearmp2-3.50-1-deb.tar.gz23:49
ryuothough maybe you can still get it working.23:50
chulltomreyn, sweet! Thanks.23:50
tomreynfocus on cnijfilter2-5.50-1-deb.tar.gz, the other is the scanner driver (i assume this is a multi functionprinter scanner device)23:50
chulltomreyn, yep it does everything but feed the cats.23:51
tomreynunpack it using "tar xzf cnijfilter2-5.50-1-deb.tar.gz" or a graphical unpacker.23:51
ryuochull: the next time you need a new printer i'd suggest looking at HP. HPLIP is well known for its Linux compatibility.23:51
chullryuo, i don't think HP ink cartriges like to be hacked though.23:52
ryuoheh... inkjet... i haven't used those money guzzlers in years.23:52
ryuolaser printers.23:52
tomreynin there is installsh which you could just run. i have not tried to read the full code, it is long - but at least it does not seem to make too many assumptions about specific versions etc.23:53
ryuochull: fair enough.23:53
=== murthy_ is now known as murthy
tomreynthe scangearmp2-3.50-1-deb.tar.gz file works the same. extract, then run install.sh23:55
chullnice. tomreyn i'm still trying to figure out where he is in it.23:56
chulltomreyn, he's at Select Device Find Network Printer and there's a box.23:58
chulli think then it will try (again) to find drivers and that's not what we want, since we have the driver?23:58
tomreynchull: i didn't get that far, i assume that's after running install.sh, and is for configuring up the printer driver23:59
tomreynis it in a terminal window?23:59

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