studio-user710how can i chaeck out what problem i have on system boot with system applications?15:17
studio-user710when my desktop appears i get a warning that a system application is broken15:18
OvenWerkshas crashed?15:19
OvenWerksIt probably wants to send info to a bug report?15:19
studio-user710i can use the desktop normaly15:19
studio-user710than it can be fixed?15:20
OvenWerksYa, it may be a bug we know about.15:20
studio-user710oh ok15:21
M_aDstudio-user710: if it's the same message it's probably apport which you can turn off to get rid of the annoying messages15:42
M_aDit's an older article but it does the trick: https://www.binarytides.com/ubuntu-fix-system-program-problem-error/15:44
studio-user710i wait when the bug is fixed15:55
OvenWerkshave you ever run ubuntustudio-controls?15:55
OvenWerksif in the audio tab you click on the apply button and it doesn't go away, it is not a bug we know about.15:57
studio-user710i restart the pc15:58
EickmeyerOvenWerks, studio-user710: There is a known "quirk" with apport where it thinks there's a crash because something is stuck in /var/crash but is invalid and doesn't get removed. Might just have to do a "sudo rm -rf /var/crash/*" and see what happens.16:02
OvenWerksstudio-user378 did you see this comment: 09:02 < Eickmeyer> OvenWerks, studio-user710: There is a known "quirk" with apport16:03
OvenWerks                   where it thinks there's a crash because something is stuck in16:03
OvenWerks                   /var/crash but is invalid and doesn't get removed. Might just16:03
OvenWerks                   have to do a "sudo rm -rf /var/crash/*" and see what happens.16:03
studio-user378tthanks a lot16:07
studio-user378when there is a bug anyway i can send it to you or is it disabled?16:08
javier-aldanHello everyone16:11
javier-aldanI just wanted to say a big and sincere THANK YOU from binging UbuntuStudio 19.04 alive and well. I installed it in a laptop last week and I think including Carla was such a good decition. I am currently trying some x32 and x64 bit Windows plugins with Carla and it runs lile a champ.16:13
javier-aldanI even downloaded Jam Origin MIDI Guitar 2 so I can use my electric guitar as a midi controller and works good so far, playing some piano and strings with my guitar was somehting I really wanted to try and hopefully I will include in my home recordings soon.16:14
javier-aldanI am still getting used to Studio Controls, hopefully I should be able to try the "second usb interface hot plugable" feature with my drummer friend.16:15
javier-aldanThen again, THANK YOU a lot for this wonderful distro, I had been using it since 2012 and I hope I can keep using it for a long time more,16:16
Eickmeyerjavier-aldan: Thanks! Also, thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I haven't been able to log-in yet to approve it, but it'll happen soon.16:34

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