wxlyou don't SKIP it using memory XD00:00
wxlyou might as well skip it using power00:00
wxlhow much total RAM you have?00:00
lubot<wex wimpy> 3536 mb00:01
lubot<wex wimpy> 2536 mb00:01
wxlmake up your mind?00:02
lubot<wex wimpy> 2536 mb00:02
wxlso that's plenty to boot up the system and get it running, use different apps00:03
wxlso what are you doing that's consuming so much memory? have you looked at the task manager?00:03
lubot<wex wimpy> how do I look at task manager when I cant boot Lubuntu?00:04
wxlyou didn't say that00:04
wxlso how do you know it's a memory issue?00:04
lubot<wex wimpy> a errow message when trying to boot Lubuntu00:05
wxlwhat specific error message?00:05
wxllike the EXACT wording00:06
wxlscreenshot it if you have to00:06
lubot<wex wimpy> thats going to be hard to do the computer im trying to get working with Lumbuntu is a old dell I get from  a guy not the computer I talking to you on00:11
wxldo you have a phone?00:12
lubot<wex wimpy> yes I can take a pic if I can get the errow message up00:12
lubot<wex wimpy> great now Im geting a blinking curser in corner00:14
wxlso let's back up a minute here00:14
wxl1. did you check the hashes on the ISO?00:14
lubot<wex wimpy> yes00:15
wxl2. when you booted, at the GRUB screen, did you select "check disc for defects?"00:15
lubot<wex wimpy> i have installed from this iso before to a old hp Iget00:15
wxl^^ with the installation media00:15
lubot<wex wimpy> yes00:15
wxlthat, sadly, doesn't mean anything00:15
wxlyou could have one single bit of information that is corrupted and it could lead to all sorts of weird errors in one case where in another case it works fine00:16
wxlbut if you did the check, you're fine00:16
lubot<wex wimpy> now im getting a corrupted low memmery00:16
wxlthe "bad memory" thing makes me wonder if the hardware isn't defective00:16
lubot<wex wimpy> memory00:16
wxlhave you tried using the "memcheck" option in the GRUB menu of the installer?00:16
lubot<wex wimpy> yes00:16
wxland the memory wasn't defective at all?00:17
lubot<wex wimpy> ran a mem test last night about 4 times00:17
wxlhuh i've never seen this before00:18
wxlwhat specific machine is this?00:18
wxlcan you boot to the installer and run `dmidecode` and pastebin that somewhere?00:18
wxloh hold on00:19
wxllong story short: your BIOS is trying to use memory it shouldn't be00:21
wxlit should boot, though00:21
wxlthat said the error is probably a red herring00:22
wxli'd look into a reinstall00:22
wxlmaybe see if you can upgrade the bios00:22
lubot<wex wimpy> sadly its upgrade as high as it goes00:23
wxlyou know there's something i tell people all the time00:24
wxllinux can do a lot of things00:24
wxlbut it can't fix broken XD00:24
wxlsorry i couldn't be of more help :(00:26
tomreynswitching to uefi booting might work around it. but i assume this is so old it doesn't support uefi?00:27
lubot<wex wimpy> right will try a reinstall and see you help a lot. i have like 6 other puters so no big deal00:29
tomreynreinstalling ubuntu wont help with a buggy bios, but i didn't follow the whole chat, maybe there was something else.00:30
tomreynolder graphics cards may also do funny things such as corrupting low memory. i've seen some of a company whose name starts with n and ends in vidia do that.00:33
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lubot<Login_01> @wxl [<wxl> @Login_01 that's what causes the icons to stick in place], Here I am. I write from Italy, and in previous messages from me it was already night. … As soon as I have the opportunity to test for the problem of the icons I will let you know. … For the second problem I will send you a photo so that you understand better.07:24
lubot<Login_01> @lubuntu_bot Hy!10:35
lubot<A> I no longer see the messages in this chat. You too?12:58
lubot<wex wimpy> I can see chat text12:59
lubot<wex wimpy> 😜12:59
lubot<A> OK 😁13:00
lubot<wex wimpy> Is the there a way to get lubuntu not to use low memory14:15
lubot. . was added by: . .14:15
lubot<. .> Hello friends, I am a newcomer in the world of Linux. Can you help me to get answers for simple questions?  β€¦ I am going to install a lightweight Lubuntu 19.04, and want to make it as quick as possible, so I want know: … 1)  how to disable all logs.   2) how to make autologin.   … I just don't want to read much in internet. I will be grat14:23
luboteful for the instructions.14:23
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lubot<wex wimpy> I know that when you install Lubuntu there is a option to turn off logining in with password thinks it a bottom of page where you do all the nameing stuff14:46
lubot<wex wimpy> as for disable logs there a setting to do that  but why do you wont to logs help a lot trying to run down a bug14:48
lubot<. .> to minimize read/write on HDD, so that OS may be run with minimal footprint.14:51
wexhi all14:56
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @wex wimpy [2536 mb], 2536? Seems an od configuration for ram. What is it? Like 2gb+512mb? But shouldn't the usable amount be less than 2500mb in that case?15:28
lubot<wex wimpy> I know but thats what bios sayed15:47
lubot<wex wimpy> as buggy as this thing is who know it should be 1536 mb15:49
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Guest63693y orwell.freenode.net17:00
wxl@Login_01: if you're still around make sure to send that screenshot as a *link* rather than just pasting it in Telegram. our bridge has a bug i need to fix. maybe i'll try to get on that this morning.17:04
wxland wex, i can't @ you because you don't have a username. but did you read what i sent you?17:04
wxl@.. did you figure out autologin?17:04
lubot<wex wimpy> Lol I have moved on how I'm trying to install old copy of windows xp17:06
wxl@.. for the vast majority of logs, rsyslog does all the work. you can disable it with `sudo systemctl disable rsyslog.service` but, i, too, think that's really silly17:06
wxloh jeez. don't hook it up to the internet.17:07
lubot<. .> About autologin I asking beforehand, am going to install Lubuntu after 2 days.17:07
wxlthe installer will give you the option17:08
lubot<wex wimpy> lol not sure I can with xp its been so long since the last time I messed with it17:09
wxlwhat you CAN do with XP is become a botnet node17:10
wxlwithout even trying!17:10
lubot<. .> @wxl [<wxl> @.. for the vast majority of logs, rsyslog does all the work. you can disa …], thank you.17:11
lubot<. .> guys, I am a novice, my another silly question:  is it possible homehow to manage swapping? … For example in Windows I have disabled a "pagefile", bacause I have a lot of RAM, and OS works quickly. How is it in Linux, namely Lubuntu?17:48
lubot<HMollerCl> there is a configuration of swappiness17:49
wxlif there's nothing displayed by `swapon -s`, you don't have swap17:49
wxlyou can disable all swaps with `swapoff -a`17:49
lubot<. .> say, is it worth to do in Linux?17:49
wxlgenerally swaps are automatically mounted in /etc/fstab, so if you have swaps you want to remove, you can remove the relevant lines and either delete the swapfile or reuse the partition17:50
wxlsame logic applies in general to linux as it does to windows or any other os17:50
lubot<. .> thanks, I will experiment with it.17:53
lubot<HMollerCl> wxl: remember that latest lubuntu doesn't use swap partition as default, it uses a file.18:04
wxl@HMollerCl everything i said still applies :018:04
lubot<HMollerCl> because I don't have it wxl18:05
lubot<. .> @HMollerCl [wxl: remember that latest lubuntu doesn't use swap partition as default, it uses …], does `swapoff -a`will  disable it?18:07
wxl`swapoff -a` will disable ALL swaps, regardless of their form18:08
lubot<HMollerCl> swapoff [options] [<spec>] … Disable devices and files for paging and swapping.18:09
lubot<HMollerCl> from swapoff β€”help18:09
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @PLYR 0 [<reply to image>], Road Rash! :P18:27
lubot<aptghetto> We have the feature to not create any swap with Calamares. We have https://phab.lubuntu.me/T22 for more details18:36
lubot<. .> About 'atime' I found how to disable: to add  <noatime,nodiratime> into /etc/fstab.  β€¦ Is it possible to disable  ctime (change time) ?19:06
lubot<teward001> see `man mount`20:18
lubot<teward001> there is no `noctime` directive in options20:18

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