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ddstreetcpaelzer__ i have a libvirt xml that won't start because virsh isn't creating an apparmor profile for it...you know of anything that might cause libvirt to do that, or what the best way to debug libvirt's call to virt-aa-helper?11:40
ddstreetthis is on disco host11:40
ddstreetguest xml is https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/V5NcWkg2Pg/11:41
phobosophWould a perfect upgrade from Ubuntu Server 16 to 18 result in a system that is Ubuntu Server 18 (LTS)? It would be basically undistiguishable?11:53
phobosophThis isn't windows, rigth? :)11:54
lotuspsychjephobosoph: before lts upgrading you might wanna read the releasenotes11:54
lotuspsychjephobosoph: i think for server lts upgrades its important to know some relevant package versions upfront right?11:55
phobosophlotuspsychje: but when the upgrade finished, the resulting 18 system would be identical - more or less -to a fresh 18 install, right?11:55
phobosophthe package installer would simply overwrite the existing stuff, cleaning up old stuff ,et11:55
phobosophso like a imaging thing on package-level11:55
lotuspsychjephobosoph: well nothing can beat a clean install, but the idea of an lts upgrade 'should' work like a charm11:56
Ussatthere will still be cruft left over, but mostly like a fresh 1811:57
lotuspsychjephobosoph: apt always wants to heal itself too11:57
UssatIt doesnt change to netplan if I remember correctly11:57
phobosophthat's good11:57
phobosophbecause netplan should be kept :)11:57
lotuspsychjephobosoph: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/ReleaseNotes#Ubuntu_Server11:57
Ussatbeen a while since I have done one though11:58
sdezielphobosoph: without a clean install, you'd probably have a FS with different features enabled (metadata_csum comes to mind for ext4)11:58
phobosophsdeziel: can I change this afterwards? easily?12:01
sdezielphobosoph: apparently that's doable https://ext4.wiki.kernel.org/index.php/Ext4_Metadata_Checksums#Detailed_Instructions12:02
phobosophthanks man!12:02
phobosophubuntu/debian/*nix is awesome12:02
sdezielphobosoph: that's just an example to highlight that many things would be subtly different12:03
phobosophsdeziel: what else would be different subtly? :/  netplan + fs. But kernel, all packages and everything else would be upgraded12:07
sdezielphobosoph: yes, the packages would be upgraded and you'd be fully supported12:07
phobosophfor everything else, ansible is used. Sure, it won't enforce the whole system state, just the application/services.12:08
sdezielphobosoph: some packages might be left as uninstalled but not purged, some .dpkg-* files may be left behind. Not a concern usually, it's just that one can usually distinguish when a box was dist-upgraded :)12:09
phobosophsdeziel: theoretically I could even search for this stuff and remove it afterwards12:10
cpaelzer__ddstreet: yes I have some commands that help doing that12:16
cpaelzer__just a sec12:16
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UssatI have not done a upgrade in a while, but I recall it was pretty smooth in all I did do12:20
cpaelzerddstreet: you need to be on the system or copy off the disk files12:22
cpaelzerddstreet: but the TL;DR is that you can run it like sudo /usr/lib/libvirt/virt-aa-helper -r -d -u 'libvirt-d007102b-7ac8-46b0-a634-2ef994ba620f'  < disco-gl-set.xml12:22
cpaelzeradapt the UUID to yous and the filename12:22
cpaelzerthen this would do what it would do on guest startup12:22
cpaelzerddstreet: looking at the XML I'd expect skiboot.lid to not be accessible12:24
cpaelzerwithout the disks (as I don't have them) and without skiboot it works for me12:24
phobosophUssat: I am backing up everything now and then start the upgrade :)12:25
phobosophI have terrible memories of windows updates, hehe12:25
cpaelzerddstreet: /etc/apparmor.d/usr.lib.libvirt.virt-aa-helper does not allow /usr/share/skiboot/skiboot - so it will fail on that for sure12:25
UssatWelll TBH Win updates are pretty smooth now12:25
Ussatbut I have done about 50 prod Ubuntu updates and all went well12:25
Ussatbut all done with em now12:25
phobosophhm, not sure if this chanel is the right one...12:37
phobosophI want to take backups regularly12:37
phobosophstorage should be cheap, I am ok with more expensive retrieval12:37
phobosophideal with file delta, european data protection compliance thing12:37
phobosophare there good + cheap services for backing up data off-site?12:37
UssatI can tell you what we do, its good but not cheap12:43
phobosophUssat: ok, tell me :)  I think I get too cheap when it comes to data which is probably bad12:45
UssatWe are a fairly large IBM shop. we use TSM12:45
UssatIBM Spectrum Protect its new name12:46
ddstreetcpaelzer *wow* the problem was that it doesn't allow accessing files in /usr/share?  that's an incredibly obfuscated way to communicate the error to users :-)14:16
ddstreetespecially since using /usr/share/AAVMF/AAVMF_CODE.fd for arm guests works fine14:16
ddstreetcpaelzer thnx tho - it's working now that i copied skiboot into a per-guest copy in /var/lib/libvirt/images/14:17
ddstreetcpaelzer do you happen to know why usr.lib.libvirt.virt-aa-helper doesn't allow using the known, installed by ubuntu packages, loader files, like skiboot?14:17
cpaelzerddstreet: because no one ever asked for it i guess14:21
ddstreetso no specific security reason then14:21
ddstreetok interesting thnx!14:21
cpaelzercommon things -> default profile; uncommon things loacl override14:22
cpaelzerif nobody asked ever => uncommon :-)14:22
amitkm9204Hi guys14:46
amitkm9204I want to know about ndtrack command14:47
amitkm9204As i am getting high cpu utilisation due to this command14:48
weedmicwhat was the command you typed amitkm9204?14:50
amitkm9204using top14:50
amitkm9204I getting high cpu utilisation14:50
amitkm9204Command name is ndtrack14:50
weedmicif u use htop, it will give u a more usable interface - u can order the dynamic table by many different ways14:51
OerHekswhere does ndtrack come from? cannot find it in the repos14:51
weedmici am unfamiliar with "ndtrack"14:51
weedmicno man page, in google I get proffered ndtrack.exe :D14:52
weedmicso it's something you are using wine to use - that would certainly use some cpu points14:53
phobosophso I run do-release-upgrade20:06
phobosophit didn't start but it aborted20:07
phobosophwhen I now run it again, it doesn't want to upgrade20:07
phobosophhow can I reset it?20:07
sdezielphobosoph: are you sure it didn't run to completion the first time?20:08
phobosophI cancelled it very early, nothing started yet20:09
phobosophbut apparently it thinks there is nothing to be upgraded, probably the sourceslist?20:09
sdezielphobosoph: cat /etc/os-release to check20:09
sarnoldare you sure it's not still running in a screen somewhere?20:13
phobosophso not 1820:13
phobosophnot upgraded20:13
phobosophsarnold: pretty sure20:15
phobosophSo what can I do? :/20:28
phobosophso that I can at least finish the upgrade?20:28
phobosophor reset it that it asks for upgrading?20:28
phobosophit didn't start20:28
sdezielphobosoph: I'd start by pasting the error you get when running it20:29
albert23phobosoph: check if /etc/apt/sources.list refers to bionic instead of xenial. If it points to bionic there is indeed no LTS upgrade available20:31
phobosophPlease install all available updates for your release before upgrading.20:34
phobosophso it is probably the sources, right20:34
phobosophhow can I reset the apt sources back to 16?20:34
catbadgerI have a server with 2 nics. i want to install squid and set it up as a gateway/transparent proxy for the internal network. can someone explain what i need to do with netplan to achieve this?22:10
catbadgeri have that little bit of knowledge on me haha22:11
catbadgeri'm following this tutorial https://veesp.com/en/blog/how-to-setup-squid-on-ubuntu22:12
catbadgerit employs /etc/networking/interfaces... i need to use netplan now i guess22:12
phobosophalright, it seems that I just have to replace 'bionic' (18) with 'xenial' (16) in /etc/apt/sources.list to restore22:37

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