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xubuntu41wHi, I'm installing on a MacBook Air 2013 that has no SSD...how would I disable that in kernel "cheat-codes"?12:23
pmjdebruijnxubuntu41w: disable what?12:25
xubuntu41wDisable the non-working SSD (solid state THE [internal] harddrive)12:26
pmjdebruijnwhy would you want to disable it?12:26
pmjdebruijnif the ssd isn't working ,what are you install xubuntu on then?12:26
xubuntu41wIt takes about 36 seconds for the system to start up looking for a working SSD even after holding the option key after boot-sound, PLUS it takes another 66 seconds once an OS is starting up.12:27
pmjdebruijnwhat are you booting from then?12:28
xubuntu41wUSB 2.0 drive...1.6 GB.... was looking for a way to use UBUNTU FOR STEAM, GAMEDEV USE.12:29
pmjdebruijnare you sure the internal ssd is the issue for bootspeed? as booting from a USB drive isn't going to be fast to begin with12:30
pmjdebruijnxubuntu41w: wouldn't it be much better to just replace the failed ssd?12:32
xubuntu41wYes, I am sure. I take out the SSD before starting....it goes straight to the boot menu, but once I start ANY OS [from USB] they don't start UNLESS I have the SSD card in the machine. Then in the NON-SILENT verbose mode of ANY SYSTEMS it has error12:32
xubuntu41wErrors looking for not working drive...12:32
xubuntu41wYou have work for me? Or want to donate $250 Canadian.....:-)12:33
xubuntu41wBelieve me its error for the PCI/ATA controller or something that is for the SSD....12:33
xubuntu41wBelieve me the *&$&% SSD is the one not working and I want to disable it.12:34
pmjdebruijnthat MIGHT Help12:35
xubuntu41wThat is sounding PRETTY CLOSE my friend...! I'll stay on board a bit, but I will have to restart my machine multiple times to check it out.....For now, I'll read it....12:36
pmjdebruijnbtw, also keep in mind that SSDs have gotten fairly cheap12:37
xubuntu41wNeat to hear. I got the 2013 machine 5 years ago. The SSDs were expensive asf.12:38
pmjdebruijn128GB NVME SSDs can be had to 35EUR12:39
pmjdebruijnprobably not as performant as the original12:39
pmjdebruijnbut still much faster than a USB drive12:39
pmjdebruijnthe big question is if they will work in a Mac12:39
pmjdebruijnMac's are sadly an atrocious choice if you're on a budget, even 5yrs after purchase12:40
pmjdebruijnfor example: TS128GMTE110S12:44
pmjdebruijnbut again not sure if Apple sabotaged third party SSDs in their hardware12:45
xubuntu41wThis is superb help. Yes, the price I found was for ones that are double the original speed of the SSD. I wouldn't mind even a 32/64GB if they exist.12:48
xubuntu41wI looked through all the kernel commands [official listing] didn't find any particular one that would not affect USB as well.12:49
xubuntu41wSo, yeah, the fix you mention does have to have a patch, and the one linked is for 3.12 kernel. I'll be installing Xubuntu 19.04 which I think has kernel 5.0.12:52
xubuntu41wAny ideas on how to PATCH kernels?12:52
ChunkzZhi, where are the options for adding "delete" permanently in 19.04?13:04
ChunkzZI only have move to wastebasket.,...13:04
brainwashChunkzZ: preferences > behavior13:07
ChunkzZbrainwash, where?13:07
xubuntu41wIn Ubuntu [regular] it was an option in the preferences.13:07
ChunkzZI don't see it brainwash13:08
ChunkzZno prefrences...13:08
xubuntu41wOne of the tabs has a checkbox, in Preferences of Nautilus.13:08
ChunkzZand where do I find Nautilus?@13:08
xubuntu41wSorry, I don't have Xubuntu, yet. It's downloading. So, I think they use a different file-manager.13:09
ChunkzZI'm on 19.04...13:09
brainwashChunkzZ: https://bluesabre.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/04/thunar.png13:09
ChunkzZbrainwash, I don't have that installed?!13:10
brainwashyou don't have Thunar (the file manager) installed?13:10
ChunkzZyes, thunar is installed but no file manager pref...13:11
brainwashthunar has a menu bar13:11
brainwashyou go there13:11
brainwashand click on preferences13:11
brainwashyou're welcome13:12
pmjdebruijnxubuntu41w: the article mentioend the patch going mainline, so it should work everywhere now13:13
xubuntu41wCool dude! So, I just add the line in the grub menu?13:17
xubuntu41wI mean the parameter in the linux line of a boot-loader?13:18
pmjdebruijnagain I have no experience with this13:19
pmjdebruijnI would just replace the SSD13:19
pmjdebruijnbut then again I would have never bought a Mac to begin with :D13:19
pmjdebruijnsorry for begin cheecky13:20
xubuntu41wI was going to do development  for iOS devices.....Apology accepted.13:20
xubuntu41wWhat's the big/small differences from Xubuntu and UBUNTU Mate?? Like memory usage and performance, other than desktop environment.13:22
xubuntu41wSee if you can convince me to stick to Xubuntu anyone...13:23
brainwashyou can download both, and test both13:24
xubuntu41wI am Ubuntu Mate just finished downloading a second ago, Xubuntu in 41 minutes.. I was and STILL asking for OTHERS opinions and experience. i7 processor, 8GB RAM, USB 2.0 startup/boot device.13:25
xubuntu41w*I am.13:26
brainwashwhat do you expect? this is the Xubuntu channel13:26
brainwashyou probably should search the web for comparisons instead13:28
brainwashactual benchmarks etc.13:28
xubuntu41wOk, I checked out YouTube videos....AGAIN YOUR OPINIONS, OTHERS EXPERIENCE IF ANY.13:29
xubuntu41wI checked them out hours ago.13:29
xubuntu41wOkay, so A DIFFERENT QUESTION:13:30
brainwashno need for caps13:30
xubuntu41w:D How do you **bold**?13:30
xubuntu41wCan I use the brandmarks, https://xubuntu.org/resources/ , to make anything like 3D printed work, and give them away? Can I even sell them, like knitted work or something like calendars?13:32
brainwashI have no idea13:34
gnrpxubuntu41w: There is written on that page that you should get in touch13:44
gnrp"Want to use our logo somewhere or update to the newest version but need help?13:44
gnrpBe in contact and we’ll help you.13:44
gnrpand for bold: Some clients interpret single asterisks as something *bold*, others don't.13:45
xubuntu41w@gnrp Aha. and thanks for tip.13:53
xubuntu41wYes, the email is xubuntu-devel@lists.ubuntu.com13:53
xubuntu41wI have another question while I have a running system:13:54
xubuntu41wIs it possible to run Xubuntu on a USB stick as Read-Only?13:55
pmjdebruijnin iso mode13:55
pmjdebruijndd if=xubuntu.iso of=/dev/sdX13:56
xubuntu41wPurpose: To not have the install/system disk get corrupted or inoperable with a poweroutage or non-traditional reboot/shutdown.13:56
pmjdebruijnsince ISO9660 is a readonly filesystem13:56
pmjdebruijnxubuntu41w: that always the case with usb live boot13:56
pmjdebruijnor did you _install_ to a usb stick13:56
pmjdebruijnin any case, for a real world usable system, it's fairly hard to do any work without some persistent storage13:57
xubuntu41wI had an install of Ubuntu that couldn't start up [went to grub-rescue] after not shutting down through the menus.13:57
xubuntu41wSo, something like UNetbootin to make persistance available to the USB non-installed system? How would you dd that persistance?13:58
xubuntu41wI think there's an option in Unetbootin for Ubuntu systems to have configurable persistence storage...13:59
xubuntu41wxubuntu-19.04-desktop-amd64.iso 29 seconds to download!!!14:01
xubuntu41wWish me luck getting it to have persistance storage on USB!!14:01
pmjdebruijnxubuntu has its own bootable creator14:04
xubuntu41wHave you used it?14:05
pmjdebruijnnot a long while14:06
xubuntu41wWhat Xubuntu version/desktop-environment do you use <pmjdebruijn> may I ask?14:07
pmjdebruijnbut desktops are just personal preference nothing more14:08
xubuntu41wHence a question directed to a person...??14:08
xubuntu41wUninstall your personal preference to JWM or GNU/Step, nothing more..........14:09
xubuntu41w..................jk ^_______________^14:10
pmjdebruijnplease don't do that14:10
pmjdebruijnbut I like xfce just fine, which is the whole point of installing xubuntu14:10
xubuntu41wIndeed. Xubuntu can use Steam?14:12
xubuntu41wA popular game downloading/server-type place/thing.14:12
Axzercionofcourse, xubuntu is based on debian14:12
xubuntu41wSo we don't need unity/gnome/gtk/systemd?14:13
xubuntu41wFor steam.14:13
Axzercionwhy would u need that?14:13
xubuntu41wThere are people called developers.14:13
Axzercionnot sure about the dependencies of steam, never looked them up14:14
xubuntu41wDevelopers talk to computers. Why would you ask that?14:14
pmjdebruijnxubuntu41w: what do developers have do to with the compatilibty of steam with a particular window manager?14:14
xubuntu41wHe asked why would we need those, if at all, well programmers/execs would have put them in and do you have apps that use only Qt .14:15
xubuntu41wWTF can't you know these things?14:15
pmjdebruijnxubuntu41w: he meant why would steam need unity14:16
Axzercionthe gtk couldve been a dependency, but it looks like steam doesn't depend on it14:16
xubuntu41wNot the point dude. Wake up, repent and find God.14:16
pmjdebruijnwhich app uses which toolkit doesn't matter, this is handled by package dependancies14:16
bakedpiIf I install xfce4 on ubuntu 18.04 and login with xfce session I get this 4 panel workspace switcher at top right which I don't get in Xubuntu 18.04? How do I get it?15:51
bakedpiI have increased workspaces to 4 in the workspaces app in Xubuntu but can't change to any other workspace.15:52
diogenes_bakedpi, i assume you need to add workspace switcher plugin to the panel.16:01
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xubuntu74ihave a lot of fun.17:29
bakedpidiogenes_: Thanks. Found about the plugins.17:54
glithI have a problem with my computer lid. Whenever I close it, the screen remains on, and if by any reason the computer goes to sleep mode, whenever I try to wake it up it basically reboots.19:49
glithI've looked in several subreddits and forums and I havent found any solution19:50
brainwashglith: does suspend work otherwise? did you test without having the screen locker enabled? any related messages in the system log?19:53
brainwashalso, how did you configure the Xfce power manager?19:53
glithanything that "locks" the screen makes the computer reboot19:54
gliththe xfce power manager is on default settings19:54
glithI tried disabling the screen locker with no changes19:54
brainwashand the first question?19:57
glithIm going to try suspend, wait a sec19:59
glith_okay! suspend works apparently20:01
glith_first time the screen locked and woke up without rebooting20:01
brainwashglith_: how did you disable the screen locker before?20:08
brainwashI'm still not sure about that part20:08
glith_I went to the startup settings and disabled it and also using killall light-locker20:09
brainwashand despite that the system was not able to properly suspend on lid close, right?20:10
glith_I currently have the screen locker disable btw20:10
glith_since having it enabled does nothing either20:10
glith_I could give the computer specs if that helps20:11
brainwashyou may want to try the following: adding "IgnoreLid=true" to /etc/UPower/UPower.conf20:12
glith_okay, hold up20:12
brainwashI've read about this configuration change a few times20:13
brainwashin relation to lid close issues20:13
brainwashno idea if it takes effect immediately20:14
glith_going to reboot and try20:18
glithi dont know what im looking for tho20:22
brainwashanother test?20:23
brainwashto verify if the config change works or not20:23
glithi closed the lid, didnt do anything (as expected) but apart from that I guess i have to enable the screen locker and wait for it to lock20:24
brainwashwhat action do you expect? just screen locking or suspend + lock?20:25
glithscreen lock20:25
brainwashI don't know what the default power manager config is20:25
glith_   20:34
glithokay, it locked and didn't automatically reboot, but i wasnt able to wake it up20:36
glithI had to hard reboot the laptop20:36
glith__I disabled again the screen locker just in case20:41
brainwashglith__: I would install "xscreensaver" and see if it's maybe a problem with light-locker20:44
glithIm going to try20:45
brainwashinstall it and then relog20:45
brainwashso that it gets started via autostart20:45
glith_alright im back, let's see if this works20:49
glith_It allows me to wake up the laptop, so im calling it a success20:51
glith_It sucks that the lid cannot control sleep wake functions....20:54
glith_thanks brainwash! You have been really helpful :)20:58
brainwashyou're welcome glith_21:01
Soidhelp shashlik gives me virtualization error, and the screen stays black, but virtual box works very well21:42
Soidhelp shashlik gives me virtualization error, and the screen stays black, but virtual box works very well21:55
Soidhelp shashlik gives me virtualization error, and the screen stays black, but virtual box works very well22:14

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