user|5410could anyone please help me get akonadi working? I know this has to be a known issue, I just can't seem to find any up-to-date resources on it...00:16
SolverniaHey guys, I want to make a Kubuntu boot USB and I need some guidance00:53
SolverniaBasically I used Windows 10 up until my HDD had a head failure, so now I'm running bionicpup64 on a ramdisk from drivedroid so i can make a kubuntu image on a USB stick I have, and I'd like to know how to do this (the last time I used anything linux was 15 years ago)00:54
Solverniathe guides i looked up are kind of out of date00:55
mparillosudo dd bs=4M if=/path/to/kubuntu.iso of=/dev/sd[drive letter] status=progress01:21
mparilloin most cases your USB drive letter will be b, but if you don't know, sudo fdisk -l01:22
valoriemparillo: impressively brief!02:18
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qmx_hi im new :305:14
lordievaderGood morning06:10
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BluesKajHowdy folks09:28
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BluesKajhi R13ose13:20
R13oseHow do I create a second desktop?13:21
BluesKajuse virtual desktops in system settings>Desktop Behaviour13:26
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R13oseHow do I switch between visual desktops?15:28
[Relic]do you have the pager grid for virtual desktops on your bar?15:32
[Relic]otherwise I think mouse scroll on on the bar will flip through them15:33
[Relic]mouse wheel seems to only work on ones with something open on them15:34
R13oseI have a pager grid.  I don't have a mouse.  Is there a keyboard shortcut?15:38
[Relic]don't think it starts with one but you ca assign them to most if you can call it up15:40
[Relic]Alt+D,S for pager settings when I mouse over, but not sure how that works without mouse/touchpad15:41
BluesKaj[Relic], i use 6 activities with the 2VDs so i have a separate app in each activity with the activity pager in the panel combined with the quicklaunch widget so i don't need any desktop icons15:46
isomari_greetings, why is it that if a window is full screen on one of 2 dual screen monitors, I can't drag it to the other monitor on the pager? I drag and it just snaps back to where it was.16:11
isomari_I can drag it if it's not full screen.16:14
[Relic]just as a guess cause you can't have full screen split since it is full screen, whereas a window is simply where ever you put it16:17
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carbonzeroWhat would cause using the "rfkill list" command in konsole to return an error of "unknown command?20:28
carbonzeroand just using rfkill returns the same error20:28
Greenfroghello :)23:09
Greenfrogvariety wants gvfs-trash to delete to trash, my system says that gvfs is installed but now the man pages from ubuntu says gvfs-trash has been depreciated and it is redirected to gio trash. how do i fix the error message?23:09
Greenfrogok nevermind i think i found an answer23:14

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