Wild_Manguiverc2, still no official email?01:46
guiverc2i haven't seen it01:46
Wild_ManI just checked my spam folder01:48
Wild_Mankrytarik, have we missed the announcement for 14.04 EOL?01:49
Wild_ManI figured we use this https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2019-March/000241.html01:49
guiverc2Wild_Man, 12.04 had a message like 17.10 earlier (https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2017-April/000221.html) as did 10.04 (https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2015-April/000196.html) so I'd suggest wait... better accurate than early..01:51
guiverc2time wise past-notices were earlier today than it is now, but if we post tomorrow i don't see the harm in a slight delay...01:54
guiverc2(post tomorrow, I'm thinking if you want to do it..; even ~18 hrs is tiny on 5 year life..)01:55
Wild_ManThat is true if it is coming01:56
Wild_ManI am going to be gone early in the morning unexpected day trip for our business01:56
-SwissBot:#ubuntu-news- ::Fridge:: Ubuntu Weekly Newsletter Issue 576 @ http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2019/04/29/ubuntu-weekly-newsletter-issue-576/ (by guiverc)02:35
Wild_Manguiverc2, I a going to bed soon but I think this https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-announce/2019-March/000241.html might have replaced the other announcement because it allows for the pushing of extended support, most of the wording is the same as in previous announcements, I guess we will see tomorrow for sure, that is my suspicion03:55
guiverc2o/  we'll see; if it is/was that, the delay of a day won't really matter much.  sleep well Wild_Man03:58
Wild_ManThen again other sources may just be jumping the gun03:58
Wild_ManI hope so, thanks03:58
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guivercWild_Man, I'm assuming you can access https://pad.ubuntu.com/cP64s2Zgnp  (email sent)22:39
guiverc^  last link relates to 14.04 LTS EOL22:44
Wild_Manguiverc, so just waiting on a reply?23:22
guiverci expected to see something when I woke today - yes waiting for a reply is now my 2c best bet23:23
Wild_ManOkay, thanks for emailing him23:24
Wild_ManStill a little groggy, I just woke from a short nap23:25
guivercWild_Man, did you notice (email, looking for ..23:31
Wild_ManThat is the link I posted last night23:32
guivercyou posted 241 that I see23:34
Wild_ManI noticed that it is a little different23:34
Wild_ManNot much23:34
Wild_ManThat is the notice right? like I said I am just waking up23:35
guivercyeah, it's just a re-post (the prior releases were follow-up's too) .. but I'm trying to follow -news conventions which are to use follow-up posts23:35
guiverc(follow up's are done post-eol, which is why i think they are used).  I'm a +1 for posting it to fridge23:36
Wild_Manguiverc, it says it is the follow up so the I am too23:38
Wild_ManI need a few minutes to get awake before giving it a go23:38
guivercnot a problem, in your own time..23:38
Wild_ManBasically it is a copy and paste right? what categories need to be ticked besides news and planet?23:40
guivercyep news & planet.   I don't see heeadings (unlike the 19.04 release I think I posted my changed copy/paste to last time); last para is 'created' (based on a prior one, eg. http://fridge.ubuntu.com/2018/07/19/ubuntu-17-10-artful-aardvark-end-of-life-reached-on-july-19-2018/ could be used) - I clicked 'release' too I note on 17.10 eol.23:42
guivercthe links get marked as links.23:44
Wild_ManI will look at the in a few minutes23:47
Wild_ManIt looks like to me the last paragraph is included in the announcement, I do not see anything added after it23:56
Wild_Manguiverc, ^^23:59

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