ubottupragmaticenigma called the ops in #ubuntu (zette is posting phishing scams (root@
pragmaticenigmadax: Is there a reason behind your message?17:27
daxcalling for ops when there's already an op dealing with the issue seems a bit amusing17:27
pragmaticenigmadax: I wasn't aware you were an op, and comments like that don't create a lot of confidence in moderation being taken seriously17:29
pragmaticenigmaThanks for helping keep the channel a safe place17:30
daxone of these days i'm gonna !no, ops is <reply> BEEP!17:33
dax(not really, but i *am* considering making a list of people in that factoid who've actually appeared in #ubuntu in the last year or two, 'cause i suspect it's a bit shorter than the factoid ;)17:36
geniiMy response time varies wildly while I'm here at work17:42
hggdhdax: and yes, we need to adjust the !ops call (at least)18:14
hggdhtomfarr_: please do not idle in this channel23:29

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