rfmJonelethIrenicus, did you remember to set the block size up?00:04
ZeZuwhy can't ubuntu unlock its keychain with a login ?00:27
ZeZuthis used to be an option iirc,  unless i'm just missing it now00:27
hggdhZeZu: normally it will; but if the login password changes, then it will fail00:31
hggdhZeZu: or, at least, this is how it workED. Not sure now00:31
ZeZuyeah this happens w. the password i use to install00:32
ZeZufor the last .. half dozen versions?00:32
ZeZuprob since 14.x (just a guess)00:32
ZeZucould be 10.x00:32
hggdhuntil I moved over to KDE, it was working, to say, until 18.1000:33
ZeZuI think the issue is/was with autologin00:34
hggdhZeZu: well, yes, this might cause it00:34
ZeZui mean if you choose to autologin idk why you shouldn't be able to choose unlocking the keychain too00:34
ZeZuif can execute files,  we're worried about the keychain?00:35
ZeZuit's not a bad thing,  if there is an option to change it00:35
ZeZuthere used to be00:35
ZeZuwhen it was first a thing00:35
ZeZuthere likely still is a way just not in settings00:36
hggdhZeZu: autologin, if I remember correctly, means "login with no password". Then, yes, you will be required to manually open the keychain00:36
ZeZuseems 10.x is correct : https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=146651900:36
JonelethIrenicusopenvpn doesn't work properly when ran as a service on start up, but when I start it myself and connect it works perfect01:22
cnnxim trying to apt-get install cuda01:29
cnnxand it says stuff is broken01:29
cnnxapt --fix-broken install doesnt work either01:29
cnnxhow can i fix it01:30
OerHeks!info cuda01:31
ubottuPackage cuda does not exist in bionic01:31
OerHekswhat guide do you follow?01:31
slackinWhy is apt-get ... ummm.... to put it nicely, so poorly coded that it will fill up /boot with 10 different kernels that aren't being used, have never been used, and have no need for? And how do I disable it from auto-updating?01:45
slackinThis is why I stick to gentoo.01:46
slackinand seriously, I can emerge a new kernel in gentoo, make menuconfig it from scratch, and compile it nearly as fast as apt-get can install a pre-compiled kernel. REALLY WHY?!?01:50
slackinI mean, honestly, I'm looking for answers. I have a server that runs ubuntu and I'm just dumbfounded.01:51
slackinwhy is the distro that supposed to be easier more difficult?01:51
tomreynslackin: to vent your frustration, please visit a different channel. to get help with ubuntu, you're welcome to ask support questions here.01:51
slackinWhy is apt-get ... ummm.... to put it nicely, so poorly coded that it will fill up /boot with 10 different kernels that aren't being used, have never been used, and have no need for? And how do I disable it from auto-updating?01:55
slackin^^ real questions01:55
tomreynchances are, the user just didn't install linux-image-generic, as any supported installer would.02:02
Bashing-omslackin: "so poorly coded" - Not . One meeds to learn how to use the tools at your disposal. For instance "Use the unattended-upgrades package to regularly run autoremove for you." .02:02
slackinBashing-om, you say potato, i say potato. either way, I personally don't care for it. But I need it to behave. lol02:03
Bashing-omslackin: If I can learn apt - anyone can :)02:04
tomreyn$ dpkg -S /etc/kernel/postinst.d/apt-auto-removal02:04
tomreynapt: /etc/kernel/postinst.d/apt-auto-removal02:04
slackintomreyn, how do i disable auto-update?02:05
tomreynauto-update of what?02:05
slackinapt-get auto-updating stuff02:06
tomreynby default you just get prompted02:07
tomreynapt configuration is in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/02:07
slackinidk, it does it on its own02:07
tomreynthere are some frontends to apt, including graphical ones.02:08
tomreynsome of those may behave differently.02:08
tomreynin some ubuntu versions or others.02:09
Bashing-omslackin: If you are hands on and do want to manually manage the system updates one can purge the unattended-upgrades package.02:10
slackinBashing-om, its all remmed out in the config, so not sure why it's doing it anyway02:11
Bashing-omslackin: /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/50unattended-upgrades the file you are referencing ?02:13
tomreynyou could state the ubuntu version, architecture, whether desktop (which flavour?) or server, and how you installed. this might enable people to support you.02:14
mianew to ubuntu (and linux) in general here02:15
miahow should I run a command after a wget download is completed?02:15
slackintomreyn, to be honest, don't even know what version, amd_x64, server02:16
miaActually I want to test my internet connectivity under load for an amount of time so I want to keep downloading the same file to /dev/null over and over to see if my internet is going to break somehow02:16
miaand I was planning to run the same download file once the download is completed02:16
miabut if there is a more clever or easier or one liner way to do it then I'd love to learn02:16
tomreynslackin: lsb_release -ds02:17
slackin16.04 lts02:17
tomreynthen i there should be no updates installed by default.02:18
slackintomreyn, I wish that were true, but this is the 3rd time I've had to manually remove a ton of old kernels because they were filling up /boot and breaking apt-get02:19
tomreynmia: use iperf02:19
Bashing-omslackin: Server, ya might want to dig deeper. Apt has a cron job at /etc/cron.daily/apt that determines how often it refreshes the dpkg database (apt-get update), and how often it downloads upgrades (apt-get upgrade), and from which upgrades it will autoinstall. The cron job uses the config files in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/ .02:20
slackinBashing-om, hrm, i looked in /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/ but yea, ill check cron and just remove it. sounds like the easiest path02:21
miatomreyn, I wanted to but I didn't get it02:25
miait seemed like I have to set up a server02:25
tomreynmia: there are some public ones02:32
pts0I can't chainload a .efi file in grub02:55
pts0how do you do this on ubuntu02:55
soulseekeris this a mimic testbed?03:06
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soulseekerhey sveta how does the mini iso work05:42
soulseekerit doesnt install system05:42
soulseekerit fails and I expected it to start pulling the system from ftp05:43
soulseekeror http in this case because ftp had no mirrors listed05:43
soulseekerhow is this supposed to work06:13
katrieltudo bom06:47
ec0Hello, is anyone here having success running do-releade-upgrade -d on Cosmic to Upgrade to Disco? The last few days, it has been failing for me with "WARNING:root:file 'disco-updates.tar.gz.gpg' missing"06:55
guiverc2ec0, disco is no longer development so I'd expect it to work no need -d  (its needed a few days after release as upgrade-path gets enabled a few days after release-date)06:56
ducasseec0: you shouldn't use -d to go from cosmic to disco, now that disco is released06:57
guiverc2ec0, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DiscoDingo/ReleaseNotes  has notes on 18.10 -> 19.04 upgrade path06:57
guiverc2(sorry my language was poor)06:58
ec0I somehow missed that announcement, thanks!06:58
ec0I upgraded on machine last week with -d, and that explains the change06:58
ec0that is working, thank you guiverc2, ducasse06:58
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BillyZanehow do i install ubuntu with a real time kernel?07:33
SwedeMikeBillyZane: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/RealTime07:36
guiverc2BillyZane, I'd also explore package `ubuntustudio-lowlatency-settings`  - but i'm no expert with it07:38
BillyZaneso there's a 'Natty -realtime amd64' , natty was the release for '11 right07:38
BillyZaneguiverc2, ok thanks i'll check that out also07:38
guiverc2Natty was 11.04; bionic is 18.04, cosmic is 18.10, disco is 19.04 ..  (bottom right of wiki has last editor & date)07:48
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soulseekerhi SwedeMike is there an archive of ubuntustudo which has a realtime kernel08:31
Prest0oi am having a problem with windows and i wonder if ubuntu/linux uses same pattern/problem, maybe someone can let me know08:32
Prest0oi have lets say 4 files, named 1.mp3 2.mp3 3.mp3 and 11.mp308:33
Prest0owhen i say in windows cmd to list them , "dir *.mp3" guess the result...08:33
soulseekerit looks like after ubuntu 14 canonical started pushing allix zen08:33
Prest0oyeah 11 comes after 1 when you have 2.mp308:33
Prest0ohwo to make it list correclty the files?08:34
ghost9999because 1 is before .08:34
ghost9999rename them 01 02 03 11 and it will work :-)08:34
SimonNLsorted by asc  not by value08:35
Prest0othere is no flag in windows08:35
Prest0ofor this type of sort08:35
ghost9999I think under linux you may use ls -1v (it's one v)08:36
soulseekerlooking back at the aftermath what do you see08:37
soulseekerdo you think the church could have been more agressive08:37
soulseekerthat was always an argument08:38
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Prest0omaybe i past a code ?08:39
Prest0oor use pastebin to show you?08:39
soulseekerthe emporer cognition hasentered the room08:40
soulseekervader genuflects08:41
Prest0osoulseeker are you a bot¿?08:42
soulseekercan you link to the archive of something with the old realtime kernels08:45
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soulseekeraccording the SwedeMike s link there is no realtime kernel from ubuntu08:48
soulseekerso before continuing the install I may as well drop it and use an old realtime kernel08:49
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Kyrosthere is lowlatency whatever that is08:51
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A_Dyou can also use sort -h to do that order, if you want it.08:56
A_DAlso, I'm considering upgrading my Bionic install to Disco, there anything I should watch out for over that?08:56
guiverc2A_D, note: bionic (18.04) is only tested to upgrade to 18.10 (not skipping releases to 19.04), or to 20.04 (when released) - so if you go direct 18.04->19.04 you'll be outside of recommended & tested upgrade path08:59
A_Dguiverc2: noted, will definitely go via 18.10 if I do09:01
guiverc2A_D, i'm not aware of anything; if you have problems I usually fix with re-install (using something-else & no-format of parts; that method would allow you to skip 18.10 as it erases system dirs & installs, then restores packages [if from ubuntu repos])09:03
A_Diiiiiinteresting. Decisions decisions09:03
martind_Hello guys09:11
martind_I have two questions related to each other: 1) What's the minimum of RAM (in GB) a normal ubuntu will run properly, as I have 2GB and its always at 94-96% if I have an application running. And 2) how can I setup s keyboard shortcut (if there isn't one) that will run a task killer of some sort even if the system is almost unresponsive?09:13
martind_Thanks a lot for the answers in advance09:13
Meadmartind_: you can run a 32bit version on that 2gigs of ram.09:15
martind_Will it consume less memory though?09:16
soulseekermartind_ linux doesnt use much memory really09:17
martind_martind@martind-ubuntu:~$ uname -a09:17
martind_Linux martind-ubuntu 4.15.0-48-generic #51-Ubuntu SMP Wed Apr 3 08:28:49 UTC 2019 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux09:17
martind_that's what I have09:17
soulseekersay 200 or 300 at login09:18
martind_Well... I'm in process of getting a new motherboard and memory (I have AMD FX 4100 here somewhere)09:18
martind_so I wonder where I should aim at ... I will be using it for Web Development mostly09:18
soulseekeryou really dont need a swap file09:18
martind_so Steam is not a priority09:18
soulseekerwhat is steam a game software09:20
soulseekerthat isnt what you asked abour09:20
soulseekereach game has its own needs see the game specs09:21
soulseekerubuntu isnt really great for gaming09:21
martind_yes, I'm not looking for gaming at all09:22
soulseekeryou can run tux racer09:22
martind_I will be using it for Web Development09:22
martind_the other thing is the task manager keyboard shortcut09:22
soulseekerit is possible to run into a need for swap when doing webdevelopment09:23
martind_I've setup one that will run gnome-system-monitor09:23
martind_but it doesn't work when my system is frozen :(09:23
martind_Now I have on'y Skype and Polari running and it is at 85% of Mem09:23
soulseekerhey SwedeMike that was a great link to share09:25
soulseekerSwedeMike: do you know ig the netinstaller offers low latency kernels09:27
soulseekerit had a list of hundred or more kernels I dont recall a lowlatency standing out09:27
soulseekeris that only in the studio repos09:28
BluesKajHowdy folks09:28
martind_guys, anyone can help me with that ?09:34
SwedeMikemansaxel:/win 209:36
lotuspsychje!rootirc | root09:41
ubotturoot: It's not technically our business, but we'd like to tell you that IRC'ing as root is a Very Bad Idea (tm). After all, doing anything as root when root is not needed is bad, and especially bad with software that connects to the Internet.09:41
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mousesGuest23527: You are IRCing as root, which is basically asking to get owned - I recommend you exit now, and run your IRC client as a user09:48
ThatGuyMehoanyone alive10:08
lotuspsychjeThatGuyMeho: ask a question please10:09
ThatGuyMehoi go into display settings on ubuntu 19.04 and i only see one option what happend to the rest10:10
lotuspsychjeThatGuyMeho: can you screenshot that please?10:10
acerimmerwhat did I do wrong?  xubuntu 16.04 (3 year life span) >>> 18.04.  I clean installed from USB, chose "something else" installed to the pre-existing partitions, set the same accounts and passwords as the pre-existing, did NOT format the /home.  However, upon booting, couldn't find or see the previous data.  BUT the data took still took up 11/12 gb of home as I expected.  Could not find those files anywhere in the system!  What the h -10:11
acerimmere - double hockey sticks??10:11
lotuspsychjeacerimmer: why did you not lts upgrade?10:12
lotuspsychjeThatGuyMeho: is your graphics card driver installed correctly? sudo lshw -C video?10:12
ThatGuyMehook one second10:12
acerimmerdon't trust it to not overwrite my /home.  I've done LTS only since 14.04 with this method without issues up to this point, lotuspsychje10:12
ThatGuyMeho*-display                         description: VGA compatible controller        product: GF104GLM [Quadro 4000M]        vendor: NVIDIA Corporation        physical id: 0        bus info: pci@0000:01:00.0        version: a1        width: 64 bits        clock: 33MHz        capabilities: pm msi pciexpress vga_controller bus_master cap_list rom        configuration: driver=nvidia latency=0        resources: irq:38 memory:de000000-dfff10:13
lotuspsychjeacerimmer: from a 18.04 usb, you can choose update from 16.04 to 18.04 or install 18.04 'next' to your existing 16.0410:13
lotuspsychjeThatGuyMeho: use a pastebin next time please10:14
lotuspsychjeThatGuyMeho: what gives: ubuntu-drivers list ?10:14
ThatGuyMehoow sorry about that10:14
lotuspsychjeacerimmer: so i guess, now you just clean installed and tryed to use your existing /home from xenial right?10:15
ThatGuyMehoubuntu drivers list ??10:15
lotuspsychjeThatGuyMeho: yes, from a terminal please10:15
ThatGuyMehohow i am still new at this10:15
lotuspsychjeThatGuyMeho: click on the icon of a terminal window, (black square icon <_)10:16
lotuspsychjeThatGuyMeho: now type; ubuntu-drivers list10:17
ThatGuyMehoand then10:17
lotuspsychjeThatGuyMeho: wich drivers are listed please?10:18
ThatGuyMehoonly two options10:18
ThatGuyMehonvidia-driver-390 and nvidia-34010:19
lotuspsychjeThatGuyMeho: ok, ca you go check in the icon software&sources/last tab additional drivers wich one is installed?10:20
lotuspsychjeThatGuyMeho: ok, change to 390 and reboot after its installed please10:22
ThatGuyMehook will do10:22
lotuspsychjeThatGuyMeho: if something goes wrong, use !nomodeset to enter your system again10:22
lotuspsychje!nomodeset | ThatGuyMeho10:22
ubottuThatGuyMeho: A common kernel (boot)parameter is nomodeset, which is needed for some graphic cards that otherwise boot into a black screen or show corrupted splash screen. See http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1613132 on how to use this parameter10:22
ace_mehi ! Which channel should I use for wifi ? I experience lot of wifi disconnects with openwrt 18.0610:25
ace_meI now use channel 1110:25
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acerimmerlotuspsychje, i replaced 16.04 with 18.04 while attempting to retain /home10:43
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jeremy31ace_me: It might be wifi power management causing the disconnects if you have a strong signal11:08
gd-ogratomreyn, Thank you. Shout out to Tomreyn, On your suggestion I updated the firmware of my laptop and now it does not freeze anymore11:11
tomreyn:) glad it helped, gd-ogra11:12
acerimmergd-ogra, the traditional appreciation is to send a !cookie to the person who helped.11:12
zzlatevwhat might be the reason that ubuntu installer doesn't run at all?11:12
tomreynsun protuberances11:13
gd-ograacerimmer, googling now about how to send a cookie, I am a newbie11:14
acerimmer!cookie | gd-ogra just like this11:14
ubottugd-ogra just like this: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!11:14
tomreyngd-ogra: no need, i have a cookie blocker anyways.11:14
tomreynzzlatev: can you tell us more?11:15
ace_me-47 / 0 dBm jeremy3111:16
ace_meSignal / Noise11:16
ace_mechannel 1111:17
ace_metransmit power 20 dBm11:17
jeremy31ace_me: post url from terminal for> cat /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf | nc termbin.com 999911:20
swenssonHello! I have ubuntu on a computer, is it possible to shrink my current OS and then format the drive to install another OS on it?11:20
acerimmeryes, swensson11:20
acerimmergparted is the usual tool.  you'll want to make an ubuntu USB, boot from the USB, do the partitions then reboot11:21
swenssonacerimmer, how can I shrink my current OS?11:21
acerimmeras I said above11:21
ace_me1I got disconnected if I do continue to download game updates or I do look at facebook movie11:24
acerimmerswensson, read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/HowtoPartition/ResizingPartition11:24
ace_me1however few hours ago I do seen a video on my smart tv wo problems11:24
gd-ograCan anyone please guide me, how can i setup hexchat to start automatically when i boot into ubuntu11:24
ace_me1but looks that from ubuntu 18 I do manage to see wifi dissapear11:25
ace_me1use thunderbird gd-ogra to have mail and chat integrated ?11:25
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tomreyngd-ogra: which ubuntu version, flavour?11:25
cloudbudhow to restart logrotate service in ubuntu 1811:25
gd-ogra19 latest11:26
gd-ogratomreyn, 1911:26
tomreyn!yy.mm | gd-ogra, ace_me11:26
ubottugd-ogra, ace_me: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle11:26
ace_mein my case11:26
acerimmerno such ubuntu release ace_me11:27
gd-ogratomreyn, 19.0411:28
ace_meDescription:Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS11:28
gd-ograsorry, for patience I am very new to ubuntu11:28
tomreyngd-ogra: i assume you mean 19.04 since 19.10 is not released. click on activities or the dash button, then type: startup applications11:28
tomreyngd-ogra: ah thanks for confirming 19.0411:29
tomreyngd-ogra: in startup applications, you click on "add", then type "Hexchat" as the name, then click on "Browse", press ctrl-l and type /usr/bin/hexchat , then click on "open" top right, then "Add".11:31
tomreyngd-ogra: when you then logout and ogin again, hexchat should start automatically.11:31
cloudbudhow to restart logrotate in ubuntu1811:34
gd-ogratomreyn, ive followed the instruction. Thank you again11:34
gd-ograi am going to restart11:34
jeremy31ace_me: post url from terminal for> cat /etc/NetworkManager/conf.d/default-wifi-powersave-on.conf | nc termbin.com 999911:35
ledenitomreyn, 'tweak' for gnome have option that you can set startup application too11:37
tomreynledeni: yes, good point, this actually makes it easier. it's just not installed by default.11:38
ace_metried to upgrade / update and got disconnected few times11:43
samthewildoneIs there a way to enable clicking icons from the dashboard to reopen an application that's minimized ?11:46
samthewildoneas in windows, if you click to icon on the taskbar it brings back a minimized window11:47
acerimmersamthewildone, many ways.  do the google "minimize on click ubuntu"11:47
samthewildoneI don't want to google.11:48
samthewildonefound it, https://www.linuxuprising.com/2018/04/how-to-enable-minimize-on-click-for.html11:51
samthewildoneacerimmer, thanks -__-11:51
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gd-ograso happy, just setup hexchat on startup application and auto login with SASL(Whatever it means)11:57
swenssonacerimmer, perfect. Thanks a lot for the information!11:58
acerimmerhappy2help! swensson12:01
tomreyngd-ogra: you probably missed this, or parts of it:   <ledeni> tomreyn, 'tweak' for gnome have option that you can set startup application too <tomreyn> ledeni: yes, good point, this actually makes it easier. it's just not installed by default.12:08
nekowaiidesuhi all. newb question. what do i use to run something from std out? for example: echo "ls -la" | <what do i pipe here for ls -la to be executed?>13:21
Darmockecho "ls -la" | sh   -  but why not just run "ls -la"?13:23
nekowaiidesush!! thankyou13:23
nekowaiidesudarmock im playing with dmenu. i want to use something like: history | dmenu -l 50 | xargs sh -13:24
Darmockah so you can interactively run a command from the history?13:24
Darmocki would just use reverse search but if you're just *playing* then.. :)13:25
pragmaticenigmanekowaiidesu: for reference though, the key combination "Ctrl + R" activates a search through bash history. Start typing part of the command and you will see the closest matching result. the more you provide, the closer you will get to your previous command.13:28
nekowaiidesutbh im using fish at the moment which autocompleted history lol. dmenu is new to me and the novelty is fun :P13:28
blackflowI use ""\e[A":history-search-backward"  in .inputrc for that. Arrow up autocompletes from what I've typed so far (usually first few letters)13:30
blackflowand "\e[B":history-search-forward   for arrow down13:30
stonedhow to upgrade from 16 to 18 lts?13:39
lotuspsychje!ltsupgrade | stoned13:40
ubottustoned: Upgrade from 16.04 to current 18.04 is now available, if you do not receive the upgrade window try update-manager -c13:40
stonedits a swerver vps sir13:40
stonedI should probably create a backup image of my server before I try the upgrade in case anything goes wrong13:40
blackflowstoned: definitely.13:41
lotuspsychjestoned: whats your kernel version like?13:41
stoned4.4.0-128-generic #154-Ubuntu SMP Fri May 25 14:15:18 UTC 2018 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux13:41
lotuspsychjestoned: current official xenial kernel is
stonedYeah, I want to go to a new ubuntu lts13:43
stoned18.04 I think13:43
lotuspsychjestoned: think you better talk with your vps then or clean instal13:43
stonedit's okay13:44
stonednext time I spin a server i'll use vagratn and rackspcae as my provider.13:44
lotuspsychjestoned: cause lts upgrading the official way from that kernel, not sure how that will result..13:44
stonedim tired of manual setups13:44
stonedI'm gonna leave it at 1613:46
stonedI'll setup a new instance with a config manager.13:47
lotuspsychjestoned: did you see if its up to date?13:47
stonedit is13:47
stonedit won't update my kernel, I have the latest it seems13:47
nabukadnezar43anyone using gnu octave? gui freezes on me on startup, are there any workarounds?13:47
stonedIn July 2014, Rackspace introduced a minimum support fee of $50 for all new accounts to offset the rising cost of providing Fanatical Support. Legacy accounts like yours were unaffected by this change, keeping your previous rate without a support fee for the past four years. Effective February 2019, you will see the addition of a $10 support fee on your invoice.13:48
stonedo/ me shakes a fist!13:48
blackflowstoned: I wouldn't go with RS13:48
stoned$10, for fanatical support?I rarely call you!13:48
stonedman, my previous co. is still paying for my servers, so it's free for me13:48
stoned1 vps, 100 bucks a month.13:48
stonedIt's ridiculous.13:48
blackflowwe used to use RS and then left because their "fanatical support" is a sham. it is NO better than support you get at DO, Linode, Hetzner, Leaseweb, ....    but you pay for it.13:48
lotuspsychjestoned: come to #ubuntu-discuss for discussions13:48
blackflowI'm in #ubuntu-discuss if you need more input on this :)13:49
lotuspsychjenabukadnezar43: best way to get issues solved, is full details, pastebins, ubuntu version, kernel version, package versions, etc..volunteers can think along better13:50
nabukadnezar43lotuspsychje, well i'm on ubuntu budgie 19.04 using gnu octave 4.4.1 from official repos13:51
nabukadnezar43lotuspsychje, when i launch octave from terminal it gives no output13:51
nabukadnezar43it launches but gui freezes and shows black squares13:52
nabukadnezar43it becomes unresponsive13:53
nabukadnezar43octave-cli doesn't have any problems at all13:53
lotuspsychjenabukadnezar43: did you try launch the gui from terminal, maybe also tail -f /var/log/syslog ?13:54
nabukadnezar43yes i tried it gave me literally no output13:54
nabukadnezar43let me check syslog13:54
martind_Hello All, I want to install Skype on 32bit Ubuntu-Budgie. How can I do that nowadays?13:58
leftyfbmartind_: try sudo snap install skype13:58
nabukadnezar43lotuspsychje, "budgie-wm.desktop[1653]: Window manager warning: Invalid WM_TRANSIENT_FOR window 0x4200006 specified for 0x420000a."13:58
nabukadnezar43just after i started octave gui13:58
leftyfbmartind_: though, I can't imagine Microsoft is still developing 32bit versions of it13:58
lotuspsychjenabukadnezar43: dont think thats crucial to it13:59
martind_leftyfb: Yep. It is saying that i386 is not available already.13:59
martind_only amd6413:59
martind_how can I find something priory 2018 where the i386.deb file will be OK to run?13:59
rufito_regalonhello guys, have you seen this issue after restart ubuntu14:03
mf_hi how can i add windows to grub screen14:06
lordcirth__mf_, os-prober14:06
mf_thats it?14:07
mf_on terminal right?14:07
lotuspsychjerufito_regalon: a bit more details please, your ubuntu version? system up to date? kernel version? upgrade, clean install?14:07
mf_i've just installed the last version14:07
mf_i've tried i hope it will work14:08
mf_thank you14:08
rufito_regalonsystem up now _)14:09
angryWolfHello. I am a little worried about my DVB PCIe Card DVBSky S950.   After fresh install it all worked fine. I copy the driver to /lib/firmware and Kaffeine was running, have found all channels. Later i tried to install TVheadend and Kodi.  Symply if the Service tvheadend is stopped, will kaffeine report that the Card with "Montage Technology..." is not connected.  Tvheadend can't find any DVB inputs.  Any suggestion?14:21
leftyfbangryWolf: you might have better luck asking in #kodi14:22
angryWolfthx leftyb14:24
angryWolfthx leftyfb14:24
zetheroowhen copying data from an SMB share to a local disk there is this initial time it takes 'Preparing to copy ...' in Nautilus when I guess it's indexing the data. With large amounts of data it takes a really long time for this to pre-copy stage to finish. Is there a way to disable this indexing feature?14:58
pragmaticenigmazetheroo: Use the terminal to perform the copy... It might be worth looking into mounting the remote share as well15:01
pragmaticenigmazetheroo: The time it is taking is attempting to determine the file file sizes to give make the progress bar accurate during the actual transfer15:01
zetheroopragmaticenigma: that doesn't answer my question though.15:02
zetheroopragmaticenigma: I know I can use rsync via the terminal, but there too (without any progress bar) it takes just as long to get started actually copying the data over.15:02
zetherooIf I use rsync directly copying the data over SSH it start almost instantly and is quite a bit faster as well15:03
pragmaticenigmazetheroo: You're dealing with two very different protocols and different approaches to obtaining the meta data about the files15:04
zetheroosamba takes nearly 5 min to start the copying of data and copies at @10MB/s, whereas copying straight over SSH begins within 2 seconds and copies at @20MB/s15:06
zetherooSo the question is... why is SMB so slow and can anything be done to make it faster?15:07
pragmaticenigmazetheroo: There is nothing that can be done here, other than what you have already discovered to allow you faster transfers. The issue is samba has a lot of overhead, it's in how the protocol was developed. You would have to ask the Samba project teams on the mechanics of the protocol and what they recommend to make the process faster.15:08
newdimensionAre ssh-agent and gnome-keyring at odds? Wondering if both should be running, or whether it should be one or the other15:09
grymi just updated to 19.04, and the cursor changes shape now when  mouse over links.  How do i turn this off, it is annoying15:10
Exterminadorhello guys. I'm trying to install Ubuntu server on my desktop. but as I don't have ethernet (?) cable connected it doesn't also seem to find the WiFi card.. is there any way to make it work with WiFi?15:10
leftyfbExterminador: Try the mini.iso15:12
Exterminadorleftyfb: are you talking about the network installer?15:16
leftyfbExterminador: yes. I think it might let you connect to wifi15:16
SimonNLwell if the ethernet cable is around why not just connect it?15:17
ExterminadorSimonNL: I don't have one. it's a laptop tho15:18
Exterminadorleftyfb: I'll give it a spin, thank you15:18
pragmaticenigmanewdimension: You will have to provide more detail or pastebin a log file to help exemplify the behavior you are seeing.15:20
pragmaticenigmagrym: You'll need to be more descriptive of the behavior you're seeing versus the bahvior you expect15:21
newdimensionpragmaticenigma: That was just a question: whether I'm supposed to have gnome-keyring running if ssh-agent is running. The issue though is that I keep getting prompted for my ssh password every 5min or so. I'm trying to track the source https://dpaste.de/bDr315:22
=== t0105201_ is now known as tobosoku131
pragmaticenigmanewdimension: ssh-agent is strictly for managing keys for SSH connections. gnome-keyring is a keyring to store credentials for everything that supports it. from the log, it looks like a password changed or credential changed, and gnome-keyring is having trouble syncronizing its credential with ssh-agent15:25
newdimensionpragmaticenigma: This started after I upgraded 16 => 18. How can I sync keyring with ssh-agent?15:26
jcotton!yy.mm | newdimension15:27
ubottunewdimension: Ubuntu version numbers are: YY.MM (YY=release year,MM=release month). Each year sees two releases, so just specifying YY is imprecise. See also https://www.ubuntu.com/about/release-cycle15:27
Exterminadorstupid question: on the mini.iso it asks for a ESSID. what the hell is that?15:27
newdimensionCorrection 16 => 19.0415:28
jcotton16 what?15:28
jcottonExterminador: I think that's just the name of your wifi network?15:28
Exterminadoras I see it in my other laptop? like SFR_4B68?15:29
jcottonshould be15:29
newdimension16.04 LTS15:29
Exterminadornvm.. the WiFi switch was off -_-15:29
Exterminadorwhat a dumb15:30
lordcirth__Exterminador, lol15:30
pragmaticenigmanewdimension: When you did your upgrade, what path did you use to get there? 16.04 => ??.?? => ??.?? => 19.0415:30
Exterminadorlordcirth__: happens to the beats xD15:31
Exterminadorwhy am I dyslexic today?15:33
Exterminadorjust another question: I assume that the server installer will install in the whole disk, no matter if it's partitioned?15:33
newdimensionpragmaticenigma: This is a VM so I forgot the details. My final answer is Ubuntu 18.04 LTS to Ubuntu 19.0415:33
jcottonExterminador: you're asked15:34
ducasseExterminador: you can setup partitions from the installer15:35
=== SimonNL is now known as SimonNL_Afk
pragmaticenigmanewdimension: Those details could be the difference between a working machine and the issue oyu have now. So... Restore your back up... and if you started at 16.04, upgrade to 18.04, then switch to the "normal" channel, upgrade to 18.10, then upgrade to 19.0415:35
newdimensionI don't have a backup. Is there another way to troubleshoot this?15:36
lordcirth__newdimension, it's a VM and you don't have a snapshot?15:38
Exterminadorall is going smoothly now. thanks for the tips folks!15:39
ubottuGlad you made it! :-)15:39
lordcirth__newdimension, I would copy the data off, and make a new 19.04 VM15:39
newdimensionlordcirth__: I don't have a snapshot. I'm curious though, isn't there anything I can try to get rid of the issue? For instance running ssh-add on the keys stopped the notifications for a good while. But it came back, so I want to understand what's happening15:40
lordcirth__newdimension, honestly I haven't really been following your issue. I just don't see why you would upgrade in place instead of fresh-installing 19.04, since it's a VM anyway?15:41
nevervilleSo, I have an 170GB volume as ext4, but when I try to write anything into it, it says permission denied, how do I use this volume.15:41
lordcirth__neverville, change the directory permissions to allow your user to write to it.15:42
pragmaticenigmanewdimension: without knowing the upgrade path, there is no baseline for us to use to figure out where the issue came up.15:42
lordcirth__For example, using chown, or the "properties" window in nautilus15:42
newdimensionpragmaticenigma: I was trying to find a log for gnome-keyring. Wouldn't it at least say why it failed?15:42
nevervillelordcirth__, I can't see any visible permissions in that volume I am linking my fdisl -l output here https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/xF2ctbMXfq/15:43
ducasse!permissions | neverville15:43
ubottuneverville: An explanation of what file permissions are and how they can be manipulated can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/FilePermissions15:43
pragmaticenigmanewdimension: you could see if anything is logged to the .xsessions log file in ~/.xsession-errors15:44
lordcirth__neverville, permissions are not on partitions, they are on the filesystem. You need to look at the mountpoint permissions.15:46
newdimensionpragmaticenigma: Only seemingly relevant line, but can't be sure since there's no timestamp. dbus-update-activation-environment: setting GPG_AGENT_INFO=/run/user/1000/gnupg/S.gpg-agent:0:115:47
nevervillelordcirth__, so that 170GB volume is mountable but how do I permananently have it without mounting it everytime?15:49
lordcirth__!fstab | neverville15:50
ubottuneverville: The /etc/fstab file indicates how drive partitions are to be used or otherwise integrated into the file system. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Fstab and http://www.pclosmag.com/html/Issues/200709/page07.html and !Partitions15:50
newdimensionAny other place I can find gnome-keyring error logs?15:57
Exterminadornow, I'm a bit stuck: on the Software selection, I should choose what? Basic Ubuntu server?15:57
lordcirth__Exterminador, is that what you want?15:57
pragmaticenigmaExterminador: I think there are a few options, could you list them? I don't remember what they were15:57
lordcirth__Exterminador, you probably want ssh15:57
pragmaticenigmanewdimension: I think the channel is out of ideas. The suggestions so far are to install a new VM with 19.04, or restore a snap shot/backup (which you mentioned do not exist)15:58
pragmaticenigmalordcirth__: They're attempting to install Ubuntu Server edition15:58
Exterminadorpragmaticenigma, lordcirth__: there are a few options. I want just a server (no GUI tho). so, OpenSSH server and Basic Ubuntu server?16:00
pragmaticenigmaExterminador: That's the reason I asked for all the server options... that should be enough, but there might be a better choice in the list16:00
lordcirth__Exterminador, yes, basic + openssh will get you going16:00
lordcirth__Everything else can be installed after16:00
lordcirth__There are options for KVM/libvirt, LXD, etc16:01
Exterminadorthe rest is very much related to DE's and LAMP, etc16:01
pragmaticenigmaExterminador: Okay, the main thing I'm hoping you can avoid is having NetworkManagerCLI get installed16:01
=== Pepita is now known as faLUCE
newdimensionpragmaticenigma: Running ssh-add on the private keys solves it, at least for a while. If I figure out why, I'll let the channel know16:04
Exterminadorpragmaticenigma: that can be uninstalled/replaced later, right?16:07
ExterminadorI mean, I need to use WiFi instead ethernet16:07
SchrodingersScatExterminador: If your goal was a ubuntu server on wifi, then if it's working through setup I would think it would keep working.16:11
ExterminadorSchrodingersScat: that's the idea. and yes, it's working during setup.16:13
Exterminadormy internet decided to be stupid and I'm having low speeds today. -_-16:14
pragmaticenigmaExterminador: There are two network management programs, depending on if you install Desktop or Server... NetworkManager is installed on Desktops and those without GUI would get the NetworkManagerCLI version16:18
pragmaticenigmaExterminador: I can't recall what Server uses... in either case they're just front ends to the actual network management layer16:19
ducasseserver uses networkd, i think16:20
Exterminadorand what's netplan, after all?16:21
ducassenetplan is just for config management16:23
BluesKajnetplan just points ro NM anyway16:26
=== BrianG61UK_ is now known as BrianG61UK
Exterminadorwell, server is installed and works properly (at least for now)16:27
ducasseor networkd16:27
=== pc is now known as lynyx
lordcirth__lynyx, hi16:31
SchrodingersScatExterminador: yay! enjoy!16:33
lynyxdoes the grub part installed in the boot secter keep any info of the os installed? if i install another distro, will it load fine?16:34
kadirolynyx, I don't think so16:35
kadiroit will load fine yes in general16:36
lynyxi will make a backup of the distro installed, the partition, so with it having the boot folder i guess it will load fine again, but im not sure if the boot sector in the hdd could have info of the previous distro and could fail to find it if modified by the new distro16:40
lynyxnew distro would probably overwrite the boot sector grub, but i like to know if it keeps info of the distro installed, its location and any other data16:43
SchrodingersScatlynyx: are you overwriting the existing distro?16:43
SchrodingersScatlynyx: I can't vouch for if every distro would recognize existing installations and keep it in the bootloader, but I have seen his behavior when installed side-by-side with 'most' times I've tried.16:45
ubottuThere are many ways to back your system up. Here's a few: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DuplicityBackupHowto , https://wiki.ubuntu.com/HomeUserBackup , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MondoMindi - See also !sbackup, !borg, and !cloning16:46
lynyxSchrodingersScat, yes. the existing distro will be replaced by a new installation16:47
pragmaticenigmalynyx: If the other distribution is on its own partition, it will be preserved and added to grub. If you are attempting to install two distributions to the same partition, no, the previous distro will not be available16:48
SchrodingersScatlynyx: then I wouldn't expect the new grub to have anything about it.  I could be wrong.16:48
lynyxsame partition for more than one distro16:48
pragmaticenigmaYou can't install more than one distro on the same partition16:49
lordcirth__*without shenanigans16:49
SchrodingersScatI feel like a lot of things would be edited by whatever the last distro you installed was, so going back to distro A would be perplexing.16:49
lynyxi would restore them from image, but i just fear i could have problems with the grub on the boot sector on the hdd, same hdd of course16:50
pragmaticenigmaIt is theoretically possible, however, you would be spending a lot of time modifying the system to point into different directories for software and kernel images, you wouldn't have a stable system16:50
pragmaticenigmalynyx: The short answer is one distro per partition. Each distribution needs at minimum on it's partition, and it is not recommended to share partitions between the distro as different versions and configurations can corrupt the other distributions implementations16:52
kadirolynyx, if the same hdd thats fine, i have xubuntu and debian in the same hdd, no problem with grub, I even installed grub for both ( to test ) everything looks good16:52
SchrodingersScatlynyx: if you can get a full disk image then that can help.  I'm not great at recovering grub though :^)  Like there are tips online about how to try to copy it correctly.  Although I only imaged my own disks in my younger, more vulnerable, days.  Now I just rsync anything I think is important into backups and format the machine.16:52
lynyxthe distros wouldnt be installad together, i mean they would be deleted when reinstalled, its a partition reinstallation16:52
pragmaticenigmalynyx: None of what you just said, made any sense to me16:53
SchrodingersScatshort answer: no, grub & mbr will have no memory of the distros that were on the machine.  Back those up if you want them later.16:54
lynyxthats what i thought could happen, since grub config could only be kept in the boot folder of the os, its partition, not on the boot sector of the hdd, but wasnt sure and needed to avoid the reinstallation of grub with every swap of distros i may try on that same partition16:57
pragmaticenigmalynyx: that theory is incorrect16:58
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pragmaticenigmalynyx: The simple answer is, without any specific modification to the installation decisions made each distribution will replace the contents of the disk with its own setup. With each installation, unless steps are taken to preserve the existing installed os, all previous data on the disk will be removed and replaced by the new operating system.17:01
ducasselynyx: why think about this at all? reinstalling grub is so easy17:01
lynyxducasse, because i dont want to mness with grub, and want to prevent any errors when loading linux or win. just wanted to know if it could fail, and specifically if the part of grub installed on the boot sector could keep info of the os17:07
lynyxreinstalling grub should fix any problem17:07
lynyxi got hold a super grub disk17:07
lynyxwhich seems to be a nice live cd or image for that matter17:08
lynyxi will know later when i give a try to mx linux, a popular distro these days17:10
lynyxdebian based, but i am not sure if ubuntu's apps will work fine with it17:11
pragmaticenigmalynyx: In the future, please use the ##linux channel for general linux installation and setup questions. This channel only supports Ubuntu and other official Ubuntu flavors (see !flavors). Debian support is in #debian17:12
pragmaticenigmalynyx: Apps provided through Ubuntu are only tested and designed to work with Ubuntu. Same goes for Debian apps. Ubuntu and Debian are not the same OSes and you should not be mixing packages from other distros.17:13
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
leftyfbzette: can we help you with something?17:22
leftyfbnobody click on that link17:23
daxzette: i strongly recommend that if you have a good explanation for pasting a phishing link in here, you tell us what it is now17:24
leftyfbzette: you are welcome to leave now and never return17:24
zetteSorry bro, I just try to safety, :)17:24
leftyfbzette: I'll also be reporting to your host17:25
pragmaticenigma!ops | zette is posting phishing scams (root@
ubottuzette is posting phishing scams (root@ Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, phunyguy, bazhang, chu, dax17:25
* dax looks at previous message, looks at list of nicks in ops factoid, shrugs17:25
* jeremy31 does the same17:26
JonelethIrenicuswhat is wrong with firewalld on new install of Ubuntu?17:30
JonelethIrenicusFATAL ERROR: No IPv4 and IPv6 firewall.17:31
leftyfbJonelethIrenicus: there should be more errors than that. Please use pastebin17:31
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1826187 in firewalld (Ubuntu) "firewalld fails to start: FATAL ERROR: No IPv4 and IPv6 firewall: looks for binaries in wrong paths" [Undecided,Confirmed]17:32
ioriaJonelethIrenicus, check the last comment17:32
JonelethIrenicusleftyfb: ioria https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/MZ87zFKmg9/17:33
JonelethIrenicusioria: ahh i see17:33
JonelethIrenicusi have been running into so many bugs lately17:34
lynyxyes, i have a few on xubuntu too17:34
lynyxalsamixer doesnt keep volume changes, i have to keep adjusting them with every reboot17:35
JonelethIrenicusbasically iptables doesn't even work in Ubuntu17:36
JonelethIrenicusIsn't this a pretty giant bug?17:36
ioriaJonelethIrenicus, no, that app looks in the wrong path17:37
JonelethIrenicusRed Hat/Fedora/CentOS specific app some how managed to get into the repos with no testing?17:38
leftyfbJonelethIrenicus: iptables works just fine. If you read the bug, your "firewalld" wrapper for iptables has a bug which has been reported and will get resolved17:38
JonelethIrenicusI thought things got tested more?17:38
JonelethIrenicusim just learning but I thought you would have a unit test for things like this17:39
ioriait's in universe17:39
pc_magasHello I am usung Ubuntu MATE 18.04 and I have issues inserting the Japaneese Input Language method via anthy. I have Installed the fctix and fctix-anthy and configured it via fctix input mehod but I do not know how I switch into the anthy input method.17:39
JonelethIrenicusioria: i guess i dont know much about the differences between repos like that17:40
JonelethIrenicusso universe gets no testing?17:40
pc_magasI can switch between Greek and English via Alt+Shift but noit into Japaneese.17:40
daxhttps://help.ubuntu.com/community/Repositories goes through it, see especially the Universe section in there17:40
ioriaJonelethIrenicus, community maintained17:40
JonelethIrenicusdax thanks17:40
JonelethIrenicusioria: i see17:40
JonelethIrenicushmm seems like it should at least be tested if it runs17:40
daxa lot of it's just pulled in from Debian with effectively zero changes17:41
JonelethIrenicusi see17:41
adacGuys I try to install the nextcloud package via ppa:nextcloud-devs/client17:43
adacbut on installation I get:17:43
adacnextcloud-client : Depends: libnextcloudsync0 (= 2.5.2-20190319.015224~bionic1) but it is not going to be installed17:43
adacany ideas?17:43
ioriapc_magas, nothing against Mate, but it's not well integrated with ibus... can you install ubntu-desktop ? (i mean gnome-shell)17:44
leftyfbadac: you'll have to contact the maintainer of that ppa. PPA's aren't supported here.17:44
leftyfbadac: but a hint might be an incompatibility with the version of ubuntu you're runnung17:44
pc_magasioria, switches into fctix and I do not use iBus17:44
pc_magasioria, switcheδ17:44
pc_magasioria, switched*17:45
ioriai see :P17:45
pc_magasThus any configuration will be againist fctix.17:45
* westor gia ton poutso naxame na legame...17:45
kadiropc_magas, I found something may be interesting to you: https://forums.linuxmint.com/viewtopic.php?t=24580717:46
leftyfb!gr | westor17:46
ubottuwestor: #ubuntu-gr και #kubuntu-gr για Έλληνες χρηστές  /  #ubuntu-gr kai #kubuntu-gr gia Ellhnes xrhstes17:46
adacleftyfb, thanks!17:46
westorsry wrong channel17:47
sparty258what happens when you type a ppa in a terminal and then type it in again? will it add it twice17:48
leftyfbsparty258: I do not think it will17:49
sparty258ok, thank you17:50
analogicalwhere is the media folder located?17:50
leftyfbanalogical: wherever you configure your "media" directory. By default, there is a /media directory used for gvfs mounts in gnome17:51
adacleftyfb, some old xenial packages not removed  blocked the intsallation for 18.0417:52
adacnow it is working17:52
leonardusnear future! https://usercontent.irccloud-cdn.com/file/ipX7jMIP/image.png18:06
leonardusis that ever going to happen?18:06
tomreynleonardus: if your support question is whether this has happened, yet, then no.18:07
tomreynif this isn't a support question then it's off-topic18:08
leonardusmy support question is whether ubuntu has plans for that to happen18:08
tomreynsupport questions will relate to existing installations. future releases are none yuo will have installed, so it's not a support question. also, anyone here could only speculate about it anyways.18:09
tomreynthere's #ubuntu+1 to discuss the single next release18:10
=== gislaved2 is now known as gislaved
gimpnixonHi everyone, I have a question about Caja file manager. actually all file managers basically at this point because i have tried a few. This is however about Ubuntu mate but i come here in hopes you could possibly help because ther isn't really anyone in the other chanel. I haven't been able to move or rename ay files in any file manager without it crashing. Any ideas? i've ran all updates and have tried18:24
gimpnixonreinstall the file managers as well18:24
pc_magasIn Ubuntu MATE edition for some reason I have issues with input methods that do not support xkb for example anthy. For some reason a xconflict is generated and I needed to remove any other such as fctix.18:30
pc_magasThus do you know how to disable any xkb input method and enable other types such as fctix or iBus ones in Ubuntu MATE?18:30
gimpnixonI am sorry i am unfamiliar with that.18:31
lordcirth__gimpnixon, does mv work on the command line? What if you run the file managers from the command line, do they output anything as they crash?18:34
gimpnixonNothing outputs on crash when ran from command line and mv works as normal18:36
lordcirth__gimpnixon, what Ubuntu version?18:38
gimpnixonUbuntu 19.0418:39
felcosup guys, let me ask this here: I want to move my computer to another room, but I not sure if I can extend the power/reset switch with a wire, it needs to be like 13ft long(4 meters), any ideias here? Would be nice to have a catchall thingy to get video/usb/switchs that long =P18:39
felcoI`m sorry, I should ask this on the offtopic18:41
gimpnixonNothing is stopping you from extending your reset/power switch if you have the electrical knowledge to put wired together from my understanding. but there is risk involved in splitting ay wires of course.18:44
gimpnixonWhy would you need your reset / power switch in another room, out of curiosity18:45
felcoI want to move the computer off the desk, to another room18:45
tomreynindeed off topic. i'd be happy to discuss this elsewhere. maybe in ##hardware ?18:47
felcoI'm there already haha18:47
=== kadiro_ is now known as kadiro
muchachoi have a laptop running ubuntu and i'd like to know if there's a way of changing power plans like in windows. I have found some answers online but they're all really old. I also haven't found anything in the ubuntu wiki. Can anyone help ?18:58
gimpnixonOK i am back will be switching between consoles to try another user.19:00
lordcirth__muchacho, install powertop and tlp, perhaps?19:03
gimpnixonWhat ere you mention with the LANG=C command you were having me issue with the packages taht could no longer be updated?19:03
muchachoshould i install both ? Because both are o installed.19:04
=== mademoiselle-iv_ is now known as mademoiselle
swift110hey muchacho19:08
necrophcodrHi everyone19:09
swift110hey necrophcodr19:10
necrophcodrI'm using Ubuntu 18.10 with an AMD Radeon RX 580, and when I go to suspend and boot it back up, the load shoots straight up from ~1.5 before suspend, to around 1019:10
necrophcodrThen it just sits there19:10
necrophcodrNaturally everything is slow in this state19:10
necrophcodrI've noticed that in `dmesg` i get a lot of these: Workqueue: events hdmi_repoll_eld [snd_hda_codec_hdmi]19:11
necrophcodrfollowed by a call trace19:11
oft_gegongshould I get xubuntu 18.04 or xubuntu 19.04?19:11
necrophcodris there anything i can do to mitigate this?19:11
lordcirth__oft_gegong, depends, do you want the latest software, at the cost of needing to upgrade again every 6 months?19:11
lordcirth__necrophcodr, did you run ubuntu-drivers?19:12
necrophcodrlordcirth__, no, i just use the open source drivers19:12
oft_gegongnecrophcodr: dmesg | grep -v hdmi_repoll > new_dmesgs.txt; less new_dmesgs.txt #filter the output and view the filtered-out file19:12
necrophcodroft_gegong, that just removes that line. there's still a lot of call traces, and they're not for no reason.19:13
necrophcodrthis is an issue that i'd like to find a solution to, not ignore while my pc is at a load of 1019:13
necrophcodralmost right after coming back from suspend, i get a bunch of the following in `dmesg`:19:14
necrophcodrsnd_hda_codec_hdmi hdaudioC1D0: HDMI ATI/AMD: no speaker allocation for ELD19:14
necrophcodrnote that i do not use HDMI for audio, only for display19:14
necrophcodrand i have no need for audio over hdmi19:14
necrophcodri also have radeon.audio=1 set in my /etc/default/grub, but i'm unsure if it's doing anything or not19:15
necrophcodrsorry that's `radeon.audio=0`19:15
oft_gegongnecrophcodr: I feel 95% sorry for you. That's awful lol19:15
necrophcodri have also just now created a file in /etc/modprobe.d for blacklisting the snd_hda_codec_hdmi module if possible, but i don't have any idea if that's smart or really dumb19:17
daxnecrophcodr: if you're not using HDMI for audio, blacklisting that module won't harm anything (i'm not on a linux box currently, so can't test if it would actually help anything)19:18
daxwouldn't surprise me if there are some bugs with the amdgpu HDMI implementation still. the code's not very old (about a year i think? not sure) and changes a lot19:20
necrophcodrthe problem of course is that it's not easy to test19:21
necrophcodrblacklisting an in-use module means restarting is required, but i still have to put the pc into suspend19:21
necrophcodrand even then, it's not a guarantee that it'll happen19:21
necrophcodrso it's not great reproducability19:21
necrophcodri'll hang out here a bit longer to see if anything pops up, otherwise i'll test it and we'll see19:22
tomreyngimpnixon: ?19:23
necrophcodrit seems related to the amdgpu drivers19:24
necrophcodrplaying youtube videos is just not happening19:24
necrophcodrthe system is somewhat smooth to operate still, and commands are executed just fine (and the temps are low as well), but trying to play video doesn't work19:24
necrophcodrit just freezes forever19:24
necrophcodrin fact the firefox process completely froze trying to play the youtube video19:26
texlaSlow boot of 18.04.2 would one of these entries cause slowness https://pastebin.com/r4GywRCk19:28
gvvg_Hi everyone - I see a process and it runs on startup of my server - I was wondering how I could find out where it is run from so I can change a parameter19:33
gvvg_it runs as a particular user19:33
oft_gegonghmmmmmm...do you know the name of the process gvvg_? My 13%guess would be to spot it with `systemctl' and then find its config files in /etc/ with `find' and/or `grep'19:35
gvvg_it's an ssh session19:35
gvvg_ssh -T -o BatchMode=yes /usr/local/sbin/freeside-selfservice-clientd19:35
gvvg_the IP address needs to change but I can't find where it is19:35
gvvg_it runs as user freeside19:35
oft_gegonggrep in /etc/ for it19:35
gvvg_got it!19:36
gvvg_in /etc/default there was a file that set the variable19:37
necrophcodrI've rebooted now, but the snd_hda_codec_hdmi driver is loaded regardless of blacklisting.19:43
necrophcodrAs I'm on 18.10 I'll probably try upgrading to 19.04 and see if it does any good. Perhaps a later version of the driver will help?19:43
oft_gegongnecrophcodr: sudo apt upgrade?19:50
oft_gegongnecrophcodr: modprobe -r snd_hda_codec_hdmi #don't quote me, but removing it might help?19:51
necrophcodroft_gegong, the module cannot be removed as it is in use19:53
necrophcodrmy system is fully up to date19:53
victorqueirozHi, guys. How stable is Ubuntu right now? And how is support of proprietary drivers for AMD GPU?19:53
victorqueirozI'm mostly concerned about having to reinstall the whole system right after each update version update.19:54
oft_gegongvictorqueiroz: 98% stable. 98% supports AMD GPU drivers.19:54
daxvictorqueiroz: fglrx doesn't work in modern Linux distros and should be avoided. amdgpu-pro is for specialized users (OpenCL etc.) and is useless for normal people. So, there is no "proprietary driver", just amdgpu (or radeon for old cards)19:55
daxand both amdgpu and radeon are mainline kernel modules, so no reinstalling needed19:56
victorqueirozdax: What'd you personally say about AMD GPU OS drivers? I mean, does it suck?19:56
daxvictorqueiroz: i have an RX480. performance under Windows and Linux are basically the same for me19:56
necrophcodrI'm currently using an AMD Radeon RX 580 and it's working really really well19:56
oft_gegongthat's exciting19:57
victorqueirozThat's actually really good news, guys. Thank you!19:57
necrophcodrI'm having some problems with suspend though.19:57
necrophcodrBut that could be my setup.19:57
dax(obviously results will vary for different cards and different software)19:57
victorqueirozabout reinstallation, I remember of having some problems like: Having to reinstall the whole system after an major upgrade. How often does it happen?19:57
necrophcodrunless you modify your system configurations, it shouldn't really happen19:58
daxusing a bunch of third-party PPAs and following random instructions from blog posts tends to increase probability of failure19:58
daxi don't do either, and upgrades tend to work fine19:58
victorqueirozdax: I see. when was the last time you reinstalled your system?19:59
oft_gegongvictorqueiroz: I always prep my system to not needing huge upgrades (like say 14.04 to 18.04). I don't even know if that's possible. I mean init.d to systemd setup? I'd be better off just saving my stuff to a FAT32 partition on some thumb drive and remove all partitions and upgrade starting at 0.20:00
DalekSec11.04 beta, 20110413.2 for me.  Not using random repos and reading the details of the upgrade seem to help.20:01
victorqueirozI can't boot the installer with my AMD gpu. It just sprint the cooler once and keeps stuck on black screen20:04
victorqueirozNow it booted :)20:04
victorqueirozBut it's stuck. Meaning that I can't move the mouse or hit any key. Numlock is also not toggling20:04
oft_gegongI know this feels like sin. But I'm in love with Linux Mint 17.4/Xubuntu 14.04/Ubuntu 14.04. It's so sad that it's EOLed20:06
victorqueirozDo I have to install ubuntu without my AMD graphics card?20:08
oft_gegongvictorqueiroz: so you USB booted into the live environment, and you're trying to install ubuntu 19.04?20:08
JonelethIrenicuscan you use lsblk and not show loop devices?20:09
tomreynlsblk | grep -v ^loop20:10
JonelethIrenicustomreyn: hotness20:10
JonelethIrenicusgrep is awesome20:11
victorqueirozoft_gegong: not live. I booted directly into installer.20:11
oft_gegonghmm....yeah sometimes the USB drivers are a little weird. Like I had Ubuntu 16.04 this one time, and 30% of the time it would be right.20:12
tomreynvictorqueiroz: which ubuntu version are you trying to install there, and which flavour, if desktop?20:13
tomreynvictorqueiroz: and which graphics chipset do you have there exactly. you say "AMD GPU", this could hint that you have an AMD APU? which one?20:14
tomreynvictorqueiroz: generally, you don'T need or want the proprietary additions to the default fully (despite the firmware) open source amdgpu driver (there are rare exceptions).20:16
victorqueiroztomreyn: Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS amd64. GPU is RX 580. I was able to boot it into Live CD. I'm trying to install it. Do you have another version to recommend me?20:17
tomreynvictorqueiroz: 18.04.2 is fine and should just work out of the box with RX58020:17
tomreynit does for me20:18
tomreyn(and may other people, too)20:18
victorqueirozAlright, it's loading on "Updates and other software" let's see how it goes. I hope it does work out-of-the-box!! <320:18
tomreynvictorqueiroz: this "I can't boot the installer with my AMD gpu. It just sprint the cooler once and keeps stuck on black screen" sounds more like mainboard firmware or hardware issues then20:19
tomreyndid you install mainboard firmware updates?20:19
texlaUbuntu 18.04.2 slow boot can this entries in https://pastebin.com/MEsdeK8w cause slow boot20:22
mmercerok....maybe im doing something wrong...  attempting to use cloud-init per-boot directive to set a dynamic hostname on machines... ive put set_hostname.sh in /var/lib/cloud/scripts/per-boot, but it does not seem to execute20:22
victorqueiroztomreyn: If you mean the BIOS updates, I recently updated my BIOS version on setup.20:23
victorqueirozNow it's loading for too long on "Updates and other software" screen. Does it usually take this much?20:23
lol768_Hello. Bit of an odd issue here. Ubuntu 18.0420:24
tomreynvictorqueiroz: you'll have UEFI firmware, not BIOS, although many still call it this way (a misnomer). but yes, that's what i meant.20:24
lol768_Some fonts don't render at all in Chrome, or other applications (like IntelliJ). Example: https://codepen.io/anon/pen/EJBbMa20:24
oft_gegongvictorqueiroz: I think this maybe a BIOS option issue. I'm 38% sure.20:24
lol768_That page renders fine in Firefox, but like https://lol768.com/i/DikeBehringFafnirBroods in Chrome20:24
lol768_Where should I even start with trying to troubleshoot this?20:25
tomreynvictorqueiroz: i'm not sure what the "Updates and other software" screen does. i assume it downloads and installs updated packages. if so, your internet connection can be a limiting factor there.20:25
victorqueiroztomreyn: I selected "Minimal installation" and unmakred all options below "Other options"20:26
tomreynlol768_: use chromium-browser, the open source browser which is the foundation for the proprietary chrome browser (which is not supported here), it doesn't have this issue.20:26
lol768_sorry, I am using Chromium20:26
oft_gegonglol768_: that sounds terrible. Fonts should work out of the box. You could try installing windows fonts. I'm 4% sure that will help.20:26
lol768_I shouldn't refer to it as chrome20:26
JonelethIrenicuswhy is it when people talk about permissions they are kind of inconsistent in the naming?20:27
lol768_for what it's worth oft_gegong, Arial works fine in libreoffice writer20:27
tomreynvictorqueiroz: i think it wouldn't install updates during the installation then, so my theory would be wrong.20:27
JonelethIrenicusowner group everyone, but then doesn't chmod use -o for "other" which means everyone?20:27
lol768_is there a way in Chromium/Chrome to see which font it actually tried to use to render a DOM element20:27
JonelethIrenicuspretty confusing20:27
oft_gegongJonelethIrenicus: with permissions there is owner, group, and everyone. But then there's read, write, execute, and those special suid guid bits.20:28
tomreynvictorqueiroz: in other words: there's no explanation for why this step would take very long.20:28
victorqueiroztomreyn: Now it loaded to "Installation type"20:28
lol768_right, it's trying to use EmojiOne Color to render "The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog"20:28
lol768_which seems like a dumb thing to try and do given what the font is for..20:29
oft_gegonglol768_: Arial works fine lol. What about Trubuschet (or whatever)?20:29
Ben64JonelethIrenicus: because it's user, group, others20:29
JonelethIrenicusBen64: so when some one teaches owner, group, everyone they are wrong?20:30
lol768_Trebuchet MS?20:30
lol768_yup, fine in libreoffice too20:30
Ben64JonelethIrenicus: yes20:30
oft_gegongJonelethIrenicus: yeah20:30
tomreynvictorqueiroz: so it's making progress, i guess, good.20:30
oft_gegongJonelethIrenicus: sadly20:30
tomreynvictorqueiroz: what'S the hardware you have there?20:30
victorqueiroztomreyn: https://termbin.com/0pyv20:33
victorqueirozI wonder why does it take so much time to change mountpoint of a partition20:34
lol768_I think this is relevant https://github.com/eosrei/twemoji-color-font#why-bitstream-vera20:35
JonelethIrenicusmakes more sense now20:35
texlaUbuntu 18.04.2 slow boot can this entries in https://pastebin.com/MEsdeK8w cause slow boot20:38
victorqueiroztomreyn: Sorry, this is more accurate: https://termbin.com/4pci20:39
leftyfb!who | texla20:40
ubottutexla: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)20:40
leftyfbtexla: please stop posting that link and wait for someone to respond. Also, ask an actual support question that is clear English20:40
tomreynvictorqueiroz: is this in a VM?20:42
texlaleftyfb, You telling me once in a full 17" screen is to often; and I cannot add someones name until they answer Right20:43
tomreynvictorqueiroz: if storage (disk) operations take really long, maybe something is wrong with the storage? did you check its health?20:44
ikanoboriWe tend to measure by time, if someone knows the answer they'll answer, if not try again later (not 10 minutes, wait an hour or two so new people might be active).20:44
tomreyn!smart | victorqueiroz20:44
ubottuvictorqueiroz: smart is Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology, a monitoring system for hard drives. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Smartmontools20:44
leftyfbtexla: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/QdN9TPPxzK/ 3 times in an hour, yes20:44
victorqueiroztomreyn: It's installing. Maybe I can check it after installation? It has never been a problem on Debian. Would you say that's an feature or a bug on Ubuntu? hahaha20:45
texlaleftyfb, Three times in one how how long should I wait ???20:45
tomreynvictorqueiroz: i would not. yes, check after installation. you can keep using the live / installer after installation completes.20:46
tomreynvictorqueiroz: is the isntaller running from a usb attached storage (flash? hdd?) or optical media?20:46
victorqueiroztomreyn: new USB stick 32GB20:48
qwebirc70130Hi all. I come here humbly as a newbie to Linux. I have spent over a week trying to install Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS as a dual-boot with Windows 10 preinstalled. I have typed an essay as to what I have tried, but don't want to flood the screen here. How should I go about getting assistance please? Many thanks in advance20:48
Meadqwebirc70130: what is your most major problem?20:49
tomreynvictorqueiroz: i see, this *could* be the source of a slow installation also, but i assume you would be able to tell so?20:49
qwebirc70130Mead: No matter what I do, I simply cannot get Ubuntu installation to boot from USB or SSD. Cannot boot into a live session. Cannot get into GRUB or anything close to installation or boot20:50
tomreynvictorqueiroz: if it was, booting up the installer would probably have been slow already. and it should not be on your computer.20:50
deadrom18.04, nvidia 390.116 but nvidia-settings is 390.77. I think I remember hearing one does not need the seperate nvidia-settings package anymore at all... true? uninstall it?20:53
tomreyntexla: the system journal was flushed, which wont happen on every boot.20:55
texlatomreyn, Would this pastebin tell me anything about the slow boot of ubuntu 18.04.2 https://pastebin.com/EVGLAKyJ21:13
tomreyntexla: i don't know whether it tells you, does it?21:14
tomreynit doesn't seem special to me.21:15
tomreynby the way, we prefer the pastebin at paste.ubuntu.com here21:15
hggdhtexla: you can try systemd-analyze blame, or systemd-analyze critical-chain21:21
hggdhoh, you did21:22
OerHeks45 s is not bad, with luks i assume..21:23
qwebirc54500hello I have a question about installing Ubuntu.21:27
qwebirc54500I'm new to using IRC channels, also21:27
ryuoqwebirc54500: first rule: ask your question from the beginning.21:28
qwebirc54500sorry I'm just nervous haha21:28
qwebirc54500anyways I have a pc with Windows 10. I want to use primarily Linux so I'm going to have a dual boot21:28
qwebirc54500when I went to install, I went through the process but upon reboot I think I got an error21:29
qwebirc54500it said that it couldn't unpack the files21:29
qwebirc54500and when I tried to restart again it just asked me to insert a boot able key, even after I reset the boot priority defaults21:30
ryuoqwebirc54500: i'm not sure if Ubiquity supports this OOB... it sounds like it can't even boot into windows now.21:31
qwebirc54500so idk what to do. I also noticed that the Ubuntu installation didn't notice windows OS, and when I tried to reinstall Ubuntu it only recognized the existing Ubuntu 18.0421:31
ryuoqwebirc54500: ... it sounds like you may have destroyed the windows partition, but the only way to be sure is to inspect the partition table.21:31
OerHekssounds like you have windows 10 in UEFI mode, and ubuntu in legacy mode installed21:31
ryuoOr, that's another possibility.21:32
OerHeksboot ubuntu in uefi mode too21:32
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI21:32
qwebirc54500I chabged the partition so the windows one is smaller.i used the remaining free space to create a Linux partition and swap21:32
ryuoOerHeks: does Ubuntu support automatic resizing of the windows partition?21:32
OerHeksoke, you made free space, you are fine i guess21:32
qwebirc54500I will try setting up Ubuntu in uefi mode21:33
qwebirc54500I'm not sure if I did that the first time21:33
qwebirc54500thank you for your help everyone21:33
OerHeksryuo, yes21:33
ryuoqwebirc54500: if you still have issues, i can suggest a method that always worked for me.21:33
qwebirc54500I appreciate it, go for it21:33
OerHeksbut i prefer to do this within windows, no jamming antivirus and such21:33
ryuoqwebirc54500: well, my method was to preallocate my partitions for both installs, install windows to those partitions, then install my Linux. no futzing with resizing.21:34
ryuoqwebirc54500: but that's an expert method i suppose.21:35
OerHeksgood luck and have fun!21:35
qwebirc54500I ended up buying a pre made pc and it already had a windows boot manager and windows partition for most of the existing hard drive. So I guess I had no choice lol21:35
qwebirc54500ty all21:35
ryuonot really... you can reinstall windows.21:35
ryuomicrosoft provides ISOs for windows 10 on their website now.21:35
qwebirc54500tbh I'm scared cuz I don't feel confident in my ability... plus I don't have a CD reader21:36
ryuoAh. You can prepare USB boot media instead.21:36
ryuoIt doesn't need an optical drive.21:36
qwebirc54500oh! right21:36
qwebirc54500I was thinking about the disc they gave me with the computer21:36
ryuoI see.21:36
qwebirc54500ty again! I'll try the solution ubottu suggested21:37
qwebirc54500or, oerheks21:37
ryuowell, if it still fails, there's always the manual method i use.21:37
OerHeksrestore iso .. that would wipe all, but can be a saviour.21:37
qwebirc54500I'll remember it, ryuo21:37
qwebirc54500thank you!21:37
ryuoqwebirc54500: one thing to note, make sure to reserve space for your UEFI partition if using that method.21:37
ryuoit doesn't need a lot of space.21:38
qwebirc54500I'm going to read more about uefi!! ty21:38
ryuoI've gotten by with 1MiB or less space for it before.21:38
qwebirc54500cuz I don't understand tbh haha (^^)21:38
ryuobut that was a single linux install.21:38
jeremy31qwebirc54500: EFI System Partition, 200-500MB21:38
ryuoyou want more if you don't know what you'll be doing for sure.21:38
=== Noisette is now known as Plumette
newdimensionWith the following ufw config, shouldn't I be *failing* to connect to a webapp on this server? Wouldn't I need to manually open port 80? https://dpaste.de/ZYVD21:41
van777i'd like to report, that i've sucsesufully installed windows (for wife) after ubuntu and the boot menu with "boot repair" live disk21:42
TFaulknervan777 Fantastic!21:43
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
qwebirc70130Hi all. I come here humbly as a newbie to Linux. I have spent over a week trying to install Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS as a dual-boot with Windows 10 preinstalled I have scoured countless forums and blogs, and I'm not seeing any success and would be very grateful for any assistance with Ubuntu installation please. I have typed an essay as to what I have tried, but don't want to flood the screen here. How should I go about getting assista21:44
TFaulknerWell you have came to the right place my friend21:44
tomreynnewdimension: yes, you should fail to connect, from a different system, to this server, on port 80. that's unless there are other rules in iptables which allow for it or traffic flows on an interface ufw does not handle.21:45
qwebirc70130My issue: No matter what I do, I simply cannot get Ubuntu installation to boot from USB or SSD. Cannot boot into a live session. Cannot get into GRUB or anything close to installation or boot. The only errors I've seen: via USB boot: >> No Media Present........ After rebooting and selecting UNetboot menu entry: "Windows Boot Manager: Windows failed to start. A recent hardware of software change might be the cause. To fix the prob21:47
qwebirc70130Consistently then boots into Windows21:47
TFaulknerWhat Architecture OS do you have and What is your Computer (32 Bit or 64 Bit)21:48
TFaulknerand do you know if your computer uses Bios or Uefi21:48
qwebirc70130System: Toshiba Satellite L50A; 1TB SSD; 12GB RAM; 64 bit;21:49
TFaulknerOne Moment21:49
tomreynqwebirc70130: there are usually just two things to watch out for when setting up dual-boot: (1) on the mainboard firmware ("BIOS") configuration utility, look for a "RAID" option (for how SATA storages are accessed) and set it to "AHCI" instead. (2) install windows first, make sure it boots fine,  (3) install ubuntu, booting the installer in the same boot mode as you boot the installed windows installer. nowadays this is usually UEFI mode.21:49
tomreynqwebirc70130: ^ i typed this before i read your second message, so this is now less useful as a hint.21:50
qwebirc70130Thanks tomreyn, TFaulkner21:51
qwebirc70130These are the steps I have taken so far21:51
qwebirc70130IN Windows: - Confirmed that BIOS mode is UEFI - Confirmed that Volume Partition Style is GPT - Partitioned the SSD, shrunk the Windows partition - currently 735GB - New partition - 200GB (file system: NTFS) - Disabled fast start-up in Power Options21:51
qwebirc70130 IN UEFI: - Disabled Secure Boot - Boot Speed set to Normal - Changed Boot order priority to USB, and have subsequently even moved HDD/SSD to last priority21:52
qwebirc70130WITH UNetbootin: - Tried Live version 18.04_Live_x64, NetInstall version 18.04_NetInstall_x64 - Tried Diskimage with 18.04.2 iso, 16.04 iso, 19.04 iso - both on Hard Disk and on USB - Have booted from complete shut-down, restarted from Windows, restarted via Advanced Startup into EFI: USB from within Windows and also via Advanced Startup into UEFI Firmware Settings21:52
jeremy31qwebirc70130: you should have just shrunk the windows install and left it as unallocated21:52
qwebirc70130WITH Rufus: - Tried Rufus for USB boot - Tried installation with Partition scheme set to MBR with Target system set to 'BIOS or UEFI' (subsequently found that this is incorrect, and must be set to GPT - see below) - Tried installation with Partition scheme set to GPT (as per Disk Management properties) with Target system set to 'UEFI (non CSM)'21:53
qwebirc70130jeremy31: Should I try again with unallocated storage?21:54
TFaulknerjeremy31: you dont need to shrink the partition21:54
jeremy31qwebirc70130: the Ubuntu installer is capable of installing along side Windows 10 in EFi mode without shrinking the Windows partition manually21:54
TFaulknerwhat is your USB being formatted to in Rufus21:55
arunsTFaulkner: NTFS is Windows' file storage system.21:56
TFaulknerbut its the partition that works for Bootable USB21:56
qwebirc70130It formats it to FAT32, and breaks if I tr NTFS21:56
TFaulknerhmmm? elaborate on breaks21:56
Meadntfs was originally developed for OS2...21:56
tomreynqwebirc70130: don't change the boot order permanently in the uefi configuration. instead, override it only the one time (by pressing some function key before boot - which one exactly depends on your mainboard, but it should tell) while installing ubuntu from the usb attached storage.21:57
TFaulknerLets try using etcher to image the drive21:57
qwebirc70130The error it gives is: "Error: Undetermined error while formatting"21:59
TFaulknerseems to be your USB21:59
TFaulknerdo you have another usb stick anywhere21:59
newdimensiontomreyn: I thought so, I didn't set anything iptables. The only non-standard thing I've done is run a docker image of Mattermost. I was suprirsed I was able to connect without having to open the port22:00
qwebirc70130I thought it might be the stick, but even when trying to install with UNetbootin, I get the same results22:00
TFaulkneryh try that then22:00
TFaulknerUbubtu 18.04 is about 1.8GB so a 2GB Drive should be adequate22:01
=== Guest99402 is now known as alphaseg
jeremy31qwebirc70130: as long as the ISO boots in EFI mode, it is not likely an issue with etcher/rufus/whatever22:01
=== Noisette is now known as Plumette
tomreynnewdimension: oh docker, so it's a different ip addres really. ufw only handled the very system it is installed on, it is not meant for managing more complex setups like traffic forwarded to other locations..22:02
TFaulknerjeremy31: looks like a drive issue with the USB22:02
qwebirc70130Which program should I use to format the stick, rufus?22:02
tomreynPlumette: could you please fix your script?22:02
TFaulknerjust like you are imaging the drive22:02
newdimensiontomreyn: I'm not familiar with docker, let alone it's effects on networking. But wouldn't a guest application (e.g. Docker) have to follow system set rules (ufw) ?22:03
newdimension*its effects22:03
TFaulknerLet me know how it goes22:03
qwebirc70130you are all true legends here... Thank you, will give it another attempt22:03
qwebirc70130Also, the manuall partitioned storage in Windows - should I unallocate that?22:03
TFaulkneryou can do22:04
tomreynnewdimension: it's got an ip address and (I think?) (virtual) NIC of it's own. no, UFW is not meant to handle this scenario.22:04
TFaulknerIf you need help just pop up. One of us will be more than happy to help you. If im not online then drop me a DM. Ive added you on mine.22:04
newdimensiontomreyn: ok thanks. It seems like what's happening is that docker alters iptables (like you mentioned) to get around UFW. https://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-to-fix-the-docker-and-ufw-security-flaw/22:05
jeremy31TFaulkner: I was able to install Linux Mint along side Windows 10 without shrinking the Windows partition in Windows on my newer HP laptop.  Mint uses the Ubuntu ubiquity installer22:06
qwebirc70130Thanks again TFaulkner, truly appreciate it!22:06
TFaulknerno problem qwebirc70130.22:07
TFaulknerjeremy31: yh i know but it doesnt matter if its allocated or not22:07
jeremy31TFaulkner: they should have been able to choose that partition in something else and change it to ext4 and install22:09
TFaulkneryh that works22:10
MannyLNJ_Help please. I am getting this message when I do apt-get update   E: The repository 'http://debian.opennms.org openms-24 Release' does not have a Release file.22:12
Bashing-omMannyLNJ_: pastebin the outputs of ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' so wee see the error in context.22:15
MannyLNJ_Bashing-om, Working on it22:18
MannyLNJ_Bashing-om, how do I output the command to pastebin? Google is letting me down22:20
Bashing-om!paste | MannyLNJ_22:20
ubottuMannyLNJ_: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use https://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use https://imgur.com/ !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.22:20
jeremy31MannyLNJ_: in terminal (sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade) | nc termbin.com 999922:20
jeremy31post URL from termbin22:21
Bashing-omMannyLNJ_: ^^ My preferred paste site also :)22:21
MannyLNJ_jeremy31, Thank you22:21
MannyLNJ_Bashing-om, and jeremy31 https://pastebin.com/1AdberF922:23
Bashing-omMannyLNJ_: looking.22:23
jeremy31MannyLNJ_: for termbin the ( and ) are needed for multiple commands22:24
MannyLNJ_jeremy31, I understand now22:24
OerHeksthat repo gives https, http://docs.opennms.org/opennms/releases/latest/guide-install/guide-install.html#_installing_on_debian22:27
OerHeksso you need apt-transport-https i guess too22:28
tomreynbionic and later apt support https by default22:31
MannyLNJ_OerHeks, Bashing-om and tomreyn thank you for the help. For now I think I will just remove it and start over later.22:31
OerHeksThe following components will be installed:  Oracle Java 8 JDK .. oh, that s going to be fun22:31
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MannyLNJ_I did apt-get remove and now I need to figure out why apt-get is still showing it's repository22:35
doubtfulI am so confused what to do with files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d after upgrade to disco22:35
doubtfulfpr ex: what do I do with this file: https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/MtqPHqmdKX/?22:36
OerHeksnothing, they are disabled22:40
OerHekspackages not upgraded to disco22:40
tomreynMannyLNJ_: "apt-get remove PACKAGE" removes the installed package PACKAGE, it does not remove an APT source (a configured apt repository)22:40
MannyLNJ_tomreyn, I fogured out where the repo was listed on my system. removed it and now I will worry about it later. Still trying to resolve DNS issues on my lan22:41
tomreyni see, good luck.22:41
jackbakerHi, hope i am in the right place. I'm trying to apt-get update and it is getting stuck on some files. When i try to access one of the files manually on a different computer it will only download like 85% of the file and then stop. I have tried about 10 different mirrors. http and ftp connections. both .bz2 and .gz files too. Every single file stops at 85% Any ideas?23:04
tomreynjackbaker: is this a corporate environment or an environment or country where censorship is common?23:07
jackbakerUSA standard residential internet. I have not noticed ISP blocks in the past ever23:07
ryuojackbaker: does it occur if you tell APT to use IPv4?23:09
ryuojackbaker: try this: apt -o Acquire::ForceIPv4=true true23:11
ryuojackbaker: try this: apt -o Acquire::ForceIPv4=true update23:11
jackbakerryuo: It is running now but sitting at waiting for headers23:11
ryuojackbaker: excuse me, try this: apt update -o Acquire::ForceIPv4=true23:12
ryuogot the order wrong.23:12
ryuojackbaker: -shrug- I just know IPv6 is unreliable on some ISP networks.23:12
jackbakeryes I put the order with the option last23:12
jackbakerokay it endered with error  "E: Method gave invalid 103 Redirect message"23:13
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jackbakerI should also mention i have been doing alot of troubleshooting on my own before coming here. I have added mirrors to my sources.list file23:14
jackbakerfor an example all the mirrors i have tried can only download 5.4kB or 5.1kB of these source.gz or source.bz2 files at /ubuntu/dists/trusty-updates/restricted/source/23:18
Bashing-omjackbaker: Show the channel in a pastebin ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' See then what we can see.23:20
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matarois anyone here?23:23
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu. !End-of-life was April 25th, 2019. Paid support (ESM) is available. See also !esm, !eol, !eolupgrade23:24
mataroit just said "czwolf" has joined23:24
OerHekshi mataro23:24
matarothis is my first time on ubuntu23:25
tomreynmataro: welcome to the ubuntu support (only, there are others, though) channel.23:28
matarodo you think is should keep using it, or switch back to mac?23:28
tomreynthat's for you to decide (and not strictly an ubuntu support question).23:29
OerHeksmataro, my answer makes no sense.23:29
OerHekstrusty was pretty nice.23:31
tomreynjackbaker: i got disconnected but would also suggest you post the output, and would also suggest you use a supported ubuntu version.23:31
ubottuUbuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic Beaver) is the 28th release of Ubuntu and the current LTS release. Download at https://www.ubuntu.com/download - Release Notes: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/BionicBeaver/ReleaseNotes23:32
OerHekshint: daily live http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/bionic/daily-live/current/23:34
jackbakertomreyn: I am running the command again then will pastbin it for the channel. I am stuck using 14.04 because it is a Jetson TK1 development board.23:35
OerHeksnot really true .. https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1036457/how-to-successfully-update-jetson-tk1-to-ubuntu-16-04/23:36
jackbakerOerHeks: yes, but it looses jetpack features.23:37
OerHeksah, you have no tx123:39
OerHeksjackbaker, interesting .. https://blog.ubuntu.com/2019/03/15/porting-ubuntu-core-18-to-nvidia-jetson-tx1-developer-kit23:44
OerHeksbut works not on your tk1?23:44
jackbakerNow that i reread that i'm not so sure it would be a problem anymore if i 16.04... Anyhow for now i would like to continue using the current version installed.23:45
jackbakerBashing-om: https://pastebin.com/5FuyQKZk  pastebin of the update and upgrade23:46
OerHeksyes, hold xserver-xorg-core, etc23:46
jackbakerOkay, i have to go now. Thanks for the help all23:58

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