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studio-user521im new to linux01:50
studiobot<Duke> I just tried to add Ubuntu Studio backports to my Ubuntu MATE 18.04 system.  I could not see the Ubuntu Studio controls, like those in Ubuntu Studio 19.04 (which I have installed on another PC).  Should I see them?11:55
Eickmeyer[m]@Duke You'll only see Ubuntu Studio Controls if you install it directly or via ubuntustudio-installer.13:57
ubottuUbuntu Studio Installer is an app that can be used to add Ubuntu Studio's benefits to an existing Ubuntu (or official flavor) installation, or add additional packages. For more info, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/UbuntuStudioInstaller13:58
Eickmeyer[m]Installing ubuntustudio-installer brings ubuntustudio-controls in as a dependency.13:58
Eickmeyer[m]But, run the installer first as you'll need the performance tweaks as well.13:59
OvenWerksDuke: you will probably need to enable the back ports PPA to get the updated -controls14:19
EickmeyerOvenWerks: He did, but I don't think he installed -installer.14:20
studio-mykanyone else having trouble with fully charging the battery? it charges only till 57% and I don't know why14:31
Eickmeyerstudio-myk: 99% of the time, that's a hardware issue. Sign of a worn-out battery.14:32
studio-mykit fully charges with ubuntu. the trouble comes with the studio version14:33
Eickmeyerstudio-myk: The Xfce desktop environment's battery monitor has a different way of measuring battery. Whereas GNOME sees 57% as your laptop's maximum capable battery capacity, it shows it as 100% when charged to that much. Xfce uses the battery's maximum capacicy as the measurement.14:35
EickmeyerBasically, Xfce is more honest about your battery's capacity.14:36
studiobot<Duke> Eickmeyer: Thanks.  I was planning to run the installer, but wanted to add the backports, since I understood that as a prerequisite.  I'll get that done today.14:36
Eickmeyer@Duke: No problem.14:36
studio-mykthanks guys14:37
Eickmeyerstudio-myk: You're welcome. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.14:37
m_ad[m]studio-myk: if you want to know your battery condition install inxi and then, in a terminal, type inxi -b15:12
m_ad[m]the percentage shown is your current battery capacity15:13
m_ad[m]mine is charged at 98% but it's current condition is 93%15:14
studio-user439Hi guy's. I Have a new Focusrite Scarlett2i4 USB audio interface hooked up on my newly updated mac pro 2010 desktop computer. This machine runs on ubuntustudio obviusly and it does not work. Eyther the sound is distorted, or it workes fine for 10 sec and turnes off or I just get alot of noise. I tryed the interface with my Acer laptop wich runs on linuxMint and it did the same thing. I tought it must be defected but I t19:27
studio-user439macbook air and it worked fine... wtf?19:27
studio-user439when I got this interface I checked online if people ware useing this interface with linux before I got it and I heard no complaints and I saw a couple of good reviews from linux users19:29
studio-user439Do I need to return it or is it usible? I bought it cos my old interface was firewire and the last update made it obselite.19:32
Eickmeyerstudio-user439: Personally, I have a Behringer UMC404HD that has never had issues. I don't have much experience with the focusrite products, but it sounds like a hardware incompatibility of some sort.19:33
Eickmeyerstudio-user439: Are you using it with Jack or just with PulseAudio?19:33
EickmeyerOvenWerks: Any ideas?19:34
studio-user439I just plugg it in and select the interface in sound settings19:35
Eickmeyerstudio-user439: That tells me you're not using Jack. Professional USB audio interfaces are designed to use lowlatency software, and PulseAudio (the default) is not, by any means, professional lowlatency audio. You might have to configure it using Ubuntu Studio Controls.19:36
Eickmeyer!ubuntustudio-controls | studio-user43919:36
ubottustudio-user439: Ubuntu Studio Controls is the application through which audio is configured in Ubuntu Studio. It configures Jack, sets the CPU governor, and ensures the user has realtime audio permissions. For more info, see !jack and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/UbuntuStudioControls19:36
EickmeyerBut to me, it sounds like your MacBook Air (which might have newer hardware) might just have better compatibility with the device.19:37
EickmeyerUnfortunately, not everything is guaranteed to work.19:37
EickmeyerOerHeks: Any ideas here?19:40
studio-user439OK Im installing Ubuntu Studio Controls. wich boxes do I check in? Realtime Audio or CPU Governor in Perforance mode, or both?19:45
Eickmeyerstudio-user439: What version of Ubuntu Studio are you running?19:46
studio-user439where can I see that?19:47
EickmeyerOpen a terminal, type "lsb_release -a"19:47
EickmeyerAlso, if you're having to install Ubuntu Studio Controls, then it sounds to me like you're not running Ubuntu Studio at all.19:47
studio-user439No LSB modules are available. Distributor ID:Ubuntu Description:Ubuntu 18.04.2 LTS Release:18.04 Codename:bionic19:47
EickmeyerOkay. You'll need the backports PPA if you haven't done so already.19:48
Eickmeyer!ubuntustudio-backports | studio-user43919:48
ubottustudio-user439: The Ubuntu Studio Backports PPA is required for users of Ubuntu Studio to receive LTS support for Ubuntu Studio 18.04, and for #ubuntustudio to support users of Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and its flavors using !jack. For more info, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/BackportsPPA, !ubuntustudio-controls, and !ubuntustudio-installer19:48
EickmeyerAlso, since it doesn't sound like you're actually using Ubuntu Studio, you'll need to run this:19:48
Eickmeyer!ubuntustudio-installer | studio-user43919:48
ubottustudio-user439: Ubuntu Studio Installer is an app that can be used to add Ubuntu Studio's benefits to an existing Ubuntu (or official flavor) installation, or add additional packages. For more info, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/UbuntuStudioInstaller19:48
Eickmeyerstudio-user439: What flavor of Ubuntu are you using?19:49
studio-user439I know I am not a linux genius but yes I am useing Ubuntu studio19:49
EickmeyerJust making sure.19:49
Eickmeyer18.04 does, indeed, require that backports PPA to receive any support.19:50
studio-user439ok PPA installed19:51
EickmeyerOkay. Run "sudo apt full-upgrade" to make sure it takes.19:51
studio-user439cool, a new wall paper :D19:54
EickmeyerOnce it's done, run Ubuntu Studio Controls and follow the guide I linked above.19:55
studio-user439this one?19:55
ubottuUbuntu Studio Controls is the application through which audio is configured in Ubuntu Studio. It configures Jack, sets the CPU governor, and ensures the user has realtime audio permissions. For more info, see !jack and https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/UbuntuStudioControls19:56
OvenWerksSo far as I know focusrite 2/4 devices have had extra work done in alsa (thanks to Robin G) The focusrite 18 whatever has had work done sinse then that may not have gone upstream yet.21:01
Eickmeyerstudio-user439: ^22:16
studio-user922Hi, I just got a new USB audio interface "Focusrite Scarlett 2i4" I got it cos my presonus is a firewire interface and the update a couple of months ago killed the firewire cabability. My linux mint acer laptop could also not use the interface but my macbook air did so it works. I did this:22:49
studio-user922and that22:49
studio-user922it still just gives me alot of noise22:49
studio-user922any ides how to get the audiointerface working on this computer? Cos it is the OS or a setting in the OS22:53
Eickmeyerstudio-user922: I've been working with you on this all day, correct?23:03
studio-user922Hi yes!23:04
studio-user922didnt know if I had the same audience23:04
studio-user922Thats great that you are still here. I really appreciate it.23:06
Eickmeyerstudio-user922: It's the exact same chat room no matter what.23:07
EickmeyerMight help if you typed "/nick {easily-identifiable-nickname-you-make-up}" into the chat window so that we can identify you easier.23:08
EickmeyerYou're always "studio-userxxx" by default.23:08
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EickmeyerHaha, you didn't need the {'s, {Ben}23:10
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EickmeyerSomething more unique. We're on the freenode network, so there are literally thousands of registered names.23:10
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Nattmordurthere we go23:11
NattmordurAny ideas on how to get my interface working?23:12
EickmeyerNattmordur: Sadly, I have some insight from another developer on this, and I'm working on a solution. Read this:23:14
Eickmeyer<OvenWerks> So far as I know focusrite 2/4 devices have had extra work done in alsa (thanks to Robin G) The focusrite 18 whatever has had work done sinse then that may not have gone upstream yet.23:14
EickmeyerSo, Nattmordur, basically you might have to run a newer kernel version, and I'm trying to remember the guide on how to do that with 18.04.23:15
EickmeyerNattmordur: Got it. Try this:23:17
Eickmeyer!hwe | Nattmordur23:17
ubottuNattmordur: The Ubuntu LTS enablement stacks provide newer kernel and X support for existing LTS releases, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/LTSEnablementStack23:17
EickmeyerThe newer kernel might get things working properly, so long as Robin Gaerus's patches made it into the kernel.23:17
NattmordurIm a bit lost but ok23:18
Nattmordurthis is the only thing I want out of this computer ( to work well with an audio interface"23:19
Nattmordurso I am willing to instal update or what ever23:19
EickmeyerNattmordur: So, in Linux-based operating systems such as Ubuntu, the kernel (Linux) contains all of the drivers for the hardware, as opposed to Windows or Mac which has actual driver software to be a go-between for the user space (the part you interact with) to talk to the kernel, which in-turn talks to the hardware. Linux cuts-out the middleman whenever possible.23:20
Nattmordurok great I get that23:21
Nattmordurso what would you like me to try?23:21
EickmeyerI'd like you to try the Hardware Enablement Stack. Your Focusrite interface is very new compared to what is included in the kernel in 18.04.23:22
EickmeyerThat's that link I posted just above.23:22
Nattmordurok I get that23:23
Nattmordurwith one should I use?23:23
EickmeyerYou only have one option. Always use the one that matches your current version, which you told me was 18.04.23:24
EickmeyerAnd, since you're not running a server, go with desktop.23:25
Nattmorduraha its not the same as I had its a replacement for the one I have, now I get it23:26
Nattmordursorry about that23:26
EickmeyerNo worries.23:27
Nattmordurok, a lot of shit went down in the terminal and its done23:31
Nattmordurdo I need to reconfigure any settings or something now?23:31
EickmeyerNope, once you've added that reboot and try it.23:32
Nattmordurok, rebbooting. see you on the other side23:35
NattmordurHi Im back23:43
NattmordurI wright this letter with both great joy and great sorrow in my hart23:44
Nattmordurthe interface is not acting up, there are no noises, blinking lights or anything. Super smooth23:45
Nattmordurto smooth for it doesn't make a sound23:45
Nattmordurbut I can feel that things are getting better and this is a matter of some setting23:46
NattmordurI can see the sound comeing in on the sound setting window23:46
Nattmordurany ideas? its not the interface it self, it workes on another computer with the same settings, the speekers are fine, its not the sors of audio, I tryed many...23:52
EickmeyerNattmordur: That's great!23:52
EickmeyerThat means it's working properly. You need to run Jack using Ubuntu Studio Controls.23:52
EickmeyerAnd then try patching it in using Carla.23:53
Eickmeyer(sudo apt install carla, if you haven't already).23:53
Nattmordurok ok23:53
NattmordurCan you guide me trough that please?23:53
Nattmordurwhat is Carla?23:54
Nattmordurits installed now in any case :)23:55
Eickmeyer!carla | Nattmordur23:55
EickmeyerHmm... I don't have an entry for that.23:56
EickmeyerCarla is a plugin host (think audio rack) and patchbay.23:56
EickmeyerThe patchbay tab in particular lets you connect the system audio (Pulse) to your audio interface.23:56
Nattmordurwhat should I do next then?23:57
EickmeyerHave you started Jack using Ubuntu Studio Controls?23:58

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