tdaitxdoko: actually the comment is about it affecting disco as well, some time after that he changed the description to indicate that eoan is also affected00:40
tdaitx"Disco is affected too with Scilab 6.0.2-0ubuntu1 ."00:40
tdaitxvorlon: is there any reverse deps for clojure1.8 in eoan? either my script is broken or there is none, because I get nothing out of reverse-depends00:42
vorlontdaitx: reverse-depends src:clojure1.8 ?00:43
tdaitxI tried for the binary00:43
vorlontdaitx: yeah, look for src:clojure1.8 instead00:43
vorlonthere's a pile of revdeps on libclojure1.8-java00:43
tdaitxI did that just as you said it00:43
tdaitxvorlon: well, all of them have a "Depends: libclojure-java | libclojure1.8-java" so it seems it should be ok to drop clojure1.800:59
vorlontdaitx: ah nice01:00
vorlonthanks for checking01:00
tdaitxthat depends holds even in bionic01:00
tdaitxvorlon: thanks for noticing that it was being dropped... btw, how do you keep track of that? I have used the debian tracker, but it means I need to subscribe to each and every package that I want to track, I haven't found a way to subscribe to packages from a team or so01:02
tdaitxwell, clojure is a bit different as the package is not being "dropped"... they have a single packaged named clojure and 1.8 has been _dropped_ since 1.9 migrated to testing in August last year01:06
tdaitxoh, no, wait, they did have clojure1.8 as well, I typoed my early search01:07
vorlontdaitx: I'm tracking this via the process-removals archive admin task01:07
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