soulseekerhey paul98 how's thinhs going with you00:50
soulseekerI was working on installing ubuntu and encountered some problems booting.01:08
soulseekerit was interesting to find out that the pivot_root did not work which suggest ubuntu boots se other wayv01:23
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soulseekerfunny how pivot_root does not work02:13
soulseekerI checked it over again and it reads invalid argument for a standard invocation02:14
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soulseekerpaul98 talk to me04:00
soulseekerpaul98 have you heard of a roman ring wormhole04:00
soulseekersuppose you want to send a message through time04:02
soulseekersay past or future past seems easier04:02
soulseekersay you have a journling filesystem04:03
soulseekerand want to commenicAte to somebody using the file system04:03
soulseekerand write synchfonicity in the fesystem04:04
soulseekerthat iz earth right04:05
soulseekersulposed unintentional jfs04:05
soulseekerby the way paul98 I have some company information that didnt take on #frenode04:12
soulseekerif you desire to look it over , only ask04:13
soulseekerhey unshackled!04:27
soulseekerthe spirits which go through humanity04:27
soulseekerthe different social structures04:28
soulseekerhow to do away with archaic forms04:28
soulseekershackles is an example04:28
soulseekerarchaic satanic ritual of binding or bondage of human bodies04:28
soulseekermammonic deemon04:29
soulseekerthese forms of deemon worsgip remain in the filesystem long after they need to be removed04:32
soulseekerthats mostly what the police do04:32
soulseekerbut now advancing towards worse torture04:33
soulseekerwith electric guns04:33
lotuspsychjesoulseeker: can you stop that please, this is the ubuntu server support channel not a satanistic chat05:00
cpaelzerahasenack: for your clamav rebuild on a sync - I had the smae question a while ago, you chose correct05:12
cpaelzerin my case the base version was even more odd (I don't remember details), but the TL;DR was more or less "... as long as your new versions does not contain ubuntu it will be auto-synced still"05:13
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geodb27People : hi ! I'm trying to write a kickstart file to automate the installation process of my ubuntu18.04.2-servers. I'm having troubles to write the partitionning. The instructions in the ks.cfg are not recognized. From what I remember, it worked fine with 16.04 version. Are there some notes about writing such a kickstart other than  https://wiki.dinfadom.com/index.php/Kickstart_-_Ubuntu_18.04_LTS ?10:02
geodb27So far, here is my ks.cfg file : https://pastebin.com/Fni4ga5d10:04
fricklergeodb27: not sure whether you are seeing the same issue, but in order to deploy 18.04 with the same setup I was using for 16.04 I have to use the network installer iso from http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/netboot/18.04/ instead of the new server-install iso10:23
geodb27Thanks for your answer and help frickler. As a matter of fact, I've fallen on a page (https://opstuff.blog/2018/10/16/ubuntu-18-04-unattended-setup/) that seems to point that the prefered way is to use a preseed file.10:57
zzlatevHey guys, can I make a mirror of my ubuntu-server and use it to another machine?12:37
RoyKzzlatev: yes, but it's generally not a good idea since UUID will be the same etc12:46
RoyKzzlatev: better setup the new machine with ansible or something else for automation and use those rules to setup the next machine automatically12:47
blackflowUUIDs can be changed tho13:12
blackflowteward: ping, btw, that was a client-side issue, Firefox on Bionic, in certain situations I can't isolate, has issues with http2 streams.13:14
ixilhello, I'm trying to setup bionic(server) in lxc/lxd but can't work out how to make it use dhcp - I've been trying w/ netplan14:25
tewardblackflow: sounds like  Firefox then needs a bug filed against it14:26
tewardblackflow:  if FFox is using some buggy HTTP/2 implementations that'd explain things14:26
tewardor if you have addons enabled that break things :P14:26
tewardixil: out of the box, if you deploy an LXD Bionic image it'll be set to DHCP for IPv414:27
teward`lxc launch ubuntu:bionic foobar` defaults in itself to a DHCP'd netplan, it requires that you have DHCP on the default network bridge/segment the container is dropped onto though14:27
ixilteward: that's what I thought - possibly my host(an archlinux box) is misconfigured?14:28
tewardpossibly, but you'd want to go to #lxcontainers for support with the LXD config on your arch box14:28
ixilteward: well I use the default `lxdbr0` that `lxd init` brought up14:28
tewardixil: *points to the #lxcontainers channel*14:29
ixilteward: bit quite over there but I can give it another go, but even still manually configuring through `ip` seems to work, so for netplan itself I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong14:29
teward(we don't support arch here ;) )14:30
tewardixil: probably not necessarily a netplan problem.14:30
tewardesp. if `netplan apply` doesn't complain about network config being wrong14:30
ixilteward: I suspect I have teh netplan config syntax wrong14:30
tewardpastebin your netplan config then14:31
tewardixil: any chance you have a /etc/netplan/50-cloud-init.yaml at all?  You might want to refer to that to the 'proper format'14:35
tewardusually I suggest to configure the devices directly rather than using a match clause14:36
ixilteward: so I used the cloud-init as a template, but left it in /etc/netplan14:38
ixilhttp://ix.io/1HUm <- top is `ip a` on the bionic machine, and bottom my host's relevant links14:38
ixilI'm new with netplan, but I've just been doing a `sudo netplan apply; sudo netplan try;` followed by checking `ip addr`14:40
ixilthe point of the match was the interface gets called eth1@ifXX by lxc, is that something I should look to change?14:41
tewardixil: you can be fairly certain that those interface names 'won't change' - those're locked in usually on the config level of the VM from my testing.14:52
tewardso you don't really need the *match* where you can just specify the individual devices14:52
ixilteward: I just `lxc restart ...` the container, and the interfaces are now eth@if107 :/14:55
albert23shouldn't filename 10-custom.conf be 10-custom.yaml?14:57
tewardixil: ^ that14:57
tewardmake sure it's a .yaml file14:57
tewardthen try and apply it.14:57
tewardi have to head into a meeting...14:57
ixilalbert23: you're my hero14:59
cyphermoxixil: no need to do apply and then try, it's the same thing15:01
ixilnow the config at least shows up under /run/systemd/network/ but it doesn't seem to be correct15:01
cyphermoxdo one or the other15:01
ixilcyphermox: ah thanks, I thought it might be, but thought to err on the side of caution15:02
cyphermox"try" is just a fancy "apply" with a timer to attempt to revert if you don't respond within the timeout15:02
cyphermoxrevert often works, but not for all kinds of setups15:03
ixilahh well there's no point in doing try, as I can't really check anyway as I have no secondary console to check from the container side15:03
cyphermoxwell, that's the thing15:20
cyphermoxif you run that in screen you can reconnect (or you won't lose the connection at all)15:20
blackflowteward: biggest problem is I can't isolate what in FF causes this. I tried --safe-mode, and the problem doesn't appear there. It doe appear if I run normal mode but disable the two extensions I use. It does appear if I run a fresh new profile. It doesn't appear on every page load. There's no consistency ot point out the issue.17:14
tewardblackflow: i'd file a bug with firefox then either way17:15
blackflowteward: I'm not sure if it is, or if it's something specific to my setup. I asked someone her yesterday to try my test page, from Bionic ,and they saw nothing.17:15
blackflowno problem I mean.17:16
blackflowsomeone *here17:16
jdrAny issues with running bind, apache, and postfix all on the same server?18:12
sarnoldshould be fine18:16
tewardjust make sure to harden them all properly18:19
tewardand not leave yourself open to vulnerabilities heh18:20
sdezielpostfix + a recursive caching server is rather common/best practice18:21
jdrGotcha. Thanks.18:23
leftyfbIs the entry in /etc/hosts for server important? It looks like it's just a debian/ubuntu thing for some gnome applications that don't like not being able to resolve your hostname to an ip if you don't have a local DNS server on the network.18:25
leftyfbThe reason I ask is because "dnsdomainname" fails to work if that entry exists without a FQDN which from what I can tell, DHCP is not able to populate18:26
ahasenackleftyfb: did you get that entry in /etc/hosts by default after an install?20:07
leftyfbahasenack: yes. I checked with a fresh server install. It's just <hostname> # no FQDN20:08
ahasenack18.04 or what?20:09
leftyfbif the entry exists at all, it looks for FQDN there, if none is found, there is no result in looking it up. If there's no entry, it looks up via DNS20:09
ahasenackusing the new installer, or the old one?20:09
ahasenackafaik that's a cloud-init parameter that the installer may be passing to it, or not passing, and some default is assumed20:09
leftyfbahasenack: 16.04. I know 18.04 has a separate issue with /etc/host since I reported the bug :)20:10
ahasenackwell, 16.04 is definitely the old installer, I don't recall what it was doing back then20:10
ahasenackI like my machines to work without having to add that entry20:10
leftyfbwhich is why I'm asking if the entry is necessary in a server environment. I don't think it is20:11
leftyfbbecause it certainly breaks local FQDN lookup20:12
leftyfbahasenack: I'm betting the classic installer for 18.04 will have the same issue20:15
ahasenackI really don't remember20:15
ahasenackmy laptop has it, but it's a desktop20:15
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