lwlvltomreyn, https://termbin.com/hf4u00:00
tomreynqwebirc78446: you could also see whether you run into the same issues when booting from a 18.04 live / installer iso00:01
tomreynqwebirc78446: if you don't, then maybe it's a hint that you should do a fresh ubuntu 18.04.2 installation00:01
tomreynath10k_pci 0000:02:00.0: enabling device (0000 -> 0002)00:02
marqueziniwhy br servers bandwidth are too low for updates?00:03
lwlvltomreyn, Mai 03 01:58:20 tatjana kernel: snd_hda_codec_hdmi hdaudioC0D2: Unable to sync register 0x2f0d00. -1100:03
tomreynlwlvl: yes you also had this last time, another line to investigate, i agree00:04
tomreynlwlvl: also your thermald is not configured00:04
qwebirc78446Nomodeset was already in the boot params. I'll have to00:06
qwebirc78446Do something else00:06
lwlvltomreyn, yes, but I don't suspect thermald to freeze the wakeup process...00:06
tomreynlwlvl: "Mai 03 01:58:20" is your first wakeup, 2.5 minutes after suspend was reached, right?00:07
tomreynand restoring the desktop took  ~ 30s from there00:08
tomreynsounds fine to me, based on (only) those logs00:09
lwlvltomreyn, taking 2.5min to wake up?00:09
lwlvlthat worse is not even windows 10!00:09
tomreynqwebirc78446: i'm afraid i have no better suggestions than the generic ones i provided. maybe another one you could try is to     sudo apt purge *nvidia*   and see if the system boots properly with nouveau, the open source graphics driver. this would at least enable you to investigate more then.00:10
tomreynlwlvl: i'm saying it seem to have taken linux and your desktop 30s to wake up, after a 2.5 minute suspend.00:11
tomreynlwlvl: if you suspended shorter than that, your firmware will be to blame.00:11
lwlvltomreyn, it's more like that: I suspended the hardware, opened the lid after let's say 10 seconds (when the led began to flash smoothly) and the led became bright again....but nothing happened for 2.5 minutes....after that time the login-screen came up and I was able to login.00:13
qwebirc78446Well I did purge *nvida*00:15
qwebirc78446Good news: it boots to a gui00:16
qwebirc78446Bad news: I try to log in and it says " failed to start session"00:16
tomreynlwlvl, qwebirc78446: i just got disconnected, may have missed some of what you wrote. here's what i wrote last:00:20
tomreyn<tomreyn> lwlvl: you lack a "critical" mainboard firmware update https://pcsupport.lenovo.com/de/en/products/LAPTOPS-AND-NETBOOKS/YOGA-SERIES/YOGA-330-11IGM/81A6/downloads/DS502882       - BIOS 6QCN45WW 11/22/2018 is what you have now00:20
qwebirc78446I did sudo apt purge *nvidia*00:20
qwebirc78446Good news: boots to gui00:20
lwlvltomreyn, damn....I suspected it....but I didn't update it since it's a windows-executable....00:21
tomreynqwebirc78446: you could try creating a new user account (sudo adduser --gecos '' testuser; sudo adduser testuser sudo) and see if you can login to that.00:21
lwlvltomreyn, thank you for investigation....00:21
lwlvltomreyn, so I need to boot to windows somehow....00:22
qwebirc78446Still got failed to start session00:24
tomreynqwebirc78446: see if you have a directory like /etc/X1100:25
tomreynls -la /etc/X1100:25
tomreynand some file or directory which starts with "xorg" in there00:26
tomreynlwlvl: the folks in ##windows may be happy to point you to https://www.hirensbootcd.org/download/00:26
qwebirc78446Yep,  found them00:27
tomreynqwebirc78446: so those need to be renamed / moved out of the way.00:27
tomreynls -alR /etc/X11/xorg* | nc termbin.com 999900:28
tomreyn^ just if you like00:28
qwebirc78446I got 99xo out of that command00:32
qwebirc78446I've renamed the xorg files btw00:33
faLUCEhello. is there a way to install pipelight on 18.04 (bionic) ?00:36
faLUCEthe "official" package seems broken:  https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/bionic/+source/pipelight00:37
lwlvltomreyn, thank you!00:39
tomreynlwlvl: you're welcome.00:40
tomreynqwebirc78446: feel free to mention the nickname of whom you're addressing to ensure they get notified about your reply.00:41
tomreynqwebirc78446: "99xo" sounds wrongm but maybe it came out wrong...00:42
tomreynqwebirc78446: either way, just reboot once more after removing these files and having uninstalled allthe *nvidia* packages00:42
qwebirc78446tomreyn why does it sound wrong?  Fwiw I ran the command after renaming the xorg files00:43
tomreynqwebirc78446: it's just not the name i expected to see there, but it  should not cause any issues, normally there are no files there at all.00:44
tomreynqwebirc78446: oh i just realize i got you wrong there00:44
tomreynyou were pointing me to https://termbin.com/99xo00:45
tomreynqwebirc78446: okay, this looks fine. try rebooting (if you haven't already) and logging in as your normal or the new user now.00:46
tomreynqwebirc78446: if you later want to try installing nvidia drivers again, you can use the "sudo ubuntu-drivers autoinstall" command on a tty / terminal or the "software-properties-gtk --open-tab=4" command on a graphical desktop00:48
tomreynfaLUCE: there is no such package to begin with https://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=pipelight00:57
faLUCEtomreyn: I know00:57
faLUCEtomreyn: that's what I said00:57
tomreynfaLUCE: you said 'the "official" package seems broken', pointing to https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/bionic/+source/pipelight00:58
tomreynthis implies there is a package, and that is it broken.00:58
tomreynfaLUCE: most people who try to install pipelight actually try to make widevine work on a web browser. firefox and chrome (the proprietary one, not supported here) provide support for it.01:02
tomreynjust install the web browser and access a website which provides the DRM'd content.01:03
lwlvltomreyn, okay...bios-upgrade didn't do the trick. I'll disable the suspend-functions in logind.conf for the first so the girl can work with the device...I need to figure out later with the notebook of my girlfriend (which is exactly the same) what's going wrong....01:06
qwebirc78446tomreyn was ago for a bit. If I just reboot after renaming the city.conf files, it'll automatically sort itself out?01:09
tomreynlwlvl: a pity, good luck!01:11
tomreynqwebirc78446: that's my hope, yes01:11
tomreynqwebirc78446: those xorg configuration files contain instrucxtions used by the proprietary nvidia driver ("nvidia"). you now use the open source one ("nouveau"), which means these configurations can only get in the way. normally, with open source drivers, the X server will automatically figure out how to configure itself, so no configuration files should be needed.01:13
tomreynqwebirc78446: i have to wrap it up here, need sleep. good luck, and feel free to summarize the issue and what as done so far, and what's not working yet, here if you'd like someone else to take over,01:14
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Lenovoi5How can i upgrade a specific program?02:41
Lenovoi5apt-get update programname.02:41
Lenovoi5Or how?02:41
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guivercLenovoi5, `sudo apt-get --only-upgrade install <package>`   (`sudo apt-get update` updates software repository lists, not programs/packages; upgrade does that)02:51
Lenovoi5Thank you.02:52
guivercLenovoi5, or you can specify a specific version with `apt-get install <package>=<version>`  (if you have multiple choiecs available seen with `apt-cache policy <package>`02:53
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Platypus-ManI'm having audio issues on Ubuntu 18.94.2 LTS - have tried laptop speakers, headset via 3.5 jack and a bluetooth headset, none of them give sound via media stored on the laptop, or played from youtube - all of them work when I try the audio test (audible front left/front right), tried both "HDA ATI HDMI" and "HD-Audio Generic" in alsamixer03:40
lotuspsychjePlatypus-Man: is your driver loaded correctly? sudo lshw -C sound03:42
PharaohHello! Does anyone have an idea on Chrome blocking Flash on 19.04?03:42
lotuspsychjePharaoh: we reccomend using chromium-browser on ubuntu, the alternative of chrome. dont visit flash sites?03:43
Pharaoh<lotuspsychje>: Some game sites are still flash only03:43
Platypus-ManPharaoh: shows two entries03:43
lotuspsychjePlatypus-Man: im interested in driver= ...03:44
Platypus-Manhmm, no.. that seems to be missing03:44
Platypus-Manah, found it, hold on03:45
Pharaohanyways, not a priority for now.. ty03:45
Platypus-Manconfiguration: driver=snd_hda_intel latency=003:46
Platypus-Manboth entries have the same line regarding the driver03:46
lotuspsychjePlatypus-Man: ok that looks good, pastebin us your dmesg log please?03:47
lotuspsychjePlatypus-Man: another option could be testing with pavucontrol if you can get more sound to work03:50
lotuspsychje!info pavucontrol | Platypus-Man03:50
ubottuPlatypus-Man: pavucontrol (source: pavucontrol): PulseAudio Volume Control. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.0-4 (bionic), package size 126 kB, installed size 804 kB03:50
Platypus-Manhere's the dmesg log https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/3X5Hcp68RG/03:50
lotuspsychjePlatypus-Man: your system is not up to date, please try the following first:03:51
lotuspsychje!uptodate | Platypus-Man03:51
ubottuPlatypus-Man: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.03:51
lotuspsychjePlatypus-Man: seems like you also have secureboot=ON do you dualboot or singleboot?03:52
Platypus-Mansingleboot, came with Windows but I only have Ubuntu on it now03:53
lotuspsychjePlatypus-Man: then its reccomended also to have secureboot=off and fastboot=off , be carefull changing these could influence your current install of ubuntu03:54
jcottonwhere is it reccomended to have secure boot off?03:54
lotuspsychjejcotton: thats what i always do for singleboots03:55
jcottonyour phrasing implies its backed by someone tho03:55
lotuspsychjejcotton: secureboot off can have unwanted behaviour on ubuntu, like wifi,sound,graphics block03:56
lotuspsychjeon, sorry03:56
lotuspsychjejcotton: did you see: 0.000000] Kernel is locked down from EFI secure boot; see man kernel_lockdown.703:57
jcottonI know about that03:57
jcottonah wait have to go03:58
Platypus-Manonly way to disable secure boot on this laptop was to change from UEFI to legacy boot in the BIOS, which made it not recognize a boot record at all04:07
jcottonmmmm, non-compliant uefi04:08
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refhacki have froblem or installation ubuntu on macbook04:34
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NMSK_Levshahi all, can i use package from 16lts in 18lts?04:58
lotuspsychje!mix | NMSK_Levsha04:59
ubottuNMSK_Levsha: it is usually a very bad idea to mix packages from different releases (or Linux distributions), and it is completely unsupported04:59
NMSK_Levshai`m just neet 1.6 of synergy, coz of first pc with it, on LinuxMint, and idk how to solve version diff05:00
lotuspsychjeNMSK_Levsha: we dont support mint, only ubuntu here05:01
lotuspsychjePlatypus-Man: any progress?05:01
lotuspsychje!mint > NMSK_Levsha05:01
ubottuNMSK_Levsha, please see my private message05:01
Platypus-Mannot much, 7 AM now, should really go to bed.. will probably end up disabling secure boot and reinstalling the latest release when I have some media to install with (don't really need LTS for my usecase)05:03
NMSK_Levshaok ubottu05:03
lotuspsychjePlatypus-Man: ok, good luck mate05:03
Platypus-Manthanks for the help though, everyone :)05:03
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imnitwitwhat dictionary app can i use to import other dic files?06:57
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zetherooIs there a way to list all cronjobs on the system?07:26
lotuspsychje!cron | zetheroo07:27
ubottuzetheroo: cron is a way to schedule execution of software/scripts. See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CronHowto07:27
zetheroolotuspsychje: I didn't find anything in there about my question.07:31
lotuspsychjezetheroo: did you try: crontab -l07:33
zetheroolotuspsychje: yes :) but there are many more cronjobs than what is shown by that command07:34
zetheroouser crons and also what's in /etc/cron...07:35
zetheroofor user in $(cut -f1 -d: /etc/passwd); do echo $user; crontab -u $user -l; done07:35
lotuspsychjezetheroo: how about: ls -la /etc/cron.monthly/07:36
zetheroothat seems to work well for all user crons, but not sure if it also shows what is in /etc/cron ...07:36
zetherools -la /etc/cron.monthly/ only lists the files in the desired directory ... I am looking for a way to list all the cronjobs on the systems07:37
zetherooon one of our 16.04 servers we have this command running and it's using a lot of IO: rsync --server --sender -vlogDtpre.iLfxC --numeric-ids . /home/07:48
zetherooany idea what it might be? I cannot find it in any of the crons07:49
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tuxinatorzetheroo: looks like somebody sync's your user's home directory's07:55
tuxinatorzetheroo: was your server hijacked? Or you have some script-kiddie in your network?07:56
zetherootuxinator: I see there is also a raid check job going - that wouldn't have anything to do with it ... or?07:56
tuxinatorzetheroo: no, rsync is for syncing files07:57
tuxinatorsee man rsync for an explanation07:57
zetheroo26188 be/4 root      133.03 K/s    0.00 B/s  0.00 % 99.99 % rsync --server --sender -vlogDtpre.iLfxC --numeric-ids . /home/07:58
zetherooits running as root :/07:58
tuxinatorzetheroo: for raid resync you could have a look at cat /proc/mdstat07:58
tuxinatorzetheroo: on a software raid07:58
tuxinatorzetheroo: what kind of system is it? internal? exposed to the public? webserver?07:59
zetherooexternal webserver07:59
tuxinatorzetheroo: what brings ps aux | grep php or ps aux | grep cgi ?08:00
tuxinatorpost the result on pastebin https://paste.ubuntu.com08:00
tuxinatorzetheroo: that does not look so bad08:03
tuxinatorzetzeroo: output of ps aux | grep rsync ?08:03
tuxinatorzetheroo: i would kill it for the moment08:04
zetheroois it a child process?08:04
tuxinatorzetheroo: what backupsoftware you use?08:05
zetheroohoneslty I have no idea - I don't typically have much to do with this system, and the guy who does isn't here today.08:06
tuxinatorzetheroo: i assume it's some backupjob08:07
tuxinatorzetheroo: paste your crontab08:07
tuxinatoror do a ps aux | grep dirvish08:07
tuxinatoror check if dirvish command is found08:07
zetheroo-bash: dirvish: command not found08:08
zetheroo'cat /etc/cron*/* |grep dirvish' returns nothing08:09
zetheroocrontab -l https://paste.ubuntu.com/p/8pdSmbSNT3/08:09
tuxinatorzetheroo: some backup stuff in ls /etc/cron.*/ ?08:11
tuxinatorzetheroo: you may also check your network where the data flows actually08:11
tuxinatorzetheroo: so you see if it is internal or external08:12
tuxinatorzetheroo: use iftop or iptraf (iftop preferred) for that purpose08:12
tuxinatorso you should see the live traffic08:13
zetheroohow do I link that process to what I see in iftop?08:17
tuxinatorzetheroo: 1st you may write me private as i also talk german08:18
tuxinatorzetheroo: iftop shows you the network traffic flow from -> to so you may watch for rsync ports08:19
zetherooEnglisch ist meine Muttersprache ;)08:19
tuxinatorwhat is the full rsync command you see in ps08:19
zetherooroot     26188  0.5  0.0  20844  7708 ?        Ds   03:38   1:57 rsync --server --sender -vlogDtpre.iLfxC --numeric-ids . /home/08:20
tuxinatoroh my god, i have meteo people, they predict always the wrong weather for my region (canton wallis, switzerland) :D08:20
tuxinator;D ;D08:21
zetherooLOL :D08:21
zetheroomust have been some other meteo people ;)08:21
FilikunHi! I'm new to ubuntu and especially Ubuntu server. So I followed a guide to install Caddy web server and now I wan't to remove that. How does one do that?08:24
FilikunI wan't to remove everyting I did in this guide https://hostadvice.com/how-to/how-to-install-configure-the-caddy-web-server-on-an-ubuntu-18-04-vps/08:26
tuxinatoractually i meant i hate :D always mistyping today, i need the weekend08:27
interrobangdHello, is somebody here using "apt-btrfs-snapshot"???08:28
interrobangdi get e message "The system does not support apt-btrfs-snapshot"08:31
SlartibartHi guys. After upgrading 18.04 LTS -> 19.04 cheese(cam) no longer works for me. I get "(cheese:17432): cheese-WARNING **: 10:29:01.284: GStreamer-fel: negotiation problem.: camerabingeneral.c(87): gst_camerabin_add_element_full (): /GstCameraBin:camerabin/GstWrapperCameraBinSrc:camera_source:08:38
Slartibartlinking src-crop failed" Anyone managed to solve this?08:38
tomreyninterrobangd: do you have apts data stored on a btrfs then?08:38
interrobangdtomreyn, i think so - everything is on the same btrfs partion08:39
tomreyninterrobangd: okay, i don't have first hand experience with it, so that's all i could suggest. I assume you read all manuals?08:40
pragomertrying to add the caldav from my mailprovider to gnome-calender (adding "new internet calender"), but gnome-calender does not want this format:08:43
interrobangdtomreyn, which manuals? i did not find anyone related to apt-btrfs-snapshot08:43
pragomerany idead what I do wrong?08:43
tomreynSlartibart: i'd say make sure you got the right versions installed, look for an existing bug report at https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/gstreamer1.0/+bugs and https://launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/cheese/+bugs and, if none, report a bug using   ubuntu-bug cheese08:45
tomreyninterrobangd: good point, there seem to be none. maybe /usr/bin/apt-btrfs-snapshot --help then, and look at /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/80-btrfs-snapshot and /etc/cron.weekly/apt-btrfs-snapshot and /usr/share/doc/apt-btrfs-snapshot/changelog.gz08:48
zetherootuxinator: it was, as you suspected, a backup job08:55
tomreynpragomer: gnome-calendar doesn't seem to like the port number specified in your URL. you may want to file a bug against it.09:12
tomreynpragomer: actually i can't seem to make it work with any URLs returning an iCal file09:14
tomreynpragomer: bug 182522409:17
ubottubug 1825224 in gnome-calendar (Ubuntu) "gnome-calendar cannot add credentialed web ics calendars" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/182522409:17
tuxinatorzetheroo: luckily :D09:18
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pragomertomreyn: oh thanks09:36
pragomertomreyn: seems like theres nothing I can about that, right? other than to use a different calender app. thats not too good for an lts release and its default calender app09:38
manhI have a problem on resizing luks partition, I have free space but can't resize due to Physical Extents fragmentation, how do I fix them?10:03
manhhere is my segments list: https://pastebin.com/sEBSLcJE10:04
qwebirc79755 h10:12
lewolfHello everyone10:18
sylarioHi, I am using ubuntu 18.04 and I do not understand my ssh service. The config file seems to be /etc/ssh/ssh_config instead of sshd_config10:22
sylarioAlso /etc/init.d/ssh restart and service ssh restart and sudo service ssh restart fails10:23
sylarioI am trying to do remote port forwarding and I want to add GatewayPorts yes to the config10:25
guivercsylario, ssh_config i think you'll find the for ssh (client), sshd_config is openssh-server (server); you seem to be mixing up client & server (they are seperate)10:27
guivercsylario, https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/openssh-server.html.en for server detail, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/Configuring for client detail10:28
jeremy31sylario: sshd_config is part of openssh-server, not installed by default10:28
guivercsorry my 2nd was not client - my mistake10:29
guivercsylario, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/SSH/OpenSSH/PortForwarding is port forwarding doco10:30
BluesKajHiyas all10:31
sylarioOk I am checking that thx10:31
refalleohi worls10:44
refalleohi world10:44
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CatzzyeHey, I'm here EriC^^11:20
CatzzyeSo whenever you're free11:20
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inkyis nftables replacing iptables?11:37
ryoubai'm adding an SSD in the optical drive bay of a laptop that already has an HDD with Windows 10 on it. ubuntu asks me where to install the boot loader. should i choose sda1 (the EFI partition)?11:52
ryouba(i've already created sdb1 for swap and sdb2 for /)11:52
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BluesKajryouba, if the /efi/boot is 512mb or larger then yes11:57
ryoubaBluesKaj: wow, that's how much ubuntu puts in there? o_O12:00
jeremy31ryouba: what does Windows make it?  200mb12:00
ryoubaBluesKaj: unfortunately it's only 272MB of which 70MB are already in use. under these circumstances, should i create another EFI partition on sdb?12:00
ryoubajeremy31: 272MB12:00
jeremy31ryouba: It can be done but some windows updates will remove grub12:01
ryoubaeven the EFI grub file?12:01
ryoubawill that company ever stop their arrogance?12:02
jeremy31ryouba: Yes from some of the forum issues12:02
BluesKajjeremy31, really ? i wasn't aware of that12:02
ryoubajeremy31: so better a second EFI partition on the SSD then? will the laptop pick up on that?12:02
EriC^^Catzzye: hi12:04
jeremy31ryouba: I think you can put an EFI system partition on sdb and use the BIOS boot menu to boot to it12:04
ryoubajeremy31: according to a comment on that answer it seems that windows only changed the UEFI boot order12:04
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ryoubabut i guess a second EFI partition might make more sense ... also if someone ever gets the idea of changing drives in the laptop12:04
ryoubathank you!12:04
EriC^^ryouba: yeah, good idea12:05
EriC^^ryouba: for the bootloader option just choose the drive itself not the partition,e.g /dev/sdb (after making an efi partition in the partitioning scheme of the installer)12:06
jeremy31It would be easy to fix if it did just change the boot order.  I haven't booted Win 10 since December and I made some changes so it won't boot Win at all now12:07
ryoubaEriC^^: damn, i just chose the partition ... hopefully going to be able to fix that after the installation runs through - or should i just abort and redo right now?12:08
EriC^^ryouba: i dont think it'll really matter for uefi12:09
ryoubaEriC^^: okay!12:09
EriC^^usually grub-install for uefi doesnt even take an argument12:09
fishcookerwhat's eml files reader except thunderbird?12:09
ryoubafishcooker: mpack if you're looking for something on the command line? (`munpack blah.eml`)12:10
fishcookerchecking ryouba12:10
mikubuntujust did an update and got an error msg in the output that worries me -- "no matching swap available" that seems to be associated with initram process -- isn't that boot? here's a pic i took of the term, do i have anything to worry about upon restart? https://imagebin.ca/v/4fojmsU8a5sM12:15
maxzortomreyn, hello, the laptop sleep and woke up lasted 3 days good... now its worse than before :<12:17
ryoubaEriC^^: it worked beautifully! now i'll just have to deal with the BIOS, which apparently doesn't allow you to prioritize one UEFI boot manager over another.12:18
varjagis there a way to make firefox open root-owned folders in 18.04?12:21
varjagi need to browse under /usr/doc12:22
ayekatvarjag: /usr/doc should be world-readable, so firefox should be able to just browse it normally12:27
ayekatwait... /usr/share/doc or /usr/doc? the latter doesn't really exist12:28
varjagright, /usr/share/doc12:28
varjagthat's what i thought, but it won't browse12:29
varjagit does browse on my mint 19 setup12:29
varjagon bionic i get permission denied12:29
ayekatvarjag: what file in particular?12:29
varjagall of them, i can't access the directory even12:30
Chaekyungwell, firefox can't open files that it has no permission to open. why your /usr/share/doc isn't world readable is beyond me, though.12:30
varjagit *is* world readable12:30
Chaekyungif you want to browse it with firefox then the obvious solution would be just chmod -R a+rX /usr/share/doc if it's actually not reable on your machine for some reason12:30
varjagagain, it is world readable12:31
varjagi can ls it just fine as a user12:31
Chaekyungopening file:///usr/share/doc/ on my machine works fine12:31
ayekatvarjag: can you browser your home directory? does file:///home/{username} work?12:31
ayekatvarjag: where does it stop working? can you step up to /home? and /? and /usr?12:32
EriC^^ryouba: what pc model is it?12:33
varjagayekat: i can list /, but not descend anywhere from there12:33
varjagugh what is this snap thing12:34
varjagis that some kind of sandbox12:34
ayekatah, snaps...12:35
* ayekat slowly backs out of this12:35
varjagwhat is this and how do i get rid of it12:36
ayekatI'm just someone who uses Ubuntu on a headless VM because $work, so I'm not much of a help with desktop-related issues, but... it seems *very* silly that ubuntu is in a place now where people can *accidentally* end up with snaps12:36
varjagis that some hypervisor snapshotting whatever12:37
ayekatit's some sort of alternative package management, I believe12:37
varjagfor the times when apt is too boring=12:38
varjaggood god thunderbird is also under that12:38
ayekatvarjag: how did you install firefox, though? is it just the preinstalled one?12:39
varjagi got 16.04 pre-installed from dell12:39
varjaginstalled firefox via the "store", which i thought is some sort of fancy aptitude12:39
varjagand upgraded to bionic12:39
ayekathmm... maybe that "store" now defaults to installing snaps12:40
lotuspsychjeguys, focus on support12:41
lotuspsychjefor discussions use #ubuntu-discuss12:41
varjagwell any ideas with my issue, lotuspsychje12:41
lotuspsychjevarjag: if you ask in the channel and patient, volunteers might help think along with you12:42
zzlatevHey guys, can I make a mirror of my ubuntu and use it to another machine?12:42
lotuspsychje!crosspost | zzlatev12:43
ubottuzzlatev: Please don't ask the same question in multiple Ubuntu channels at the same time. Many helpers are in more than one channel and it's not fair to them or the other people seeking support.12:43
ayekatvarjag: anyway, I would probably just get rid of the firefox snap package thingy, and use apt to install it normally12:43
varjagayekat: thanks, looking into uninstalling the whole snapd thing12:44
ayekatyeah, probably saner in the long term ^^12:44
ioriavarjag, and maybe you want also to disable gnome-software-plugin-snap12:44
lotuspsychjevarjag: some parts of the system now have default snaps, so be carefull not the bork your system12:45
mikubuntujust did an update and got an error msg in the output that worries me -- "no matching swap available" that seems to be associated with initram process -- isn't that boot? here's a pic i took of the term, do i have anything to worry about upon restart? https://imagebin.ca/v/4fojmsU8a5sM12:49
ryoubaEriC^^: it's an older HP G6 ... 250 or 255 or so. nevermind. i just used efibootmgr to put the ubuntu UEFI manager as the default one.12:50
EriC^^ryouba: that rarely works12:50
pcazmanDisplay orientantion is flipped. however, there is no orientantion setting in the kernel it boots up in. Do I just got to use the old kernal till the new one comes out?12:50
ryoubaEriC^^: in this case it did. but perhaps because i had also previously disabled secure boot?12:50
EriC^^on rebooting it'll put windows back, i found that disabling the entry usually works12:50
EriC^^via sudo efibootmgr -A -b <boot number in hex>12:51
EriC^^efibootmgr -a -b <boot number> enables it if you later want to set it back12:51
cyberbobHi All, is there a way to encrypt home drive in ubuntu 18.04 after installing. I've formatted my drive (/home and couple of other partitions using ext4) but want to encrypt this for security purposes12:52
EriC^^ryouba: nope, even with secureboot disabled its hardwired to boot /efi/microsoft/boot/bootmgfw.efi i guess anyways it's all good, less hassle for you12:52
varjagok dell has canonical-livepatch enabled, that works via snaps..12:52
varjagthis is getting tricky12:52
EriC^^cyberbob: yeah create a user using adduser with the home encrypt options, "man adduser"12:52
varjagplan b, i uninstall everything i can from snaps and reinstall via apt12:53
varjagas jesus meant it12:53
varjagthanks for the tips folks12:53
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cmm11why would ubuntu fail to install grub on this setup ? https://i.imgur.com/m0f0oeZ.png13:06
cmm11ah interesting, so i looked again and it was asking did i want to install grub to MBR, read the page wrong, did No, installed to HDD, continues13:19
cmm11and doesnt boot13:24
EriC^^cmm11: isnt a ext4 non lvm required by default for grub?13:29
EriC^^i think if you want the /boot part of the encrypted disk, you need to put it inside "/" without any partition for itself and tell grub about that13:30
cmm11"/boot is seperate and outside of LUKS so grub can be installed onto it13:30
cmm11unless i've set it up wrong13:31
EriC^^are you sure?13:31
EriC^^cmm11: can you boot a live usb to troubleshoot the install?13:32
cmm11ah it's a logical volume so i guess it's putting it inside the encrypted volume group perhaps13:32
EriC^^yeah maybe13:33
cmm11this is just a VM , so i'll just try again13:33
cmm11but i think i know what's wrong13:33
mikubuntujust did an update and got an error msg in the output that worries me -- "no matching swap available" that seems to be associated with initram process -- isn't that boot? here's a pic i took of the term, do i have anything to worry about upon restart? https://imagebin.ca/v/4fojmsU8a5sM13:33
cmm11holy moly that dust13:34
cmm11EriC^^ created a RAID1 device, and could find option to create a partition on it but no option to specify which size which is very odd, but i went into guided partition and it the raid is listed, this is how the installer is setup to do it https://i.imgur.com/5xhjFYW.png13:39
cmm11so yeah it has seperate /boot under raid1 device 013:41
EriC^^that looks right cmm1113:42
cmm11so much easier doing it cli way ;) , i'll continue on and see if it boots13:42
leonardusWhy are my png images opening up in firefox when I double click them?13:57
leonardusMy default application for Photos is Image Viewer13:57
ayekatleonardus: photos typically aren't PNG, though14:00
leonardusright, but Firefox is only the default application for Web14:00
ayekatmay need to check what the default application for PNG images is14:00
raphinesseHey guys, my Upgrade to 19.04 aborted with a very generic error during the step "Installing the upgrades". System is bootable and seemingly well though. I would like to check what the "Distribution Upgrade" tool would have done in the remaining steps. Does anyone know where to find it's source or the source of whatever CLI tool it runs?14:01
raphinessePS I was running the GUI upgrade tool14:02
lotuspsychjeraphinesse: can you recall what the error was about?14:03
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raphinesselotuspsychje: Ugh, I had stashed the messages away, but now they are gone14:06
lotuspsychjeraphinesse: can you boot succesfully to desktop right now?14:07
raphinesselotuspsychje: yes, everything seems to work fine. The errors were during package installation. Triggers were looping during installation of `install-info` which was a dependency of `asymptote`. It complained about that, then ran a good time longer, gave an error dialog "Could not install the upgrades The upgrade has aborted. Your system could be in an unstable state. A recovery will run now (dpkg --configure -a)."14:10
lotuspsychjeraphinesse: feel free to pastebin us what apt spits out14:11
raphinesseObviously the cleanup step is missing so there are a lot packages to be autoremoved. I just wanted to see what the tool would have done other than that14:11
lotuspsychje!uptodate | raphinesse14:11
ubotturaphinesse: To ensure you have all the latest known patches and security updates for your ubuntu installation, please update with the following command: `sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade`. See also !upgrades and !security; you may also need to run `apt full-upgrade`.14:11
raphinesselotuspsychje: no problems, no updates, just the leftover packages to be autoremoved14:13
lotuspsychjeraphinesse: sounds good14:13
lotuspsychjeraphinesse: you might also have a look at your kernel version & sources.list14:14
raphinesselotuspsychje: so do you know what cleanup the dist upgrade tool does (apart from apt autoremove)? Or what other steps I could be missing?14:15
raphinesseKernel is 5.0.0-13-generic, so that worked too14:15
lotuspsychjeraphinesse: if apt isnt complaining anymore your system might be in a healthy state14:15
lotuspsychjeraphinesse: if an upgrade breaks, or you cant boot, or apt gives errors14:16
raphinesselotuspsychje: sources.list looks fine too. All entries are disco14:17
interrobangdis there any nice way to select btrfs snapshots with grub or any other bootloader??14:17
lotuspsychjeraphinesse: great! enjoy your new install :p14:18
lotuspsychjeraphinesse: what i usually do to cleanup, is bleachbit my system deeply, but thats just an opinion ok14:18
raphinesselotuspsychje: OK, thanks for the quick help. Hava nice day!14:21
lotuspsychjeraphinesse: same for you ; )14:22
ixilhello, I'm trying to setup bionic(server) in lxc/lxd but can't work out how to make it use dhcp - I've been trying w/ netplan14:23
lotuspsychjeixil: come join #ubuntu-server for likeminded support14:24
ixillotuspsychje: okay cheers14:24
geosminwhat's the best way of changing permissions of a file (/dev/ttyUSB0) at boot14:33
geosmini know alpine has /etc/mdev.conf, not so on ubuntu14:33
ayekatgeosmin: what permissions does it have by default?14:34
ayekatI assume it's for communicating with something over a serial console, with a USB adapter?14:35
geosminayekat: yep. i could just add $user to the dialout group but i rather not give them more than they need14:35
geosminthen again i feel my solution might be a bit hacky14:36
geniigeosmin: Simplest is to execute a chown command in /etc/rc.local14:38
geosminie. "chmod 666 $(cat dmesg | grep $usb_serial_identifier\|attached\|ttyUSB\| | awk '{print $NF}'"14:38
geosmin^ my thinking, this is super ugly14:39
geosminie. grep dmesg for serial attached /dev/ttyUSBsomething and chmod 666 that file...14:39
ayekatI would have rather tried something with udev rules, but I'm not sure if (A) that applies to /dev/ttyUSB0, and (B) that is the most elegant way to go about it14:39
ayekatrc.local is about as ugly as it gets14:40
geosminhuh, i thought rc.local was deprecated14:40
geosminat boot i did 'ls /etc/rc.local' and it didn't exist14:40
ayekatyes, it would require an additional service that runs rc.local - but at that point, it's better to just write a service that does the desired task directly14:41
geosminalso i'd like to mitigate against a situation where the usb serial adapter would show up as /dev//ttyUSB1 or something14:41
ayekatbut for setting permissions/ownership of /dev files, I think that's not very clean anyway14:41
geosminyeah... maybe i should just add $user to dialout14:41
geosminis there a way to combine && and |?14:42
dwigtonPrinting lego instructions for the kids from a pdf. The first page is fine. subsequent pages are missing the blue channel. Is Ghostscript the right place for me to look for issues?14:42
geosminie. only pipe if exit code 0?14:42
acerimmerdwigton, it is14:43
dirtsleeperSo super new to linux. Just installed ubuntu server. How would I go about getting the driver for my network card?14:43
geosmini wrote this service, which works: http://ix.io/1HUr14:43
jdrWhat network card is it?14:43
dwigtonacerimmer: does it have a log or would this just be a bug with gs 9.26?14:44
dirtsleeperrealtek RTL/8111/8168/841114:44
acerimmerdwigton, I dont' know but I'm pretty sure you can run ghostscript in verbose mode for more info.  check man ghostscript14:45
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Guest31726Hi, I've Just Installed Ubuntu on my LENOVO V145-AST And Wifi does not work, Can anyone please help me? :)14:47
acerimmer!wifi | Guest3172614:48
ubottuGuest31726: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:48
roworuHello! Which irc client do you guys using?14:52
acerimmerroworu, please don't take polls in this channel.14:52
rrolfwhat did u say about wifi hm14:53
rrolfcould you maybe be more specific, that is very confusing. Sorry14:54
acerimmerrrolf, perhaps restate your question details14:55
rrolfI have just installed Ubuntu(newest version) on my Lenovo V145-15AST, but Wifi does not work, can anyone please help me?:)14:56
acerimmer!wifi | rrolf read this.14:56
ubotturrolf read this.: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs14:56
JohnGavrrrolf, have you got ethernet?14:58
dirtsleeperacerimmer: is there one of those for ethernet?14:58
acerimmerdirtsleeper, rrolf sorry, but that's the wrong wiki. let me look again.14:58
rrolfi dont have wifi to show available connections if thats14:59
JohnGavrrrolf, Ubuntu has Software & Updates and Driver recognizer14:59
JohnGavrIf you have a ethernet connection go there and install them14:59
rrolfi share internet from phone via USB14:59
JohnGavrthen go to Software & Updates15:00
JohnGavrAdditional Drivers tab15:00
rrolfi have tabs: ALL, INstalled and updates15:01
JohnGavryou open Ubuntu Software15:02
JohnGavrI want you to open Software & Updates15:02
acerimmerJohnGavr, take this to a private chat maybe?15:02
rrolfok i think i did15:02
rrolfUbuntu software15:03
JohnGavracerimmer, i think that here is Support Channel. No off-topic conversation15:03
rrolfNo additional drivers avaiable hm15:04
acerimmerI didn't say off-topic.  Just quite detailed.  no worries15:04
JohnGavrwe go to private chat now acerimmer for more details15:05
campdog I have been using Ubuntu since 2014 and am thinking about switching to Arch to reduce load on my old machine.  Any advice?15:05
acerimmercampdog, about arch? no.  ubuntu support only.  however, an old machine would probably enjoy lubuntu or xubuntu. perhaps try before you switch15:06
cmm11switching to arch wont reduce load, what desktop environment you use will15:06
JohnGavrcampdog, arch is another philosophy distro!15:08
dirtsleepercan anyone help with getting connected to the internet on server 19.04?15:08
acerimmerdirtsleeper, no wifi or ethernet?15:09
dirtsleeperno ethernet it seems. when i try sudo apt-get update, it can't resolve any of the ips15:10
acerimmerping www.google.com15:10
pragmaticenigmacampdog: If you would like advice about other distributions, including Arch, please use the #ubuntu-offtopic forum. Please asking Ubuntu support related question only in here.15:10
dirtsleeperfailure in name resolution15:11
lapidarydirtsleeper, try: ip address15:11
dirtsleeperyea the ethernet and wireless cards show up15:12
lapidarydirtsleeper, you have a global address assigned to you?15:13
dirtsleeperI'm not sure how to check that15:13
lapidaryrun: ip address... that will list all addresses on all network cards15:14
dirtsleeperso it says enp4s0: link/ether ipv6 brd ipv6 all f15:16
lapidaryhow about a line that begins with inet or inet615:17
dirtsleepersays inet: scope host lo and inet6: ::1/128 scope host15:18
lapidarythat's your local link; any others?15:18
dirtsleeperno, that's it15:18
geosmini want a script to run at user login, what's the file for managing this?15:19
geosmin(i know there's a GUI for it in settings, but i want to set it up using  ascript)15:19
JohnGavrgeosmin, you need a startup application?15:19
lapidarydirtsleeper, mk.  The orginal question was how do you connect, is this computer wired, or are you supposed to connect to a wireless network?15:20
dirtsleeperIt's wired15:20
ioriadirtsleeper, make a .desktop in ~/.config/autostart/15:20
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geniigeosmin: https://askubuntu.com/questions/85985/how-can-i-make-a-script-run-automatically-after-gdm-login-and-logout15:21
ioriadirtsleeper, i'd take a look at  /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml15:21
ioriageosmin,  i'd take a look at  /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml15:22
dirtsleeperhow do i do that?15:23
rrolfja, mann it works, thanks:)15:24
JohnGavrrrolf, i am glad to hear it15:24
ioriadirtsleeper, sorry,    check /etc/netplan/01-netcfg.yaml15:24
rrolfwee finally ubuntu, windows got  slow the day i bought the computer15:24
rrolforgasm to run ubuntu thx15:25
dirtsleeperioria, that file doesn't exist. the only thing in that folder is 50-cloud-init.yaml15:26
JohnGavrrrolf, see private message15:26
ioriadirtsleeper, ok, paste it15:27
geosmini guess my question is when setting startup applications through the GUI, what file does that create where?15:27
ioriadirtsleeper, but that's not the server edition , iirc15:28
dirtsleeperhow do i check the version?15:28
pragmaticenigmageosmin: a {appname}.desktop in ~/.config/autostart/15:29
dirtsleeperthe file just says network: ethernets: {} version: 215:29
geniigeosmin: If you want to the script globally for all users then see the instructions for GDM that I already linked to15:30
ioriadirtsleeper, and did you install a desktop env ? a gui , i mean ?15:31
ioriadirtsleeper, cat /var/log/installer/media-info15:32
jackbakerIs there a reason why i cannot download trusty updates? Apt-get sits stuck waiting. On another computer i try to manually download from ubuntu archive and various other mirrors but all only go about 80-90% before they just hang. If i try the same with Xenial packages i have no problem. I have VPNed all over the world and same result so i doubt its my ISP. Also I am in USA too.15:33
cfhowlettjackbaker/ it's dead jim15:33
ubottuUbuntu 14.04 LTS (Trusty Tahr) was the 20th release of Ubuntu. !End-of-life was April 25th, 2019. Paid support (ESM) is available. See also !esm, !eol, !eolupgrade15:33
dirtsleeperthat doesn't exist15:34
dirtsleeperthe installer folder has 4 files15:34
jackbakeryes but why would the last updates still not be available?15:34
cfhowlettjackbaker/ support has ended.15:34
cfhowlettin other words, time to upgrade15:34
ioriadirtsleeper, cat /etc/issue15:34
dirtsleepercurtin install cfg, curtin install log, installer journal subiquity curtin install subiquity debug15:34
lordcirth__In the past, eol packages have been available for a bit, but no guarantees15:35
dirtsleeperUbuntu 19.0415:35
jackbakerYes but i can't, Lng story short Jetson TK! and 16.04 is not fully supported15:35
cfhowlettjackbaker/ say what?  16.04 is LTS i.e. 5 years of support15:35
cfhowlettand the latest LTS is 18.0415:36
ioriadirtsleeper, dod you remember the iso file you used to install ?15:36
jackbakerI cant use the latest on a Nvidia Jetson TK1 Dev board15:36
jackbaker14.04 is the latest supported15:36
cfhowlettjackbaker/ false.  https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1021252/jetson-tk1/upgrade-jetson-tk1-to-ubuntu-16-04/15:37
jackbakerlike i said I cant,15:38
jackbakerholding back xorg is not an option for me15:38
ioriadirtsleeper,  confirm that network-manager it's not running :  ps -A | grep Network15:38
dirtsleepernothing happened when i typed that15:39
jackbakerI'm confused why the last Trusty updates cant be downloaded. I understand nothing new will come but why cant i get what was already committed?15:39
ioriadirtsleeper,  for some reason your network netplan file has not been configured, so you nedd to edit the 50-cloud-init.yaml file15:40
SwedeMikejackbaker: try doing "apt clean" and try to download them again? I don't know why it doesn't work and it's hard to tell from your description15:41
ioriadirtsleeper,  something like this :   https://linuxhint.com/install_netplan_ubuntu/15:41
dirtsleeperhow can i shutdown without waiting?15:42
ioriadirtsleeper,  waiting what ?15:42
dirtsleeperi do sudo shutdown15:42
dirtsleeperand then it says i can do shutdown -c to cancel15:42
dirtsleeperthen it takes a minute or so to actually shutdown15:42
cfhowlettdirtsleeper/ man shutdown will tell you how to instant kill15:43
SwedeMikedirtsleeper: you need to figure out what makes it take that long, sounds like something isn't shutting down the way it should so there is excessive waiting.15:43
ioriadirtsleeper,  i'd first focus on your network issue15:43
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leftyfbdirtsleeper: the quick answer to that is: sudo shutdown -h now15:46
JohnGavrleftyfb, haha15:47
jackbakerSwedeMike: This is a fresh 14.04 install right now doing the first apt-get update. The problem is i can't grab the update from any computer via http / ftp / rsync to the main server or any of the 10 mirrors i have tried. for example, how could i download this I can only download 6.0kB out of 6.1kB no matter what. /ubuntu/dists/trusty-updates/restricted/source/15:49
jackbakerIs there a final release large download i can grab somewhere?15:50
cfhowlettjackbaker/ from here??  http://old-releases.ubuntu.com/releases/trusty/15:51
dirtsleeperso i reinstalled while connected to ethernet and it seemed to fix the problem. thanks for the help everyone :D15:51
ioriayes, that was the issue15:52
leftyfbjackbaker: why did you install a fresh instance of a version that just went EOL?15:53
cfhowlettleftyfb/ he needs specific support for a device that seems to be restricted to 14.0415:55
jackbakercfhowlett: I have to use Nvidia's provided files leftyfb: yes, https://developer.nvidia.com/linux-tegra-r21715:56
jackbakerleftyfb: i was on here previously and the consensus was that i should upgraded to 16.04 . I tried that and things broke. after alot messing around with it for a day i finally concluded i needed to put on a fresh image to get back to what was working.15:59
dcarmichI'm trying to create a local apt mirror on Ubuntu, and have successfully mirrored all the packages via apt-mirror. But, when I use apt-ftparchive to create the Packages file, I'm getting a lot of "archive is too short" messages even though dpkg -I on the affected packages does not show any errors. Should I re-download the packages that were mentioned?16:00
cfhowlettjackbaker/ this might be relevant reading   https://www.ubuntu.com/engage/14-04-esm16:01
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rrolfhey :)16:07
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OerHeks :-)16:30
isomarican someone remind me of the name of the package manager? Not apt, the one with a frontend.16:35
JohnGavrSynaptic Manager? isomari16:36
isomariJohnGavr: thanks16:36
leftyfbisomari: that isn't THE package manager. It is an optional GUI wrapper for dpkg/apt which isn't installed by default.16:42
geosminis there a way to preserve $USER when running as sudo?16:44
OerHeksgeosmin, interesting question, what is your goal? i guess sudo does not keep $USER env16:46
leftyfbgeosmin: there is a way. Give me a bit to find it again. It's not with that variable though16:47
ayekatSUDO_USER - but that knowledge might be useless because we don't know what they're trying to do16:48
leftyfbinteresting, I didn't even know about $SUDO_USER. I think there's command you can run to get it as well16:48
ayekatyes, the command is `echo $SUDO_USER` :-P16:49
leftyfbayekat: besides that16:49
OerHekssudo sh -c 'echo $SUDO_USER' # https://askubuntu.com/questions/866567/can-i-access-the-originating-user-variable-from-within-a-script-run-with-sudo16:49
OerHeksleftyfb, yeah, this is new to me too16:50
ayekat`sudo sh -c env` for the full list of envvars... might help16:50
ayekatgeosmin: as you want to preserve specific environment variables, have a look at the --preserve-env option16:52
ayekatgeosmin: but as already mentioned, it may help us help you more efficiently if you told us your real goal16:52
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ayekatbecause I feel like this is just an XY problem16:54
OerHeksgeosmin, care to share your goal?16:54
leftyfbls -l `tty` | awk '{print $3}'  and  stat -c '%U' "$(tty)"   # who am i # used to work but doesn't for some reason anymore16:54
leftyfbI wonder why "who am i" doesn't work anymore16:57
leftyfbinteresting, it works in xterm, but not gnome-terminal or terminator16:58
lordcirth__leftyfb, you mean as opposed to 'whoami'?16:59
leftyfblordcirth__: correc16:59
lordcirth__leftyfb, the emulator shouldn't matter? 'man who'16:59
leftyfblordcirth__: whoami will return root, who am i will return the original user that called sudo su17:00
lordcirth__Oh I see17:00
leftyfblordcirth__: it does. Something about emulators not using utmp/wtmp or something17:00
mikubuntujust did an update and got an error msg in the output that worries me -- "no matching swap available" that seems to be associated with initram process -- isn't that boot? here's a pic i took of the term, do i have anything to worry about upon restart? https://imagebin.ca/v/4fojmsU8a5sM17:14
CatzzAre there any decent free recovery utilities?17:15
yeatsmikubuntu: 'sudo blkid' should show the actual UUID for each partition17:16
tomreynmikubuntu: just rm /etc/initramfs/conf.d/resume.conf17:16
yeatsCatzz: as in disk data recovery?  if so, probably not17:16
tomreynmikubuntu: and run     update-initramfs -u    again17:16
tomreynhi Catzz, did copying the data on windows not work out then?17:17
yeatsCatzz: there are techniques like using dd to copy whatever data it can get onto a new drive17:17
Catzztomreyn: Hey, I've been having such a rough day17:17
geosmin'false || echo oh no && exit' is exiting even if true. i understand why but don't know how to properly set that up17:17
CatzzMy heart yearns when I see your name haha17:17
Catzz(whatever that means)17:18
yeatsseem to remember something that was a wrapper of dd that would make multiple passes to try and get all the blocks on a disk17:18
tomreynCatzz: hehe, i feel pleased, but turst, me, i'm not this special. what's the issue now?17:18
tomreyn*trust me17:18
lordcirth__yeats, ddrescue; not a wrapper though.17:19
yeatsah https://www.gnu.org/software/ddrescue/17:19
Catzztomreyn: Basically, been going in circles, the whole thing is a mess. In a nutshell, I am gonna make a clean copy of everything on the internal HD to external HD17:19
Catzzand do a complete clean install of both drives, wiping them both completely17:19
yeatslordcirth__: thanks - that's what I was remembering - been a while since I needed it17:19
lordcirth__geosmin, what do you actually want to do?17:20
tomreynCatzz: i see. so you wer eunable to copy the data off the m.2 nmve?17:20
Catzzwell yes and no17:20
yeatsCatzz: not sure what you've tried so far, but you might give ddrescue a go?17:20
CatzzI got the most important folder, but there is more stuff to it17:20
Catzzbut I mean it's not the stuff to die for17:21
Catzzyeats: Didn't give that one a go17:21
yeatsCatzz: that worked well for me a number of years ago with a failing HDD17:21
geosminlordcirth__: try a command, if fails error out and exit17:21
vltCatzz: Did you manage to copy all the bytes from the source device? (I mean the raw device, not files from a file system.)17:22
tomreynCatzz: last time i read you here the m.2 'nvme' (really an ssd) wasn't accessible from linux, did this change? if it's unchanged, all those tools discussed here won't help.17:22
mikubuntutomreyn: sorry got an important call from a ham and cheese sammich vers 1.5 .. got term open now, and you want me to run -- " rm /etc/initramfs/conf.d/resume.conf " just like that?17:22
Catzzvlt: Not sure to which copying you are refering to? The folder?17:22
Catzztomreyn: Unchanged, I used robocopy to copy the directory I needed17:22
lordcirth__geosmin, false || (echo oh no; echo exit)17:22
vltCatzz: I explicetly don't mean folders. I mean the whole device.17:23
Catzzbut using robocopy prooved that the M.2 is fine, not failing17:23
CatzzI didn't make a 1:1 copy of the device, just one 30GB folder vlt17:23
tomreynmikubuntu: i'm not 100% certain about the path, type those path compnnents word by word, keep double tapping tab to tab expand.17:23
tomreynmikubuntu: but other than that, yes. you could also just edit it and comment out the one RESUME line in there.17:23
tomreynno need to rm then17:23
vltCatzz: Can you describe the goal?17:23
mikubuntutomreyn: lost me .. lol17:24
Catzzvlt: the goal is to recover what that I can left and make a complete clean install17:24
tomreynmikubuntu: give me a minute17:24
mikubuntutomreyn: K17:24
vltCatzz: Why do you say "recover" instead of just "copy"? Is there a problem?17:25
Catzzvlt: I cannot boot into W10, after entering my password it takes about 20 minutes to display the main interface17:25
Catzzand even than it's just a black screen and a task bar17:26
vltCatzz: What is W10?17:26
tomreynmikubuntu: run this   gedit admin:///etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume    then place a "#" (without the quotation marks) in front of the "resume=..." line (there is probably no other line in there anyways)17:26
CatzzWindows 10 haha vlt, not very suitable for an ubuntu channel I know17:26
tomreynmikubuntu: so that it becomes "#resume=..."17:26
vltCatzz: Oh17:26
vltCatzz: So, what did you do, ehat did you expect to happen and what happened instead?17:27
mikubuntutomreyn: k, gimme sec17:27
Catzzbut I got an idea, I will just boot to Ubuntu, and copy everything off of my HD to my external HD and than make a clean install vlt , at least that's the plan now17:27
Catzzvlt: it's a long story, I tried so many things, I wandered off the main problem too much17:28
=== dreamon__ is now known as dreamon
mikubuntutomreyn: installing gedit17:29
tomreynmikubuntu: oh i was thinking you already had it17:29
tomreynsud can alternatively use this:  sudo nano /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume17:30
tomreynCatzz: so now you need help with backing up the data from the existing HDD (the non m.2 non SSD storage)?17:31
tomreynor do you have a way forward alreadY?17:32
CatzzI think I am okay tomreyn, I will just use ubuntu to copy everything of an non SSD storage to my external HDD17:33
CatzzI think I will need help with completely reseting everything on my PC though once I copied everything17:33
Catzzbecause I don't want to have any booting issues and stuff I had17:33
Catzzjust a regular clean install haha17:33
mikubuntutomreyn: https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/ZYcgvrNDbz/17:34
Catzzalso, should I boot ubuntu UEFI or Legacy mode17:34
Catzzsorry if that's a really basic question, I am just a total idiot for this17:34
tomreynCatzz: you'll need to boot in the mode you installed ubuntu in. that's an installation on the HDD you're booting, or from a stick?17:34
CatzzI am using Live USB tomreyn17:35
tomreynokay then it wont matter17:35
tomreyni'd prefer uefi17:35
Catzzmaybe if I installed ubuntu, I could have accessed the M.2 hmm17:35
tomreyni don't see how, but i also don't remember the details of why it was not available17:36
Catzzthat's okay, I just have to do a better job of maintaing my laptop once I regain control of it17:37
tomreynmikubuntu: please run and port the url:   ls -l /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/ | nc termbin.com 999917:37
mikubuntutomreyn: what do you mean "port"?17:37
tomreynmikubuntu: *poSt, sorry17:37
mikubuntutomreyn: k17:38
tomreynCatzz: it doesn't seem like you did anything wrong so far. the m.2 is just bahaving weirdly, we lack details. i don't think you could have influenced this to the better or worse.17:39
CatzzI didn't mess anything up per se, but I wasted a lot of time17:39
tomreynyou learnt, not wasted time. ;-)17:40
mikubuntutomreyn: i don't have a prompt in the term, last output line was "  ** (gedit:31267): WARNING **: 13:30:33.163: Operation not supported  "17:41
tomreynmikubuntu: close the gedit window, then press ctrl-c on the temrinal, this should bring back the prompt.17:41
mikubuntutomreyn: k17:42
mikubuntutomreyn: https://termbin.com/w9dw17:44
tomreynmikubuntu:   sudo nano /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume    (then edit it as previously discussed), then:   sudo update-initramfs -u17:45
mikubuntutomreyn: k17:46
mikubuntutomreyn: so it should look like this in the nano-term?  GNU nano 2.9.3          /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume          Modified    #RESUME=UUID=cc970657-26b8-4051-9f6c-1207e23c518d17:49
tomreynmikubuntu: yes17:49
tomreynctrl-x to save, under the given file name, and exit17:50
mikubuntutomreyn: then just exit nano? how do i exit?17:50
tomreynmikubuntu: see above ;)17:50
lordcirth__mikubuntu, the important shortcuts are all listed at the bottom.17:50
mikubuntulordcirth__: i see the shortcuts but don't really understand. can i just go to file: close tab?17:52
=== BurekzFinezt is now known as Burek
tomreynmikubuntu: no, you shoul dnot. instead, press and hold the 'Ctrl' key, then tap the 'x' key.17:54
tomreyn...then release 'Ctrl'17:54
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
mikubuntutomreyn: it asked me if i wanted to save and i just entered " Y " was that right? now at the bottom it queries me : File Name to Write: /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume17:56
JimBuntumikubuntu, press and release ENTER or RETURN, whichever you have17:58
pootishi how get ubuntu 3217:58
lordcirth__pootis, you mean a 32-bit version?17:59
mikubuntutomreyn: so i have returned to prompt in the term, is there a way to check if everything kool?17:59
tewardpootis: didn't you just get an answer for this from the Lubuntu guys in #lubuntu...?17:59
pootisye but lubuntu no 32b18:00
pootishow ubuntu 32b18:00
teward>.> the answer is "you don't without upgrading from 18.04 32-bit" since no Ubuntu releases have 32-bit installer ISOs anymore.18:00
tewardsame answer the Lubuntu guys gave you18:00
tewardthat includes Lubuntu, Ubuntu, Xubuntu, Kubuntu, etc.18:01
tomreynmikubuntu: you can post the file again, but i think you did it fine.18:02
tomreynmikubuntu: if you want to post the file again, run:  cat /etc/initramfs-tools/conf.d/resume | nc termbin.com 999918:02
mikubuntutomreyn: hmmmm, post which file ..18:03
mikubuntutomreyn: k18:03
tomreynmikubuntu: don't forget you still need to run    sudo update-initramfs -u18:03
mikubuntutomreyn: https://termbin.com/5ipp18:04
tomreynmikubuntu: looks fine18:04
mikubuntuthx so much tomreyn -- so i should be safe to restart now?18:05
tomreynmikubuntu: if you ran    sudo update-initramfs -u    then i would think so18:06
tomreynmikubuntu: you could share it's output also if you like a second thought.18:06
mikubuntutomreyn: nope, don't think i did that one18:06
tomreynwell i mentioned it three times, so ;-)18:06
mikubuntutomreyn: k18:07
mikubuntutomreyn: my brain is a mystery wrapped in an enigma18:07
mikubuntulike windows 9518:07
tomreynsorry to hear this.18:07
mikubuntutomreyn: not easy being me18:08
leonardusWhen I upgrade, why does it say "Your lockscreen has been disabled and will remain disabled until you reboot"? Is there a technical reason for this?18:08
tomreynmikubuntu: we are almost done, it's cool.18:08
mikubuntutomreyn: output: sudo update-initramfs -u [sudo] password for mikubuntu:  update-initramfs: Generating /boot/initrd.img-4.15.0-48-generic cryptsetup: WARNING: target cryptswap1 has a random key, skipped18:10
tomreynleonardus: i haven't seen this message, but can make a guess: the screen locking software was upgraded, and the process needed to be killed, and the new screen lock application would have to be started at the ame time as the rest of the desktop (which is not possible now since that is already running)18:10
leonardusthat would make sense18:10
tomreynmikubuntu: so this is basically saying you won't be able to suspend to disk. which i guess you're aware of, and fine with.18:12
mikubuntutomreyn: unaware, and don't know what that means .. lol18:12
tomreynmikubuntu: at least the system is now aware that suspend to disk cannot work, it previously wasn't.18:12
tomreynmikubuntu: another term for "suspend to disk" is "hibernate". either way, you should be safe to reboot now.18:13
mikubuntutomreyn: ok, i'll take your word for it .. lol .. thx again, i'll give it a try18:13
MannyLNJI have a Ubuntu system named PrintServer how do I map /shared/Emanuel/thunderbird to /home/emanuel/email on a system called Brain both are on my network18:16
maria_sweI am dreaming a persistent ubuntu that I can keep in a usb drive and stick and run it in every vmware installed OS.18:16
maria_sweis that possible18:16
leftyfbMannyLNJ: you can use ssh, samba or nfs. Either way, you mount it like you mount anything else.18:17
tomreynmaria_swe: you mean you would like to install ubuntu to a usb stick? sure, that's possible.18:18
grokethat was fast18:18
maria_swetomreyn: yeah but thats not all. I want to have an persistent ubuntu that I can keep my files in it. also It should boot in wmware...18:19
MannyLNJleftyfb, I don't really know how to do that. I need help setting it up18:19
tomreynmaria_swe: i don't know vmware too well, does it bios boot, uefi boot, or both?18:20
maria_swetomreyn: No. it's a virtual machine!18:20
tomreyni know that much ;)18:20
lordcirth__maria_swe, ... VM's emulate hardware. Does VMWare emulate BIOS or EFI?18:20
MannyLNJmaria_swe, are youy use VmWare Fusion, EsXi or Workstation?18:21
maria_sweMannyLNJ:  Fusion18:21
MannyLNJmaria_swe, This is for Vmwae Workstaion it MAY apply to Fusion https://www.eltima.com/usb-in-virtual-machine/#Native18:24
curbshey folks, I've got an ubuntu 18.04 server with wordpress thats inherited, the IP address was changed, trying to bring it back up and I'm getting a 500 error.  The apache log shows a php error - https://pastebin.com/jqELz7Z8 - can anyone point me in the right direction?18:25
MannyLNJmaria_swe, it looks like Vmware Fusion might not support booting from a Flash drive directly see https://communities.vmware.com/thread/15114918:27
tuxihello i need a memtest for ubuntu, is there any software to do so?18:27
tomreynmaria_swe: here's how to select the 'firmware type' (UEFI or legacy BIOS) on vmware fusion 11 - this should help you figure out which firmware type you boot ubuntu systems with normally: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Fusion/11/com.vmware.fusion.using.doc/GUID-4219647D-7736-4F25-8B1F-6B2799A03477.html18:27
leonardustuxi: memtest should work regardless of OS18:27
OerHekscurbs, maybe ##wordpress or #ubuntu-server is more suitable for that issue.. personally i would reinstall, no surprises hidden18:28
mikubuntutomreyn: booted fine, thx again18:28
tuxileonardus yes i thought with the dvd but i didn't find the memtest on dvd18:28
tomreynmikubuntu: very well18:28
curbsOerHeks theres existing data on there unfortunately.  I'm also on #wordpress.  I'll give #ubuntu-server a shot, thanks18:28
mikubuntulater gators, i have to get to the end of the internet by sundown18:28
tomreynmaria_swe: oh, you can ignore what i wrote if its incapable of booting off an external USB.18:28
daxcurbs: it's a filesystem permissions issue. the user that your web server (apache or whatever) and thus php are running under doesn't have access to read the file /etc/wordpress/config-
OerHekscurbs, no need to tell you you should start with a backup ( plan)18:29
=== jetgirl is now known as tuxi
maria_sweMannyLNJ:  there are ways I guess but not easy... At least not for me..18:44
MannyLNJmaria_swe, would you consider a different virtual computer program?18:44
maria_sweBtw Is it a specific .iso for  installing ubuntu in to wmware fusion or I just need to download the latest ubuntu .iso from official site and install it in vmware fusion?18:45
OerHeksjust the iso, or download a ready vm18:45
maria_sweMannyLNJ:  not deadlly needed so I can just skip it for a while18:46
maria_sweOerHeks: is ready vm hosted on official ubuntu site? or I should find on google?18:46
MannyLNJYou don't install in Fusuin. You use Fusion or VirtualBox to run a virtual machine. I would use the Bootin app to make an Unbuuntu USB drive with persistance18:46
OerHekspretty automated18:46
maria_sweOerHeks: I want to boot it in wmware fusion so your link won't help fully18:47
MannyLNJOerHeks, I *think* the problem is maria_swe is trying to run the created USB drive as a virtual machine and I don't believe that VmWare Fusion for Mac supports that, If maria_swe installs Virtual Box for OSX it will work18:47
maria_swevmware fusion won't handle but Oracle Virtual Box does?18:48
MannyLNJmaria_swe, I belive so18:48
MannyLNJmaria_swe, see https://www.howtogeek.com/187721/how-to-boot-from-a-usb-drive-in-virtualbox/18:49
shibbolethare there any official/semi-such opencv3/4 ppas?18:51
maria_swelet's make this clear for OerHeks: I am wondering if it's possible to have a persistent usb ubuntu in my wmware fusion (mac os)18:53
maria_sweMannyLNJ:  let me read the link. thank you18:54
maria_sweMannyLNJ:  that link explains it for windows.18:56
MannyLNJmaria_swe, at the end it says The process is basically the same on Linux and Mac host systems. You’ll need to use the same sort of VBoxManage command to create a file representing the raw disk, but you’ll need to specify the path to the disk device on your Linux or Mac system.18:57
MannyLNJThe Open Foam wiki has some tips and workarounds that may help you adapt this process to Linux or Mac hosts. The Using a raw host hard disk from a guest section in VirtualBox’s official documentation may also help.18:57
OerHekswhy not a regular installed vm, dynamical18:57
OerHekspersistence is just the iso without updates, and a storage part.18:57
maria_sweMannyLNJ: You would easyly do thast part "VBoxManage command to create a file representing the raw disk" but not me :)18:58
OerHekshint: daily live http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/bionic/daily-live/current/18:58
MannyLNJmaria_swe, No I wouldn't I don't know much about OS X but I would find a forum where people do and ask there18:58
maria_sweOerHeks:  that works in a usb http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/bionic/daily-live/current/ ???18:59
OerHeksmaria_swe, sure19:01
maria_sweOerHeks: but how do I boot it?19:01
OerHeksjust make it like a regular usb, usb creator on linux, dd19:02
maria_sweLike I am on my Macbook now19:02
maria_swehow would I boot it?19:02
daxwrong link, you probably want http://releases.ubuntu.com/bionic/19:03
maria_swestick in the usb with type-c - usb converter and click on what?,19:03
dax(the other one is autogenerated daily test ISOs)19:03
lordcirth__maria_swe, point your hypervisor at it and boot it19:03
maria_swelordcirth__:  you mean turnof my macbook and change the boot setting to usb?19:08
maria_sweAm I getting you right?19:08
lordcirth__maria_swe, I thought you wanted to boot a VM from the USB?19:08
maria_swelordcirth__:  yes I want to boot it in vmware fusion19:09
lordcirth__maria_swe, so tell vmware to boot the USB.19:09
MannyLNJlordcirth__, I don't think Vmware Fusion allows that19:09
shibbolethit can boot other installed OSes as a vm19:10
maria_swelordcirth__: so that was the major subject here. We thought the vmware fusion won't let you do thst19:10
OerHeksyou already found out that you can *create* a VM from a bootable USB drive, or use virtualbox19:10
shibbolethofc, that is a major PITA with windows because it will have diff hwid (activation)19:10
shibbolethso i dunno what the fusion team were smoking19:11
maria_sweso vmware fusion can boot or not?19:11
shibbolethit can19:11
maria_sweand whick link is right? http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/bionic/daily-live/current or http://releases.ubuntu.com/bionic/19:11
tomreynthe latter.19:12
tomreyni'm not convinced that vmware fusion does what you want, but that's totally a topic for a different channel.19:13
maria_swewell just confused with that part19:14
maria_swewhats different between bionic daily live and regular bionic?19:14
lordcirth__maria_swe, it just has the updates already19:14
maria_swelordcirth__:  which one have the updates?19:14
maria_swedaily live ?19:14
maria_sweI see... thank you19:15
maria_sweok I will try that one tomorrow.19:15
maria_sweNo I just want a stable ubuntu inside my vmware fusion19:15
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maria_swecan I just install the ubuntu iso and install it...19:15
maria_sweno need to seek for another specific vm version right19:16
MannyLNJmaria_swe, yes you can http://hplgit.github.io/teamods/ubuntu/vmware/mac.html19:16
MannyLNJmaria_swe, wrong link19:16
MannyLNJmaria_swe, I'm sorry http://hplgit.github.io/teamods/ubuntu/vmware/mac.html is the correct link19:17
maria_swelink looks exactly same19:18
MannyLNJmaria_swe, it is I thought I pasted the wrong link originally19:18
maria_sweso this says just install the official iso from site19:19
maria_sweregular desktop version and install to fusion19:19
MannyLNJmaria_swe, you got it :-)\19:20
maria_swe18.04 LTS or 19.0419:20
maria_swe19.04 is the latest?19:20
MannyLNJI'm looking for a  good online backup provider for my Ubuntu systems. Suggestions please19:20
MannyLNJmaria_swe, go with the LTS in most cases19:21
maria_sweLTS means? stable version?19:21
grokelong term stable19:21
ubottuLTS means Long Term Support. LTS versions are supported for 5 years on the desktop and server. The latest LTS version of Ubuntu is !Bionic (Bionic Beaver 18.04). Ubuntu !flavors may have different support durations, check their release notes for information.19:21
maria_sweI see.19:21
maria_sweso to not have trouble you recommend going with the LTS version19:21
lordcirth__MannyLNJ, #ubuntu-offtopic, perhaps19:21
maria_swelast question19:22
lordcirth__maria_swe, if you get 19.04, you will need to upgrade every 6 months.19:22
MannyLNJmaria_swe, Yes it has the longest support19:22
maria_swecan I update my ubuntu to 19.04 when ever I like?19:22
maria_swein deed! sorry for that :/ sorry for that guys... everyone...19:22
maria_swewill be quiet now...19:23
grokeyeah u can upgrade from 18.04 to 19.04 and so on19:24
maria_sweyou guys been so polite and helpful. thank you so much for each of yours time.19:24
grokeupgrading can be a risky business though, not always recommended19:25
OerHekshave fun!19:25
grokesome upgrades are more safe like from LTS to newer LTS19:25
MannyLNJmaria_swe, gald I could help. I've gotten so much help here in the past19:25
AlexPortableCan someone help me getting my scanner to work? i've installed brsaneconfig4, simple-scan, sane-utils20:05
curbsOerHeks: yeah this is all in a VM, snapshotted and duped.20:05
AlexPortableIt worked before in older versions, but now simple-scan can't see any scanner20:06
curbsOerHeks and I got it working, the config file didn't have proper permissions, and neither did the DB.20:06
dcarmichI've gotten to the point of being able to access my local repository and imported my gpg key on the client, but I now see: "Skipping acquire of configured file 'Packages' as repository '  InRelease'". The Packages file is in the specified directory.20:10
dcarmichThis is my sources.list entry: 'deb /' (without the ')20:10
dcarmichWhat could cause this?20:10
texlaUbuntu 18.04.2 lts this is a new install due to clearing all partitions..This new install takes longer to boot than the previous install..It opens to bios menu then to grub menu then a black screen then to Ubuntu with the red dots scrolling until it finally reaches the login window..I have tried various fixes from ask ubuntu and other linux fixes but none have speeded up the booting time..I have run systemd-analyze blame but do not20:13
texlaknow if this tells me what to change..Is there any hope of getting help or is the boot time unajustable20:13
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Noor_egyhello i have ubuntu 18.04 installed and installed lamp on it then installed filezeaa ftp client but i cant brows my local www folder in filezilaa ??20:16
phiuNoor_egy: your user may not have access to /var/www/html, it's not really recommended to use ftp if that's what filezilla uses, use sftp it's more secure20:17
Noor_egyphiu: i can access /var/ww20:18
phiuNoor_egy:  in filezilla you can't access /var/www ?20:19
Noor_egymy local /var/www20:19
phiuhmm, no idea sorry20:20
Noor_egymany thanks phiu:20:20
=== eden is now known as Guest10734
Noor_egywhat does this error mean20:33
Noor_egyerror: snap "sftpclient" has "install-snap" change in progress20:33
Noor_egywhen i try to install apps from software20:33
phiuNoor_egy: you could try installing it from the terminal sudo apt-get install sftpclient20:38
Noor_egyso there is no propleme with my ubuntu thats normal ?20:39
phiuit's installing for me from the software center using 16.04 here20:41
phiuNoor_egy: maybe it's just taking time to install and on the 2nd try it's giving that error? it's slow here for me20:42
Noor_egyok thank you20:43
phiuNoor_egy: does it show in "snap list" ?20:45
Noor_egyumm i dont know whats propleme all ftp aplications cant have access to my local driver !20:45
Noor_egyits installed now but also cant access my local driver20:46
sappheiroshttps://manual.lubuntu.me/F/keyboard_shortcuts.html?highlight=keyboard%20shortcut appears not to be working -- is there a general default keyboard binding to send window to half of screen in lubuntu?20:46
sappheirosaskubuntu indicates ctrl+super key+left, (super = windows key for example), but that doesn't work either20:46
sappheirosI can create the keybinding, but lubuntu wants me to enter a command associated with the keybinding; do you know the command?20:47
=== juboxi is now known as jubo2
phiusappheiros: maybe there's some setting in the window manager lubuntu uses or so?20:49
JonelethIrenicushow do you set the scale factor for Qt applications?20:54
JonelethIrenicusinstances not ran from the command prompt20:54
=== SimonNL_Afk is now known as SimonNL
sappheirosphiu: i've looked but haven't found one21:00
sappheirosIs it important to exit all other applications when updating packages via muon package manager?21:07
leftyfbsappheiros: you might be better asking in #kde21:08
sappheirosleftyfb: which question?21:10
leftyfbsappheiros: the one specific to a KDE package manager21:11
sappheirosis muon package manager a KDE package manager?21:11
* sappheiros checks https://manual.lubuntu.me/4/4.2/muon.html21:12
leftyfb!info muon21:12
ubottumuon (source: muon): package manager for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:5.8.0-0ubuntu1 (bionic), package size 341 kB, installed size 2101 kB21:12
sappheirosokay, thank you. that webpage didn't mention KDE21:13
fishcookerjust need to cli for reading the email file only... afaik munpack but it creates a new file, ryouba21:13
Noor_egyhttps://www.photobox.co.uk/my/photo/full?photo_id=501836079680 suddenly some apps cant access places in my local driver and in the software it give permission button21:25
AlexPortableCan someone help me getting my scanner to work? i've installed brsaneconfig4, simple-scan, sane-utils. It worked before in older versions, but now simple-scan can't see any scanner21:27
JonelethIrenicusAlexPortable: did you set the IP?21:27
sappheirosfirefox keeps freezing up my latitude d620. is there an even lighter web browser you'd recommend? (i386)21:28
tatertotzAlexPortable is it connected via USB or Netowrk?..if network do you know it's IP..if yes...does it respond to ping?21:28
AlexPortablenetwork, yes i can ping it21:28
AlexPortablealso the web interface opens and other devices can access it21:29
tatertotzAlexPortable did you run the brother setup? yes or no21:29
sappheirosor maybe it is Google Documents that causes the freeze ...21:29
sappheirosbut it seems often four tabs in firefox is enough to freeze it21:29
tatertotzAlexPortable what ubuntu version?21:30
AlexPortabletatertotz: yes, dpkg -i brscan.deb21:30
tatertotzAlexPortable uh brother has a "installation script"21:31
AlexPortabledo they?21:31
tatertotzAlexPortable you did NOT use this?21:31
AlexPortablenope, the brother website just recommended me commands21:31
tatertotzAlexPortable you SHOULD have21:31
texlaUbuntu 18.04.2 lts this is a new install due to clearing all partitions..This new install takes longer to boot than the previous install..It opens to bios menu then to grub menu then a black screen then to Ubuntu with the red dots scrolling until it finally reaches the login window..I have tried various fixes from ask ubuntu and other linux fixes but none have speeded up the booting time..I have run systemd-analyze blame but do not21:32
texla<texla> know if this tells me what to change..Is there any hope of getting help or is the boot time unajustable21:32
bpromptsappheiros:    usually is the webpage's content, bear in mind that a webpage can be just a simple static resume with very little memory/cpu footprint or it can be a dynamic page with many components and possible on html file with about 15 .css and 5 .js files loaded doing all kind of graphic manipulations21:32
sappheirosbprompt: yeah, i suspect Google Document is teh problem, not firefox ... but it does seem to often freeze if i have >3 tabs open ... but i guess i should test this more to be sure. maybe it is a webpage issue instead as you suggest21:34
tatertotzAlexPortable I'm not going to tell you how to go about doing what you're wanting to do....so21:34
bpromptsappheiros:   you can always try a chromium-based browser, like Opera, but if it's the page, and chances is very likely, you'll get the same jam on the same pages, depending on how many components is loading21:34
AlexPortabletatertotz: do you have a link to the install script? all i can find is the link i sent you, which tells me to run commands21:35
sappheirosbprompt: i thought chromium and chrome both required 64-bit ...21:35
bpromptsappheiros:   not sure, I'd think they had a 32bit version... but  you're on a core2 duo cpu, you "could" run a 64bit OS21:37
tatertotzAlexPortable keep going down your current path / rabbit hole..i've been around long enough to know since there are more than one way to skin the rabbit or ways to accomplish a single task (4+3,5+2,6+1 ALL are the same) i'm just going to avoid or dodge a flame war21:37
tatertotzits just a printer..not worth it21:38
AlexPortabletatertotz I have no idea what you are talking about. Do you have a link to the installer?21:40
tomreynAlexPortable: which printer model do you have there?21:40
tomreynAlexPortable: where / how did yo look for the driver download?21:41
bpromptsappheiros:   just checked, yeap, chrome/opera both have 32bit versions21:41
AlexPortabletomreyn:  i followed this tutorial https://support.brother.com/g/s/id/linux/en/instruction_scn1b.html?c=us_ot&lang=en&redirect=on21:42
sappheirosbprompt: thanks. i guess it's just brave that requires the 64-bit chrome (chromium?)21:42
bpromptsappheiros:  brave?   hmm dunno that one21:43
sappheirosbprompt: i am core2duo i think, but i dunno how you manage a 64-bit app on it ...21:43
tomreynAlexPortable: okay but how did you get there?21:43
tomreynAlexPortable: personally i'd be doing a web search for the hardware i want to make work, and "ubuntu" and the ubuntu version21:43
bpromptsappheiros:    well, you'd install the 64bit OS first :)21:44
AlexPortabletomreyn: via google. this tutorial also worked for me in previous ubuntu versions (14.04 and if i recall correctly also 16.04), just not in 18.04 right now.21:44
sappheiros>___> gotcha21:45
tomreynAlexPortable: i can't find anything on "MFC-6510DW", do you mean "MFC-J6510DW" maybe?21:47
AlexPortableer yes21:47
tomreynAlexPortable: okay, then the first page i'd find is this https://support.brother.com/g/b/downloadtop.aspx?c=eu_ot&lang=en&prod=mfcj6510dw_all21:48
tomreynAlexPortable: i'd choose "linux" in step 1 and "Linux (deb)" in step 2, knowing that ubuntu uses .deb packages, being a deb(ian) derivate21:49
tomreynAlexPortable: i'd then end up here, where all the drivers are available for download: https://support.brother.com/g/b/downloadlist.aspx?c=eu_ot&lang=en&prod=mfcj6510dw_all&os=12821:49
AlexPortablethank you, i have not seen that webpage before21:50
tomreynAlexPortable: do you know which ones to use from there?21:50
AlexPortablestill quite odd that there are two pages21:50
tomreynAlexPortable: so you have Ubuntu installed in amd64 or i386 architecture?21:51
tomreynso this is the scanner driver then https://support.brother.com/g/b/downloadend.aspx?c=eu_ot&lang=en&prod=mfcj6510dw_all&os=128&dlid=dlf006645_000&flang=4&type3=566&dlang=true21:52
tomreynunfortunately brother does not offer an apt repository, so you will need to download and install .deb files directly, and you won't get any updates unless you'll install them manually.21:53
kreyrenDoes ubuntu's kernel has HAVE_KRNEL_GZIP ?21:53
kreyrentrying to compress gentoo kernel on chroot using ubuntu's kernel and it's failing21:53
ThatGuyMehohttps://pastebin.com/stMX0wd6 <---- can someone explain this to me and how to fix it21:54
tomreynkreyren: grep HAVE_KERNEL_GZIP /boot/config-$(uname -r)21:54
kreyrentomreyn, ty21:55
daxThatGuyMeho: you've added a PPA (https://launchpad.net/~gezakovacs/+archive/ubuntu/ppa) that has no packages for distributions past bionic. you should probably remove it.21:55
tomreynThatGuyMeho: this message usually means that the repository listed there does not support your ubuntu release.21:56
dax( https://askubuntu.com/questions/307/how-can-ppas-be-removed )21:56
ThatGuyMehodont worry about it what i am trying to do is to make a bootable windows 10 usb with ubuntu and nothing so far that i know works21:56
AlexPortabletomreyn: their installer did not help much, also installing the package doesn't make it show up in simplescan21:57
tomreynAlexPortable: you need to do both, use these packages and follow the instructions / run commands to enable your scanner21:58
AlexPortableyes i did21:58
tomreynAlexPortable: use the "driver install tool" on top of the download page21:59
ThatGuyMehoso has anyone attempted to make a bootable windows 10 usb using ubuntu 19.0422:00
tomreynand read the "notes before downloading"22:00
AlexPortabletomreyn their installer did not help much22:00
tomreynAlexPortable: did you run those commands (the ones for ubuntu only)? https://support.brother.com/g/b/faqend.aspx?c=eu_ot&lang=en&prod=mfcj6510dw_all&faqid=faq00100548_00022:01
tatertotzAlexPortable would it help if there was a youtube video or something you cold copy cat from?22:01
jcottonThatGuyMeho: in ##windows we usually reccomend WoeUSB22:01
ThatGuyMehowell this is what i was trying to install in the first place but no dice22:02
tomreynThatGuyMeho: try "woeusb", i don'T know whether it works on 19.04, but it's known to usually work.22:02
ThatGuyMehoit dont seem to work in 19.0422:03
AlexPortabletomreyn: yes. tatertotz no22:03
jcottonif.. oh22:03
jcottonhe left22:03
tomreynThatGuyMeho: if you're looking for more help with this, you'll need to explain what you tried exactly, how it did not work22:04
tomreynAlexPortable: if you're looking for more help with this, you'll need to explain what you tried exactly, how it did not work22:04
AlexPortabletomreyn: i've tried the install script, the commands provided on the old page, my own commands, all commands on the pre-required procedure page. I'm just not able to select the scanner in simple-scan. I think simple-scan is broken since it worked fine in 16.0422:05
geniiIn case ThatGuyMeho returns, the webupd8 PPA which has current woeusb versions: https://launchpad.net/~nilarimogard22:07
wrtrying to find the best lightweight DE on ubuntu22:09
jcotton"best" will vary wildly by person22:10
jcottonstand up a VM, try a few22:10
jcottonwhen you think you've found one you like actually install on real hardware22:10
=== tomreyn_ is now known as tomreyn
tomreyn!flavours | wr22:12
ubottuwr: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours22:12
wrtomreyn, lubuntu?22:12
tomreynwr: Recognized Ubuntu flavors build on Ubuntu and provide a different user experience out of the box. They are supported both in #ubuntu and in their flavor channel. For a list, see https://www.ubuntu.c…u-flavours22:13
tomreynthat link is https://www.ubuntu.com/download/ubuntu-flavours22:13
tomreynwr: maybe, it tries to keep requirements low22:14
tomreynwr: there is also #lubuntu here on freenode if you have specific questions about this desktop environment. their website is https://lubuntu.me22:14
wrtomreyn, lxqt is lowest one?22:15
tomreynwr: i don't have any statistics available.22:15
wrtomreyn, maybe o have to find some stats22:15
tomreynor you just create a live usb and give it a try22:16
MythUbuntu 18.04 here. Just lost permissions for my external HDD after last update. Not sure what happened. How do I restore permissions to my HDD?22:16
EriC^^Myth: sudo chown -R <username>: /path/to/mounted/exthdd22:17
AlexPortabletomreyn: any other suggestions22:17
MythEriC^^, Thank you. I'll see if I can get that information together22:17
tomreynAlexPortable: other than explaining what exactly you did and how it did "no dice"? no.22:18
EriC^^Myth: np22:18
wrMyth, first check permissions have22:18
Mythwr, How do?22:19
AlexPortableI sent you this message, you maybe didnt receive it: i've tried the install script, the commands provided on the old page, my own commands, all commands on the pre-required procedure page. I'm just not able to select the scanner in simple-scan. I think simple-scan is broken since it worked fine in 16.0422:19
MythEriC^^, Username is in terminal, right? X@Y ?22:20
wrMyth, ls -l /path/to/file22:20
EriC^^Myth: yeah22:20
EriC^^it's the X22:20
MythEriC^^, Thought so. Thanks22:20
Mythwr, In my case, it is the entire driver22:20
Mythwr, I meant "drive"22:21
wrMyth, https://pastebin.ubuntu.com/p/tysdxjfyXt/22:21
wrstat -c "%a %n" /path/of/file22:22
MythI'm having trouble defining the paths22:22
EriC^^Myth: type "mount | nc termbin.com 9999"22:23
EriC^^paste the link here22:23
sappheirosbprompt said there was 32bit chrome, but https://www.google.com/chrome/index.html only gives me 64bit linux download versions22:24
tomreynAlexPortable: does brsaneconfig (or similar command from your original list of commands to run) return your scanner as a Device on network" then?22:24
Mythwr, Thank you22:24
MythEriC^^, https://termbin.com/k1vni22:24
EriC^^Myth: it's a ntfs partition, so permissions dont stick on these, they use 'fake permissions' fwiw22:26
EriC^^Myth: type 'sudo chown -R $USER: /mnt/28656C1A26D0DB7C' it might temporarily let you do stuff as your user22:26
EriC^^maybe the filemanager has some problem right now, and after a reboot or something it'll start letting you write to the partition as your user22:27
tomreynAlexPortable: and indeed this message had not reached me, maybe because i had gotten disconnected22:27
EriC^^Myth: oh! just noticed it's mounted read only22:27
MythEriC^^, Okay. Thanks. Yeah, I have rarely had this sort of issue.22:27
EriC^^Myth: type 'sudo mount -o remount,rw /mnt/28656C1A26D0DB7C' and you should be good, nevermind the22:27
EriC^^sudo chown command22:27
MythEriC^^, Aye. True. Usually mounts with write too22:28
AlexPortablebrsaneconfig4 -q does not list the scanner as in 'devices on netwrok'22:28
MythEriC^^, Already did the first command. That okay?22:28
EriC^^yeah it's not a problem22:29
tylerI'm setting up a media server and tried to mount an NFS drive from my nas using this guide -- https://blog.whabash.com/posts/mounting_synology_nas_shared_folder_nfs_ubuntu_16_10 -- My issue is that sabnzbd will not allow me to choose a directory from the mounted folder as a completed downloads folder. As far as I can tell only a sudo command will reveal the contents of the directory and allow me to22:29
tylermanipulate it.22:29
tomreyn!who | AlexPortable22:31
ubottuAlexPortable: As you can see, this is a large channel. If you're speaking to someone in particular, please put their nickname in what you say (use !tab), or else messages get lost and it becomes confusing :)22:31
qwebirc95665 hi, i try connect to an remote server via thightvnc. i installed on my server thightvncserver, tried sudo DISPLAY=:1 gnome-session, export DISPLAY=:1, sudo startx, gnome-session, etc. I am able to open apps like gnome-terminal, but not a fully gnome-session. i found the following files on the server:.xsession-errors https://pastebin.com/qqLb3c9u and the config file for tightvncserver https://pastebin.com/q8w1fnik22:31
AlexPortabletomreyn brsaneconfig4 -q does not list the scanner as in 'devices on netwrok'22:31
tomreynif  brsaneconfig4 -q  does not list the scanner in 'devices on netwrok', this suggests you have not yet ran the command to configure it?22:31
MythEriC^^, Looks better, but error while copying any files. Unmounted via GUI and remounted, then permissions stripped again to read only22:31
EriC^^Myth: what was the error when copying the files?22:32
tomreynAlexPortable: from the link you posted initially, step 5: https://support.brother.com/g/s/id/linux/en/instruction_scn1b.html?c=us_ot&lang=en&redirect=on22:32
tomreynAlexPortable: until yu did this simple.scan cannot work22:33
MythEriC^^, I'll use the command again, then check and see22:33
EriC^^Myth: try the remount,rw command again, and try "touch /mnt/28656C1A26D0DB7C/blabla | nc termbin.com 9999"22:33
EriC^^Myth: also type "dmesg | tail | nc termbin.com 9999"22:33
AlexPortabletomreyn: yes i did that before22:34
MythOk, before I do that, the error: Error opening file “/mnt/28656C1A26D0DB7C/Shadow Dragon.jpg”: No such file or directory22:35
MythEriC^^, ^^^22:35
tomreynAlexPortable: so you did this before, but then the next command explains how to verify it worked properly, and you ran that, too, or not? and if you ran it, it must have hshown you that you  configuration did not succeed?22:35
sappheirosi search dictionary in muon package manager: how do i know which is compatible with lubuntu?22:35
sappheirosi don't know if it's gnome or kde for example22:36
Mythprogenitor@Sanctum:~$ touch /mnt/28656C1A26D0DB7C/blabla | nc termbin.com 999922:36
Mythtouch: cannot touch '/mnt/28656C1A26D0DB7C/blabla': No such file or directory22:36
MythOops. I'll use susepaste for the next one22:36
EriC^^Myth: type "mount | nc termbin.com 9999" again please22:36
* sappheiros tries installing 'dict'22:36
AlexPortabletomreyn: you mean the -q command?22:36
AlexPortablethe -q command shows the scanner yes22:37
MythEriC^^, https://termbin.com/xp3v22:37
AlexPortablei just insatlled xsane, and it can scan just fine, only simple-scan cannot22:37
tomreynAlexPortable: but just the scanner model in the list of supported models, not as the network scanner you tried to configure?22:37
MythEriC^^, Only one I did not do yet is: dmesg | tail | nc termbin.com 999922:37
AlexPortabletomreyn: both, on as in 'devices on network' and one as 401 in the supported models list. Skanlite software also seems to work now, only simple-scan not22:38
EriC^^Myth: alright, run it22:38
tomreynAlexPortable: this is now the opposite of what you said 8 minutes ago:  <AlexPortable> tomreyn brsaneconfig4 -q does not list the scanner as in 'devices on netwrok'22:39
EriC^^Myth: it's odd, it's almost as if it cant go to /mnt/286.....22:39
sappheirosdict is good enough i suppose.22:39
tomreynAlexPortable: what changed in the meantime?22:39
AlexPortabletomreyn yeah it did, then it didn't and then i added it back again22:39
tatertotzhe actually followed the instructions this time around22:39
tomreynAlexPortable: i see, glad you pointed this out, now that i asked.22:40
tatertotzbecause he was being hand held or guided22:40
MythEriC^^, https://termbin.com/mpgm22:40
EriC^^Myth: try "dmesg | grep sdc | nc termbin.com 9999"22:41
tomreynAlexPortable: what does   brsaneconfig4 -p    report for "...% packaet loss"?22:41
EriC^^also please try "cd /mnt/28656C1A26D0DB7C"22:42
MythEriC^^, https://termbin.com/x42z22:42
EriC^^Myth: looks good22:43
MythI'll reboot then. Maybe that will help now that I've taken these steps22:44
MythEriC^^, ^22:44
EriC^^yeah try rebooting22:44
EriC^^did cd /mnt/28656C1A26D0DB7C work?22:44
MythThanks! brb with a report22:44
qwebirc95665hi, i try connect to an remote server via thightvnc. i installed on my server thightvncserver, tried sudo DISPLAY=:1 gnome-session, export DISPLAY=:1, sudo startx, gnome-session, etc. I am able to open apps like gnome-terminal, but not a fully gnome-session. i found the following files on the server:.xsession-errors https://pastebin.com/qqLb3c9u and the config file for tightvncserver https://pastebin.com/q8w1fnik22:44
MythEriC^^, ?22:44
EriC^^Myth: did you try "cd /mnt/28656C1A26D0DB7C" with any luck?22:44
MythEriC^^, Oh, yes. The terminal is there now22:45
EriC^^oh cool22:45
EriC^^try "touch blabla"22:45
MythEriC^^, Within terminal, cd to mnt/XYZ, the touch command does not work22:47
Mythtouch: cannot touch '/mnt/28656C1A26D0DB7C/blabla': No such file or directory22:47
EriC^^odd try rebooting t see if this weird spell will vanish22:47
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MythEriC^^, I've returned. My 3TB NTFS HDD is mounted (it auto-mounts with with the DISKS application), but has a shaded Create Folder and Paste option, et al22:53
MythThis HDD has no system on it. Just media22:54
EriC^^Myth: maybe it has some kind of hardware read only protection?22:54
EriC^^some switch?22:55
tomreyni didnt follow, but did you ntfsfix, yet?22:55
MythEriC^^, That would be a new one to me. Been using this one without issue for nearly a year. Sandwiched between two SSDs, each with their own OS on them22:55
MythThey both access the HDD for music, documents, videos, images, and so on22:56
EriC^^oh ok, thought it was a hand held ext hdd type22:56
EriC^^try tomreyn 's suggestion of ntfsfix maybe the fs needs some fixing22:56
MythEriC^^, I should have specified. Sorry about that22:57
EriC^^tomreyn: to sum it up, the disk suddenly mounted read-only, nothing in dmesg, upon remounting rw, cd /mountpoint works, however oddly touch "something" says file not found22:57
EriC^^tomreyn: he basically can't write anything to it, but touch's output is intriguing though22:57
tomreynfile not found on touch sounds like a path typo22:58
EriC^^yup which is why i had him cd /mountpoint22:58
EriC^^then touch something after he confirmed he was within the dir, same output file not found22:58
qwebirc95665hi, i try connect to an remote server via thightvnc. i installed on my server thightvncserver, tried sudo DISPLAY=:1 gnome-session, export DISPLAY=:1, sudo startx, gnome-session, etc. I am able to open apps like gnome-terminal, but not a fully gnome-session. i found the following files on the server:.xsession-errors https://pastebin.com/qqLb3c9u and the config file for tightvncserver https://pastebin.com/q8w1fnik22:59
tomreynhmm yes thats weird, EriC^^. but it makes me want to ntfsfix even more23:00
MythEriC^^, tomreyn Looking around in disks, seeing some interesting stuff. I'll post a screen23:00
MythEriC^^, tomreyn Here is DISKS with my sdb partition highlighted (that is my Ubuntu SSD): https://imgur.com/a/UvdjpyF23:03
MythHere is my sdc media HDD where I store media files only: https://imgur.com/a/6G2eR8h23:03
tomreynMyth: this isyour efi system partition, what about it?23:04
Mythtomreyn, I just noticed a bad sector was mentioned. Never noticed it before. Probably unrelated, but I am inexperienced23:05
MythThe second screen shows how the automount is setup in DISKS23:05
MythFor the nonOS drive23:05
tomreyni think this is 1 bad sector which then got relocated, but you should check this sometime using smartctl. but it's a different topic, i think, this does also not seem to be the storage which contains the ntfs file system you want to write to.23:06
tomreyn"second screen"?23:07
Mythtomreyn, Okay. Will do. The 3TB HDD is the NTFS drive in question, correct23:07
Mythtomreyn, The second image I linked23:07
tomreynoh i missed this link23:08
MythNo worries. It may be arbitrary23:08
EriC^^tomreyn: ntfsfix / smartctl time?23:09
tomreynMyth: did you do the ntfsfix, yet?23:09
Mythtomreyn, Negative23:09
tomreynMyth: do it now ;)23:09
EriC^^( sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdc1 )23:10
tomreynMyth: first unmount the file system23:10
tomreynMyth: sudo umount /mnt/2865*23:10
Mythtomreyn, Ah. I see23:11
tomreynMyth: then    sudo ntfsfix /dev/sdc1   (thanks EriC^^)23:11
Mythtomreyn, ^23:13
EriC^^looks good!23:13
EriC^^!cookie | tomreyn23:14
ubottutomreyn: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!23:14
MythEriC^^, I thought so too. I'm trying to comprehend the failure23:14
tomreynMyth: "FAILED" doesn't sound too good, i'm not sure what it means in this context.23:15
MythSays my file system was "unclean". Some Scarelet Letter stuff right there23:15
tomreynthe dirty bit had been set on the file system23:15
MythShould we try the touch command after cd to the mnt point?23:15
tomreyndo you have fast shutdown disabled in any windows installation you use this drive with?23:15
Mythtomreyn, Not to my knowledge. No hibernation, or smartboot either23:16
tomreynMyth: you need to have this option disabled, though, it's a non-default setting on windows 10 and i think 8, too, maybe 723:17
MythI have 10 on the other drive. I'll comb through it carefully23:17
EriC^^maybe a sudden poweroff caused it?23:17
tomreynactually it's called "fast startup"23:17
EriC^^it sounds like it had some metadata it wanted to write, but never got the chance or something23:17
EriC^^oh nevermind, i get what you mean tomreyn23:18
MythEriC^^, I updated the machine last night via Ubuntu and then Windows 10, then I shut it down for the night23:18
Mythtomreyn, Yes, I'll check the BIOS too. Should be OFF23:18
MythBookmarking the link you provided too23:19
EriC^^Myth: if you shut it down then it would have done the fast-startup stuff, rebooting bypasses that23:19
MythEriC^^, I'll check Windows 10 advanced power options as well as the BIOS/UEFI23:19
EriC^^it's not in the bios, it should be somewhere in the settings in windows23:19
=== SuperL4g is now known as SuperLag
tomreynthe link i posted has screen shots of how to disable it in windows, should be doable23:20
MythEriC^^, Oh, I thought it had to be enabled in the BIOS as well23:20
EriC^^or maybe in the bios too, i dont know, but im sure there's a setting in windows for it, just very obscurely placed behind some 'advanced options line' iirc23:20
tomreynyes you also want it disable din bios.23:20
EriC^^i think usually the fast start up in the bios is more about what the BIOS checks and stuff before fully booting the OS stuff like that23:21
tomreynyes, it's unrelated to this fast sartup option in windows.23:21
MythAfter reviewing the link you provided, it does seem pretty obscurly placed in the gui23:22
MythMay be the issue then. I never had this issue in Windows 7 dual booting with Ubuntu or Mint23:22
tomreynsince there can never be another Os other than windows, that's fine, right?23:22
Mythtomreyn, Yes, I think so. I keep it quarantined like a virus on its own drive ;p23:23
tomreyni need some sleep, got sick, hope you can work it out, good luck!23:23
Mythtomreyn, Get well soon! Thanks23:23
MythEriC^^, Thanks!23:23
EriC^^Myth: no problem23:24
MythI'm going to go spanke Windows like a red-headed step child23:24
jackbakerAny one able to help out with configuring a USB HID gadget driver?  I'm stuck at the "Configuration" section because i don't understand exactly what i need to put where. https://www.kernel.org/doc/Documentation/usb/gadget_hid.txt23:30
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plongshotIs there an official ubuntu doc to install apache2 on an 18.04 server over ssh?23:36
plongshotThe article I23:36
yeatsplongshot: you may have gotten cut off - last seen "The article I"23:38
NMSK_Levshahi, if i`m using 2 terminals with root, how its history tracking?23:38
plongshotThe article I've found includes a step where and apache firewall profile is applied with ufw and you must selct between 3 options. I'm not sure the implications of each choice. Will all of them work out of the box without further configureation or does connecting via port 440 imply I have to set up apache to serve my site as https  or it wont work?23:38
plongshotsorry typo  :s23:39
plongshotI want to choose "Apache Secure" profile and only open port 440 but like I was saying I don't know what that imlies for serving the site later23:40
yeatsplongshot: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/httpd.html is about as official as it probably gets as far as your original question goes23:40
yeatsplongshot: are you referring to https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-the-apache-web-server-on-ubuntu-16-04 ?23:42
yeatsin that case it would be port 443 (standard HTTPS port) not 44023:42
usr13plongshot: It's best to just not have any services running or even installed, if you don't intend to use them.23:42
plongshotyeats: I'm at https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-the-apache-web-server-on-ubuntu-18-0423:43
yeatsah - probably mostly the same23:43
yeatsplongshot: what you would choose for the ufw profile there would depend on the nature of what you'd be serving with apache23:44
yeatsbut HTTPS only is probably a good idea generally23:44
plongshotStep 2. And I found a way to rephrase the question makes more senes...  " f I only connect through port 440 and keep 80 closed - does that imply I have to set my site up to use https and that http will not work? "23:44
yeatsplongshot: port 443, yes?23:45
plongshotyeats: It is being pushed as a standard23:45
plongshot443? or 440   I don't recall23:45
plongshotwhatever it says23:45
yeatsplongshot: 443 is standard HTTPS - not sure if 440 has a standard use23:46
plongshotmy mistake / typo23:46
yeatsplongshot: I've not used ufw in this exact situation, but yes, if you only allow 443 through the firewall, it will block HTTP altogether (if I understand what it's saying)23:47
yeatsplongshot: Apache Full would probably be a more common usage23:47
plongshotI think I see what's up. If I enable only 443 and keep 80 closed I will effectively be constraining the connection for only https service but no http.  So then I have to learn what it takes to serve a https site as opposed to just a http site.23:47
plongshotI see23:48
yeatsplongshot: you can use apache rewrite rules to force HTTPS if someone lands on port 8023:48
yeatslots of examples on the web23:48
plongshotJust that I know I've got my work cut out for me23:49
yeatsbut if you *block* port 80, they'd likely get a connection refused in the browser, which would be confusing to non-technical end users23:49
yeatsplongshot: the only way to learn :-)23:49
plongshotyeats: Do you know if it's possible to connect for the sake of a test using iip:port  syntax in the browser? Do a test that apaceh installs correctly even if there is no site yet?23:50
yeatssure, you can do that23:50
plongshotwould it look something like?    https://my-ip-address-at-server:443    ?23:51
plongshotis that right?23:51
plongshotAnd then I shoud see the apache2 welcome screen by default right?23:51
yeatsplongshot: in theory, yes :-)23:52
plongshotright on23:52
plongshotthx man23:52
yeatshappy to assist23:52
AlexPortabletomreyn: i got it to work, installed it again and now it magically stays23:54

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