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qwebirc17276I try to mount a hard drive and error says its a 'zfs_member'. I assure you it is not a zfs member.07:10
qwebirc17276why would my drive look like a ZFS member to xubuntu?07:11
pmjdebruijnqwebirc17276: what does 'blkid' say07:11
pmjdebruijnqwebirc17276: what does 'fdisk -l /dev/whatever' say07:11
qwebirc17276Disk /dev/sdb1: 1.8 TiB, 2000397868544 bytes, 3907027087 sectors Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 4096 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 4096 bytes / 4096 bytes07:12
pmjdebruijnqwebirc17276: sda1 is not a disk, sda is07:13
pmjdebruijnso fdisk -l /dev/sda07:13
pmjdebruijnnot sda107:13
pmjdebruijnals please use pastebin.com07:13
pmjdebruijnand blkid please07:13
qwebirc17276Disk /dev/sdb: 1.8 TiB, 2000398934016 bytes, 3907029168 sectors Units: sectors of 1 * 512 = 512 bytes Sector size (logical/physical): 512 bytes / 4096 bytes I/O size (minimum/optimal): 4096 bytes / 4096 bytes Disklabel type: gpt Disk identifier: F03B793B-E7B4-11E5-841F-F832E489D2EE  Device     Start        End    Sectors  Size Type /dev/sdb1   2048 3907029134 3907027087  1.8T Linux filesystem07:13
pmjdebruijnqwebirc17276: please use pastebin.com07:13
pmjdebruijnfor both outputs07:14
pmjdebruijnhow exactly are you trying to mount it?07:15
pmjdebruijnqwebirc17276: ?07:15
qwebirc17276<script src="https://pastebin.com/embed_js/9dW4QdUn"></script>07:15
qwebirc17276sudo mount /dev/sdb107:15
qwebirc17276sudo mount sdb107:16
pmjdebruijndo you have an entry for /dev/sdb1 for /etc/fstab ?07:16
pmjdebruijnthen how is mount supposed to know where to mount it07:16
pmjdebruijnsudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt07:16
pmjdebruijnis proper usage07:16
pmjdebruijnbut what does blkdi say07:16
pmjdebruijnsudo blkid    specifically07:17
pmjdebruijnsudo blkid -c /dev/null         is even better07:17
pmjdebruijnalso in xubuntu you can mount drives through thunar07:18
qwebirc17276okay. Im trying to keep up here. Did I use pastebin correctly?07:18
pmjdebruijnmore or less, no need to paste html tags along with the url07:19
pmjdebruijnusually one would paste this: https://pastebin.com/9dW4QdUn07:19
pmjdebruijnor https://pastebin.com/raw/9dW4QdUn07:20
bodicceaqwebirc17276, you should use "parted /dev/sdb print" to see what is the fstype of /dev/sdb107:22
qwebirc17276i made a directory called 2TB and did "sudo mount /dev/sdb1 /mnt/2TB" then got "mount: /mnt/2TB: more filesystems detected on /dev/sdb1; use -t <type> or wipefs(8)."07:22
pmjdebruijnqwebirc17276: what does 'sudo blkid -c /dev/null' output ?07:23
pmjdebruijnalso, what filesystem type do you think is on the disk?07:23
qwebirc17276parted says ext4 standby for pastebin07:24
qwebirc17276I have mounted this exact drive on this exact machine 2 days ago07:26
bodicceacan you do it with "/dev/sdb", not "/dev/sdb1", to see the partition table type ?07:27
qwebirc17276similar output07:28
qwebirc17276here is sudo blkid -c /dev/null https://pastebin.com/embed_js/CR6zVEF507:32
qwebirc17276I was messing with some snaps. Could that have caused this?07:35
bodicceatry "mount -t ext4 /dev/sdb1 /mnt/2TB" (from https://superuser.com/questions/1095946/fsck-more-filesystems-detected-this-should-not-happen)07:36
qwebirc17276the loops 1 through 4 are snaps, the sda is my main drive, and the sdd is a portable HD.07:36
qwebirc17276That worked bodiccea!07:37
qwebirc17276Thank you very much for your help07:40
bodicceaqwebirc17276, what gives "wipefs /dev/sdb1" ? (NO OPTIONS TO WIPEFS !!)07:47
bodicceayou will see the different partitions detected on this partition.07:47
qwebirc17276thats kind of scary. I have some important files on there with no backup07:53
bodicceawith no option, it lists the partitions. See wipefs(8)07:59
bodicceaby the way, I tried myself before asking you to do it, to be sure :-)07:59
qwebirc17276Here it is https://pastebin.com/embed_js/cqfzmrrd08:01
qwebirc17276why did that happen?08:02
bodicceaMine is: http://paste.ubuntu.com/p/ZVBkgTbNHN/08:02
qwebirc17276oops wrong terminal HA!08:03
bodicceaI would be you, I would save the ext4 data, and reformat sdb (including the partition table).08:03
qwebirc17276you mean after i secured my data do: mkfs.ext4 /dev/sdb108:05
bodicceaNo, mkfs is not enough, it will not recreate the partition table. And yes, secure your data first.08:07
qwebirc17276okay. Is GParted the best tool for that?08:10
bodicceaYes, or parted/fdisk if you prefer command-line.08:11
qwebirc17276I'm trying to learn so yeah. Thanks.08:11
qwebirc17276Big Help Thank You08:12
qwebirc17276I have three 2 TB WD Reds sitting here. I might try RAID 5 or maybe actually doing ZFS.08:14
bodicceaI have a setup with 4x1TB disks, I use btrfs, with 2 RAID-1 (so I have 2x1TB available disks). But any decent FS type would work, to make a RAID-5 configuration, given you have 3 disks at least...08:28
ghosalmartinhello, does anyone know how I can create a raid0 setup at install time on xubuntu?10:13
gnrpghosalmartin: I would not recommend anyone to have a raid0, esp. not for the system drive10:16
gnrpI know this is not helpful, sorry :/10:16
ghosalmartingnrp, how come? due to data loss or?10:16
gnrpdo you have a mbr or gpt?10:17
gnrpyes, the only benefit of raid0 is speed. If you really need that, go for it10:17
gnrpif one hard drive fails, *all* data is lost.10:17
gnrpalso, raid0 are quite error-prone, because without the raid0 setup, data on them is unusable. With a jbod e.g., you could still look at the data on the first hard drive or even boot without the second one and "just" have some errors10:18
ghosalmartinyeah I wanna go for speed, its a build machine so not too fussed about any issues10:19
ghosalmartinall data is backed up on git so no problems really10:19
gnrpexcept for the system itself?10:19
gnrpI mean, I would recommend you rather to separate the disks in two partitions, one raid1 for booting, one raid0 for data.10:20
ghosalmartinfor now raid0 will do tbf, even if the system goes down it doesnt matter10:21
gnrpanyway, if you want to still go for raid0 for the system: Actually it should work. Set the installer to manual partitioning mode, and then you still need one partition for /boot, but the system itself can go on a raid010:21
ghosalmartindo I need to set raid0 in bios?10:23
ghosalmartinor atleast just raid10:23
ghosalmartinthen create the array?10:23
gnrpif you set it in bios, then you don't have to care for anything. Linux will just see it as one hard drive10:24
ghosalmartinso i did that and it wouldnt boot, just stuck on a black screen10:24
gnrpaaah, I see, you were here already yesterday or so?10:25
gnrpwhen is it stuck on a black screen? after grub?10:25
ghosalmartinnope not even grub10:25
gnrpdid you check online whether grub supports your bios/mainboard?10:29
gnrpand do you have mbr or gpt boot style?10:30
ghosalmartinno idea tbf10:31
ghosalmartini probably need to check10:31
ghosalmartintbf the installed can tellits a raid stripe10:32
ghosalmartinright am goign to attempt this with the EFI partition on bog standard hd and / on the riad11:02
bodicceaghosalmartin, did you install your system *after* setting the raid0 in BIOS ? If not, it won't work, as the system is installed on one disk only...11:11
ghosalmartinbodiccea, yeah i created the raid array and now am attempting a clean install11:11
bodicceaSo you cannot even boot on CD/DVD, this is what you say ?11:12
ghosalmartini can boot to that with no issues11:12
ghosalmartinwell usb stick11:12
bodicceaOK. So it should work... Even if I second gnrp on the fact that at least the boot should be excluded from RAID0. It is always painful to reinstall everything, given that it cost nothing  for instance to use RAID-1 for boot, or (what I do), having separate boots on each disk.11:16
ghosalmartinso far nothing is working. the array shows up as one partition. i allow the installer to basically do whatever it wants, and it goes boom11:18
ghosalmartinno grub no nothing11:18
ghosalmartinwould life be easier if i went the mdadm route11:19
bodicceawhat means "goes boom" ?11:20
bodicceaI mean what is the last thing you see ?11:21
ghosalmartinblack screen11:21
bodicceaI mean before the black screen.11:21
ghosalmartinoh just post11:21
bodicceaDid the install complain ? Did it look ok when installing ?11:23
ghosalmartinyeah seemed to install fine11:24
ghosalmartinama take a look at hte logs now am doing another install11:24
bodicceaYou can also boot live on your USB stick, and check which disks it sees11:26
ghosalmartinit sees the raid fine11:28
ghosalmartinwell the single drive11:28
ghosalmartinbut it cant see the esp partition11:28
bodicceawhat gives fdisk ?11:29
bodicceawhich disks are of interest in your case ?11:45
bodicceaI mean, where is the RAID-0 ?11:45
ghosalmartinsda and sdb11:52
ghosalmartinbut its a hardware raid so /dev/mapper/isw_cedeejcehc_Volume0/dev/mapper/isw_cedeejcehc_Volume011:52
ghosalmartinwell ive just tried to create a software raid and now its installing11:56
ghosalmartinwe'll see if it makes it to boot11:57
xubuntu39whello i need help i bought this laptop from someone and i dont know there password16:53
bodicceaDoes it boot on Ubuntu ?16:54
xubuntu39wi honestly dont kow is say xubuntu when i start he had a password  he forgot it16:56
xubuntu39wis there a way to find out16:58
bodicceaxubuntu39w, you need to boot from a livecd (any distribution will be fine), and remove the password.16:58
bodicceaAnd no, you cannot find out.16:58
brainwashwhy not just do a reinstall?16:58
bodicceaPossible too, depends if he wants to keep the current system.16:59
brainwashbut for what reason?16:59
xubuntu39wthis is my first time dealing with this and i honestly dont know how to >.<17:00
brainwashI assume it's an old installation (owner "forgot" the password)17:00
brainwashso, it's probably outdated17:00
bodicceaWhat do you want to do with this PC ? Use xubuntu ? Or install another system (like Windows)?17:00
xubuntu39winstall windows17:01
bodicceaSo you don't need the password.17:01
bodicceaJust install Windows...17:01
xubuntu39wthen what should i do the previous owner told me  i can do that with a usb drive17:02
brainwashyou can find guides on the internet17:02
bodicceaIf you don't need xubuntu, and want to install windows, you should go to another channel.17:02
xubuntu39wi have tried but i honestly dont know any good guides17:03
bodicceaTry ##windows channel maybe... You won't get help here (normally).17:04
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At0micJ0eis there a way to dress up LightDm in XUbuntu 18.04.2 LTS Like rounding the corners of the login box changing the border colors so on and so forth23:49

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