UniqueCrash5Hello? Anyone about?00:19
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lubot<uniquecrash5> (trying via telegram instead)00:22
lubot<uniquecrash5> Well, if anyone pops in - I'm trying to install lubuntu on an old computer with a hard drive that is slightly smaller than the required, technically speaking (3.8 GB). Is there a workaround for this or am I just plain out of luck?00:28
wxlyikes that might be pushing it00:29
wxlyou're trying 19.04 i'm assuming?00:30
lubot<uniquecrash5> Yeah. I found some stuff that gave instructions for fooling an older version of the installer, but Calmar works different00:31
wxloh it's even easier with cala00:31
lubot<uniquecrash5> I'm somewhat surprised I'm not seeing other distros that use less space too00:31
wxlif i remember correctly it's /etc/Calamares/modules/welcome.conf .. just edit the storage key or remove it from the required section00:32
lubot<uniquecrash5> requiredStorage00:33
lubot<uniquecrash5> ?00:33
lubot<uniquecrash5> Already had that file open, so that was a quick change! Now lemme try this...00:34
lubot<uniquecrash5> Well, at some point I seem to have messed up my partition. Hrm. If I Create a partition, does it need a mount point? Any flags to set?00:36
wxlyeah mount it to / and give it boot00:37
wxli presume you don't have uefi00:37
lubot<uniquecrash5> Er, I'm gonna presume that too :D00:39
wxllet's see if you remember this00:39
wxlat the GRUB boot screen, did you have a memtest option?00:39
wxlor oooh better yet.. was it black, or stylized blue with the lubuntu logo?00:39
lubot<uniquecrash5> Stylized blue00:39
wxlno uefi then, carry on00:39
lubot<uniquecrash5> I'm at 21% - unsquash filesystem. Looks promising.00:40
lubot<uniquecrash5> (it's a Asus eee pc 701 - the first one they made! It's tiny and kind of adorable. Good speakers too)00:42
wxlif it dies, it will be at the very end00:42
lubot<uniquecrash5> Still at 21%. Much blinky light on the USB drive, so something is happening...00:43
lubot<uniquecrash5> 22%. So it's doing something. Slowly. Ooh 23%! Okay I'll quit spamming the channel and let you know when something concrete happens. :P00:48
lubot<uniquecrash5> Installation Failed.  … Failed to unpack image /cdrom/casper/filesystem.squashfs … rsync failed with error code 11.00:51
lubot<uniquecrash5> Just plain not enough room?00:52
wxlhow far did you get?00:52
lubot<uniquecrash5> Not much further than that 23% I think00:52
wxlthat sounds like not enough room but i'd expect it to have gotten farther assuming you used the full 3.8gib00:55
wxldid you check the iso hashes and check the disc for defects at the boot screen?00:55
lubot<uniquecrash5> No, lemme give that a shot00:55
lubot<uniquecrash5> Forgot I had to forcepae, checking drive for errors with that flag now00:59
lubot<uniquecrash5> No errors found01:01
wxlyeah i've never tried to see whta it's like without the right amount of space, but it seems to give an unpackfs error01:01
wxlmine's a little more vague it seems01:01
lubot<uniquecrash5> Drat01:02
wxlexternal hard drive? :)01:02
wxlanyways i'm out for the night. good luck!01:03
lubot<uniquecrash5> That would be kinda weird. Eh, I'll poke around at other alternatives. It previously had Windows XP, heh01:03
lubot<uniquecrash5> Cheers!01:04
lubot<The_LoudSpeaker> @teward [<teward> i think wxl saw the message :P], You never know :)01:15
hide_Anyone have a moment to spare?01:43
lubot<HMollerCl> command !ask01:45
hide_(First time in IRC bare with me please. ._.)01:46
lubot<HMollerCl> np, just ask your question.01:46
hide_I'm trying to figure out if the packages that's trying to auto-DL are an error of me not updating the lists or if they just never existed in the first place.01:47
lubot<HMollerCl> more info please.01:47
lubot<HMollerCl> what is trying to delete?01:48
hide_I'm trying to install Japanese as a language, and it throws me this link with error 40401:48
lubot<HMollerCl> which update list do you mean?01:48
hide_Under the languages, the GUI languages interface.01:48
lubot<HMollerCl> thats for mysql01:48
hide_That file doesn't exist in the repo but the one for 18.04.1 does.01:49
lubot<HMollerCl> have you google your problem01:50
lubot<HMollerCl> ?01:50
lubot<HMollerCl> or ddg?01:50
hide_In my viewpoint either it just didn't get added to the server under that name or somehow it got added under that name when Lubuntu 18.04.2 was packaged together which I highlt doubt.01:50
hide_I know I can manually retrieve the 18.04.1 version and it'll work fine, but I'm trying to figure out why the link is broken by default.01:50
lubot<HMollerCl> sorry, I really don't know01:51
hide_If it was an oversight on cannonicals end or whomever overlooked it, it needs to be corrected.01:51
lubot<HMollerCl> maybe some other can give you an answer01:51
hide_It's allright, since it's cannonical's server I'll probably shoot them an email asking about it.01:52
hide_Just wanted to see if it was an issue specific to Lubuntu before I went to them.01:52
lubot<HMollerCl> not specific of lubuntu01:52
lubot<HMollerCl> specific of lubuntu are DE related issues01:53
lubot<HMollerCl> (desktop environment)01:53
hide_Ye and I have had major issues there but that's besides the point rn. In case they ask if I checked for a specific Lubuntu issue, I can say it's not now. So you've still helped! (:01:54
hide_(Also, by DL I meant Download, in case you were wondering... haha...) Good day to thee. (:01:55
teward@The_Loudspeaker Well, I tend to know because I nag wxl about things frequentlyheh02:21
Sparky_Have a question if anyone can answer. But is there a way to install ubuntu onto an ASUS Transformer pad/laptop? It does use the Android OS.03:59
bumbervevohello! I'm looking for a bit of help with upgrading from Lubuntu 17.10 to 19.04, and with updating my repositories in general. as of now, I'm getting errors when trying to run apt update: https://pastebin.com/D7Q8Nut206:25
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sappheiroswxl: i don't understand what you mean "anything up the hierarchy from $HOME" -- do you mean to use nano to edit a configuration file, sudo is required?14:26
sappheirosif it's not within ~/home?14:27
kc2bezsappheiros: Anything contained in your home directory ($HOME, ~, /home/YOURUSERNAME) is owned by your user therefore you don't need elevated access to modify.14:31
sappheirosright, that's what i thought. thanks14:31
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