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IoloThe freezing issue some people have been asking about is probably this: https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/179896105:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1798961 in linux (Ubuntu Disco) "Random unrecoverable freezes on Ubuntu 18.10" [High,Triaged]05:28
IoloNo fix yet as far as I know.05:28
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dpshey! first time using irc07:55
dpsjust joined through the xubuntu installer. came in to say hi and glad to be on board with such a beautiful de07:56
dpshow goes it?07:57
dpshmm. this seems to actually run smoothly on this little old asus eepc07:58
dpsunlike discord. couldnt get that thing to run for ANYTHING on it07:58
Unit193Pretty late here.  Yes, what you'll run into is your browser bogging down the system, not the system itself, usually.07:59
dpslol true07:59
diogenes_dps, run discord in browser.07:59
dpsi did. its just that thing has a small intel atom and only can get 2 gis of ram08:00
Unit193Discord is electron, so even the "app" is a browser.08:00
dpsi even swapped assd into it, but no luck08:00
dpsi have 7 systems running currently, kde08:01
dpspossibly switching them all to xu08:01
dpswait thats incorrect. i have 6 on it, and now this on xu08:02
dpsdef running snappier08:02
dpswelp, install is done. be back soon08:02
koegsHi, is there a way to define "CTRL+Tab" to switch tabs in xfce4-terminal?12:36
brainwashkoegs: may be doable by editing ~/.config/xfce4/terminal/accels.scm12:39
koegsbrainwash: ok, but what would represent a <tab>? it is not "tab"12:44
Spass[m]koegs: did you try "Tab" instead of "tab"?13:05
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cicdcSo I updated to 19.04, but the new keyboard shortcuts just aren't working. anybody else had this issue? Is there a script I can run to update/add these or can I just do it manually?15:05
GridCubemmm, if you updated upon a previous installation you might need to respawn the .config folder, if you don't have anything there that you want to keep particularly i'd rename it to .config_old and log back in, your desktop and all configs would be reset as if it's a clean installation, you can migrate old configs that you want to keep back to the new spawned .config folder15:08
brainwashcicdc: https://forum.xfce.org/viewtopic.php?id=1298115:16
cicdcbrainwash, GridCube Perfect, Thanks!15:18
hggdhPato-pt_BR: em Ingles apenas...17:28
Pato-pt_BRAnyone know how to configure dhcp in openbox with ubuntu minimal as main system? thank you17:30
jarnosI think there is something wrong with installing xubuntu 18.04.2 fresh install on empty SSD as it takes hours detecting file systems as part of the installation process.18:45
jarnosCould it be that I use USB installation media made by mkusb?18:46
diogenes_jarnos, yes or even faulty usb, try etcher.18:48
pmjdebruijnmodern ISO can be dd'ed direct into USB flash drives, if my persistent store is needed (Which is fine for installs)18:49
pmjdebruijndo be careful to get the right /dev/sdX18:50
diogenes_pmjdebruijn, you can even: sudo cp some.iso /dev/sdx and it will do too.18:52
pmjdebruijnoh lol right :)18:53
jarnosWhat is a correct way to stop installation process in this case?18:55
pmjdebruijnjarnos: if you want to abort a xubuntu installation, there is no correct way18:57
pmjdebruijnif you're going to wipe the disk anyhow18:57
pmjdebruijnit doesn't matter at all18:57
pmjdebruijnstopping something nicely only matters if you care about preserving data already on the disk/filesystem, which usually doesn't apply with installs18:57
sorokinvicHello! How can I revert files list in thunar in Dingo to style of Cuttlefish? I.e., striped rows and dotted lines btwn columns?19:34
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